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Adam begins the show talking about wrestling with the kids, and his screening last night of Seth MacFarlane’s new movie. He also discusses being chastised by a fake valet guy, and shows a couple photos of the fruit roll-up that’s still stuck to his Mom’s ceiling. Adam then recalls a great Loveline joke that Dr. Drew once told, and the group listens to Adam and Gloria Allred duking it out over the airwaves.

John Cho joins the show next, and Adam talks to him about moving to the States from South Korea, and what it was like growing up with a reverend for a father. They also talk about how tough Koreans are, and his experience attending UC Berkley. Later, Adam jumps to the phone lines and talks to a couple callers.

The last part of the show consists of Alison’s news. The group watches the Rick Perry gaffe, and Adam discuss the society of bullies we’ve created. They also discuss the Penn State sex scandal, and some of the repercussions that come with posting your thoughts on Twitter. As the show wraps up, the group talks about the change in this year’s Oscar hosts, and an exciting nomination for Jimmy Kimmel.


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Rick Perry

Student riots

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  1. Darnell (another black fan)
    Darnell (another black fan)11-11-2011

    Great podcast. Great guest… John Cho. Love it when guests are fans of the show.

  2. Kain

    Oh shit its Harold!

  3. Yortuk Festrunk
    Yortuk Festrunk11-11-2011

    The website is telling me that I am posting comments too quickly….


    GET ON !!!!

  4. Brian Lutz
    Brian Lutz11-11-2011

    Rick Perry – It’s not just about having a brain-fart, it’s about having a brain-fart when speaking about terminating the existance of a government agency which happens to include the National Nuclear Safety Administration. Give that a little thought – Rick Perry hasn’t. If you say you are going to eliminate the Energy Department you sure as fuck ought to have some compelling arguments for doing so right at the forefront of your brain.

    • Joker

      Please, everybody read Brian Lutz’s comment if you believe that someone is trying to catch Rick Perry in a Palin moment. Perry is proposing the removal of a federal agency but can’t remember what it is. We are not laughing at his gaff, Carolla. We are scared of his attempt to roil the right wing by using ‘small government’ rhetoric without having any direction.

  5. Howard


  6. Ed.

    The images on the site are very low-res on my end compared to the old site. Design wise it’s a step backwards but that’s just my stupid opinion. It would be cool if you could click on an image from the daily episode gallery and still allow the show audio to play. At this point if I click on an image during the show, the episode stops and you have to start again fro he beginning. Not life of death but worth mentioning.

    get it on-

  7. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee11-11-2011

    The recently added “Play in new window” makes it possible for me to listen to the show, thank you, but doesn’t list the previous shows. I’m at least four shows behind and I would like to keep playing shows until I’m caught up. I also miss the clock from the old player that allows you to take a call or got to the restroom and then get back to the show where you were interupted. One last complaint and then I’ll stop my posting and “complaining”. With every message being put on “awating moderation” there is no reason to leave a comment, I understand that with all the negative posters & negative poser posters the message board had gotten out of control but it’s no fun to post a comment if there’s no back and forth among the listeners. Thank you someone at APC for reading this…

  8. Julia

    Adam and crew,

    I am a black and foreign chick (from East Africa) and I have listened to you since the Love Line days.
    You are right on people being called racists etc….and I have to say you are right 98% of the time.

    Great show!!!

  9. Jared

    Love the running commentary on classic Ace. I would love to hear Ace comment on old clips from Loveline all day long. Perhaps a segment to bring Giovanni in for?

  10. L'huomo d'Ace
    L'huomo d'Ace11-11-2011

    love me some John Cho!

  11. Jon

    “A dime for scale” (dr. drew)
    Laughed out loud on the sh!tter at work

  12. Ben

    Don’t turn off your ad blockers. Just go to: http://adamcarolla.com/sponsors/ or click on the “support the show” button

  13. Elias

    That playback of the discussion with Gloria Allred was brilliant. Adam completely shut her out on every point she tried to make. That ass whoppin’ was on a whole other level.

  14. Straight Dave
    Straight Dave11-11-2011

    Love that enthusiasm on John Cho… Making the Ace man do bits with every word. Great episode!

  15. Sacto Aaron
    Sacto Aaron11-11-2011

    Really, really good guest! He fits seemlessly in with the crew. He should stop by more often!

  16. Kaman

    Harold, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  17. Doug

    Drew’s “dime for scale” joke was good, but I also like his “mayonnaise symposium in Reykjavik” joke. Adam was talking about people not closing the lids on food, like canned nuts or ketchup. Adam said that the ketchup manufacturers had even made the snap lid, so it would be even easier for lazy Americans to keep their ketchup fresh. He then went on to describe the ketchup manufacturers of the world holding a symposium in Helsinki, to which Drew replied, “Right after the mayonnaise symposium in Reykjavik?” I think this was Drew’s funniest Loveline quip.

  18. real life Harold
    real life Harold11-11-2011

    John Cho was an awesome guest! Super smart, funny, got along with the group, and appears to be a big fan of Adam! Please bring him back, and let him talk about his movie next time! He’s local for god’s sake, there’s no excuse!

  19. Ron Blumpkin
    Ron Blumpkin11-11-2011

    He looks thrilled to be there.

  20. Good Gravy
    Good Gravy11-11-2011

    Home run episode. John is GREAT. Love the attitude photo above.

  21. Dave

    Love me some Harold!

  22. Nolan

    John Cho was a great guest. It’s always nice when there’s a celebrity who is also a listener to the show.

  23. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee11-11-2011

    Alison got the Howard Stern Brett Ratner story wrong. He said he had women get tested before he would have sex with them, that sounds responsible to me. Also, Eddie and Brett are good friends and that’s why Eddie pulled out.

    • Zapoli

      No, Alison got it right. Her version is hilarious. And that’s good enough for me.

  24. Ohfer

    HA @ Newspaper for illiterates

  25. Ned

    One of the best guests. Nice to see a guest that actually listens to the show.

  26. Peter in Oakland
    Peter in Oakland11-11-2011

    I am cool with using the new app to listen to the daily shows, as I don’t have the opportunity to download the file daily when I stay at my girlfriends place. It does seem to skip either forward or backward quite a bit though, something that was not a problem with Stitcher. Can you please smooth it out so it will play smoothly all the way through? Thanks Cioffi. Keep Low Budget going, I love it!

  27. Juiceman

    The Rick Perry thing is pointless and Americans absolutely need to stop with this stupid ‘Gotcha’ fake outrage thing. These dudes are absolutely brain dead after 20 hours a day talking this stuff and whats worse is that EVERY ONE OF YOU PRETENDING THIS IS REAL absolutely HAS done that yourself. And you KNOW you would do it if you actually had to do Rick Perry’s job. You KNOW you would. You’d also mix-up Elvis Birthday and say you visited 57 States. Honestly, I am 100% calling BS on everyone FAKING this as ‘serious’ or PRETENDING “Ya but I’m concerned he can’t remember what he will eliminate” (fake facial expression). BULL!

    • Chad

      Sure, but considering the ther candidates that don’t forget their own positions in spite of being similarly busy, it doesn’t make Perry look competent.

      • Juiceman

        Chad, sorry dude but you do NOT believe that what happened was that Rick Perry actually ‘forgot his positions’. Sorry but you do NOT believe he somehow just couldn’t remember what major positions he took in the sense its no longer important or they were trivial to him. You know, I know, we both know that after a long day, thousands of numbers, names, on national television, with a few seconds to answer he had a common ‘brain-freeze’. Over the word or title. Not ‘his positions’. You do that. I do that. We have all done that even when we were not on a national stage being broadcast. You will do that on the phone next month trying to grab someone (obviously you know them) their name… umm… you know.. um… wth.. the guy from work… umm….. blanked here…. oh god i work with him and i cant think of … uh jerry… no.. GERALD!’ Woops.. sorry.. just had a total brain freeze. It isn’t because you actually forgot Gerald or ‘no longer knew who Gerald was’ or that ‘Gerald is so meaningless’. Come on. You know it.

    • Murdock

      Juiceman I completely agree. There are a lot of ignorant people feeding the 24 hour news engine by concentrating on the most insignificant events. Same with Cain. I am not voting for him based on his financial plans and his foreign policy, not some stupid witch hunt. Plenty of great leaders had their flaws, lets concentrate on the REAL issues, not TMZ level garbage.

  28. Amanda

    Finally figured out the new website. Looks good, but I liked the old pic of Adam making love to the camera.

  29. Jost

    The Perry gaffe is something that makes him look bad but it’s hardly a deal breaker. Keep in mind he isn’t reading off a teleprompter. And for those with short memories Obama had a few mistakes during his debates when he ran for POTUS. Perry isn’t my favorite but this has been blown way out of proportion.

  30. Yog-Sothoth

    Does anyone else find it hypocritical that Adam talks about how society has too much schadenfreude, and then later you can hear the jizz sloshing around in his pants as he announces that Conan is getting bad ratings? Aside from one incredibly minor bad experience, the only thing Conan has done to offend Adam is having the audacity to be funnier than his hero, that painfully unfunny talentless hack Leno, who is only still on the air because old people like his soft unoffensive lack of humor. With all his past rants about TV executives prioritizing everything above comedy in a comedy show, you’d think Adam would consider who is funnier in a late night comedy show slightly more important than who has been nicer to him.

  31. marco

    If Amazon is such a great revenue stream, and helps keep the pirate ship afloat, then why on earth would the web developers design it in such a way that people have to turn off their ad-blockers for the click-through thing to work?!? What’s wrong with a banner, or a big-ass button at the top of the page?Isn’t this EXACTLY the kind of thing that Adam is constantly harping on?

  32. SpaceCowboy

    Occupy Adam Sandler! Stop the greed – Most people surfed web during ‘Jack and Jill’ 99% walked out to get hot wings @ Fridays.

  33. Brent

    Does anyone know the name of the song that Bald Bryan played when they were trying to inspire Adam’s number 2 black female fan?

  34. Lindsay

    I’m laughing so hard at the fruit roll-up picture that my eyes are tearing. You should take a few more photos, and submit them to an art gallery and call the show ‘Carolla House: An In-Depth Study of Abstract Apatheticism’.

  35. Sean

    Just a quick note to Ace about his story of sticking the piece of Fruit Roll-Up to his Stepdad’s bedroom ceiling: Fruit Roll-Ups weren’t introduced to US grocery shelves until 1983. You may have stuck it there later than you remember, or maybe it was some other fruit-leather type product? Not that it matters much, but when you said it was stuck there since 1973.. I had to check. My recollection was that Fruit Roll-Up’s were a new product when I was a kid in the early 80’s. No big deal.. just thought I’d contribute to the mystery of how it’s still there.. clearly time travel was involved.

  36. Name*

    On an unrelated note, I just saw an old episode of Remington Steele about a boxer known as the Hammer. Yes, it was the mandetory boxing episode typical of all early 80’s action shows – written to capitalize on the Rocky saga. Of course the general plot was nearly the same as the boxing episode in the Hulk, the A-Team, and Highway to Heaven, just to name a few that come to mind.

    But the Hammer was not a spry Itallian…yet was a “young” black man new to the fight game, being played by a 50+ year old actor getting his chance against the “seasoned champion”…a totally gray haired man of around the same age. Neither looked as if they had ever worked out, and the punches looked goofy. Of course the boxing trainer was a total rip off of Burgess Meredith too.

    Gotta love that nonsense back then. The only thing sillier are the “high school basketball episodes” from the 90’s where they only use one corner of the gymnasium…or the bowling episode where they only use the far two lanes next to the wall.

  37. Johnny Dilznik
    Johnny Dilznik11-15-2011

    O.K.- so per John Cho’s example of quoting Spike Lee: “black people can’t be racist because they are not in a position of power to influence anything.”

    3 things:


  38. mersh

    great podcast, what’s up with the hat?

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