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At the top of the show, Adam asks John to talk about the people and comedians that he finds to be the most talented. They also discuss the new one-man-show ‘Ghetto Klown,’ which has just left Broadway after a 6-month run, and is now playing in Los Angeles. The guys talk about how you put together a one-man-show, and Adam talks to him about Colombian drug lords and the ethics of looting during a riot.

Later the guys discuss the experience John had growing up, and how he managed to take the theater world by storm with his singular voice. John reveals some interesting rolls that he turned down, and also discusses his old hobby of buying up real estate. There’s also some talk about his role in the successful animated trilogy, ‘Ice Age’ (with a fourth film coming soon).

After a discussion about the glory of pawn shops, the guys talk about the importance of therapy. Adam says that as a society we don’t put enough emphasis on the topic of therapy, and suggests that people should take a bigger interest in the human condition. If all else fails, the guys agree you should be able to turn to your friends to help you sort things out.


Go to www.Tix.com to get tickets to Ghetto Klown. You can also visit www.GhettoKlown.com for more information.

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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Audio: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Mike Lynch
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. N - head hunting lodge
    N - head hunting lodge10-04-2011

    Rick Perry and hank williams jr.


    run reecist, run hard, run long

    Fluffers Inc.

  2. Robert

    One time I ate a bunch of Mexican food and crapped out John Leguizamo. Which is weird because he is Colombian. And looks Filipino.

  3. The Offender
    The Offender10-04-2011




    Got to get me 200 of them thar shirts, Ace man

    Will he wear it again tomorrow? Place ur bets $

  5. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-04-2011

    Occupy Wall Street roundup: Day 17

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-04-2011

      Unless this Sarah or Brian, get your own Message Board name D-Bag… it’s too frickin early to be working, yeah it is… yawwwwwn!

  6. Connard

    Benny Blanco from the Bronx Lovin’ it

  7. jack bauer
    jack bauer10-04-2011

    john lenquinzono good get,allison rossin is great lookin funny,knows who les clapool is she is a supream lovely being.

  8. vah jai nah
    vah jai nah10-04-2011

    chicano hope

  9. jack bauer
    jack bauer10-04-2011

    Carolla better than stearn,but that goes without saying.Howard stearn is a shok jock Carolla is a comic in radio,whos funnier——————————no one.Carolla, get Tim conway jr.on the show, you guys are great together.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-04-2011

      read – I can’t afford 50 cents a day for sattelite radio… Howard’s on vacation again this week… WAAAAAHHHHH!

  10. jack bauer
    jack bauer10-04-2011

    Bring back the film vault!

  11. The Offender
    The Offender10-04-2011

    A 4th Ice Age, didn’t know about that till just right now.

  12. MPG

    I try not to be negative here because this board is overloaded with negativity….. But… This guy is one of the worst actors.

    So when I just heard Ace Man say as an opener, “John L isn’t exactly talented” TO HIS FACE… well… fucking awesome.

  13. John

    Ohh a one one one……oh well I have other stuff to listen to today. Like Jim and Eddie talkin s. Becoming better than Adam sadly.

  14. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-04-2011

    Adam’s wearing the glasses… pre-op, board op interview… I know, I’m gay for noticing…

  15. Bradley Pitt
    Bradley Pitt10-04-2011

    …and Escobar still looks like Jason Lee.

  16. Juice

    Leguizamo was a hyper-defensive dick to Stromo so I braced for the worst – but now he appears to have a more relaxed angle on life.
    I like him in small doses. I’m not being insulting with that. I mean that in a good way really. He is a good shot of adrenaline in a film or occasional special or something.

    I’m high on pills.

  17. JessMan

    great interview!

  18. big jim
    big jim10-04-2011

    Wasn’t Leguizamo in a boxing movie awhile back? I remember him on a late-night talk show ripping on ‘Rambo’ and talking about how the boxing in the ‘Rambo’ flicks looked fake.
    Compared to his boxing flick.
    Like he could pull a car through snow.

    • Zapoli

      Rambo? You may be thinking of The Deer Hunter.

  19. Yep

    Way to start the episode with a complisult.

  20. Tyler

    Scissors used at 20:06

    • Ryan II
      Ryan II10-04-2011


  21. Cramp

    Scissor me timbers

  22. Sometravoq

    Very good interview. Dug it.

  23. Cal


    You’re winning. The TSA has a podcast fan. Check it out.


    Aceman for President 2024.

  24. David Dietz III
    David Dietz III10-04-2011

    Bogosian was on one of the Law & Order shows (I think it might have been “Criminal Intent.” He was, like, the police captain…)

  25. Billy Barty
    Billy Barty10-04-2011

    Whatever happened to Adam Carolla Bingo?

    • Deliberate Squid
      Deliberate Squid10-04-2011

      Only tards play that and today they are on a field trip to the bakery.

  26. blackslacks

    one on one . always the better shows
    loose the broad . bald brian is ok .

    • stnuntrnd

      maybe you do mean “loose”, in the sense of set free, release (“loose the hound…”), or is “lose” what you intended?

      • blackslacks

        Sorry I don’t have afancy high school diploma and can’t spell all good and stuff. Doesn’t mean I should have to try and keep up with smart people humer. Allyson isn’t funny. BB funny when playing noises.

  27. Zapoli

    The complisult and how to use it:

    Leguizamo: There’s always annoying comedians doing the voice of annoying hyena cartoons, remember that back in the day? … Paul Lynde …

    Carolla: Oh yeah! You do ‘Ice Age’. … My kids love that.

  28. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-04-2011

    Is it just me or did John Leguizamo not clue in on the live reads? I mean by the third one don’t you either shut up or go full tard like Lemmy. John kept chiming in like it was part of the interview… Good Times

  29. WNIG

    This show is so much better without
    chubby Allison

  30. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-04-2011

    Alison farts a lot and is making her new apartment smell like an old swamp.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-04-2011

      Alison sweety I didn’t post this, I hope you stopped reading these as Adam suggested

  31. rich

    allison is hot you guys are trolls … and i liked that movie empire

  32. jerk

    Solid interview! Well done.

  33. Handsome Man Discount
    Handsome Man Discount10-04-2011

    wonder what was edited at 20:06 when he was talking about looters

  34. cow12

    what’s with this therapy crap? if you’ve been doing it all your life that means it doesn’t work.

    therapy is a complete fraud. therapists must either be some of the most deluded or morally corrupt people in the world. you’ve been at this for 5 years and there is no end in sight? here’s a hint, it’s a fucking $180/hr scam.

  35. Patrick

    I like both these guys and I wanted to like this interview. About half way through I realized I just didn’t care and lost interest. I’m not sure where it went wrong.

  36. Alison's Queef
    Alison's Queef10-04-2011

    As Crocodile Dundee said:
    “Talking to someone about your problems? Isn’t that what your ‘mates are for?”

  37. theimprovfrog

    good round one. We need a round two with Adam and John.

  38. Alison's merkin
    Alison's merkin10-04-2011

    Did Adam let the guest speak today?

  39. Lynda

    fuck you dude. simmer down and STFU.

  40. Sluggh

    JL has creeped me out ever since I saw him in that baby sitters movie.

  41. chaakas

    hey was this interview cut? adam was about to say something when he got cut out!!!

  42. Frank

    Hey, I don’t like Alison, either, but the cruelty is uncalled for. Some of you guys go way too far.

    The interview today was great. I only listen to the one-on-one interviews–and they have been great, lately.

  43. the nuge
    the nuge10-04-2011

    Of course she blocks them D’Brick D’Head. You think she wants to read a bunch of illiterate comments from jealous losers? That’s what this message board is for.

  44. Crab Nebula
    Crab Nebula10-04-2011

    And you are an imature moron but we don’t hold that against you.

  45. VAIN

    Who is the author of this post?

    “I am VAIN and I like the taste of pee”.

    Identify yourself you coward. If you do not tell me your tag I will say “Ni” to you until you bring me a shrubbery.

    • Lifetime Plan
      Lifetime Plan10-04-2011

      Or until you chop down the largest tree in the forest with a… HERRING!

      Nerd test? Did I pass? NCC-1701?

  46. Iggy Bumdart
    Iggy Bumdart10-04-2011

    The audio is much better on the 1-on-1s without Alison farting it up in the background.

    • RD

      Still single huh?

  47. Lamb Chop
    Lamb Chop10-04-2011

    Nice to see the podcast always go back to the 1-1 original form that made it so popular in the first place.

    • Prime Rib
      Prime Rib10-04-2011

      Are you high or stupid? The podcast is popular because of the radio shows which were never one on one.

  48. Big T
    Big T10-04-2011

    She doesn’t like stalkers? Imagine that.

    TACO BELL MATERIAL10-04-2011

    Cnn is reporting that Adam will be running for president next year! The Carolla/Villaraigosa ticket will be on the Republican ballot.

  50. robx46

    @ D’Brickashaw (& other d-bags) you are the reason why she & so many others have to filter comments.
    You are just another example of an idiot poster who needs to say negative shit about people so that you can feel better about yourself.

    For you to say what you said… does not being able to get a comment through on youtube really get you that upset? That is pretty sad.
    Get a job & lay off the youtube, you clearly have too much time on your hands & not enough medication.

    I like Alison. I know most people do. Its just that the people with nothing bad to say don’t come here & post about how they have no complaints.
    I’m only here to tell you d-bags to STFU, stop the negativity & deal with your own problems instead of lashing out at a simple podcast show.

  51. JOHN

    Alison, just get naked

  52. Ras

    “John reveals some interesting rolls…”

    Come on Fondiler, are you in the 4th grade? Do you not mean “roles”.

  53. Lifetime Plan
    Lifetime Plan10-04-2011


    Good job.

  54. David

    it’s fucking pathetic that there are so many retards on this board. Just goes to show you when people get popular, the retarded show up…..

    Go get a fucking life. i’m done reading this self absorbed sounding board for the minimum wage retards that think they are funny.

  55. Edweedo

    Will you pricks shut the fuck up about Alison already? “Kike bitch”. . . really? What in the fuck do want, dead air? She’s a hell of a lot smarter and funnier than anyone, except, possibly Teresa, than any of the people with the balls to get on a show, that is absolutely ruthless. You pussies would have run out crying, after Carolla starts picking on you; which is his talent.

  56. Good Gravy
    Good Gravy10-04-2011

    John Legiwhatever was a great guest. Bring him back anytime.

  57. Ballz

    I miss Bald Bryans drops and Alisons laugh in the 1-1’s.

    • mnoswad1

      Same……Adam is great 1 on 1 , but the show works better when Bryan pipes up a little and Alison does her thing. I actually want to hear MORE from Alison. Adam gets on a roll sometimes, but he misses that its a downhill roll sometimes.

  58. BenR

    I think this is in the top 20 for best 1 on 1 Ace Interviews. Fun,intelligent,informative,slightly goofy but most of all entertaining. Best of all…no Alison to fuck it up with her annoyingly idiotic comments, or references that nobody ever fuckin gets. Everyone just kinda nervously laughs at what she says almost like the retarded kid that says something really stupid before shitting their pants. Everyone just kinda giggles at it but feels sorry for them. That aside, this interview was tops with me 🙂

  59. BenR

    I’m kinda surprised Adam or John didn’t bring up the awful abortion of a movie John starred in known as the Pest from 1997. That is proof positive that he never ever ever turns down a fucking paycheck.

  60. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-04-2011


    keep on fluffin

    you fluffers

  61. Ballz

    Adam Carolla Bingo Alert!!: 2 ‘As a society’s

  62. Jim

    Great show. I like John L and love Sid the Sloth.

  63. Ras

    This was a super awesome podcast – I love and respect John and now I have super mad respect for this dude.

    Why is it the talented intelligent guys actually have self doubt and the super douchey idiots like The Situation are just full of self confidence!

  64. V A I N
    V A I N10-04-2011

    6 – Burgh


    • JessMan

      vainy asshole is back. figures that he’s a shittsburgh fan

  65. Oil Company Informant
    Oil Company Informant10-04-2011

    The whole sponsorship thing is a farce. The real reason the show stays afloat is that Alison has so much gas the show is secretly underwritten by Exxon Mobil.

  66. Favian?

    Went jogging this morning and todays podcast was super funny and insightful. Keep up the good work Aceman.

  67. (parenthesis)

    Do you know smooth?

  68. Isaac Hayes
    Isaac Hayes10-05-2011

    Great podcast. Original format is the best. How can anyone argue with this. Great job Ace.

  69. Paul T
    Paul T10-05-2011

    I think John just might be guest of the year!

  70. Big T
    Big T10-05-2011

    Enjoyed this episode if only because it was free of Alison and Bryan. Those two wear me out with their unfunny schtick.

  71. Salomon

    good show

  72. Susie

    Great guest!!

  73. Adam

    I like the shows with Alison and Bryan more but this one was good. Johns great. The only complaint I would have is there are so many commercials.

  74. jd

    This guy was tough to go back and forth with during the interview – he had no sense of rhythm – kept stepping all over Ace’s points.

    HOWEVER, this format, the one-on-one, is still the best format.

    This format is what got me hooked on the podcast in the first place.

  75. Natascha

    I ? John Leguizamo! And I also love when Adam has someone unexpected who I get sooooo excited to hear!

  76. BRandon D
    BRandon D10-05-2011

    I met John in Berkeley,ca. I’m a chef and he came in my restaurant. Then i saw him again on the street and said hello. He was really cool and very nice. Good times.

  77. BRandon D
    BRandon D10-05-2011

    wow!!! I just today thought i would jump into the interactive forum world of this site since i love the show so much. But I just notice all the hatred. And why the hate for allison? I think she makes the show complete. Good job ace, allison and bryan. p.s. the news is my favorite part.

  78. Riggz

    Never really cared for this twerp… always thought he was kinda douchey and not very funny. After listening to this show, my feelings are the same.

    However the one-on-one podcasts are by far the best. This is the reason Adam became so popular on itunes. NO ONE NEEDS THE NEWS! It’s like the weather, traffic and time.

  79. Blake

    John seems like a cool guy. I really enjoy the one-on-one podcasts!!

  80. Legendary Burro
    Legendary Burro10-07-2011

    Great guest!

  81. rambling man
    rambling man10-12-2011

    A conventional interviewer would have talked about John’s great body of work, f.e. >SPUN, but the american genius doesn’t need such worldly preparation to do a great talk

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