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Today’s guest hosts a podcast about video games, and Adam jokes about a recent experience he had filming a video game commercial. He then talks about the problems with contemporary strip clubs, and the guys reflect on some of the better strip club bands. Alison also reads part of Rolling Stones’ Top 10 Worst Songs of the 80s, and talks about the latest Johnny Depp project.

Comedian Kumail Nanjiani then joins the podcast, and Adam asks him about being born and raised in Pakistan. They also discuss the recent explosion of Middle Eastern comics, and Kumail talks about his journey to Iowa to attend college. The group then asks Kumail about some of the Muslim practices he was raised to follow, and Adam complains about people trying to follow their dreams.

Returning to the news, Seth MacFarlane was recently on Piers Morgan to discuss reactions to the old writers strike. Adam was coincidentally on the phone with Seth just earlier today, and recalls the conversation they had about animators not understanding the jokes they are writing. Alison wraps the news with stories about a guy arrested for kiddie porn after burglars tipped police, and a new unicycling world record that was set.


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Rolling Stones Worst 80s Songs


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  1. Kay Madoodee
    Kay Madoodee10-13-2011

    Did Alison fart during the news again?

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-14-2011

      Fake Kadoodee Poser B!tch

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee10-14-2011

        Waitaminute. That’s not a Kadoodee. That’s a Madoodee.

        I guess I’m just a stupid bitch that can’t read.

        I’m really sorry everyone, for being such a dumbass.

        • May Kadoodee
          May Kadoodee10-14-2011

          yeah I am, I’m not quite awake when I arrive at work every morning…

  2. God's Twitter
    God's Twitter10-13-2011

    Smug, that’s what religion is.

    Everyone else is smug, too — smug in the concept they don’t need religion.

    They are not long, these days of beer and chicken, smoke ye buds while ye may.

    Enjoy the biscuits. They’re delicious.

    • Satan's Twitter
      Satan's Twitter10-14-2011

      Wow, guess it’s right what they say about Christians. No sense of humor.

    • My Twitter
      My Twitter10-14-2011

      Go to hell and burn you moronic religious nut case.

  3. Wendell

    Wow, they actually had a good comedian on. Haven’t listened yet, but this should be good.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-14-2011

      Wow! What a complisult, how unoriginal.

      • I can do this all day
        I can do this all day10-14-2011

        Wow, I enjoy starting sentences with “wow”!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-14-2011

      Wow, this fake May bullshit is really getting on my nerves.

      • I can do this all day
        I can do this all day10-14-2011

        Wow! just wow…

  4. Connard

    Goddamn you Alison, bringing up bad Rolling Stone’s Bad 80’s songs as a news topic. Zip It

  5. joe blows
    joe blows10-14-2011

    Wow! I finally listened to the Michael Moore episode. Very pleasantly surprised a regular working class guy, I presumed he was a total dóuche, turns out he’s very insightful and I’m the dóuche.

    • I can do this all day
      I can do this all day10-14-2011

      No accent in “douche”. I know, I know, it’s douchy of me to even point it out.

  6. The Offender
    The Offender10-14-2011

    I am with Adam about the state of strippers.

  7. Dex

    Adam: I feel like Hell is just a maximum security prison filled with rapists…

    Kumail:…and Jews.

  8. Dustin

    Led Zeppelin is so damn good, that i stopped listening to the bit and just heard the music.

    Good show though.

    • flaco

      Likewise. Achilles Last Stand, as a matter of fact. Great song.

  9. James

    I listen to Kumail’s podcast and it really is a great podcast for people who love video games. So many podcasts out there but The Indoor Kids is totally worth listening to.

  10. Bonzo

    “He’s got a purple alligator and a sixteen foot hand..”


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-14-2011

      “You need kool-aid, baby I made kool-aid.”

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee10-14-2011

        Excuse me while I kiss this guy – JH

        The crossed eyed baby that you gave to me – AM

        • May Kadoodee
          May Kadoodee10-14-2011

          I just heard the part of the show about Led Zepplin and my comment above is stupid and completely off point, oh well; it’s Friday Whoo Hoo!

          • May Kadoodee
            May Kadoodee10-14-2011

            I am such a dumbass fucking moron.

  11. Sluggh

    A “Gymkata” reference!

    • cow12

      it was awesome.

  12. tryptamine

    uggh, no more music talk… adam you’re out of your element!

  13. Simon

    The Cult are from Britain, not LA. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cult

  14. Tom Arnold
    Tom Arnold10-14-2011

    Dustin you are wise beyond your years. LZ is great. And that was one of the funnier bits on this podcast.

  15. LaoSooey

    Maneater isn’t a horrible song. The chorus sucks, but there’s a nice groove during the verses.

  16. hmm

    I love Adam!!!

    I love Alison!!!

  17. Blistered Vulva
    Blistered Vulva10-14-2011

    Is it me, or does Adam actually sound like Fran Drescher? know he thinks he’s a Jew and loves chick music, but his influences are fucking berserk here.

  18. CagedWisdom

    The reason Dr. Seuss rhymed only a few words in Green Eggs and Ham was because his publisher bet that he could not write a book using only fifty different words.

  19. Ryan

    There’s an acoustic version of Stroke by Billy Squier that would pull that song out of the basement and at least put it into a ‘not the worst song’ category.

  20. Dick Face
    Dick Face10-14-2011

    LOL, I feel ya Ace! it all started when meth went main stream and became a way to do everything…and its fucking hilarious when the dollar-whores do the splits and pound their box on the stage like a pile-driver.

    • Empty Box
      Empty Box10-14-2011

      Hilarious……..or maybe just a little sad…..

    DRONE PILOT10-14-2011

    Why do people keep on stating that Allison farted? Is it just some weird fantasy of yours that you like to beat off too or a really lame inside joke?

  22. Jessica

    “How do you spell that?”

    ” * ”


  23. Jim Rockford
    Jim Rockford10-14-2011

    I think we are all clear on how Adam feels about Maneater, Dirty Laundry and I Love Rock and Roll.

    The Stroke hatred was a new one at least.

  24. The Dude of Life
    The Dude of Life10-14-2011

    Acemman, c’mon. Didn’t you get my message yesterday? I said no more music rants and that’s what you start the show with? And A even works it into the news? Don’t you want me to tell you how to do the show and let you know what’s funny? I was so bummed this morning I sat in my cubicle and pouted until my manager sent me home.

  25. Dick Face
    Dick Face10-14-2011

    LMFAO! Fish sticks!!!

  26. Ian from Baltimore
    Ian from Baltimore10-14-2011

    Kumail is awesome. Dude is just plain funny. I first heard of him from Chris Hardwick when his podcast did a ‘Comedian’s you should know about’ episode.

    Love him on Franklin and Bash too.

  27. nard5

    After watching the Adam has Nissian pride video one realizes he is genuinely smart and funny. Good stuff. I guess I wish he was more open minded about a lot of things, but he has to be controversial and opinionated. There would be no show otherwise. All of this is obvious, but the Sly Stone rant just set me off.

  28. Susie

    Good ear Adam, the Cult are from England

  29. Alex

    Great show!!!! That guy was really funny.

  30. Harry

    I think Kumail really does hate the Jews, he made a few references like he was kidding, but I have a feeling he probably wasn’t.

    • Zapoli

      Unless he’s developmentally challenged, it has to be part of his shtick. But is he going for ironic or transgressive? One would hope the former. But the basketball-hoop line seemed the latter. Either way, it’s probably best to save it for his act rather than clumsily deadpanning it into an interview. Might have worked if Adam hadn’t left him hanging out to dry.

    • Joel

      I get the same feeling too. It actually didn’t sound like he was kidding. What a hypocrite

      • Achmed

        Well he said he’s still Muslim, so of course he still hates Jews.

  31. Harry

    So does everybody already know that Adam is doing Celebrity Apprentice and that is why he will be in NY? I can’t believe he’s doing it. Should be interesting.

  32. ken

    So, if your not funny you shouldn’t be a comedy critic cause you don’t know what the fuck your talking about. So, if your not a musician….stfu?

    • XdanX

      Ha Ha thats fuckin right.

    • Larry

      well said

    • Go Back to Loveline
      Go Back to Loveline10-15-2011

      Adam plays guitar, and pretty decently, look for LL episode with Blues Traveler

      • Ken

        that was a reoccurring bit. Adam doesn’t play guitar and drew doesn’t play bass.

  33. Zeke

    I bet Adam was going crazy internally with the free schools funded by the US comment

  34. PJ

    No, I did not know that he was doing Celebrity Apprentice….but I guess they gave me a reason to finally watch that show. Seeing Ace deal with a bunch of spoiled brats(people that are usually cast on the show) will be hilarious!

    • JuicePloos

      Strongly agree that Adam is absolutely solid gold choice for Celebrity Apprentice. I’m actually psyched out of my mind if this is true.

  35. Tim

    Bulldoze OWS? HMMM

    Get to the Teabag rally with Breitbart, and hurry

    • flaco

      Yeah bulldozers are so low-tech. A Predator drone strike would be much be much more surgical.

  36. Wow

    Holy shit does adam ever have shitty taste.

  37. Strauss

    It’s awesome hearing musical criticism from someone who can’t even play a tambourine.

    It’s awesome hearing movie criticism from a bitter old fart who’s just angry no-one liked his piece of shit unfunny opus.

    It’s awesome hearing stripper criticism from a desperate symp who has no game and married a gold digger with huge tits.

    • Graham Wellington
      Graham Wellington10-14-2011

      It’s awesome reading podcast criticism from someone who doesn’t run a podcast.

    • Carnivorous Caribou
      Carnivorous Caribou10-14-2011

      Awwww Strauss.

      It’s awesome that you are so angry over a podcast.

      It’s awesome that your mom left you alone with the computer today.

      It’s awesome that one man can make millions complaining and you do it and just look like a bitter A hole.

  38. Anthony Z.
    Anthony Z.10-14-2011

    One of the reasons I post on message boards is that I have very strong feelings about entertainment media. I use message boards to share these feelings with other people on the internet, and a part of me feels validated every time someone directs their time and attention toward me with their response(s).

    • Snookie

      Sounds lonely.

  39. Terri

    I have been a long time fan of the show and a long time fan of Adams so I am not a hater nor am I wishing anything but the best for this show however what the F? Since when did Adam get so damn angry? The rants on music, on other people’s books, on other producer’s movies…and so on. I think everyone of us finds that at least once in our life we may have gotten an exaggerated view of our place, our importance…or our own value to society. I honestly think Adam is in that place…the only cure, humility. Put some humble on Adam, remember part of your charm has been the fact that you are an ordinary guy and we all relate to you. Second bitch of the day…Alison, say less and change that flippin sign off. I am going to skip the news from now on.

  40. big jim
    big jim10-14-2011

    Holy fuck, State of Shock again?!? That’s it! Goodbye, cruel world!
    Also, Clay Aiken is gonna be on Celeb Apprentice with Ace…I only hope they’re on the same team so Ace can make numerous gay jokes. Har!

  41. Ken

    Don’t get me wrong I love this podcast and think Adam is funny as hell. But the music thing….Rollingstone has no credibility? how about someone that says their such a simple band AND Led Zeppelin in the same sentence. Fuck, that is zero cred.

    • Larry

      yup…i think both have zero credibility (ace and rolling stone)

  42. e40

    Watch “Adam Carolla has Nissan Pride” on the front page with google’s experimental closed captioning (CC button). It’s funny twice. Good stuff Aceman.

  43. MD

    Charles Schultz? Really? That’s like saying apple pie is lame, or the American flag, or Chevy trucks. Peanuts was awesome. It’s called subtlety, Aceman. Not everything that came out of Schultz’ studio was gold, but the guy was pretty good at articulating the human condition and by the way, an icon the world over. You can go to the deepest, darkest shithole anywhere in the world and they know who Charlie Brown and Snoopy are.

  44. Botched Circumcision
    Botched Circumcision10-14-2011

    Oh man, that Zeppelin bit was fucking great. The superset! Zeptember! Gets me every time. “Is this that Rocky Mountain oyster dude? … Misty lovin’ hop? Achilles’ Last Woman?”

    Quit yer grinnin’ and drop your linen!

  45. Larry

    c’mon Ace…you have your own network now…create a music criticism show if you want to criticize music…create a politics show if you want to voice your political opinions…you had a movie criticism show and you cancelled it…the ACP was originally a COMEDY and interview show…how bout’ bringing back the funny part and not mail it in when you don’t like the guest…interviewers generally do at least a small amount of research on their subject…for f$%&s sake start by learning to say their name before the ON-AIR light goes on

  46. elliots

    Anyone sickened by Adam’s Occupy Wall Street Right Wing POV? They just need to get jobs? Adam pays too much in taxes therefore there isn’t an issue? Or maybe this issue sounds like something his mom would support.

    How about the median family income declined by 6.7 percent over the past two years, the unemployment rate is stuck at 9.1 percent in the October report (16.5 percent if you look at the more meaningful U6 number), and 46.2 million Americans are living in poverty—the most in more than 50 years. The issue of equity, fairness, justice, income distribution, and accountability for the economic cataclysm. (elliot spitz)

    Oh just shut up you loser slackers. You just don’t have Adam’s work ethic.

    Nice job keeping your mouths shut Allison and Brian. He’ll pay right someday… right?

    Always the poor or blue collar or foreigner-turned american nouveau riche becomes the most ardent, intransigent, ugly conservative.

    Get DAG back so we don’t have to hear this shit.

  47. Yossarian

    WAIT A MINUTE. For all Adam’s music bitching, he thinks THIS is okay???? WTF?!?!

    Oh Mickey, you’re so fine you’re so fine you blow my mind,
    hey Mickey , hey Mickey
    Oh Mickey, you’re so fine you’re so fine you blow my mind,
    hey Mickey hey Mickey
    Oh Mickey, you’re so fine you’re so fine you blow my mind,
    hey Mickey hey Mickey
    Oh Mickey, you’re so fine you’re so fine you blow my mind,
    hey Mickey hey Mickey

    • Ken

      No shit

    • Leon San Marco
      Leon San Marco10-15-2011

      Yeah, he craps on the Eagles left and right but loves shit. Look Carolla, the radio stations in so-cal overplay the Eagles. That doesn’t mean the Eagles suck. I’d rather hear Don Henly’s boysofsummer for a trillion years before the Mickey song. Adam needs a serious beating.

  48. Jonathan

    “Bulldoze the protesters”? Not that you’ll miss me or anything but I’ve been a fan since 1997. Just thought I’d let you know why I’ll never listen to your podcast again. Let me know when you get around to flip-flopping your opinion about the Occupy movement (just like you did with the show Modern Family). You’re funny as hell…wish you would just stick to that. While I’m saying goodbye, there are two things you say that you support. Mushrooms and the death penalty. You should try combining those two experiences and see which end you come out on. That would be entertaining. Maybe you really are dead inside? I dunno. I don’t know you. Okay, bye for now.
    – A pussy, leftist ex fan

  49. Occupy Wallstreet
    Occupy Wallstreet10-15-2011

    Critics of the growing Occupy Wall Street movement complain that the protesters don’t have a policy agenda and, therefore, don’t stand for anything. They’re wrong. The key isn’t what protesters are for but rather what they’re against — the gaping inequality that has poisoned our economy, our politics and our nation.

    • Occupy a vest and a nametag
      Occupy a vest and a nametag10-15-2011

      The great thing about a movement of deadbeats is how quickly this thing is gonna fizzle when the weather turns cold and it becomes shitty to hang out outside smoking weed.

      • Jamesy

        Ha. A couple weeks ago it was supposed to be done already. Now you’re counting on snow. What a pathetic bootlicker you are. How do Grover Norquist’s balls taste?

  50. Hal9000

    Can we get back to the issue of central importance -Allison’s chub factor?

    • Alisons Farts
      Alisons Farts10-15-2011

      Don’t forget about us.

  51. DenverBroncosAJ

    Wow stop the presses ACE badmouthing Charles Schultz,from some of his political rantings,I wonder if he is a big Mallard Fillmore fan,cause if he says that Peanuts is an unfunny piece of shit,then him being a Mallard Fillmore fan is a giant what the fuck,also sorry ACE but that Rick Ashley song is not even a good pop song,just another stupid bubblegummy piece shit,however I will concede that it is a huge copout to badmouth it however!!!

    • sauced

      drunk…i’m drunk

  52. Alison's merkin
    Alison's merkin10-15-2011

    Love me some DAG

  53. Larry

    this podcast has gone to shit…see ya…i will not be subscribing any longer

  54. Name (required)
    Name (required)10-15-2011

    I’m not gonna stop listening to the show but adam’s criticism of music, children’s books (which are navy

  55. bb

    occupy wall street are a bunch of faggot hipsters on their ipads crying like maggots and wanting radiohead to play on their stupid faggot thing. you want a job? get a job cleaning shit, or pumping gas. oh no but you went to college you “deserve” better. go fuck yourself you entitled hipster maggot faggot

    • Jamesy

      I assume this opinion is based on your extensive research.

  56. bb

    kumail was great btw

  57. joe

    what was the saxophone drop BB used to discuss 50s strip clubs?

  58. Jamesy

    I almost bought a Jon Hiatt album once, based on Adam’s constant harping about what a genius he is, then I was like, “what the fuck am I doing?”

  59. Geo

    Don’t know why they even bother booking guests on this show. They never get a chance to speak much less plug what they’re there for. Stop booking guests and just try and be funny you comedy factory you.

  60. Marc In Seattle
    Marc In Seattle10-16-2011

    Hey Aceman! Back when you were still on the radio, with good ol TS and the hated little redheaded cocktail weiner, you guys used to have like a theme music show like once a week, where you all would pick your top 5 “whatever the topic was” songs. It was really cool, and so much better than this kind of stuff. Anyone can bitch about music, and a lot of people do. They are mostly stupid people, and folks who like to hear the sound of their own voice. But it takes talent and intelligence to talk about the finer points of music in a funny way, and even with that Axetard on your show, you all pulled it off. Can you try it again? Love the podcast, keep up the great work!

  61. volkan

    hey adam shut the shut the fuck up about occupy wallstreet.. you know youre wrong so you try to justify your stand..come on you got bigger problems in your life like picking out the color for your next ferrari .Just shut the fuck up

    • Chuck E
      Chuck E10-17-2011

      Spoken by a true liberal hipster…it’s not our fault you hate your dad.

    • ^@#*(&%^

      I agree wholeheartedly.

      Old Man Carolla is WILDLY uninformed about corporate crimes against America.

      Since he doesn’t read or research anything … I just hope he stops giving us his Rush Limbaugh opinion 🙁

  62. coco

    All you occupy wall street crybabies, shut up. He hated the tea party just as much. He just hates whiners, he doesn’t mind if they are left or right wing.

  63. coco

    Lol@the people who just realised that on some issues Adam is insanely right wing. Did you never listen to loveline? or the old radio show? or the podcast these last years?

  64. coco

    Suck it up, Adam wants to bomb the towelheads, and exterminate hippy protesters (they remind him of his mother). He wants to abort black babies. He want’s to pay less taxes.

  65. Nick C.
    Nick C.10-17-2011

    Behind a few.. just listened to the Riki Lindhome podcast. And I looked up Syd Hoff. Agree or not, Adam is consistent.
    Couple things:
    – he is listed as a “humorist” … which Adam has ranted about previously as being code for unfunny
    – the weak book may actually be a result of an unfunny chick who was the editor then VP at the publishing company (Ursula Nordstrom). Sound familiar to Adam’s rants about the unfunny VPs at Comedy Central and other television networks? Hang with me a sec…
    – I dug a little deeper and on the late Syd Hoff’s website, they have posted letters from her giving critique of the book. She actually does the “not this, but something like this… you think of it” approach. Exactly like Adam has complained about. Check it out: www[dot]sacreddoodles[dot]com/SydHoff/pages/dannythedino[dot]html

    As far as the content of the actual book – the guy was a cartoonist and did the artwork. Clearly the writing was secondary (and ruined by that unfunny chick).

  66. Zeke

    volkan has a problem because of jealousy. If what he has is unfair in relation to what you have, then maybe you should have tried harder in life.

  67. Zeke

    Adam’s taste in music…. well he dislikes things that suck, but he likes things that suck as much too it seems

  68. big J
    big J10-17-2011

    YIKES are you people paying Alison Rosen by the word? Because her useless yappiness has reached a fever pitch lately.

  69. juanhernandez

    Im not muslim, but even I was offended by adams borderline racism towards the religion

  70. Blake

    This comedian was not funny. I looked at some of his youtube videos and he is so lame. Not sure why he was on the show.

  71. steve

    you dumb fucks shut the hell up. dont listen! go listen to bill mahr duschbaggs. maybe we should be paying more attention to the anti-Semitic comments from the muslim guy. he might not be fully muslim but still hates jews. Rock on adam. people who disagree will be the demise of the country

    • JD

      what’s a duschbaggs?

  72. joy

    please please please stop ranting about bad music and bad cartoonists. we get it. really. your observational conversation is way better and more interesting.

  73. Mike D in Mpls
    Mike D in Mpls10-18-2011

    I wish Ace wasn’t a liar about Man Eater and Steve Miller… he for sure secretly like those songs, because he plays them about 5x more than the stuff he likes! Suuuuuuuure it’s just to complain about them.

  74. Give Kumail a chance
    Give Kumail a chance10-20-2011

    Kumail is actually a very funny comedian, I randomly saw him in sf a few weekends ago not knowing who he was and he straight destroyed his set, very funny and if please go see him if you get a chance. His humor didn’t really show in this episode which was a lil dissapointing but he is still a very funny and nice guy

  75. Mike

    Adam defending “Mickey” as a good 80’s song is hilarious. That song will slowly drive you to put a gun to your head.

    Don’t Worry Be Happy” NOT grating?! Listen to it again Adam.

  76. RobK

    One of the very few times I fast-fwd the podcast is when Adam starts going off the rails about what is and is not shitty music. It can get unbearable very fast.

    Kumail was hilarious in an episode of Portlandia (Fred Armisen’s show), you might have mentioned that since Fred was on a few months ago.

    Anyone who complains about Alison’s contributions is an idiot. She is gold.

  77. joe

    please can someone let me know that saxophone riff bald bryan played when they were talking about strip clubs!!

    • RobK

      Pretty sure the song is called Comanche by The Revels. You probably recognized it from being in Pulp Fiction. Just released on Blu-Ray, btw!

  78. Dave

    “The Whole Mountain?!?!”

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