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Adam opens the show breaking down all the reasons he hates Rod Stewart’s music. He also rants about the lack of useable creamer in his dressing room at a recent show, and goes on a jag about hot maids. The guys then jump to phones, where Adam offers his thoughts on expensive concert tickets. They also talk to a star struck fan who met Adam after a recent show.

Alison starts up the news by discussing the identity of the man found in pieces around the Hollywood Hills. Later, she shares her joy of cute baby animal videos and reveals more details about the Hedi Klum/Seal split. Larry Miller then tries his luck at the Hypothetical Road Trip Game, only this time he plays against a caller planning a date with a stripper.

Katie Morgan then joins the show, and talks with Adam and the gang about her extensive career as a porn star. The guys also hear about her roots in Reseda, and why ranchero music gives her panic attacks. As the show wraps up, Adam rants about people who put their nose in other people’s business, and the guys have a laugh about porn bloopers.


You can follow today’s guest @TheKatieMorgan. Or visit http://TheKatieMorgan.com

Gabrielle Giffords Retiring

Baby Bat Cleaning

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Simon

    Get it on!

  2. Derp

    Same shirt from the last two episodes?

    • harrybalsanga

      Hey Derp – you do realize that more than 1 per day is recorded. I’m not saying that Adam doesn’t wear the same shirts x days in a row – but fucking realize that he mike record 5 in one day. How the fuck do you think he can be on the road doing shows but still put out a new episode everyday. Put down the bong.

      • Honest Mantona
        Honest Mantona01-29-2012

        Spoken like authentic frontier gibberish. Remember when we were at Fort Dix? The sherrif is a N*gg*er.

        No he’s no one and no one is, but He’s lazy. The Sherrif is lazy and forgot what he’s fighting for. TV money is rich and remember when he was arguing w/ TV money and how stupid they were? Their silly decissions, etc. And be your own boss, etc.


        • Honest Mantona
          Honest Mantona01-29-2012

          Meant to say “no he’s not”.

    • Hammer

      what sort of homo notices what he’s wearing?

  3. Dirty

    That expression says she’s grabbing your ass, Aceman!

    • marco

      More like droppin a digit

  4. Moe

    My god, this Katie Morgan’s chick voice.
    Almost sounds like a parody or something.

    • Wilson

      Did they have a helium leak at Ace Broadcasting? Dear God what an annoying voice

  5. Keeg

    ACE man, Brian, Alison, Larry great show.

  6. Ledgewood

    Did this whole issue with Kevin Smith happen when Adam was doing his “most-downloaded podcast” campaign? Perhaps he felt spited by the whole thing and got pissy. HmmmmmMMMMmmmm…

  7. Ledgewood

    “I thought you meant the Justice League.”


  8. Dean

    Not only are maids not what they once where but when I was a kid the stewardesses were young and good looking but now they look like they haven’t hired anyone new since.

  9. matt peters
    matt peters01-27-2012

    I want to talc Adam up.

  10. hmm

    I hate the hypothetical roadtrip game.

    • TheMidsizeLebowski

      Couldn’t agree more. I love Larry Miller, but he really needs a new bit. Hypothetical Road Trip got old a loooong time ago. Also, why not have Larry Miller on the show more often, if not every day? Is it a crowding issue? I never get the “there’s too many voices in that studio” vibe when he’s on.

  11. No Comments
    No Comments01-27-2012

    whys the board so empty?

    • DrClown

      probably because comments are moderated

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle01-30-2012

        Not probably, it is because of.

  12. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee01-27-2012

    Hi to Super Fan Molly

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-27-2012

      She would reply but she’s too busy eating.

    • Molly

      hahah mean! HI though

      • marco

        Where’s Waldo?

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle01-30-2012

        I’m sorry, that was mean. I’m just jealous because you got to meet and talk to Ace and I didn’t.

      • Stacey E
        Stacey E01-30-2012

        cool, can she replace psycho boy? I don’t hate her. I bet she won’t call every time there’s a guest host and declare that she taped every one of the old Loveline shows. God—- “what an accomplishment”.
        A new “superfan” that doesn’t make me want to puke. She gets the job.

  13. black_devil

    YYYYEEESSS !!!!!!!

  14. black_devil

    adam more katie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. reb

    wow; is that ever a something-sexually-creepy-happened-to-me-at-twelve-years-old voice.

    • G

      Where’s Dr. Drew when we need him?

  16. Izzy

    I love hazelnut creamer in my coffee. I drink it while eating my glazed donuts. They should know,though,that men never use flavored creamer.

  17. RickWinkle

    This chick is annoying. I hope Carolla plowed her though.

  18. Caveman73

    WTF Alison? Baby bats, really?

  19. Tony from DC
    Tony from DC01-27-2012

    Adam’s praise for Tom Waits as a lyricist pretty much made my morning.

    • Ghost of Donny
      Ghost of Donny01-27-2012

      Your praise of Adam’s praise of Tom Waits as a lyricist just made my day Broseph!

      • Jonesin44

        Your praise of Tony’s praise of Adam’s praise of Tom Waits as a lyrcist just made my weekend. GET IT ON!

  20. Balki

    I’ve beat off to Katie Morgan before… might have to again tonight.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-27-2012


  21. Scott

    c’mon Alison, a little distasteful with the Gabrielle Giffords comment…of course she’s not faking it – she got shot in the fucking head!

    Otherwise, great show.

    • WhattheWhat

      Wow, could you be MORE uptight?

  22. josh lake
    josh lake01-27-2012

    Had to be done… Sorry Larry


    • big jim
      big jim01-27-2012

      Ha! Good one, Josh.

    • Anon#1

      Amazing work!!!

    • Wilson

      Great work josh! bushtastic

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-30-2012

      Now that’s comedy.

  23. ramon

    oh my lord. After years of listening to loveline, the second she started talking, I was immediately uncomfortable.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-30-2012

      I was immediately aroused.

  24. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee01-27-2012

    Giuseppe Jizzlugi – Classic Ace

  25. Mike

    Love me some Katie. Good POD Ace!

  26. Robey

    Please remove that horrific photo of Rocket-Rod Stewart. I had dry heaves for approximately 3 minutes before finally my late morning decaf coffee was expelled into the trash can after having accidently clicked on that…

  27. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.01-27-2012

    Can someone tell me how long the Rod Stewart/music analyzing goes on for? (So I can fast forward.) I can’t stand it when Adam complains about a song/artist and then makes us listen to it…

    • Cyrus

      then what the fuck do you listen to the podcast for? are you retarded?

      • Logic.

        You’re totally right, Cyrus. If you find one segment of the podcast annoying, you should stop listening to it totally. Dumbass.

    • marco

      Don’t know – at least 6 minutes, that’s how far I FF’d – seemed to do the trick

  28. Berk

    Just a heads up to people who are interested about a different version of the Ace Broadcasting fallout with Donny, if you listen to last week’s episode of The Film Vault; BB and Anderson have Dave Dameshek on there and they talk/kinda allude to why DOT, TFV, and Spider and the Henchmen didn’t stay with Ace Broadcasting. Doesn’t villainize anyone in particular but paints a pretty decent picture in my mind why things happened the way they did. Good podcasting Ace and Co, and thanks.

  29. Mick from Seattle
    Mick from Seattle01-27-2012

    Sooo Aceman, you’re commanding much higher prices this year on tour, eh? 170 bucks general admission in Seattle, and 80 for balcony…..$230 for floor seating..? I mean, yes it’s the Moore, but hand to god none of your real fans can pay that….consequently the audience won’t be to your liking (aka level of inebriation/low levels of humour)

    I bid you adieu.

    Well until tomorrow anyway

    • Listener

      Are you buying post-sell-out tickets from a broker or something? Mine were about $33 each.

  30. JessMan

    yea thanks for the ron jeremy pic. cuz i didn’t know what he looks like

  31. Andrew

    Alison is getting hotter and hotter everyday.

  32. Alaistar

    Very good show today. Nice to finally see a porn chick who can carry a conversation.

  33. Dave

    She’s got a nice rack. I want to make friends with it.

  34. chantall

    Holy Crap is her voice annoying! Terrible guest, please dont’ book her again.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-27-2012

      If that voice was coming from a big fat mess it would be annoying. Coming from Katie Morgan, it is so f***ing hot. If hearing her talk about sex doesn’t turn you on you are gay.

  35. No

    If you can make it until the end of this episode listening to that chick, you deserve a purple heart…

  36. Steve

    In Rod Stewart’s defense, he also wrote Maggie May, and Forever Young.

    • Nick Namenone
      Nick Namenone01-27-2012

      Bob Dylan wrote “Forever Young”. Not Rod.

      • annie

        bob dylan wrote a different song called forever young stewart just stold the title. i do prefer dylan’s song.

  37. FAN

    Uh! That fucking voice!

  38. Matt

    I keep expecting her to say “Walk towards the light, Carolanne”

  39. black_devil

    come on guys let me take this quote from him in this podcast:

    “..the only way to top that would be to clean the ears of a baby bat with a q-tip….”

    is that even comedy ??? i understand he’s old but that’s not funny in any century …. i don’t understand why adam keeps him in the podcast. he is only bringing him down….

    PLEASE GET RID OF HIM NOW !!!! how many of you carolla fan’s agree???

    • Basketball Jesus
      Basketball Jesus01-28-2012

      Nah, completely disagree.

  40. Avery

    Is Corolla that desperate for a guest that he has to interview this fake titted porn whore? I’m sad that she never contracted AIDS.

    • Boner Sling
      Boner Sling02-01-2012

      My thoughts exactly. What’s next, is the Snookie going to call in? Maybe we could dig up the corpse of Anna Nicole Smith and see what that whore has to say.

  41. McNutsack

    Rod Stewart, Ron Jeramy, and a jizz booger….funny and disgusting podcast

  42. Tim

    My impression of every retired pron star ever: “I used to make movies. now, I breathe and look around, and get confused when people are saying things called “jokes.”

  43. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle01-27-2012

    You can just see Adam filling his spank bank in that picture.

  44. Blaze446

    Wow…her voice is horrible.

  45. Bobby

    When Adam was talking about the ticket prices & the Mercedes that sold for 4.3 million all he really needed to say was, supply and demand. A “fair” price in a free market is exactly the point at which buyer and seller agree. Something is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it and that is always determined by supply and demand. So it makes no economic sense to say “that power forward is not worth eight million a year”. In fact, he’s worth every penny that the owner is willing to pay him. It may ostensibly seem too high (but it’s not if the owner is willing to pay it) or too low (but it’s not if the player accepts it).

  46. Dick Trickle
    Dick Trickle01-27-2012

    “Good Cassius how ya doing!?” Couldn’t stop laughing… Love the Ace Man!

  47. jcar747

    Ugh…just read the comments. Haven’t listened yet, but there is MORE ranting about music he doesn’t like? Let me guess: THAT SONG IS THE WORST!!!! IT’S HOOORRRRRRIIIBBBLLLLEEEE. UUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!! “Insert artist-du-jours name here” SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT BEHIND A SHELL STATION AND GANG RAPED BY A PRISON BUS FULL OF BLACKS!!! PLEASE……EVERYONE……..ONLY LISTEN TO “insert MY new favorite artists name here”

    • marco

      Toby Keith?

  48. Dick Face
    Dick Face01-27-2012

    Adam this is radio, but you have a website so you need to change your shirt for the guest picture…lol

  49. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-27-2012

    This has nothing to do with the Super Bowl, which means it was recorded earlier.

    A show girl arrives at Gene Burns’ dressing room. She says “I’m here to offer you super sex”.

    And he responds “I’ll take the soup”.

    Right choice, I think.

  50. a


  51. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-27-2012

    One correction, an “extensive career” as a porn star should read “intensive”.

    Comment moderation is enabled. Your comment may take some time to appear.

  52. andy

    Good pod… Oh god that chick is totally CHIPWRECKED. Ugh.

  53. Ace

    Goddamn what a punch of whiny faggots in here, go was your pussies the lot of ya!!
    The comment about tossing the baby bat into a Cuisinart had me doubled over I was laughing so hard. While not everyone can be a fan of Larrys, I find him to be highly entertaining, his podcast “This Week with Larry Miller” is something I look forward to listening to.
    I look at it this way, I get 5 FREE shows a week that are easily better than anything on terretrial or satellite radio. And I get to listen to it while I work, which always make the day go by much faster.

  54. oscar

    people come here to bitch about a free show? go watch tv then and let us enjoy this show, who cares what he’s wearing they mention on more that one occasion by adam that he wears the same stuff.

  55. Sig

    That chick was definitely molested. None of these chicks admit it while they’re trying to plug their shit of course. They don’t want to be a party pooper.

  56. db

    I feel like Allison has really stepped up her game in the last few weeks. She’s really been contributing to the show in the comedy department far more than teresa ever did.

  57. Cyrus

    You people bitching about her voice need to get over yourselves. I hear way more annoying voices than hers on a daily basis.

  58. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac01-28-2012

    Bryan! “No pie zone.” Nailed it, hah!

  59. jThomas

    Kind of rude of Adam to hang up on that caller

  60. babybat

    I liked Katie Morgan better when she was Chelsea Handler on helium.

  61. Blah Blah Blog
    Blah Blah Blog01-28-2012

    Remember when Adam used to be funny? Now he is just angry.

  62. Leroy was...is a bum.
    Leroy was...is a bum.01-28-2012

    I would love to drag a KFC biscuit up and down Katie Morgans heavily used snatch.

  63. banned

    Corporate tax revenue in 2010 was 27% smaller than 2000, even though corporate profits are up 60 percent over the last decade.

    This has been moderated for your protection, you thinned skinned red necks, COWARDS

  64. adam is stupid/greedy
    adam is stupid/greedy01-28-2012

    Wow, well what do you expect with a person proud about not reading. mitt the twit paid 3 million in taxes, for not getting out of bed. adam the genius CLAIMS the average tax payer pays 6,000. “Well mitt pays more so it’s great!” Run adam run! leader of the idiots.

    Is the cost of milk the same for the average Joe and mitt the twit? (does mitt the twit ever fight in a war?)

    I know they hand over the same amount of cash, IF they purchase from the same store.

    Is the cost the same to each person?

    If you are an idiot you say yes, if you have a brain, it is not the same.

    If one has to explain further, THEN you are an idiot!

    MODERATED for the idiots !

    • Alta Dena
      Alta Dena01-29-2012

      Whole milk costs $4.69 a gallon. That is the same cost, in dollars, for you and for all the homeless junkies you aspire to be one day.

  65. Honest Mantona
    Honest Mantona01-28-2012

    I click on the link, on the main page, but don’t get here, I have to click on picture, which is not cool — totally F’d up.

    I am not an idiot, and nor are you, you’re being ripped off right now. This site is F’d up.

  66. Reb

    What a bore. Five minutes with one ”porn star” is enough for a lifetime.

  67. TS

    Morgan was very likable, you should have her back sometime.

  68. Peggy

    Unlistenable… after you-know-who showed up.

  69. Honest Mantona
    Honest Mantona01-29-2012

    About trance music in clubs, the good stuff is a rift on adagio string music. They play it double time, double beats, “Trump a thump a dump’.

    And other artists overlay it with professional sopranos. So it’s not that bad. Classical music molested by moderniy.

  70. Honest Mantona
    Honest Mantona01-29-2012

    I did not type “make”. This “let’s autocorrect mistakes” for stupid people is F’ing up the Internet.

  71. donewithidiots

    Foreman also claimed he was dehydrated because of possibly being poisoned. Being in Africa, just drinking the damn water probably made him sick as hell. When a guy like him gets beaten like he got beat, it’s mentally destroying. Ali’s entourage was known for being scum bags, so poisoning is not out of the question. Hell, in Brazil the MMA fighters are still loading their gloves, and hiding weapons.

  72. Wally

    Adam you’re not allowed to speak of Tom Waits. Stay lowbrow.

  73. steve

    It is amazing how pornstars, and women in general age. Before I knew who or what Katie Morgan did, I thought she was a mid-40s chick. Turns out she is 31.

  74. Rushbaby

    horrible guest…Adam you are better than this crap. If I wanted to listen to stuff like this, I could dig out an old Howard Stern cassette from 20 years ago and pretend i was 20 again.

  75. N Walker
    N Walker01-31-2012

    I will be honest I was really hoping Katie would have done the whole show topless.

    • douchebagel

      Yeah, cuz boobs are great when you can only hear them instead of seeing them. That’s great pod!

  76. MC White
    MC White02-01-2012

    Another female porn star (thanks) and yet again, the lame question: “Did you ever have sex with Ron Jeremy?” Uhh, you do realize that Ron J has not had regular on camera sex action, since about 1990?!!! I might be a bit off on the years, but def for the last 10 years or so, he’s been virtually non-present in front of the camera, with no clothes. Every once in a while I’ll see a new screen shot or hear a whisper about him having sex in front of the camera, but for all intents and purposes, Ron Jeremy is off the “fuck list.” Can I get an amen? Many, if not most current or new porn stars were born after 1990. So the answer is gonna be 99% no. ‘kay? Go ahead and ask Christy Canyon, and all the other Legend Sluts of the Industry, but Please (AND THIS GOES OUT TO ALL RADIO DJ’S AND PERSONALITIES) stop asking this incredibly LAME and unnecessary question.

    Not to mention, since Porn is catered to men, and women who like to see hot men on screen, we don’t fucking care about a fat guy having sex on camera, no matter how much of an icon he is!!!

    Thanks from true Porn Fans.

  77. Molotov Cocktease
    Molotov Cocktease02-01-2012

    Classic… she didn’t know that much weed would be a big deal. No one is that dumb.

    Also, that voice can’t be real, unless that’s what drinking gallons of semen does to your throat, which explains the high-pitch gay voice too. Science… it works.

  78. Kevin

    I love Ron’s brassiere of body fro; now that’s man-scaping at its finest!

  79. Hood

    You can get some fab hot dogs near victory and tampa.

  80. Dave C
    Dave C03-09-2012

    Good call on the Italian cruise ship ACE, that shit DID happen twice, 2 major emergencies within months!

  81. Jilbers

    Larry makes this un-listenable. So confused as to why Adam thinks this hack is funny

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