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As the show opens up, Adam rants about trying to help Sonny with his Earth Day homework assignment. He also talks about his invention: the Recyclarolla. Alison then begins the news discussing the death of Dick Clark, and the secret service’s interest in Ted Nugent after his Obama remarks. Adam then complains about a huge sticker on his space heater, and the guys discuss The Bachelor and Bachelorette being sued for racial discrimination.

Kevin Nealon joins the studio next, and talks with Adam about their upcoming benefit performance at the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater. Kevin also talks about moving around a lot as a kid while his dad helped to build helicopters. Later, the guys chat about playing sandlot football, and throwing the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game. Adam then asks Kevin about his journey from standup comedy to Saturday Night Live.

The guys jump to the phone lines, and speak to a caller trying to figure out what he should do for his next career move. Alison then returns to the news with a clip of Kim Kardashian saying she wants to run for the mayor of Glendale. The guys discuss boring city hall meetings, and the show wraps up with Kevin and Adam chatting about the studio remod, Ellen DeGeneres, and whether or not people think Adam is a dick.


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Kardashian for Mayor

Kevin Nealon City Council

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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. halo909

    Adam you look like his child sitting on his lap.

    • Sam

      Best comment of 2012.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee04-19-2012

      Uh Oh!

  2. Geoff

    Get it on, tell mike august to hit up Nealon more often.

  3. Katie



    <3 Katie

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-19-2012

      That’s my worst nightmare!

    • Kainor

      Katie love the picture you rock. Ace I bought a Mangrate a few weeks ago through Amazon I used it at a cook out last weekend and my neighbors were jealous said they had some of the best steak , burgers and grilled onions ever , i directed them to your website afterwards. A good time was had by all. Love you guys.

  4. Randall

    Great show. Extra long, but the last bit was golden. Loved the elephant jokes. Nealon is a great guest.

  5. Brassneck

    After yesterday’s brilliant Alison-free show, it will be even harder to again endure the interruptions, the endless stream of inane questions and, of course, her trademark – the meandering thinking out loud. But thank you for that one magical day of freedom.

    • back sack& Ass crack
      back sack& Ass crack04-19-2012

      Well said Brassneck,took the words out of my mouth!

    • Ashland


    • Ryan

      Fuck off. I love Alison.

    • a

      my god I’m so glad shes back. I could barely listen without her yesterday.

    • Alisor Rosen
      Alisor Rosen04-20-2012

      Alison is a gleaming light in my week-day. Love you Alison!

    • Heath

      I have to disagree, the show without her would’ve sucked if not for all of her drops by Brian.

      When she said “I have a dick shaped hole in my heart” I almost cried laughing at the gym!

    • Dolt

      I thought I was the only one who feels like a cheese grater is running over my brain when I hear her talk. Radio “personalities” like her is the main reason I stopped listening to radio. The shows are much better without her.

      • Hatorade

        Then go listen to something else, jag-off.

  6. MPG

    Huh. Kevin Nealon doesn’t age.

    • MPG

      (as Kevin is feeling proud of himself)
      You know who else didn’t age

      until he had a massive stroke

      and finally died yesterday


  7. LFC

    An over TWO hour show! AWESOME!

  8. IconoClastic

    Picture looks exactly like the poster of the movie Step Brothers.

  9. Kolak

    Lots of commentary about children’s hospital visits and Dick Clark – people you don’t have any personal relationship with. No comments or update about your friend and colleague Larry Miller?

  10. Kristen

    Where’s Dr. Bruce? Haven’t heard him on the show for awhile. Have you guys had a falling out?

    • Joe

      No Bruce was at the Toyota Grand Prix last weekend.

  11. Big T
    Big T04-19-2012

    Ted says all kinds of crazy things all the time, its just the national news saw it this time because they were covering the NRA conference. What he said is nothing out of the ordinary for him.

  12. jg323

    seriously bald brian…stations in the South will refuse to carry the show?..adam says all the time how people do things so they won’t be referred as racists…this isn’t the 60’s baldy…seriously that was the only stupid thing i recall you ever saying…

  13. Chris

    A Kardashian as mayor? I think she should run for mayor of L.A., probably do much better a job than the douche sac in there right now. She would at least figure out how to not spend money on bullshit, like a $250,000 shrub in the middle of a dry sandy highway median. But really, how fucken stupid these rich narcissistic assholes are, thinking they can be politicians.

  14. GuyDudeBro

    I cant stand this guy, Mr cheezel sucks! set up, set up fail.

  15. GOD

    Elephants do NOT belong in a zoo. Nealon is my new hero.

  16. MG

    I enjoy listening to the show on my I-phone while checking out the photos on my PC TV. My point, more photos on the page is better than less. Thanks guys, love the show always, it’s a perfect way to wind down my day.

  17. Jim

    Great show.

    As much as I like Kevin in ‘Weeds’ I would love to see him play a Walter White (Breaking Bad) type role.



    Kevin nealon is funny on weeds.

  19. rosemary

    I just watched “the Hammer” trailer, looks cute. I am going to watch that movie.

  20. Joel M
    Joel M04-19-2012

    I saw Adam in Portland, last time he was here. The boot-straps closing statements were the worst part of the show. Take your closing statements to middle schools around the country, where they might actually do some good. The “adults” that actually are intrigued by your closing statements, are the ones that are too far gone and arent worth the time. Keep the non-funny guests off the show too, by the way.

    • Sam

      Can we get rid of the super-douchey comments too?

  21. Ras

    These show summaries and thumbnails are getting weaker and weaker. Matt you are just mailing it in now

  22. Plunderfull

    You have fulfilled your mandate sir.

  23. Connard

    Now that was some good pod. 2 hours has never gone so quick.

  24. Will T.
    Will T.04-19-2012

    The Dick Clark eulogy was very moving….Dick Clark just rolled over in his DJ booth.

  25. Trick Dickle
    Trick Dickle04-19-2012

    Nealon’s a pretty good guest and I love the podcast, but I think I’ll give this one a miss on the off chance that the much loathed “uh-oh” drop gets played.

  26. Marc

    That was great pod…could have used a little more Alison

  27. Chuck E
    Chuck E04-19-2012

    Great guest. Nealon always delivers.

  28. Kyle

    Love some Nealon. Thanks for the long one.

  29. kennywc

    Judas Priest also hired a singer from a Judas Priest cover band.

  30. DOchemist

    Was that a fart at 43:10?

  31. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks04-19-2012

    Seeing Jason Taylor on DWTS reminded me of a certain scene from Young Frankenstein.

  32. Whitney

    Yay! Kevin Nealon is the BEST! 🙂

  33. Wayne

    Surprisingly great episode. I was dreading Kevin Nealon because he was worst than death on Jay Mohr’s podcast. But Adam brought out the best from him. I guess it just confirms that Jay sucks.

    • Connard

      Is he the douchiest douche to have every have douched?

  34. JessMan

    nealon speaking before the city council just reminds me of his character doug on weeds

  35. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks04-19-2012

    The Nuge lives in Michigan which is why they call him the motor city madman. I live in Michigan and only wish he was in Montana.

  36. Afee

    Still waiting for the Nealon funny to hit me.

  37. Andrew

    Why hell can’t a tv show hire whoever the audiance wants

  38. ap

    every horrible tyler perry show has only blacks, we don’t complain

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-19-2012

      By we you mean Asians, right?

  39. Cameron

    I am not anti zoo. I’m anti inadequate zoo.

  40. Dan

    The Recycle-arolla is a great idea. I have considered doing something similar myself.

  41. j3

    43:11 into today’s show, who farted? Seriously people.

  42. losman

    Worst resort ever “All the hookers are 95” Aliison, thats pure gold.

  43. Yancy Yeater
    Yancy Yeater04-19-2012

    I think my favorite part of the show is Bald Bryan saying “yeah-hah” when Adam drops a spot by surprise.

  44. Alex

    one of the best podcasts in recent history – chemistry with nealon is awesome, havent heard ace man laugh like that in a long time!

  45. John

    Let’s see some pictures/diagrams of the Recyclarolla. Sounds like a winner to me.

  46. Wally

    When are we going to see pictures/video of the new studio? Or, video podcasting again?

  47. Fitzfan

    Wow. Epically long with the Nealon/Carolla crossinterview. Good stuff.

  48. Freeman

    Adam’s show is like junk food that’s secretly good for you. Kevin is the opposite but strangely just as effective. This show was like a comedic assault with Adam rushing you from the front and Kevin’s “ninja” sneak attacks you from behind. Hilariously dangerous double team of laughs.

  49. Ian

    Does this mean Whitey can sue EVERY SHOW on BET and Telemundo? Adam didn’t seem to give it serious thought. He couldn’t be more wrong on this one.

  50. Bob

    oh Ace, where has the “Steven Jobs” gone?

  51. Dan Penny
    Dan Penny04-19-2012

    Nealon addressing the city council on elephants was pure gold.

  52. Terri

    First off I hate that fact that the comments section gets thrown back at you if you have ever typed a line similar to a previous post. Really annoying. Anyway…Adam…WTF, why do you talk over your guests? It’s one thing when you drown out Alison or Bryan but Nealon is really a class act and you hogging the mike is crazy. You aren’t required to make your point each and every time. Let your guests speak…let us hear them.

  53. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll04-19-2012

    What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object?

    Great pod is what happens. Kevin Nealon is a verbal arts akido master in this one, love it.

  54. vah jai nah
    vah jai nah04-19-2012

    nealon is best guest, harlan williams 2nd best guest. “that sounds like a lot of work”

  55. Ryan II
    Ryan II04-19-2012

    Was Nealon passively asking to host a podcast on the ACE network? Green light that shit, and thank the God Adam doesn’t believe in that Alonzo Boden didn’t join up.
    I like Alonzo on the Car Cast, and as a guest on the Flagship, but his format sucks.

  56. Jessiey

    Enjoyed the show today and is it me or has Bryan been at the top of his game lately. “…lesbian in the movie” Nice!

  57. Zach

    I think Nealon may have asked 100+ questions in the last 20 minutes

  58. Somebody

    Kevin was “calling Adam out” on his treatment of people.

  59. Andrea

    Favorite moment of the show is when Kevin asked Adam if he liked people. Adam paused…

  60. Carrie

    Now that’s good pod!

  61. Scotty T
    Scotty T04-19-2012

    I caught “mocha-latto” Alison. Well done. Also, Nealon is the man…

  62. Mike

    what happened to Donny?

  63. Kevin

    Why does Allison continue to crap on Bald Bryan’s drops time after time? She feels entitled. Such a poor sport. I hate her. Can we get a replacement news girl, please?

    • Alex

      seriously, its just a waste of my time

  64. chrisv

    this was the best episode in ages. kevin nealon goes deep. he was a great guest, totally relaxed. you guys have to get him back more often. hilarious episode, and even allison got some good quips in. i like the long form podcasts, and also please consider having the guests sit through the whole podcast. it works great on the joe rogan experiment

  65. Nobody


  66. Gregg Scott
    Gregg Scott04-20-2012

    This is one of the funniest episodes–top 10 for sure–of The Adam Carolla Show ever. I laughed out loud many times. These guys are hilarious together. Completely original and unpredictable.

  67. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac04-20-2012

    Bravo! Outstanding pod! Hearing Adam laugh, getting uncomfortable with Nealon’s questions, Nealon embarrassed by the city hall footage, the continued brother sister tete a’ tete between BB and Alison, all lead to the fastest two hours I ever spent listening to a podcast. You all really brought the funny; I feel like I should’ve paid for this podcast, I’m buying a Mangrate through Amazon today!

  68. Cheap Seats-JustBustinBalls
    Cheap Seats-JustBustinBalls04-20-2012

    Only engaging in arguments you know you can win: Isn’t that the mindset of a bully. You don’t get points for getting in the cage match if your opponent is shackled to their corner. Must be fun for everyone else ‘Uh oh, here it comes….do not engage, it won’t make a difference either way…’

    I really don’t think Adam is an awful person, but for the sake of bustin’ balls I’ll toss out there that his charm is that he’s the Golden Goose…albeit one that shits and jizzes all over the place. Rule #1 Never sell the Golden Goose.

  69. Kristen

    Nealon was a great guest. His questions of Adam at the end were intriguing. Nealon asked Adam about doing his own podcast. Hey Adam, thought about asking Nealon to do a show for ACE broadcasting? I think if Nealon did an interview driven show, it would have great potential.

  70. Jarrett

    Was that Kevin Nealon?

  71. HarrisonM

    Every now and then Allison says “Mm hmm” anyone else think it’s sexy?

  72. con

    goddamn, talk about get it on. 2 hour pod! great guest!

  73. Beth S
    Beth S04-20-2012

    Great Pod!!! Nealon should come back more often.

  74. NACHO

    Surprised no one has mentioned that Nealon was purposely trying to prolong the show by asking a lot of questions. Hilarious!!!! Because of this i’ll forever be a fan of Nealons, he needs to be on more.

  75. TheMidsizeLebowski

    This was a great episode. I love how Nealon always wants to try to get to the bottom of the Aceman, he turns the interview tables and makes Adam get introspective. Kudos to Adam for rolling with it and letting the episode run long rather than just cutting it off.

  76. Yossarian

    Fact remains, Adam lost the CAR challenge on Celebrity Apprentice to the women’s team, with Michael Andretti on his team!!! And accepts no culpability.

  77. Yossarian

    LOVE ME some Kevin Nealon. I want to hear more Nealon interviewing Adam. And part with him being unaware/unimpressed with the new studio was hysterical. 🙂

  78. sloozen1

    Adam Carolla: The nicest asshole Kevin Nealon should be on the show more often. I never knew he was stuffing Jan Hooks, I am jealous… Wish Adam had asked him more about that.

  79. Jim

    Nealon is a great interviewer. I think Adam was asked more questions BY Kevin, than Adam asked OF Kevin. I wonder if Nealon was deflecting back to Adam, so that he didn’t have to answer more quesitons about himself. Interesting strategy. Of course Adam took the bait, because there’s one thing Adam likes discussing, and that’s himself.

  80. butts

    Hah, I love that Adam truly believes he isn’t a total dickhead. Like when he gets into stories about how people always seem to lie about encounters with him, and how he treated them poorly. What a lunatic. Anybody who’s heard him take calls on the show can easily imagine the kind of guy he’d be in person. I mean, has there been a single female caller that he didn’t out as fat almost immediately? Aspergers is a hell of drug.

  81. RobK

    Such a funny episode. Nealon truly is the comedy ninja. He is so mild-mannered that a lot of people probably find it hard to appreciate just how funny he is. Total opposite of Ace, who yells his jokes at the top of his lungs by comparison. Adam’s approach works well for him, obviously, it just couldn’t be more different from Nealon’s. Suggesting to the caller who loved sports and wanted to do something more satisfying for a living “he should make basketballs” was just one of the dozens of off-the-cuff remarks by Kevin that had me cackling like a pothead.

  82. LouE

    Loved this podcast! I was drinking water when Adam was in full elephant mocking and I spewed h2o everywhere! Oh Nealon.. you rock.

  83. LouE

    I’ve read the comments and I love how everyone is playing armchair doctors. Asbergers! Yeah, go tell Dr. Bruce that. He said it himself that it’s not and he’s not afraid to tell Adam what his opinion is even when he knows he’ll get an earful.

  84. James

    Im sure you got the Rode mics from Musicians Friend for free. However, they are not great mics for speech. They are great for acoustic guitar. I believe you had Sure SM 7B’s before? I highly suggest going back to them. They are superior broadcast mics. Just an opinion, no offense implied

  85. Julia

    Kevin Nealon is great – he asked some great questions.

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