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Adam’s got plenty to complain about at the top of the show, ranging from too many strangers in his house, to his daughter crying, to his last name constantly being spelled wrong. Alison then starts the news discussing the transportation of Whitney Houston’s body, as well as complaints about the party Clive Davis threw despite her death. The gang then listens to Chaka Khan and Bo Diddly, and talk about how Donald Trump selects the celebs for his show.

Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele join the show to discuss their new sketch comedy series ‘Key and Peele.’ The guys also talk about their biracial families, and the horror of walking in on your parents having sex. Later they talk about rich guys becoming dicks, the way different races style their hair, and also take a call from a fan with a Valentine’s Day horror story.

Alison continues the news with a story about how ‘atheists make better lovers.’ Adam then demonstrates his trademark touchdown dance, and the guys listen to a clip of The View where some of the girls defend Chris Brown. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about corporal punishment, and ‘Obama’ reads a segment of Adam’s book.

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Chaka Khan
Adam’s Touchdown
‘The View’ on Chris Brown

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. halo909

    please post the podcast earlier in the night so us people on the east coast can download it for the ride to work. Its 6:30 on the east coast, a lot of us leave for work before then.

    • Citylife80

      Fuck people on the east coast.

      • MC White
        MC White02-16-2012

        Fuck you CityLife80, hit the bricks! Get the fuck off this board! Us normal folks don’t need or like you.

      • Tom


  2. Marcus

    Alison and Bryan are really coming into their own. What would I do on the Tokyo subways without this pod? Hope this never ends!

    • JD

      I’m in Nagoya, bro! Listen to it every morning on the train to work

      • Dirty

        Now THAT is a podcast…brilliant material, y’all.

      • Roland3337

        Listened when I was in Siberian Russia in 2010.

    • TB

      Another Tokyo commuter who listens every day. Be lost without it.

  3. Chief Seattle
    Chief Seattle02-15-2012

    The podcast has been truly great these last few months !!!!!!!!!!!

    • tony

      Get a life, grunt brain!!

  4. Ledgewood

    It’s nice that The ACS is really embracing Black History Month. Two days in a row with black guests! FREEDOM!

    • tony

      Keep it to yourself………no more BLACK guests….I feel nausea coming on

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-16-2012

      Two half-blacks and a Yale graduate does not meet the requirements of “black guests.”

    • Tom

      Come to ATL, you f’ing occutard. Free as free can be, unless you’re a fucking loser shirtless pothead wearing sunglasses.

  5. USSA of Odumbo
    USSA of Odumbo02-15-2012

    Look at the photo – Key and Peele took the short bus to school!

  6. Dutchie

    “Leidseplein” means Square of Leiden. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leidseplein (I live about five minutes away.) Leiden is an university town in the Netherlands. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leiden
    Greetings from a Dutch listener in Amsterdam 🙂

    • Doug'y McFadden
      Doug'y McFadden02-15-2012

      When I first looked at the pic of the club I thought ‘Led Zeppelin’. Rock on!!

    • Snausages

      Thats a nice place..and im not talking about the weed and whatnot.I enjoyed
      the pancake corner place..i saw that boom chicago as well..i went to the keukenhof in Leiden.
      I was there for Queen’s Day..oh what a great time.Id like to revisit and head up north to Friesland.

  7. Tyler

    If I have to listen to that stupid ass plug for Alison’s podcast when that douche says “keep it pingin and pongin” one more time…oh who the hell am I kidding, of course I’m going to keep listening.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana02-15-2012

      “Stupid ass plug”?. Do you mean stupid “ass plug” or stupid ass “plug” or merely “stupid ass plug”? Be specific; they all mean different things.

      I am a popular culture expert.

  8. John

    Flag! Fifteen yard penalty for unsportsman-like conduct. Using the ball as a prop is prohibited. Sorry Ace.

  9. Peter North
    Peter North02-15-2012

    Just listened to yesterday’s podcast.

    Serious question: Is DAG retarded? Gawd, I’d rather listen to Jane Goodall again.

    • mike

      he went to yale (im being serious, no joke). so….yeah…egg on your face

    • RS

      Are you serious? DAG is highly intelligent. Yeah, his brain sort of takes him for a ride he can’t control, and he sort of Jekyll and Hydes between ultra talented and ultra annoying. But the sum total is worth it. If you don’t get that, maybe you’re the retard??

  10. Harlan B.
    Harlan B.02-15-2012

    Tweeted something to the Ace Man, and he brings it up on the podcast. My life has meaning.

  11. Chad

    What a great show today. I didn’t really think much of Key and Peele when I saw the ads for their new show, but they are pretty funny and this show was great.
    The level of social discussion and comedy were both off the charts. To bad there are not more guests on the show that can be this involved in the show.
    Everyone blames Adam when a guest gets talked over, but it just means they don’t have the intellectual and comedy muscles to stand up for themselves. I am setting the DVR for Key and Peele.

  12. chantall

    Just want to see comments.

  13. Marc


  14. Jeff

    Key and Peele is a high-larious show. Can’t wait to get it on. The last couple of weeks of the podcast have been awesome, great funny guests. Keep up the good work ace broadcasting.

  15. Ras

    These guys were really great! I thought this might be a drag of a interview but these guys got right on the vibe with Ace and really brought it!

  16. richelle moffett
    richelle moffett02-15-2012

    re: hard-working atheists
    my ex-husband was an agnostic, but he was so emphatic and vocal about it (especially to religious folk) that i coined a word to describe him: antagagnostic 🙂

  17. Nick

    The irony, Adam gets upset about people wanting to take the cross of the LA County Crest, “Who gives a fuck?!”
    Yet we hear a 20 minute tirade about taking the gay flag off the Weho cop cars.

  18. jack bauer
    jack bauer02-15-2012

    Just saw drive,it did suck.

  19. Doug'y McFadden
    Doug'y McFadden02-15-2012

    Never watched the ‘Key and Peele’ show but these guys made good guests. You put any other comedian with Adam and it usually turns into some good pod.

  20. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll02-15-2012

    Great pod, aceman hitting them out the stadium lately

    • tony

      You are sick………seek professional help asap. The recent podcasts have sucked in a big way!!!!!

      • Cyrus

        Get a life you fucking loser…seriously, how fucking pathetic are you that you troll on here? Or do you just have AIDS and are waiting to die like you deserve?

        • Internet Troll
          Internet Troll02-16-2012

          You do realize I’m using Internet Troll ironically right? Key and Peele were great with Adam. Alison was dying with laughter in this episode, when else has that happened?

  21. amocat24

    Could somebody please show Adam Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair?” As white woman, that doc totally blew my mind. I had no idea what a huge deal black hair is to maintain. I hadn’t really even given thought to the fact that Michelle Obama’s hair wouldn’t naturally look anything like it does. I know Adam enjoys a good documentary and totally recommend it. Also, very interesting bit about Indian hair at the end.

  22. Pete B
    Pete B02-15-2012

    There is a huge gap between physical discipline and beating out of rage. Spanking a child as discipline, not beating the child is a sound form of discipline.
    I was spanked a lot as a child. Never once did my parents do it in a fit of rage. It was always explained and never was it too much. Sure I was also backhanded and maybe that part did have some aggression or exasperation.
    As an adult I am not a violent person and rarely in life have a gotten in fights and that was in my young adult life.
    So beating is a completely different situation. Without physical discipline we have a lot of children who do not have any respect or healthy fear of their elders because time outs do not work for every type of child.

  23. Avery

    Key and Peele, what the hell are those things? One looks gay, and the other retarded. Either way, they look like something that should have been flushed. The future of America looks bright!

  24. Paul T
    Paul T02-15-2012

    Might be the best show of the year so far!

    • Nolan

      Agreed. It’s very difficult to talk about some serious subjects in a real way and be hilarious throughout. After Adam’s small rant at the beginning, I didn’t stop laughing.

  25. Asian Carolla
    Asian Carolla02-15-2012

    This was a great podcast. Loved Peele and Key from MadTV, and they did not disappoint as guests here today. Peele did a spot on Barrack Obama impression, and Keys Medea was good too. Would love to see these guys back on the show and do more reading.

    Great Podcast as always Carolla & friends!

  26. big jim
    big jim02-15-2012

    Holy shit, these guys were hilarious. “I’m a white guy!” “That’s okay, you’re on the team!” “I’m Hispanic!” “Hey, you’re on the team!” “But I’m a girl!” “What the fuck?” “Uh…gang rape?”

  27. GOD

    Loved this episode. K&P were pretty damn funny. Loved the song!

  28. LongTimeFan

    Grate podcast, thanks guys!

  29. LongTimeFan


  30. josh

    Great podcast with great guests (been a fan of Key’s since his ETC days), but Adam’s thinking of Rahm Emmanuel, not Ari.

  31. chu

    i remember these dudes from madTV…

    • h

      That was like two minutes ago, we all remember, no need to post that.

  32. Terri

    Great guests. Smart, fun and interesting.

  33. Afee

    No picture of Jenn Aniston? I just knew there would be some hot picture of her. Thanks a lot. I have no idea with my computer how to view pictures of her.

  34. Maccaguy

    Diddlyometer. Brilliant! Alison is getting better every episode.

  35. Dave

    Funny …. I type Will Sasso into Google and the first suggested search is ‘Will Sasso calves’ …

  36. Ace

    You guys forgot Clive Cussler!

    Great show with DAG yesterday, I love it when he’s on. That guy is Crazeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

  37. J Pete
    J Pete02-15-2012


  38. Wil

    Adam has been cutting down on his rants recently. Sure he still yells about Viretardo and Hollywood for a few minutes here and there, but Bryan and Alison has been doing a good job at prodding Adam along.

  39. rich

    Can someone fill me in on Donny? Where is he? What happened?

    • Andy90

      Released from the Pirate Ship for not getting behind August as GM.

  40. donewithidiots

    Scum bags continuing their party when their friend or associate has been found dead, is the gold standard of being a shit bag. Partying? Just crazy. But if Chris Brown was at the party, who is going to tell him the party is over? Chuck Norris? Or anyone that’s not a girl.

  41. Bobby B
    Bobby B02-15-2012

    Can Alison or someone else please tell Adam his daily complaining about things at Casa De Carolla often fall flat?

  42. Ralph Burris
    Ralph Burris02-15-2012

    Who will be next on Tyler Perry’s plane?

  43. TS

    First ep of Rosen’s podcast is good. Commercial is slightly annoying, I agree, but give the show a shot, and then at least you’ll have some sort of positive association with it.

    Anyway, these guys were really, really great. Would be glad to have them back on the show again, sometime.

  44. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana02-15-2012

    I liked the Mormon-Geneology website spoof. I forget what that website is called, which is ironic, because the database was compiled to forgive me. That’s deep.

    “I found out I was related to Thomas Jeffererson!”

    And I may have already won the Publishers’ Clearinghouse sweepstakes.

  45. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.02-15-2012

    These guys were hilarious. The impressions made me laugh so hard.

  46. Jon Evolve
    Jon Evolve02-15-2012

    DAG has ruined me. I listen to the Chaka Khan recording from Piers Morgan… but I HEAR David Alan Grier.

  47. jw

    Love these guys! Everyone knocked it out of the park.

  48. Citylife80

    Really good episode. Those two dudes were fantastic guests.

  49. B-Real

    Pretty good guests this episode, the Ace Team was great as always. Get it on.

  50. Chase

    These guys were great guests! Looking forward to Key’s interview on Fitzsimmon’s podcast.

  51. PhillyPhil

    Why is Gilbert Godfried in this pic?

  52. Cyrus

    great pod

  53. Leo

    Man this Pod was awesome, Loved the Obama and Madea read made me wake up the house by laughing to loud in the morning

  54. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle02-16-2012

    “If I have to talk to another black guy about Frank Zappa…”
    Good stuff.

  55. Bartenational

    this is the cartoon podcast… allison was talking about the mayor guy “moving his hand like the bouncing ball on commercials” then you talked about wimpy and popeye and hanna barbera…

    The guy who invented the Bouncing ball (yes someone had to invent it) was Max Fliescher who with his brother Dave created rotoscoping, multiplane animation, Popeye, Betty Boop and superman.

    I like popeye, all of his lifes problems were solved by a boxing match with brutis.

  56. donewithidiots

    Some really good honest conversation with a good dollop of comedy. Never heard of these guys but one of the better shows. Excellent kids song toward the end. Allyson goes to chip in and gets huh? Gang bang.lol

  57. DESF

    Chaka Khan’s song is called “I Feel for You” and it’s not her singing her name.

  58. japan_group

    GREAT show this time Adam.
    I am in Osaka, Japan and listen to your podcast every day, but this was the first time that I was inspired enough to visit this page and comment.
    Key and Peele were GREAT guests.
    Your show is really coming along Adam.
    Keep it up!

  59. NyQuill

    On the same team!

    Hey, what about me, I’m a Polish ablino?

    On the same team!

  60. TheMidsizeLebowski

    Great show!

  61. Kevin

    These guys are great guests. Seamless communication with the Ace man.

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