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At the top of the show, Adam gives a brief background about the off-the-air feud that he and Kevin Smith are currently arguing about, regarding a proposed television show. Before bringing Kevin on, Adam also talks about having to discipline his daughter. Kevin then joins the show, and the guys tell their complete sides of the story, including email transcripts and the various side conversations that went on. Decide for yourself, and learn why clear communication is the most important facet of all relationships.

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  1. Badger

    Downloading now.

    Ironically most likely to better fit the term ‘Podcast-off’ than whatever Kevin had in mind back in the day.

    • YoWhatUp

      I can’t believe how moronic you people are, its ridiculous. Obviously they were both wrong. The only difference is, is that Kevin Smith was saying how he was wrong with some of the stuff that he said or that he felt. Carolla was a prick who, even though he was wrong at some points too, would not admit. If it really was that important to him, he would have called/e-mailed Kevin Smith back and found out why Kevin backed out. Like it was stated, Kevin was on his show, he could have easily gotten his number (if he didn’t already have it). He fucked himself out of $500,000 as well. If he just said that he didn’t know about poddamnit by calling (or even e-mailing) Kevin, then everything would be copasetic. Carolla was wrong, Smith was wrong, they were both wrong.

      • Rex Banner
        Rex Banner04-06-2012


        Where I come the guy who needs to pick up the phone is the guy about to kick the other guy out of a 500k TV deal without warning or expressed complaint.

        Smith realized the brands didn’t mesh so he left Adam standing on the alter.

        An adult would do the it’s not you its me speach. Smith tries not to look like d—-k but only proves he is.

        It’s pretty unfortunate people look up to that guy.

        • pillz

          It’s pretty unfortunate that don’t understand Kevin’s appeal to some people. Are going to ignore what he has done with his life just from this little spat between him and Adam? The reason people look up to him is that came from almost nothing, realized his dream of making movies, starting out with a little movie called Clerks. Kevin has been told more than once, even before his filmmaking career that he won’t amount to a hill of beans, but he used that as inspiration to move forward with his life. Yet he has gone from critical acclaim for Clerks and Chasing Amy to taking shit and abuse from self righteous and self absorbed d__kheads. Said d__kheads range from film critics and the Westboro Baptist Church and Catholic Church, to Hollywood d’bags like Tim Burton and Bruce Willis.
          He is now living his life doing what he loves, and you are wondering how people look up to him? He is guy with faults and insecurities, sure. His insecurities just led to this unfortunate feud with Adam. Adam Carolla is a fallible guy as well. Both these guys can be d__ks, regardless. Right now it the comments now are preferring one kind of d__k over another.

  2. Len R.
    Len R.02-01-2012

    i’m still not sure why Adam would want to do a show with this guy…

    • Jessica

      Why would Kevin want to do a show with Adam? He’s a bitter dick who’s jealous because Kevin’s a likeable guy.

      • pillz

        Adam’s a likeable guy too. In his own way.

  3. Cyrus

    Sounds like this is gonna be an awkward show.

  4. Ghost

    Can’t wait to listen to this one.. hopefully it isn’t just Kirk rehashing the same old thing we’ve heard and then Kevin Smith not even really being all that pissed.


  5. Dayton

    Can’t wait to hear this episode! Get it on!

  6. walrusonion


  7. gay dude
    gay dude02-01-2012

    So this came down to Adam being anti-gay and Kevin Smith’s queer fans got their panties in a bunch!? WTF?

  8. The Offender
    The Offender02-01-2012

    Well after the podcast with Babydoll I never thought this would happen. Glad to see it.

  9. Nick

    Kevin should have called. He’s really running circles with this “you call me”, and “I’m an emailer”. And he’s just plain paranoid about Adam’s agent.
    In a debate, Kevin is light on his feet, and he can circle and jab. Adam is a hard hitter, but he’s not was quick. But regardless of who did or didn’t win the debated, Adam is clearly correct in his reasoning. Kevin failed to communicate, and he allowed his paranoia to skew his perception.
    It was in Kevin’s hand to communicate, no matter how he tries to twist it.

    • Rich

      If by “light on his feet” you mean interrupts Adam every time he opened his mouth, I agree. I think you can count on one hand the number of times Kevin let Adam finish a sentence he started without trying to complete his thought for him.

  10. MPG

    Kevin Smith has obviously lost it.
    Kevin to Adam: “In your world, of course everyone agrees with you. But there are many people in my circle who would agree with me.”

    Actually, dude… (from an article that I read in September)

    “‘The pot is something that has everyone around Kevin concerned,’ said someone familiar with Smith’s inner circle who asked not to be identified. ‘He does “wake and bake”—he starts smoking the minute he gets up and smokes all day long. It’s like somebody who drinks too much. You wonder if they’re impairing themselves in ways that cause them to not be attentive to important things.’

    (and this part is extremely relevant to the argument)
    …But since February 2010, one of the director’s consuming passions has been a war of words against writers he perceives to be at odds with his agenda. ‘In Kevin’s world, you’re either with him or against him,’ said a source who is on Smith’s payroll but requested anonymity for fear of angering the filmmaker.”

    It was also extremely interesting/funny/hypocritical to me that Kevin said, “I don’t care about the money. I do the deal, then the money rolls in.”

    Also, I wonder how James Babydoll Dixon is reacting to Kevin’s words about him. If anything, Dixon was being pretty impartial and fair in his analysis when he was a guest, and he was even trying to calm Adam down. He probably regrets it now.

    I think all of this could have been summed up with Kevin Smith saying, “you supposedly said hateful things about gays; that incident angered me, then I didn’t want to do the deal with you and even assumed (and this part is, of course, insane and confirms the article’s points) that you were against me.”

    WTF, Kev? WTF? Maybe it’s time to cut back on the weed consumption or maybe somehow make it less potent.


  11. R

    Ironically, it was a gay joke that got Adam in trouble with Conan too!

    • Vancouver Scott
      Vancouver Scott02-01-2012

      …that’s not irony

      • R

        You are right, it technically isn’t. I should have said something else. I deeply apologize.

        • MR

          word you were looking for was ‘coincidentally’….deepest, heartfelt apologies accepted

      • Eric

        Nope, it is a coincidence or maybe a pattern.

    • Hot Nikks
      Hot Nikks02-01-2012

      Shrewd of Adam not to mention that part of the story.

    • Tim

      You learned your definition of “ironic” from the Alanis song, didn’t you?

    • Wiley

      Kevin Smith is as gay as his fans… gay people have a hard time rationalizing situations when they are at fault.

      • Dixon Hugh Jasses
        Dixon Hugh Jasses02-03-2012

        Gays are never at fault. Translated for gays – GAYS(th) are NEVER at fault S(th)illy!

        • x

          how bout you leave the joking to adam

    • Jesusgarza31

      Its like rain on your wedding day.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle02-02-2012

        It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid.

    • Zac

      BB and Alison sure let it slip by without calling him on it. Pathetic.

    • Reno

      Well I must say. I truly respect how Adam handled that waste of space Kevin Smith. Why would a person go on the Ace’s program and argue a point that could have been solved in 10 min with a good fist fight. fat loser. I hate silent bob and all that garbage. Kevin Smith is a loser end of story. Big house – big wife and a big Carolla bolona up his ass. Fuck I really hate kevin smith. Fucking mid west scum.

      • Reno Is A Douche
        Reno Is A Douche02-02-2012

        Kevin Smith is from New Jersey. Reading through this, it’s as though I’m looking at the scrawlings of Stanley Tucci with a mustache. Do you, in fact, have a small girl’s remains locked away, secure in the depths of your basement? For that is how it seems, from your small minded, incomprehensible response. Were you trying to spell the word “bologna”? Even so, what would Kevin Smith do with a big Carolla bologna up his ass? What does that mean? Who is insulted by having Adam Carolla’s bologna up their ass? That is incredible, how little sense that makes. You should consider a career in hip-hop.

        • "reno is a douche" is a douche
          "reno is a douche" is a douche02-07-2012

          Somone wishes they had Kevins Bologna up their ass!

      • Thad

        Midwest scum, huh? Since when is Red Bank, New Jersey in the Midwest? Idiot.

      • Laura

        When did Jersey become the midwest? And his wife is quite slim.

      • Dexter

        He’s from Jersey, you fucking idiot. Actually, while we’re ON the subject of you being a fucking idiot, since when has a fist fight solved a communication issue? Don’t be a silly bitch and stop swinging things at things like a fucking monkey.

      • Berk

        I hate people who make a statement using completely wrong facts. Kevin Smith is from Jersey, not the Midwest and his wife used to be a Playboy model…so she isn’t “big”.

        • Steve-o

          She is skinny but his wife only posed once for Playboy, not technically a playboy model.

        • Steve-o

          I am a fan of both Kevin and Adam equally. They both made valid points but I am sad to say Kevin made an ass out of himself. Why dont rich/famous people communicate like regular people? What is with the emails and relying on information from third parties? They both were being bitches by not picking up the phone and calling the other. Any agent can get a celebrities number in seconds. Swallow your ego and make a damn call.
          On a side note, it seems a lot of the people who post on here are single minded and ignorant. I understand you are only a fan of ACE but bashing Kevin Smith and using misinformation while doing it makes other ACE fans look bad.

          • Tom Keller
            Tom Keller02-08-2012

            Steve-O – nice to read a clear thinking individual on this thread. Just about everyone else here would bless anything Adam does or says. My view is Kevin is a little too sensitive and they are both stubborn to a fault. Kevin can’t understand Adam does not answer e-mails quickly and they are both too stupid/hard-headed to pick up the damn phone. Also, Adam is not one to go the extra mile to help communicate so this was a messed up deal. At least Kevin accepted some fault while Adam seems to believe he he did nothing wrong. Par for the course for Adam.

      • nate

        he’s from NJ

      • James

        What? lmao. Carollas house is just as big if not bigger. Kev’s wife is a tooth pick and He’s from Jersey no where near the midwest. And sense when has violence ever solved anything? If anyone is a waste of space here sir its you.
        fyi I’m a fan of both these guys and was genuinely interested on hearing if they could work this out.

      • Shinster

        Actually, he’s from Red Bank, NJ.

      • d.a.


      • Allison

        AMEN What a douch bag. Kevin Smith “This is Epic” Kevin Smith can’t stand that he’s a has been. Howard Stern won’t even have him on his show.

      • Vaughn Cash
        Vaughn Cash02-02-2012


        You are pathetic and ignorant. Get a life.


      • Adam C
        Adam C02-03-2012

        Midwest? Smith’s from New Jersey or the Northeast. Don’t do many crossword puzzles do you?

      • ben

        Why don’t you take Adam’s cock out of your mouth and maybe we’d all be able to understand you.

    • Danakey

      I’m wondering if Donnie has a take on this.

    • R

      Actually, I could make the case that my use of “ironically” fits Dictionary.com’s #5 explanation. So fuck off.

    • podit

      I feel sorry for the guy at Lovitz that Kevin kept blaming.If you listen to the email that kevin sent the production co. saying he didn’t want to work with Adam anymore, he says it there.Adams mgr. booked him and canceled him at poddamit three days before. Nice job kevin blame someone else, Pussy

      • Steve

        during the famous 6 days,didnt kevin smith ask himself at some point that maybe adam is waiting for HIM to call since adam emailed to call? kevin smith came off a such a woman in this episode,no wonder his audience is all gay.

    • Jeff

      I like both of these guys, but I am a really big Kevin fan. Misunderstandings aside, Kev was unapologetic and doesn’t see how his own ego and hangups put him in the wrong. Adam came out looking more reasonable.

  12. Flordia Blonde
    Flordia Blonde02-01-2012

    Got though the whole thing Adam. You owe me big time for getting though the entire thing.

  13. The Gooch
    The Gooch02-01-2012

    STOP WITH THE DAMN HOCKEY SHIRTS, KEVIN! You’re like Jay Leno’s retarded cousin, wearing the same stupid shirt ALL OF THE TIME!! Life isn’t a cartoon; we ARE ALLOWED to wear different clothes every day!

  14. Doug

    Any way to see comment thread without making a comment?

  15. Joeycat

    Should be a good, awkward podcast.

  16. Garret

    Good podcast. Neither side is in the wrong. But it’s entertaining for that reason.

  17. Moshe Black
    Moshe Black02-01-2012

    I think Adam hit a gay nerve that Kevin doesn’t truly want to admit having…. just a thought.

    Adam… you rock!

  18. Frohlich

    Meh. Listening to Smith’s story there are two possible explanations for his behaviour. 1. Smith doesn’t want to be associated with Adam because the latter is considered to be right-leaning in lefty circles. Why anyone could get so hung up on a comedian’s political stance is beyond me, but I guess some need to pander to their audience. (I listen to both Adam’s and Marc Maron’s podcast, both of whom have blowhard political opinions.) 2. Smith has no self-esteem and searches for and latches on to any clue that could confirm his low self-image. Why would you care that someone doesn’t reply to your e-mail for a few days? Just call him or e-mail again.

  19. David

    Seems like Smith is harboring a 13 girl inside. With all the you never emailed/called me stuff. Who sends email with essentially just a 🙂

  20. Andrew

    Get it the fuck ON! Snoogins….

  21. Juiceman3015

    Can’t really put blame on anyone and it does come down lack of business experience and sales. I’m no better. But business school is about making sure this kind of communication problem doesn’t happen. At the end both egos cannot agree to be the one who needed to phone after the other.
    Having said that. I find Kevin Smith to be among the very worst in Hollywood. Just awful. One of his movies I recall being named “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” is actually my #1 WORST FILM EVER. Other garbage. Not funny, entertaining, poorly done, poorly written, poorly directed, disinteresting amateurish. I have nothing against him personally but you cannot pay me to watch any of his work. Just horrible. Thankfully Adam will not be doing anything with this guy.

  22. Vincent Fletcher
    Vincent Fletcher02-01-2012

    I respect Kevin for coming on the show but his argument is based on things that are able to be interpreted in a number of different ways, and the fact that he expects people to react in a certain way when they couyldn’t possibly know what his thought process is – especially as he is obviously hugely thin-skinned whereas Adam is borderline sociopathic in this arena.

    Adam emailed Kevin and asked him to call him back to talk about the show. Kevin did not call him back and emailed him with a message that did not request a response. This means that Adam requested a call that Kevin did not make. Kevin did not request a rely and Adam did not give one. That’s one negative against Kevin and none to Adam.

    I doubt that Adam didn’t know about the PodDammit gig but seriously, if Adam wanted to book Kevin I’m pretty sure that one of his people would call Kevin or his people and book it. I doubt that they would take the word of some club manager who says ‘Yeah, he’ll be there.’

    For me, what this comes down to is that Kevin seems to have had reservations about working with Adam’s and deliberately didn’t call, didn’t make specific overtures and deliberately created a vague situation that he could later refer back to and project a whole other situation onto.

    At the end of the day Adam was specific in his requirements to move the project forward and Kevin was expecting people to intuit what he wanted and needed to hear.

    • Vincent Fletcher
      Vincent Fletcher02-01-2012

      Excuse the typos and syntax errors. I should have proof-read it.

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee02-01-2012

        you are excused 🙂

        • Joker

          Proofread is one word. There’s no need for the hyphen.

          • fathead

            After listening to the whole podcast, I felt it was necessary to read at least every comment until I came to an intelligent response. Thank God I can stop reading now. Many times I am embarrassed to say that I like the ACE MAN simply because of the retards that make up his fan base.

            I like Kevin, but he’s co-dependent and subservient to a fault. I like Adam, but he’s too hard-headed, close-minded and quite a bit passive aggressive (especially here). Both are at fault. Both are not being honest. Both are not seeing the other’s point of view (though Kevin is attempting) Adam’s major fault here is his inability to ever conceive that he could ever be at fault.

            This was an ugly podcast and painful to the ears.

  23. richard

    From what I heard, Adam will rant but will let things slide.
    Kevin holds Adam responsible for mistakes by Kevin and his people.
    Because of these mistakes Kevin was mad at Adam and screwed up their deal.

    • Peanut

      HMMMMM, from what I hear. Its both their faults. They both listen to their people and not talk to each other one on one. Adam just won’t give in that its both of their faults. Of course, nothing is Adam’s fault though…….

      • labowner

        Yep typical Adam blame everyone but himself.

        • Micah Chavin
          Micah Chavin02-01-2012

          Probably because he was not wrong once. Literally everytime he called Kevin out for thinking about something the wrong way, Kevin was thinking about it the same way. Adam did what normal, rational people would do. Kevin acted how paranoid, industry wannabes act like.

        • Jeff

          agreed….adam’s coming off crazy bullheaded. kevin’s admitted a ton of fault; adam won’t admit a damn thing.

      • Matt H
        Matt H02-01-2012

        I agree, from what I heard Adam needed to shoulder a bit more responsibility in the whole thing too. How should Kevin know how TV works, he’s never made a syndicated show before. I also disagree with Adam’s declaration of him being insane multiple times. BTW I have never listened to Kevin’s podcast and listen to Adam just about every day.

      • Mike

        This was mostly Kevin’s fault, but Adam should have called Kevin. It’s asinine to say this was ALL Kevin’s fault. Every time Adam said he didn’t have Kevin’s phone number, I laughed.

      • lonely janitor
        lonely janitor02-01-2012

        Kevin Smith smokes alot of pot…

        that should explain alot on its own, but he also fears/idolizes adam and that can create its own paranoia. combining the 2 is a recipe for retardedness.

        • bunkerdude

          I agree. That is also why he is afraid to pick up the phone and has to write everything in an email. He wants to make sure that he doesn’t say the wrong thing. Insecure and paranoid.

      • Mozz

        So.. i listened.. a lot was said by both sides..

        looks like the classic miscommunication.. Yes Kevin should have called.. Yes Adam should have emailed back.

        I guess that’s what you get when you try and pair a stoner with a technophobe….

        could have been good too!

        It was almost painful to hear both sides refusing to take responsibility for their misses.

        • Sir_D

          My thoughts exactly… Listened while at work toady and was wincing several times through their dialog.

      • Fishin'

        This podcast should be subtitled “Rich White Guy Problems”. It does seem pretty nuts that both Adam and Kevin managed to sit on their hands and point their finger at the other person for not following up. When $500,000 is on the table, you’d think that this would be something that most people would follow up with multiple calls and/or e-mails to get everything laid down. Honestly, I think both of their egos got in the way in the process, so you can’t really lay blame on one person. However, I do give Kevin credit for owning up to some of the responsibility and coming into the lion’s den (or car garage) to express his side of the story. I was actually pretty surprised that Adam didn’t cede any ground throughout nor admitted that he could have perhaps done more on his end to make things happen. Lastly, the “not having your number” was an embarrassingly lame excuse.

        • adamsunibrow

          it seems more and more that Adams problems tend to be rich white problems than regular probs. If both he and Kevin decided to get off their asses the issue would have been resolved. Regular guys would have been over them selves to get such a deal. It seems a shame that more and more of Ace’s problems revolve around these type of issues. He has completely forgotten about his NOHO roots without an education and strayed. Too bad….the common man has lost it’s advocate. He worries too much about his rich man tax burden and forgotten about the little guy. To quote Ace”Fuck the the poor.” We have lost the common man.

        • oneguitar

          Well said. They both share the blame, but only Smith even tried to take part of the blame. I love Adam, but it’s typical of him to lay 100% of the blame on others.

        • Dan

          I totally agree. I have listened like a slavish nitwit to Adam for over four years and he came off wrong on this exchange. Smith was vigorously taking the blame for a number of different occasions, but Adam never allowed that he might have made a mistake. Kind of dicky.

  24. Ben S.
    Ben S.02-01-2012

    Hug it out!

    • Hiram

      Man: Hey give me a call. My phone # is ___.
      Broad: Wow nice yeah! [giggle]
      Man: Hey you didn’t call…
      Broad: Oh no you didn’t call ME! I responded to your email and you didn’t call.

      Even chicks can’t get along with chicks. And shame on Kev for trying to wrangle the lgbt for his cause… The lgbt community has very serious issues to deal with.

      Reality: Kev is a prima dona. He’s feeling large right now (figurative). He’s been hemorrhaging subscribers but its because his shit is not as polished as Adam’s (radio-wise). So he blames it on Adam’s gay jokes. I recently unsubscribed to all the Kev podcasts except for babbleon and smodcast. Nothing to do with the feud… I love Kev but seriously he has problems. Am I the only one that has noticed Kev will bring Jason down a peg when he feels it right? He’ll sabotage his stories till Jason has nothing to say but just agree that his stories are dumb, then Kev will let him take a breath.

      Good thing I don’t like kev for being level headed, otherwise I’d have to unsubscribed to all his pods.

  25. Scott Tieszen
    Scott Tieszen02-01-2012

    I’ve always been a huge Kevin Smith fan, and I always will be…of his work. Listening to this podcast was a big eye opener. It all sounded fine until halfway, and then I was quickly transported back to a few exgirlfriend’s arguments where I found out that they were totally detached from what I, and everybody else considers normal reality, and told them this just isn’t going to work. I actually thought Kevin and Adam were screwing around, but then as it drew to a close, realized that Adam, and that whole crew were sighing in relief uttering to themselves “BULLET DODGED”. I was a Kevin fan way before Adam, but now, I’m deleting all my social media having to do with Smith, and will just enjoy his movies and such….maybe.

  26. Eric

    got pretty uncomfortable.

    it’s a little he-said-she-said…but the axe still falls on Kevin’s side.

    It would have been super easy for Kevin to simply call Adam…end of story.

    Alison has a great insight near the 1:35:00 mark.

    What does everyone think about Adam’s “Paranoia” stab?

  27. Richard

    now i like both these guys, but whoa, did this go in circles.

  28. Mitch

    So basically the gay mafia got to Kevin and he chickened out of the show.

    Smart, confident and productive people aren’t sensitive. Kevin’s audience is the core of the entitlement generation.

    The end.

  29. mike from Chicago
    mike from Chicago02-01-2012


  30. Imma Fan
    Imma Fan02-01-2012

    Wow. $500,000 is a lot of money, but it sounds to me like “bullet dodged”.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-01-2012

      I agree whole-heartedly.

    • Casey

      I second that…good lord was that an interesting but painful listen.

    • Aaron

      I totally agree. I hope Adam chooses to stay away from any projects with Kevin in the future.

  31. Robert G
    Robert G02-01-2012

    Great podcast I think Adam should be more prompted to respond to emails quicker and if someone emails call me, that would be a little weird. Adam should have just called Kevin or emailed what would be a good time to go over the project. Also Kevin should have called until he got a hold of Adam even if it seemed a little weird. Emailing and texting causes a lot of miscommunication from my personal experience.

    • Ryan

      Thanks for the astute break down Robby!

    • Kevin Skinner
      Kevin Skinner02-01-2012

      I couldn’t agree more!

  32. Josh

    If I had a proper family, I’d imagine this is what it would feel like to see your parents fighting. Uncomfortable.

  33. jamie

    This guy is all in his head w/ self rightousness, while claiming the opposite. Seems full of it and a drama queen

  34. Angel

    Great show, Adam!

  35. Ohio

    Chick fight bullshit!

  36. Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford02-01-2012

    Kevin comes across better than Adam
    Adam comes across better than whoever fucked up the initial phone call (Fondelier?, Lynette?)
    Everybody comes across better than Babydoll Dixon

    Multiple fuckups at multiple points throughout this scenario. Babydoll needs to be fired.
    Guaranteed he doesn’t fuck up Jon Stewart’s career like this. Adam’s not well served by this douche.

  37. Justin

    Well, this was better than the marshmallow of an interview I expected. Glad to see the two of them sit down and hash everything out though. As a fan of both dudes it’s nice to see celebrities get together and figure the situation out like men.

  38. DES

    Looking forward to this

  39. Moe

    I felt like Carolla was taking it easy on the guy. I’ve heard him get more into it with people over donuts.lol

    Anyway, I’m with Adam Carolla.
    The guy asked you to call him so you could discuss this, and you reply with an email saying this and that, “nice” or whatever and that’s it, it’s on Adam now, balls in his court? No dude, call the guy, he’s waiting to actually HEAR from you, not through some shitty email, but like you know the normal more effective way, so both of you could discuss this without waiting days to hear back, I know crazy idea to give the guy a call so you can work this out in LITERALLY minutes instead of days going back and forth through email.

    Just how the hell do you expect Adam to know that you’re a email guy, that you do all your shit through email. As great as the Ace Man is, he can’t read minds….yet *sniff*

    • Erik

      Agreed. Kevin is an idiot.

    • Dario

      It was funny how Smith wasn’t even understanding how his “nice” wasn’t any sort of an answer. If I say “call me”, and you reply with “nice,” I’m expecting a call. At the very least, I’m wondering WTF kind of a response that is, and wondering whether I should respond.

      And how is “call me” disrespectful. If anything, it’s a compliment in that Carolla assumes Smith has a busy schedule and would rather have Smith call him at his leisure, instead of surprising him at an inopportune time.

      He sounds like a self involved drama queen and he’d be well off to work on his complexes if he wants to be more successful in show business.

      • Marv

        I think he’s achieved all the success he needs… He has what Adam calls “F You Money”, and a lot more of it than Adam.

      • Vic

        Man. I love adam, and I think he’s right on this one. But Kevin Smith has a busy day every day. I know this beacause sometimes he discusses it on air with Megan (his anoying assistant) beacuse the girl can’t wait until htey are off the air if he says anything she disagrees with. Kind of a really angry and tiny back talking Bald Bryan, only not smart or educated.

    • Eric H
      Eric H02-01-2012

      Hell yeah Moe

    • Jaymz

      What’s the point in calling someone if they don’t answer? Get over yourself and make the call yourself.

    • Jimbo

      He can’t read minds and he can hardly read words.

  40. yeahyeah

    WOW, Kevin acts like a whiney, needy, codependent girlfriend. So petty and pathetic. Grow up dude.

    • matt

      Kevin is a blowhard. Biggest surprise is that passive aggressive B.Brian took Adams side.
      On a completely different topic-Has anyone ever seen Allisons calfs out from under the ever present boots?

      • Snausages

        I imagine she has some meaty calves..she did have a weight problem

        • rianney

          Alison is a sexy lady!

    • Scott

      Totally agree. What a pothead douche.

    • Nick

      Right on. Kevin is one of my least favorite people. Guy is such a fucking blowhard like matt says. I haven’t even listened to the podcast yet because I don’t want to hear his dumb ass.

      • matt

        Hahah, wow.. You wont even listen to the podcast, yet you say Kevin Smith is a blowhard? Obviously you’re just a fan of Adam Carolla.. Way to be objective man. Kevin Smith has done way more they you’ll ever do in your pathetic life, lol.

  41. Thiago

    I agree with Adam on and off, but sometimes he just views his perspective as the right one. For example: Adam thinks Kevin Smith should have called him and thought he had some sort of problem for not doing so or thinking Adam was a bad guy – what may be a fault (as Kevin admitted). But not once Adam admitted that he was at fault for not calling Kevin, justifying with his fear of getting into celebrity`s faces. That is fine, but that is Adams problem and Kevin could not have known about it.


  42. Dave

    This might have been one of the worst podcasts I’ve ever heard.

    • Marc

      I agree…Kevin acted like many people that are in the wrong, and brought up half truths…Adam never said he would “call” people that Baby Doll didn’t want him to …he said he would “meet” with people to discuss the premise or content of the show.

    • Rose

      I agree, it was so painful to listen to and the two yesmen (Brian and Alison) just sit there like lemmings not offering any sort of commentary or logical words to this STUPID argument. If Adam murdered someone, they would probably agree with it.

      • Vic

        Girl, you crazy. Maybe this is the first time you listen to the show but Bald Bryan 8 out of 10 times he chimes in a conversation, shits on his points. It’s a legendary occurance that he did not so today. So you better come correct next time before talking all that nonsense, you hear?

    • Neem

      Could not agree more.

  43. TheKingof Clits
    TheKingof Clits02-01-2012

    Fuck Kevin Smith, his film’s suck!

    • foo

      and fuck grammar while you’re at it .. *films*

      • Murray

        Yeah, and while you’re at it, fuck capitalizing the first letter of a sentence! .. *and*

      • Steverino

        It’s the possessive suck. The suck belongs to the film. So it’s the Film’s suck.

        • fathead


          • matt

            Hahah, have you even watched any of his movies? There actually pretty funny. Are you guys are really jumping on the hate train just because your’re fans of Adam Carolla, and these guys are in a disagreement? At least there man enough to talk it out, instead of just randomly insulting each other..

            If this fight there having never happened, and this was just a normal 2nd podcast with Kevin and Adam, there wouldn’t even be half as many nasty comments as there are.. Pretty foolish.

  44. Paul

    I think both guys have some Diva in them. Both were lazy. Both did no real investment into “making things happen” and relied on someone else to take the next step. Both are wrong and both are right but as you see, being right doesn’t get you anywhere. Adam already didn’t like the TV company and has always said he would rather be home than working, so…..he got his wish. Anyone listening to this should learn, if you want to do something, then you are the only one that is responsible for making it happen.

    • Dario

      Not to sound like an apologist for Carolla, but he signed the papers and did everything to get the project greenlighted. It was Smith that acted like a jilted lover and called the whole thing off because of nothing.

  45. Mike

    Both Adam and Kevin were 100% in the wrong.

    Moral of the story: Just talk to people face to face. Anything less than that is less than optimal.

    • john

      Exactly. Both are idiots. But Kevin is slightly more in the wrong. But they all have people working with them.
      I think Kevin could have easily diagnosed Adam with “deep down, you didn’t really want to to do it, or you would have tried harder to find a phone number.”

      or they both have Aspbergers/Assburgers Syndrome

      For $500,000 I could dig up Kevin Smith’s phone number.

    • Erik

      Adam tried to do that. Kevin was content with e-mailing and being a whiney bitch.

  46. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town02-01-2012

    Hey Adam, looks like Kevin uses the same technique you do..Wear the same shirt whenever on the air…

    • Nick

      Preach on! Kevin Smith fucking blows!!!

      He cost our man Adam half a million bucks on top of making SHITTY movies and never shutting the fuck up.

  47. SlopOnYourKnob1997

    Kevin Smith is a PUSSY who could not last in the film industry. and Red State sucks! Lean how to make a fucking movie you untalented fat slob. and grow THE FUCK UP star wars sucks your 41 years old grow the FUCK UP! skeet skeet skeet!

    • labowner

      And what you accomplished in life?

      • fignuts

        exactly lol. and for a guy talking about growing up, you might not want to use the name “SlobOnYourKnob1997”. also it sounds like you want to slob on my knob.

    • Snausages

      im gonna go ahead and disagree with you..Red State was entertaining

    • Marv

      Self-righteous douche baggery! Let’s not exaggerate just because you don’t like the guy… The facts are, he has been a successful director with multiple films to his credit. Your opinions don’t change that.

    • Laura

      Hmmm. The advice “grow up” from a dude named SlopOnYourKnob.

    • Vic

      Kevin Smith is a PUSSY who could not last in the film industry
      …a PUSSY who could not last in the film industry
      …not last in the film industry
      10 mayor films in 17 years in Hollywood….
      Get your facts straight.

      • Nick C.
        Nick C.02-03-2012

        That’s a lot of films about mayors!

  48. jamfu

    Aadam you are totally wrong. Being a premadona. Kevin is right. You should have shown him the common courtesy. Saying you emailed him, then say you are not a computer person , then not calling, and saying you are a phone person? Dude you’re placing yourself on some retarded play dumb attitude pedistal. I love ya but grow up a little and humble yourself

    • jamfu

      prima donna.. duh

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee02-01-2012

        jamfu, really, you must be a Kevin fan because I see it completely different…

    • fat fat kevin
      fat fat kevin02-01-2012

      you must be one of those buttfucking fruity fans of kevins.

  49. BoBo From Hoboken
    BoBo From Hoboken02-01-2012

    This should be Interesting

  50. Steelepunk

    I hope they kiss a little at the end.

  51. Tim

    I’m a fan of both of these guys, but they both sound like whiny little bitches here.

  52. Keeg

    Kevin was doing good until he made himself look like a ass 3/4 the way into it. Adam emails Kevin hey call me. Kevin replys to the email but NEVER CALLS Adam and gets mad when Adam does not reply to the last email that he sent him that did not need a response. Adam 20 Kevin -50

    • Big Fan
      Big Fan02-01-2012

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. Perhaps it was because at the 3/4 mark of the show is when Kevin’s weed started to wear off?

    • Mark

      Precisely. Adam e-mails Kevin Smith with “We need to talk. Call me.” Smith replies with “Nice” and…doesn’t call. Pretty obvious that Kevin Smith wasn’t interested in doing the show with Adam because of one of his gay jokes.

  53. Tyler

    Love both these guys. Best pod ever. *Sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiff*

  54. Jayson

    not exactly excited about listening to this podcast… I just feel that it might be a little awkward… I guess I will find out regardless

  55. yeahyeah

    I’ve met 10 year olds who where better liars than Kevin.

    • Nick C.
      Nick C.02-03-2012

      Where do you meet 10 year olds?

  56. Nick

    First time since rep Richard Martin that I’m really not looking forward to today’s podcast. Kevin Smith never shuts up. I usually fast forward Kevin & Bean when he comes on.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-01-2012

      Rep. Richard Martin is hilarious.
      He’s a neat fella.

      • Nick

        I guess just like people always bitch about Deaf Frat Guy, I’m in the minority. DFG is fucking awesome as I guess you think too by the screen name.

        Rep Martin just isn’t for me…

        • Poochie's Uncle
          Poochie's Uncle02-02-2012

          That’s the beauty of this podcast, if you don’t like a guest, there’s a new one tomorrow.
          I’m in the minority with Damesheck. The guy is like nails on a blackboard to me.

  57. Steve A
    Steve A02-01-2012

    I don’t know who is more crazier or more paranoid, Kevin Smith or Troy Duffy? I love the in depth structure of a podcast, it really does give exposure to the real personality. Adam can be a jerk a times, but in this case, Kevin Smith comes off as full of shit.

  58. Superman (no really)
    Superman (no really)02-01-2012

    I love the show, and it’s best when you aren’t hashing out your conflicts on air. Seems to be happening a lot lately 🙁

  59. robert

    Blown away by what a hyper sensitive litte bitch Kevin is. He lied and fabricated an entire story on his podcast because someone didn’t call him back soon enough, a gay joke, and Adam didn’t do his podcast. I pity the poor woman that is his significant other; can’t imagine all the melodramatic, narcissistic, immature nonsense she must put up with.

    • DebMoore

      Oh don’t worry she is just as melodramatic, narcissistic and immature as he is. I listened to thier porcast for a little while.

      • Erik

        Who cares about the stupid gay jokes. Adam is a comedian. If he really hated the gays why does he have some working for him?

  60. Dr G
    Dr G02-01-2012

    I understand Kevin’s point, if Adams not an email-er why didn’t Adam just call Kevin in the first place? Weird – it seems like Adam’s playing both sides of the coin. Kevin called twice and never got a return call, PLUS he (Kevin) prefers email so he (Kevin) seems stuck between a rock in a hard place….. I feel bad for the guy, it doesn’t seem like he had any bad intentions at all, he doesn’t sound “grandiose” or “crazy”; miscommunication & missed opportunities – bummer!!!

  61. Bert

    Jesus, Kevin Smith is in love with his voice. Talk talk talk and say nothing.

    • Adam B.
      Adam B.02-01-2012

      Hey, jackass, have you heard The Adam Carolla podcast? What’s your IQ, bud?

  62. mark

    “Kids, this is fucking dumb”

    No kevin, your fucking dumb, wish you could man up and just admit your a drama queen pussy-liar. But you won’t because your a pussy; catch 22.

    • fignuts


  63. Dustin Hogan
    Dustin Hogan02-01-2012

    There was a period of several years where Kevin Smith was absolutely my favorite filmmaker. He was the antithesis of the Hollywood phony, but he clearly shares something in common with the aforementioned phonies now: the complete lack of any ability to just say, “I messed up, I’m sorry.” I’m with Adam. All the way.

    I did not enjoy this. The tension, the drama, it’s not for me. Adam’s normal format is great. It’s hysterical, it’s insightful…this kind of thing puts me on edge and bums me out. Adam’s show is normally an escape from the army of stress factors that bears down on me each day. Today, it was one of them. For better or for worse, yeah, it was dramatic.

  64. Smeghed

    Thought Kevin fought his corner well, will definetly give his podcast a listen
    get it on

  65. Pete B
    Pete B02-01-2012

    What the fuck are you two five years old? Such trivial minutia in this argument. See here is how adults solve grievances.
    I said this: blah blah blah
    You said this: Blah blah blah
    Here is where the miscommunication was, we both had some valid points, apologize and move forward.
    For such a minor disagreement. This is not a disagreement that changes the rotation of the globe.
    Make up and make out already. Both great talents now hold hands into the sunset.

  66. wayne

    I almost feel like this whole misunderstanding/”fight” was staged for ratings… oh wait.

    • steve

      Wayne is exactly right. Kevin even dropped multiple hints about it. This is why those stupid reality shows work…

  67. billybob

    Never thought I would side with Adam so strongly about something. Kevin Smith seems like a completely unbearable person. I think he needs some serious therapy.

    • Erik

      Completely agree. Adam would have forever regretted getting involved in a TV show with this blowhard.

  68. Cyrus

    Wow. That was tortuous to listen to…and incredibly fucking ridiculous and uneccessary. I was amused though, at how Kevin had all his good praises to say about Adam at the beginning of the show, but as it went on, his level of passive aggressiveness towards Ace grew and grew until it was no longer really ‘passive’.

    You guys should put a disclaimer or something on the description of this podcast.

  69. M


    You are the next Steve Jobs, you will go down in history as the Johnny Carson of podcast. Sir, it’s been in honor to be aboard the pirate ship since it set sail… you’re an American original, an Yankee Genius…. today’s podcast was insanely great.

    – m

  70. Mark

    Wow, epic podcast. I see both sides of this argument. I’m glad Kevin came on.

    Also, Adam is far from homophobic. His observations on straight and gay culture are dead on and I’m glad he brings these things up.

    • Listener

      I cannot see Kevin Smith’s side.

      • Justin

        You can’t see that Adam *intended* to offend Kevin by (1) using his standard material on a podcast Kevin invited him on; (2) emailing him two times within six days to express interest in their project; and (3) not showing up to an event he wasn’t invited to? You can’t see that?

        • adamsunibrow

          Two real men would have resolved their issues, especially when 500k where at hand. Think about it…………..This sounds more like fourth grade s**t.. Who behaves likes this this??? Not regular guys!! If my money was at risk I would have made 50 calls.. What do you think????

  71. Ledgewood

    Kevin SMith is like, perpretually in the 10th grade.

  72. jg323

    sounds like neither were THAT interested in working with the other

  73. Brian

    I am a Carolla fan, but I can see Kevin’s point about the 6 day lack of response to his email.

    1. Kevin had previously called Adam and received no response (Adam never got the message).
    2. Adam acknowledges that the “chief modality of conversation” was email.
    3. Adam thinks it is “Kevin’s weirdness” to expect a response to an email that Adam… when a response is just internet etiquette.
    4. You could also blame this on “Adam’s weirdness” because he thinks calling Kevin himself was too presumptuous.

    I would blame Adam more than Kevin for this reason: Kevin prefers email and does a good job responding, while Adam prefers a phone call yet never picks up the phone. I find it annoying when Adam tries to psychoanalyze Kevin when Adam’s own hangups played just as much of a role.

    It also seems like Adam has a major communication breakdown on his end… multiple missed phone calls from Kevin and no idea that he is booked for Kevin’s show.

    • Daniel Doyle
      Daniel Doyle02-01-2012

      THANK YOU. All these smoke blowers. You all realize Adam is not paying you to kiss ass, right? Are most of you disgruntled burger flippers? Fault lies on both sides, but Adam endlessly provides details over every podcast about how inept he is with feelings and communication. BRIAN PLEASE BRING THAT UP TO ADAM.

    • Ryan

      Totally agree. Kevin was looking to mend fences for the long term and Adam right away was dismissive and stubborn, as exemplified by when Kevin was saying they should use up all of 2-3 hours to figure it all out and Adam just says “Nope, we’re gonna wrap this up real quick” as if he had zero intentions of changing his mind about anything and that there was zero new information Kevin could possibly give him. Totally close minded. And he kept calling Kevin paranoid every other minute and then trying to psychoanalyze Kevin and say he’s got all these inner problems and he’s lashing out…blah blah blah…horribly offensive shit.

      Good for Kevin to stick around for the duration and not result to name calling or any of the therapy bullshit Adam was pulling on him. Kevin came off as being sensitive and Adam was passive aggressive and callous. Bottom line: Adam could have called. His fault.

      • Bob Blahblah
        Bob Blahblah02-02-2012

        How DARE you try to look at the situation objectively. You make me SICK. Adam is NEVER wrong. Talking is for PUSSIES. They should have had a fist FIGHT. Where’s my BAWNDO!?

        • fathead

          thank you.

    • Vaughn Cash
      Vaughn Cash02-02-2012

      Adam never once; not a single time apologized or admitted any fault. But after listening to him for 15 years, I knew he would not do so. Bottom line, communication errors. Adam posits that he has no self-esteem, but of course we know this is, while honest and heart-felt by him, it is an effort to show humility. However, he does have a strong ego. Thus, from a person who consistently states that one needs to step back and objectively look at both sides of the argument, I was UTTERLY surprised to not hear him try to see it from Kevin’s perspective. Being a feeler is not paranoia; but it’s certainly the opposite of Adam’s personality type. Kevin came on the show, etc, and even said he didn’t care about the money. Kevin apologized and was respectful to the Nth degree. Yet Adam can’t even muster one single apology in any degree, in any fashion. THEN, on the next day’s podcast, indirectly calls him just crazy???? Am I missing something here? Don’t you think that Kevin deserves an ounce of respect or anything at all? No? Adam just muses about all the crazy people in LA, but that’s ok because Kevin is talent? What does that ultimately mean? Fact is Kevin really cares and is as genuine a person you can find. Fact is Adam is a person who really cares and is also genuine…he is a big feeler too. He’s really humble. But, and I do mean but, he won’t crack an apology too often, and it’s sad because I think Kevin deserved at least just one, if for nothing other than calling him a douchebag.

      • Stirling

        Good point. Here’s how I see the breakdown:

        Smith takes the step to come into Carolla territory (uncharacteristically loaded with Yes-People today, btw) to hash it out.

        Smith’s gist: You could have done _____, I REALLY should have done _____, but I wish it hadn’t gotten out of hand. Regardless, my intentions were good, and I always wanted it to work. I’m sorry.

        Carolla’s gist: You’re crazy. And paranoid. And a bad communicator. Period.

        Misunderstandings happen all of us; especially in the technologically indirect, impersonal world we live in now. What matters is how you deal with the aftermath. The most telling part to me is that Smith sounded willing to mend fences, Carolla sounded, surprise surprise, like he wanted to make sure we all knew he wasn’t wrong. In my book, a very frustrating conclusion, and I’m more inclined to be frustrated with and doubtful of the party who throws stones and refuses to accept any fault, rather than the humble and gracious party.

        And I love BB & Alison, but those guys should recuse themselves from discussions like this – it’s obvious they are afraid to be objective and get in trouble with the bossman. I know people will counter that BB “shits on Adam’s point” all the time, but trivial shit like movies or music or food or whatever is one thing, feuds are something else.

        • Ivan

          Well put. I’ve been a huge fan of Adam for a long time. But, he can a stubborn jack ass some times. This podcast put a bright light on his stubborn side. On the other hand, if a 500K contract was snatched from my hands, i’m sure I wouldn’t handle it well either. It sounds like Adam and Kevin wouldn’t be good business partners anyway. At least they were able to talk it out.

      • Shearer

        Totally agree. I think Carolla has too much emotion on this still to be rational. He is generalizing the way he works to the way everyone works with email vs. phone…etc. Both of these guys were lazy and just sat back. Stupid. But Kevin Smith has much more self-awareness than Ace in this case.

      • Matt

        You are correct sir, and so is Vaughn. Adam has trouble seeing other POV. Smith acting in ways that I personally think didn’t makes sense, but he isn’t crazy, he’s just no Adam. Smith came on looking to salvage a relationship, and Adam has him on looking to win an argument. Adam definitely should have apologized for calling Smith a DB.

      • fathead

        YES! It REALLY bummed me out that the podcast immediately following started with Adam saying “see what I have to deal with in this town?” Without downplaying Smith’s knowledge of Hollywood or his overly self-deprecating wishywashyness, Adam’s unwillingness to see ANY fault whatever is sad and pathetic.

        Oh, and why has nobody mentioned that Adam’s wife walked all over him to bash Kevin? What a bitch move.

  74. billybob

    After someone screws you out of 500,000 it’s on you to call them and open up a line of dialogue so you can save the project and the 500k they just screwed you out of? Does Smith smoke crack?? He seems to relish holding grudges over imaginary slights like it was the 3rd grade. This is good insight into why Donny was dismissed. I imagine his behavior was similarly unreasonable, and hearing Kevin talk, you understand having these people around is just toxic and maddening/stressful.

    • stnuntrnd

      What amazing self-control Adam exhibited toward this energy-draining guest …
      People playing home version of Hypothetical Road Trip will have no problem
      deciding between Adam or Kevin as driving companion.

  75. Huck

    Can’t wait to listen to this one!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee02-01-2012

      I said the same thing and now I’m mainlining Ibuprofen trying to get Kevin Smith’s retarded argument headache out of my brain. I have all of his movies and have always been a fan, but wow, are you twelve years old Kevin? Whew, I hope the Stern repeat brings me back to a happy place

  76. steve

    what happened to the story of adam not being in the show because he waited to long to sign the contract and demanding too much? was kevin making that shit up.

    • Nolan

      Great point! I had completely forgotten that was Kevin’s excuse for why this fell through but now in reality he’s admitted he told Telepictures he didn’t want to work with Adam. I’ve been a fan of both guys for a long time (Chasing Amy is one of my favorite movies) but Kevin completely overreacted a few non-issues.

  77. Big T
    Big T02-01-2012

    At first I thought this would be a simple misunderstanding, but after listening, Kevin is clearly nuts.

  78. Cyrus

    I felt bad for Paul. Kind of shitty to schedule him the same day as Kevin.

  79. Travis

    Here we have a record breaking podcaster and an accomplished film maker. Both bickering about an imploded tv pilot where each loses out on half a million dollars. If the passion to work together is so great, why not have the film maker and the podcaster put together free video content that could one day develop into something a network would be interested in? Internet is the new and infinite frontier and Ace is proof of that. Screw the network Aceman make your own damn tv show.

    • Cyrus

      Kevin didn’t get screwed out of his half mil, Ace did.

  80. Rrrrr

    Noooooooooooooo! Why? No Kevin Smith please.

    Baby doll is correct when he say’s this pairing up is not right for you.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-01-2012

      You have to hand it to Baby Doll, he called this one.
      There’s a reason he’s a successful agent.

  81. michael

    this was the most uncomfortable episode i ever hear, i was actually cringing. felt like listening to parents arguing

  82. jamie

    This fricken guy is FULL OF SHIT!

  83. Alana

    What the hell is wrong with Kevin Smith? Does he just want to avoid blame or is his ego so highly inflated that he doesn’t realise he is so wrong? This has to be one of the most painful interviews ever.

  84. Ismael

    Clash of the Tards.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-01-2012

      Yes it was.

  85. jamie

    He’s also dishonest.

  86. Jesse

    Jesus Kevin is delusional.

    He’s pissed because he replies “wow!” in an email after Adam asks him to CALL him. He then gets pissed because he doesn’t hear from Adam for six days.

    Agent conspiracies?

    Talk about irrational.

  87. Ol' Cock & Balls
    Ol' Cock & Balls02-01-2012

    The problem with Kevin Smith is the problem I had and a lot of people have when they smoke too much weed. They (I) get all up in their own heads. But the main thing is, I don’t believe he called and/or left a message either time he says. He’d bailed on working with Adam before that (after the alleged gay bashing…(come on Kevin, you don’t know Adam’s stuff? HE REPEATS HIMSELF)). I think Smith lied about it too. So, ultimately he is a douche. Whereas, Adam probably could’ve gotten his number and chose not to. I mean, “I don’t think I have your number.” is a bs excuse too. So that’s sorta douchey too (at least it’s weak). All this other shit was he said/she said and a little faggotized. And honestly, I’dva sued to get my money because FUCK those Telepictures douches, too.

  88. Jerry Robles
    Jerry Robles02-01-2012

    I am a big fan and listener of both your podcasts. But man, listening to this podcast was exhausting. In Adam’s defense, I don’t think Kevin knows about Adam’s personality that he is kind of oblivious and not a person who engages. An example of that would be the Opie and Anthony situation where Opie kind of thought Adam was dismissive of him, and I Adam later said that wasn’t the case. Adam has said many times, it comes off as arrogant, but in reality it’s just he utter lack of self esteem keeping him from engaging with others most of the time. Kevin strikes me as an emotional type guy who wears his emotions, “feels things” as he said. So while this whole mix up was going on, Kevin was going through the whole range of emotions, while Adam was just going about his day not thinking anything of it. I chalk it up to a differences in personalities, led to a miscommunication. What a shame.

    • Jenn

      Fully agree! I thought the same thing and yours is the first comment on the message board that I’ve seen acknowledge this so far.

  89. AceFan!

    Lesson of the day. Do not do business by email. Face to Face with Ace puts everything in the right place.

  90. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-01-2012

    I’ve got to listen now! Howard can wait!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee02-01-2012

      “I’d do it but I threw my back out last night humpin your mother nudge” – Jay (Mall Rats) Funny Line says I

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-01-2012

      O&A have Jwoww and Snooki on today. You should give them a try. Good stuff.
      XM 105 Sirius 206.

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee02-01-2012

        Pass, but thanks Poochie’s Uncle, I think you’re either a Howard guy or an O&A guy. Howie Mandell is more my cup of tea, plus the show drop song contest was awesome, Pu Pu Pussy Pu Pu Pussy… Check those balls before you sit down 🙂

        • Poochie's Uncle
          Poochie's Uncle02-01-2012

          …I lost my lover and I lost my friend…

  91. steve

    well that was retarded

  92. portsnoy

    I think it’s for the best that you did not get into business with this guy. Could you imagine?!?

  93. Ian from Baltimore
    Ian from Baltimore02-01-2012

    I love Adam
    I love Kevin
    I love podcasts


    You guys are acting like teenage girls

  94. Giovanni Sibaja
    Giovanni Sibaja02-01-2012

    I love both of you guys, two different types of humor but very well put together as far as comedians, I agree more with Adam but at the same time, I make 12 bucks an hour, when I’m about to miss a day of work because of my kid, sick etc. I’ll call Washington if I have to, I wouldn’t sign a contract without knowing what the fuck I’m signing even if it requires going to the dudes house(It’s probably a bad analogy). I thought it was unprofessional to assume the dude’s on board when 500k like you said are at stake, I still love both of you and would like to see you two work that shit out and make some funny shit happen.

  95. Manny

    I like Kevin Smith better when he’s silent….whiny bitch

  96. graciefaith

    Im only halfway thru the podcast, but I’m already annoyed. Adam doesn’t need to do a show with K.Smith if his fanbase is that sensitive anyhow, probably better it did not work out.

  97. Mike

    It was a pretty tough podcast to listen to, I’m a fan of both Adam and Kevin. I don’t think there are winners, just lessons to be learned. Adam’s habit of not calling anyone cost him 500K and kevin read into a lot of things about adam that aren’t true. It seems like it was just lack of communication, one wanted e-mail, the other wanted a phone call.

  98. Justin

    This would have been better as a one on one show.. The sound FX took away from the conversation and seemed to annoy Kevin.. Alison didn’t really add anything and made it seem a bit like people ganging up on him.. Good pod though.

  99. Lauren

    I want to chew glass after listening this whiny dribble. UGH!

    • Ralph Burris
      Ralph Burris02-01-2012

      True dat. Poor little rich guys.

  100. Peggy

    Standing next to Adam, Kevin looks so … small.

  101. Dave

    What a mug of utter contempt from the Aceman. LOVE IT! Round 1, GET IT ON!!!!!

  102. Brendan Donlin
    Brendan Donlin02-01-2012

    You seemingly have 500K reasons to drop kick Kevin. If it doesn’t make you money or make you happy you don’t need it. Here’s to a better 2012 Ace Man!

  103. TipCT

    Adam’s pretty insensitive and Kevin’s pretty oversensitive. You both should just say, “I get why you thought that,” and move the f— on.

  104. Jason

    I really wanted to listen to this and conclude that Kevin Smith is an egotistical dick (which is fun, because from what I heard here and have seen in his movies, I’m sure he’s reading this). But, ultimately, I think he’s just hypersensitive and emotional to the degree that Adam is hypervigilant and flatlined. Moderation in emotion (less from Kevin and any from Adam, although I see Adam’s point more clearly not because I’m a superfan but because I have a similar affect) is likely the correct response here. Unforunately, laughs over beers doesn’t always translate to good business partners. Sad.

  105. editorite

    I tweeted my 140-character comment (@editorite), but here’s slightly more detail: There were misunderstandings and communication/assumption glitches galore, but if it were just that, the situation could have been easily rectified. But the ESSENCE of it is that KS is totally hung up on “who calls who,” like it’s a matter of great pride to BE called rather than to be told/asked to call. Ace is correct that KS is paranoid–obsessed with hierarchy, obviously feels inferior but not self-aware enough to see how that affects his perceptions. I say he’s an anomaly: a sensitive blowhard.

  106. Tim

    “Wow. $500,000 is a lot of money, but it sounds to me like “bullet dodged”.”

    ^ This.

    Adam teamed up with a guy who gets offended so easily wouldn’t last long.

  107. Cyberton

    I came in here thinking that Kevin Smith was the bad guy, but in reality he raises a good point. Friendships, professional relations, etc are all based on good communication and picking up the blower or sending an email means alot, specially when money is involved. In reality, Adam was the proudest and Kevin’s sensitivity shows that he cares, and caring is a good thing- good day sir.

  108. Yarms Bakersontonmantino
    Yarms Bakersontonmantino02-01-2012

    I thought this would be interesting or at least somewhat entertaining but… it was not. It’s a rare miss on the ACE podcast. At least it didn’t completely devolve into two high school girls bickering about shit that nobody else cares about, but it came close.

  109. jbryant2324

    Good episode. I can see where the communication broke down. Kevin Smith’s email didn’t leave a clear understanding on where to proceed. I feel like Adam made a concerted effort to contact Kevin using various forms of communication. On Kevin’s side, he might have felt slighted by the fact that Adam didn’t reply to him with a date and time via email. In Adam’s defense, he’s apparently not an emailer.

  110. Touchy Feely
    Touchy Feely02-01-2012

    In this podcast episode: Super Rich White Guy Problems…

  111. TipCT

    …and marijuana does mess up communication in a lot of ways- paranoia, forgetfulness (“I don’t know if I left a message” ?), obsessing, messing with your sense of time. It ain’t all Kevin’s fault, but Adam has had some troubled history working with stoners.

  112. jbryant2324

    And Bald Brian’s got the fastest drops in the land. Great job.

  113. pete

    Ace, I agree with Kevin. If half a million dollars is on the table I would have picked up the phone, sent more emails and then showed up at his house. That’s way too much money to just wait for someone to call me back.

  114. ellie

    Wait, Kevin’s going to hold his ground that Adam should have written back to his “Nice.” email? I can’t go there. OTOH, gotta give him props for coming in to do the show with Adam on his home turf. Wonder how he’ll spin it for his audience.

  115. Trigger

    I hate his movies but he seems like a great guy. Sucks this fell apart over something so juevenile. I loved how he seemed to suck Adam’s dick toward the end. Loved this podcast, I guess I am in the minority when I wished the podcast continued longer.

  116. KyleE

    What movie was Adam cut out of ? Red State?

  117. Gomez

    I could never listen to Kevin’s podcast. He never gets to the point. It’s annoying

  118. Midwest

    God Kevin Smith sucks. My respect for him is gone.

  119. sloozen1

    Kevin talks/writes like a dope-head instead of a businessman…

  120. Alex C
    Alex C02-01-2012

    As a truly unbiased fan of both Ace-Man and Kevin Smith, I can see both sides of the story, but have to agree with the Carolla crew. It seems to me Kevin got emotional and was apprehensive from early on and that’s the real reason he neglected to keep in contact. It seems pretty obvious from a 3rd party view point. It is too bad; the sweet/salty (as Kevin put it) would have been a fun combination… and $500k is a fuck-ton of money to get shafted out of – even for a man who is literally a millionaire.

  121. Erina

    OMG Kevin Smith is BORING. Jeez, get to the point.

  122. My 2 cents
    My 2 cents02-01-2012

    Smith needs to admit to himself and the world that he really doesn’t like adam as much as he claims. Once he does that he’ll stop the bullshit.

  123. Boston Greg
    Boston Greg02-01-2012

    I am a fan of both these guys, but they both need to get over themselves. Also, how can you throw away 500k, I would literally chug cock for that money. No homo just gay for pay.

  124. Walt

    Glad to see you both sorted out as Kevin said. “this comedy of errors”. Now you both know Kevin communicates via email and Adam communicates via phone. Lets start sending snail mail to each others or courier a letter to each other. I think Telepictures were the dicks in all this mess.

  125. Mike

    “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate
    Some men you just can’t reach…
    So, you get what we had here last week
    Which is the way he wants it!
    Well, he gets it!
    N’ I don’t like it any more than you

  126. HamiltonNJ

    Kevin Smith is an idiot, he pulls the self-condescending routine to make it sound like he’s cool with what Carolla is talking about, but you could tell he’s got serious problems with what Adam’s podcast is all about. He’s so hung up on this ‘gay’ community stuff…hey Mr. Smith, wanna know what would serve the ‘gay’ community best? By not pointing out that they’re an entire different community apart from the rest of us…i guess…in the ‘straight’ community. People are people for God’s sake…everyone should be made fun of from time to time…it’s the people that are fine with that that don’t come off as crybabies. Being from NJ myself, if you had told me in 1995 that a bunch of guidos doing a show in your state would be more entertaining than anything Kevin Smith ever did with the rest of his life, I’d have punched you in the throat.

  127. Justin Macumber
    Justin Macumber02-01-2012

    After struggling through that complete mess, it seems like both of you fucked up and were wrong. And, yes, bullet dodged, because the two of you aren’t compatible. Now just never do this again…

  128. Mike

    It’s like listening to Mommy and Daddy fight, only it doesnt smell like bourbon…

  129. Patrick

    Shockingly I made it to 80 minutes. But that was only because I had listened to everything else on my iPhone. Eventually I just turned it off because the the whistling passenger window was more entertaining than this train wreck of a Podcast.

    It was like listening to a pair of drunken guys in a bar say “…dude… bro… dude… bro….” when they argue.

    What in the world made Adam think this would be good Pod-crafting?

  130. Andrew

    AC is right about the gays. If you stop for a second with the “who’s on top and who’s on bottom”…wait….I mean “who’s up and who’s down” and just look objectively he’s said the rightest thing ever. Leave them alone because they are citizens and then everyone shut the F up.

  131. vah jai nah
    vah jai nah02-01-2012

    silent bob should have stayed silent.

  132. Steve Miller
    Steve Miller02-01-2012

    Rich White Guy Problems – booooooooooorrrrrrrrrriiiiinnnnngggggggggg.

  133. Rick

    I agree with Imma Fan……Bullet Dodged!!

    I am a fan of Kevin Smith but he sounded like a woman, “why didn’t you call me?”, “why do I have to be the one who calls?”

    Serious self esteem issues!!!

  134. mulah

    “Adam won’t roll out of bed for that money.” -James Dickson
    Adam -> Wont make a call to secure $500,000 deal with co-talent, says he prefers telephone contact.
    Kevin -> Prodomintly emails Adam, no returned calls toto two calls, one left message, to Adam.

    My 2c? If Adam responds best to telephone contact, and was adamant about working with Kev, he should pick up the phone or have an assistant find Kevin’s # and call. And as Kev said, should have just called but had no contact for a month… he madeshould more of anmy effort to worktake this withmorning Adam than Adam did with him… what would you do?

  135. GOD

    Seems like a case where Kevin is hung up on why Adam didn’t call him.

    When someone emails you, “hey call me”, you don’t respond saying “Awesome”.

    On the other hand, with $500K on the line, and if Adam’s telling the truth and he didn’t have Kevin’s phone number, you’d think Adam would shoot another email to Kevin saying “would it be better if I call you… by the way, what’s your number?”

    *sigh* Rich white dudes have all the problems!

  136. JohnnyR2961

    This totally sucks that this deal fell through because I love both of these guys. Kevin needs to learn to let the other finish speaking and to not keep saying “yeah” or “OK” in between everything the other is saying.

    Rock on ACE man!

  137. Adam

    Bring back Dave to do sports. At least once a week.

  138. Boych

    wow. what an annoying podcast. he said, she said, blah blah blah….

  139. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-01-2012


  140. james

    Adam, you’re being a dick. Can’t even meet in the middle just a little bit??
    You’re not being malleable.

  141. Angie

    I used to like Kevin Smith.

  142. vah jai nah
    vah jai nah02-01-2012

    kevin lost when he said “in your reality”

    thats something delusional people say.

  143. Angela

    Wow this sounds like Adam broke up with Kevin and they are trying to reinact the break up.

  144. Six Dixon
    Six Dixon02-01-2012

    Wow, just listened to the episode of Hollywood Babble-On that Adam co-hosted. I don’t know if Adam was just drunk or what, but that was pretty bad. Even Ralph seemed a little taken aback. I wouldn’t call it homophobic, because I don’t think Adam really has a problem with gay people, he just came across as very ignorant.

  145. Balki

    You both are at fault. Kevin for being a paranoid burnout who thinks your only motivation is not liking him. Adam for being an egotistical maniac who doesn’t give a shit about the other person at all. You both said it a few times. Grow a pair and just call the other mother fucker. Now shut the fuck up and get back to regularly scheduled podcasts so I can fantasize about the faux Jewish princess Alison and what I’d do to her and her black dress(es) and hooker boots.

  146. L'huomo d'Ace
    L'huomo d'Ace02-01-2012

    excellent! BONADUCE next!

  147. Daniel Doyle
    Daniel Doyle02-01-2012

    Adam made an ass out of himself. What’s new though? Adam always has an issue with seeing it two ways. I completely understand Kevin Smith’s side. It bothers me that when Adam completely disagreed he would call Kevin “insane” or “paranoid”. That’s the kind of shit that would make me flip. Adam should’ve emailed back. Kevin should’ve called.

  148. daniel-nyc

    i’m a fan of both these guys, but holy shit, kevin’s fucking crazy.

  149. Tony

    I’m with Adam. Kevin keep going in circles and repeating the same things over and over. That means you have no real argument. Just because you “feel” some way or interpret something your way doens’t mean it’s correct. If you are asked to call, you don’t respond with “yay!” you call the guy. He was asked to call Adam and he didn’t address that in his “yay!” reply. Kevin seems like a person who will not give the posibility of being wrong.

  150. The Bard
    The Bard02-01-2012

    Kevin is right that Adam often has his own reality. I see both sides, but Adam came off as a dick and Kevin came off whiny.

  151. Norm Walker
    Norm Walker02-01-2012

    I think this went about 45 mins too long.

    I think Celebs need to get better about calling people. There is also this new invention called texting!!!!

  152. Anton

    Clear case of miscommunication. Also, KS, lay off the weed. He is delusional and paranoid, and not the average kind. Sounded like Ace wanted to just tell the guy to eff of and stop being such a b*tch. KS just didn’t want to admit to being wrong. The rest is just bs filler. And to think that you’re not a celebrity, KS? Really? The insincere modesty is hilarious.

  153. Melinda Bourn
    Melinda Bourn02-01-2012

    Going to listen but I already know Adam is right, if he screwed up he would say so one of the many reasons I love him

  154. Lee Joo
    Lee Joo02-01-2012

    Smart of Adam to leave out the part he normally includes in the story about why he doesn’t like Conan — because he got upset when Adam got mad called some woman in the audience a lesbian.

    Could almost hear him self-editing during the obvious pause he took.

  155. Dean

    Kevin Smith is full of shit and is trying to make it like he didn’t do anything wrong. Talking in circles.

  156. Nodz

    Both had some points, and I found myself agreeing with each of them on and off, but overall, Ill have to give the win to Carolla: 55:45. Although, it is his podcast, and Carolla is Never. Never. Wrong

    It is interesting that the Aceman does seem to have recurring difficulties on and off – Donny, and now Smith. Like my buddy likes to say: “If one person says youre an asshole, you can ignore it. If two people say youre an asshole, you got to start wondering, but the jury is still no it. If three people say youre an asshole, thats it – youre an asshole”. Hmmmm….

  157. Anton

    That said, this was actually a very good look into how interpersonal communication when crossed with technology, and sprinkled with a heavy dusting of Hollywood egos Very interesting.

    • fignuts

      how does one sprinkle a heavy dusting?

  158. Riggz

    Kevin Smith is a duchey, cry-baby, blow-hard, little bitch. He deserves to by slapped in the face with a donkey cock… talentless hack.

  159. A Real G
    A Real G02-01-2012

    This podcast reminds me of the “Ronnie and Sammi” Jersey shore fights. Lots of talking in circles and no resolution. It doesn’t matter who was right or wrong on this one. Just head to the club, pick up some random drunk girls and GET IT ON! M.V.P. (Mike “the situation”, Vinnie Guardanino and Pauly D) would be proud of you.

  160. westgoldrun

    Both guys come off sounding lazy in this deal implosion. Kevin has never heard Adam wax on and on about gay men making great neighbors? Adam couldn’t guess that Kevin was maybe a little introspective and prone to stewing? Sweet/salty turd dodged.

  161. fast_dave

    Dear Adam and Kevin, you two rich bitchez need to get a room!

    Sincerely, fast_dave in the PRK/North

  162. A Real G
    A Real G02-01-2012

    What do I think of this podcast?

    (Hit the button Bald Bryan)

    “More P**sy for me.” **Indignant SNORT**

  163. Ralph Burris
    Ralph Burris02-01-2012

    Jumping the shark. There was a point where Adam wanted to move on but Kevin said something like “no, this is good podcasting.” then he proceeded to waste the next, oh I don’t know, HOUR or so by repeating the same drivel over and over and Adam just kept playing along and the whole thing got so BORING that I was fast-forwarding for the first time ever on this podcast. Too sad. BTW I stopped listening to that fat jerkoff when he started advertising the fleshlight. Talk about disgusting. He is nothing but a slimy pile of Santorum. Not worth your time, Adam.

  164. Da Griff
    Da Griff02-01-2012

    Kevin Smith comes off as a whiny 12 year old girl.

  165. Allen Corona
    Allen Corona02-01-2012

    Ballroom dancing!

  166. Cameron

    I disagree with Kevin that this was “good pod.” Kevin just kept bitching and wanting to drag it out, which was just dragging it out and not good pod. It kind of reminded me of a drunk girlfriend who is constantly nagging.

    I have never heard Kevin Smith speak before and did not realize how immature and ignorant he sounds. I know he is a film writer, but the use of ain’t, cuss words for no reason, and his limited vocabulary was hard to hear.

  167. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-01-2012

    At this point I have a headache listening to Kevin Smiths retarded argument, finish the show and move on to the next guest, whew!

  168. Lindsay

    On the way into work this morning I was thinking it would be awesome yet probably incredibly unlikely if Adam and Kevin met up and talked out the feud on the podcast. And then, HOLY SNEAKERS OF ZEUS, it CAME TO FRUITION (insert Twilight Zone theme)!!

    Guiltily, I did like listening to all the uncomfortable moments between you two. While it was cool that Kevin agreed to be on the podcast, it’s clear to me now that, while he might be a good guy to make microwaveable s’mores with, he’s obviously a ninth grade girl trapped in a grown man’s body.

    Nice job to the whole Carolla Show crew for keeping it classy and not jumping down they guy’s throat when the ninth grade girl part of him started to show herself.

    Come out to Boston again sometime! I wanted to go but it was totally sold out.

  169. theMisterLister

    it’s crazy how these guys have the same combo of huge egos and low self-esteem

    i would have watched them argue on tv

    • Jake

      Nailed it.

  170. MikeA

    Kevin is such a whiny bitch! I know people like that and they are impossible to maintain a civil relationship with.

  171. Dean

    Please sue this doughbag for the 500k

  172. Eric

    Kevin Smith does not know when to stop talking. He sucks all of the air of the room. You cannot make your point by just trying to talk the other person into the ground.

    My favorite moment was when Kevin thought this was great podcasting and wanted to continue as long as he could.

  173. lion

    Hay Adam, if u and Kevin we’re gay you would be a very happy man
    cause from listing to smiths show, he loves the cock and we all know
    you’re the best head receiver hahahaha just kidding Adam good show.

    P.s. now that we can see you on ur wedsite u should show us all
    your famous NJ receiving technique Haha good times.

  174. Kurtis

    Jesus christ, nothing like beating a dead horse. This was retarded.

  175. Sam Bryan
    Sam Bryan02-01-2012

    Huge fan of the show, huge fan of Ace Man and I was looking forward to the showdown……..but this is bad pod.

  176. Joe

    Battle of the Narcissists! Adam needs to learn to follow up if he really wants to talk to someone, while Kevin needs to not overthink everything and take business so personally. As a result of their personality disorders, Adam is out half a million, and Kevin is stuck trying to sell a show with Ralph Garman instead of Adam Carolla.

    • LEE

      100 % agree with you Joe

  177. jordan

    this is one of the worst most boring episodes ive ever heard. i hate listening to the stupid arguing.

  178. Katie

    It sounds like someone should lay off the WEED!

    Drugs are not helping your cause, Kevin!

  179. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-01-2012

    change of subject,
    Please change Matt “the motorator” D’Andria’s name to Matt “the post punisher” D’Andria. Myself and others teased Matt about his lack of knowledge concerning manual transmissions vs automatic transmissions on the “Car Cast” and now I am banned from that message board, not fair ;-(

    • Later Hosen
      Later Hosen02-03-2012

      Just be happy he replaced Sandy. Sandy knew nothing about any car made after 1968, and said something totally incorrect at least once per episode. Matt is Einstein by comparison.

  180. Dam

    God this was a hard listen. I could feel Adams anger thru the airwaves. He basically just let Kevin run himself into the ground. Does the guy ever shut up and let anyone else talk? I feel bad for the guest Paul and hope Adam takes the extra effort to bring him and pregnant wife back again. He really got screwed, but was very gracious about it. Final point: Bullet dodged regarding working with Kevin Smith!

  181. FAN

    The gay joke reason did not ring true to me…My billshit meter was going off so loud, I had to turn off podcast.

    • AngelAdamFan

      I agree, if you love Kevin Smith & his podcast, why would you cancel because you were offended by a guest host? Who wants such a fickle following?
      It was better than I thought it would be. Both had good points, and missteps and a lot of assumptions. They need a like button, I would like a lot of the comments made here.

  182. DenverWing

    Too bad the show didn’t work out. This could have been interesting.

  183. Scott

    What a bunch of suck up-sychphants! I’m a fan of both these guys, so I have no horse in this race. The reason I’m on this board is because of a twitter link. I had previously listened to each guy’s respective ‘solo’ podcast on the feud. Based upon what I heard, and what I knew of both guys’ personalities, I figured the fall-out was based upon the fact that while they guys get along fine, their personalities would not lead to a fruitful collaboration. Adam is an in your face type of personality, while Kevin is very low-key. Kevin is very sensitive, Adam is more combustible, but does not usually have bad intentions. It is what it is. And it’s worked out well for both. Without much help, both men have an incredibly large, passionate fan base. As I previously stated, I’m a fan of both. But reading these, by-and-large, ‘douche-nozzly’ comments, I’m more of a fan of the Kev Smith fan base than I am the Ace Rockolla fan base.

    Taking any personal bias out of the equation, it is clear that the collaboration failed due to Adam’s failure to follow through. He may not have done it out of callous indifference, but nevertheless, Kevin made a reasonable effort to facilitate a deal. Furthermore, whether or not Adam subjectively believed that he agreed to partake in Kevin’s podcast marathon, he most definitely led Kevin to believe that he would. I don’t think Adam would intentionally dupe Kevin, but he follow through was consistent with his follow through on returning Kevin’s phone call- non- existent. Consequently you have a a scorned, sensitive guy and a guy with good-intentions but poor follow-through self-sabotage a potentially successful venture. Perhaps it is for the best.

    So there you have it.

    • Big T
      Big T02-01-2012


      The hole in your argument about Kevin making a reasonable effort to facilitate a deal is that there WAS A DEAL, but Kevin backed out. Although Adam could have made more effort to call Kevin, everything that Kevin thought Adam should do or could do, Kevin could have done as well and proabably should have done.

    • LEE

      Well said man. That prettty much sums it up

    • Bob Blahblah
      Bob Blahblah02-02-2012

      Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity.

    • Ian from Baltimore
      Ian from Baltimore02-02-2012

      I agree 100% with this post.

  184. Kevin Douche
    Kevin Douche02-01-2012

    btw, “good podcasting”?? Kevin Smith is out of his mind….definitely a puss boy

    Some kind of manic grandiosity going on there, thinking about the conversation like a teenager, “well i emailed LAST, soo…”

    what a tool

  185. zackdog

    Probably unconscious power play by Adam’s call me. He does have the power in this relationship. But the general rule is if you are one upset it is your job to clearify. Feelings aren’t facts. The reason for why you are upset are not why you are upset. They justify why you are upset.

  186. ACEfan!

    Adam is no fan of Conan. But secretly inside, I’m sure Adam’s just a bit glad Coco shot down the show for Kevin Smith on TBS.

  187. Sacto Aaron
    Sacto Aaron02-01-2012

    Yep. They are both acting like b*tches. Wow.

  188. travcm

    Both made mistakes here. Can’t agree with either one of them. I do believe Adam’s story more than Kevin’s, but he has some holes in it. Like ‘I couldn’t call you because I didn’t have your #’; when he could have easily obtained it. Kevin was also more of a man about the situation, whereas Adam was unable to admit wrongdoing about anything at all.

    • Justin

      What was manly about Kevin? I’m really curious what you considered manly behavior? Was it the backdoor letter to Telepictures? Was it the being upset about Adam’s homosexual material? Was it the being upset that Adam didn’t write for six days? What was the manly part? Tell us.

  189. Blaze446

    wow…that was good pod.

  190. Romulus

    Gotta say, I love the death out of both of these guys, but after listening to this I would never watch a show with them together.

  191. dohdoh

    Pretty much fault on both sides. Adam, while stating that he prefers to talk on the phone, is too, for lack of a better word….lazy, to get Kevin’s number and call him. Kevin, who prefers email, doesn’t communicate clearly or give any next steps in his “wow” email. So, Kevin sits and stews (due to his neurosis). Adam sits and doesn’t do anything (due to his neurosis). The sensitive guy feels slighted by the unaware guy. I don’t really assign a whole lot more blame on one party or the other. They both get the blame b/c neither attempted to look at the situation from the other person’s point of view. Perhaps if they both knew each other a little better, as they do now, this situation wouldn’t have occurred.

  192. Bob

    Can’t stand Kevin Smith, and can’t understand anyone who does.

    • Carols Daughter
      Carols Daughter02-01-2012

      Ditto. I was a fan, now I think he’s a HUGE pussy

  193. Dave

    You really think Kevin Smith and his staff will be snooping around this message board? I guess if Aceman and Kevin still planning on working together then ok to not post my earlier ‘utter contempt’ comment. Haven’t heard the pod yet but do what’s best.

  194. hJ

    Seems that it was a bullet dodged for both. The existence of this show seems to have come about more for the reason that they both needed a job, rather than the show or their chemistry actually showing promise. Adam didn’t seem to be that invested in the idea, and Kevin’s unease gradually built up over time until he got frustrated and threw the towel in. I don’t really blame Kevin, it seems to me that anytime you let a vacuum of communication develop, you’re asking for trouble when it comes to wires getting crossed and misconceptions being created. Kevin put the effort in to make phone calls, Adam didn’t. It’s not like Adam doesn’t pick up the phone when he wants to talk to Jay or anyone else genuinely wants to get a hold of. Adam just seemed to sort of be content here with volleying that responsibility back to Kevin.

  195. Walter

    The biggest mis communication does seem to be centered around the email from Kevin to Adam that Adam waited 6 days to reply to. Adam clearly doesn’t operate the way the rest of the world does. Adam, like he’s said many times on his show, has “no self esteem” or a general lack of awareness for certain thing that pertain to him, that the rest of the world with a self esteem do. Someone who knows Adam would have realized this. But as Kevin said he doesn’t. I think Kevin was right to think his email should have generated more of a response from “normal” people. If I email a friend “I got a gig, lets talk on the phone. I’ll fill you in on it.” and they come back with “Yeah I got the same gig. Cool!” Someone with low self esteem’s response would be “Oh, sounds like I don’t need to fill you in on anything, you think we need to talk on the phone?” And Someone with high self esteem’s response would be “Sounds like you know a little more than I thought, but I still want to talk, call me because I might have information you don’t.” So in the end it’s Adam’s parents fault for raising him that way, which makes it Adam’s fault. Kevin was right to assume a quicker more definitive response was warranted from his email.

  196. LEE

    I feel like this all could have been avoided if they both just picked up THE FUCKING PHONE and called each other geez guys!!!!

  197. J Blatt
    J Blatt02-01-2012


    I have to start by saying that podcast was insufferable. I’m a well educated guy who appreciates your sense of humor and sometimes defiant stance on matters but you come off as a very angry and whiny person in this podcast. Your arguments were weak and overcompensated for by raising your voice, and your pathetic cronies Alison and Bryan created a hostile environment Kevin Smith while apologizing for everything Adam did as “that’s just Adam”. I’ve listened to everything you’ve done in the last 2 years but this severely affected my opinion towards you (you come off as a dumb bully) and I’m done with clicking through Amazon, buying your products, and supporting your shows. Too bad Jimmy and Dr. Drew are too successful to come to the aid of your C list ass, and keep convincing yourself you’re not just a medium size fish in a very tiny pond.

    • Justin

      Did you enjoy Kevin talking over every point Adam made and prefacing every comment with three-and-a-half minutes of needless apologia? You liked that?

      In any case, Bye.

      • Allison

        Glad I listed to this at work. Otherwise what a waste of time

    • Kevin

      You are a well educated guy? Awesome, man. That is really, really great to know. You are a troll. Not a fan. Nice try.

  198. bryan

    Huge Adam fan, but it seems kind of a wash to me, makes both of them look a little silly, around contactor/contactee, etc.

  199. Hyperbole Asshole
    Hyperbole Asshole02-01-2012

    this whole thing is made up……couldnt anyone else read between the lines? Kevin kept saying over and over that this was the best podcast ever and they were going to get huge rating. plus, the Dude admitted he was stoned and laughing the whole time. I really hope the Aceman wasnt in on this (he didnt seem to be) but Kevin Smith is making this whole thing up. He got in over his head with the show and wanted a way out……now hes trying to spin it for ratings on his podcast

  200. Erina

    Fuck Kevin Smith…he has a huge ego.

  201. Wiley

    Kevin Smith is as gay as his fans… gay people have a hard time rationalizing situations when they are at fault. Irrationality is part of the survival instincts for the gays!

  202. fat fat kevin
    fat fat kevin02-01-2012

    Fat kevin is a penis loving douche bag, adam should have slapped the fat off his face for acting stupid. Kevin should be bowing to adam not the other way around. As such kevin should have called him.

  203. Buttercup

    I think Kevin’s intentions were good when he decided to come on to hash it out with Adam; however it’s virtually impossible to resolve these types of “he said/she said” conflicts when emotion and ego take over. It was interesting how Kevin went out of his way to express his respect for Adam and his podcast. I get the impression Adam really doesn’t like Kevin or his whole “nerd” thing. Adam was excited to make money but not necessarily excited about working with Kevin. Like them or hate them, Kevin’s films are still generating revenue. So I would venture to say his motivations were driven by a desire to work with Adam not to collect another check.

    If James Dixon thinks Adam dodged a bullet by not working with Telepictures and Kevin, he should have advised Adam against the project from the outset. Also, Adam sounded a bit patronizing and douchey for trying to psychoanalyze Kevin.

    It’s crystal clear they were both wrong but only one of them admitted to any wrongdoing.

  204. Stub

    Adam. Make a phone call. you can’t blame Kevin for not calling if you are not willing to call. Both of you just need to man up and say. I fucked up I should have called. BOTH of you should have called. not just Kevin.

  205. dennis

    Kevin Smith is such a douche. A fat, whiny douche. Ugh. I wish Adam talked more shit against his lying ass. Why is he so beyond pro-gay & throwing out the word “homophobic”. Isn’t that a slur too? It’s an insult. Bottom line, Kevin Smith sucks as a director, his podcast is lame, he’s an idiot. you can tell by the way he never let’s people talk & the unnecessary constant swearing. He just swears for the sake of swearing. Like a little retarded fat gay kid. Why would Adam even want to work with a dude that dresses like that & talks like that & makes such shitty movies??? WTF

    ughh… Kevin Smith’s a retarded douche

  206. Marty

    God almighty it really makes me really happy I didn’t by some bizarre chance get into the entertainment industry. I literally have few friends because people are fucking lazy and don’t call and these guys just happen to ignore a few messages this shit happens.

  207. OhhJohhny

    They’re both wrong and right. At least Kevin had the balls to come here and talk about it.

  208. RichieRich

    Really thought initially that I would side with Adam on this, but it’s clearly no one’s fault and everyone’s fault at the same time. They both should have communicated better, simple as that.

    Being how motivated Adam is by money, he’s clearly learned his lesson about letting there be dead air when a deal is at stake.

    Love you Aceman, but gotta move on. Just a bummer that such little things made such a big difference in how this turned out.

  209. Michael Travis
    Michael Travis02-01-2012

    The whole communication process via emails and texts needs to be abolished. I cannot even imagine the amount of deals and relationships that have gone sour simply because of intercommunication via text… not to mention how impersonal they are.

  210. Ryan

    Wish they had Dr. Drew in to referee, that would of been great.

    • stnuntrnd

      “would’ve” is the contraction for “would have” (not “would of”)

  211. djnc

    kevin was being pretty hypocritical by asking adam why he didn’t “pick up the phone”…kevin didn’t contact adam at all after he “stiffed” him at poddamnit

  212. Carols Daughter
    Carols Daughter02-01-2012

    Kevin, Adam gave you his number and asked you to call! You didn’t end of STORY.
    Kevin, your last email was you excited about what was going on ending with ‘Yay’ or ‘Nice’. It did not warrant a response. You should have called Adam like a MAN!

    Kevin, you act like a chick….and i’m a chick

  213. Rapebank

    What a bunch of nonsense. It’s like listening to the Housewives of ___. Are these adults or 12 year olds (or 45 year old chicks)?

    • Nobody

      Shit!!! I think I parroted your opinion……

  214. Bowlsworth

    Kevin seems to be a major blowhard… but I still don’t understand how Adam isn’t totally to blame for this whole thing… constantly asking for phone calls, but after Kevin had admittedly tried twice, Adam claims he never has gotten any calls/messages… and somehow that’s Kevin’s fault?

    How about taking a look at Lynette, Olga, or whoever the F in the studio is in charge of answering the phone & taking the messages?

    Regardless… Adam’s the one out the $500k, and the one trying to place the blame on everyone else but himself.

    • Bob Blahblah
      Bob Blahblah02-02-2012

      i bet Donny deleted the messages to screw Adam out of the $500K. It all makes sense now!

  215. Longtimelistener

    I think I side with Adam here, for the most part. Kevin thinking that emailing back a simple, “Nice!” email and thinking that was all his part required is certainly insane. However, him trying to psychoanalyze Kevin is completely unnecessary and completely dickish. Just say it happened, lets get over it, and stop trying to completely blame him because he is right in the fact that Adam could have done his part to contact him as well.

  216. Scott

    Both were wrong but Kevin was actually trying to get this done even though he was pissed. Adam sounds like he couldn’t be bothered. It’s too bad, would have been something to tune-in to.

  217. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll02-01-2012

    At the risk of beating a dead meme: Best. Pod. Ever.

  218. Pinguino

    This episode was *almost* as good as The View. There was just nonstop back and forth and nothing really got solved.

  219. mike

    God damn listening to them talk in circles is the most frustrating thing ever.

  220. N8Palm Death
    N8Palm Death02-01-2012

    I don’t see how after the fog clears from Kevin’s head, he can’t see how he mismanaged his feelings about this situation. He obviously suffers from too many people kissing his ass all the time, and it has given him a wildly false sense of reality. He is constantly arguing points that only exist in his mind, and just becomes completely defensive if someone disagrees with him. Fucking pansy. He’s the guy that talks shit about a guy, then when confronted does a bunch of, “I didn’t say that, bro. They twisted what I said, man.” What a fucking lil’ bitch. I hope someone in his group whoops his ass on this.

  221. rob schneck
    rob schneck02-01-2012

    this was a terrible podcast. hash this shit out on your own time next time. i listen to this podcast to laugh each day, and there was about 0 jokes / rants in this entire hour and a half.

    • Josh

      It’s a terrible thing that the free podcast you listen to wasn’t up to your discerning tastes.

    • Nobody

      Thank you for reading my mind!!!!

  222. awildermode

    how about listening to each other instead of trying to talk over each other?

    Stop, collaborate, and listen…

  223. Leroy was...is a bum.
    Leroy was...is a bum.02-01-2012

    Why are you such a puss, Adam. Kevin was/is 100% right. You fucked up, Adam. Kevin could have used that half-a-mil for donuts, you prick. Kevin needs that money for gay projects, you conhole denier. Somebody has to make documentaries about being face fucked by cocks. C’mon, ‘phobic, give a guy who doesn’t shield his eyes when accosted by butt fucking a break.

  224. Brannon

    Yea worst podcast i have listened to was a fan of Kevin’s in retrospect not too sure why so much wrote some good movies when he was a kid been living off that since. y is he calling Adam sir! and wtf man u came to make a point stick to ur guns stop acting like a pussy u blew the deal for both of u now ur mad at urself dumb fuck! Thought u would be in with someone else if u complained got booted too haaaaa!! Men dont fucking interpret with emotions u not sure where someone is u fuckin call n ask is it easier to read a number out n email n call or for someone to ask 5 people for a number hmmmm. Yea please dont do shit like this again Adam waste of a podcast for a slimeball he needs to talk that shit out with his therapist or some dumb shit, he would come back apologizing ooooo u didnt do my show even tho i admit I didnt invite u OMFG!

  225. Jason Mayeux
    Jason Mayeux02-01-2012

    Adam, don’t work with this guy. Kevin is a major pain in the ass. Be friends, hang out, but working with Kevin.

  226. Brendaisthatyou?

    Kevin Smiths letter he reads at the end basically calling Adam a dick is SO PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE it’s not even funny.

    Kevin is Cray Cray for reals

  227. Brannon

    He still wears hockey jerseys!!!!! explains something!

  228. Patrick

    I think the biggest reason Kevin is pissed is because he lost the chance to work with Adam. He is much more in his head and emotional about it.

    I think Adam’s position is that he is mostly pissed about the 500K. Also seems much more clear headed and reasonable. Overall, one of the most boring episodes of late, but I guess it was necessary.

  229. Nick

    Adam needs a better assistant and a west coast agent. He and Kevin should not have been trying to hook up with each other without help. Babydoll dixon caused most of this drama and neither of the talents’ people did anything to soothe the egos.

  230. wranglerjohn

    Usually Adam’s podcasts are way better than this. This crap is dull. These guys are too much in love with themselves for this to be entertaining.

  231. Dave

    Here’s what happened. Adam sent an email saying “calling me.” Kevin said “great!” Anyone would take that response as Kevin is going to call Adam but he never did.

  232. Ben

    There seems to be one common denominator between this fallout and the fallout with Donny and that’s Adam’s inability to make a business decision without his money men being involved. “Babydoll” should have been incorporated into this podcast because he is the one who was really calling the shots for Adam. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, except for the fact that Adam denied it when Kevin called him out on it during the show. Given the fact that Carolla had “Babydoll” come on an earlier show to explain the situation but neglected to get him involved here says something about the entire situation. Adam told Kevin to call him and Kevin emailed back without specific information about the deal. Instead of communicating back with Kevin, Adam simply got his agent involved. Two Hollywood egos unwilling to admit that they both f’d up.

    • Scott

      Did Adam and Donny have a falling out? If so over what? I had not listened to the show in a while but I was always a huge fan of Donny’s and appreciated the friendship he shared with Adam over all those years.

  233. Thomas

    I love both of these guys BUT if I wanted to hear a yipping argument between two people (who really don’t have an issue with each other) that go around and around the same bush beating bush… I would record my arguments with my ex wife.

  234. Sig

    It is just me or does this just seem like a big put on to promote their podcasts?

  235. Paul Perez
    Paul Perez02-01-2012


  236. Jeff

    They are both at fault. Adam is too passive when it comes to communication and Kevin is way too sensitive. Adam isn’t sensitive at all and can’t figure out how someone else could be that way. Adam is also too quick to analyze everyone else, instead of looking in the mirror and realizing he wasn’t putting enough effort in and thinking about others feelings. A lot of bad missed connections and too much sensitivity on Kevin’s part led to Adam getting screwed. Unfortunate. They could have been an interesting pair to watch.

  237. GregM

    They are both wrong. Kevin should have called, but when he did not, Adam should have called. There is fault on both sides. Kevin was willing to admit where he was wrong but Adam would not exept an ounce of responsibility.

  238. Berk

    “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”
    This could have and should have been resolved off air. I’m glad they talked, but Kevin seemed liked he wanted to do more laps with the same thing or just say more in general while Adam was obviously sick of it 30 minutes before they finally wrapped it up.
    Kevin said it best, “I’m a feeler, you’re a thinker.” Adam doesn’t go through the song and dance formalities that make him seem gruff or insensitive/non-caring to many, even though he went out of his way to try incorporating Kevin into it in the beginning. Kevin, unfortunately let feelings eventually dictate his actions, not common sense, by getting caught up in the whole, “you should have called me,” deal. If they both were as gung-ho about it as they claim (not saying they both didn’t want it to happen) then they could have made it work. An email back saying, “Hey I tried calling but didn’t get a response,” or “I’m on the road a lot and prefer email,” probably would have helped this a lot. If I asked someone to call me and they emailed back with no reason for emailing instead of calling, I would be incredibly annoyed.
    Tough loss for them both. If you want something done right, do it yourself. Agents and Telepicture Productions aren’t totally to blame for this, but that is their job and it wasn’t done here.

  239. Rose

    This was the WORST show. Two narcissists fighting over NOTHING!

  240. veal chop
    veal chop02-01-2012

    completely opposite people in terms of ways of communication. Sucks, but it happens… both at fault

    that being said, both need to continue to do more podcasts together. They would be a good team.

  241. WikiWiki

    Oh, and KEVIN…hate to break it to you but this Pod wasn’t that great. No one needed to hear this back and forth for hour. This isn’t Howard Stern buddy.
    And you think this will be podcast of the year? LMFAO! Delusions of grandeur much Kevin? Sorry this was not as epic as you think…. NEXT!

  242. Susan Thatcher
    Susan Thatcher02-01-2012

    I see the East Coast/West Coast beefs from rap have overflowed into the world of white comedy podcasters…

  243. Dick Face
    Dick Face02-01-2012

    OMG! You guys are gonna make me puke, put it to bed already!

  244. Izzy

    Hilarious. Adam and Kevin need to do something together…just not on network TV.

  245. Jeff

    Lost interest in this conversation at about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

    • JessMan

      should have stuck it out for the last 27. you made it that far

  246. Will

    If $500k were on the line, I would pick up the phone

    • Hilda

      Shoot! For half a million dollars I’d call, email, snail mail, candygram, UPS, start a bomb fire and send smoke signals… Shoot, I’d learn how to use morse code! Dummies.

  247. Kyle X
    Kyle X02-01-2012

    I’m just glad this thing is over (hopefully) and Adam and Kevin can move on. I love Kevin Smith and I hope things are cool with him and Adam now. Its clear from hearing this that there were mistakes made on both sides. The one thing I will say about it is that when Adam sends Kevin an e-mail with his # asking Kevin to call him, Kevin should have called him back then and there, period.

  248. wayne

    Adam, next time add a smiley face after you type “call me” in an email. Problem solved.

  249. Kronos

    This one’s a draw boys…both their ego’s and personalities got in the way. Adam has some right points, and so does Kevin. They both should have traded their personal numbers, saved them on their phones, the minute they finished the first podcast (where they talk about doing something together)

    • Justin

      What was Kevin’s “right point”? That Adam offended Kevin’s gay audience? Did Kevin ever broach that subject with Adam before sending that email to Telepictures? You know, the way a man would handle a problem?

  250. Mart

    Here is what happened:

    * Kevin (wrongly) was deeply offended that Adam blew off his Podammit event (even though Adam didn’t know about it);
    * Podammit was very important to Kevin;
    * After that, Kevin turned the “no call or email back” and the gay comments into something much bigger than they were (or weren’t), threw a fit and canceled the deal.
    * His argument that Adam didn’t contact him back after his “Nice!” email is 100% bullshit.

    In the end Babydoll was right: Not someone Adam should work with. (Frankly I see no on-show chemistry between the two anyway.)

    • Dan

      This is put perfectly. Kevin was the one that took action and cancelled the deal off of what he jumped to conclusions on. Pretty irratic and irresponsible behavior. This simple fact should have been discussed more.

    • Jeff714

      Very well said, Mart.

      • Justin

        Agreed, but I’d also add the dose of “offended-my-gay-audience” lingering in Kevin’s attitude toward the project. Kevin’s governing emotion in life is fear.

  251. Tony

    Both of them screwed up period. Two rich guys that clearly didn’t need the 500k or whatever was left after everyone else took their cut. Regardless of the “rules” if any average people had 500k on the line they would be talking to each other pretty much daily. Kevin is too sensitive and Adam is too stubborn. Dumbest thing about all this is hearing that Adam sent two emails saying “call me” after he said the he prefers talking on the phone. The only thing worse would have been for Adam to send a text saying call me.

    • Justin

      Period? You’re putting a period on this?

      Adam’s point was not that Kevin needed to call him. His point was that writing “Call me” is evidence of *good will* — not what Kevin saw it, as ill will.

      Kevin took those two emails and allowed himself to reach a conclusion that Adam had ill will — that makes sense? And then assumed that Adam bailed on a scheduled event without telling anyone? What non-teen-starlet would do that?

      • Tony

        Adam claiming that those “call me” emails were a sign of good will is just as bad as what Kevin was doing in creating false scenarios from the situation. One generally shouldn’t attempt to interpret tone or inflection from most emails. Whether that be the sender intending it to come across in a certain way or the recipient taking the message a certain way.

        Hence, verbal communication is important. And Adam flat out said in the pod that he prefers talking on the phone. That said, he emails Kevin to call him twice. That is what makes little sense to me and what I don’t buy. Why take the time (Adam claims to be poor computer user) to send the email to say call me rather than just saying to Agent, Manager, whoever handles this stuff in the office “Hey get me Kevin Smith’s number I am going to call him about this show”.

        So when I say they both screwed up period, I stand by that. Kevin Smith at least admitted the mistakes he made during the pod. Adam took no blame whatsoever and instead sat there taking biased support from BB and Allison, and blamed everything on Kevin’s feelings/paranoia and the mistakes of others in his group. This is not like hitting a parked car though, both of these guys were driving so to speak. Adam is at fault in that when communication was breaking down he made the smallest effort possible to feel out the situation. Most people would try a little harder to secure 500k, you’d think?

        In the end I do think Kevin Smith is far more at fault since he drew up the letter about not working with Adam based off of complete misunderstandings which ultimately led to Adam not being a part of the project. But this was a bad podcast and a stupid argument because you or I would put a lot more effort into securing a 500k paycheck and that I am sure of period 🙂

  252. brian johnson
    brian johnson02-01-2012

    This was the worst podcast I have ever heard, hands down.

  253. holly

    @ 1.07… getting petty. adam just doesn’t want to lose this argument.

    • Zeke

      that was his main problem at that point. It was like he was determined to just get Kevin to say “I am insane and so is my point of view”. That is when arguing his point came to and end and he was just being Adam :p

  254. Michael in LA
    Michael in LA02-01-2012

    Not the best podcast Adam has done. It reminded me of the Stern shows when he would go on extended rants about Clear Channel or SirrusXM.

    This should have been a private discussion between Kevin and Adam, not for public consumption.

    • Nobody

      Definitely agree!!!!

  255. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll02-01-2012

    He protests too much that he doesn’t have a hang-up while reading an e-mail he wrote that shows he does:”…I feel like the little dog from the WB cartoon jumping up and down in front of the big dog exclaiming Spike’s my friend cause he’s so big and strong, now I’m seeing that it was one sided and will always be like that…” He has some hang-ups about people like what he thinks Adam is like, and can’t see evidence to the contrary of Adam being that way.

    • Nobody

      What the fuck are you talking about!!!

      • Listener

        I think Internet Troll has cut right to the heart of the matter.

  256. Good Gravy!
    Good Gravy!02-01-2012

    Loved today’s show. Big ACE fan and Kevin is always great. Kevin should have called Adam but I think a large part of the blame comes from Adam not having enough self esteem to call Kevin himself. Adam’s low self esteem was mentioned that he feels “presumptuous.” WTF! THAT is not normal. Others would have called Kevin no matter what. This low self esteem keeps on being an issue with Adam missing opportunity, including his waiting at E! The Soup in the reception room vs. taking charge and getting things done. Adam: Getting it on means TAKING CHARGE. Don’t wait baby. Get it on.

  257. Dan

    Civilized men, very important podcasters, coming together to communicate effectively as adults and the funny men they are…giving us a little glimpse into their lives…this is AN AWESOME PODCAST episode! And I love Adam’s podcast, Kevin’s Smodcast and that Red State was one crazy movie…loved that too, especially the ending! my God, no pun intended! Hate to be all lovey-dovey here, but dude…can you ask for anything better than this!? 🙂

    • Nobody

      Yes………..a Lobotomy!! Disagree!!!! This show was a waste.

  258. Jason

    I’m about 2/3 through the podcast and both are coming off as idiots. What’s frustrating is these clowns lost out on a minimum of $500,000 because they don’t know how to communicate. I’m in the wrong line of work.

  259. Mike B.
    Mike B.02-01-2012

    They spent way too long on the who-didn’t-email-who and who-didn’t-call-who, and not enough on why didn’t Kevin just try to talk to Adam before telling Telepictures he would never work with Adam? Adam is supposed to call you AFTER you tell Telepictures you will never work with him, but you don’t have the decency to try to get in touch with Adam to hear his side of the story BEFORE you send the email? That’s just plain delusional.

    On the flip side, it’s obnoxious that Lynette would be bothering Kevin about this…

  260. Chris

    Saying “I’m not an email person” is not a valid argument in 2012. He got back to you, Adam. He even called you and left a message earlier and YOUR people lost that message. It sounds like (and he proved it with his documentation he brought) that he attempted to get in contact with Adam far more often than Adam did.

    Im not a giant Kevin Smith fan, but he definitely is in the right with this one. Adam, stop being a curmudgeon and stop being so “woe is me” with this. Apologize for not responding to his email and losing his message, then call a truce and move on from there.

  261. JessMan

    what the hell just happened?

  262. andy

    Great pod.

    I felt the whole situation heartbreaking. Both of them fucked up what could have been a GREAT tv show. I’m a big fan of both Adam and Kevin, but I think there are no ‘winners’ to this fight.

    Kevin shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions and Adam could have tried a little harder to actually contact Kevin.

  263. Aaron

    I know Kevin doesn’t think he can get a fair shake with being it’s Adam’s podcast, but there are plenty of us who can come to an objective conclusion. And I’m a fan of both of them.
    I honestly feel like it falls on both of them a little, but more so due to who each of them are inherently. The simplest way to put it is that Adam is a bit old school and Kevin is a bit new school. Kevin deals in emails that are more like instant messages, I’m sure frequent texting and communicates in a way that most of us probably do that frequent message boards, website and the like. To those of us who have smart phones, laptops and i-pads, six days without a response is an eternity. We get pissed if someone takes too long for their turn playing fucking Words with Friends. Anyone who listens to Adam regularly knows that’s not his M.O. The guy probably took 10 minutes to type out the two sentence email he sent to begin with and the fact he emailed him at all after the Real Time show is a borderline miracle.
    The other thing you know by listening to Adam regularly is he’s really big on not being intrusive or a burden on anyone else. I think he failed to realize in this conversation that that particular issue of his did rear it’s head and is what initially prevented him from just calling Kevin himself. Kevin thinks it’s pride when we know it’s actually insecurity.
    The final thing that caused it to get blown out of proportion was that this was clearly a bigger deal to Kevin than it was to Adam. Adam has been on tv for years, done a number of tv shows and has been to the rodeo before. This was Kevin’s first real opportunity to do something like this and probably on his mind a hell of a lot more than it was Adam’s. That being the case, I’m sure as emotional as he is anyway, every little piece of information or non-information sent his mind racing. Where Adam being Adam, a week goes by in his life and he says, “oh wait, wasn’t I supposed to talk to Kevin Smith a few days ago?”

    Either way, I hope they can both patch it up and at least be friendly about it because they’re both good guys. But ultimately, Adam has to realize that sometimes his own insecurities can get in the way and try reaching out in a way that might not be comfortable. Kevin needs to not take things so emotionally and try at look at things a little more logically.

    • Jake

      Good analysis. Adam’s insecurities prevented him from calling Kevin for fear of being intrusive, and Kevin’s insecurities led him to believe that Adam was snubbing him by not immediately replying. Honestly, due to my own insecurities, I understand why both of them acted the way they did.

      Ultimately, I think the majority of the blame lies with Kevin (or his people). He admits that the nail in the coffin on this TV deal was Adam “dropping out” of Pod Dammit, which he now admits didn’t happen. That was clearly a huge mistake made by Kevin’s people, and Adam should not be held responsible for it.

  264. Red Menace
    Red Menace02-01-2012

    Alison is beautiful.

    • Jake

      Yes. Yes, she is.

  265. Zeke

    as someone who loves both these podcasts, I have to say technically Adam was right. If he told Kevin to call and just emailed back a “nice” then he should call, then that is his problem.

  266. Quincy

    That was awkward.

  267. Jessiey

    Listening to this episode I was flooded with ideas for a project involving both guys. A project to usher in a new way of thinking and one destined to be successful. It’s about two guys who gotta dress up as chicks to find work. One, an aspiring painter who hopes to break onto the art scene by posing as a lesbian. The other a promising golfer finally resigned to try cracking the LPGA, also a lesbian (redundant?). The name of this fresh new show is “Broad Strokes”. Thanks tho guys, this was handled well by everybody.

  268. Boomer

    I think one thing that may be overlooked is the fact that Adam appears to have been completely unaware of any building antimosity between himself and Kevin prior to the contract being pulled. Kevin perceived (rationally or irrationally) that there were a number of slights from Adam during the incubation of this deal. (Poddammit, phone calls, Babble-On, etc.) It seems to me that Adam had no idea he was causing any tension with Kevin through all of this. In fact, I think Adam feels like he was going out of his way to be overly inclusive and “nice”. (for Adam) In fact, the breaking point of the infamous e-mail with Kevin’s “NICE!” response was Adam attempting to keep the developmental dialog going. By saying “call me”, I interpret that as Adam saying, “the ball is in your court, call me when it is convenient for you, I am ready whenever you are.”

    I understand why Kevin was upset, and I agree it was a miscommunication, but I really do think if you look at each attempt at communication, Adam was more susscint and working to move the deal forward. Kevin’s responses seemed pretty vague and did not seem to ever address further development of the collaboration.

  269. Dave

    What we have here is simple failure to communicate well … and it cost Adam 500K … ouch! … Good communication people!

  270. mason jar
    mason jar02-01-2012

    This was horrible pod (in a different way from the Mob Wife bullshit) and I have to say Kevin sounds quite insecure. I imagine Adam just dodged a bullet as far as being in business w/ this guy…

  271. Nobody

    Stopped the show half way through. Two Yenta’s bitching over who’s right!!! I can watch that on “Real Housewives” you pricks, and no I don’t like that train wreck either!! How about some fucking entertainment instead of every show turning to the rich, spoiled, whinny, white man show!! At least it is free and I can skip ALL the commercials, because I wouldn’t pay a penny for this shit!!!

  272. Zach

    My response to this whole situation- whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cares!

  273. Joe Santos
    Joe Santos02-01-2012

    Holy shit was that steaming turd ever not entertaining.

    It’s awesome hearing two people argue irrationally over really petty shit.

  274. Kevin

    I have to side with Adam on this deal (big surprise since I’m here for his podcast) and its a shame because I think both are nice guys, talented guys. Kevin reminds me of my ex-wife (without the temper) in that he “seems” to find an adversarial slant where one was never intended and since the guys didn’t know each other very well it ended poorly.

    I have to give Kevin a lot of credit for coming into Adam’s lair to discuss this and credit to Adam for having him on today….far too many “radio talk hosts” would have never met in person with someone that they had a beef with. Great show today.

  275. Zeke

    this was seriously uncomfortable to listen to at times LOL!!!

  276. Bobby

    All of the agreed upon FACTS presented by both Adam and Kevin force any fair and honest (& sane) person to conclude that Adam is absolutely right in this case. If I thought Adam was wrong I would say so in a flat second. Kevin’s most loyal fans, if they are ruthlessly honest, must admit that Adam was NOT to blame. It’s not really that complicated. This particular combination of unfolding events ended up exposing a little paranoia and insecurity on the part of Kevin. I still like him & give him credit for showing up but I wish at some point he’d have told Adam “Dude, my insecurity hobgoblins emerged and told me that you were not responding to me with proper care, respect, & deference. They got the best of me and against all logic I came to some ridiculous conclusions. I’m sorry.”…..I was proud of the way Adam handled himself. Though he was frustrated, he remained restrained & controlled. That’s maturity..plus he still likes Kevin.

  277. Scott S
    Scott S02-01-2012

    After Bryan said he was a fan of Kevin the other day I was surprised he didn’t chime in more on Kevin’s side. Adam just refused to listen to anything that Kevin said, he was absolutely set in what he believed. And he was the one who was calling Kevin a douchebag. It didn’t sound like Kevin ever saw any money from the failed project, either, so Adam ‘s argument is wiped out, if so.

  278. Rita

    Kevin Smith will now be skinny from all the back-peddling and story spinning he did on this show. He was offended that he lost part of his fan base due to something Adam said about gays. Grow up-it’s comedy. Instead of confronting Adam about his displeasure, he stewed. And then, instead of being honest about why he didn’t want to work with Adam, he turned the tables, claiming that Adam was the one at fault. You know he ran his mouth to anyone who would listen. Wasn’t a fan before, certainly not a fan now. I hate victims. Shows a lot about Kevin Smith’s character. And maturity level.

  279. nick

    2 head strong dudes with two fucked up ways of dealing with people equals all this shit.

  280. JimmyK

    These guys are victims of their own fame and egos.

    I admire them both for hashing it out. It was awkward.

    Good Pod though.

  281. nick

    Kevin is VERY wrong on the KROQ thing

  282. state your name
    state your name02-01-2012

    I might have sided with Adam on this (not really, I’m just setting up a joke), but how can you side with a guy who needs water (a toilet or a sink drain) to dispose of dryer lint!!?!… ? wtf? This whole lint revelation has forever damaged my appreciation for Adam.

    I’m kidding, of course… about the damaged appreciation for Adam- not about the lint. He CLEARLY stated that he either flushes it down the toilet or puts it in the SINK! W. T. F. ?. And LARRY “Mr. Bathroom Humor” MILLER was right there, and said nothing! NOTHING!! I’m sorry, but this SHALL NOT STAND. It CAN NOT stand. Somebody needs to do something. We need closure on this.

  283. T

    It must suck for Kevin to have fans of his podcast (supposedly)jump ship after Adam guest hosting for one episode. If this is, in fact, true then why would he even want Adam at Podammit? Advertising that Adam would be there without any sort of confirmation is absolutely ridiculous! They would have send over the schedule, parking, etc. & Adam had received nothing. I would think KROQ had it wrong too if they were telling me I was supposed to be doing an event the next day that I had heard nothing about. Kevin repeatedly proved Adam’s point throughout today’s podcast & then tied it up with a nice bow when he read his email to Telepictures telling them why he was upset with Adam. It’s business, not a sandbox where you get a guy fired for not playing nice with you. Do you get to pick the coworkers at your job? Adam is the one that missed out on the $500k, Kevin got his. Adam will be better off in the end, though!

  284. Mike

    I do agree with Kevin that the ” give me a call” email is an a-hole move. just pick up the phone or meet face to face.

  285. SpaceCowboy

    If Kevin Smith was a Datsun race car that Adam agreed to buy – and it didn’t work out – Adam would have called to see what happened.

  286. Megan

    Adam retaliates with “I didn’t know” or “I don’t care” entirely too often and it’s a complete cop-out. Obviously he does care about this situation if he believes he’s been screwed out of 500K. And he relies so heavily on the people around him to tell him every minute where to be and when, these types of misunderstandings are bound to happen. One thing that’s obvious about Adam is he needs his hand held in daily life, Kevin Smith probably does not. So when Adam uses the excuse of “I didn’t know you called” or “I didn’t know about Poddamnit” it’s very hollow. Then Adam you obviously have too many people in between you and the information you need to know.

    • Good Gravy!
      Good Gravy!02-02-2012

      Agree with Megan. You go girl.

  287. Jerry

    There is definately Ego on both ends of this and both guys are responsible for this going. It’s getting harder and harder to not think Adam is the a-hole most of the time. To say “it’s intrusive to call people” is ridiculous. That’s the problem with Texting and email only. You actually have to SPEAK to someone sometimes. That’s a good lesson to learn kiddies.
    Kevin isn’t crazy, Adam is unable to see anything from someone else’s point of view. Still like them both.

  288. lstab

    holy shit….this is the most boring and crotchety thing i have ever listened to. ew.

  289. GinaG

    HOLY SHIT I hope it ends here and we don’t hear about this every future podcast! Clearly none of us wants to hear anymore about this retarded miscommunication.

  290. Ras

    Adam – 6 days between email communications is too long. It is not enough to say that is just you email schedule. Be a pro and join the modern world. Either get into the real world of fast paced communications or pay someone to. I get the sense you have a bunch of uneducated people as staff. People need to get messages to you in a timely manner and you need to be responsive. Kevin Smith was very wrong in many situations here but you are to without fault and you are too smart to not have more smart educated people surround you in the business end of your pirate ship. This miscommunication would not happen with jimmy kimmel and that is something you really need to think about.

  291. Big B
    Big B02-01-2012

    Kevin is 100% passive aggressive. That guy has huge balls for taking 500k out of Adam’s bank account and attempting to come off like a man for coming in. But I knew he would play that card. That’s his m.o.

    And how bout that gay bashing thing? Please, Smith has made plenty of gay jokes in his films. Baby Doll was spot on, but it doesn’t make it any easier knowing that punk got his 50k, while black balling Adam from getting his.

  292. CACAHD

    Ugh what a podcast. I normally don’t write but I just thought that I’d throw my 2 cents in. I see it as 2 guys who are used to being the boss and delegating to someone else what they want done.

  293. Adam B.
    Adam B.02-01-2012

    It’s too bad Adam is an uneducated inbred fucktard who doesn’t know how to answer an email. It’s the 21st century buddy, if you want to talk to people on the phone, you need to make the effort. Nobody is going to call you.

    Good for Kevin Smith.

  294. jpmoneypants

    This all boils down to email and text correspondence and how they’re ruining communication.

  295. mdshowtime

    Kevin Smith is a douche bag

  296. Tom M.
    Tom M.02-01-2012

    I like both guys a lot and so I’ll refrain from saying who I think was responsible for the deal falling apart (and I do definitely feel that one in particular was) but someone here used the phrase “bullet dodged” and I couldn’t agree more;
    The way these two guys are wired in the differences in how each communicates may have made for a very toxic relationship once they had to actually work together on a regular basis and deal with the pressures that a TV show would have certainly come with.
    I’ll continue to enjoy what each guy does but I am no longer sorry to hear that the proposed TV deal fell through.
    It was probably for the best.

  297. Crazy Chris
    Crazy Chris02-01-2012

    Adam should have kept the “Gala in Glendale” to the planned 30 minutes. After the first 10 minutes, you can see that the problem is in miscommunication on both of their parts. O.K. then…move on.

    I am a fan of both, but after this Bitter Battle Over Fiddle-faddle, you can see that both are good together on short bursts but not for a long-term partnership.

  298. Jose

    I think baby doll Dixon has more to do in this than what we know and maybe even what Adam knows, I can almost bet that Dixon was told about the whole podcast that supposedly Adam flake out at the last minute but Dixon didn’t tell Adam since he was not going to make any mone on it, as we all of Adam carolla fans know it has happened before, and at the end it looks like that was the main reason Kevin didn’t wanted to do the show with Adam.

  299. E

    The fact that the argument came out to a wash – no one’s fault and both of their fault – means that Kevin Smith was a dick for cutting Adam out at the end. Everything was just an insane chain of miscues and a generation divide on email/phone courtesy. All that’s fine. It’s part of life. But then Kevin Smith dropped the A-bomb telling T.Pics it’s me or him, you pick. That’s so fucked up.

  300. m grate
    m grate02-01-2012

    Interesting. I found it pretty engaging. In terms of diplomacy, in my opinion it seemed as though Kevin admitted to several flaws in his reasoning. Adam did not. I have never experienced one instance where no matter what the circumstances one person is completely at fault and the other person has 0% liability. There were some peculiar flaws in Adam’s argument. Not a computer person…but he emailed. More of a let’s talk live…but doesn’t call. Claims to not have #, but could have easily retrieved it. Its a circular argument that does everything but admit any wrong doing. The notion that Kevin is a paranoid based on how he feels is dismissive. From his standpoint, he was slighted in a number of ways to which he admitted were based on how he felt and what he experienced. That doesn’t make him paranoid or crazy. It makes him human and he admitted his part in it. Adam (whom I listen to regularly) came off as somewhat narcissistic. No one is blameless here. Comments like one is a “douche” or another is a “tard” do nothing more than perpetuate the idea that people just don’t know how to communicate. Everyone in the ether can make strong and critical opinions of an easy target like Kevin or Adam or even the author of the previous post. Whatever differences they’ve hashed out (maybe?) it certainly have got many people choosing Team Adam or Team Kevin and villifying the other side–like politics kinda. At the end of the day, I will still listen to Adam’s show while working and watch Kevin’s films over and again.

  301. Sporin

    Not sure why there has to be a winner or loser or anything here.

    Seems they both dropped the ball with regards to communications, and relied on assumptions that were wrong. I don’t think either one is a liar… just 2 different perspectives on a screwed up set of events.

    It really does seem they dodged a bullet. 2 completely different personalities, 2 completely different audiences.

  302. Sig

    Hey Kevin, forget about your gay minority audience you are so worried about keeping, because I think you’re gonna lose your majority hetero audience too after this.

    Stick to making movies, you aren’t a ‘personality.’

  303. Amy

    Wow! Talk about petty – Kevin is just a “tad” insecure.

  304. Logic

    I guess this is what happens when you’re LITERALLY a millionaire. You become indifferent to another $500K. Adam is so out of touch anymore. For that much money, the math is quite simple: “this is a very important deal” plus “i don’t like email” plus “time is wasting and that guy hasn’t called me yet” equals “I have to come down off my high horse and pick up the phone!”

  305. Nigel Tufnel
    Nigel Tufnel02-01-2012

    worst episode ever. Total waste of time.

  306. Blimey

    Kevin Smith appears to be a combination of:
    1 drug addled
    2 overly sensitive
    3 scatter brained
    4 clueless about business

    Adam can be an a-hole, but Smith is 95% or more at fault in this particular conflict.

  307. robx46

    I haven’t listened yet. But methinks that KS’s pot bender has lasted a bit too long. This guy just up & started smoking weed like snoop dog a few years ago. Blame it all on the weed! I would! I like both guys here, but KS is the one of the two who spends his days high as a kite. Just sayin’. I don’t care who you are that stuff begins to change your brain & personality & memory & decision making at some point. What goes UP, must come DOWN eventually. The sad truth about drugs:(
    KS is gonna be fine, both these guys are gonna be fine regardless of this incident, I’m sure. & I think that is good news for everybody.

  308. editorite

    So I write a thoughtful, substantive reply that is still (hours later) “awaiting moderation,” whereas several people get to add their “fucking douchebag” comment with no problem. WTF

  309. Craig

    I’ve been a fan of both Adam and Kevin’s podcasts for quite a while. I respect them both, but after listening to the podcast, I honestly think this whole thing was about Adam’s comments on the Hollywood Babble-on and his no-show for PodDammit. The second seemingly not Adam’s fault and the first up for debate in the comedy world. That, and the fact that they both have wildly different personalities.

  310. Rick Lovell
    Rick Lovell02-01-2012

    I had never heard of Kevin Smith, and I really wanted to like Kevin, and I did for the first 15 minutes. But he showed himself as a genuine dick. I’ve never heard a bigger blowhard douche in my life. I think Adam is lucky that this intended partnership fell apart because Kevin is poison and will find a way to ruin everything.

  311. SirBillofMacNeil

    This is exactly how I see it, they’re both responsible to some arbitrary percentage point, but Kevin at least admitted areas it may have been his fault. Adam stated his position (unwavering righteousness at all times) and waited to be agreed with. It’s all he ever does, and I’m saying this as the truest of his fans since Loveline. He’s gotten to a point where he just can not see that other human beings have a perspective at all. That said, Kevin came off a little overly emotional. “Why didn’t you call?” is never a sentence that sounds even-keeled to me, again also as a true fan of Kevin’s. The real loser here is us, we’ll never have this fucking show, which I actually think could’ve been really great if the production had been carried out well.

    Also didn’t anyone else find it a little telling that Adam just kind of signed off on Linette twitter attacking Kevin? Considering that he’ll lecture her for two hours about not rinsing a coffee cup? It feels to me like Adam wanted to be more victim than he was in this situation. They both fucked up but no one is man enough to tell Adam he did, and Kevin seems to be able to admit that he did, but feels like it’s bullshit that Adam is taking zero blame so he’s defensive. No wonder the networks don’t think they can sell these two white 40 year olds.

    • ciga-Rhett

      Well said, I agree 100%. I was going to post the same thing, but you’ve saved me the work.
      Apparently Adam is now always right, never at fault, and it could not even be his fault just a little bit.
      He’s so high up on his horse these days, he’s forgotten his shit DOES stink.
      That’s what happens when you surround yourself with paid peons and yes-men, nobody will speak up against you. Bald Bryan only does it when it’s stupid or pointless, not on the big things.
      Wake up Ace, you ARE partly to blame for this, but only Kevin can man up and admit his part in it all.
      And I’m saying all of this as a die-hard ACS fan since day 1. Never even listened to a single smodcast.
      I wish Alison and Bryan would have helped Kevin in convincing Adam was partly to blame.
      Can we move on now?!?

      • ACEFan

        Amen – from another long-time fan of Ace with no love for Kevin Smith. I hoped for better from Adam and was disappointed.

  312. Clark

    Holy shit is Kevin Smith sensitive. Going 15 minutes about a grown man not replying to your email is psycho catty shit.

  313. JudahMac

    Yes, it went waaaaaaaaaay too long, and it got whiny on both sides — but it had to be done. I think the lesson we learned is that, “Pick up a goddamn phone!”

    All I know is if I was getting dicked out of 500 large, I’d drive to the fucker’s house to see what’s up.

    +1 for Smith for the Richard Riots reference.

  314. UptiteSeattlelite

    Watch it come down to the fact that they have each others numbers wrong in their phones.

  315. chris T
    chris T02-01-2012

    Kevin Smith is Adam Carolla without a point.

  316. Juan Barbosa
    Juan Barbosa02-01-2012

    Not anywhere near as awkward as I had hoped it would be. A pleasant show actually.

  317. Simon

    kevin don’t smoke so much weed and you won’t be so paranoid.

  318. Kevin Sheehan
    Kevin Sheehan02-01-2012

    I agree with Adam with the phone # issue. I will give mine out but will never ask anybody for a phone # of anybody I know or some what know. The next question might be ‘how did you get my #?’ Kevin Smith was ‘high’ by his admission & was not understanding the storyline or timeline. But, glad to hear the 2 sides.

  319. Lucia R.
    Lucia R.02-01-2012

    I loved today’s podcast and it seemed that Kevin was more interested in the time-line, with all the emails. He called it good when he said that Adam didn’t call because his agent had told him not to have any creative meetings until the contract got signed. Yeah, it was sort of “gay”, (sorry Kevin) that Alison and Bald Brian were always on Adam’s side. How often does someone in the biz hear or is told “call me?” and it just doesn’t mean anything to them anymore. It seems a little bossy pants, to me, to say that to someone. Neither of these two wanted to be the other’s bitch, but it does seem like Kevin did try to call Adam, but the message or messages didn’t get through.

  320. MIKE B
    MIKE B02-01-2012

    Kevin Smith comes over as a tosser. Can he really be this stupid?

  321. Not Hired @ Taco Bell
    Not Hired @ Taco Bell02-01-2012

    This reminds me and i get the old feeling of so many band fights from many years ago listening to this podcast. good stuff :-/

  322. harry seward
    harry seward02-01-2012


  323. Dan

    It’s amazing that no one mentioned this: that no matter who was more at fault for not responding on time or appropriately to one another, it was KEVIN who went to Telepictures and nixed the deal. This is the ENTIRE argument. So for Kevin to even say that it was Adam’s or both of their fault that Adam got screwed is insane. Kevin was the one that cried to Telepictures saying he couldn’t work with Adam. It is pretty absurd that Kevin read into the miscommunication that much that he said he couldn’t work with Adam, and then tried to blame Adam for the deal not going through? HE’S THE ONE THAT CANCELLED THE DEAL WITHOUT EVEN TALKING TO ADAM! God he is such a pussy.

    • Fred

      That sums it up. Kevin like a pussy went to Telepictures to kick out Adam out of the deal. Without bothering to call Adam. Think about if the situation was reversed and Adam was having second thoughts about hosting with Kevin, say he was having doubts about the chemistry. Would Adam have went to Telepictures and whined that he couldn’t work with him, or would he have the courtesy to contact him first about the move? No freaking way would Adam have pulled that pussy move.

  324. Taylor

    I feel like Kevin should have called Adam seeing how Kevin has no television experience and Adam has quite a bit. Think about it man.

  325. Chris Soprych
    Chris Soprych02-01-2012

    Two guys, two different styles of communication
    Adam is a poor writer and would rather talk it out then fire countless emails. Kevin is a good writer and can probably type as fast as he thinks. Adam is an extrovert and would prefer to talk face to face. Kevin is an introvert and is more comfortable with anonymity of email.

    Two guys, two different outlooks
    Adam is a “thinker” and thinks all is well with Kevin until he gets the bad news. Kevin is a “feeler” and started feeling wounded by Adam very early in the process. Adam was oblivious to this.

    Some suggested emails
    Adam to Kevin: Lets get together and talk about creative. Please don’t send me emails, because I’m not very attentive, I’m a crappy typist and I’d much rather talk it out. My mind works better that way. I’ll call you, or better yet call me, 555-1234.
    Kevin to Adam: I noticed you haven’t responded to my last email and I called your home and left a message. What’s the best way to get in touch with you. I talked with Bald Bryan and he was no help.

    1.) Email is a terrible way to communicate. Period. It’s lazy and inefficient, especially when trying collaborate on a creative project.
    2.) If Kevin was feeling wounded he should have communicatde his feelings to the person that is doing the wounding. That did not happen. Even at the end of the deal, he got Telepictures to deliver the blow to a guy who already signed the deal.
    3.) This incident underscores the need to communicate, but also to understand that different people have different styles of communicating.

    These are the facts of the case. And they are undisputed.

  326. b-real

    Love them both but both were in the wrong. Plain and simple, a failure to communicate. Move on….

  327. VI Parrot Fish
    VI Parrot Fish02-01-2012

    It is clear that once TelePictures did not want Adam originally, Kevin never mentioned it to Adam. Once Adam was offered a TV deal, Kevin already had doubts about working with him. Adam was right to be hesitant about it since it was true that something was going on behind the scene. Are we expected to believe that having what Kevin called 3 points that he was eager to respond, email or phone, to Adam’s email. He didn’t want to work with Adam for his own reasons and once he replayed it to himself and perhaps his friends he realized how wrong he was. His argument was weak and made no sense chronologically, intellectually, or emotionally. Good luck to both

  328. Scotty T
    Scotty T02-01-2012

    Wow. If this episode is any indication of how the TV show would have been, thank Jebus it didn’t happen. I’m a Kevin Smith fan, but that dude needs a hobby or something. Blowhardy and crybaby. Sorry Kev…

  329. patrick haywood
    patrick haywood02-01-2012

    worst podcast ever. oh my god, this is exciting.

  330. Jim

    Kevin your a bitch i wish Adam would have slaped you like the woman you are. ya whiny PUSS.. Sniff**

  331. Brendan

    Since we all know Adam’s “tendencies” due to listening to his pods, we side with Adam. But stepping back, Kevin Smith and his listeners have no idea, hence the defense, and pessimism. Tough to blame him alone. Shame on Allison and Bryan for siding with him hands down….cliche. This really is the fault of both sides, accept it. Where the show lost me was when Adam became all knowing and started judging Kevin, diagnosing him. The argument was great, but not accepting that he may possibly be at some fault, and then diagnosing as if he were an all knowing doctor, well, I may take a little break from Adam for a bit. Of course, I may be wrong, and I can accept that, unlike our podcaster.

  332. Chris Kozaczka
    Chris Kozaczka02-01-2012

    It’s not Kevin’s fault for not know this about Adam BUUUT, all Adam had to do was use his case study of not getting back to what’s-his-nose from the Mighty Mighty Boss Tones for 2 YEARS about some other dude’s phone number!!!!! It’s just how Adam is. But Kevin couldn’t know that. Just fucking spell it out, go “AH, ok that makes sense now.” and move-the-fuck-on….

  333. Rick

    Wow, was civil for a while; then turned into a pissing match. Kevin’s a douche in my book for going off the handle and dropping F-bombs.

  334. Tiff B
    Tiff B02-01-2012

    Don’t know if anyone was interested but I was so I thought I would post. Here is the original podcast of Kevin Smith on ACE’s show last year they really had GREAT chemistry:


  335. aarob

    Both have some blame, but Adam calling Kevin “paranoid” and etc. is kinda lame.

  336. Los caones
    Los caones02-01-2012

    Smith brought his chinese checkers to a chess match. Infantile rubbish.

  337. mb_squad

    Adam (why didn’t you just call me?) and Kevin (who waits 6 days?) should have used GoToMeetings and the $500k would be on the table!

    Great show! I have alot of respect for KS to go on the podcast and man up against the Ace man. Both were respectful contenders jabbing away and they succesfully made there respective points.

  338. Bryan

    Adam got screwed by Babydoll.. Thats it.

  339. ilovealisonrosen

    friends don’t let friends do Podcasts high…

    how old are we?

  340. douchebagel

    Wow Kevin Smith is completely insane. Bullet dodged indeed Aceman.

  341. ScottyWhy

    Mom & Dad are FIGHTING! Mom & Dad are FIGHTING!

  342. Ian

    I love both of these guys and I really wish this would have turned out differently.

    I’m not positive, but I think many Ace fans are also Kev Smith fans… Meaning most of us would probably support them together in a show even if it was terrible.

    In the end they both looked bad which I thought was sad; but this does not change my opinion of either one. I will support both of them.

    I wish Ralph Garman who lived with Adam would have been in to moderate.

  343. WildlyUnnfunny

    If we’ve learned something here today, it’s that any potential show with these two working together would have been a collossal failure.

    You’d think with all their past successes being part of comedy duos that they could have smelled the stench of failure on this one a mile away.

  344. Maui

    All I got from this was that being a contest winner sucks ass…..

  345. Miguel

    Wow, Kevin even called himself a pussy. I can’t argue with that. What was his big movie? Something about a convenience store? He also might possibly massively overestimate his “gay audience”. Most gays are too smart and do not put up with this kind of nonsense stoner shit.

  346. Big B
    Big B02-01-2012

    Some of you guys don’t get it: Kevin got his 500k. Adam got nothing. It was Kevin who blackballed Adam. Adam did not.

  347. LOBO

    No WAY!! I have not heard this yet, but HELL YEAH.

    (And there was MUCH rejoicing.)

  348. GREG


  349. Michelle

    WOW. Kevin Smith came off like a HUGE douchebag. He talked over Adam constantly, was rude and had his panties in a wad.

    Adam: 1 Kevin: 0

    • Miguel

      I agree. Now I know why Kevin’s work has never registered on my radar.

  350. ParrotsNest

    What a train wreck of a podcast. Huge fan, but my respect for Adam has majorly dropped after hearing how poorly he dealt with the whole situation.

  351. Lou


    • Sporin

      so true

  352. Sheena

    No sane person can listen to this podcast and side with Kevin Smith.

    Adam seemed to be well-meaning throughout the entire situation. Kevin was overly emotional/paranoid and kept assuming Adam was “out to get him” … grow up.

    I’m surprised no one caught on to the fact that Kevin seemed to think Adam might be mad that Telepictures already made a deal with him. I think this was a missing piece to the puzzle that sparked a lot of Kevin’s weird emotions…

    Kevin has some insecurity issues. And to prove that, I guarantee Kevin is reading these… but Adam isn’t. Hi Kevin.

  353. Steve

    Everyone on the podcast knew both guys were at fault, but are too emotionally inept to admit it. Kevin came across as a severely paranoid stoner, whilst Adam was a pig-headed buffoon, especially when asking Alison to jump in at points where he was at fault. Alison and Bryan were always going to side with Adam though, as they know who writes their paycheck!

    Overall, much respect to both guys, but they both need to just grow up!

    • Caveman73

      Agreed. It was a simple communications break down (ZEP!!!) and both were at fault to a degree but hopefully all is well from here on out.

      Either way it was good POD.. SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFF!

    • Shaju

      Agree. I felt like Alison and Bryan were agreeing because they knew what was good for them.

  354. KevinSmithisWrong

    No sir,
    That was not good podcasting.

  355. DES

    when you have a show like this which probably garnered Adam’s best ratings sin ce the inception of the show, it seems stupid for Ace to want to wrap this up before all the laundry has been done. if i came away from anything on todays show its controversy creates a great show and that when a great show is rolling along there should be no time limit.

  356. Ben S.
    Ben S.02-01-2012

    two questions:
    1. if adam showed up and filmed a pilot w/ kevin for their show he get’s the 500k? or was the 500k dependent on the show getting picked up?

    2. based on the conversation it seemed like the 500k would be paid to adam just to show up and film something… I would have thought adam would have a business manager who gets a 10% cut who would be nagging adam to follow up with kevin to get the job started / get paid

    1. can’t believe adam does not have an answering service
    2. if adam does not respond to emails where 500k is up-for-grabs he should have an assistant read his emails and route the important stuff
    3. even if adam returned kevin’s email i am guessing the deal still would have fallen through, has kevin every done a project where he is second banana? just based on their comparative personalities adam would have dominated kevin on air… kevin is a movie director (i.e. the boss) for a reason

    • Miguel

      Really? Did you listen to the show. Kevin came off as someone very paranoid.

  357. Randall

    I thought I was listening to an ‘After The Episode of Real Housewives Beverly Hills’, I swear I need an oitment for my ears because now I have acute vaginosis after listening to these two sore pussies. Rich white people problems.

  358. Shaju

    I think for a guy as insecure and addicted to the internet as much as Kevin seems to be, 6 days would probably be an eternity and he probably took that as an F.U.

    Overall I liked Kevin better than I thought I would given that I don’t like his movies. It took guts to come on and he was willing to concede some of his mistakes. I think he was overly sensitive to little things that Adam probably didn’t even consider like the 6 days.

  359. eric-the-ded

    Now if they can figure out a way to get Doug Benson and Joe Rogan in on this war I can save a whole lot of space on my iPod. All 4 of my favorite podcasts going at it on one show.
    The Adam Benson Loves Babble-on Experience.

  360. cow14

    kevin smith is insane.
    he wants adam to call him and clear the air after he kicks adam off the show… meanwhile ks never calls adam to clear the air after pod dammit. from ks’ perspective when ks wrongs adam, adam should call, but when adam wrongs ks, ks doesn’t have to call.
    pure insanity.

  361. Jesse Luke
    Jesse Luke02-01-2012

    I think Kevin takes himself too seriously… AND Adam wont admit to several things he did wrong.

  362. Kevin is Nuts
    Kevin is Nuts02-01-2012


  363. Noontide

    For two guys that make their living talking, they BOTH screwed up by not talking to each other. Kevin should have called Adam until the either got a hold of him or was told to buzz off for calling too much. For $500,000 I would I would be on the phone until my fingers bled from hitting the re-dail button. And Adam’s excuse of I didn’t have your number, that’s pathetic. Again, for $500,000 dollars, you couldn’t talk to one of your people and get his number? How lazy can you be? For a TV show and $500,000 dollars, you couldn’t include Kevin’s number as one of your “favorites” on your phone for quick access?

    Also about the whole Poddamnit fiasco. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to Adam that he was not aware of it. But after learning about it on KROQ, why didn’t Adam try to find out more about it by CALLING Kevin and asking questions? Think of it this way, if Jimmy Kimmel’s name had been attached to Poddamnit and Adam found out about it on the radio as he claims. Do you honestly think he would have just shrugged his shoulders and ignored it? Hell no! Adam would have been on the phone trying to talk to Jimmy and asking questions and trying to re-arrange his schedule to attend. But the fact that he did find out about it on the radio and decided to ignore it without reaching out and asking Kevin or anyone in his camp any questions gives me the impression that Adam didn’t really care.

    This is kind of sad. I often thought it would be great if these two individuals got together. Guess not. They are both great in their own universes, but not in the same one. Oh well.

  364. Clausha

    Kevin Smith is extremely passive-aggressive and a jerk.

    What REALLY irritated me was his shots at Bald Bryan! WTF? Several times he made disparaging remarks after the drops. Why be such an asshole? Because he felt Bryan was the only one in the room that was an easy target and he could get away with it. What makes it worse is BB said he was a huge fan of Kevin a few pods ago. I used to kinda like Kevin Smith (well, I liked Clerks), now I can’t stand him.

  365. lukewarm fan
    lukewarm fan02-01-2012

    Two middle aged guys with mild autism argue about a game of email tag and who should have made an effort to call one another what a terrible episode. Get DAG on or something, I used to love the show but lately it’s been bad I don’t have it in me to hear one more time about how we should pity the plight of the rich man and yelling about donuts or some shit. Heck now that I think about I used to enjoy both these guys and their podcasts but not so much anymore since Kevin too stoned and busy chuckling at his musing about nothing which often ends with him blowing someone and Adams is just on shuffle between rehashed rants. This show was lose lose no one wins and left disappointed at my former childhood heroes.

    Also Daves of Thunder!

  366. Christina

    What I can’t understand is no one brought up the point that Adam once took two years to respond to a text requesting a phone number. That would have wrapped this up in 90 seconds.

  367. IdahoJoe

    I’m a huge Adam Carolla fan. I’m also a huge Kevin Smith fan.

    Like many have commented before me, there is blame to go to both sides. It really doesn’t matter who’s MORE to blame it just didn’t work out. The fact that one walked with 500k and the other one didn’t will make this really hard to move past. Sucks.

    I still hope they can move past this and collaborate in the future, maybe not on a daily or weekly basis like the TV show would have been, but in some form or another. They are both intelligent, observant and funny. They are entertaining and interesting together and I hope to see more going forward.

    Kevin Smith fans bashing Adam or Carolla fans bashing Kevin doesn’t make anyone happy or make anyone any money…

  368. Eric

    “Oh Great” is not a substantial enough email to advance this type of conversation. Six days passed without a response because the ball was still in Kevin’s court. Gotta agree with Adam on that one.

  369. cartooooon guy
    cartooooon guy02-01-2012

    In court, Adam would win this fight. *power sniff* Nuff said.

  370. Matty Brownell
    Matty Brownell02-01-2012

    I HATE how Kevin always tries to interrupt Adam when hes trying to make a point. BAD POD.

  371. Rocketman

    My favorite parts of the show were when Kevin kept insisting that this was great podcasting. The number one podcast in the world does not need to be told was is and isn’t good material. Produce your own shitty show. Kevin is clearly a mad man.

  372. Jason Miskimins
    Jason Miskimins02-01-2012

    both sides had their flaws. this situation was a perfect storm of two men displaying unprofessional behavior.

    Adam’s flaw is his laziness and his belief that everyone should be accepting of his laziness. Adam’s weak defense was: “I don’t respond quickly to e-mails”…that’s not a defense…that’s a admission of unprofessional behavior. i didn’t like how Adam thinks it’s acceptable to go weeks without responding to someone’s e-mail. He thinks people should just accept his display of apathy and disrespect….Adam needs to man up and accept that failing to respond to an e-mail within a few days is extremely lazy, disrespectful and unprofessional.

    Kevin’s flaw is that he allowed his emotions and imagination to twist it into something it wasn’t. It was strange when Adam gave Kevin a phone number, Kevin twisted that into some kind of insult, when any logical person would agree that providing a phone number is just a polite gesture. Kevin refused to call Adam after Adam politely provided a phone number…this is unprofessional on Kevin’s part. When someone gives you a phone number, any responsible person should know to call them. Kevin failed to call Adam and his weak defense was that: “i don’t call people, i only e-mail.” So this is lazy and unprofessional on Kevin’s part.

    another thing that wasn’t addressed enough is that Kevin claimed that he called Adam and Adam never got the message. if that is the case, then someone failed to notify Adam of the call and that person should be fired. if a person’s job is to relay messages and they fail to do that, they should be fired…especially when failing to relay the message causes such an ordeal. if this is what happened, then it appears Adam has surrounded himself with lazy, unprofessional people who think it’s acceptable to not follow up on things and relay messages to him. if that is the case, he should stop surrounding himself with such unprofessional people.

    both men should use this ordeal as an opportunity to make changes in themselves and become more responsible human beings.

  373. MJB ATX
    MJB ATX02-01-2012

    I used to live with a girl who turned out to have Borderline Personality Disorder. Ever since then I’ve had an infallible PTSD-generated radar for psycho chicks. Listening to Kevin set that off big-time and gave me that telltale sick feeling in the stomach. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has more than a touch of the BPD. Maybe Dr. Drew should look into this. His way of ignoring reality and continuing to negatively react based on what he feels, even after it’s been shown to be wrong, is a big tip-off.

    The most entertaining part for me was when he blamed Adam for letting the deal break down because Adam didn’t reach out to Kevin after Kevin pulled out and refused to work with him. That’s the equivalent of your psycho girlfriend smashing up your shit, breaking up with you, and driving away to spend the night at some dude’s place…. and then later on blaming you for the breakup because you believed her when she said she broke up with you and didn’t chase after her.

    In summation, Kevin Smith is an overly sensitive psycho girl.

    Also a typical stoner who thinks he’s much smarter than he is. Jesus Christ, how hard of a concept is it that per his agent’s advice, Adam wouldn’t talk to the suits about the creative until a deal was in place – but he actually did want to talk to Kevin? Two completely different concepts. What a douche nozzle.

  374. LIL K
    LIL K02-01-2012

    OK BORING. Let Kevin know it was Not the podcast of the year. You don’t want to work with a guy that doesn’t tell the truth.
    Usually lots of laughs from down under but had to fast forward this podcast. two thumbs down!

    • Jesse

      agreed. The fact that Kevin thought this would be some amazing radio makes me never want to listen to his podcasts. Shitty instincts. Adam knew it all along, trying to skip to the main points and not get mired in repetition and minutia.

  375. Gregg Scott
    Gregg Scott02-01-2012

    Dr. Drew should have been summoned to mediate.

    Both parties were operating on false beliefs. I see it as a draw.

    I’m not sure this odd chemistry make for good Television or not.

  376. Limey

    Much ado about nowt.

  377. sakajuweeah

    both sides had their flaws. this was a perfect storm of unprofessional behavior from both men.

    Adam’s flaw is his laziness and his belief that everyone should be accepting of his laziness. Adam’s weak defense was: “I don’t respond quickly to e-mails”…that’s not a defense…that’s an admission of unprofessional behavior. i didn’t like how Adam thinks it’s acceptable to go weeks without responding to someone’s e-mail. He thinks people should just accept his display of apathy and disrespect….Adam needs to man up and accept that failing to respond to an e-mail within a few days is extremely lazy, disrespectful and unprofessional.

    Kevin’s flaw is that he allowed his emotions and imagination to twist it into something it wasn’t. It was strange when Adam gave Kevin a phone number, Kevin twisted that into some kind of insult, when any logical person would agree that providing a phone number is just a polite gesture. Kevin refused to call Adam after Adam politely provided a phone number…this is unprofessional on Kevin’s part. When someone gives you a phone number, any responsible person should know to call them. Kevin failed to call Adam and his weak defense was that: “i don’t call people, i only e-mail.” So this is lazy and unprofessional on Kevin’s part.

    another thing that wasn’t addressed enough is that Kevin claimed that he called Adam and Adam never got the message. if that is the case, then someone failed to notify Adam of the call and that person should be fired. if a person’s job is to relay messages and they fail to do that, they should be fired…especially when failing to relay the message causes such an ordeal. if this is what happened, then it appears Adam has surrounded himself with lazy, unprofessional people who think it’s acceptable to not follow up on things and relay messages to him. if that is the case, he should stop surrounding himself with such unprofessional people.

    both men should use this ordeal as an opportunity to make changes in themselves and become more responsible human beings.

  378. Jason H
    Jason H02-01-2012

    Both guys at fault here, and for what seems like the same reason. Adam always talks about having no self-esteem, and Kevin seems to be in the same boat, especially with respect to Adam. Both guys made just above the bare minimum attempts to contact one another, and it seems like both were ready to assume they weren’t a big enough celebrity to call the other one on dragging their feet. Whole thing ends if either person just realizes that sometimes you have to drag people kicking and screaming to something to their success.

  379. Aaron

    This just made me more and more frustrated. I think it was pretty clear that both guys deserve some blame and that if either had just made ONE additional direct and unambiguous effort to get in touch with the other, then there would have been a show and this beef wouldn’t have happened.

    I thought Kevin Smith “won” this pod, so to speak. He acknowledged his role and expressed regret for not being the bigger man and overcoming the perceived slights. Adam just as easily could have acknowledged that he, at least, COULD have done a bit more to get a definitive answer, but he seemed content to put it all on Kevin. He whole paranoia diagnosis was ridiculous. Petty move by the Ace Man.

    For long-time fans of Adam, it seems pretty indefensible. He’s always ranting about the motor and the drive that separates the haves and the have nots. Yet, here he is, complaining that Kevin didn’t call him. I mean, anyone who’s ever been on the job hunt has had countless phone calls and emails not get returned. So what do you do? You try again. “Well, I don’t have Kevin’s number?” Puh-leeze. Adam’s show biz. You really think that he couldn’t get Kevin’s number with one call to his agent, manager, or any of their mutual acquaintances. It smacks of laziness on his part.

    Love the Ace Man, but this was not his finest hour (or two).

  380. Roy

    i think it was 50/50 as far as fault goes. STOP FIGHTING! BE FRIENDS!

  381. BPD

    MJB ATX – your analysis of Kevin Smith BDP, is dead on, I’m surprised how many of them I am finding in places of success. these types are a nightmare. one second they will hug and kiss you, the next you are crap.

  382. michael

    adam was considerate enough to call kevin after he got a shot at a tv show and yet kevin did not, douchebag move on his part.

  383. Emma

    Kevin Smith hasn’t made a successful movie in 14 years. Have we all forgotten about Jersey Girl? He is a joke now, a fat joke.

  384. Larvell

    I’m glad the beef was squashed. Although it may have been a good idea, a show involving the both of them probably wouldn’t have worked in the first place. It’s obvious they think and work differently. The show would probably have been dismantled due to creative differences.

  385. Matthew L
    Matthew L02-01-2012

    Wow, what a painful listen! I idolize both of these guys and never miss a podcast by either of them, but this was too tense for me. Brian put it best in a previous episode — it’s Iike listening to your parents arguing with each other as a kid…

    On another note, I don’t see how a show featuring the two of them would ever work. They both have overwhelming personalities which work well when partnered with someone more subtle like Dr. Drew or Scott Mosier. The show would have to be so scripted to prevent them talking over each other, that it would lose the free-flow spirit that makes both of them really shine.

  386. sakajuweeah

    the key to all of this is: did Kevin ever actually call Adam. they never really address this. Kevin at one point claims that he called Adam, but then later Kevin seems to suggest that he might not have called Adam. Did Kevin make a call or not?

    In the end I think Kevin didn’t want to work with Adam and tried with weasel his way out of working with him – this is shady. It’s Ok if you don’t want to work with someone, but once a contract has been signed you have to man up and go through with the deal. In this world you have to be responsible – if you agree to a partnership, you have to be a responsible adult and fulfill the agreement. Seems like Kevin didn’t want to be responsible…he got cold feet and tried to back out or the partnership. Kevin should’ve backed out sooner rather than waiting until the last second.

  387. McGiffin

    everyone needs to lay off Kevin Smith a little bit. I have been listening to adam for 12 years and if somebody decided at the last minute to stiff him on a gig, adam would rip them a new one. True, Kevin did seem to be more at fault than adam, but it seems like both parties could have just called one another. More importantly i find it insane that nobody wants to give kevin credit for having the gigantic BALLS to show up on the show in the first place.

    • Laura

      Amen. People are too happy to jump on the tired, old “Kevin Smith is fat/a douche/ talentless” bandwagon.

    • Sporin

      Agreed, they were both at fault, but only 1 of them refused to take any blame.

      I also thought Ace’s explanation of his (not rare) gay-negative jokes was really weak. Perhaps this is the first time anyone has ever really confronted him on how his negative rants can effect download numbers and such?

      I know I’m not the only one who listens to less AcePods then in the past because of his tendency to sound like right-wing radio too often.

      I also know I’m not the only one who listens to less KevinPods then in the past because of his tendency to get all emotional and over-analytical about every little feeling.

      Both are HUGE now, and I expect neither to change anything, but they both need to accept their faults. Kevin owned up to his “pussy” faults repeatedly here (as he does everywhere), but Adam never seems to accept blame or criticism in any way. (which continued in his blowing off Lynette’s anti-Kevin tweets as well).

      It also seems that many Ace fans here have no clue the extent of Kevin’s Podcast/Entertainment empire. It’s easily as big as Ace’s, maybe bigger. There’s a reason the suits are trying to put these guys together, collectively they have the 2 biggest podcast empires on the planet.

      Frankly, I’m glad it didn’t work out, I think the collaboration would have stunk.

  388. Brian F
    Brian F02-01-2012

    I don’t see how Kevin can get mad about Adam not showing up at PODDAMN or whatever he called the show. He talked to the guy from the theatre not Adams agent or manager. Kevin never confirmed it with Adam, that was the type of assumption that screws up deals.

    Why would you go to the trouble of promoting Adam for weeks and never talk to him about the gig? Wouldn’t he have thought Adam would have talked to him about the podcasts? Adam has a radio interview with KROQ and they mention it on the phone interview. That was enough for Kevin to think Adam knew about it and then get mad at him?

    Directors get used to having other people handle details, and Kevin was doing this on his own. There were some huge gaps in Kevins thinking on this. Like someone else is handling it. I like both of these guys, but the PODDAMN snafu was the one thing that was really blatantly Kevin’s doing, and he was mad at Adam???

  389. goblin22

    I listen to Adam daily, I don’t listen to Smith, though I have enjoyed his work including all 3 of his “evening” specials

    Adam is 100% at fault here.

    Because Kevin Smith is a self assessed pussy, and his actions were totally in keeping with that.

    Adam is all about “burning calories” to get shit done, and he displayed just about 0 calorie burning on this deal. His actions, or lack of actions in this case make him a hypocrite and a hit of 500,000k is a fair penalty for talking the talk and not walking the walk.

    Does all his crap about doing things without putting your hand out for a payday only apply to other people?

    Adam went ahead and sat on his hands because his agent told him to wait until his payday was in order before he started “burning calories”.

    Hypocrites piss me off and all hypocrites deserve what they get. If Adam only practiced what he preaches every damn week on his show he would have gotten his check and none of this would have happened, and the next time I hear Adam talk about “burning calories” to get shit done I’ll take it with the grain of salt it deserves.

  390. stefania

    kevin is a jackass. seriously sounds like he is on the rag. adam may have lost 500 grand but he dodged a huge bullet. kevin is a waste of breath

  391. TS

    Scrolled through the first few comments, disappointed to see juvenile, hateful nonsense. Trolls: even in your trolling, you are a disappointment. I now understand how your parents must feel every day.

  392. Dave

    I’ve got my own problems and disagreements. I don’t need to hear an hour long podcast about somebody elses.

    I’ll pass on this one.

    • Ledgewood

      Probably for the better.

  393. TS

    By the way, was glad someone else noticed that Mr. Smith sounded like a more polite and reasonable version of Carolla’s old friend Donny.

  394. Kevin

    Really uncomfortable podcast but good stuff. I think it’s a draw. Kevin is ultimately at fault, but Adam seemed to not let it go and get over it. I think kevin just wanted to come on because it would be a great show and somehow came out like the victim.

  395. DaN K. StAnLeY
    DaN K. StAnLeY02-01-2012

    Man, I still like Kevin Smith but he comes off bad in this pod. He prolly shouldnt have gotten high b4 he came on.

  396. Pike

    Kevin dragged the timeline of events WAY too long (even though Adam kept trying to wrap it up). They were getting on each others nerves near the end. After this podcast, I doubt Kevin would ever consider doing a tv show with Adam, let alone this podcast again. I’ll miss that sexy fat bitch.

  397. Nick

    Both were dumb. $500,000 for each of them, and this is their idea of professionalism? A handful of emails and a passive aggressive standoff where neither side could pick up a phone? People fight hard for roofing contracts and real estate deals, for way less than $500,000. Babydoll for instance would have made $50,000 for this one, and I’m sure he communicated way more than Adam and Kevin combined.

    If they truly wanted the deal, they would have been in constant communication the way Jimmy and Adam used to be, or Adam and Drew. The fact that they spoke so little means there never was much of a partnership to begin with. Like Babydoll says, bullet dodged. And yes, like Adam says, Kevin has a serious complex that needs addressing. He took a handful of things and blew them up into Adam being this evil guy, which isn’t the case.

  398. ham

    I expected there that Adam was hiding that made Kevin seem at least semi redeemable in this. Exactly opposite. Kevin was so irrational and such an egomaniac throughout the entire podcast. I can’t believe Adam lasted that long AND didn’t go crazy. Well done, Ace.

  399. Takeda

    I’ve never listened to Kevin’s podcast. Maybe I’ll give it a try. On second thought, I should stop putting off that root canal.

  400. Joe

    “I do not end all emails with a question. It is not a fucking cliff hanger. ”

    I actually rewound the pod to listen to it again.

  401. Clare

    Grrrrrr….. Kevin is speaking just that beat to slow for me! Blessing in disguise Adam.

  402. JonFromSeattle

    The way it come off to me in listening to this episode – was that both were at fault for not really calling each other, but Kevin was more at fault for not following through when he supposedly wasn’t contacted again by Adam. Smith is a fat fucking 2-bit cock sucker, who basically weaseled his way out of the deal in order to fuck Adam over. Just admit it dude, you have nothing going for yourself, and you get off trying to make other people feel beneath you. Didn’t work here though because ACE is a fighter, and he’ll knock your fucking ass out. And for shame on you for throwing Bald Brian under the bus like that.

  403. Eva

    I love both Adam and Kevin Smith. I was so torn when I heard about this feud. But I gotta go with Adam.

    The best part of the story is that Kevin was saying how his audience was offended with some comments Adam made when he guest hosted Hollywood Babble-On (my favorite podcast). That’s the first time I heard Adam (I had heard OF him before but never really watch the Man Show or Loveline and never heard this podcast). I thought he was so funny that it turned me onto this podcast and now I am a huge fan and listen everyday.

    I wonder how Ralph Garman feels about all this.

    • Laura

      I would bet torn. I was hoping that good ol’ Ralph would play peacemaker with the two.

      I don’t get why people got upset over the jokes, but in this world of people getting SUPER offended by comedians who are obviously joking, I don’t doubt that it happened.

  404. Steve-O

    I don’t know if I have your number….I love Adam and hate making phone calls too, but that’s a lame excuse. How long does it take for a literal millionaire to find a guys phone number?

  405. Steve

    As alway Carolla comes across a total arrogant asshole, keep up the good work Kev.

  406. Dave P
    Dave P02-01-2012

    I am a big fan of both guys. But they really should have had a mediator.

    As others have stated, this sort of seems cooked in a reality TV kind of way. The old “there’s no such thing as bad press” adage certainly could apply. This feud/podcast comes to a head a couple weeks after Adam’s new “Rich Man, Poor Man” eBook comes out and a month before Kevin’s new “Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good” book is released… Coincidence? (“Red State” Bluray/DVD now in stores as well)

    If however this is truly legitimate, part of it boils down to personality differences in how they handle communication.

    But the “tell” for me is when Kevin said how he lost a “shit ton” of podcast subscribers and received the most complaints ever because of Adam’s “gay material” in the podcast he appeared on. That was most likely the point Kevin checked out (either consciously or subconsciously) of wanting to work with Adam on a show. So instead of flat out stating this to Adam at the time, he may have intentionally drifted away and hoped it would play out as communication breakdown with the project ultimately falling apart. Which it did and Kevin also didn’t have to look like the bad guy. He never had to confront Adam on the phone or in email with “I don’t want to work with you and here is why”. Much like when someone wants to get out of a relationship, they may not overtly cheat or do something drastic to break up to get out of it, but they emotionally check out and drift away.

    So perhaps the phone call Kevin claims he made and left a message (that Adam says he didn’t get), he may not have made. Kevin got paid $500,000, Adam did not. Kevin would be more apt to make something up to defend himself. Perhaps “made up” isn’t the right way to state it, but his mind may have distorted some of the events to play in his favor to where he actually now believes that, yes indeed they did play out that way.

  407. Greg

    Seems like Kevin is a dopehead and he dropped the ball in the business department, however Carolla dropped the ball with the gay thing. For all the gay kids who’ve offed themselves because of teasing and people who have kept closeted for their entire lives and struggled with identity issues and denied themselves rewarding lives because of social pressures, Carolla’s joke/observation wasn’t funny or accurate and downplayed the persecution gays face. Not a good look for Ace Man.

  408. JJ

    My impression is that there was never a phone call from KS. Why? He didn’t want to work with a “homophobe”! He said it himself! Then back pedaled. That missing phone call was never made!

    Now I’m not a homophobe, but I definitely agree that I don’t ever want to see two guys going at each other.

    Furthermore, email and texting are fucking impersonal! I guess a good title for Ace’s next book should be “In 50 years we will no longer talk to each other because we can’t get our fucking attention away from electronics”.

    Kevin Smith is a talented guy but a complete douche bag. Of course, that’s my opinion, wtf do i know.

  409. Takeda

    What a trendsetter is that Kevin Smith?! Fifty years ahead of his time. What a chick!

  410. JD

    I agree with BB, I think they both could’ve taken a bit more initiative to contact and communicate more.

  411. Ras

    Once again, I have been a huge Ace fan for over 10 years – so I will hold him to a higher standard when it comes to running a business and being smart enough to being a pro. ADAM – YOU NEED MORE EDUCATED, SMART PEOPLE RUNNING YOUR SHIT FOR YOU!!!!!! I can just see the flakey people you have surround you and even Lynette I am sure does not get all your messages delivered in a timely manner. Hire a PROFESSIONAL office admin and stop thinking you can wing everything like a garage band/frat party. “Being real” and being a real man’s man does not mean you get a pass not responding to an email after 6 days. BTW – if Kevin’s last email to you was a non-committal, non-conclusive single word response, and your goal was to try and have a conversation with him, you simply hit the “reply’ button and type “so when are you free to talk?” It angers me when incredibly smart people are so petrified with stupid actions or inactions. I blame the people you surround yourself with. If you had a daily brush with Teresa Strasser, she would have kept you in line with simple shit like this from blowing into a big bullshit volcano.

  412. Jim W
    Jim W02-02-2012

    Speaking as an Adam Carolla podcast fan, one who has never read 
    /heard Kevin’s side of the story, I think Kevin came across much better than Adam today.  Adam reads all kinds of crap into Kevin’s actions/inactions and then accuses Kevin of doing just that.  Kevin, based on the 3 points he made: (1) Adam alienating some of Kevin’s audience (2) no/delayed response to his calls & emails (3) not showing up to the podcast thingie, made a business decision not to work with Adam.  Doesn’t sound unreasonable to me.

    Kevin didn’t screw Adam.  The network could have just as easilly said, sorry Kevin “no adam, no deal”.  Or screw you Kevin, we want Carolla.

    Adam came across petty with his condescending “kevin”s and his attempts at psychoanalysis.  Yes Kevin didn’t have all the correct information, and he admitted as much, but I think he proved that he did act consistently (sanely) with the info he did have.  In other words, not a douche bag.  Just a misunderstanding by both guys.

    Except one could admit that.  And one couldn’t.

  413. Andrew

    After 6 DAYS we go to the judges scorecards. Judge Alison Rosen scores the bout 59-58, Judge Bald Bryan scores the bout 58-57, and Judge Anita Morella scores the bout 60-50, for the winner by unanimous decision………..nobody.

  414. Yodamite

    It’s hilarious how this podcast goes from a mutual ass-kissing session to a heated argument. Great podcast! I would love to hear Kevin go on Stern and attempt a similar reconciliation, as he has had a falling out with him as well over a very similar type of misunderstanding. Now THAT would be entertaining!

  415. Ron Fowler
    Ron Fowler02-02-2012

    LUV THE SHOW!!!! But this episode was Shit

  416. Timaaaay!!!

    Both Kevin and Adam should have been more pro active. Either one should have PICKED UP A FUCKING PHONE. End result. The fans of both lose. Thanks.

  417. Chuck B
    Chuck B02-02-2012

    I’m impressed with Kevin Smith’s instincts: He knew his stuff and Adam’s stuff don’t mesh after Adam’s gay jokes. And he back-doored his way out of it. I don’t agree with Kevin’s roll, but it’s obvious that they can’t work together. Adam should have done his research.

    That said, dude has some serious issues going on:

    1. He doesn’t call back Adam, and blames Adam for it. (Does anyone believe he really left a message? Bullshit)
    2. He holds Adam accountable for missing his podcast that Adam doesn’t know about. WTF?!
    3. He holds Adam accountable for not fixing this entire situation after he doesn’t want to do the show anymore.

    Adam calls him paranoid. Uhm, no. Kevin Smith is chick-crazy. Doesn’t Adam have a book called In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks? He should have re-read his book.

  418. Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor02-02-2012

    Adam is way to proud and bull-headed, Kevin is clearly partially insane. Huge fan of the podcast, but this has got to go down as one of the lamest of all time.

  419. Chase Peck
    Chase Peck02-02-2012

    Adam claims to not know much about the business end, but has no problem busting Ray’s balls about getting a paltry $75.00 per diem for the Ace on the House show, or ditching Donny and Sandy over money issues.

  420. Mr. O
    Mr. O02-02-2012

    these podcast giants should recognize that they have a large overlap of fans. love these guys together…even bitching about nothing.

  421. Mo

    Adam needs to shoulder PART of the blame and acknowledge Kevin’s effort. I love Afam and have not missed a podcast but he came across too stubborn to reach out somewhat “Holywood primadonna like”.

  422. Toadsmoothy

    I’m a long-time Smith fan but Kev didn’t come off looking too good here. O.K. Adam had the usual tinge of assholishness we have all come to know and love but Smith came off looking like a whiney, delusional little bitch. I can’t see how he did himself any favors coming on Adam’s show. I don’t know how Hollywood works but, just from his crazy performance here, not to mention how he conducted his business with Adam, I’d be leery of working with him.

    As I see it, the Poddammit fiasco put Smith’s nose out of joint. He found fault with Adam’s humor, decided he didn’t want to work with Adam and spun the whole thing out of control. But, at the root is a basic personality clash. Carolla is a rational man and Smith is an irrational girl. I was shocked at Kevin’s peevish, emotionally over-wrought state. It would have been better if he had just admitted his fault, presented his bare ass and let Adam utterly dominate him. Shameful.

    It’s really too bad. Smith made some funny movies, which I love. And his early podcasts were funny and interesting. But, he’s lost the funny. Now the best part of his network is Ralph Garman and his Jersey friends. Smith has lost himself in a cloud of weed smoke. Like a true stoner, he just sets around coughing and laughing hysterically at shit that just ain’t funny. He needs to pull himself together.

  423. Tim Owings
    Tim Owings02-02-2012


  424. Laura

    I read about half of the replies here and I just couldn’t bear to read more predictable replies of how Kevin’s a douche. I feel compelled to post here as a big fan of both Adam (introduced to him with the premiere of the Man Show) and Kevin (since Dogma).

    Before this episode, I was expecting to think that Kevin was more in the right than Adam. He seemed genuine on his SmodCo Show and more willing to talk than Adam who said that very cryptic thing about how Telepictures sucks and how people would think that Kevin is a douche. After this episode, I actually felt bad for Kevin but thought that Adam made a little more sense with the email stuff. Kevin’s email that he was expecting a reply to really didn’t have anything worth replying to, so I could see why Adam wouldn’t reply. I was a little sad that Kevin didn’t see that, but whatevs. I also cringed when Kevin seemed to take things a little more personally and read into them more than what was there. Kudos to Adam for keeping his cool and not getting as frustrated as Kevin was. I was expecting some of that patented Carolla rantin’ and ravin’. This episode was really, really hard to listen to. It was uncomfortable, like being present for your parents fighting. Kudos also to Allison and BB for being cool and logical whenever they spoke. Allison has won me over big time, and I’m happy she’s a part of the podcast instead of Teresa. Huge improvement!

    Both could have handled things better and I wish that Adam would have admitted that too, but I guess things are going to slowly be patched up and that is great.

    I’m disappointed though if that many Babble-On people got upset over Adam’s jokes on that episode. I thought that episode was hilarious and I have been looking forward to Adam returning because he and Ralph gel so well together. I didn’t even think that joke was offensive, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks got their panties in a bunch. How ridiculous.

    Love both Kevin and Adam.

  425. Greg from Australia
    Greg from Australia02-02-2012

    Kevin smith is such a timid little bitch.

  426. Yancy Yeater
    Yancy Yeater02-02-2012

    Kevin Smith: Cool movies, douchebag guy.

  427. Karl

    For someone that isn’t paranoid to re-tell an earlier portion of his story because he “doesn’t know how this [podcast] will be edited”… shows a little paranoia. I agree with Adam, if I email someone with my number and say “call me”, I don’t expect an email. But Adam, check your voice mail! Lastly, the person that keeps saying they are not there to lay blame or point fingers, usually is laying blame and pointing fingers… just in a “I’m only giving my point of view” method.

    Good show, you two should still try to get together.

  428. Steve Od
    Steve Od02-02-2012

    I used to love Kevin Smith but at the end of the day Kevin never initiated the contact of the last email he sent. “Yay”! isnt a message or an invite to anything! its a cheap response with a non commital sentiment. He should have asked Adam to call him if thats what he wanted! What a freakin egomaniac. “Adam could have called me”…dude just tell people what you want, its irrational to think people should do what you literally ‘think’ they should. Lose some weight and gain a less self indulgent perspective. Carolla was right, K Smith, you’re a douche. moron, i was so angry listening to this. The communication broke down when your fat stupid ego got in the way. wtf?! and to think Adam would be a part of your podcast, especially when you hadnt communicated properly is ridiculous. Smith, you stated the source that said Adam would do Poddammit was unreliable. I like weed but Kev, you should maybe take a break, youre fans arent as stupid or homocentric as you think..dipshit

  429. Rick

    That show was THE lamest Pod, ever. Adam clearly knew it, but was too kind in not showing Smith the door. What a pro Smith is — coming on (admittedly) “baked”. A douche of the highest order.

    This was the first time I’ve ever (in two years) fast-forwarded/skipped through a show and made it to the end with “nothing”.

  430. Randy

    This was one of the most boring shows ever. Adam needs to realize that it’s 2012 and email is just as trusted as the phone as a means of communication. He says over and over how lazy he is and that is his main reason for not pursuing the emails. This is why celebrities shouldn’t negotiate on their own because their personal insecurities get in the way of being professional with somebody else becasue millions of dollars get in the way. This is the first time I’ve ever thought this, but Adam sounds in the wrong here and this form of complaining from him is more sad than funny or smart.

  431. Bri

    You can see there were some mis-communications, but only one of them internalized it to the point that he decided he could not work with the other. That’s all on Kevin and is an indication of someone that has issues. Adam is absolutely correct when he says it is crazy to suggest that he call Kevin after Telepictures tells him that he does not want to work with him. Kevin came off as a total douche, and from my perspective owes Adam half of the half million he was paid for the pilot.

  432. LFC

    A good episode, but a wasted opportunity. Adam wanted to speed things along and I could have listened to this all day. Kevin came across as very petty and sensitive regarding the whole situation. It made me feel even if Adam did call or email him back, Kevin’s personality would have ruined any TV deal eventually.

  433. JJ

    Gimme me a break, this fat fag will never get it. How many things can you do in your life while you wait for this cock sucker to be funny? Adam quit wasting your time with this hack he won’t be successful in tv, until he is on Celebrity Rehab……

  434. Dean

    Hey Steve…then go listen to Kevin Smith and get the hell out of here. Dont know what you were listening to but Kevin Smith is clearly a shady ahole

  435. Phil

    Sure, Adam did nothing wrong. Kevin called him twice at the beginning and left messages, never heard back. Why would he call again? Adam should have picked up the phone himself instead of blaming Kevin for not calling again. Stupid!

  436. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett02-02-2012

    The comment section is more entertaining than this podcast. I like Kevin Smith. I like Adam Carolla.

  437. Kaveman

    This is a very informative podcast. I learned that Kevin Smith is a whiney little pussy that panders to gays.

  438. Ken

    Responsibility is always divisible, and I don’t doubt KS’s sincerity, even if it may be warped by his nerdy paranoia, but KS is about 70% at fault here…Ace needs to accept the other 30%. Seriously, Aceman, you know you can be belligerently indifferent to people! Long, interesting, and painful podcast, but props to both guys for doing it.

  439. Terri

    I am not going to criticize Kevin or Adam however I do want to note that this was one of those blessings in disguise…after listening (And not actually enjoying it whatsoever) to the podcast; it became crystal clear that Kevin and Adam would never be able to work together. I don’t think their personalities would mesh for a long time relationship/partnership. Kevin would need much more than Adam could or would give and Adam would need a whole lot less. I hope they shook hands and called it done.

  440. Ken L. Lingus
    Ken L. Lingus02-02-2012

    Kevin Smith is a duche. Adam is totally right. It appears Smith is dealing with some issues from his past or something. He can’t admit that he was wrong and was the one who should have called. Arguing with him is like trying to rationalize with a 4-year-old. There is no point and no way you will get your point across.

    BROWN RAGE02-02-2012

    What the fuck!?

    First off, I like Kevin Smith but seriously?

    Here are my two cents on the situation. Adam is the the logical man. Kevin is the sensitive woman. It’s as if your wife came home with a new pair of jeans on Wednesday. She tries them on, shows them to you and asks you how they look while she’s wearing them. You reply and tell her that she looks good in them. Friday night comes and the two of you are going out. Your wife is wearing the new pair of jeans and she has been acting like a bitch the whole night. Finally you ask her what is wrong. She tells you that you didn’t tell her how good she looked in her new jeans. You already told her on Wednesday and nothing has changed in the days inbetween so what the hell is she so bent about? Oh wait a minute. She’s a woman. She’s sensitive and over thinks things.

    So, Adam, next time you have Kevin Smith on your show, don’t forget to prepare yourself by watching the Oprah marathon while eating bon bons with an industrial size box of kleenex.

  442. robin

    Wow, Kevin Smith is a cry baby.

  443. JoJo

    I’m thinking someone is uptight and it isn’t Adam. Kevin knows where Adam is coming from but refuses to acknowledge it cause he must kowtow to his fans and in doing so throws reasoning out the window. Take the stick out of your ass dude (pun intended).

  444. sCUM

    Adam has slipped a bit in my eyes with his refusal to accept ANY blame at all on this. One thing that I hate are people that are “blame free” and unwilling to accept that different people communicate in different ways. Adam should have accepted that both of them fucked up equally. This was definitely not all one-sided.

  445. Gina

    Any one else think it was strange that Kevin so heavily promoted Adam on his Poddamnit (websites, advertising, press) without confirming it with him or Babydoll?

    P.S. I like Kevin and Adam both so this was weird for me.

    • Brian F
      Brian F02-03-2012

      Yup strange as hell, sort of contrary of what K wanted from Adam. I thought this was the weirdest part of the whole show. Not many commented about it here.

  446. Biff

    how the hell are all you seeing that kevin was wrong in this. it’s totally a stupid mistake, kevin seemed able to take some blame and admit it was both their fault. adam would not give in at all, and

  447. C.J. Whity
    C.J. Whity02-02-2012

    All who dis this podcast are lame. Too many people bitching about how that’s convenient adam didn’t bring that up or they both “beat around the bush”.. Speaking of bush most of you pussies don’t have the balls to confront your neighbors about the height of their hedge, such as adam’s neighbor.. let alone invite a friend/foe to your podcast to discuss differences. Take a look in your pussy mirror!

  448. timbo slice
    timbo slice02-02-2012

    did not understand why a) smith never emailed ace and b) why ace never called smith to get a leg up on the project.

    having said that smith was a real douchebag and should lay off the smokey smokey – he has a real issue from something.

  449. boss

    so they were each waiting for the other to call. lets move on.

  450. H G
    H G02-02-2012

    Kevin Smith so incredibly passive aggressive, it is amazing. I am with Adam!

  451. DonJuan

    Bigger adam fan than Kevin but adam came off like such a bitch in this. He wanted to psychoanalyze kevin but didnt turn that mirror on himself. Ridiculous. Kevin didnt screw adam out of 500k, the only reason telepictures called adam was because of kevin, if he was more forthcoming and didnt do all that it would be presumptuous to call crap he would be in the tv business. Because adam has low self esteem he should think kevin would call him? He called adam and got nothing back, and that shouldnt be surprising since donny the moron was in charge of the podcast network and he was so incompetent that he isnt there anymore, finally. Didnt adam think that he was such an idiot that maybe he f-ed up the email? etc? Oh Kevin has his share of stuff, but adam not carring about anything (ohh K-roq messes up some times) is retarded. Yes, Kevin messed up. But adam messed up more by surrounding himself by idiots like dixon and donny. Adam doesnt consider other people which is probably why when you listen to for crying out loud you can tell lynette is getting tired of him.

  452. Matt

    Please disappear forever Kevin Smith. Thanks.

  453. DonJuan

    Adam likes psychoanalyzing when its not about himself. A daughter hating her father is a special form of messed up. Reason many adam fans liked him is because he used to say, to paraphrase, “im the smartest of the blue collar guys and im dumb”, now adam thinks he’s smart. Sad. Him being smart is prob why donny just about ruined his podcast network

  454. JM

    I like both of these guys, but this was just a huge waste of breath. Frankly, I’d be embarrassed to be either one of them after hearing how unwavering they both are. I suppose in the end, they are friends again, but they must be impossible to deal with. Either way, get it on.

  455. kevin

    man, i use to love kevin smith. i watched mallrats on opening day in a theatre. empty theatre but i was there. the pot has destroyed his mind. he’s become a paranoid ego maniac. he sounded like a woman harping over and over how it took adam 6 days to email him. so why did kevin smith not come to adam when telepictures came to him with a deal? cause he didnt want to do it with adam thats why. adam had the the courtesy to email him when telepictures came with the deal.

  456. BD

    I just wanted to scream for an hour…..Kevin DID call Adam!!!! adam just didn’t know it – missed communication – could have been a five minute discussion
    jesus –

  457. Nathan

    I havent even listened to this yet, and I could care fucking less. 1rst comment I’ve ever left.

  458. Greg

    Wow, Kevin came off sounding like a total over sensitive loon. He grasped for anything that would absolve him of responsibility and then when he couldn’t find something he resorted to insane circular logic. The whole “6 days” thing was proof of this. Also dropping f-bombs to try and sound tough isn’t working for you Kevin, try growing a pair instead.

  459. John

    My take away from this podcast was Adam’s wife sending out tweets about the matter. WTF

    Adam, please, let the nannies go so your wife has something important to do with her time.

  460. Anfernee

    Holy shit that was a complete waste of my time!!!

  461. Mike

    Kevin Smith looked like a little boy who “feels” and doesn’t think, and Adam looked like a man and a professional, using logic and common sense. I didn’t realize how f*cked up Smith was until now. I wish I could go back to when I was 16 and UNWATCH Clerks so many times.

    BUT, it is significant that it is his comments of LGBT issues that land him in hot water over and over. I know he is not homophobic, so maybe he should reel the rants in a little bit when it comes to that stuff.

  462. Cindy

    What a silly podcast. Enjoyable, but silly. Simple miscommunication or lack of communication that got blown out of proportion. Big fan of Adam, don’t like Kevin Smith, but KS came out better in this IMHO. Adam was just being a dick; the personal attacks and semi-retarded psychoanalysis was completely unnecessary. Both had valid points.

  463. Jack

    The biggest thing to me that they glossed over on was who Kevin left the message with when he “called” Adam and why the message wasn’t received.

  464. James Leroy Wilson
    James Leroy Wilson02-02-2012

    I liked some of Kevin’s movies, butI understand Adam’s thought process better, and think Kevin was misinterpreting what Adam was saying — particularly about agents and meetings.

    If Kevin’s heart was really in doing a show with Adam in the first place, his fateful email would have said:

    “Nice! By the way, I actually tried calling a couple of times in the last few weeks, and left at least one message, but haven’t heard back. I will try again today. But if you’re still not getting my messages, then please call me directly. My phone # is 555-1234. I’m free for on x day and y day to talk on the phone or get together someplace.”

  465. Don

    I have to side with Adam. After he sends an email providing his phone number and asking Kevin to call him, Kevin emails back and says “Nice”. If I were Adam, after reading that, I would think “great, he’s excited about it”, but I would still be assuming that there was a call forthcoming from Kevin. Obviously Adam wanted to speak on the phone and discuss the details – his email clearly said “please call me”. An email back saying “nice” doesn’t fulfill Kevin’s half of the social contract. Kevin’s responsibility at that point was to call, or if not call, then make a counter-request via email or agents or whatever suggesting some other form of meeting or communication. The ball was in Kevin’s court, and he dropped it.

    What I want to know is, what happened to these two phone calls that Kevin says he made, but Adam says he never received? Did Adam give him the wrong number because he’s illiterate, or did Kevin dial wrong because he was high?

  466. wyoclyde

    A pox on both their houses. Kevin admits he made some bad assumptions. Carolla can only try to contact him twice on a $500,000 deal? Let that soak in….How many calls would you make for a cool half mill. Baby Doll did his guy right, but a guy with little apparent representation might have peed in the punch a little. I think Adam or his people could have tried at least 3 different modalities of communications: smoke signal, weed messenger, and process server. Its not that hard…

  467. wyoclyde

    on a technical note, I have found safari unstable in this new website. perhaps it is the long comment string, but my itouch/iphone couldn’t manage it.

  468. alison-rosen tremor control
    alison-rosen tremor control02-02-2012

    Listened to the show, it was awkward, uncomfortable, and entertaining. I do see both sides and even though I believe Adam’s version he came off sounding a bit like a jerk at times. As for Kevin, the podcast humanized him, I thought he was some sort of elitist prick for not wanting to work with Adam but all this is a result of poor communication, viz., Kevin prefers emailing and Adam prefers calling.

    Just as Adam posits Kevin is paranoid and grandiose, a similar interpretation could be made of Adam’s communication habits such as slow communication and choosing not to call Kevin (because Adam’s believes it is intrusive); both which negatively affected the situation. For Adam to state there is no situation minimizes Kevin’s Smith celebrity status and human status, meaning Kevin has no right to be upset for calling Adam twice without a call back (both calls which Adam denies receiving). I am certain if Adam called Kevin twice and did not hear anything back he would formulate a similar opinion.

    So to be so dismissive by saying there is no situation, is a patently grandiose thing to say. I find this strange because Adam claims to be hyper-vigilant as to how he is perceived by others and it is no surprise that Adam’s main character flaw is”being in his head” per Lynette aka tuning out, not acknowledging one exists.

    Like Adam I like to deconstruct ideas, jokes, etc, this is my interpretation on this subject and sadly I have lost a little respect for both guys even though I appreciate their talents and work.

    Conversely, I give both these guys credit for airing their disagreement publicly and meeting after the fact like this. I can imagine that Adam was extremely uncomfortable and Kevin as well.


    alison-rosen tremor control

  469. Mark

    Allison & Brian – please break free from this asshole!

  470. murderfan

    I hope in a year or so this blows over and it is not mentioned again. but knowing Adam he will always talk about this and make himself look good. I think Kevin was in the right. and I think that Baby doll told him not to do the deal. but at least they let everybody see how they settled the deal.

  471. EC

    This was a hard one to listen to – like a fight between spouses where a minor communication issue or two blows up into a huge feud. I love Adam, but I have to agree with a lot of the comments above. His refusal to accept any blame made him sound awfully stubborn compared to Kevin. ‘Hope they patch it up and work together in the future, ’cause I think they’re both funny.

  472. Haz

    Kevin was wrong to assume and to not follow up with a call. But Adam could’ve looked around for his number anyway. But I think that’s just they way Adam is. I remember that story he told about replying to a text message 2 years later or something. He should’ve brought that up.

  473. Haz

    By the way, forget emailing and calling each other up. GoToMeeting with Kevin Smith!

  474. Chester

    Adam is a mean-spirited idiot.

  475. Tracy

    Kevin needs to put the weed down. He came across like 14 year old girl. Definite nerd rage.

  476. lilbithippie

    wow Kevin is such a nice guy. It just is too bad Adam has this thing that he has to be right. it. Everyone always talks about how Adam always has to be right (Thanksgiving episode with his dad and ray) but all this grief over an email of just call me. Kevin is right they both could have easily called each other, its too bad Adam has this thing of really seeing things black and white and having to be right.

  477. Craig in Seattle
    Craig in Seattle02-02-2012

    OH MY GOD!!! YOU SOUND LIKE TWO BITCHING WHORES. Since it seems like Kevin is insecure enough to read every response, everywhere here goes:

    It seems like you lied about leaving messages in the beginning. That simple. If you had, you and Adam would have episodes in the can right now, with millions of eyes waiting to blink to see them. The rest just sounds like a bunch of business B.S. That happens EVERY F’ING DAY in Hollywood. GET OVER IT!!! In the voice of Kevin’s mother and James “Babydoll” Dixon, “Straighten this shit out you two!!!” You clearly have FANTASTIC chemistry. I would love to hear this discussion regarding the Academy Awards, The Super Bowl, or whatever the gay topic Kevin dream up is.

    Seriously, fix this shit.

    • Cole

      Hear Hear!!

  478. TheWildhawke

    I love how everyone calling Smith a “whiny bitch” totally disregards the fact that he showed up to discuss the issue on the podcast of the guy that he had an issue with. He’s a 12 year old girl huh? I never knew that 12 year old girls were big enough men with nickel plated ten pound balls enough to walk right into the lions den, WITH the staff there, knowing he was going to be under the judgement of Carolla’s audience and not his own.

    Half the people calling Kevin a whiny 10th grader would never have half the Chutzpah it takes to do that.

    • Tracy

      Maybe so, but, he had to alter his mind to do so. “I had to get baked just to come here” I believe was his quote. Not the actions of a man if you ask me, rather that of a 14 year old girl..

      • TheWildhawke

        Right, because he was obligated to come at all? You people are fucking loons. It’s a podcast, and the only one who had anything to gain from Smith coming on was Adam in the form of downloads. Not only was Adam going to get his regular audience, but probably a few thousand that listen to S.I.R. and the Smodcast network as well. If anyone is the bigger man here, it’s definitely Smith.

        Basically, what i took from this podcast was that while they may not be friendly for a while, the friendship is not irreparable.

  479. Callen

    A podcast for the books. A crossover for the books. Adam Carolla puts together a slow-cooker for his show, and brings the seasoning. Kevin Smith shows up with the marination, and it is saucy. Not a stone unturned in this debut, and one thing is for sure, that these guys had no clue who was at fault here. Will these two end up delighting and ‘enlight’ening their respective fan-bases? We’re kicking our own stones-unturned here wondering.

  480. Adam Trouble
    Adam Trouble02-03-2012

    It sounded like a court case turned into a bitching match. Adam people don’t need to end an email with a question, or statement requiring response in order to be responded too hahah. To me this is an age thing. One of you is unfamiliar with email/txt convo etiquette, and the other is just a stoner with an insecurity complex. Love you

  481. chukster

    I think they were both being insolent and defensive and peevish. then again, I’d be pissed too if I lost 500K

  482. Drac

    I’ve been a fan of Carolla since Loveline and a fan of Smith since Clerks. I like them both, listen to both of their Podcasts and I think they do have chemistry together. Both are also know for going on the defensive when they feel like they have been wronged. I listened to this episode and it was very uncomfortable, but answered many questions about the whole situation. I understand the lack of communication is to blame to a certain degree, but there are some other things worth mentioning.

    Kevin signed a deal and wanted Ralph Garmin first, he didn’t contact Adam. This was Kevin’s first choice because of an already established show with Ralph. The Hollywood Babble-on podcast is really funny and they have been doing it over a year now. Ralph is really talented and deserves a shot at a TV show. What I don’t understand is how that show would translate into a censored television show. If you take out the cursing and cock jokes, it would be a lot less funny. It would have been nice if Telepictures would have put Adam, Kevin and Ralph together. But wait, they can’t have 3 white guys on the same show.

    Adam has done TV shows before and Kevin is trying to get into TV, I think Adam would have been a good resource for Kevin. I think that alone would have been reason enough to keep in better contact. I also know that Kevin is very humble and can be sensitive, but Adam has done his share of over-thinking too. The agent situation was used by the studio as an excuse, I don’t think Adam was to blame for that.

    The Pod-dammit situation was clearly caused by someone else. The gay comment thing on Babble-on wasn’t that bad, but if I remember correctly that episode sounded more like a Carolla podcast than a Babble-on episode. Maybe it was a combination of both that caused subscribers to leave, maybe it was that Kevin missed some episodes while promoting Red State.

    I don’t blame Adam for not calling after he had a signed deal and Kevin backed out. I understand if Kevin had his reasons to do so, even if they were based on incorrect information. At that point there was no fixing that deal. As mentioned, both have been spinning many plates and both have been on the road. I respect them both for getting together and talking through it, but it seemed both wanted the other to accept some blame. I don’t think there is a winner here, only the fans losing. Too bad it didn’t work out, I hope they work together on something in the future.

  483. donjuan

    when kevin smith got adam a possible deal for 500k and adams low self esteem kept him from picking up the phone im not sure how i can feel sorry for him. Kevin didnt screw adam out of anything, adam did that all by himself by being a self absorbed asshole. there is a reason jimmy and drew are successful and adam isnt . a father whose daughter dislikes him is all i need to know. surround yourself with a donny idiot while kevin surrounds himself with great actors/oscar winners. Adam might think he has the clout to throw kevin a bone but kevin got him involved in this tv deal. No one wants to work with adam outside his friends because he’s a crass small minded asshole. Adam you are the smartest of the blue collar guys, you’ve forgot that that still makes you stupid.

    • Buttercup

      Harsh but accurate observations, I’m glad some fans still have the balls to call Adam on his bullshit. I think you can be a fan of the podcast without being a mindless sycophant. They both were a bit sloppy in terms of communication; however if I knew 500k was on the line I would follow up and do all due diligence to ensure my contract was signed.

  484. Chief Seattle
    Chief Seattle02-03-2012

    Adam never once admitted he was at fault….its probably this same level of egoism that kept him from calling Kevin…..he cost himself the $500k, and placed sole blame on Kevin…. maybe Adam should be a little more respectful of people, and do unto others as….


    I think its obvious the studio that set up adam and kevin wanted one or the other so they messed up what was the business arangment.

  486. Will T.
    Will T.02-03-2012

    Kevin Smith said Carolla should’ve have called after the TV deal died, yet Kevin didn’t call Adam (or email) after he missed the podcast. Flawed logic.

  487. JJ

    One of the best podcasts in a long time! I’m very impressed with both Ace and Kevin to articulate their positions so clearly and respectfully. This was a tough situation for both parties and it took balls and class for Kevin to show up. If he was a real prima donna he wouldn’t be there. Great job Ace keeping your cool and not stepping to hard on Kevin’s points. Ultimately you both could have taken the lead and made this happen and if nothing else you both DO belong together doing something. This was kick ass content!!!!

  488. JJ

    Adam bro, I fucking love you…but you undermine your own success all the time. You know that “broadcasting” by definitions is about appealing to the whole, not just segments. While your opinions and rants can be entertaining they are at time considered fringe and professional Broadcasters are always worried about alienating a segment of their audience. Adam, I wouldn’t have you any other way but know you will never star in a large national campaign for craftsman tools when you brazenly crack wise about gays or race issues. Podcasting is your niche – celebrate it.

  489. Tracy

    So, Kevin Smith’s core audience are fags and dykes. I would stay away from this fat pussy.

  490. Tracy

    P.S. Anyone fat enough to be charged for a second seat on an airline should’t be allowed to where a hockey sweater or any other type of sports jersey.

  491. J

    For the best that the show didn’t work out..Kevin Smith would bring very little to the table other than some fan base. Even the interaction on the podcast between adam and kevin isn’t very good. Also Kevin has some personality issues to work through. I wonder if anyone really saw things and agreed with his perspective.

  492. Cole

    I love Adam “Aceman” Lakers Carolla. I listen to the podcast daily. That being said. I thought that he was pretty heavy handed in this interview. Kevin Smith was more than conciliatory and regretful and it seemed that he truly wanted to mend any bridges which were damaged due to this crazy series of mis- (and non) communications. It would seem that Kevin made numerous attempts at making contact with Adam but never received return calls. Adam is the one who needed to pick up the phone if he was so concerned about his $500,000 deal dissolving. This whole thing could have been avoided if Adam had not been so apathetic. Furthermore, while Kevin was trying to accept his part of the blame, Adam continued to simply blame him without acknowledging his own role in the situation. Com’on Adam why hold a grudge in a situation that you were contributorily negligent in yourself – especially when Kevin is extending his hand?

  493. slappy

    Used to like Kevin Smith circa Clerks but I have no respect for such a whiny bitch. And the movies they gave him money to make all sucked. wasted so much money on all those disappointments. Played out overused characters being recycled again and again. He’s really not creative at all. And oh what and EGO

  494. slappy

    a growing man whining for an hour…that is great content for you JJ?

    And you are trying to lecture adam that he won’t get a national campaign if he doesn’t clean up his act? Thanks for trying to ruin him for all of his fans.

    Maybe if Kevin Smith didn’t want adam to act like adam he shouldn’t have asked him to cover his podcast. I’m sure adam would have been happy not to have had to do it.

    And if he was really worried about all his gay fans he should have given adam some ground rules. C’mon. Had he never listened to adam once before?

    Kevin Smith – whiny bitch, making excuses trying to blame it on others and false reasons. Only reason deal fell through, kevins smiths EGO

  495. julia

    Wow these two should never work together.

  496. Philip

    Anyone else do the “take a shot when Kevin says fuck/fucking” drinking game?

  497. Gabe

    Its like Twilight up in this board, a battle between Team Smith and Team Carolla. Its Kevin’s fault for not calling, its Adam’s fault for not emailing… two adults who can’t get passed the fact that they didn’t get a call or have a number or receive a message. THEY BOTH SOUND LIKE CHILDISH IDIOTS. Adam defending himself with “I didn’t have your number” is equally as stupid as Kevin’s “You didn’t write back for 6 days!”

  498. Rusty the Horse
    Rusty the Horse02-03-2012

    Did this conversation between two formerly normal dudes who have been transmogrified by Hollywood into narcissistic divas remind anyone else of the Curb Your Enthusiasm” season 2 episode when Jason Alexander and Larry David destroy their project because neither one would agree to go to the other guy’s office for a meeting? Someone teach Ace how to use phone/text/email so this doesn’t happen again! Both of these guys came off looking like catty airhead junior high girls.

  499. Jared Ladish
    Jared Ladish02-03-2012

    I don’ t want to hear the words “broad strokes” or “babydoll” for a long time.

  500. Matt

    “You’re a man, and I’m still a little puss boy” – Kevin Smith 01:23:00. That’s what this whole thing comes down to.

  501. Dan

    I love Adam and I listen to him every day. I am a much bigger fan of his than of Kevin’s, but seriously, Adam just needs to shut the fuck up and listen to what Kevin is saying. This podcast was like an argument between an adult and a child. Kevin is so willing to admit that he’s wrong and that this whole thing was just a stupid series of misunderstandings, but Adam just wants all the fault to be on Kevin, when in reality it’s on both of them. I also can’t believe that Allison and Bryan side with Adam because the adult thing to do would be to just say, “Hey man, we both fucked up. We don’t hate each other. Let’s get this deal going again and move on with better communication.” Jesus Christ. Fuck!

  502. Cole

    Also, I feel sick when I hear Adam talking to a guest for an hour + as though they are best friends and then hear him say vile and hateful things about them when they are not on the Podcasts later. (Andy Dick, Penn Jillette, Tom Arnold, Kevin Smith, Rob Schnieder, Norm McDonald, Joe Rogan, and on and on) this is not only a sign of poor character but its cowardly too. Oh and he is a totally rude to Dr. Bruce too – I can’t believe that he puts up with it. Why does he need this crap? He is not in the industry, it seems he is just doing Adam a favor by coming in for his segment – which Adam does nothing but Shit on. Is it just me or does it seem like Adam is becoming a total DICK?

  503. Dave Meeth
    Dave Meeth02-03-2012

    Okay – fairly new listener just catching up on the podcast. I don’t know this Kevin Smith guy but, after listening to his arguments on the Feb 1 show he is not a gay – he is a woman. sounded like so many arguments between a sane guy and their wife or lover. And NO, I am not a homophobe. Love the show!

  504. Greg

    As a long time fan of both Adam and Kevin, this was horribly painful. It was really whiny and annoying (from both sides), and although I’m a fan of both, I’m certainly not as big of a fan of Kevin Smith anymore.

  505. Gavin

    Wow, what an awkward Podcast. I love both Podcast networks. But Adam is more less wrong than Kevin Smith. As someone said above me, when matching Adam’s hatred of technology and Kevin being a nerdy stoner made for a clusterfuck of epic proportions

    As Kevin said, it’s a tragedy. This would have been a good TV show. Kev did come off a lot worse after this Podcast though. Shame it didn’t work guys.

  506. G

    I’m done with Kevin Smith.

  507. Mr. Bill
    Mr. Bill02-03-2012

    Boring steaming turd of a podcast, something that should have been left as a private conversation.

  508. Mike

    Geez, how many go-rounds about the same 3 e-mails do we have to listen to? Got to the 20 minute mark of this nit-picky endurance test before moving on. Yuck.

  509. CNS

    Stand up move by K. Smith.

  510. chris

    If Adam says call and you can’t reach him you make sure that you get in touch with him. I won’t say Kevin is a nobody but he ranks a lot lower then Adam in showbiz. And yes that matters

  511. Leroy was...is a bum.
    Leroy was...is a bum.02-04-2012

    Damn, Kevin Smith has almost as many posts as that ball sucker Brody Stevens had.

  512. Dave weighs in
    Dave weighs in02-04-2012

    Nice. Yay.

  513. Mark

    I’ve made two attempts to listen to this all the way through. I gave up both times.

    Pathetic! All noise and bluster and signifying absolutely nothing. This episode goes around and around in circles, micro-analysing the intonations of a perfunctory email and who should have done what and when…

    If I were in the room I would have gotten up and screamed “Why don’t you two stop being such pussies and drop this miserable excuse for a feud?”, and then walked out. Jesus titty-fucking Christ, I’m disappointed that Adam didn’t nip this bullshit in the bud instead of buying into Smith’s egshell-thin ego.

  514. Mantis101

    I gotta say, it pains me that all this happened. Like BB said when your fans of both parties it gets weird when you have to take a side. But that being said, my honest opinion is that Kevin is getting a little to paranoid from all the pot smoking. Lay off the weed Kev its effecting your business. The facts were on the table. It seems like he wasn’t willing to accept any blame in all of this.

  515. Matt

    Kevin made Adam look like a douche – the best Adam could muster in the face of a logical argument was to say he didn’t have Kevin’s # (total BS) and to call Kevin ‘insane’. Wow Adam – great comeback!

    Alison and Brian were pathetic sycophants who couldn’t admit the truth – that their boss f’ed up and lost the deal. At the end of the day, Kevin got the deal – solid proof that Adam was the loser all around.

    Why is Adam such a homophobe – did he get ass-raped as a little boy?

  516. Njoynglyfe

    I did like kev before & thought he was alright but Sadly now,after this podcast and hearing the way that Kevin rationalized the situation-I completely lost all respect for him. He showed his true colors on this podcast. I have so much respect for You Adam-You handled it very well!! I think it showed exactly what happened in between & why Adam didnt get his show. Its all good,You handled it great & positive things will follow,cant say the same for kevin-sending light your way to open up your higher self. Great stuff!!

  517. John

    Every time Adam tried to make a point and if it sounded like that point had some logic behind it, Kevin immediately jumped in and tried to talk OVER Adam with his nonsense. I never realized what a big baby narcissist Kevin Smith is. It really came out in the show. Lot’s of passive aggressive complisults he tried to squeeze in. This episode shows how much class Adam has. He easily could have came down to Kevin’s level of illogical BS but he kept it professional. That’s tough to do when you’ve been screwed out of $500k and the whining baby is the one that actually got paid. Bad times Kevin, you’re a baby. Grow up and stop being so full of yourself.

  518. tim morgan
    tim morgan02-05-2012

    wow just listened to Kevin smith, who I was a fan of, I can’t believe how much he sounds like one of my pot smoking employees, they just don’t have a logical thought, then when they fuck up, they make up some insane backward ass way of justifying. this was a painful podcast, I was hoping for more. thanks kevin smith, for showing what an ass you are. sounded like a a whiny bitch.

  519. The Grantman
    The Grantman02-05-2012

    This was not good podcasting. It was endless boring.

  520. Dr. Drew
    Dr. Drew02-06-2012

    I like Adam a lot, but I’m disappointed in his inability to share blame for the miscommunication. The Fundamental Attribution Error is what I see happening here. Adam is blaming Kevin’s mistakes on dispositional causes (personality flaws), while Adam credits his own mistakes to situational causes (never got the call, didn’t have his phone number).

  521. ross

    I just wasted 2 hours of my life listening to these two fucking assholes argue about nothing. They were both at fault and all they had to do was admit that and let it go.

    • Atticus Finch
      Atticus Finch02-07-2012

      I agree with ross here, that was one of the worst podcasts I have heard from Adam. Kevin Smith kept saying, “This is great pod” and how much everyone listening at home must be loving it, but it drug on like nails on a chalkboard. Thank God it finally ended… let’s move on to funny and interesting stuff.

  522. JPat

    Kevin Smith, huge fan of Adam Carolla, calls Adam “educated.” Hahaha. Isn’t that Adam 101?

  523. Jesse

    I tried to give Kevin Smith every benefit of the doubt on this one, but by the end it was pretty clear who was in the wrong here. He screwed Adam out of a fairly lucrative TV opportunity, and for what? He just decided Adam didn’t like him and was a douche bag. The guy’s obviously got a brilliant imagination, and in this case he let it get away from him. Also, for someone who uses email as his chief modality of communication, he really needs a brush up on email etiquette. “Nice!” does nothing to move a conversation (or a deal) forward. “Call me and I’ll give you the broad strokes,” does. Tough to believe the Ace man is better at email than Kevin Smith but there you have it….unless he was purposely giving Adam an ambiguous response to avoid committing to something with the guy who alienated his audience. Hmmm….

    Smith can’t admit he was wrong because a) screwing someone out of a deal like that based on a completely false assumption is a really shitty thing to do, and Smith likes to think of himself as a stand-up dude, and b) he doesn’t want to deal with cleaning up the mess. Because if he admits to being at fault here, he owes Adam big time. Now he’s got to go into work to his shitty TV show every day knowing it could be so much less shitty if he was teamed up with Ace, and that it’s all his fault.

    He did, at the end, promise Adam a part in his next movie, which I think was his way of apologizing without actually saying the words. If you listen to the whole thing it’s pretty clear they both know what happened, but Smith isn’t about to come right out and fess up to single-handedly screwing up the deal. He’s got to make Adam look at least partially responsible, just so he can sleep at night and save a little bit of face, and maybe even convince a few people that he isn’t full of shit.

    Finally, I have to give Adam props for being as understanding as he was. Considering what Kevin did to him, he should have been much angrier, but he treated Kevin with respect and dignity until things got stupid. When Kevin started blaming Adam for not responding to his “Nice!” email, I wanted to punch him in the face myself. But Adam is a class act and settled for calling him paranoid. Nice.

  524. fanbla72


    a couple of self-entitled, egotistical assholes with too much work and money arguing over scraps like seagulls at the beach.


    thanks for the free content, boys, keep it comin’ and go uckf yourselves.

  525. MuddyG

    Just listened to the podcast. I’m a fan of both Adam and Kevin, and Kevin is 100% in the wrong.

  526. Lloyd

    This was like listening to a couple fight. Adam as the unfeeling logical man and Kevin and the emotional mother who made illogical leaps based on feeling abused.
    Adam was a bit of a dick to Kevin in this episode even though I feel he was right. Pschoanalyzing Kevin seemed very condescending and Adam never acknowledged Kevin’s feelings.
    Kevin was very brave in coming to discuss this and I hope he believes Adam when he said that he will put this behind him.

  527. Melvin

    This is such an interesting argument, interesting because you two sound so stupid. You should’ve called me, no you could’ve called me. Adam and Kevin are both idiots. grow a set and make some money you deuce bags.

  528. dllake

    I’m a HUGE fan of this show, but I feel like Kevin got hung out to dry a little bit. Ultimately, Adam and Kevin both screwed up, and both parties had weird cosmic events occur which prevented them from working together. Both parties mis-interpreted each other. Adam trying to analyze Kevin was a total dick thing to do. I think I may be the few on “Adam’s team” who thinks that it was NOT all Kevin’s fault the deal fell apart.

  529. Kevin of Denver
    Kevin of Denver02-07-2012

    In giving a fair and impartial listening, and being a fan of both… if a winner had to be chosen, it is Kevin Smith. Kevin was right to have the perception that he was totally blown off. Ace doesn’t like to call or emial? Well, that is how EVERYTHING on earth is accomplished. So, ace man, hire an assistant to do the emails and phone calls for you. Hell, it already cost you $500,000 – you could pay an assistant $30K to follow you around and get car parts.

  530. Jackee

    As a young(ish) woman in my late 20’s I apparently don’t demographically fit in to Adam’s “typical” listening audience. Alas! I listen anyway and I have to say that listening to this particular Pcast took some stamina – of which I didn’t have because I had to turn it off half-way. It literally gave me a headache. I will say that even though I mostly side with ACE, I totally understood both sides. It was just a perfect storm of miss-communication. Period – The End….Annnnnd then, Kevin couldn’t let it go – or I should say – then Kevin’s ego got involved. Oi Ve. Just fucking let it go dude.
    P.S. I’m a Realtor and I have to stay on people’s asses all the time. I.E. email or call them until I get the answer I’m looking for. It’s called tenacity and putting my pride aside. And I have yet to loose business for it. Kevin should have called again.

    • jerad

      i hope you certainly ‘loose’ business the first time you email somebody. jesus. or maybe i should have type the first thyme you lose somebody.

  531. RobK

    Finally got around to this epic showdown. That was indeed some good pod. Browsing the comments, I’m a little surprised at the vitriol coming from Adam’s supporters, but then again I’m not. Let’s just say Adam’s fans don’t really reflect well on him as a group.

    I didn’t look at this conversation as an argument that one guy had to win. Personally, I thought Kevin acquitted himself quite well. He sounded a little bitchy and dramatic, but he admitted he can be like that. I found his explanations acceptable though, as they gave a pretty good idea of how he got into the frame of mind he was ultimately in when he finally turned the corner on the idea of working with Adam. It’s easy to see how he thought Adam was being a cock, even if his thinking was based on a lot of miscommunication and incorrect assumptions.

    I listen to the Ace podcast just about everyday so I guess that makes me a fan of Adam. But the guy isn’t perfect. This was just a perfect storm of missteps on both of their parts, maybe a bit more on Kevin’s, but it’s all moot now. Now I can’t decide if a show with the two of them would have been a disaster or must-see TV. It doesn’t sound like we’re ever gonna find out.

    Moral of the story: when in doubt, PICK UP A PHONE for fuck’s sake.