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As the show opens up, Adam rants about the crappiness of Reggaeton. He also talks about his kids getting too old to have their butts wiped, and rants about home behavioral therapists. Dr. Spaz then begins Health Watch with a discussion of Whitney Houston’s death. Before Dr. Spaz heads out, the guys take a couple listener calls, and discuss the pros and cons of honey.

LA mayoral candidate Kevin James joins the show next, and Adam talks to him about whether or not Villaraigosa is a fraud. James admits that Villaraigosa has failed the city at every level, and talks about the importance of a candidate who can focus on the right aspects of LA. The guys also talk about the ridiculousness of obtaining permits, the trash factor of LA, and issues with both the education system and police response time.

Alison then opens the news with more information about Whitney Houston’s death, and how it will impact the Grammy’s. They also listen to some strange words from Tony Bennett, and announce a couple of Grammy winners that are being awarded as the show is recording. Also in the news, the price of movie tickets is higher than ever, and Adam talks about why he likes the Arclight. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss the West Hollywood police department logo, a Germany or Florida news story, and updates on the PETA Orca case.

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Tony Bennett

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  1. Jason

    VERY OOOD get for a lively discussion about the city Adam loves (If he did really like LA he would have left already, right?). Looking forward to listening.

  2. dimeforscale

    Who gives an S?

  3. Simon

    get it on!

  4. Dylan Duddy
    Dylan Duddy02-13-2012

    Holy shit, good show, one of the reasons why I belive fellow SoCo born & raised listeners love this podcast is because we really understand what Adam is talking about when ranting about the current state of the city of LA.

    • Brad

      What is SoCo?

      • RayZ

        Southern Comfort
        It is a brand of rum, don’t be dumb.

      • tim

        I believe he is referring to those who were conceived due to excessive drinking of southern comfort.

  5. 3rd or 4th time posting
    3rd or 4th time posting02-13-2012

    I imagine the show ends with Adam pumping a load of cum in his shorts from all the validation he gets for his L.A. rants (finally).

  6. oh wow
    oh wow02-13-2012

    What the hell is the point of having Dr. Bruce on if you won’t let him speak. Adam has the whole show to hypothesize about his theories, can’t he sit back for one 5 minute segment and let the facts speak for themselves. What degrees does Adam have that he can talk down to a doctor?

    I listen to the show everyday, I love the show and everything about it. I just don’t understand the point of having Dr. Bruce on there if he isn’t allowed to do his thing.

    • Ivan

      Adam gave, lent (i’m not exactly sure) Dr Bruce 58,000$ for some type of medical business venture. Well, the venture didn’t pan out, and Adam is out 58K. Approximately one year ago, Adam described the failed venture, and mentioned that Dr Bruce had not payed any of the money back, and Bruce had not made any gesture to make payments. So, Adam never misses an opportunity to bust Bruce’s balls. If I was Bruce, i’d either start making payments, or stop appearing on the show. Adam’s ball busting is hilarious most of the time, but his attitude towards Bruce is uncomfortable to listen to.

      • Cyrus

        It was some cosmetic laser. lol

        And stop acting like you listen for medical news (which you could easily get elsewhere)

        • candace

          what no way! let me know which episode this is, i would be interested in hearing more. they seem to be great friends still!

        • Mr. Squirmies
          Mr. Squirmies02-20-2012

          It may be the device that made an appearance in TLC’s The Adam Carolla Project (~episode 3) when the crew goes to the spa where Lynette is working. Dr. Bruce uses it on one of the crew members.

  7. Chester

    Wait, so Adam DOESN’T like Mayor Villaraigosa? This is news to me.

    Also, Adam always brings up how Villaraigosa changed his last name from Villar in order to sound more Hispanic and therefore be more electable. This makes perfect sense, except for the fact that Villaraigosa really IS Hispanic, so what would be possibly have to gain? Does the name “Villar” come across as Polish? Japanese? No, it’s Hispanic. The whole thing is absurd.

    • mel

      I agree wholeheartedly! Villar IS a Hispanic name! he’s gotta drop that argument.

  8. Connard

    I had just fapped to the Whitney in her How Will I Know video a day before her death. I now feel so dirty.

  9. Kerry

    Message to Adam:

    I know you don’t read these but please! You are a great talent but I see signs of self-destruction. You are carrying obvious resentful behavior on the air!

    Stop it! It’s hard o listen when you get passive-agrressive towards your team!

    • Epzey

      Message to Kerry:

      Where have you been man hes been doing that since loveline roughly 17 years. stop listening if you dont like it I think its hilarious, its people like you who are ruining our society by thinking the world revolves around you and that no one has the right to offend you.

  10. Kenny

    A round of applause! Great interview. You’ve discussed the negatives of living in LA for so long, and this interview was a long time coming. Great candidate, great show, however… LA is a shit hole and it sucks living there. I wish it were different because my family got its start in LA. But, I’m happier living in Bakersfield and there’s nothing to do here!

  11. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town02-13-2012

    Huh OH, Will Bruce get another ass chewin, can’t wait to see….
    GET IT ON !!!

  12. Yarms Bakersontonmantino
    Yarms Bakersontonmantino02-13-2012

    This guy does not sound gay at all. Shenanigans! He may be faking just to get the gay vote. If he really is gay then he needs to start lisping and prancing around to let everyone know that he’s “that way.”

  13. kaiser soso
    kaiser soso02-13-2012

    Snooze-fest. If you’re so bothered by what has happened to LA, move to Seattle. The public schools in Seattle are arguably better than the private schools in Los Angeles.

    • Bonerator

      If Adam moved to Seattle, he’d have nothing to talk about.

    • liberal pussy
      liberal pussy02-14-2012

      Wait. This was a real guest? I thought for sure I was listening to another spoof episode with republican congressman Richard Martin.

  14. kaiser soso
    kaiser soso02-13-2012

    I liked the news sign-off. … Owned it.

  15. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-13-2012

    If I lived in LA I would campaign for this guy or any other candidate against Mayor Retardo because a lot of California ideas filter over here to Arizona. BTW, Adam is wearing a shirt over a thermal underware shirt and a hat 🙂

  16. Marty

    Adam sure talks a lot about God for an atheist.

    • Brad

      All the atheists I know spend more time talking about God than the Christians I know.

  17. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-13-2012

    Both of the Ring Brothers cars are manually shifted so if you look closely at the pictures of the cars shifters you’ll see corn remnants from Matt “the post punisher” D’Andria’s arse who snuck out during the episode to sit on the shift knobs, such a sick little boy, ickyyyyyy!

  18. Reb

    For fuck sake let the Dr. finish an interesting point before launching into blather about the “society” we “crate.”

  19. Bobman

    “Yay, more politics!” – No One

  20. Tyler

    Movie theaters and gas stations in Iowa. $8.50/ticket and currently $3.29/gallon for unleaded plus.

  21. Reb

    This guy sounds like a parody of a politician. Thought it was the spectacularly unfunny Rep. Richard Martin.

  22. Adam

    Ha I thought Tony Bennet was going to ask everyone to not do drugs. He really did a 180 on me. Good stuff.

  23. Joe

    I’m going to listen just to see if Kevin James has learned the definition of appeasement yet

  24. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll02-13-2012

    “Whatever happened to just getting the wisest people in the land.”

    I’m pretty young compared to Adam, so I might have missed when getting the wisest people in the land was humanity’s standard response to who should run things.

  25. joegagan

    note to whoever is writing the show recaps: “grammys” does not get an apostrophe as used. lately everyone just wants to stick an apostrophe everywhere as default.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-14-2012

      Note and lately require capital letters. Everyone just wants to start sentences with lower case letters.

    • Brad

      Also, Grammys should be capitalized because it is a proper noun.

  26. Good Gravy!
    Good Gravy!02-13-2012

    Go Kevin.

  27. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-13-2012

    I love this Kevin James, come on LA get behind this guy…

  28. Alex

    How about a pic for the germany or florida guy?

  29. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.02-13-2012

    This guy is awesome. I hope he gets elected.

  30. Devbo


    Hey, Aceman! You should form the “Hyper-vigilance Committee.” Save your city from graffiti, deadbeats, and over the top permits!

  31. Jon

    Adam, so what is your beef? The permits or the fact that you have to pay for the permits? First off, somebody has to pay these people to do their job. Who should pay for it? You, the person who needs the permit, or the city’s general tax fund? If the city’s general tax fund, then you need to raise taxes to pay for everyone’s salary who issues permits.

    But now you have tax payers paying the salary of the permit people to look at your house. Knowing your big-government arguments, you won’t stand for this. Why should someone else pay for your permits? Makes since for the person who needs the permit to pay for it, right?

    If your argument is that you don’t need all these permits, then that’s a totally different story. There a reasonable arguments to get rid of some of them.

    • Me

      I’m an Architect in Australia, and let me tell you, the effort and cost involved to get ANYTHING built is absolutely ridiculous. The reason is that between the guy paying for it and the building being built, there are a thousand douchebags getting grossly overpaid for doing nothing, and a mountain of red tape that buries everyone. We are also an absurdly over-governed society that restricts our freedom and quality of life under the guise of ‘protecting’ everybody. The aceman is wise.

  32. Bill Fulginiti
    Bill Fulginiti02-13-2012

    Kevin James makes sense and I liked him in King of Queens too!

  33. GOD

    Unfortunately for LA, they’ll never vote for Mr. James because he makes too much sense. Good interview Aceman. Although, you need more Alison pics!

  34. Danny Boy
    Danny Boy02-13-2012

    This guy sounds like he’s got his shit together. I’d vote for him.

    Fucking unions are destroying this country and it sounds like L.A. is getting hit particularly hard. 74K for a parking attendant. Hilarious. More pay, less work for the stupid and retarded!! That’s the union way. Yeeeahh!

  35. aarob

    Politics aside, good guest. Actually has an opinion and not afraid to disagree with Adam. Most guests just clam up.

  36. Stephanie

    Bravo Adam!!!!

    Listening to your podcast makes me feel sane. Thank you for having Kevin James on your show.

    We are in the process of opening a bakery and it has been a constant permit hell. I want to vomit every time I walk through the doors of B & S. We have friends who have been paying rent on their building to open an restaurant and because of the unending permit process are near bankruptcy.

    Big money is coming into DTLA and hopefully this factor along with a new mayor will bring some badly needed change.

    Please ask your next Los Angeles politician about Skid Row. The 5 block radius near the Mission looks like a trash dump. Los Angeles is the only city in the United States where it is legal to live on the sidewalk.



  37. Stephanie

    BTW check out the pensions for LA City. The city doesn’t have money for teachers and education, but pensions for DWP are $300,000.


  38. T.Cizzle

    I almost choked on some Cheet-O’s when I looked up Larry Czonka’s gay twin James Van Praagh. Good Epi, but no matter what mayor or politician we put in place, nothings gonna change. Fuck Villaretardo any damn way, I’d rather LA be gay than Mexican.

  39. Gary Lee Grah
    Gary Lee Grah02-13-2012

    Bryan is on his game, good job!

  40. ILLWiLL

    Good looks and great pipes (even a great sense of humor) may be god given, but its rare and sometimes incredibly rare and that’s what we appreciate.

  41. DES

    is this guy related to that comedian Kevin James> ??looks like a relative

  42. jThomas

    Adam likes to make fun of people who believe their candidate for President will improve things.
    But now he thinks this guy can fix all of Adam’s many complaints about LA? Funny.

    • Kevin

      Big difference between mayor of a city and president. Also a big difference between fixing things as in
      “The Government will solve your problems” (Leftism) vs. “the government will stop causing your problems.” (Conservatism)

  43. DES

    vote for this dude in 2013!!!

    ACE..have him on the show a time or two more before election time

  44. Citylife80

    Redlands is actually a really nice city.

  45. Tom Baumgartner
    Tom Baumgartner02-13-2012

    I have lived in Hollywuss for the last 10 years and have 2 kids ages 12 and 9. I’ve seen first hand how this town has gone down the tubes. Public school are an absolute joke, my wife is a teacher at one of these so called schools. It seems that the only thing the school is interested in is covering their ass and have little to no regard for the children and much less regard for their teachers. I will be voting for Kevin James.

  46. Dick Face
    Dick Face02-13-2012

    Its so sad and it seems so true that angels do fall…R.I.P. WH

  47. Jake

    Adam, I love ya buddy, and I listen to your podcast everyday. But even for you, it seems as though you are enjoying the sound of your own voice more than usual. Your segment with Dr. Bruce is pointless at this time as you never let him finish a sentence. Today you had on an interesting guest, one in which I would have liked to hear his positions. Instead you harped on how much he sounds like someone else and about the stupid city decal with the gay colors. You’ve always been the dominating voice in the room, which your fans like, but lately you’ve gone to another level that I don’t find listenable. Alison and Bryan, great as always!

    • Ben S.
      Ben S.02-13-2012


  48. donewithidiots

    The permitting scam is obviously not working in L.A. and is only there to soak the working guy. Watch on the news whenever there’s a helicopter following somebody. The back yards are all cluttered with little shelters, messed up crummy additions on busted up houses, etc. That plastic fabricated cheap garbage looking sheeting is the choice of the welfare cheesers. It is used for privacy fencing, roofing, dog houses and is NOT CODE. But a guy that has to get permits for stuff will run into the chaos of b.s. The duplex I used to live in had bunks in the garage to sleep about 8 people. The Black widow spiders were second only to the cockroaches. Neighbors told me the place was housing about 20 people at one time. Great place not to live. 5 bug bombs were about all it took to clean up the dump initially. Glad to be gone from there. Hard to believe California will ever be good again.

  49. Timothy

    Loved the guest, he fit in well with the flow of the show. LA doesn’t deserve him though

  50. Ken Shabby
    Ken Shabby02-13-2012

    What a horrible interview, not one question about King of Queens or Zookeeper.

  51. Ye Black Knight
    Ye Black Knight02-14-2012

    Lo, for goodman Carolla ’twas most especially cantankerous upon this eve! Mayhaps matters of a political nature draw’eth his ire!

    This post now concludeth!

  52. Katie

    How many times did Kevin repeat Adam’s name throughout the show when he was trying to make a point? Haha, exactly what Adam is always complaining about politicians doing.

  53. Dano

    Why is Kevin James posing with a burgular?

  54. Jim

    Great show, as usual. While I don’t live in LA, my cousin does and gonna send him this link. Yeah Kevin.

    I agree with others Dr. Bruce should get a chance to finish what he is saying and yes Bryan is on top of his game, great drops.


  55. Aaron

    It was good to hear Representative Richard Martin back on the show again. It’s been a while!

  56. Gene McFeen
    Gene McFeen02-14-2012

    Kevin James uses the car salesman’s first name technique, “Adam, I’m glad you asked.” Well, Adam…”” Adam I’m not a bullshitter.” “Adam…”

  57. McNutsack

    Kevin James sounds like Harry Carey…but sober

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-15-2012

      Holy cow!

  58. Yak

    Adam, one word; shuthefuckup. Let people talk. Love ya, but getting tired of the 90 minute rants. What’s the point of having a guest if you won’t let them speak?

    • Me

      it’s called ‘the adam carolla show’ you douche, the reason it is so huge because people listen to the host

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-15-2012

      Have you listened to the Adam Carolla show before?

  59. Doctor Perry Cox
    Doctor Perry Cox02-14-2012

    Kevin James was in Taboo II, Adam’s favorite movie. This is a different Kevin James than the guy from King of Queens.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-15-2012

      F.M. Bradley was offer the part first. But the director thought it wasn’t believable enough that they were brother and sister.

  60. Lisa

    Great show!! Kevin James was awesome. I hope he comes back to the show soon. And I hope he wins the election…and follows up on his promises, unlike most other politicians.

  61. Bartenational

    I “like” how the 911 call being completely ignored was un answered… WTF… I live in the midwest where the cops actually come when you call them. There are plenty of good jobs for people in LA but no one wants to live there.. it is an unworkable city.

    Drugs will always be an issue as long as there is a demand. People don’t do them if they don’t need them. we have to ask ourselves WHY DO WE ALL NEED TO BE ON DRUGS? I know why I do or don’t do drugs … it’s really obvious …

    also I don’t give a f@Ck that Chris Brown can dance… or Michael Jackson … I always get a sick feeling in my stomach when “the crowd” overlooks and follows fundamentally evil people. that is what happened in Germany creating the nazi party. I feel like we are on that path and in ten years we will reap what we sow .

  62. Jll M.
    Jll M.02-15-2012

    It pains me to say this because I have loved you for so long but you are starting irritate the f’ing sh*t out of me.

  63. Luke

    Can you fire your wife? Her podcast sounds horrible

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