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At the top of the show, Adam talks about his kids’ birthday party this weekend, and his attempts to dodge other kids’ parents. He also talks about a party with Bill Simmons where the bartender didn’t know how to make any drinks. Dave Dameshek then chimes in with thoughts on this weekend’s Pacquiao-Bradley fight, as well as the upcoming NBA finals. Later, Dameshek reveals the Creep of the Week, and the guys discuss who’s the hotter Deschanel sister.

Justin Halpern, author of ‘I Suck At Girls’ and ‘Shit My Dad Says’, enters the studio next. Adam talks with him about the overnight success of ‘Shit My Dad Says,’ and how he went from living at his parents’ house to having a TV show created around him. Alison then starts up the news discussing a high school commencement speech where a Boston teacher told all his students they are not special. Adam also chats about his day bowling in Santa Monica for a Catholic Big Brother charity event. Alison wraps up the show discussing Lindsay Lohan’s car accident, Tommy Chong’s prostate cancer, and Miley Cyrus’s engagement.


Click through our Amazon link to pick up your copy of ‘I Suck At Girls.’

You can also follow him on Twitter @Justin_Halpern https://twitter.com/#!/Justin_Halpern.

Visit http://davedameshek.nfl.com and also follow him on Twitter @Dameshek https://twitter.com/#!/Dameshek.


Tyson Knocking Out Bruno

‘Not Special’ Commencement Speech

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  1. Mark

    Dr. Funny Dave Dameshek is back on the show? Smart move Aceman! Also, I’ll be your sink!

  2. Miles L. Berman
    Miles L. Berman06-10-2012

    Adam’s claim to superior aesthetic judgment, whether it be chicks, cars, or anything, simply means shit until he throws on something not made of jersey materiel….or grows a ‘stache like mine.

  3. dave dontknow$#!+
    dave dontknow$#!+06-11-2012

    Muhammad Ali, it’s All-E, not Alley, that’s a girls name or a place where you play dice, Dave. Dave is Adam’s Renfield ‘Hehhehhehhehhehheh.’ Speaking of creep of the week- Dave with his “Allison you should know I’m a vigorous lover….” How is he a sports guy, hell he didn’t know what NHL teams came from a 0-3 deficit ( he likes the sport and I might watch 1 game a year and knew that) and couldn’t explain what’s going on with mayweather and pacquaio- please, bring in Bill Simmons instead if you want sports.

  4. Nodz

    Love the Shek! Cutting out the noise…

  5. beechcraftstarang

    Love the Shek!

  6. Ryan II
    Ryan II06-11-2012

    This guy threatens his boy with Military Boarding School.

  7. Bill

    Why does Ace keep teasing my balls with only one half of Daves of Thunder? Feeeeeeeeneeeeeeey

  8. Wendi

    Fyi…I love baby corn!!

  9. Martin

    Let It Begin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Most Funny Man in the World
    Most Funny Man in the World06-11-2012

    This one has Dave Dameshek? I’m not downloading it.

    • Hugh Gashol
      Hugh Gashol06-11-2012

      No one asked you to fucking download it!

      • REB

        No shit; what sort of douchebag would express and opinion without having been expressly asked to download a podcast. Like you, I find it necessary to post and explain this whenever my sense of secure unanimity is challenged By the way, point out that the podcast is *free* and that anyone who dislikes it is a hater who lives in his parents’ basement; never fails. Why can’t everyone just agree with right thinking bro’s like us?

  11. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll06-11-2012

    Wait a minute, no requests ever for Commander Nebula?

  12. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode06-11-2012

    I like the weekly segments with Dameshek and Theresa. It’s new but has a taste of the old, keep em coming…

    • The Amazing Spider-Man
      The Amazing Spider-Man06-11-2012


  13. Dean

    Zooey all the way

    • Piss


      • david

        Talking about who we want to get some sort of quirky cancer?

    • Arrrgh!

      This show has become a typical morning zoo. Whacky sound effects, hacky bits, fast-paced, “let’s keep it moving people” attitude, boring news segments. Lots of flash, minimal substance. I think the early days of the podcast were golden. Ace would just sit down one-on-one and interview someone or just talk. Dave Dameshek is the epitome of hacky, morning zoo, whacky sports guy.

  14. Allen

    god i hate baby corn GO BRONCOS!

  15. Terri

    So darn happy to have Dave back. Truly. Now if you can just get Feeney back…life would be that much better for the DOT fans. Thanks for bringing him back either way.

  16. JessMan

    lemieux sieux

  17. JJ

    I’m sure hes a great guy, but Dave Dameshek is radio kryptonyte. I dunno if its his voice or laugh or bad jokes but its really tough to listen to. Great guy though Im sure…

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-11-2012

      He tries too hard.
      He’s fake around the Ace-man.

  18. jayrod

    I’m gonna give today’s podcast two thumbs down already even though I haven’t listened to it yet just because Dameshek is on. He’s not funny, it’s a waste of everybody’s time and his fucking voice annoys the shit out of me.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-11-2012

      It’s his laugh that annoys me.

      • Andy90

        It’s your comments that annoy me.

  19. Eric

    Whiskey Dick the clown was awesome.

  20. Dick Face
    Dick Face06-11-2012

    LOL, Jesus Christ Ace! this guy should write a book on how not to do anything when writing a book…LOL

  21. @parkjonesalex

    Made up Movie: Coming this summer, Dave Damashek is…. “Whiskey Dick”.

    After getting out of prison, this down and out, part-time children’s party clown is seeking redemption and is out for revenge on the shadowy, multinational conglomerate that had him put behind bars for alleged pedophilia. Whiskey D uncovers a diabolical plot to control the minds of every child in the developed world under the guise of a new “miracle” drug that cures chicken pox without having to go through the inoculation process.

    It’s “Shakes the Clown” meets “Michael Clayton”. Evil CEO of the corporation is actually played by Mitt Romney. (Ballzy move if you ask me during an election year, but I like the cut of this guy’s jib). Will Farrell plays a hapless executive, a disgrunted #2 of Romney, which begrudgingly agrees to help Whisky Dick in his quest to take down the evil CEO and stop his plans for world domination.

  22. Blake

    That is a great pic of Scarlett Johansson!!!!!!!!!!! So hot!!!!!

  23. BigBadWeasel

    Must Have Kings Bandwagon song. Someone Please link.

  24. mildly amused
    mildly amused06-11-2012

    Love that Dave Dameshek, keep him coming!

  25. Nick

    LOL “I am a vigorous lover”

  26. DavesFan

    Great podcast for the Shek Republic – the Feensters Union folks may strike though . . .

  27. Eris

    HATE Damashek, instant delete.

  28. Elle

    Is it just me or does Miley look like a homeless person except for the big rock on her finger?

  29. J

    The episode pic is a great portrait of Ace mid-hypervigilance.

  30. Kerrick

    I need more Bruno Pics guys

  31. The Hoss
    The Hoss06-11-2012

    Fun episode. The creep of the week song is nails on a chalkboard.

  32. Cody

    The Pac-Mayweather fight isn’t about the drug testing issue anymore. It is now about the split of the money. Mayweather wants a majority of the money and says that Pac’s promoter is greedy.

    • JoeyJoJo

      Heh heh, why should FACTS get in the way of a point Adam was trying to make. And if Brian tried to bring this up, he’d complain that Brian was shitting on his point.

  33. edge323

    They need to bring dave dameshek back more often. That guy is pretty hilarious A+ eps thanks to him!

  34. levijohnston

    Would love to check out Alison’s work for the Los Angeles Times and Rolling Stone but I can’t find anything online. Anyone know where to find?

  35. Hegro

    Dameshek? Ugh. No thanks. We need more Dana Gould.

    • Arrrgh!


  36. Alan Celica
    Alan Celica06-11-2012

    Dave DamaSHEK!

    yeah yeah yeah now thats good pod

  37. thedecade

    always love timely thanksgiving rant on time.

  38. Bob Dobalina
    Bob Dobalina06-11-2012

    Ace is missing that Mayweather is refusing to go 50/50. He says 60/40 or nothing. Also, Pacman agreed to the increased testing too. Mayweather moves the endzone soon as Pacman agrees to a point. That is classic ducking.

  39. RocketJohn

    Love the Shek! Time for another Basic Cable Classic with the Aceman!

  40. Gayce

    do you ever notice that Ace really likes stale, gay, lounge music? That and now he admits that Emily Dascenel is hot?………………SHE IS A DUDE!!!!, she totally looks like a man…….thats gay shit
    Gay Ace…….Gayce

  41. the crunge
    the crunge06-11-2012

    okie dokie

  42. illy

    Keep the Shek coming!

  43. Lawn Chairy Jr
    Lawn Chairy Jr06-11-2012

    Painter’s wife gets painted
    Boxer’s wife gets hit
    Lynette gets what? Blown hard? 🙂

    Melon balled…c’mon, isn’t obvious what this sounds like?

    (NSFW…I think)
    who the hell came up with this? 🙂

  44. Jack Silver
    Jack Silver06-11-2012


    Now that’s a great show Ace-man!

  45. Morgan

    Sheckrepublic in the house!
    Now that Donny has hit the road, bring back Daves of Thunder!! Best thing on the network (except for the flagship (pirateship) Carolla broadcast, of course.

  46. AJ

    PLEASE, no more Damashek. Please!

  47. Peter North
    Peter North06-11-2012

    Adam, how about you not start giving your kids a sense of entitlement by NOT BUYING THEM A GIANT BIRTHDAY CAKE?

    • AQ

      Amen. Adam complains about his entitled kids, as if he had no say in how they were being raised.

  48. debby

    Dave was great on the show, really enjoyed his segment. Where the heck is Larry Miller? Is he OK?

  49. joe baker
    joe baker06-11-2012

    What the hell is the plural of thunder? Isn’t it thunder?

  50. rick

    Jeeez Dave, those are some lame, default, LA sports fan “wise-cracks”.

    “Bandwagon Fans!” Oh snap! You sure showed them, and you made a song.

    Kurt Russell is not the biggest celebrity Kings fan and you would know this even if you watched one game of the Cup Final, BUT who really cares Dave!? These are side notes that don’t mean a GD thing.

    Just let Alison do sports, she can just as easily come up with this “insight”, she can probably even get a few things right.

  51. Marc

    Good show. Better than usual banter with Dameshek.

  52. snakeoiler

    Love me some Shek! Dude is great at playing off Adam improv style, is knowledgeable about not only sports but movies, etc and it seems like he’s liked by the other members of the team. More shek

  53. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac06-12-2012

    Love the Shek! When he refers to BB as just “Bald”, as in “what do you think Bald?”, as in that’s his first name cracks me up everytime. Dave has a penchant for old timey sayings and his cadence is so unique I am just drawn to whatever he says. He could read the dictionary and I would listen. The only thing that tops it is when Feeney would mock him. A couple weeks ago when I listened to ARIYNBF Shek was yapping about something and the “move along” signal was played; I laughed and and wept at the same time. DOT was comedic gold, and I along with millions of fans still miss that show.

  54. Matt Cortese
    Matt Cortese06-12-2012

    Always enjoy having Shek around, he is usually a fun addition to the show. I agree with Danof Sac- I enjoy when he acts like Bryan’s first name is Bald.

    I watch Bones, and while Emily Deschanel has a good body, and can have a pretty face, the jawline is too square. Sort of a Frankenstein head. Zooey is definitely better. I would argue that cute is better than hot a lot of the time though, so I think Ace and I have a fundamental difference in judging.

  55. Aaron

    Line of the show: “…Just like America”

  56. cristo

    no olympic boxer had blood drawn within 2 months of competition last time around and probably the same this time around, and manny agreed to a couple of blood tests. there really isn’t a blood test for steroids. it’s piss, which manny offered,and the olympics doesn’t even allow over the counter meds and some foods, never mind shooting your hands up with xylocane like floyd does every fight, so the term “olympic” doesn’t belong here. finally, i think floyd’s demand for a liter of manny’s semen was inappropriate. maybe for a hollywood fight, but not vegas.

  57. cristo

    also manny turned pro at 16 after stowing away on a ship to manilla and not eating many days as a kid. his first fight was light flyweight but as soon as he started eating he had to dry out a lot to even make bantam.
    floyd was light fly national golden gloves champion at 16 and went up the weight classes even faster

  58. dane

    Love having Dameshek as a regular guest!

  59. Raw Dogs
    Raw Dogs06-12-2012

    I love the podcast and have been listening for the past two years. However, Dave Dameshek has never appealed to me. I find him obnoxious and grating. He is certainly NOT funny or amusing in anyway.

    • Hat

      Agreed, no slap at him as a person; but he’s just too damn annoying. His voice and laugh gets to me like fingers on a chalkboard. He tries to talk and act like the Ace Man whenever he’s on. I try to listen when he’s on, but I end up deleting it halfway through…

  60. JD

    Bring back DOT please……still miss that show.

  61. MIke

    Same rant one hundred times, hey Iron Man busting his ass, no sh*t, we have heard this toooooooo many times. Change the rant.

  62. Aaron

    I know Adam doesn’t ever read the comments but in case someone wants to forward the story I’ll be as brief as possible. Pacquiao eventually agreed to the Olympic style testing Adam was talking about but said they couldn’t test with less than two weeks before the fight. Mayweather/his people said that still wasn’t acceptable and he needed to be tested at any time up to and including the day before the fight (they’re already tested after the fight). Pacquiao and his people said, no and that was the first impasse. Then after almost another full year, Mayweather said fine, he’ll allow the testing no later than two weeks, but he wanted a bigger percentage of the purse. They went back and forth, neither would budge and again the fight never happened.

  63. fanbla72

    if you married an insurance salesman he’ll find a loophole to get out of his marriage vows.

    marry a soldier expect pictures of your dessicated corpse being urinated on to be posted on the nets.

    marry a professional obnoxious loudmouth and….

  64. Jerod

    The Thunder’s jersey colors were pulled from the colors on the Oklahoma state flag.

  65. Josh

    I am a big fan of the show. I love the Aceman and everyone on the show. I think Dave Dameshek is funny but I find his voice unbearable. Any episode with him I avoid. I am not trying to give him shit, I’m just stating how I feel. My opinion is no more important than anyone else’s. Im sure some people love the podcasts with Dave but I just can’t force myself to listen to them…

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