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Larry Miller is in studio with Adam and the gang right from the top of the show. Larry’s brought a gift for Adam, which helps soften the blow after Adam informs him that Larry missed his own charity event. Adam also rants about chocolate chips in pecan pie, and talks about his day at the Long Beach Grand Prix practice. The guys then discuss shitting at the airport, and Larry tries his luck at the Hypothetical Road Trip Game.

Next up, the co-creators of American Reunion join the show. Adam talks with them about being able to get the entire cast back, and the guys also discuss the Harold & Kumar franchise. Alison then starts up the news discussing the deadly shooting in Oakland, and a Canadian transgender who is trying to compete in the Miss Universe competition.

Later in the show, the guys listen to an angry voicemail from Chevy Chase to Community creator Dan Harmon. Alison then brings up the NBC investigation of the shooting of Treyvon Martin, and Adam spends a while discussing whether or not we’re a racist society, and what we need to do to get back on track. The last couple stories are about Alec Baldwin’s engagement, and Dunkin Donuts switching their soda. The show wraps up with a discussion about TV movie clichés and time flying as you get older.


Check out http://AmericanReunionMovie.com , and see the film this Friday. You can also follow our guests on Twitter @JonHurwitz and @McSchlossberg.


Adam’s Toyota Grand Prix Practice

Transgender rights

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  1. Hutch

    i guess the judges had a few too many Molsons early in the voting for the finals of Miss Universe Canada. until they finally noticed that Jenna Talackovat had cock “n” balls….what finally gave him away? the adams apple,the 5 o’clock shadow or the abnormally large labia and clitoris?……being a Canadian I will say it would have been super funny seeing him compete in Miss Universe and then win lol

    • the

      the dumbest reply

  2. Hutch

    i guess the judges had a few too many Molsons early in the voting for the finals of Miss Universe Canada. until they finally noticed that Jenna Talackova had cock “n” balls….what finally gave him away? the adams apple,the 5 o’clock shadow or the abnormally large labia and clitoris?……being a Canadian I will say it would have been super funny seeing him compete in Miss Universe and then win lol

  3. Katie

    “Tee it Up”

    Quite possibly the most visually uncomfortable thing I’ve drawn


    Ace cast, you are my muses!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-04-2012


      • Katie

        “Poochie’s Uncle”, thank you for always making my day! I call you “friend”

  4. Melvin

    When are the UStream shows coming back?

  5. Mark S.
    Mark S.04-04-2012

    Anytime Adam talks politics or ‘state of our society’ I fast forward. Just sayin’

    • Donny

      Anytime anyone ends a sentence with Just Sayin’ I disregard everything that came before it. Just sayin’

      • Vampits

        Anyone who complains about spelling and/or word usage is gay…Just sayin’

    • wow

      you’re part of the problem

    • back sack& Ass crack
      back sack& Ass crack04-04-2012

      Most lib-tards can’t handle the truth..Just sayin’

    • Bobby F
      Bobby F04-04-2012

      Just sayin what? You are intolerant of views contrary to yours or yo just like to laugh and not confront reality?

    • T-Bone

      Yeah, whether I agree with Adam’s point or not, if it stops being funny I fast forward too.

      Funny: Adam mad about keys, food, kids, ketchup packets, etc.
      Funny: Alison’s comments and BB’s drops.
      Funny: Larry Miller & DAG

      Not funny: Adam mad about problems in other cultures. (Black, Mexican, People who like reggae)
      Not funny: Car racing.

  6. TallGrl3

    Uh Jon and Hayden were happy to be considered white? SAD. Be proud of who are dudes. Are they straight btw?

  7. Joe

    I pooped my pants

  8. Damon

    Sweet! Adam talked to the guests a full 7 minutes before going to the news!

  9. dickda1

    We need the video feed of the show back. VIDEO!

  10. Ledgewood

    Adams talk on race relations is the smartest discussion I’ve heard on the topic on any media outlet. It makes me sick that the NEWS is just a bunch of make up heavy blonds smiling reading the most watered down, chopped up stories which much of the time are video packages sent from companies with a script to more or less advertise their product, like “studies” that show chocolate may be good for you… just happen to have lots of clips of people noshing on hersheys products.

    It seems to be that way with everything, though. The best craft beers don’t sell as much as Bud or Miller, the best bands aren’t dominating the radio, The Blind Side gets nominated for Best Picture, The Jersey Shore is huge… We’re just a dumb culture that craves the watered-down. We get LeBron James talking about racism being a big problem and being regarded by sports writers as admirable. Bleh.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-04-2012

      I hear ya’ barking guard dog.

    • Jay


      • Jay

        The only thing I disagree with is when Adam starts saying that the US has the most level playing field when it comes to racism, sexism and homophobia. There are other countries where gay marriage is legal, women have been president/prime minister and racism is non existent…none of these are the case in the US. Open your eyes Adam.

        • Ben S.
          Ben S.04-04-2012

          Name one, i’m interested not challenging you

  11. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis04-04-2012

    Season one of Sigmund and the Sea Monster is now available to watch instantly on Netflix.

    • a

      Almost every day, I think of David Foster Wallace’s death and am sad for a minute. I never met him or anything, just fucking loved infinite jest.

      • Michael Pemulis
        Michael Pemulis04-05-2012

        Allston rules!

  12. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks04-04-2012

    Now you know why the cola wars were the final straw at end of that Billy Joel song.

  13. Charles

    Who is this chump driving in front of Adam? Terrible line and awfully slow.

  14. MG

    As an African American male, with 32 nieces and nephews whom have not a single dad around, I can say with confidence that Adam is 100% right! I am working in Tokyo, and am so exhausted from sending thousands of dollars back home to take up the slack. My situation is not unique, but unfortunately, far too common.

    I have 3 older sister- 4 out of 5 of those male children are, or have spent significant time in prison – my sisters all started having kids before they finished H.S.- my sisters have 10 kids- those kids have had the remaining 22 – the only common denominator is no dad around- I’m busting my butt to save as many as possible- I have no kids and am single (guess you can do the math as to why that is) – How did I make it out, you may ask – I had an uncle that was around till the age of 10, and he put a ‘fire in my belly’, and I had the sense to hang around with friends that had families ‘white’, and yes, I was called ‘Uncle Tom throughout H.S.- The answer is simple, family!

    Thanks Adam for saying what needs to be said.

    • Jay

      cudos to you man, sounds like you have it rough.

    • GOD

      Good job. Just realize that those kids are not your responsibility… but I commend you on the help that you give.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012

      Family is the answer. Kids need to have consequences for their actions. I always had the fear of my father, in the back of my mind, before/as I did anything stupid as a kid.

    • Dan Carrol
      Dan Carrol04-06-2012

      Amen brother

  15. Ryan

    I don’t care to listen to 20 minutes of Adam’s practice racing for the Celebrity Grand-Prix. Number one, this is audio, we can’t watch that video with you, and number two, IT’S BORING! Just like yesterday’s 20 minutes on pizza, who fucking cares. I love Aceman but the last couple intros have been awful.

    And I think it’s time to retire road trip with LM, it’s getting pretty stale at this point.

    That’s all, I love everything else about the show.

  16. Berk

    Good food enhancer: Pineapple in coleslaw. So awesome.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-04-2012

      I love steak and pineapple shish-kabobs. Pineapple is fantastic!

  17. Bobby F
    Bobby F04-04-2012

    I love Alison but she brilliantly demonstrated how our schools teach us not to think but feel our way around issues of race. Adam articulated the risk analysis we all do in our brains when confronted with a situation when we are isolated with a group who disporportionately commits violent crimes. It is based on race because that’s how the statistics categorize us but our decisions are not motivated by a hatred of any particular race.

    • Broktune

      Yeah, she was behaving like one of the women on The View…all emotion. She seemed to be saying “but that’s racist” so as a cabbie you better pick up the black man. She DIDN”T get it…or wouldn’t. She’s been horrible the last couple of shows and, imo, quickly becoming a typical radio “hole”. With this show, every time she spoke I thought of Robin Quivers.

    • Eth

      Allison said a couple of things maybe a year ago that left me wondering whether she wasn’t some kind of white supremacist ( I think it was during her talking about dating a white supremacist) and ever since then she seems to be overcompensating by playing the over-emotional, non-thinking, knee-jerk liberal female. I think she’s decided her real thoughts are racist and so hss resolved not to think anymore.

  18. Higgs

    I’d really like to isolate and link Adam’s rant on the black community and the race problem in this country. He really captured perfectly what the problem is and how we have no chance of solving it until we can all identify and fix the problem without being labeled racists ourselves. Does anyone know how I can do that or maybe do it themselves and post in on Youtube?

  19. 3rd Mijo
    3rd Mijo04-04-2012

    They should start calling this show The Jewcast

    • Avery

      @3rd mijo: I agree, way too many jews. Corolla just loves kissing that Chosenite ass.

  20. JessMan

    a younger adam would kick current adam’s ass for complaining about free food

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012

      Yeah he would.

  21. Tim

    Those blowhard celebrities and the ego massaging crappy sporting events that screw up traffic in long Beach for 2 weeks.( Now insert Adams LA Marathon rant in here)

  22. J-Ro

    Jenna Talakova….Genital Lack-of-a

  23. setlasmon

    when I bring my class action lawsuit against big passion fruit… I want the law offices of Hurwitz, Schlossberg & Miller on my side!

    and Legal Zoom, of course.

  24. Daneezzy

    Thank you Adam for being truthful and candid about race relations, now elevate the conversation and do some serious thinking as to why african americans are where they are by doing some research. its not as easy as adam makes it, the fundamental idea is a good one but in practice there is a whole lot more to the story. read “slavery by another name” by Douglas Blackmon, it is a great history of blacks between the civil war and WW2 that illustrates some key struggles still facing the black community. All rants aside I freaking love this show, Adam is awesome for working everyday to put up a new episode, Bald Brian is hilarious, excellent with the sound bites, and Allison rosen is far brighter than people give her credit for. Excellent show, keep people talking, its the only way we can fix this mutha!

  25. Ken.Smash

    Adam doesn’t read, watches shitty TV and talks about how he’s functionally illiterate but I’m supposed to listen to him on race relations? He has all the answers? Fuck that. Adam, stick to comedy, your sociological views are irrelevant and illogical.

    • HatKat

      Amazing, with all of that holding him back, Adam is still smarter, and more on target, than you. Let me guess….you’re a barista?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012

      Let’s hear some of your answers.

  26. Ace would complain about free hairpie
    Ace would complain about free hairpie04-04-2012

    No dissin on free food people make for you Ace. thats a life rule. If you dont like it shut the fuck up about it and dont eat it………..

  27. Joe

    ACEMAN! just saw the Crank Yankers bit when Jim Gaffigan calls a Pizza Hut and offers his services as a cockroach exterminator. I was DYING!
    “Will that be cash or check”
    gotta get Gaffigan on the show!

  28. R

    This is pretty wild. Get well very soon Larry.

  29. Huck

    here’s a fun thing to do: google image search each continent as an adjective, and try to find which one is not like the others

  30. GQtaste

    You just know Allison gets riled up when talking race relations. Not only does she not agree w/ Adam but must be extremely uncomfortable at the time. I”ll give it to Adam though, he has no qualms about letting his feelings known about touch topics.

  31. GQtaste

    Also, just heard the news on Larry. I hope for a speedy recovery. Nice guy and hope it’s not as serious as first reported on that piece of shit gossip site.

  32. Greg Olson
    Greg Olson04-04-2012

    Review: ‘American Reunion’ isn’t even half baked
    By CHRISTY LEMIRE | Associated Press – 2 hrs 43 mins agoEmailtweetShare2PrintRelated You probably haven’t been lying awake in bed at night wondering whatever became of Stifler and Oz and the rest of the horny kids from the original “American Pie” movie.

    Yet here they are, after 13 years and a couple of sequels, in “American Reunion.” And they’re more bland than bawdy these days.

    That’s part of the joke: that they (and we) aren’t in high school anymore, that we all have to grow up and function as adults with responsibilities and whatnot. We can’t spend all our time thinking lascivious thoughts about pastry. That’s just adolescent.

    But that doesn’t make for a very fun or funny movie; instead, “American Reunion” relies on clichés about nostalgia, forced tension over strained friendships and melodrama about the rekindling of first loves.

    Jim and Michelle (Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan) are now married with a 2-year-old son and zero sex life. But they return to their Michigan hometown for a 10-year high school reunion that’s being staged three years late because supposedly no one could get their act together on time. It’s a plot contrivance, leave it at that.

    There they run into the old gang, including Chris Klein as Oz, who’s now a slick sports anchor, Eddie Kaye Thomas as the sophisticated Finch and Seann William Scott as Stifler, who’s still … Stifler. Tara Reid and Mena Suvari show up as personality-free blonde robots Vicky and Heather, respectively. And really, the women get short shrift here. They’re either boring good girls or sexually aggressive nymphets, with no shadings of substance or complexity in between.

    “Harold & Kumar” creators Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossbergtake over as writers and directors but the sense of unpredictability that infused their own franchise never surfaces here. Plus, this kind of raunchy, hard-R comedy has been done — and done better — countless times since “American Pie” debuted and seemed fresh in 1999. Movies like “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” ”Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and even the recent hockey flick “Goon” (which also stars Scott) have found a way to push boundaries more daringly while simultaneously finding an unexpected, resonant sweetness.

    “American Reunion” achieves neither of these extremes, and playing intrusive, cloying music to signal that certain moments are supposed to be special isn’t terribly persuasive. The few moments the film gets right — which is true of the whole series — involve Eugene Levy as Jim’s awkward but well-intentioned dad. A grieving widower, he misses his son and longs for the companionship of a woman once more.

    He has a couple of moments with Stifler and even with the notorious Stifler’s mom (Jennifer Coolidge, brash as ever) which bring a temporary loveliness to the proceedings. Then again he also has to go through the obligatory trying-on-clothes montage as he prepares to take a photo for his online dating profile — yet another cliche.

    “American Reunion,” a Universal Pictures release, is R for crude and sexual content throughout, nudity, language brief drug use and teen drinking. Running time: 105 minutes. One and a half stars out of four.


  33. Dan

    I hope Larry is OK!

  34. radar


    Need to take it easier on the guest! The good news is they say Larry will be fine!

  35. Lisa

    Prayers for your speedy recovery Larry Miller!

  36. PuNk AZZ SON Beotch
    PuNk AZZ SON Beotch04-04-2012

    Who?? Nice picture but lately IT:”S BEEN LIKE WHO DA PHUK DEESE PEEP, SUN.

  37. Mike

    Take care Larry, sad to hear about your accident I wish you a speedy recovery

  38. TheFakeNope

    Hey, Larry Miller is in the ICU !! Check it. Hope he’s ok.

  39. Ken Shabby
    Ken Shabby04-04-2012

    Did Bald Brian attack Larry Miller?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012

      He slipped on some squid.

  40. JT

    Where’s DAG?

  41. Beth

    I don’t know how Adam puts up with Allison. He’s begging everyone to just please go ahead and judge, yet she’s scrambling around looking for any excuse she can to avoid judging runaway fathers. It’s disgraceful how quick they all are to prejudge Zimmerman, throwing him under the bus as some kind of sacrificial point of agreement. All this race to deem someone racist after Adam’s rant on the media’s race to call that innocent guy homophobic. Allison doesn’t seem to understand this media bias applies equally to her.

    • Katherine

      Definitely! When she said Zimmerman could clearly be said using a derrogatory word on the 911 call, she only conceded that some people have said Zimmerman may have said “goon.” However, the news covered this and it is not even close to being clear. To me it sounds more like “punks” but who knows. Her news is sooooo slanted and sometimes uninformed, which Adam proved last week with the Clementi case.

      I don’t dislike Alison at all. I think she asks great questions, she is quick witted and plays off Adam nicely. However, it’s a little upsetting she is a long-time journalist and she can’t deliver un-biased news every day. Today was just one example among many.

      • chuckiegorman

        it’s weird that you would cite Ace’s coverage of the Clementi case, since he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

  42. Wilson

    get well soon larry miller! http://www.tmz.com/

  43. Bib

    Looks like another media anti-White narrative is falling apart…”Records Hint Iraqi Woman’s Death Not a Hate Crime.”

  44. Thomas

    I love Alison’s comment about her “beautiful dry meat”. LOL

  45. FU

    The cab driver not picking up the black man is prejudice, not racist.

    He is pre-judging the person based on his color. He doesn’t necessarily hate black people.

  46. PB

    Adam’s rant about fatherless black families is an good start, but also limited, and like most of his rants, simplistic. Obviously Adam, is attempting to focus on one aspect of how to fix the sorry state of the black community in America, and that one aspect leaves out a number of causal planks. It also fits with Adam’s narrative view of the world, which is everyone should be able to overcome whatever shitty hand they have been dealt, since he has been able to. Unfortunately, not everyone has Adam’s talent.

    First, it would probably be helpful to understand the facts. According to the US Census, in 1960 90% of all white kids under 18 lived in a two family household, and 67% of all black kids lived in a two family household. By 2010, the numbers were 75% and 39% respectively, (just as a comparison, Hispanics closely mirrored the white numbers). So at first blush, the numbers would suggest that while Adam’s rant has some validity, but I suspect there is more to this “epidemic”. The biggest question to ask is what triggered this deterioration in the black family composition (for decades before 1960, the number of children in one-parent families had remained steadily in the 30’s), and are there multiple causes at work here.
    Unemployment rates for black americans have been consistently double (or more) the rate of white americans;
    the effects of “the war on drugs” and rates of incarceration have been borne inordinately by black americans, than white americans.
    And the way education is paid for at a state and local level, has always been a handicap for black americans.
    In conclusion, Adams rants are a helpful start, but also relieve the rest of society the obligation of looking at external policies that may be affecting this negative outcome

  47. HatKat

    Please issue an Allison-free podcast. Adam is brilliant and logical.

  48. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012

    Opie and Anthony did bit with the late Patrice O’Neal called “Nigga vs. Nazi.” Anthony wore a Nazi war helmet and cabbies would stop for him over the black man, Patrice. Google Nigga vs Nazi, funny stuff.

  49. dingo

    love the show. with regard to Adam’s doppleganger rant….. I was rubbing one out yesterday to Lynette on youtubye and the thought occurred to me, “Is it just me or does Adam’s wife kinda look like him?” I’m just saying….

  50. chuckiegorman

    why does Adam keep saying the media has an agenda? and if he’s going to do that he should admit that he has one too.
    and giving the examples of Obama and Oprah and saying “that proves the country isn’t racist anymore” is a really dumb argument.

  51. rosemary

    ok now that I actually saw adam in a race car i have fallen completely in love with him. I wish I could find an age appropriate adam in virginia beach.

  52. CaesarSalad

    Funny to have a couple guys that have created nothing but retarded movies smackin on Chevy Chase. Too funny. Dropped out when the single sided race talk started again – god dam, drop that shit.

  53. context

    Adam is a comedian and storyteller. The podcast is a place for entertainment. It won’t be perfect and we’ll hear things with which we disagree. Adam says some stuff that is troubling but he doesn’t seem to be hate-mongering or race-baiting for ratings. These are the opinions of a successful laugh man. When it gets to be too much, you skip it. Carolla doesn’t pretend to be qualified to make policy. He doesn’t presume objectivity. He doesn’t pretend he’s not out for a laugh. Let’s disagree where appropriate and listen to a free podcast for what it’s worth. Carolla’s got a fairly good batting average and when he strikes out… ah well, tomorrow’s podcast is still free.

    On the race issues – if any of you have black friends that feel like you respect them enough that they can afford to be honest with you without reinforcing some stupid stereotype, you’ll see that some folk say some of the same stuff Adam says… just not openly. Why? Because racists tend to point out those issues. But raising those issues doesn’t makes someone a racist.

    Carolla observes that fewer teen pregnancies and good parenting would improve society. No one should have to whisper that. HOWEVER to say that bad life choices in the black community are the reason that Mr. Zimmerman (the man shot Trayvon Martin) was not arrested is a bridge too far. That’s about race. To say that police officers stop everybody because they’ve got control issues and don’t target black people is a bridge too far.

    I don’t know anyone who would agree that Oprah and Obama’s success mean that society isn’t racist. It just means that we don’t live under a system of absolute apartheid and that combinations of hard work (or what Adam calls a “motor”), opportunity and good fortune can yield success – or at least a good life. Again, no one should have to whisper that. Generally it’s true. That’s why most of the black people you know have jobs, love their kids and pay their taxes… and a dozen or so of us listen to the Adam Carolla show.

  54. UrbanCowboy

    On the news segment about Jenna Talackova, I’m curious to see how she fairs against the ladies who were “natural born females.” I think the lesson to glean from this, is that the contest is quite ridiculous to start with; really, just think about how a group of people judge a bunch of hotties as they mince about a stage in their bathing suits and say stupid, rehearsed BS; and we’re all supposed to take their title seriously? Are they going off to cure cancer? I am pretty sure it’s just a ploy to gather all of the worlds hot chicks in one room so a small group of dudes involved with the contest have a chance to bang them (an act of pure genius, maybe evil-genius.) Being a trans-gendered contestant throws a wrench in the super-sexist gears, and really helps to expose how absurd this institution is.
    Besides, I don’t think it’s fair, since having a customized, chemically, hormonally and surgically altered body gives you a total leg up on the “natural” competition. It’s like a bunch of kids entering a box-car competition and one kid gets NASA to design the ultimate entry into the race.

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