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Show Summary

James ‘Babydoll’ Dixon, Adam’s agent, joins the gang from the top of the show. The guys crack wise about Mike August, and James’s large roster of clients. They also delve into the recent drama circling Adam, Kevin Smith, and Telepictures, and analyze both sides of the story. James then coordinates a call with Jon Stewart, who chats with Adam about his kids and the origins of The Man Show.

Musician Joshua Bell comes on the show next, and Adam shares his love of classical music. They talk about his expensive violin, and how he came in possession of it. Adam also asks him about the type of living a classical musician can make, and the guys discover they have a mutual friend.

Alison then starts up the news with excerpts from Obama’s third State of the Union address. They guys discuss Obama’s chances of a second term, and also chat about Romney releasing his taxes. Later, the guys go through some of the Oscar nominations, and watch a fan-submitted animated clip of the podcast. As the show wraps up, the group talks about Disneyland’s new facial hair policy, and Starbucks’s new booze.


Adam as Bill E. Goat

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Badger

    I sure can’t wait for rJoe to turn up and complain about how tonight show wasn’t left wing enough for his delicate palette!

    • Six Dixon
      Six Dixon01-25-2012

      It’s “palate.” Keep showing off that bible belt education.

    • Snausages

      Hahaha..was thinking that exact thing.
      I bet he doesnt comment at all.F that douche

      • Joe

        You were saying…

    • Joe

      You’ve obviously been obsessing about me all night, but I’m the one whose a “faggot”. I didn’t hear any sweeping psychological diagnosies about the left in this show, so I don’t really have a problem

      • Badger

        Actually I’m guessing here with my spidysense that you’re an amateur comedian (or fancy yourself one) who wants to break into the bigtime and the reason you hover round Adam is because he’s the biggest in the field you fantasize about staring in. The fact that you can’t help but comment and respond to comments constantly is your jealousy bleeding in.

        Also I called you a faggot two days ago. You’ll need a thicker skin to hang in this business, fag mcbuttsurfer.

    • Flatulator

      What the fuck is wrong with you?

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee01-25-2012

      The angry message board(ers) have returned. I went back to look at yesterdays comments and even with “Comment Moderation” enabled you all stuck it out and got your point across, congratulations.

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee01-25-2012

        again and again by the way, Due Diligence and Atta Boys to all of you…

  2. dick manclaw
    dick manclaw01-25-2012

    Nice FUCKING Get!

  3. Mike

    Hope Joe doesn’t listen… 🙂

    • Joe

      Too bad

  4. joe

    tonights show wasn’t left wing enough for my delicate palette!

    • Joe

      Another loser obsessed with something written yesterday….how sad

  5. Moe

    About half way through the pod, so glad Adam finally got to this whole thing with Kevin Smith and Telepictures. Good to hear that their pilot with Kevin Smith failed.

    And I always pictured James ‘Babydoll’ Dixon as this very old looking guy, like in his 70’s.

    • Kato

      Me too!

    • ShawnG

      Its because he has been smoking for 30 of his 45 years…

  6. Cyrus

    great show

  7. Dave

    Joshua Bell is phenomenal. Surprised and very pleased to hear from him!

  8. Tim

    I love Jon Stewart and Josh Bell. This nearly makes up for yesterday’s douchefest.

  9. HH

    Why bring the effing violin if you aren’t going to play it?

    • Nick

      Violin with you at all times. Insurance. It even gets it’s own seat.

  10. Dubadubaduba

    Joe is a troll badger, don’t feed him. He is the blue equivalent of a Tobey Kieth listening Palin supporter. I’m serious though, don’t engage haters.

    • Joe

      There two things you’re missing. First, badger is an obvious moron and can’t help himself. Second better to be a troll (which I’m not) than someone who can’t let go of a single statement, written yesterday, on a message board that maybe a couple of thousand people I’ll read. I believe this makes you a fool who apparently doesn’t have much going on in their life

      • Cyrus

        Then what does it say about you to take the time, effort, and actually come back to this page to read and reply? LOL. Way to insult yourself, Jose.

  11. Dave

    I’ve been out of town this past week. What’d I miss??

  12. Rick Rottman
    Rick Rottman01-25-2012

    I think Keven Smith is losing it. First the whole Red State Sundance fiasco, now this.

    • Fitzfan

      What “fiasco”? The one where he dared think out of the box and self-distributed his movie, making his nut on it and profiting on it before it was even out for its limited theatrical release? That “fiasco”?

  13. Dirk Miller
    Dirk Miller01-25-2012

    Completely agree with Brian. Head to hear story about Kevin Smith. Pretty disappointed in what went down.

    • Joe

      Babble on and Carolla are my two favorite podcast, but its hard to see how Smith isn’t either a liar or complete douche in this situation

      • Zeno

        Same here. I listen to Hollywood Babbel-On and SModcast as well as all of Adam Carolla’s podcasts. Listening to the two sides, it seems that Kevin was the guilty party here and he’s trying to spin it so that Adam looks like the bad guy.

        I hope they are able to patch it up, but it doesn’t sound like they were very close to begin with so I can’t see that happening. Maybe Ralph Garmin can be some kind of mediator. The only reason I want them to get along is so Adam can guest host Babbel-On when Kevin is on the road.

  14. JessMan

    baby my ass

  15. Boutross Boutross
    Boutross Boutross01-25-2012

    C’mon dude – can’t pluck a few strings? You’re no Ben folds jerk!

    • Cyrus

      look him up on youtube. he did a big experiment years back where he played at a terminal in DC in street clothes to see if anyone would recognize him/care/recognize genius. like 1 or 2 people did. lol. and as if you really were dying to hear some violin LOL

  16. Joe

    Tonight’s show, was even better than the previous…but I gotta be honest…I could’ve used more Democracy.

    • Cyrus

      america’s not a democracy, so….nah.

  17. Martin

    First time I have seen a picture of Baby Doll, but this is exactly what I had in mind…

  18. WakiPaki

    Aceman pulls it out and rights the wrongs from yesterdays fiasco with a great show today. Nice one!!

  19. Erina

    Thank you, Adam for telling the true story. I heard Kevin Smith’s side of story and it just didn’t sound right. So I was looking forward to hearing the truth.

  20. Jude

    Anyone know if the UStream videos are still posted? The site wont let me subscribe.

      VOODOO XP01-25-2012

      I don’t believe so. It seems that UStream has changed their business model, to more of a “buy a ticket for each show” type of thing. And it looks like the Adam Carolla Show has opted not to participate. I don’t really know.

      I wish someone at ACE broadcasting would address this to let us know what’s going on. Who knows, maybe they have something in the hopper (as far as the video/visual component of the show) and they’re just not ready to talk about it yet. I hope so. I miss actually “seeing” the show every day.

      • Kato

        I think they did say something about it a few months back… I don’t think they’re doing anything with ustream anymore.

  21. Superman (no really)
    Superman (no really)01-25-2012

    Is that babydoll in the pic?

  22. Logic

    If you agree that everyone should pay the same percent in taxes, then you have to agree that Romney should pay more. If a garbage man pays 20%, and Romney pays 14%, clearly Romney has to pay more to equal the percentage the garbage man pays. Interesting how the percent matters more when talking about who gets food stamps, but volume matters more when talking about how much you pay. Angry white man logic!

    • Logic 2
      Logic 201-25-2012

      Well, nearly 50% of people in this country pay 0 taxes or are on the dole. Thus by your reasoning Romney owes nothing. Also, since his income is investment, he could conceivably make nothing or lose everything in a given year, so his gains shouldn’t be taxed at income levels.

      But don’t let logic get in the way of your moronic greedy, envious, moronic class warfare rage.

      • Chad

        Not sure that’s ethical. However his income is achieved, it’s still income.

        • Smitty

          When YOU (presumably, since you don’t understand the economics of investment) and I go to work, there’s little risk that we’ll lose all of our money. We get a paycheck for the work we’ve performed. When an INVESTOR puts his money into an INVESTMENT, there’s considerable risk that they could lose it all. That is why the tax system is structured to give an incentive to those investing, with lower tax rates. Also, consider this… The money being invested has already been taxed once before. Ya know, when it was earned.

          So, there you go Mr. Bernanke. That’s how it works.

          Take a fucking economics class.

          • jamfu

            By the way dipshit If i invest the little I make and make money , I am still taxed the full amount

        • Cyrus

          Do you even know what the fuck ethics are? It’s a fucking entire branch of philosophy. It’s not some set of rules everyone has to abide by.

      • Joe

        The idea that 50% of the people don’t pay taxes is a lie, since everyone pays payroll taxes which covers the two biggest expenditures of the federal government. But it sure sounds good and that’s what’s important. Second the idea that Romney is in danger of losing everything in a given year is laughable, but once again it sure sounds good doesn’t it. But let’s not get facts get in the way of your idiotic “all we need is no taxes and a government that only supplies a military and everything will be great” right wing greed.

      • Caveman73

        Actually the 14% or 13.9% he paid was from investments. He didn’t actually work a regular job. The reason it isn’t 20 or 30 % is his old company and HIM lobbied for it a decade ago to keep it at 14 %.

        Romney is a epic greedy douche bag. I don’t hate the rich, I hate assholes and douche bags. Rich or poor it matters not. An asshole is an asshole no matter the paygrade.

      • zapoli

        You are confused. If you lost everything in a given year, there would be no gains to tax. And not only that but, you could carry your losses as a deduction. I’m not sure what kind of logic you think you’re up to.

    • Cyrus

      Why do you think Adam really gives a shit about Mitt Romney and what he pays in taxes? IT’S NOT A FUCKING POLITICAL SHOW. You people are incredibly annoying to read.

    • Ken

      The thing Adam is missing over and over is, while you might be putting in more if your rich. If your paying a lower percentage then the garbage man. YOU GET TO KEEP MORE OF YOUR MONEY. Now how is this fair.

  23. LEE


  24. Billy Bumpkin
    Billy Bumpkin01-25-2012

    that didnt sound like jon stewart.


  25. awildermode

    Joshua Bell is awesome.

    Bring in more “non-mainstream” guests.

  26. Buck

    A lot of the Kevin Smith story sounds like shit got lost in translation between representatives, TelePictures, and other people.

    • Six Dixon
      Six Dixon01-25-2012

      I agree. It sounded like there were some wires crossed, perhaps some assistants not giving phone messages, and maybe Kev got the wrong idea from Babydoll Dixon’s contract negotiations.

      I’m not inclined to take either Adam or Kev’s word as gospel on this one. Just sounds like two loud, outspoken dudes who both feel snubbed and think they’re in the right.

    • Pike

      I agree as well. Kevin and Adam need to discuss the situation amongst themselves; there seems to be lots of confusion/different interpretations as to what went down. Discussing the situation on their podcasts will just make things worse, because it comes off like, “I’m completely fair and rational but that other guy is a nutcase.” As a listener, it’s interesting to listen to both sides of the story but it’s no way to deal with the problem.

      I’m a big fan of Ace and the Fatman, so I’d love to see them get together to do a show.

  27. Andy90

    Good Times. But it sounds bad for ol’ fat Kevin Smith’s credibility, though. The whole “I’ll work for free, so everyone else should, and by-the-way I wasn’t working for free” line is a little less than persuasive.

    • Ledgewood

      Not only that, but he’s sayign he does a daily podcast for free… as if to say Adam charges for his that he does every now and again???

      I think Kevin Smith is losing it…

  28. L'huomo d'Ace
    L'huomo d'Ace01-25-2012

    “light and sweet, babydoll…”

  29. Joe

    Great show. Good example of how to have a political guest and not turn off half the audience

  30. jerk

    Wow. Dude couldn’t bust out his violin. What a fucking asshole. Way to promote your dying form of music. Maybe if Adam had dropped the obscene fee you must collect every time you pull out that overpriced, hollow-out, shoulder tube-steak, you might have graced us with a couple notes.

    Selfish prick.

  31. Buttercup

    It sounds like Telepictures got cold feet about the project and contrived a story to back out. Maybe Kevin Smith was insulted that Adam didn’t attend his event; however it would be extremely petty of him to renege on the contract based on that. Kevin has had success, he’s made his money. I don’t think he’s desperate to have a television show. Adam seems to really want to be on television, unfortunately he’s had terrible luck with television pilots. Both of his former partners (Dr. Drew and Jimmy Kimmel) managed to convert their basic cable celebrity into successful television careers. He points the finger often, we’ve heard him complain about “not funny” writers, hack producers and poor casting choices. At some point he has to accept that he’s the common denominator.

    Adam should just continue doing his own thing it works for him and he enjoys being the boss.

    • Cyrus

      Eh you’ve clearly never heard him talk about his pilots-he admits when they’re not very good.

    • Cyrus

      Oh and there was a massive time gap between Drew being on TV with loveline and all the current shit he’s been doin the past few years.

    • Ivan

      Totally agree. I never understood why he wants to be in front of the camera. He always seems out of his element there, and he looks like he’s trying too hard. The radio/podcast world is his domain. He’s mastered it. No one can match the speed and volume of his comedy. I say focus on the podcast first, standup second, and ignore TV/Movies.

      The whole Kevin Smith deal seems really odd. My gut says Kevin Smith pulled the plug. I’ve been a fan of his work for years. It’s really disappointing to hear how he handled this deal.

    • MC White
      MC White01-27-2012

      It honestly came across to me, that Kevin talked to several folks, and got word that Adam is a pain in the ass to work with. I’m sure something like that. It’s pretty obvious to me. Just kind of jerky to back out last minute.

  32. Good Gravy!
    Good Gravy!01-25-2012

    Great show today. Having Baby Doll and Jon on was absolutely great but Joshua was fantastic too. Thanks team ACE.

  33. JessMan


  34. Paul in NYC
    Paul in NYC01-25-2012

    Adam has got to stop talking about taxes. He doesn’t understand how the economy works.

    • Casey Man
      Casey Man01-25-2012

      100% agree. Every nation that “has its shit together” has some form of progressive taxation. Ace should take his own advice and look at what Germany’s doing.

    • GOD

      Paul in NYC should stop pretending he knows more about the economy than Adam does. He has no idea how the internet works.

    • Cyrus

      Where and when was he claiming to ‘understand how the economy works’? Get a fucking clue.

  35. Sink Slash Urinal
    Sink Slash Urinal01-25-2012

    Finally, a real guest After weeks.. without a big name headliner

  36. josh

    Another bad redundant line I tried pitching to Adam when I saw him once after a show:

    “…in any way, shape, or form.”

    Gotcha. “Way” pretty much covers the “shape” and the “form.”

  37. Alex

    When you are a classical violinist and you bust out the violin on a show that isn’t professionally produced when you are half drunk and stuffed with meat, it’s not going to be a good career move.

    • Buttercup

      I’m assuming the bulk of Adam’s audience doesn’t have endless knowledge of classical music, as he seems to focus on sports, cars and pop culture. So it would have been nice to hear Josh play a small piece, since he chose to do the show and he brought his very rare violin with him. I don’t think one minute of
      un-produced playing would have shattered his reputation.

    • John

      its one thing to just play for them there, but once a mic picks up the violin and then is compressed it will make a great sounding violin sound terrible.

  38. spacecowboy

    I hereby nickname Mitt Romney – “R-Money”

  39. Casey Man
    Casey Man01-25-2012

    I’ve never had a malignant tumor (that I know about) and I totally agree with Bald Bryan. I can’t believe 50/50 didn’t get a nod. It was easily the best movie I saw this year.

  40. Mike

    Why would Ace want to do anything with Kevin Smith? That dude would have to move up around 16 notches just to be D List.

  41. john

    Easily one of the best podcast of the year so far. Jam packed with goodness.

  42. Adrian

    Ugghh, Joe is on here again? I can’t handle his horrible grammar and I’m not even a grammar Nazi!
    On a sidenote, I thought James “Babydoll” Dixon was wearing a little hat on the side of his head but it turned out to be his hair. lol.

  43. Mike

    I bet that Kevin, looking at his screen through a haze of smoke, accidentally sent Adam’s email into the spam box.

  44. fat fat kevin
    fat fat kevin01-25-2012

    kevin smith sucks donkey balls and no one listens to his snoozecast.

  45. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee01-25-2012

    James ‘Baby Doll” Dixon looks French, doesn’t he? oui? oui?

  46. Cyrus

    You ppl whining (and who were whining yest) about yesterdays shows are fucking losers. GTFOver yourselves. It’s not a fucking political show….yet you douche’s all have to turn it into a political shitslinging show, esp you on the left who feel offended or feel YOU (you fucking narcissists) were miscategorized. Guess what? Nobody gives a flying fuck. Not one person posting here, not Adam, not his hosts, nobody-but YOU. Again, gtfOVER yourselves. If you can’t take an opinion you don’t agree with then you shouldn’t be listening to a podcast (or any kind of media for that matter) in the firstplace, douche. It’s not a fucking echo chamber for you to feel good about your own opinions being championed over and over, like all the networks and stations you probably get your news from do.

  47. Tsukolos

    What date is the Kevin smith Audio from?

  48. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle01-25-2012

    Bill E. Goat video is pretty good. Even Alison’s boots make an appearance.

  49. Hammerthrust V Sexron
    Hammerthrust V Sexron01-25-2012

    Is Kevin Smith still around? Big debut but nothing since? Not trying to be overly pro-Adam, but who cares what Smith thinks? Not the audience.

  50. jerk

    Nah. Guys a jerk. Probably doesn’t even play! I bet there isn’t even a violin in the case he carries around. Just a folded up “Glory-Hole Map of West Hollywood”.

  51. Jeff

    The podcast has been on fire this week! Great guests every episode! I absolutely love this podcast – it has become part of my life. Thanks, Ace & Crew – you guys are kicking butt with this show!!!

  52. Jessiey

    Aceman? Kev? GUYS? This story has taken such an odd turn. Give me five minutes alone with you two in a room and I promise you’d both walk out of there with a happy ending. Uh, bad choice of words but you know what I mean. I was equally disappointed that the fiddler guy couldn’t rattle off a few notes from Turkey in the Straw.

  53. jost

    Go ahead and raise capital gains taxes to 30% and see what happens to this country. All that will happen is less people will invest then the economy will become even more stagnet. Actually they’ll still invest…they’ll just do it overseas where it will give greater rewards for such high risk. Of course I’m sure Obama is fine with that since he appointed Jeffery Immelt from GE to be his jobs czar even though GE outsources tons of jobs overseas.

    • reb

      defnitely don’t want a stagnet economy

      • steve

        A stagnet economy would be the worst.

        Low-IQ Tea baggers don’t seem to remember that high income tax rates were around %90 when Eisenhower was in the oval office and the economy was one of the best in american history.

  54. Melvin M.
    Melvin M.01-25-2012

    You’re right with 50/50 being the movie of the year, Bryan! They were snubbed hard!

  55. MPG

    Kevin Smith is pretty insufferable sometimes.
    He doesn’t stfu, as his Twitter feed reflects.
    I attended a “question and answer” session with him at Tarantino’s theater. In the one hour, ten minutes I was there (before I practically ran out of the theater) we literally asked only two questions to him. The second question was sort of forced at him when he FINALLY took a breath at around minute 40 of his “speech” or whatever. The dude can speak without drawing a breath for an insane period of time.
    Comedic moment: I was sitting near the front of the theater, and In the back of my mind I was afraid of looking rude by bailing out on him. I practically laughed out loud when I stood up, turned around and saw that almost half of the FULL theater had emptied out by that time. Apparently they had the same thought.

  56. Randall

    I love it when millionaires bitch about how tough they have it. I think the best advice a guy named Adam Carolla gave me was, “If it doen’t make you money, or make you happy, let it go.”

  57. Big B
    Big B01-25-2012

    I knew that weasel Kevin Smith was a scumbag. Ace, you’re better off without that jackass. He isn’t as talented as you anyway.

  58. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco01-25-2012

    Get the guys from RedLetterMedia on your show!

    • Listener

      ^^^ Yes. Some people may complain that they’re not celebrities, but they are clever, talented guys. And Adam has an eye for talent.

  59. BIRDY

    Kevin Smith is just a world class douchebag and a liar. I never liked his movies much, or his fucking “shants”. My real hate for him began when he appeared on marc Maron’s WTF podcast and thought nothing of smoking weed in the confined garage in the home of his host, who is also a recovering drug addict. Fuck that guy, seriously.

  60. Fresneck Freddy
    Fresneck Freddy01-25-2012

    Joe is a raging homosexual

  61. Maui

    Like I wanted to hear a violin….

  62. ScottyWhy

    I really wish Ace would stick to cars. It makes me a little nuts every time he gets on the “pay your fair share” tangent. You can’t say that Romney paid his “fair share” because he put in 3 Million while the average person put in 6 thousand. Look at the PERCENTAGE. Sure, Mitt paid 3 mil but he made 46 mil., Those people who are paying 6 grand probably only made 40 grand. My tax rate is 28% – Mitt only paid 15%, how is that his “fair share”. Carolla probably pays 35%, if anyone should be screaming that rich people – REALLY rich people, not podcasters – need to pay more taxes, it’s the Aceman.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-26-2012

      He does stick to cars, it’s called CarCast.
      My reply to your tax rambling…read cliffy’s post below.

    • FU

      Here is what people like you don’t get….

      When you make a lot of money, you can have your money work for you instead or it working for your money.

      Your effective tax rate is on INCOME tax.

      You seem jealous and upset that your tax rate is so high.

      Why don’t you direct your efforts toward the government spending less and then WE ALL CAN pay less in taxes?


      • FU

        Here is what people like you don’t get….

        When you make a lot of money, you can have your money work for you instead of working for your money.

        Your effective tax rate is on INCOME tax.

        You seem jealous and upset that your tax rate is so high.

        Why don’t you direct your efforts toward the government spending less and then WE ALL CAN pay less in taxes?


    • steve

      I agree %100. Every time AC starts talking about politics it is clear he has no idea what he is talking about. It is somewhat cringe worthy and embarrassing. He needs to watch 60 Minutes/Frontline, read the Economist, or listen to NPR instead of watching ESPN and passing out on red wine.

  63. DES

    The whole Kevin Smith, Ace, Baby Doll behind the scenes made for a pretty good show

  64. cliffy

    The capital gains rate tax is about 15% Mitt doesn’t have a salary, all his money he makes now is on investments. That rate is low so people will invest the money they already paid taxes on into other companies to keep money in the economy. Lefties love to complain about all the money people aren’t investing it’s cause Obama wants to raise this rate which would punish people for reinvesting their money in other companies. At least that’s how i see it, I’m sure some lefty (joe)will tell how wrong I am if he can

    • Andy90

      Pretty much all taxation is double (or more) taxation. The money you receive from your employer derived from corporate income (taxable), which derived from customers’ payments (also taxable) and so on. You pay taxes at regular rates on interest (laughably small as it is these days) from your savings, despite the fact that the money in there was already taxed, and interest really only offsets inflation anyway, so you lose two ways. The economy is a series of cycles that get taxed at every juncture. The Capital Gains tax therefore is just a tax like any other.

      Whether it is better for the economy to have a lower Capital Gains tax than other federal tax rates is debateable for three reasons (at least). 1. The Government has to get its money from somewhere, and not taking it from the wealthy (who can increasingly afford this, since their share of total income has been increasing) means it has to come from the rest of the population, who are now dealing with the fourth year of an effective recession. 2. Capital Gains has been subverted to be the regular payment method of many of the wealthiest – esp. Hedge Fund Managers – through the ‘Carried Interest’ loophole. 3. The idea that a greater share of the profit from an investment going to the Government invalidates the reason for making that likely-profitable investment is not reasonable, and was not seen in the post-WW2 era of higher Capital Gains.

    • steve

      “That rate is low so people will invest the money they already paid taxes on into other companies to keep money in the economy.”

      No. The rate is low because rich republicans don’t want to pay any taxes at all. They bought and paid their elected officials to do what they want. Republican lawmakers spin it however they can so their moronic racist/evangelical voters nod their heads and say “OK”, even though it is against their best interest.

      For a long time capital gains, dividends, and capital gains were all taxed at the same rate – and the economy was just fine. You need to stop buying into the Republican spin.

  65. Mnoswad1

    Picture of the other guest?

    Picture of a million dollar violin?

    Link to Joshua Bell website?

    • Jenn

      Co-sign. Outstanding podcast but the corresponding website content falls short.

  66. jack bauer
    jack bauer01-25-2012

    Kevin Smith,more harm then good,meaning, more bad movies than good.

  67. Cory

    Fuck that Joshua Bell guy! He is a total douchbag! Who brings in a 10mil violin and doesn’t even play it! Classic music sucks ass cause people that are into it are always douches! ‘I drank some wine and ate, so I can’t play.’ WTF?! Rockstars, rapstars, etc are fucked up all the time and can still play! That guy is such a fucking pussy!

  68. Mike S.
    Mike S.01-25-2012

    Looks like they’re not so mad at each other after all. Smith, Carolla and Kevin Pollack doing an online show together through AOL.


    • Hammer

      that’s from last year

  69. Load

    There was a good article in the Economist recently about violins. They had these renowned violinists play in the dark to see if they could tell a difference between a $3 million strad and the $300 one down at your local store. Turns out they couldn’t, and in fact, they overall preferred the $300 one to the $3 million dollar one. This was of course before they knew which was which. So basically, the study concluded what all of us non-snobs already knew – there’s not a bit of difference between them, except in people’s heads once they find out the price. God I would have loved to have call out this dude on his BS about how the strad sounds so much better.

  70. Jim

    Awesome show. Still buzzing from all the content. Thanks Aceman!

  71. pat

    Logic and co.

    You must have no taxable income or just be blissfully unaware of how messed up our tax codes are. I work as a teacher in an impoverished section of a major city. 60-80% of my students come from families who have immigrated illegally and therefore pay no taxes (i.e. they do not pay for their education, free lunch, and other services). Yet despite this my paycheck is raped every two weeks to the tune of about 20% (and this is not including fees to our failing union and their retirement system).

    So on account of this my salary is paid for by people in ACE’s tax bracket… people who are already are paying more than their so called “fair share.” Oh and despite all the money the rich guys have been paying in taxes I still have had to take two extra jobs to enroll my children in a usable school system where they can feel safe.

    So this has been a long rant and rave but ACE tells it true. Plain and simple. Yet I would love to talk to anyone with a valid counter point

    • AdamC

      That’s false. If they work at a any sort of job illegally (meaning with faked ssn #’s), the job is still taking taxes out and paying the other half for SS and Medicare. So in fact, in many of the cases, they are paying taxes, unless they are paid under the table of course.

  72. Sig

    Babybolls’ hairdo screams success. It says, I don’t give a fuck, let’s talk buisness babydoll.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-26-2012

      “Light and sweet, baby.”

  73. J Rock
    J Rock01-25-2012

    I hope that Ralph Garman can bring Kevin Smith and Adam Carolla back together again.

  74. Brett

    Good episode – I liked hearing from “Baby Doll”.

  75. kelly

    The Kevin Smith stuff just makes it official that he’s the hollywood douchebag that no matter how much fame or fortune cant stand seeing a more talented person get attention.

  76. Oppez

    Coincidentally, I listened to Fitzsimmons’ interview with David Wild right after this podcast, they told a similar story of how they were screwed out of doing a show together by their representation. I think Bald Bryan called it right, but was shot down by Babydoll Dixon. If you were Dixon would you admit that you fucked up?

  77. gmurch

    I’m sure we’ll hear from Kevin Smith on the Telepics project.

    I completely agree with others that Josh Bell is a d-bag for not playing his instrument. Why the f* else would anybody wat him on their show?

    • gmurch

      Hear MORE from Kevin, that is.

  78. Big B
    Big B01-26-2012

    It seems Smith is always getting into these type of situations. Always blaming the other person. He must be a nightmare to work with.

  79. reb

    the “share” argument about taxes is perhaps the dumbest thing adam has ever said. it seems like a version of something he heard someone else, maybe dennis prager, say. this is the one place where his lack of formal education shows. things that sound like major insights to him are points you’d hear a thousand times going through even a mediocre college.

  80. andrew

    So what is the deal with the video on youtube of Kevin Smith, Adam Carolla, and Kevin Pollak? Everyone talks about Smith and Carolla, but never mentions Pollak. What is up?

    • Zeno

      The feud is between Carolla and Smith…

  81. Tim Owings
    Tim Owings01-26-2012

    Can’t play the violin? WTF?

  82. DaN K. StAnLeY
    DaN K. StAnLeY01-26-2012

    I have this theory about Kevin Smith backing out. IIRC Kevin Smith is a left winger type and maybe all of the Aceman’s play on the conservative talk/ tv didn’t sit well with him? I really like both guys but Smith looks like a total dick after this.

  83. Sloozen

    So cool to find out that Adam like classical music. Great show. It was weird too that James Dixon and Ray have the exact same speaking voice…

  84. Shew

    Please, for the love of all things holy, take Bald Bryan’s microphone away. He brings the show to a screeching halt. Moreover, his drops need to be toned down as well. Even Joe Rogan mentioned on his show the other day that the sound drops are annoying on the ACS. Please leave the comedy to Adam.

  85. Riggz

    Kevin Smith sucks now, and has always sucked. Total blow-hard, talentless hack who made it because Gen-Xers thought he was the voice of their generation. I’m a Gen-Xer and always thought he was a pompous blow hard, talentless hack. Ace-man, so glad you didn’t team up with this douche.

  86. Gary

    Smith is crazy.

  87. AdamC

    I like Kevin Smith and his movies ad have enjoyed Smodcast, but I think it’s obvious that’s he’s gone off the deep end. Kevin Smith has how many podcasts? A live morning he cut back from 4 hours? The guy is a narcissist. He is a great writer, but I think he puts a little too much stock in his talents. I mean he blamed the failure Zack and Miri Make a Porno on the Weinsteins. How about, it wasn’t that good and not a lot of women want to see a movie about pornography. He even made a comment on Smodcast once about how he had used the boy growing up formula before Apatow, but Apatow made money off of it. The reason is simple, Apatow movies may be adolescent, but the femail perspecitve is much better recognized than with Kevin putting “pegging” and Donkey shows in his movies. Women are turned off by his subject matter and it’s created a permanent barrier for him. He may be self-deprecating, but he’s a narciccist all the same. That’s why he realeased Red State the way he did, rather than face rejection again, he could sell his movie to the flock of people that always show up for his stuff. He cansay he was trying to change the movie business, but he’s just trying to avoid rejection.

    • Tyrone Washington
      Tyrone Washington02-01-2012

      I couldn’t agree more. I remember listening to the ACS last February with Kevin Smith and Adam competing for which of them could get in more words per minute. Smith was promoting ‘Red State’ and, although I generally find his movies sophomoric, I was interested in checking it out. I should have known better. ‘Red State’ was an utter disappointment, a good idea which quickly disintegrated into silliness. He is supposed to be such a fantastic writer, yet, is own character is “Silent Bob”? I am surprised Adam would want to work with him in any capacity. When you listen to Smith’s version of the Telepictures fiasco, he is so verbally limited, each sentence has an F-bomb sprinkled in for dramatic effect or, presumably, to cover up his weak argument. I love how he complained about Adam leaving his phone number so he’d have to call him back, you know, like a friend would do, but, mandated Adam drive over to his house in order to watch his stupid movie. He basically refused to be on Adam’s show unless he watched it first. What a giant douchebag!

  88. matt

    Having Josh Bell talk about his Strat but not show it is like bringing on Jonah Falcon to talk about his hog but not whip it out… show the goods! Who cares if you had too much to drink…

    And I know exactly what happened with the Telepictures deal…or at least I can guess based on 12 years of agenting and listening to Dixon. He got the contracts and sat on them and that pissed everyone else off. Lawyers (I’m sure Dixon doesn’t negotiate the contracts…the deals, yes – the contracts, no) are notorious for sitting on contracts and some people get pissed off. It sounds like a month passed from deal to execution and by that point it all went south.

    Don’t get me wrong – K Smith is a D-Bag, but I blame the agent….

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