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As the show opens up, Adam’s wife Lynette and her co-host Stefanie Wilder Taylor discuss their new podcast, ‘For Crying Out Loud.’ Adam also talks about his experience getting a massage earlier in the day, and rehashes the infamous coffee mug argument. Later, he talks with Stefanie about whether or not people can change, and Alison reads a news story about South Floridians banning leaf blowers.

Comedian Kathleen Madigan joins the show next, and based on a bit from her stand up routine, the group begins discussing Oprah’s narcissism. Adam also asks Kathleen about her experience on the USO tour in Afghanistan, and she shares her thoughts about the condition of the country, and why she couldn’t get good KFC overseas.

Alison then reopens the news with updates on Amanda Knox’s appeal to the charges of her murdering her roommate. The guys all discuss how difficult it is to tell if someone is lying, and Adam is surprised there isn’t a better way of tracking this in our judicial system. They also talk about some of the updates on the Conrad Murray trial, and the show wraps up with the group discussing the troubled life of Michael Jackson.


Purchase ‘Gone Madigan’ off of Amazon, and be sure to visit www.KathleenMadigan.com

Also stay tuned for ‘For Crying Out Loud,’ premiering Monday October 17th on the ACE Broadcasting network.

Jackson Interview

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  1. Chad

    Lynette is doing another podcast..huh..

  2. James

    Love the new kid’s drops!!

  3. Virgil

    Damn, Adam! You look just like Andre the Giant in that picture.

  4. MPG

    Bryan, you should present that rather heated argument with Ace Man to Anderson as PROOF that you AREN’T a boot-licker.

    It was a passionate argument ABOUT LEAF BLOWERS. YEAH.

  5. Bob Ganoosh
    Bob Ganoosh10-05-2011

    Stefanie was terrible Ace puts her in her place

  6. Peter B
    Peter B10-05-2011

    Are you fucking kidding me? Banning leaf blowers because they disperse dust? What the hell is going on? This kind of trite crap is a waste of space. Leave people alone. Complaining about second hand smoke laws as an excuse to create more laws? We are really in a shortage of micro laws. How the hell did we ever survive before this kind of health paranoia? Everyone must have died at 4 before all of these pathetic laws. Adam has some great ideas but these kinds of ideas are a giant pile of feces. Get a grip already. Damn living to long on the left coast does cause cranial damage.
    People are dying all over because of leaf blowers and second hand smoke? All those people just falling over dead all day proves it right? Our species is doomed with this rampant idiocy.

  7. crobin11

    In pic three are they really protesting Josh Gardner?

    • J-Bob

      Nicely done crobin.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-05-2011

      The Mexican community just doesn’t appreciate deaf humor.

  8. Mike

    I’m 18 minutes in and I want to send Stefanie out shopping for my pot roast dinner

  9. Page

    If women that never want kids are a little crazy its probably a good thing we don’t ever have kids… am I right???

  10. RJ

    Replace Allison with Lynette

  11. Mike

    For the love of god, please change up the default stripper tune, Cherry pie is getting old, may I suggest Girls, Girls, Girls..Motle Crüe

  12. Bill


    look forward to hearing that drop for years to come!

  13. Tyler

    Bryan’s right.

  14. Connard

    New Kids in the Drops

  15. JimmyK


    You married a woman that can beatbox!

    You are TRULY the MAN!

  16. Siv

    Have the authors of “Willpower” on the show. “Self-control is the best predictor of a successful life…”Willpower”is filled with advice about what to do with your willpower. Build up its strength, the authors suggest, with small but regular exercises, like tidiness and good posture.”

  17. flaco

    “Flatulator’s” ears must be burning.

    • Flatulator

      I want money for being mentioned on the show. At least send me a Mangrate or some Jeremiah Weed.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle10-05-2011

        I would rather go down on Flatulator’s Mom than listen to Stefanie.

  18. Mr. Roboto
    Mr. Roboto10-05-2011

    It’s nice that Bryan argues with Ace, but that argument was past retarded.

  19. Dick Face
    Dick Face10-05-2011

    Stefanie Wilder Taylor! Damn I would love to hit that!

  20. snake

    Girls girls girls is loveline, cherry pie acs

  21. Balki

    You can’t polish a turd. It’s still shit. Parent Experiment or whatever it’s called now is still something no one wants to listen to. Retarded women who have nannies for their kids talking about parenting might be the most ludicrous idea ever.

  22. LOLZ

    The Part-time Parent Excrement is changing names to try and fool people into giving a listen or subscribing on itunes? LOLZ expect another new name in 4-5 months

  23. Roy G Biv
    Roy G Biv10-05-2011

    Mohr Stories! It’s the #1 comedy podcast!

  24. Ledgewood

    Bring back According to Jim!

  25. Minesh

    Bryan, you’re insane. If no one can use a leaf blower, then they can’t do as many lawns/day. To make the same money each day, they have to raise the rate/lawn.

  26. Mark

    Tits looking good SWT

    • Ryan II
      Ryan II10-05-2011


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-05-2011


  27. red from pdx
    red from pdx10-05-2011

    Bryan has no sense of economics in business. Have him go back to his beloved USC and start taking economics classes with 101.

  28. Tyler

    So, fellas, How many of you think Amanda Knox is a solid 6.5, and would still hit it?

    You make me sick.

    • KC

      Yes sir, I accept that I make you sick.

  29. Andres

    Adam, I usually agree with you, but regarding the leaf-blower argument, Brian’s right.

  30. Vince

    Parenting advice has gotten out of hand. The only advice I’ve ever taken was Ace’s method to keep my daughter off the pole. Remember, we’ve got millions of years of parenting instinct to fall back on. Or 6000 years if you ask the church…

  31. mdokane

    No Bryan is not insane, red. Lawn care is a non-essential cost to home owners, so saying the price level will be increased in order to compensate for the leaf blower regulation is NOT analogous to car airbags, because people can’t live without a fucking car (especially in LA).

    People CAN live without lawn care service, however, and at a certain price level, lower income customers will start to say “no, I think I’ll rake my own leaves, thanks”. So the lawncare people are forced into a decision of “more lawns for less money, or less lawns for more money” and over time, the second option will become impossible as more and more lawncare services take business away via undercutting.

  32. margo

    if the LA city council thought they could pull a fast one in improvement by changing the name ‘south central’ to ‘south LA’ and think we wouldn’t notice all the infamous aspects; then why the fuck do they think there abortion of a show (TPE) is gonna have a better success rate with a name change ?

    • adamsunibrow

      The Ace man dropped DOT and Spidey and Hench and yet this abortion of a show is still on. I guess Adam needs to keep Lynette busy…..and since I’m at it….she’s a bit of a butter face…teehee…

  33. DerVorbote

    It’s interesting that Adam thinks the Government is too retarded to accomplish the simplest of things, from building permits to the DMV, to traffic lights to security scans. Yet, executing people? They could be right on top of that one, no sweat.

  34. Jiles

    Fuck that bitch! People change all the time. I have, my wife has, my sister has, my employees have. This is her excuse to never try to change.

  35. MC

    Ah fake parenting advice from fake parents…nothing quite like it. If you don’t have a job and still have a nanny because you don’t want to raise your kids yourself you’re not a real parent and I pray to god no one is taking advice from you seriously

    • Graham Wellington
      Graham Wellington10-05-2011

      ^ Fake podcasting advice from a fake commenter

    • Petr Sykora
      Petr Sykora10-05-2011

      Has Lynette ever done yardwork? Has she ever had a real job? Telling the nanny and the maid what to do doesn’t count.

  36. jackrodwell83

    wow. lets send this cunt to the front lines then. making fun of front line troops is weird. take her ugly ass and drop her in the middle of khost . signed capt. in the marine corps

  37. Judy Grinder
    Judy Grinder10-05-2011

    Is Adam going to do Saturday Night Live when the goes to New York for two weeks??? I hope so.

  38. jackrodwell83

    kathleen looks like a cross between a monkey a jew and allison rossen

  39. Big T
    Big T10-05-2011

    Aceman, keep your wife off your network. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but she is not fit to be an entertainer nor is her cunty friend. WHat has gotten into you? Some pirate ship this turned out to be.

  40. Brett

    Congrates Flatulator I’m jealous!

  41. Ryan II
    Ryan II10-05-2011

    Anyone notice that Adam of,”where the fuck were the parents?” fame, today shit on his longstanding point?He did this early in the show while talking to the large breasted stefanie wilder taylor. AND THEN the aforementioned large breasted woman who has been hosting an advice show, (presumably to help people, and get them to CHANGE) shit on her own purpose, by declaring that people don’t change.

    • Graham Wellington
      Graham Wellington10-05-2011

      I think you were distracted by her chest when you wrote this.

      • Ryan II
        Ryan II10-05-2011

        Shows how much you know.

        • Graham Wellington
          Graham Wellington10-05-2011

          I at least know how to read my comment before I hit the submit button.

          • Poochie's Uncle
            Poochie's Uncle10-05-2011

            I was distracted by her chest while reading this.

  42. Connard

    Anyone notice that Ace’s initials are the same as Amanda Cnox’s? Trippy

    • charley

      that’s amazing

  43. db

    Great another Lynette podcast…should really just stick to the ACS.

  44. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper10-05-2011

    Ha! Adam got a facial. I knew he loved that gay porn stuff.

  45. Susie

    Love Lynette, but Stephanie was hard to listen to..

    • Kristen

      Agreed. Love Lynette and The Parent Experiment, but absolutely cannot stand the highly critical, bitchy and annoying Stephanie.

  46. Susie

    Oh I’d love to win Bald Bryan in the Ebay bid!!

  47. Barry Soetoro
    Barry Soetoro10-05-2011

    Wow, bald Bryan sounded really dumb today. He lacks common sense that too many people lack nowadays.

    Leaf blowers are legal because of the mexicans would cry racism if you went after it,

    The government lovesmillegal immigration.

    Divide and conquer. Oldest trick in the book.

    • LeafBlowersBlow

      Yeah, I get what Brian was trying to argue, that people will still undercut. But heres the thing. When they come to your house and offer you a flat rate for your yard. Its not $30 for EVERY yard. They come in, look around, ask what you want done, and come up with a price based on the time they think it will take. Thus if raking leafs takes longer then blowing, more time will be added on. The overall price will go up, while they will also absorb some of the cost.

  48. Ben

    Stefanie….typical lazy woman. Uses the excuse of “oh, that’s just the way I am…I can’t change.” Complete horseshit! It’s that attitude that has created our fucked up society in America. Why can’t people put effort into making their lives better and easier. So stupid. If I ever listen to anything that woman says again, I will do the opposite of whatever advise she pukes out. REtards EVERYWHERE!!!!

    • Woman are lazy
      Woman are lazy10-05-2011

      Ben You are so right… Stephanie, you are lazy, and Adam was totally right about what he was saying. Saying you cant change is a lazy person’s excuse. Some of the best things in my life have been my ability to change bad habits and philosophies by accepting that I could be wrong, and just like Adam says, I was willing to hear someone correct me (after a logical argument), and not be offended by it.

      • It's a new world
        It's a new world10-05-2011

        …and Oprah has something to do with it.

        Now America is full of lazy, useless women, incapable of doing anything, who believe they are entitled to have everything fall into place around them.

        Meanwhile they couldn’t even exist if they didn’t have a bunch of men to leech off of.

        To hear these stupid bitches attempt to articulate their excuses for never doing anything useful or helpful is hysterical.

  49. Enoch the Wise
    Enoch the Wise10-05-2011

    Did anyone hear the huge fart Alison ripped during the leaf blower conversation?

    I thought I hard Bumbling Bryan gag on it.

  50. Bitch has a Nanny
    Bitch has a Nanny10-05-2011

    How valuable is parenting advice when it’s coming from someone that pays an illegal to raise their kids?

  51. Brett

    Love BB vs Ace arguments!

  52. Edweedo

    Bryan, shut the fuck up r.e. leafblowers. Those things suck. I’ll stand on your sidewalk and run a leafblower. . .

    For fucks sake, you’ve lived Radio for how many years? You really like a loud, droning sound in ear-shot?

  53. Blistered Vulva
    Blistered Vulva10-05-2011

    Leaf-blowers, Alison’s cunt, Ace’s whiny voice, ald Bryan’s brain cancer, those other retards in the background, it’s the stuff of podcast magic. Especially Alison’s cunt.

  54. Ajid

    All my friends’ wives are like Stefanie. One never replaces the empty toilet roll, one leaves gargabe on the counter instead of putting it in the dishwasher, one leaves hand towels bunched up on the counter or elsewhere so they can attempt to “dry” somehow curled up in their own moist…ness…
    They all say the same thing ” why are you trying to change me? why can’t you just accept me for who I am?” to which i always respond… “I can’t accept that anyone can be that stupid and lazy…. sorry” They don’t all like me much.

  55. ken

    I usually agree with what Bryan has to say, but Adam is right. Bryan, you don’t know what the eff you are talking about.

  56. vinny

    You ever wake up in the middle of the night to the sounds of two alley cats clawing each other to death outside your bedroom window? That’s what it’s like listening to Lynette and Stephanie talk. Please do not allow them on this show again….

  57. Marynia

    Ace, I’m begging you-do not bring the wife and the other dumb lazy chick to the podcast again. I love the your show but those ladies sound like they belong in a completely different fairytale. Especially Stephanie.

  58. liz


    Gas Powered Leaf Blower Enforcement

    Gas powered leaf blowers increase the presence of airborne particles, which may cause problems for persons suffering from asthma, hay fever, or other upper respiratory ailments.

    Los Angeles Municipal (LAMC) Section 112. 04 (c) bans the use of the gas powered leaf blower device to minimize the nuisance and health related problems attributed to this type of equipment.

    112.04(c) LAMC
    The following ordinance became effective on February 13, 1998:

    “No gas powered blower shall be used within 500 feet of a residence at anytime. Both the user of such a blower as well as the individual who contracted for the services of the user if any, shall be subject to the requirements of and penalty provisions for this ordinance. Violation of the provisions of this subsection shall be punishable as an infraction in an amount not to exceed One Hundred Dollars($100).”

    This section does not preclude anyone from using other devices such as a gas powered vacuum device or electric leaf blower.

    Officers enforce Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 112.04(c) in the same manner as any other infraction.

    The Los Angeles Police Department has primary enforcement responsibility for this Ordinance. Community members may also register complaints with the Street Use Inspection Division, Department of Public Works, at 1-800-996-CITY (Leaf blower Complaint Line).

    An officer who responds to a radio call and/or otherwise observes anyone operating a gas powered leaf blower within 500 feet of a residence within the City of Los Angeles, may take the following enforcement action:

    *Inform the operator of the leaf blower that they are in violation of Section 112.04(c) LAMC.

  59. andy

    Alison can wash my car!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-05-2011

      By saying car, you mean penis, right?

  60. Cancer ate his brain
    Cancer ate his brain10-05-2011

    The flaw in Bryan’s argument is that landscaping isn’t exactly a high margin business. If the cost of doing a job goes up, the prices have to go up or the landscaper will lose money on the job.

    So even though it’s competitive, they’d all have to raise prices just to remain profitable.

    But a lot of his brain is missing.

  61. Buzz Bissinger
    Buzz Bissinger10-05-2011

    Sorry, but that Stefanie woman is an annoying cooze.

  62. cacahd

    The EPA has said that “Don’t get Adam in an argument because his noise level goes above 75 decibels” TOO LOUD

  63. Midnight Toker
    Midnight Toker10-05-2011

    What the fuck Ace? No mention of Steve Miller’s birthday today?

    Take the money and run.

  64. Devil's Advocate
    Devil's Advocate10-05-2011

    I am here to back Bald Bryan!

    I work in the transportation industry so I have experience in this. Transportation is a tough business because of all the competition. When fuel prices go up or we have new regulations that require us to change it usually cost us more to operate. It is true that eventually the prices for everybody will go up but for a year the freight prices will remain the same. You are discounting the fact a lot of these lawn care companies will have contracted rates already in place for there patrons. So when these new regulations are made a law, the lawn care (or transportation) company will have to absorb the cost for sometime until the prices are negotiated again. Many of the smaller companies will be be run in to the ground because they can not absorb the added cost as long as the larger companies.

    This happens with freight rates and fuel surcharge all the time.

    Bryan is right in saying the companies will most likely charge the same price. Not forever but for quite awhile.

    Adam is right in the price will go up, eventually.

    • Zapoli

      In general, people charge as much as the market will bear, which is driven by supply and demand, not cost of production.

      Only if increased costs eventually put some suppliers’ out of business — lowering supply relative to demand — would prices then increase. But even then, it could be by more or by less than whatever the costs were. There is no direct “passing costs onto the customer” in an open market.

      But whatever. The price should go up anyway. Blowing shit all over the place with loud, 2-stroke internal combustion engines is no-reward pollution and a goddam nuisance. It would not be “free” even if it cost nothing.

    • cow12

      i have to totally disagree on multiple points. 1. most of transportation is on fuel surcharge. fuel gets passed through with a 2 week lag. the industry has adopted this. even though 2008 was a buyer’s market for freight, most contracts were renegotiated to have a free-floating fuel surcharge. 2. moreover, existing contracts dont matter, the market price is set by new customers/contracts. every new customer will see an increase, and that’s the current market price. the contract that was set 9mo ago is irrelevant to current negotiations.

      assuming the leafblowers are outlawed tomorrow, every guy who takes care of laws will need say 30% more time to finish a lawn. this implies that person can do 30% less lawns per day. to make that up prices will go up 30%. whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market is only relevant to the magnitude of the increase. in a buyer’s market prices will go up, but probably a little less than 30%, the lawn ppl will have to eat some of the increase. in a seller’s market prices will go up a little more than 30%, over time the increase will be about 30%.

  65. Enohead

    Kathleen Madigan is one of those performers that I totally forget how much I dig.

    • AfghanIStained

      Kathleen is spelled Catherine, unless you’re black.

  66. KIng T
    KIng T10-05-2011

    Nothing makes me happier than a big, sloppy meat sandwich – hold the sandwich!

  67. J-Bob

    What about electric leaf blowers? They are still loud but they don’t have that 2 stroke engine sound. They sound more like having vacuum cleaner outside. My electric leaf blower can’t be any louder than a lawn mower or weed trimmer, so what is the problem?

  68. Super Seattlite
    Super Seattlite10-05-2011

    You want an uncomfortable montage of interviewers?

    Look no further than Ace interviewing Ed Asner…

  69. J-Bob

    Is it wrong that I am wildly attracted to Kathleen Madigan?

    P.S. I mentioned the other day that Alison should put her boots up for bid to the fans and now her and B.B. are putting themselves up for bid. I wish I lived in S. Cal so I could watch Alison wash my truck (in the boots of course) but WTF, where are the boots on e-bay?

  70. stnuntrnd

    Posted paragraph about upcoming Live Shows still mentions Austin and Dallas in Oct, but the venue calendars say “cancelled” .

  71. panaqua


  72. Chuck

    her voice is scratchy but sexy.

    loved the SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS drop at the end.

    Bald Bryan, cna you post a downloadable “greatest drops ever” segment?>

    1) take a moment to be quiet
    2) oh my god its exciting
    3) what is this sports
    4) HUHHH???????????
    5) What in God’ name are you blathering on about?
    6) *ALL* of the Virtual Aceman stuff (“i don’t know about that”, “what are you gonna do?”
    7) all the hewell housers
    8) That is the greatest story i’ve ever heard
    9) don’t be a one upper
    10) Leave the joking to adam (teresa and the other chick)

  73. Jessica

    I never thought I’d disagree with Adam. But bringing on his wife and her friend to plug their podcast seems a little beneath him. Lynette and her friend seem nice, but I was shocked by that move on his part.

  74. BIRDY

    I dont care what you call thier podcast. I dont know who in thier right minds would want to listen to these two harpies blather on about “Parenting”. Lynette: I am sure you are a wonderful woman and love your kids with all your heart, BUT……You are married to a rich guy who pays for everything, you DO NOT work! You do not clean your own house! You have a freaking NANNY AND A HOUSEKEEPER! You have NO RIGHT to attempt to give out any “Parenting advice”!

    • An Onny
      An Onny10-06-2011

      Eh, who listens to it for the parenting advice? I love their show because I love to hear them complain about parenting – same way I like to hear Adam complain about his life. Who cares if it’s just “rich people”s complaints, it’s still entertaining!

  75. Corporate Crimes
    Corporate Crimes10-05-2011

    #OccupyWallStreet March That Hit 15,000-20,000

    Death to plutocrats

    Not 1 Financial executive fired or arrested

    WE AIN’T TAKING IT no M O R E !!!!

    Truly an organic grassroots uprising

    not corporate funded like the pee-party

    • Peter B
      Peter B10-06-2011

      Get a job and stop bitching about being a loser. These Protesting twits are the product of the hippies. Regurgitating the same tired lines their parents did in the 60’s. You have been duped. This is a prime example of the kind of lemmings this country is producing. What happens when you let bureaucrats with an agenda run the educational system these kids are in for a rude awaking when they have to venture out into the real world and earn their way. Other people’s money is their money not yours. You have no right to any of it. You are concerned about jobs and the economy then stop voting for the slave master’s who have created this situation America now finds itself.
      As a side note, the groups sponsoring these protests are lobbyists and cronies of the democrat political class. They are playing on your blatant ignorance showing now uneducated and ill-equipped these new generations and going to be for the real world. They create the chaos and then come in a pretend to fix it for you. They are robbing you of a future.
      And as a side – side note, maybe it would behoove you to do a little study in history and see how it worked out for those nations that played this class warfare, “each according to their need” societies. I know they do not teach factual history and economics in school so be an individual and grow up cause with this kind of “sheepal” mentality you are doomed to be a poor leach your entire life.

    • pissed off listener
      pissed off listener10-07-2011

      RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!

      • pissed off listener
        pissed off listener10-07-2011

        (meaning I agree wholehertedly with Corporate Crimes)

  76. Pungent Sound
    Pungent Sound10-05-2011

    While then Ile fit you, Katherine is Mad Againe.

  77. CY

    Ace- BB is right. If you had attended an Econ 101 class at Valley Community college you might be familiar with the concept of elasticity. The ability of a supplier to pass along cost increase is dependent on the elasticity of the supply. Plenty of supply means inability to pass on cost increases.

    • cow12

      ugh… it depends on both elasticity of demand and supply. you’re shifting the supply curve back.

      adam’s point makes perfect sense becase if lawncare costs 20% more per month, that’s maybe $20 price increase, not a huge amount for people who want their lawn taken care of. a 20% paycut for near-slave labor is basically not bearable. the supply side is already super competitive, they’re basically operating on zero margins, they cant cut costs in other places to make up for the 20%. they will either raise prices or exit the industry. you’re shifting the supply curve backwards. the demand curve is roughly vertical and the supply curve is roughly horizontal, ie full price pass through without much change in quantity demanded.

  78. Bob

    I think it came up in the Ben Folds show from last week that Bald Bryan’s house cost over $600,000. There was no follow-up to this fact from Adam or Alison. There’s always talk of how “poor” Bryan is — I had a million questions as to how he could afford a house like that. I realize he won $100k on “Millionaire”, but with the fundraisers going on for his cancer treatment, I assumed that money was all but gone. Not my business, but just very curious…

    • MC White
      MC White10-10-2011

      Bob: I was thinking the same thing, I thought Bald Bryan is “so poor” and doesn’t make any money…WHAT THE FUCK!!!! I wish I could afford a 600K home in these hard times? I thought we were in a recession? I’m happy for him, but upset that Adam uses the “poor Bryan” schtick so long, and then this? Huuuuh? Makes no sense. I know he doesn’t earn $1.65 an hour, but come on!!!! Bald Bryan is pulling in some cheddar to be able to afford a home of that cost? Ohh, and I live in California, Northern, so I know about real estate prices in Cali, I’m not reacting to “sticker shock.”

  79. AfghanIStained

    Funny thing is, his eyes look more vacant before he went loopy.

    Seriously, who looks more crazy? I could take 2006 in an alley, but 1997? I dunno.

    High notes and Karate chops.

    I guess a man without anger is just a pervert. What’s the point of balls?

    • AfghanIStained


  80. An Angoras fan
    An Angoras fan10-05-2011

    Can you check on the Zune settings for the podcast? I haven’t been able to download the last few days.

  81. DPAT

    While I am sorry that his battle with brain cancer left him devoid of mathmatic and free market logic I feel comforted that some free Milton Friedman therapy will re-hab the damaged logic lobe so that BB will again understand that there will never be a regulatory intervention that is not countered with an immediate market driven resonse, even if that response is the complete failure of an industry. If any of the people that throw the term Facism around ever actually read the definition they might realize that thier political education was actually propaganda and indoctrination. People actually pay other people based on what is accomplished. A lot of people have paid universities a lot of money to ruin the minds of thier children. As we now see, what they paid for was accomplished.

    • cow12

      BB isn’t damaged and his logic isn’t off. his assumptions are wrong, but based on his assumptions his logic is correct. adam is assuming a vertical demand curve and a horizontal supply curve (correct in my opinion), brian is assuming the opposite, a vertical supply curve and a horizontal demand curve (ultimate buyer’s market). both cases are perfectly possible in a free market.

  82. Stinky Finger
    Stinky Finger10-05-2011

    Adam is an arrogant prick. He cannot see anyone else’s point. He thinks he is always right. He has been factually wrong on quite a few occasions. For a person with no self esteem, he sure has a superiority complex.

  83. Juiceman

    The leaf-blower thing is something I suspect only white people do. My neighbour across the street shows up with some massive damn leaf-blower and nearly 4 times a week fires up this noise-monster for some reason blowing leaves off his lawn?
    Do people understand that leaves BELONG ON GRASS? Its grass so why is a leaf a problem. Do you blow the grass off too? Do people understand leaves fertilze (naturally) your grass?
    Anyways.. he just ZHRRRRRRRRRRRRR that obnoxious blower like he was sand-blasting every square inch of property. Into the street.
    It’s creepy. I think its the same kind of neurotic white people who shave their backs and circumcise their genital. not jews. the other kinds.

    • An Onny
      An Onny10-06-2011

      Hmmm. I’ve never seen a white person use a leaf blower. In L.A. only Mexicans use them!

      • Juiceman

        You only see Mexicans using the leaf-blowers – on white peoples yards.

  84. Lynetesyucks

    couldnt listen to Ace\’s cunty whining double digit IQ cun t. Holy shit – what a a fucking idiot.

  85. J_rock

    I’ve officially stopped listening to this show. Year 1 was the best. The show is garbage now. Nobody wants to hear Bald Bryan or some broad that’s easily replacable. Doesn’t Adam know what works? Him and a good guest or him with the North Hollywood gang or him and the phones. That’s it. Simple fucking formula.

  86. Aaron

    “…the duvet was ruined.” – AR
    “The brain bone’s connected to the bone bone.” – BB


    Funny show guys!

  87. Ross Murphy
    Ross Murphy10-06-2011

    The lie detector thing, if mandatory, is unconstitutional. You know, the fifth amendment protection against self-incrimination.

  88. Reuben Saltzman
    Reuben Saltzman10-06-2011

    Adam – “million leafblower march…”
    Alison – “it was deafening…”


  89. Jeff

    Kathleen is stupid, annoying, and incredibly unfunny. Embarrassingly bad

  90. Mike

    Wow, Adam…your wife has the most annoying voice in the world!!!!

  91. Nick

    Madigan is a fucking dunce

  92. Sami S
    Sami S10-06-2011

    So Ace Broadcasting has a show about parenting co-hosted by a woman who does not think people can ever change or ever be trained???? WTF?!?! That might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever listened to. I guess we’re all the same since we were 18 and grown up. How can she even talk about parenting when according to her belief, there is no point – people are people and will do whatever it is they are programmed to do from birth. People are trained to behave certain ways every single day and everyone I know has changed from when they were 25 to now 35. What an idiot….

  93. Will

    Someone needs to ask Stephanie why she is hosting a show that hands out advice when she clearly argued people never change and cannot be trained. If that is the case, that means her listeners (people) will be unable to use her advice because they aren’t able to change or adjust to a new way of doing things in regards to parenting.

  94. gulliver

    First, why did Kathleen Madigan slip into a hybrid baby talk/southern drawl accent 71 times over the course of the interview, typically for no reason?

    Second, LOL @ the idea that Kathleen Madigan gets “the big picture” in a way that these poor, benighted, narrow-minded soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen do not. You hammer 4-figure checks for riffing on Oprah and childbirth, but because you blew into Al-Asad and spent a few days in the rear you have the hubris to imagine that you have a META perspective that even Colonels, Generals, and the Joint Chiefs don’t have? Please. You can argue that they’re wrong but you can’t argue that you “get it” while they don’t.

    Also, how much longer will the Oprah bit be “fresh” now that the show ended?

    • Reevers

      I agree, spot on. I’ve never heard of this chick but she isnt funny at all.

  95. Chuck

    lynette is giving parenting advice? lynette, with a nanny and a couple of maids?

    what’s next, aceman? terry schiavo’s aerial BMX maneuver podcast?

    • rambling man
      rambling man10-14-2011

      who’d take advice from Mrs. C and the other c?
      “Marry the american genius, who is litterally a millionaire, have a nicaraguan nanny raise you kids, lots of help around the house, bug him with stupid bs, spend his money graciously and have lots of free time to do a superflous podcast on the network your husband built…” ? ??? really?

  96. President of Hollywood
    President of Hollywood10-06-2011

    That’s it. I’m officially done reading this retarded message board. I’ve never seen such a group of self-entitled ass wipes burning calories for no other reason than to expound hate. “I hate this podcast.” “I hate Alison.” “I hate Kathleen Madigan.”

    Why the fuck do you listen, and then waste the time commenting?

    Pile on!

    Btw – Kathleen Madigan is funny as shit and 100x more intelligent than the half-breeds that populate this board.

  97. MostlyTorso

    Dude, Bald Brian, you HAVE to make a drop out of the “yessssssss” audio. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…

  98. The City of Seattle
    The City of Seattle10-06-2011


    take more mushrooms and have a barium enema .

    love the show.

    -The City of Seattle

    post: Stefanie is a two dollar whore.

  99. pathetic

    pathetic – delete posts which tell the truth how stupid those bit ches are?

    Especially coming from Ace network, which tells it as it is – you fucking drones who work for him- sucking up to that cu nt is pretty pathetic of you.

  100. Red Dawn
    Red Dawn10-07-2011

    I just watched Red Dawn for the first time in 20 years.

  101. Wichita

    Stephanie just needs to do everyone a favor and never open her mouth again… except when she’s on her back or knees… This bitch is the dumbest person I’ve ever heard behind a microphone… Seriously aceman your wife is a lovely lady who comes off very nice but her sidekick needs a glass of “shut the fuck up cunt”….. Love the Show ACEMAN!!!!! Get it On!!!!

  102. Beep ba beep
    Beep ba beep10-07-2011

    Ace, this is where you and I part ways. My leaf blower is my favorite possession.

  103. john simmet
    john simmet10-08-2011

    always surprised when people wonder why we are in afghanistan. Follow the money. That country sits on what is estimated a trillion dollars of mining prospects, uranium, copper, gold, platinum, lithium etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to pacify the tribes and bring in the drills. China just signed a 2.5bil contract in one of the safer areas to mine copper

  104. RobK

    Adam was all over Bryan about the leaf blower argument, but in fact Bryan was right. Adam’s browbeating had him flummoxed is all. You two really need to call Adam out when he’s wrong. (You especially, Allison!)

    Fun show, and Lynette sounded so cute.

    • Matt

      I really wish the episode would have discussed leaf blowing regulation more. Adam’s intuition was right. I actually find that a lot of people who worked in the trades have a better intuitive knowledge of economics than people who have never worked for themselves. This partly describes the coalition of rural America and wealthy business America. Economics is not easy to discuss and it gets people all twisted up in their thinking, but that is exactly why it is important to discuss.

      This “leaf blowing regulation” is a great example that allows us to discuss very directly the principles of supply and demand as they relate to costs. NOTE: there is a negative externality issue with noise, but bryan and adam argued over the price of the services. So, for now I am going to ignore the noise issue and just purely discuss the price of lawn services.

      here is a supply and demand chart of the regulation – http://i.imgur.com/A0Qh6.png
      This is the vanilla supply and demand. Bryan was either arguing for a supply curve that is straight up and down. A “buyer’s market” he was saying.

      Understanding that supply curve is important. What it means is the number of people who are willing to provide the service at the differing price levels. That is why is slopes up and to the right. At large prices, many people are willing to offer the service. By saying that the supply curve is perfectly horizontal. So by saying this, he is saying that there are no people outside of the leaf cleaning up services who would be willing to get in if it was lucrative, and that the people who are in the leaf services business wouldn’t find something else to do if it didn’t make them any money. Normally with horizontal supply curves we are talking about enormously capital intensive industries like oil, where the marginal costs are low and the small shifts on the margin do not force people to exit the business or new entrants to hop in the when the prices are high.

      Leaf cleaning services are the exact opposite of the oil industry. That is why i found this example so funny. There are tons of possible entrants (think all of the construction workers who are out of work). all they would need is a couple rakes, leaf blowers, and a truck (which they already have). And on the other end of the equation, you have people who are just making wages. Its not like all of the landscaping companies are making millions. They are just getting by, and if they couldn’t get by raking leaves, they would be working in a factory, working in a kitchen, doing home repairs, or something else. If anything I believe the supply curve is pretty vertical and small shifts in the prices would make price shift quickly.

      here is a graph of a horizontal supply curve. – http://i.imgur.com/xH11R.png

      Anyway, it is always helpful to think of these things in terms of supply and demand, unfortunately, a lot of people get really lost and don’t have a great mental model of how these things work.

      • Matt

        shit! I put P and Q on the wrong axis…details….all of the principles and shifts were right, but on the wrong axses

  105. JOHN

    something tells me that this new podcast “For Crying Out Loud” will be about as funny as cancer.

  106. Jeff

    Wow Stefanie is one of those people with an excuse for everything.

  107. MC White
    MC White10-10-2011

    The only reason Adam ever brings up the “where were the parents” theme, is not because he’s trying to prove any psychological point of not forgetting the criminal’s influences, but because he’s just going down yet another avenue of “blaming his parents” for their shortcomings in his upbringing. His semi-retarded argument never has to do with the case at hand, only his turning back into himself to bring his narcissitic attitudes of his own parents, into the story. Sorry, Adam, Mr. and Mrs. Psycho Child, cannot save Psycho Child from any wrongdoing, at a certain age.

    • AP


  108. JP

    I would listen to Lynett’s podcast except Stefanie’s voice is like a needle in my ears. Not only is her voice painful she is an absolute idiot!

  109. Roger

    I honestly can’t believe Adam and her are married.

  110. Yossarian

    Bring Kathleen back.

  111. John

    Adam: Please, please, please!!!
    Do some research on lie detector tests. You are gravely uniformed. All they measure is three things: 1.) heart rate 2.) blood pressure 3.) body conductivity (if you’re sweating). They are very very far from being scientifically accurate. The only thing they measure is if you’re nervous or not. Good people fail them all the time, and sociopaths pass them all the time. Plus, if you clench your anus during the baseline, it will raise your blood pressure above normal. Then when you answer the questions there is no way to fail the test. Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t did a bit on it. Check it out.

  112. John

    Your lie detector test idea won’t ever work.
    We can’t tell if someone is lying. We are so far away from that.
    However, someone who lost the use of one of their eyes installed a web camera in their glass eye so they could re-watch life experiences. Some variation of the sort is possible.

  113. Dola

    I don’t want any kids – and that does not mean I am wrong in the noggin’. c’mon! ACE – you were just like me before you made a bag o money.

  114. Carl J. L.
    Carl J. L.10-25-2011

    Kathleen Madigan is my favorite female comic. Leaf blowers suck big time. Would it be so bad for workers to pick up a rake? Must everything be automated, polluting and waste gas? A lie detector you’re describing won’t work; the brain’s wiring is peculiar to each individual, and not everyone even knows when they’re lying. Amanda Knox is 100% innocent, the victim of a dishonest prosecutor with a penchant for flights of fantasy concerning satanism and sex. Her main fault is in not showing more sympathy and concern after the murder.

  115. Carl J. L.
    Carl J. L.10-25-2011

    There’s a good episode on lie detector tests on Penn and Teller’s “Bullshit” Basically, it’s just another chance for interrogators to throw some bullshit at you and make accusations. There was an episode on “Mythbusters” about techniques for beating various tests including MRI, one out of the 3 were able to beat them.

  116. Joey

    Stephanie needs to drop one of her three names and become a little less saturated with entitlement.

  117. Levelheadsteve

    Bryan was not right. Do you really think all gardeners and landscaping companies would take less profit if leaf blowers are banned? Do you really think that’s how business works? They will definitely pass the additional cost onto customers. Wake up.

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