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Adam opens the show thanking a couple fans that sent in key racks to help Lynette keep track of her keys. He also talks about his upcoming appearance on Family Guy, and the frustration of dealing with animators in his own animated project. Alison then starts up the news discussing the arrest of the Kony video creator, a controversial comment from Robert DeNiro, and a new record set by the iPad. They also discuss The Situation, Mad Men, and why Adam hates the Kardashians.

Kate Flannery of the hit series The Office joins the show next. She talks about losing weight for a special episode of the show, and also talks about the charity event that she, Adam, and Larry Miller will all be performing at. The guys then take your calls about your worst office stories, and Adam remembers being arrested and fired from his job at a travel agency.

Alison returns to the news with a story about Michael Bay remaking the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but changing their origin story. The gang also chats about the new string of testosterone-driven shows, and Adam recalls some of the frustrations of getting The Man Show on the air. As the show wraps up, Adam expresses his hatred of nerds, and bad casting on The Partridge Family.


Visit http://ComedyForACure.org, and purchase tickets to see Kate, Adam, and Larry Miller this Sunday at the Roosevelt!

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Contribute mucho
    Contribute mucho03-21-2012

    A great episode can be found in the posted pics! I look at the pics here and I know this will be some interesting shit!!

  2. bob


    • Big T
      Big T03-22-2012

      Hell yeah

  3. jorm_valadez

    Can you guys fix the gallery? It’s annoying to get warped to the top of the page every time I click on the photos.

    • boinkity

      Try right clicking and “View in new window”… unless you have a Mac and I don’t know what to do then

    • kevin

      thanks for bringing this up…i thought it was just me!

    • Dustin

      Agreed, that is annoying as shit. I figured it was a Firefox issue though.

    • What is!?
      What is!?03-22-2012

      “Can you guys fix the gallery? It’s annoying to get warped to the top of the page every time I click on the photos.”


  4. Sluggh

    You’re welcome for the key rack. I tried for a comfortable look.

  5. Leon Carter
    Leon Carter03-22-2012

    It’s kinda funny hearing Adam rant about rehashing next to a cast member of the rehash of the office.

  6. rosemary

    dinero is married to a black chick…who just had a baby at 50 something.

  7. Norm Walker
    Norm Walker03-22-2012

    As of 9:12 am EST the Android app is still not showing this episode. I don’t know where the issue is?? I am going to download to my phone manually.

  8. Dean

    Don’t take advice from someone that isn’t better off than you

    • Steve Hatchett
      Steve Hatchett03-23-2012

      Better off in what way?

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana03-23-2012

      Regarding advice, if someone knows something you don’t, they’re better off than you in that respect, so you should listen to them.

      However always be skeptical of unsolicited advice. Ask yourself, did I ask for that. Did I solicit it? If no, ignore it.

      In every tragic play, that’s the thing.

  9. TL

    iPhone App won’t sync today’s episode. What gives???

  10. Ingo B
    Ingo B03-22-2012

    ABC is an English new wave band, who did the song you guys discussed. ABC, the little boy band, is from the early 90’s.

  11. Mark

    Fluff, tan and fold is far more accurate than gym, tan and laundry.

  12. Angel

    That redhead kid is Danny Cooksey, more awesomely known as Bobby Budnick from Salute Your Shorts.

  13. Lisa Bouska
    Lisa Bouska03-22-2012

    You played a snippet of the song “Look of Love” by the 80s band ABC. Did you know that Lisa Vanderpump form Real Housewives of BH was in a video by ABC called “Poison Arrow?” Just a little RHOBH/80s trivia….

  14. Dominic

    About the support the show aspect, Everyone needs to disable ad block and No script if you use firefox so you can see the amazon link, i typically don’t disable them but i just have to much respect for Adam.
    keep up the great work

  15. The Peter Griffin
    The Peter Griffin03-22-2012

    Adam, it is:



    THE Family Guy

    Don’t be the guy you complain about who always adds and subtracts “The” from titles.

  16. paddym

    and can you put a little explanation when you click on the pic?

    • b

      how bout they dont, and you all of you just live with it

  17. scott

    love the show, but who the hell says “steven jobs”? its STEVE jobs.

  18. Dave

    The old style restroom hand dryer with the cloth, starts with a clean roll in one chamber and as it is used it goes into another chamber as dirty. It doesn’t go around in a circle or have anything to do with recycling.

    • Hugh Gashol
      Hugh Gashol03-22-2012

      They were very injunious machines with gears and locks that would only give you about 16″ of clean towel when you grabed the towel on both sides at the top and pulled it down. A laundry service would take care of cleaning. Most of the time they would be found at gas stations.

  19. Six Dixon
    Six Dixon03-22-2012

    Stop caring about nerdy things, guys. A self-professed illiterate says to be real men we need to only be interested in alcohol, sex, and cars.

    • Lazy middle class
      Lazy middle class03-22-2012

      With alcohol, sex, and cars who needs nerdy things

  20. Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton03-22-2012

    Because MAD MEN is so layered and literary, people analyze every minutiae of each episode. So people analyze the music at the end to get clues about the episode.

  21. Pitch White
    Pitch White03-22-2012

    I think ABC also did the song you use for Gay Walking.

  22. jw

    Great episode. Kate is a fun, supportive guest.

  23. Andrew

    My uncle lost 288 lbs JUST eating no flour + no sugar. He was too old and huge to work out.

    • ciga-Rhett

      Isn’t this the kind of advertising post that would link to a shady foreign website where everyone gets a computer virus?
      Where’s the link, bro?

  24. ran

    ace sounds like he had a couple pops before this show

  25. Real Intresting
    Real Intresting03-22-2012

    You KNOW Bryan was trying to downplay just how much of a fuck he gives about Michal Bay Turtles movie.

  26. Jason

    Fluff, Tan, & Fold… Funny!

  27. Meat Fist
    Meat Fist03-22-2012

    Sweet mother Mary, Warm Leatherette by the Normal really is the worst song ever made. Not worst of the 80s, but of all time. I tried the iTunes sample and had to turn it off. Serious Gitmo shit.

  28. Savory Mix
    Savory Mix03-22-2012

    You sat next to Danny Partridge for a year and never asked him about the Drummer Chris swap?

  29. Randy West
    Randy West03-22-2012

    Real men don’t give a shit about comics? Real men also don’t rant for 30 minutes about fuckin” donuts.

    • steve

      I could give a shit about comics. Some of my friends are. No skin off my dick. I’m more into Downhill Mountain Biking and Motorcycles. what I can’t get into is the homo eroticism of team sports.

  30. dnaj

    is anyone else sick of definitely not a jew? could dawson possibly make it more annoying? let’s yell into the microphone and be as obnoxious as possible!!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-23-2012


    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana03-23-2012

      We need to identify the Jewish animals in nature, like the Red Squirrel. I’m confused about that one. I shoot them anyway.

  31. Sheep Bleets
    Sheep Bleets03-23-2012

    Nate said to give me the oscillating spindle sander.

    Right away.

  32. Brian Doe
    Brian Doe03-23-2012

    The organization Kate seems to want to support but can’t correctly pronounce is:

    Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance (just say TUBER – US like a potato for us)

    My niece has TS but thanks to tumor shrinking drugs, she is surviving with a brain tumor that would have had a 12 month mortality (she turned two earlier this year). Some great breakthroughs are happening here that spill over into cancer, seizure and brain disorder treatments. They don’t get a lot of press because the genetic defect is quite rare, but the attention is much appreciated.

    Bald Brian may want to take a look as well.

    Insultiment – opposite of a complisult, starts with an insult and ends with a compliment…..?

  33. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett03-23-2012

    I dig this chick. She’s the hottest thing on the office.

  34. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana03-23-2012

    “Family Guy” is a compound noun and was a compound noun before the show came to be. Hence the “the”, whether that’s the title or not.

  35. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana03-23-2012

    IIRC, T.M.N.T was a spinoff of the C.H.U.D. comics — in the same way Glaucoma is cancer, longer lasting, more entertaining, less satisfying.

  36. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana03-23-2012

    There are nerds, and there are nerds who hate nerds, the uber-nerds.

    The nerds recycle the same shit into shit products, and they pretend they’re special, while the nerd-nerds produce new shit, which no one likes at first.

    No one likes them, the uber-nerds, at first.

  37. TheMidsizeLebowski

    The Situation’s 30’s guy voice made me lose my mind, that was hilarious

  38. HatKat

    Adam is a genius……Allison is tedious.

  39. Marc

    Pretty funny on the caller said the n-word

  40. tom

    Allison is tedious. Less of her “news”

  41. An Onny
    An Onny04-01-2012

    Um, that’s not a picture of the dark-haired “Chris” on the Partridge Family. I don’t know WHO that kid is!

  42. njd

    The only girls worth marrying are virgins. Any chick who has sex before marriage is a fool. No man wants to marry a chick who has already given away her treasure. Marriage doesn’t guarantee that a guy will stay, but the paperwork will make him think twice about running away.

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