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Adam sits down with ‘Pre-Op Board-Op Bill,’ who used to work with Adam and Bald Bryan during the radio show days. Adam recalls several stories from that period in his life, then talks to Bill about the gay lifestyle. Adam then shares a clip from his recent Jay Leno appearance, and the guys play a round of Gaywalking, where they try to determine if gay guys can get straight-guy questions right.

Next up, Adam welcomes Jonah Goldberg to the studio. Jonah talks about how his mom was the one who brought the Lewinsky scandal to light, and also discusses how liberals suffer from a lack of ideology. Adam and Jonah then chat about Obama’s first term, and some of the issues still troubling our country. The guys also share their thoughts about the French.

Before starting up the news, the guys listen to a couple of hilarious Dick Banks songs. Alison then brings up Forbes’ list of the highest paid women in TV, and the show wraps with a discussion about Sylvester Stallone hiring an investigator to look into his son’s death.


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  1. Ned

    Oh good, more right-wing shit. And some French bashing too? Between the lack of original guests and the Limbaugh cloning, this pirate ship is springing holes. I was new to Carolla two years ago when I started listening. It’s pretty clear now the material has run out, and even cycled through again. I’ve heard all the stories, most of them twice, probably more. Bryan and Alison are great, the banter is always funny, but the rants and stories offer nothing new. Even if I agreed with his shit, I would be tired of hearing it repeated by now. I know people will have a problem with my criticism of a free podcast. I appreciate it being free and have tried to do my part clicking through and buying the e-book. That said, the quality of programming and variety of topics and guests has dwindled considerably in recent months, as have the laughs.

    • Ken

      Let me get this straight; some of you people sat for almost two hours, hating 85% of it? How about you pour yourself a big frosty mug of Hit the Fucking Road. Go watch your CurrenTV and masturbate with your own your tears of self-righteous bullshit.

      Sail on, Ace Man!

      • reb

        many people seek out entertainment to have a reaction – positive or negative. and a strong dislike that you comment on and find others who agree with you is more satisfying that mildly enjoying something.

        others find it important to maintain complete consistency, and have an aversion to critical thinking, virtually all of which they characterize as “hating on” or “harsh.” these types are also known as simpletons.

        • Ian T
          Ian T07-21-2012

          You two should jerk each other off in a gas station bathroom instead of doing it on a message board.

        • Yog-Sothoth

          So anyone who has no interest in hearing another conservative clone talk about how liberals are evil for the 100th time is a “simpleton”? Then why are Fox News viewers so statistically dumb?

          • Mike

            Nice try on trying to paint Fox News viewers as dumb. Even if it is accepred gospel for libtards, it is simply not true

          • Conserva-fag

            Yeah, Yog. Would a stupid person use a word like ‘libtards’? I don’t think so.

      • Jon Bischel
        Jon Bischel07-21-2012

        hahahaha, I get it. you are part of the one percent…. your life is well. I will out-Carolla you any day in trivia about him, I have been a fan since 2000. So you are very qualified to tell others what they can think about when they listen to this podcast. I hate his politics right now, but will probably still tell all my friends about it…

    • Sean

      Another vote for please no more far right political hacks. Holy shit.

      I don’t mind the occasional visit from Dennis Praeger, because even when I disagree with him, he’s at least an interesting, non-blowhard. But people like Jonah Goldberg and Andrew Breitbart? Goddamn.

      Personally, I find laid back, happy Adam way more entertaining than a bitter, sour Adam regurgitating Fox News talking points.

      • Andy90

        I’ve been a big fan of Adam for nearly fifteen years, but this New Prager-Inspired Adam, who thinks he’s qualified to pontificate on politics and economics despite reading nothing and hearing nothing but right-wing radio, is getting a little hard to live with. To be honest, I’m still with the show because of the sidekicks, these days. The moments when Adam says something that you can actually laugh at are getting very scarce.

        • Jon Bischel
          Jon Bischel07-21-2012

          I hear you man… this blows.

          • Brian

            Andy90, you put it well. Adam Carolla is – and I don’t use this word lightly – hilarious. I’ve been a big fan since I was listening to him on loveline. These days the repeated rants are not my chief complaint; you’ve gotta love the nature of the beast if you’re a daily listener like myself. It’s Adam’s political streak that is nails on a chalk board. His social commentary is great, one of his gifts. To add it all up in an inconsistent way and start to ally yourself with right is not where it goes too far. It’s when the only politically oriented writers he brings on the show are peddlers of left-bashing tripe. Jonah Goldberg premises a book on the fact that some people who lean left recognize the amorphousness of terms like “liberal” and “conservative”. Traditionally, someone who was politically conservative believed in laissez-faire foreign policy and believed in limited government with limited domestic spending (and we all know George W. didn’t drive up spending and didn’t start any wars). This has been a trend in the Republican party for a long time now; the term “conservative” doesn’t hold any water any more than “liberal” does. So fine, Goldberg’s an idiot and he wants to sell some books. He was a jovial guest and that’s enough for me. But this is the third political writer Adam has had on with this kind of slant after Buck Sexton, and the guy who said you can’t write in Hollywood if you’re conservative. That doesn’t include Dennis Prager and that Grant Cardone guy who wrote a book about personal finance. If thought he were trying to better himself and his listenership, the perspective would change every once in a while.

            Adam, learn to read and then use that ability to read books on subjects that interest you so then you will know what you’re talking about. Intuition on human behavior and making analogies to cars and construction will only get you so far. Stop watching cable news channels (they’re all horrible) and stop turning in to Rush Limbaugh.

        • Vegas

          Adam talks politics all the time. The only time he has had a liberal commentator on the show, Bill Maher, he didn’t bring up politics at all. When I heard Bill was going to be on, I couldn’t wait to hear him school Adam on politics. But it didn’t happen. I enjoy the podcast, but I can’t listen to the right-wing shows.

      • Justin

        Agreed! The ranting, and lack of curiosity about other viewpoints is disappointing. Anyone who disagrees with his politics has emotional problems (“filled with shame”)? I guess it’s funnier to be dismissive and insulting than to talk about why other intelligent people have opposing views.

    • Darren Mcgrath
      Darren Mcgrath07-19-2012

      Stop listening.

    • Hank Scorpio
      Hank Scorpio07-19-2012

      Your mom called, she said she hates you.

      • Tiny Tyrant
        Tiny Tyrant07-20-2012

        the Doughie Pantload? i’m skippin’ straight to Ray’s.

    • Patrick Green
      Patrick Green07-20-2012

      Right on. I’m totally with you. Bought the first book right away. Have not brought myself to get the new one because I feel like this show has been phoning it in for the last few months, and maybe the same has been done with the book. I agree with the right wing propaganda. I have been turning it off early when it’s a RW guest, and FF when it’s a rant.
      I know there are more stories from the radio days. Allison always brings up that she has never heard any of them, and those of us that were not avid LL listeners have not either. Maybe start pulling from that pool rather than confusing local taxes with Federal taxes. Just a thought.

    • Al Dorman
      Al Dorman07-20-2012

      Agreed. Jonah Goldberg is a dangerous fascist. Adam used to have a little independence of thought, but this is getting sad.

      • agmike98

        You should read Jonah’s book ‘Liberal Fascism’ before calling him a fascist. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

    • joe

      let the free market work

    • Mister Lister
      Mister Lister07-22-2012

      I was listening to some old podcasts (Strasser episode just after allison started)

      and it reminded me that this show used to be so playful and funloving
      (although he did do 10 minutes on how REAL straight men behave)

      i don’t understand if this angry, bigoted show is the show adam always wanted to do, or if he thinks this is still funny


    • Mike

      You clearly have no idea how the political spectrum is divided. I see all this knee-jerk right wing labeling and it’s just not accurate. Ace has clearly evolved into a Libertarian. I am not going to waste my time explaining the differences because it is clear the whiners here have a Pavlovian reaction to anything non-liberal. Anyone who knows Ace’s story knows that he is a product of a left-wing upbringing and it is his disdain for that lifestyle and his personal work ethic and drive to succeed that produced this evlution in his personal beliefs. He even said he was pro choice and for a safety net but you must have missed that. I thought the banter about politics was light hearted and fun. Just because you are not a flaming lib on every issue does not make you a hater. Many of you need some de-programming to understand what true hate is.

    • AD

      Lefties are the unique in that they will listen to right wing stuff for hours and hate every word. I won’t listen to one second of left wing crap.

  2. Martin

    Love the podcast and am a very loyal listener of Ace broadcasting, but WTF with the right wing nut jobs & the lame political discussion?!?!

    Jonah Goldberg is a discredited loon who lied about being nominated for the pulitzer prize, who STILL believes the Iraq war was a good idea and has proposed the colonisation of Africa by the US.

    This is not conservatism or right wing, this is far right madness. Extremism & made up facts that have no place in the brain of any rational individual. Which ever way you vote, who cares, political discussion, great. But why provide a format for utter nut jobs to peddle their wares? I don’t want to listen to that and I wont support something that gives them a place on the air. Just as I would be equally pissed of about you giving voice to a far left loon who hates America for the sake of hating America.

    This guy was a spruiked by Glenn Beck as well… and where is he these days?

    The fans of Ace broadcasting are diverse and world wide, but this kind of crap is what has people turning off and NOT clicking through Amazon. Jonah compares Hillary Clinton to Mussolini, which if he was a comedian might be an attempt at a joke, but from an alleged serious commentator it is FUCKING NUTS! And if this sort of nonsense continues then the blow back will be simply those of us who have listened and loved Ace for a long time will just tune out.

    I’m not even a lefty so I cannot imagine what they think of this crap. Whoever booked this nut needs to a kick in the jewels!


  3. John Henry
    John Henry07-19-2012

    what’s up with gaywalking? the pictures of the gays are the same pictures from the last time i listened to this segment. wtf? are they recycling pics? are they just ending up talking to the same gays every time they do gaywalking? can somebody clue me in.

  4. Joe

    Adam has been open about the fact that Hollywood doesn’t really want him anymore, and now it seems he’s made the conscious decision to move on to another market. He’s found that there’s a lot of money to be made appealing to right-wingers and thus has ratcheted up his more conservative views in an attempt to possibly re-define himself.

    Good for him, I guess. He’s got a lot of people to support, so by all means, get paid. It’s just too bad that the Adam that I (and I suspect a lot of other people) were initially drawn to is fading away.

    • drb123

      First Dennis Miller, now Adam Carolla. Such a disappointment

      • Mister Lister
        Mister Lister07-22-2012

        at least dennis miller doesn’t seem to believe any of the junk he rants about

        maybe i’m mistaken, but i thought dennis miller and steven colbert were of the same ilk

        • AD

          You’re mistaken.

    • Tony

      This is also the suspicion that I have. If I were Adam I wouldn’t double down on these new fans at the expense of his legions of fans who just want good comedy.

    • Mirage

      A year or two ago, it was a comedy show with some news and politics. Maybe it’s just because we are in an election year and Adam is listening to more Fox news and Rush, but it’s transforming into a Right-Wing political show with some news and comedy.

  5. Swayz

    Ahahaha the picture of the elf and the fat Jewish fella brought me instant joy and laughter. I hope the podcast is that funny. Listened to the Workaholics ep overnight, shocked by how mute Blake was. I always imaged Ders and Kyle doing the heavy lifting

  6. Mike

    Adam. Stop discussing politics please.

  7. Chris

    I’ve been listening to the podcast since the beginning. I’ve supported your advertisers, I’ve bought your books and I am done. If I wanted to listen to right wing talk I would listen to AM radio.

    • Brian


    • Tony

      Agreed. Seconded. Bring back the old Ace. Shut the fuck up about politics Adam, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Duck Manson
        Duck Manson07-26-2012

        That’s his biggest fault. He thinks he sounds logical with his shit but he has no fucking clue how things work. Sounds like a retarded 12 year old at times.

    • mitch


  8. joseph c.
    joseph c.07-19-2012

    Oh dear, more neocon foolery? ugh.

  9. Fred Mercury
    Fred Mercury07-19-2012

    Today on a very special gay podcast…

  10. Mary

    The word you were looking for is “boner.”

  11. Sluggh

    Jonah looks like Pat Mastelotto.

  12. Nelson

    The “Sounder” reference made me spit my coffee out! Great show today!

  13. Justin

    No. No, this can’t be. The hardest-blowing of all the NRO blowhards? The dimmest of all their dim bulbs? No…

  14. david

    Holy crap, Adam sounds like the rational one about politics with this guy around.

  15. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent07-19-2012

    Bill’s the guy in the center in the photo, right…?

  16. Ric

    More political talk?….umm, what else you got? [Skip]

  17. Aaron

    Great…. MORE POLITICS. I thought this was a comedy podcast?

  18. ChuckG

    “Austin-Healey ?!? We were talkin’ ’bout his brother just yesterday. Wow.”

  19. Jesus farted
    Jesus farted07-19-2012

    So, is this a political podcast now?

  20. bb

    I don’t get why Carolla aligns himself with these right wing blowhards, I can see having conservative views about taxes and spending but these pundit douches he has on are freakin extremist nutters. I know conservatives exist out there that aren’t trying to go to war against liberals like it is a sporting event similar to the running man.

  21. madchenvapid

    Ace, love your “pragmatism” and Goldberg’s “rugged individualism.” Self made men turn me on!

  22. reb

    Goldberg is the kind of person Adam consistently mistakes for being smart.

    • Steve

      Hmmmmm…..just like Alec Baldwin and Bill Maher?

  23. el stevo
    el stevo07-19-2012

    Pass. it’s just a waste of my time.

  24. Tom

    Actually, they do call him The Batman.

    Anyway, great pod.

  25. Chad

    Wait, conservatives dont tell people how to dress or who to have sex with? Of all the defenses of conservatives and their ideologies, that one doesnt hold a ton of water.

  26. K-Man Pilkers
    K-Man Pilkers07-19-2012

    Calvin Coolidge, the guy whose laissez faire economic policies resulted in the market crash and subsequent Great Depression, was one of the greatest presidents in American history? I agree with a lot of the points made in this show, but that statement struck me as a bit odd.

    • wow

      suuuuch a tired and incorrect statement

  27. dogs balls
    dogs balls07-19-2012

    The Expendables isn’t even good enough to vomit on the floor for the dog to eat. Not horribly good. Just horrible.

  28. Chad

    I like it Jonah seemed to think it is just liberals raising taxes and forcing business to move. As current events reminder, our current federal tax rate is at record lows. How’s that straw man doing?

    Adam doesn’t seem to know who is raising taxes, and seems to think it is the left. But in his defense, never said it or alluded to it. Regulation is a problem with either political party, at least overregulation. For the majority of the past 20 years, CA has had republican leadership. I cannot figure out how republicans escape any and all blame for overregulation on a national or state level.

    • Cliff

      Good point chad, but it is the congress at the national level and the state representatives that ultimately control the regulation. The President / Governor has the ability to veto but rarely do they go against the will of the elected representatives. But then again, I understand the lack of education on important matters for people under the age of 30.

    • Lord

      Chad and Cliff both your points are moot since both houses were controlled by the Democrats for 40 years until 1994. The republicans had it until 2001 when the senate became Democrat controlled again. in 2006 the democrates controlled both houses again then in 2010 the republicans were able to get the house but not the senate. Bottom line is the democrats were in control when the current economic meltdown happened. 95% of the regulations imposed on business were iniated by democrats. Clinton was one of the most succesful Presidents because he adopted republican ideas. Nuf said sniffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    • Dave S
      Dave S07-22-2012

      Chad, what do you mean CA has had Republican leadership? Are you nuts? With the exception to a couple of years, CA has had a Democratic congress for over 40 years. Or do you think having a few Republican governors in that time means anything? Arnold couldn’t get any of his agenda past this congress, which is far too entrenched. He ended up caving in his final years just so he could get something done, to the disgust of most in the GOP.

      CA is arguably the most liberal state in the union. Those of you who have grown up here have no idea where the centerline even is. Adam is right of center for sure, but he’s not far right. Neither is Prager.

      How about you people just listen to the points Adam makes and rebut those? Rather than to just say he’s a right winger? None of us agree with every word he says but he makes valid points. Name something he says that you disagree with and provide your reason for disagreeing. Otherwise, STFU.

  29. floyd

    i just read this quote and it sums up perfectly what Ace has been saying for years…

    “A clever, ugly man every now and then is successful with the ladies, but a handsome fool is irresistible. ”
    -William Makepeace Thackeray

  30. Thuh Hammah
    Thuh Hammah07-19-2012

    Ugh… there is way too much gay in this one.

  31. Chubby knees
    Chubby knees07-19-2012



  32. Gregers

    This is the first time I’ve had to turn off the pod early. Two days in a row of political stuff that other complainers have already documented the problems with.

    Adam: STICK TO WHAT YOU’RE GOOD AT. This isn’t it.

  33. robert

    Love the new news intro LOL!

  34. JessMan

    the frank drebin reference made me laugh, good one BB!

  35. Brad

    Adam- The Bullitt car is not a Mach-1, it’s a ’67 fastback GT w/ a 390ci. There wasn’t a Mach-1 until 1969.

  36. Jnine

    Adam, I am a true fan, but I can’t listen to this right wing BS anymore. Happned to see our mug on O’Dochbag on Fox last night. I would never watch that show, but I saw you while flipping channels. I hate to break it to you Ace, but you are not the only white guy in the USA. You probably aren’t even in the “1%”. You are incredibly funny, but you don’t know what you are talking about when it comes to economic policy. You just sound like a narcissistic ass lately, complaining about Obama and YOUR taxes. It’s not all about just you.

  37. Walta

    The comments here are more proof that the left loves diversity – just not diversity of opinion.

    Keep up the good work Ace Man.

    • Ned

      If someone on the left has any beliefs, they are intolerant of other opinions. If they compromise then they’re convictions are called into question. The right has set it up so that if someone on the left disagrees with them they can say “what happened to being tolerant?” People on the left are known for being tolerant of others people’s lifestyles, but nowhere does it say they have to be tolerant of right wing ideologies.

    • Yog-Sothoth

      Good point Walta, by which I mean great job proving the opposite of the point you were trying to make. Jonah Goldberg has no diversity in his opinions, just the same opinions shared by every other conservative on the planet. If we don’t want to hear these opinions, it’s only because we have heard them a million times already, and if we wanted to hear them again, we would just turn on Fox News.

    • tomandyourmom

      Go fuck yourself, Walta. And get a clue.

  38. Back sack& Ass crack
    Back sack& Ass crack07-19-2012

    Aceman,love the political talk,you sure get the libtards on here crying.(Chad)

    • Sean

      Do you actually think the adaptation of words to make a bad pun (libtard, Obummer, dumbocrat) is clever, or do you just have some kind of retarded auto-correct installed on your computer?

  39. Matt

    Hey liberal slaves…good fucking riddens…way to go letting your hidden voice be heard now scram and go back to trying to force the rest of your opinion on the rest of the country. Ace for life!

    • jpg

      Fuck you.

    • Sean

      “Riddens”. Maybe the evil liberals should force a dictionary on you.

      • Matt

        Kinda on purpose…riddance seems like an old English word. Lucky I don’t know you Sean.

        O and btw have fun losing in November insect.

        I spelled because as cuz and btw means by the way, can you send me a dictionary so I can learn? Stupid liberal, please do kart wheels on your nearest highway

  40. Insan

    Rush Limbaugh on the show tomorrow?

  41. Lindsay

    I liked this episode. There are a lot of socially liberal, fiscally conservative hard-working and creative people out there who identify with Adam’s way of thinking.

    And, to the commenters disappointed with this episode, I don’t think Adam is changing his views to appeal to a new audience because he’s out of things to say. Hah! How could Adam, of all people, EVER run out of things to say? I think he’s got the same views he’s always had, but now the country has so many political groups that of course he’s going to find one he fits into. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little older and wiser and figuring out what where you fit.

    As a side note, I’m at a point in my career right now where I can either move up, get a chance to reach my creative potential, and get a raise, or I could stay where I am, not try very hard anymore, not be as creative as I know I could be, but at least spared from the government taking all my hard-earned money. If I stay in the exact middle part of the totem pole, at least I’ll have enough money to start the family I’ve always wanted.

    But that’s where our dear, hopeful president wants us all anyway, right? He wants us all right smack in the middle, with no chance of ever moving up based upon the hard work of an individual, and with no consequences of becoming a lazy citizen who sucks the life out of everyone who’s got a decent job.

    • Andy90

      Any evidence for that point? Other than taxes are at an all time low, and the top 1% earn 37% of all the income of this country – up from 20% in 1990?

    • Jimbo5300

      Well put.

  42. Cliff

    I see the tolerant COEXIST crowd is out in force today. They all love diversity until its not what they want to hear.

    Go look at the Huffington post and have at it Fred Willard style and bury your heads a little deeper in the sand.

    • reb

      Johan Goldberg is a dolt. Stick with smart, interesting guests iike Dennis Praeger, if there must be political guests.

    • Tony

      No shithead, you’re the one generalizing. I just don’t want to hear retarded right wing rants. Don’t want to hear retarded left wing rants either, that’s why I don’t listen to podcasts that contain them.

  43. JessMan

    and furthermore: alison’s new song is not as catchy as the old one

  44. Kate Thompson
    Kate Thompson07-19-2012

    Have any of you read any of Jonah Goldberg’s books? I would suggest you do before you start bashing this brilliant mind. I love that Adam is open minded to listening to all sides. I know Hollywood is all over the moon for President Kardasian (Obama), and he may be considered cool but he is completely incompetent.

    • reb

      u seem dum

    • reb

      the ‘facts of life’ joke is played out on all fronts, above all the jokey, ironic, i’m-a-smart-chick-who-liked-a-silly-TV-show device. there would also be no loss if the mock outrage about the unfunny “evil architects” theme not being accepted by the others never showed up again.

    • Foz-man

      Why would we read his books? He came on and sounded very un-original, and had nothing to say that was intriguing in the least. That’s not our, the listeners, fault. That’s his fault. If you want to sell books, give me a reason to buy it.

      I hate any talking head that answers questions by saying “yeah-no” really quick.

    • Lord

      Well said Kate.

  45. Paul

    Enough with the fucking conservatives! I’ll listen to terrestrial radio if I want to hear that shit, and not go to the trouble of downloading a podcast! Maybe if you cracked a book every once in a while these hacks would sound a little more like the out-of-touch, bitter-middle-aged, uneducated assholes that they really are. Please, rant about anything but politics and how much you think people on the left are pussies. You’re really making your audience sick with this shit.

  46. Anniepatra

    I too have supported Adam by purchasing books and audio content through Amazon, supporting certain sponsors and giving referrals. I’ve always enjoyed his take on a variety of subject matters, regardless of whether or not I agreed with him.

    But–quality control has taken a serious hit lately. The guests, particularly those with a political agenda, are beyond boring and woefully misinformed. And Adam is coming across as less of a passionate, motivating self-started and more of a redundant, reductionist conservative cartoon.

    Adam says that he doesn’t read these boards. In that case, I hope Alison, Bryan or any of the other staff members can bring this to his attention. If not, I suspect a lot of deserters will soon be diving off the pirate ship.

    Finally, MORE Alison and Bryan. They have been tossing off some great stuff in between the rants, most of which is rolled right over in favor of retelling the same story yet again. Please give them a bit more space to do what they do. Alison, in particular, has a knack for one-liners. They are both great and, IMO, underutilized.

    Thank you.

    • Tony

      Dare I say Adam needs a Jack Silberto keep him on track? For every “wing bowl” suggestion he may have had, how many times was he there keeping Adam on the rails? Somebody must have been because it’s clear what happens when there is nobody present to referee this shit.

  47. Sumnera

    I didn’t like the political talk and quite frankly Goldberg made me want to puke with his comments. I don’t like the seriousness of today or yesterday. Making me want to turn off the pod for a few months and maybe it’ll get better.

  48. Adrian Larson
    Adrian Larson07-19-2012

    Wait…what? Did I just see this comment section right?

    THANK GOD!!! I’m literally in tears at this! There’s maybe 3 of you hating on this podcast having a lot of gay talk. I’m so proud of you all!

    Though, this “wing” obsession is getting old too. Course, I don’t give a single F what wing someone is. I don’t even get the difference.

  49. Rapebank

    Jesus, ANOTHER right wing hack?? why not get a REAL conservative like Andrew Sullivan or David Brooks. Goldberg is complete twit. And for all your talk, ACE, about hearing multiple sides to issues, where are the left minded intellects on your podcast? …and please don’t claim that the actors you interview count as left leaning intellects. They are complete jokes when it comes to discussing politics.

  50. Tim

    Goldberg- I dont like liberals..Obama … because they claim to be pragmatists

    Adam- I guess I am more of a pragmatist –


  51. Jorm_Valadez

    So Adam is trying to appeal more to white-right winger blowhards? I don’t give a crap about political bs. I’ve been listening since the Loveline days, and Adam is angrier and makes uninformed political comments. Ugh, maybe it’s time for me to gtfo.

  52. Scott S
    Scott S07-19-2012

    There’s no luck in being successful, but Sophia Vergara got lucky, being in the right place at the right time? All the stupid people that Adam has to deal with clearly have G.E.D.s, but Adam never took any classes that would require showing knowledge on the level of a G.E.D because he wasn’t going to college, so he didn’t need to learn anything? Could Adam finish a G.E.D. test? The people on the list of top-paid women got tons of money, but did they earn the money? Having tons of money isn’t proportional to the amount of money your ability really deserves these days, especially in entertainment, so performers get more and more money, driving up costs of productions, driving up the cost that regular people pay for overpaid entertainment, while they pay more for housing because the prices have been driven up by people making money by driving up realty prices, while adding no value.

    Why does Adam even have guests any more? They never get a chance to say anything, and Adam goes to news after two minutes. How did he get so far from the way he used to do the podcast, having interesting conversations with people?

  53. Dan

    Enough with the politics… bring the funny.

    It was great to hear from Bill though.

    Now if they’d bring back the “Friday Bitch Bag.” That was radio magic.

  54. Chad

    Before the conservatives say it: I get it, we don’t agree. Therefore the left is intolerant. Keep beating that drum. Part of free speech is the ability to respond.

    Remember when Michael Moore was on? Remember how people noted on here about how much better it was to not have him shout out his political bs?

    When right leaning guests come on, it’s a conservative jack fest. It is in your face political theater. It is often stupid propaganda peddlers. It is accusatory loads of garbage.

    Stick with comedy. Even if the guest is a political hack peddling his awful rag of a book. Just be funny.

  55. Dan

    Should have just left Bill on the entire time.

  56. ManicChimp

    I always shut off the podcast when it comes to Adam ranting on policits, I mean, I listen because of the comedy, not for a lecutre on right wing ideals. Oh well, glad I’m not paying for it, after all, it is free. The first part of the podcast was really funny, before Jonah came on. Once he did, I just shut it off.
    Like the Princes Bride drop presented by Bald Bryan, “Where are the sports?” he should have a; “Where is the comedy?” coined and ready when Adam starts up a right wing lecture.
    Glad it’s free and I can shut it off, or fast forward on my iPhone, this way I can cut the shit myself.

  57. Justin

    Q: How’d you get in the business?

    A: My mommy told Linda Tripp to record things.

    THAT’s the biography and c.v. of the heir to the Buckley intellectual throne? Oh, Christ, we’re in trouble…

  58. Ryan

    I find it odd that so many of these posts are upset that Adam is giving his opinion on political subjects. First, that’s what he does, that’s all he does-give opinions. Second, just by knowing a bit about his life and the decisions he’s made, of course he’s going to align himself with some conservative fiscal ideals. Third, why do you listen then if it upsets you so much, and i’m sure you wouldn’t be complaining if he spouted out a bunch of liberal talking points.

    Funny how you get labeled for being an extreme right-wing blowhard for having views such as fiscal responsiblity and small govenment.

    • Lindsay

      Exactly right.

    • Adam

      We’re upset because he is uninformed, idiotic, ignores facts and thinks he’s somehow more “special” and “hardworking” than lucky.

      I wonder, does he think his kids or wife are hardworking or lucky?

    • Yog-Sothoth

      There’s a HUGE difference between having funny or clever opinions and having horribly ignorant political opinions and passing them off as fact, guess which one his loyal fanbase was built on? The reason we are sick of Adam’s wildly uninformed political views is because we come here for comedy, the reason you are not is because you agree with him.

  59. Great Gazoo
    Great Gazoo07-19-2012

    No thanks. I only like to listen to people parrot opinions that are completely in line with my own.

  60. Huck

    Great pod today. I love listening to right wingers, its very refreshing!

  61. Russ

    Don’t listen to all the haters, there is nothing wrong with discussing politics every now and again. Adam discusses his life and the world and sometimes politics is part of that. Plus all U Liberals, is it so hard to hear the viewpoint of someone who doesn’t think the way U think that U need to turn off the podcast or rant and rave against Adam to never show that viewpoint again or U will stop listening? Try opening up to new ideas and it may make U a better person. Adam, keep up the good work

    • Yog-Sothoth

      Shocking, another person who doesn’t want Adam to stop with the political bullshit who coincidentally just happens to agree with his political bullshit!
      If we are sick of the politics, it isn’t because we don’t agree with it, it’s because we don’t come here for politics, we come here for comedy, and this shit is not funny, just bitter and annoying.
      Besides, we have heard this all before a million times, it has nothing to do with not wanting to open our minds to a different view point, we are just sick of hearing the same thing over and over again! If we didn’t agree with it the first time, what can we POSSIBLY gain from hearing the same thing for the 3,984th time??

  62. john

    Just a waste of my time. I’ve never missed a podcast since the beginning. Drop the politics. There are plenty of places where I can hear it done better and with less whining.

  63. Caliber Winfield
    Caliber Winfield07-19-2012

    Bald Bryan. C’mon. The Expendables was a bad film? Not by a long shot, man. You need to see the director’s cut, it blows the theatrical one out of the water, which I loved as well.

    I mean, I wrote the book on action films…no, really, I did.

    The Man Movie Encyclopedia Vol. 1 – available on amazon.com right, 5 star ratings all the way, baby.

  64. Ben

    I have been a devoted Carolla fan from the start but can no longer take his political (mis-informed) rants. I refuse to listen to this podcast anymore.

  65. Jared

    Liberals are the worst.

  66. WazzuMadBro

    Adam seems to be trying his damnedest to alienate many of his fans with the politics. Almost nobody wants to listen to this.

  67. Michael Moore
    Michael Moore07-19-2012

    Goldberg’s mom was a smut peddler for all intents and purposes, and he’s just a massive, double talking hypocrite. Yes, Goldberg, conservatives leave you alone, unless they’re trying to mandate prayer in schools, ban contraception and basically ruin the first amendment. Asshat.

    I can actually agree with Adam about the Bryan Cranston reference and some of the issues with building permits, but he’s trying to put every issue about the government into that hole. Adam, the government doesn’t want you and people (most anyways) aren’t jealous of your success. We’re pissed at the asshole’s who have flushed the country down the toilet on the backs of the middle class via risky Wall Street investments and offshoring jobs overseas, only to see their fortunes expand, tax breaks increase and oversight decrease all at the expense of the rest of us.

    All these conservative assholes should be pro-Obama. He’s the one who wants to make conducting business in the states tax friendly and offshoring tax prohibitive. What’s more American than that?

  68. Eric

    first half was great

  69. MikeA

    Excellent podcast. All these douche bags who are hating are just identifying themselves as imbeciles. They hear something that’s somewhat right-leaning and they freak out and don’t actually listen to what’s being discussed.

    • Mister Lister
      Mister Lister07-22-2012

      it doesn’t read, at least on this comments page, like the problem is left-wing/right-wing

      most of these comments are calling for less politics, more comedy!

  70. ian

    Love the show Ace and staff, the comments here are hilarious! I love all the limp-wristed lefties that love when a political discussion agrees with their rosy colored view of things but, whoa, as soon as you disagree you’re a right wing, psycho, nazi, fool that knows nothing. Get over it pussy leftists, grow some thicker skin, get a helmet or whatever you have to do, and grow a pair. Oh whaaaa! more political talk, yeah but I’m guessing that if the discussion had gone you’re way you’d be praising and asking for more, pussies. I dont agree with all of Ace’s ideas and politics, but you know what, I dont come here and bitch about it either.

    ps: Hey Mike lynch, summer tour leg 2 is nearly on brother, you gonna make anywhere this year?

    • Andy90

      Fuck off, you retarded wanker.

  71. reb

    “Do you believe in the safety net.”

    bold question

  72. Did i miss something?
    Did i miss something?07-19-2012

    Did Teresa Strasser admit at some point to back door action with a guy from American Idol? Is that a fact or a joke for a song?

  73. Vlad

    steve mcqeen’s ferrari california that he bought when he was shooting “the great escape”, didn’t go for 2 million. it sold for 12 million pounds to a british radio talk show host named chris evans.

  74. andy

    I don’t think Adam and the crew would hang out with Jonah outside of the show. Dude was really into himself and not in the fun way Adam is.

    Good show either way dudes!

  75. drb123

    I’m tired of this right wing crap that this show keeps on peddling. I listen for a laugh and to have my thinking challenged from time to time, but this constant political agenda is too much. Stop hitting us over the head with this

    I’m taking this show off auto download, reading the show description on the website and finding out who the guest is before listening in the future. Got to vote with my feet

  76. urlhix

    Not going to bother with this one. Goldberg is a grade A moron. Please stop with the conservatard guests and rants. It doesn’t do you any favors. I’d hate to have to buy my Mangrate Christmas gifts without the promo code Adam.

  77. urlhix

    Or at least bring on a proper liberal foil, like David Wild’s colleague at Rolling Stone, Matt Tiabbi. Book it!

    • Ned

      Matt Taibbi is way to sharp and quick on his feet. He does research and has facts. Adam would get destroyed.

  78. Stan salinas
    Stan salinas07-19-2012

    Listen to the entire Obama “business” speech. You will realize what he said was that even the most successful in business didn’t do it alone. They built their businesses with help from the American infrastructure. Had our nation not made significant investments in telecom ACE broadcasting would not have the bandwidth to distribute its shows, UPS and Fed Ex couldn’t deliver all of those products bought through Amazon.

    I have always enjoyed the humor, perhaps you ought to stick with what you know. I am a fiscal conservative and even I believe you are way off in most of your political commentary.

  79. Wes

    It’s funny reading all you libs coming unhinged because a guest doesn’t confirm to your narrow, PC mindset. Maybe we just sit around and genuflect to the awesomenss of Obama and let the goverment solve all our problems.

  80. Josh

    Damn I love all the lib whiners each day….you’ve never had a problem when he bashes the right wing for their stances on pot/gay marriage/pro choice/etc…..i disagree with his views on those subjects but unlike the libs I don’t whine every single day about it….get over youselves. And btw Chad CA has had dems controlling their legislature it’s not Repubs…although I don’t wanna defend Repubs because they’re not good just not as bad as Dems spending our taxes. And people need to quit comparing Income tax rates to Capital Gains tax rates…two completely different things and there’s a reason Capital Gains tax rates are lower.

    • RoyalDryness

      You are right, there is reason why capital gains taxes are lower, that’s how the most wealthy make their money. It IS income, so it should be taxes the same.

  81. Notadick

    Dont a fan of right wing nuts. More comedy ,less politics please

  82. Scotty Terror
    Scotty Terror07-19-2012

    There is a whole drawer full of sock puppets on this comment thread. Ned, Martin, Joe, et cetera — never see any two of them in the same room at the same time…

  83. Patrick Dobrinen
    Patrick Dobrinen07-19-2012

    Thumbs down on the new song for Alison. Keep the Facts Of Life version.

  84. Lilly

    I have listened to and enjoyed this show since the very beginning but it is really becoming an endless rehashing of political tirades. There are many options out there already for conservative political radio and podcasts (or libertarian or however Adam would like his viewpoints categorized). The void this podcast previously filled was a daily entertainment show with actual comedy. Lately not only can guests not get a word in, but we can barely get to a news story because Adam is so obsessed with rehashing his tired opinions on taxes and government programs etc. Adam is not a brilliant political mind, yes common sense is important but I’m fairly certain the future of our country would not be secure in his hands. There are a lot of smart and funny political shows with more informed hosts, both conservative and liberal. 

    Adam is funny, hysterical even when he let’s loose on a topic… let Alison read some news stories and make some jokes without bringing it back to the same gripes already! It’s starting to feel like someone invited my dad to the party and everyone has to sit quietly and be lectured to so that he’ll pick up the tab. That’s not the laugh out loud show I loved for the last few years. 

    I only write this because I’m hoping someone reads a few of these comments to Adam and we can get back to the show I love so I actually can continue to recommend it to my friends… or maybe Alison and Brian and Dave will redirect the tired conversation. Forget disagreeing- just get him to move on!

    • Tony


    • Jnine

      I agree with Lilly. If we want to hear crazy right (or left) winged political rants, we’d listen to Michael Savage or some other political hacks’ show. I used to listen to this show at work and laugh my ass off all day; it was COMEDY. Now, it’s Adam yelling and screaming about how rich he is. HO, HUM. So put upon is he…his family and friends – all they want is money. Perhaps it is because you are obsessed with money, Adam. Maybe your family and friends don’t give a shit about your money, but you assume every conversation you have with them is about your money. In fact, you eventually steer every single, dingle topic raised on your show back to you and your wallet and how much harder you work than everybody else and how much smarter you are than everybody else. It isn’t funny. I’m going to have to walk the plank, I’m afraid. There are actual comedy podcasts out there – something yours used to be. Sorry Ace. I can’t take it anymore. This show was unlistenable.

  85. Dave Up North
    Dave Up North07-19-2012

    Great show Ace! Looks like you touched a nerve here. God I love it when lefties go ape-shit over nothing.

  86. Tony in DC
    Tony in DC07-19-2012

    The only reason why Adam is conservative is because he’s been surrounded by liberals his whole life—not least of which are his family. He’s a contrarian, first and foremost. If he grew up in Arkansas… I’m guessing he’d have become a liberal.

    • reb

      A lot of truth to that. He seemingly doesn’t realize it, but it’s just as tiresome to have parents who are always talking about how “successful” they are and churning the same platitudes he finds so fresh and interesting. To that extent, I cut him a little slack. However, his judgment as an entertainer is flawed if he actually thinks his regular-guy Frederich Hayek routine is interesting. It’s too smart for dumb people and too dumb for smart people.

      But there also seem to be deeper forces at work, too. The theme of mindless deference to authority is coming up a lot more. It’s not the same “pirate ship” spirit when, like a jilted old fart, he just can’t fathom that an intern would have an opinion contrary to “a guy who makes $3 million a year,” or the same intern says she didn’t like “The Hammer,” rather than being a lackey and politely lying. Where is the fearless, thick-skinned person who valued the truth over formality? He’s becoming a prissy Miss. Manners because he thinks that embodies the dignity of upper class people, and he seems to have developed a fixation on talking about how “successful” he is. The only real benefit of having lots of money is peace of mind, and he seems not to have a great deal of that right now; no one who is so concerned with what others are saying and thinking does.

      • chuckie gorman
        chuckie gorman07-20-2012

        yeah it gets pretty old when he dismisses the opinions of people who work for him, and the only rationale he gives is that “they make 9 dollars an hour.”

  87. Tony in DC
    Tony in DC07-19-2012

    Please no more guests like Jonah. Snoozefest. Board Op Bill was good though.

  88. Brian

    Blah blah blah “rugged individualism…”, blah blah blah “i became successful on my own…” Smash-cut to “your parents loaned you the money for a down payment on a house, but you paid it back…”, “you’re never gonna fall on your face…”, “you always had someone in your corner…” Yeah, no shit. Everyone who ever took a risk in this country was supported by the safety net called “society.” You don’t see a lot of homeless failed entrepreneurs. Why? Because you can loose all your money, but you can never lose your fellow taxpayer.

    • Ned

      Sorry Brian, I should have read your post first. I agree wholeheartedly. See my comments below.

  89. reb

    The problem isn’t that the recent content is “right-wing.” It’s that it’s dull, redundant, unfunny, and, above all, done far better by other people who specialize in politics, the way Adam is essentially a comedy specialist. Jonah Goldberg is a third-tier conservative thinker, and he turns out standard talking points on a par with Rob Schneider’s even more inane leftist ramblings (Schneider is even dumber; linear, rational, memory-driven intelligence goes a long way in faithfully repeating what others have said).. As to politics, Adam is merely a plodding repeater of slogans, just as Goldberg and Schneider were as guests. As a comedian, he’s quick and original; his intelligence expresses itself through comedy.

    Those who would merely prefer to hear the same rote blather praising Obama will be disappointed no matter what. But those who espouse the perfection of the free market will, too, because it’s a less good show than it was a year ago. A newcomer to the show tunes in and hears a derivative, 18-minute paean to “hard work” and the insipid repetition of the image that, “back in the day,” the guy in the Cadillac was respected, where now he’s detested. With that, the newcomer will simply seek out the real thing. To put it in familiar terms: Do the math; it’s not in his DNA; Adam doesn’t have the chops for an extended, interesting discussion of politics. There was only one winning line today: “life begins when you learn to use the universal remote.” That’s comedy, not politics. Most of the time, though, he’s doing the equivalent of repeating dull slogans, like the pedantic chick who robotically says “rape isn’t a crime of sex its a crime of violence,” just on the other side, ideologically, and mostly concerning economic issue. The foremost reason people seek out things like this podcast, Howard Stern, and other similar sources is to escape the predictable patter of dullards who talk politics. Anyone who has existed for a little while has heard all the standard arguments, on both sides; only the annoying tools who call themselves “political junkies” seek out a fix of what they’ve already heard thousands of times.

    • blindnil

      well said. Life isn’t dichotomy and the political flavor of the day is “them vs. them” and Adam seems to like the right leaning. I tuned in to hear funny, not preaching. Just because Adam didn’t have what he would call adequate parenting doesn’t mean he has to act like the curmudgeonly father to his listeners by ranting talking points. I’m a conservative and I hate the political pods.

    • marco

      Well done sir – I like the cut of your jib.

  90. Mike

    I love the ring wing politics talk. That is why I tune in. You should concentrate more on it. For all you who don’t like it stop listening!

  91. Mean Dean
    Mean Dean07-20-2012

    People moan about the political talk and yet there are more posts here than I’ve seen before. Bottom line…if you don’t like it, don’t listen. I like all the topics Ace rants on and his politics are spot on.

  92. Mean Dean
    Mean Dean07-20-2012

    Liberals only want to hear politics when its in agreement with them…if not they want you to shut up. Same old leftist crap.

    • Yog-Sothoth

      How are you any different? At least most people here are complaining that they don’t like the politics because it isn’t funny, and the entire reason people have tuned in to this show for all these years is for the comedy. You only like the political talk because you agree with it, and yet you accuse and then criticize liberals for not liking it because they don’t agree with it, you goddamn hypocrite.

  93. Polichinello

    Great show. Book guests of any political stripe. Ignore the whiners.

    • jpg

      That’s the problem – he has never booked a left pol thinker or author…

      • Rob

        “Never” is incorrect. He has had Michael Moore on the show.

  94. jpg

    Please, someone else make a daily podcast. This one is going down the tubes…

    • Good idea
      Good idea07-21-2012

      Dear JPG,

      Be “someone” and do it yourself. If you don’t like what you get for free then do something about it. Reading your comment, it sounds like you wasted almost 2 hours listening to the podcast and then wasted whatever time it took you to type up your complaint. I’m not a regular listener, or a genius, but I know how to turn the damn thing off if I don’t like it and I certainly wouldn’t waste additional time complaining that what I just got for free wasn’t up to MY standards.

      Dude, or Dudette, move on!

    • Bish

      I did. Give it a shot!

      I’m not a fan of Goldberg, think he’s a hack who made it because of mommy. However, I am a devoted fan of this podcast and can tolerate the occasional right-wing guest with whom I disagree. I wouldn;t mind some real debate, but Ace (or the disagreeing guest) doesn’t seem to want to enagae, and keep it light.

      The banter between Ace, Bryan and Alison is usually the best part of the show – agree with those who said they were underutilized. The show is free, so I really can’t bitch too much.

  95. Ned

    Anybody notice with about 8 minutes left, Adam actually began talking about how successful people have been helped by their parents? One day after ranting and raving about it, he was echoing Obama’s speech! “You made all your mortgage payments, it’s just somebody co-signed for it.” He actually admits he wanted parents like that and he would have accepted the help. Even said “You had someone in your corner helping you along.” Just like Obama was saying, successful people work hard, but have benefitted from help along the way, and should be willing to give a little to make sure that help is available to others. I’ve heard Adam change his opinions before, but to take such a strong stance only to contradict it a day later is proof of Adam’s inability to believe his own nonsense, and furthermore that his convictions flap in the wind conveniently and according to whom he is talking.

  96. Stockton

    Adam says all the time, and hes correct, that if youre smart and talented youll be fine and employed

    This guy comes in and says “Well my name is attatched to attacking a democratic president so nobody in tv would hire me”

    Adam sat there and nodded (I presume, he certainly did not disagree with him)

    Now wheres the consistancy to then say “Maybe you just werent good enough”

    Im willing to bet if this guy was great at what he did it wouldnt matter to anyone if his mom was in any way involved with the Clinton scandal (which the fact she told Linda Tripp to get proof, isnt exactly like she crumpled the empire by herself)

    Thats what bugs me about Adam. As much as hes makes good points when nobodys around, he just agree with whatever a guest says that stops by.

    • JB

      I totally understand where you’re coming from. I think, though, that he doesn’t want he show to be a big argument. He just wants to get on with it so he can complain about more things.

    • Good idea
      Good idea07-21-2012

      Listen closer. What he said was that his name being attached to that situation AND working in Public Broadcasting didn’t go too well together. You DO remember NPR from public broadcasting don’t you? They’re the ones that fired Juan Williams for expressing a non-PC (to them) opinion.

  97. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle07-20-2012

    The final Jeopardy question for today is…
    Translate what Ozzy said at 1:20:33.

    • marco

      One Smart Millionaire Man

      • marco

        I mean, What is “one smart millionaire man” Alex?

  98. Kate Thompson
    Kate Thompson07-20-2012

    It is so sad to read all these comments. You on the left have absolutely no tolerance for any other type of views. The hostility and ill informed views are extremely astounding. Unless you walk lock step with the liberal agenda you are labeled a right winger.

    • jpg

      The problem is that this podcast used to be an “entertainment” based show, with comedians, actors, etc. Now it’s seems to be turning away from comedy and toward right wing politics. There has never been a left leaning political author that I can remember on the show. And right wing radio/news is boring as shit…

    • Sean

      Stop with the persecution complex. “Oh, the evil liberals, trying to stifle free speech!”

      Most of us are complaining because this is supposed to a comedy podcast, not Rush Limbaugh redux. When I want to hear right wing commentary, I’ll listen to or read Dennis Praeger, Andrew Sullivan, or David Frum. (Not Andrew Breitbart or Glenn Beck or Jonah Goldberg, because I didn’t suffer head trauma) When I listen to Adam Carolla, I’m looking for comedy.

      Ever notice Adam only talks politics with right wing guests? His interview with Bill Maher, for instance, was more of a “so, how did you get into comedy, Bill?” than a “let’s talk politics” show. It’s almost like Adam is afraid to get into a political discussion with someone that he can’t just hang up on and might actually be able to respond.

      • Sean

        Also, wtf is with no one noticing the amazing contradiction between “You liberals are intolerant of anything you don’t agree with!” and “If you don’t like it, just go away and stop listening!”

        Really? You don’t like non-Republicans bitching, therefore they have to shut up and go away, and they’re the ones trying to stifle open discussion? Please.

  99. Foz-man

    I love Adam, but this guy gave me no reason to listen to what he has to say. I hate it when people (Rumsfeld would do this often), answer “yeah-no” really quickly. It’s a way to get out of taking a stance on any question that will contradict something you said before.

    I loved it when he said that Conservatives don’t tell you how to live, who to marry or who to have sex with.

    Board-op Bill was great!

  100. Larry

    Since when does “leave me the fuck alone and earn your own way in life” equate to fascist, right-wing hack, etc…..WOW

  101. Kate Thompson
    Kate Thompson07-20-2012

    There was absolutely no hostility towards liberals coming from Jonah Goldberg, unlike the hostile comments on this thread towards him. Can’t you just disagree without all the vile hostility? What did Jonah say or Prager that creates such hostile emotions out of you guys? I don’t get it. They aren’t Rush Limbaugh, they aren’t trying to incite animosity, they are just giving their opinion.

    • Zapoli

      Are you being facetious? Goldberg wrote a book called “Liberal Fascism.” Try to keep up.

  102. joe

    have you lefty’s heard this show for the last few year at all? he talks about his views every week he is very consistent. did all you cry about michael moore too lol because i didnt. i dont even cry when allison has a left wing reply to adam.

    • Jon Bischel
      Jon Bischel07-21-2012

      hahahaha, have you listened to adam since “the man show” or heard some of his old “love line” episodes? he doesn’t talk the same way back then as he does now. you must be his neighbor and have a lot of money and understand what he is going through. If that is the case I feel bad for you… life must be tough… hehehehe you weiner.

  103. Pat

    For shits sake the first half of the show was speant on gay walking and other typical ACE man jokes. The other half was political but still funny. Yah sometimes he repeats stories and opinions but it’s still entertaining. I agree with Adams politics for the most part but I can still listen to liberal comics and find the humor. If youre that upset you’re probably just listening for the chance to complain.

    And rich bank’s new song for Allison is amazing

  104. Jon Bischel
    Jon Bischel07-21-2012

    The fall of my hero… I hate this. I have been a Carolla fan for a long time, ever since he was on the Man Show and he said “Damn you Arby’s”, and when I heard he had a podcast, I have been listening from March of 2009 and have told all my friends repetadly to listen to this. I have had many conversations quoting my man Adam cuz he is funny as shit. When he was on “loveline” he said one of the funniest thing that I laugh at to this day when he anwsered a caller that complained about his blood mixing in with his jizz and Carolla said… “mmm… a little thousand island, that is good dipping!”

    Now unfortunately, he does these rants on being rich and having crazy taxes, which sucks. One of his best guests is Dave Damesheck, and if you listened to that last episode, just fast forward the first 30 minutes. He is even right on about chick comedians, but damn… he is not so good anymore. The other day they had “made up movies” and damn if you hear (noun and noun) and of course it is a cop buddy movie… onion and peppers, which just blows.

    The other sad thing is the live show with the sad ad-ins of “um yeah… yeah… ah ha… sniff…”

    Please Adam, bring back the random sex calls or Man Show questoins that are not your fans, because on the fly,you are the funniest mofo ever. No one is ever funnier than you, if you have fresh injections of things for you to comment on.

    Please come back Carolla! Please! I will continue to tell all my friends!

  105. Adam

    And this is where I stop downloading and listening to this podcast.

  106. Susie-Q

    I agree with Kate, Joe and Pat. Adam’s going to talk about what Adam wants to talk about. If you don’t like it, don’t listen.

  107. peggy

    Wow. So, I can just call myself a libertarian, and then I can be as crazy as I want? Who knew!

  108. agmike98

    If you’re going to have someone on, let them talk. I don’t think we heard squat out of Jonah other than his laugh in the background. I’ve been a huge fan of his for years, and was looking forward to hearing some interaction between Adam and Jonah. Instead, I heard Adam saying the same tired crap he always says without even hearing what Jonah had to say. I wanted to heard what Adam had to say ABOUT what Jonah had to say – not just hear Adam say what he always does.

  109. Bonzer Wolf
    Bonzer Wolf07-22-2012

    Jonah Goldberg is one of the best guest you can have on the show. Our education system is a complete failure. History is being rewritten by the leftist educators. Students have no knowledge of the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights.

    Goldberg wrote Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning, which is a must read.

  110. Steve

    Adam, why can’t you obediently tow the “mans” line? Be a nice and squishy Hollywood leftist, just like the other 95 percent of entertainers.

    ……..you’re making people uncomfortable, stop thinking incorrectly!

  111. Illavick

    More like this. Fuck the haters (I can hardly believe I’m saying that). Fuck all you asshole who say not to talk about politics. Talk about everything. Talk about what you want to talk about. Talk about what matters to you ace man. You got here following your man-soul so keep going.

    I loved the gay stuff because I was ignorant of it. It educated me to that community and I now know more than I did before. I’m a better person in that regard. I knew about bears but the otter thing is new. What other animals work their way into human stereotypes? Chief running bear would have something to say about this…

    • Zapoli

      Most of the “haters” aren’t saying not to talk about politics. They just want it to be informed or clever or entertaining — something, anything but the same humorless talking-points screamed incessantly. Just be somewhat funny for crissake or stop calling it a “Comedy Podcast.”

  112. Matt

    What was the name of that song that was played during gay walking when Adam making fun of dance music?

    • Eric

      Eric Prydz- Call on Me

  113. Matt

    Like I said….adios liberal retard fucks. The less of you that listen the more Adam can start speaking the truth. Nazi Germany was horrible, but I’d be for genocide if it targeted blindly loyal and ignorant degenerate liberals/statists/socialists.

    • Ashland

      People like you are what’s wrong with the political climate nowadays. The “agree with us or die” mentality is not constructive. Just because people disagree with you does not make them retards. Do you know what kind of government only has one political party? A dictatorship. You can’t just eliminate people who disagree with you. Political discourse is what this country was built on. Don’t lump everyone who disagrees with some of your viewpoints together into one category that you can point at and hate. I disagree with Adam on some things, and I agree with Adam on some things. Most SENSIBLE Americans are like that.

  114. Benny Lane
    Benny Lane07-24-2012

    Isnt Godlbergs Mom the one who brought down Clinton via Linda tripp and the semen stained dress ?

    Adam is going Dennis Miller on us and making a mistake. Bill maher would eat him for lunch

    I am done with this crap

  115. Rob

    This guy is so lame and talent-less that he ended up in the dark world of right-wing radio. My God, after Jimmy Kimmel got famous, Corrola was basically thrown under a bus. He tried movies (no luck), TV (no luck) so squawk radio was his last stop.

    So, right-wind radio (RWR) is the “safety net” for untalented goofballs like Adam Corolla. OK, got it!

  116. Elle

    I’m a little behind on the pod, but I REALLY HOPE that Alison’s news song goes back to the Facts of Life after today’s.
    The FoL song never gets old or annoying! LOVE IT!

  117. mitch

    whats up with all these right wingers lately? its getting old! More comedy, less politics.

  118. Eric

    I agree with the many commenters above about the political talk. Trotting out these right-wing whack jobs week after week is getting tiresome. Oh, and stick to the comedy, Ace.

  119. vincek

    Cmon guys, this episode was pretty good…after reading all the negative comments I was thinking of skipping this one, i am glad i didnt…even if you dont agree with the guy’s politics, there is no reason to trash him…he was pretty easy going and didnt try to force his ideas on adam, bb and alison…

  120. HakKat

    Great show. Great guests. By far the best talk show of any media. Sail on pirate ship!

  121. fred

    Amazing how using common sense enrages the listeners.

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