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As the show opens up, Adam talks about an edited clip on Celebrity Apprentice where members of the ACS crew were made to look like idiots. Adam also rants about not being able to use a ‘sound-alike’ clip for a portion of the show. Joel Stein then joins the podcast and talks with Adam about his journey to becoming manlier. They talk about some of Joel’s crazier adventures, and also read some excerpts of his book, ‘Man Made,’ where Adam was interviewed.

The guys then jump to the phones for a round of Who the F*** Sells This S***, where the gang talks to actual Craig’s List posters to see what they were thinking. Later, Alison begins the news with a story about Obama supporting gay rights, and Adam and Joel have an intense conversation about what the government should focus its efforts on. The guys also talk about Kimmel taping in Boston, George Lucas’ housing plan, and Ron Paul ending his formal campaign. As the show wraps up, the guys go through the most popular baby names of 2011, and discuss the problems with stripper names.


Be sure to grab a copy of Man Made by clicking through our Amazon link.

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  1. mnoswad1

    Just watched celebrity apprentice……….I am so nervous for the crew guys right now.

    But I think that there were 2 cameras set up…….and run simultaneously to keep the audio in sync. Either that or Retarded Gary (not Producer Gary) was taken off a cabinet build to run over to Magic”s house.

    I cant imagine Magic Johnson reading dialogue to an empty stage left. But still there is absolutely no need to shoot it that way. Adam should have sent an email video of Arsinieo’s throw to the film crew to make sure they could match it up.

    Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but the Trump editing did make it look pretty bad for Adam’s crew…….But Adam’s story is now the cliffhanger for the season finale.

  2. Jpmoneypants

    Adam needs a few facts to support his point. There’s a few easy ones like

    1. We spend second most per kid in the world due to teachers unions. Sweden only higher.
    2. In the 50’s the high tax rates were on income over 10-20 million in an era where tax evasion was much easier. Also consumption taxes were much lower and there was no worldly competition du to WW2
    3. LA just built a 600 million dollar school. Hardly not willing to spend on schools.

    On and on. Adam, your point is supported, just get your facts.

  3. hJ

    Joel Stein was very funny combating Adam’s views. Refreshing to see someone on the show willing to be persistent enough not to acquiesce just because they’re on his show.

    • pdc

      totally agree. joel actually brought adam to confront his own points, and adam blinked. hope this won’t be the last time joel comes around. it gets dull to hear one-sided rants. and for someone who goes on and on and on about what music is worth listening to, adam sure is quick to cut music from school programs.

  4. Simmo

    Haha way to go joel stein for kicking Adam’s ass on the economy and showing him for the retard no-education mofo that he is!!! Haha shut the fuck up Adam he went to Stanford and has a brain, owned completely on taxes and schools and the president, so shut up dumbass!

  5. vanwilder

    adam should’ve used GoToMeeting on the celebrity apprentice

  6. Tim Holmes
    Tim Holmes05-15-2012

    Hey Aceman…….I was filling out my absentee voting pamphlet the other day (Rant Suggestion: Who The Fuck Bothers To Vote at brick and mortar places……save the planet and mail in the effing ballot……better yet, it could be done electronically. Your welcome.) Anyway, as I read down the list of candidates for Senate, I sighed in exasperation and then say the line for Write In. Aha! I immediately knew what to do, and so I did. Yup. Wrote in Adam Carolla. (Note spelling.) Please let’s get something going here, Aceman! We, the people, need and would effing love your rants on the Senate floor! The whole country, nay, the whole universe, desperately craves to hear about the HORROR of cranberries in oatmeal cookies. Dig it?

  7. Ace in the Hole
    Ace in the Hole05-15-2012

    Well I now know why Joel Stein looks like that in the pic, Ace just torn him a new ahole. That interview might just have just edged out the Kevin Smith one for being the most uncomfortable to listen to. Now
    imagine if he didn’t like the guy what would have gone down.

  8. benyens

    This was fantastic, glad Allison is back.

  9. Will

    Okay, so I’m totally crushing on Joel Stein now. Ummm, yeah the conversation about same-sex marriage/gay rights bugged me. Well, Adam’s viewpoint did. I liked it when Adam has said in the past that he doesn’t have a horse in that race. I get that. It bugs me when he says he’s sick of hearing about same-sex marriage and it only effects a small number of people, so the President/government should be focusing on the bigger picture.

    I think Joel hit the nail on the head, the government can fix same-sex marriage…they can’t fix the economy. There’s too many moving parts. It’s a complex system that isn’t going to improve with acts of legislation. But same-sex marriage isn’t that complex and, as Joel said, the government is the problem there (DOMA). I can’t get married because of their laws. So fix that.

    And as far as the government/President focusing on more important things, they multi-task. Not everyone in the government focuses on one issue. Not everyone in government is involved with the military, finance, etc. There’s are specialists and some of them are their to focus on issues such as civil rights, law, etc. Those are the people mulling over same-sex marriage and gay rights. Those people aren’t going to be working on terrorism or the economy. So to say that the government/President should be focusing on bigger issues…they are, they have people on that feeding them information, they meet with them, AND they have people and advisors working on same-sex marriage/gay rights. Because that’s what those people do. They don’t do terrorism or economics necessarily.

    So, yeah. Adam’s comments on that bugged me mainly because it doesn’t make sense but I’ve heard that line of thinking before (focus on more important things), and it’s not logical becuase that’s not how governments work.

  10. Bobby F
    Bobby F05-15-2012

    Stein sounds just like Dr. Bruce would if he could string two consecutive syllables together without slurring or stumbling.

    • Umm

      Are you serious? What at all was stumbly or slurry about Joel?

      • MC White
        MC White05-16-2012

        He’s talking about Dr. Spaz, dumbass!!!

      • Gean

        Nothing, Bruce is the stumbly one.

  11. Zohan

    we’re here, we’re queer, lets get our asses in gear!

  12. Ken

    Great Podcast.
    Don’t worry about the Celebrity Apprentice – we all get that they must make make “drama” out of little life squabbles.
    I quit watching Apprentice when it went to celebrities- since it seemed more “cooked” – Of course our family had to watch this season because of Adam.

    Did anybody watch the ABC special about the USFL? It showed Trump as a young man in 1982 – His boys look just like him. USFL (Trump was an owner) won a lawsuit against the NFL but only received three dollars because they felt Trump was suing just for the money. Great reality TV.

    Keep up the good work everyone.

  13. Patrick Green
    Patrick Green05-15-2012

    Joel Stein poked holes in Adam’s dumb as political views and it was awesome. Let’s leave the joking to Adam, and the politics to the educated. Even Alison tried to get him off his rants for fear of him embarrassing himself.

  14. Walter

    Never heard of this guy before, but really liked this episode. I think he brought something back to the show that was missing since Donnie left. It was fun to hear Adam mix it up with someone and that person stand their ground and fire it back at him. And not in a mean spirited way, but in a fun but contentious, I won’t back down, way. It worked well. Fun to listen to.

  15. Joel Stein is stupid
    Joel Stein is stupid05-15-2012

    Ugh what an obnoxious limp wristed moron. It’s amazing what braindead hypocrites liberals are in their personal lives, and how they have absolutely no understanding of basic human nature or how reality actually operates. But more the government having more money would solve everything. Idiot.

    • jpmoneypants

      Its like putting you hand on the fire and expecting it not to be hot over and over again. Pretty much the definition of insanity. That being said, Carolla was schooled in the conversation, mainly because he had no facts to support his point and there are plenty. I hate when people say we don’t spend enough and Adam didn’t give one example of how we spend too much. Come on Carolla.

  16. DWC

    Stein is a brainwashed lib who thinks the government is daddy. Love the show, annoyed by the guest.

    • Sardian

      Totally. Can’t believe all the people who are like “Joel kicked Adam’s ass in that political debate”. Something like 1 out of 5 people in this country work for either the Fed’s or the state. I read the top 2 employers in California are the Fed’s and the states Public sector, then it was Boeing 3rd. I guess we have reached a point where people think “The government should fix the problems in our country”. So apparently we’ve “Jumped the shark”. I wonder when it officially happened? Somewhere between, “dad goes to work and mom cooks and cleans and raises baby’s” and “how come there is no hazlenut creamer in my grande chai latte”?

  17. greg

    it’s funny how the carpet cleaner without a college degree has a better understanding of the role of government and how the world truly operates than the silver spooner from stanford. but isn’t that usually the case?

    such a fucked up world

    • Bobby

      Yes it is. A world in which the left, though vastly outnumbered by patriotic Americans, was savvy enough to slowly but surely gain control of key sectors of our society ….Education-News Media-Entertainment (Hollywood & tv). It’s no accident that Stein believes the way he does. He, along with millions emerging from our liberal controlled schools, has been thoroughly indoctrinated and brainwashed by flaming idiot leftist professors that absolutely monopolize education in America. It’s changing though because common sense Americans have had enough.

      • oh jeez
        oh jeez05-16-2012

        hahahaha, that sarcastic rant was hilarious. Whenever someone brings out the “liberal media” or “common sense americans” I chuckle. Like they are the reason that you are who you are. Those guys who went to school for years have no idea what they are talking about? Ridiculous


        Adam, you admit you can barely read, didn’t get an education, yet you talk like you did actual research or read articles extensively on a subject. You are a soundboard of every conservative and it makes you sound more absurd. Good day and thank you….now shut the fuck up.

    • notgettingiton

      No, it isn’t Greg. Adam got owned–looked like the fool he is regarding politics, and idiots like you (who no doubt did not go to college) eat up his shit.

  18. Alex C
    Alex C05-15-2012

    I’m just wondering why you don’t do the entire podcast on ustream or vimeo like Rogan’s. It would be cool to see the photos/videos/guests etc. in time with the cast. Is it that random audio drops might seem awkward in video or is it that Ace would consider it too close to eye contact?

  19. Jude

    Love me some Ace, and thrilled that Joel called him out on his usual “lower taxes” rant. Good for Joel and good for the listeners. Kinda wish Alison would challenge Adam a bit more as well — makes for good pod.

  20. ohhhjohnny

    Stop talking about politics with people smarter than you Adam. You don’t come off well.

  21. reb

    what’s with the weird sensitivity about a cab driver saying LA blows, or an intern saying she doesn’t like his movie? candor and cutting through the bullshit is OK of Adam, but everyone else has to observe drawing room niceties?

  22. JessMan

    pleeeease no more Who the F*** Sells This S***. it seems fun to everyone in the studio but it’s ear-rape to the listeners

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-16-2012

      Normally it’s a good bit, this one was a clunker.

  23. Andrew

    Ugh the guest is brainwashed. Taxes weren’t higher back in the day because of all the loopholes. The “effective rate” was similar, but even if it was a lot more, the economic freedom FAR surpassed what it is today.

  24. Newly made Joel Stein Fan!
    Newly made Joel Stein Fan!05-15-2012

    I loved this episode. For the first time ever, someone eloquently disagreed with Adam and stood their ground instead of just going along with him on everything he says. I love Adam and think he’s smart and has a lot of opinions that are grounded, but it is quite obnoxious when he makes bold and sweeping generalizations about topics that he has no reference-of-mind towards. Did he honestly say “Only a couple of handfuls” of gays could really want marriage? “How many gays could there possibly be??” I know he was purposely understating, but really???

    I’m a lesbian, Aceman, love you lots and haven’t missed a podcast since I started listening in 2010. I’ve turned off and stopped listening to your show twice in that time, in both cases because of a news story Alison brought up that inspired your insensitive rants. It doesn’t bother me when people are anti-gay marriage, because their opinions are cultivated from how they grew up and their environments and religious beliefs, so whatever. But hearing “Who gives a shit, everyone needs to shut the fuck up” from one of my heroes, I can’t sit through that rant without my blood boiling, especially coming from someone who graciously offers a half hour of his time to rant about festively decorated donuts…yet gays fighting for civil rights is obnoxious? If you insist that gays would find something to bitch about even after they are granted the same rights as heterosexual couples, you can justify your claim easily. Give a call to the congresses of New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and New Hampshire hand ask “How many protests outside your capitals pre-marraige legalization? And how many are there now?” You would have your answer.

    • monky

      Adam has had way more than two “insensitive rants,” that’s why I listen!

  25. goatfucker

    joel stein seems to be a clueless lib…less gov. spending is the key

  26. Kristen

    I always find it interesting when Adam talks about Dominick Dunne. Dunne covered his daughter’s murder trail for Vanity Fair magazine. You can read the article for free (just click the links below). I, too, find it insane that John Sweeney murdered Dominique and served less than four years!!!!!

    Murder trail of Dominique Dunne:

    Also, today Adam discussed the Menendez brother’s. Dunne covered the trail for VF mag:

    Maybe Adam can get Griffin Dunne (Dominick’s son & Dominique’s brother) on the podcast. He has been great in the Showtime series ‘House of Lies.’

  27. moeman99

    Good for Joel Stein for taking on Adam. The Aceman says some really stupid things sometimes.

    • ib

      Some listeners say some really stupid things sometimes.

  28. Low income man
    Low income man05-15-2012

    Marin City is where Tupac lived. It’s a shithole, projects that sit on the hill above Sausalito. That will be awesome. If George builds it, they will come.

  29. Kathy Shaidle
    Kathy Shaidle05-15-2012

    Joel Stein is too liberal. Ugh.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-16-2012

      …and too Jewish.

  30. Lou Bro
    Lou Bro05-15-2012

    First off, huge fan since Loveline days. Let’s get that out of the way.

    Adam, listen to your fans. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about when it comes to politics, economies, taxes, education, music, and school lunches.

    Take a page from your own book….YOU’RE the one who is ignoring advice from educated/knowledgable people around you and basically doing EXACTLY what you rant against. Shut up and listen.

    You don’t get it, and you won’t read this and I wish you would, because you come across as such a goddamn hypocrite it makes me want to not listen.

    • Umm

      Well said Bro

    • JD

      Adam grew up rather poor, or at best very lower middle class, and was surrounded by disengaged and unmotivated family and friends until he was almost 30. He was able to become successful without a fancy Stanford or other elite education and knows more than a thing or two than someone who’s only been spoon fed BS in a classroom or lived in a liberal echo chamber. There are a lot of us with college educations who listen to the podcast who, along with Adam, get it. Go ahead and continue to trash the perspective of the guy who had to earn his way to success, and the rest of us will read the comments and see who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about (hint: it’s you).

      • MP

        Oprah Winfrey also grew up poor and earned her way to success and she could buy and sell Adam a million times and disagrees very much with his views. I get where he’s coming from because of how he grew up, but that doesn’t mean he’s always right. Remember, we’re referring to the fact that he was saying “gays don’t want to get married anyway, right?” Do you honestly think that’s a fair assumption to make??

      • Cheap Seats
        Cheap Seats05-17-2012

        The thing that bugs me the most is how without a doubt bullshit is served on the ‘lunch counter’ on the Right as well as the ‘lunch counter’ on the Left, yet people still act as if it’s *all* on the other side. Fuck! They also both serve theft, good intentions, bad ideas and spite etc etc.

        Where do good people go? Where the money is.
        Where do crooks go? Where the money is.

        How do you tell them apart? Look for the R or the D after their name? That kind of simple-mindedness is stupid deserves to be angry.

  31. Nick Namenone
    Nick Namenone05-15-2012

    Adam is missing the point on talking about things like gay marriage.
    It needs to be talked about because conservative christians are actively trying to prevent fellow human beings from having the same set of rights as they do.. We could all shut up about it and worry more about the economy if the right wing was so determined to get BIG GOVERNMENT involved in human rights and women’s vaginas. Adam should stop complaining about Obama talking about gay marriage and start complaining about all of the conservatives making it against the law.

  32. Patrick

    Hey Joel – get your weight up over 98 lbs and that will help with the appearance of Masculinity.

  33. Lee

    FROM Amazon, It’s F R O M Amazon !! FROM AMAZON!! …..AT Amazon is fine, ON Amazon is fine……THROUGH sucks……FROM Amazon is perfect !?!? Jeez, you Americans are hard work. Great work Aceman, loving the show from rainy England. About time you got your Audi shaped ass over here for some shows?

  34. Patrick

    Lee – Technically, Amazon passes your order on to another company to fulfill… so “thru” Amazon is actually correct.

  35. monky

    Adam was right, all the nonsense about gay marriage is nothing but a diversion that politicos use to get their monkey’s dancing. You will never hear the end of it.

  36. Fart Wisperer
    Fart Wisperer05-15-2012

    Ban that lame book pluging lady from who the f sells this s. She is annoying and not the least bit entertaining.

  37. Joe

    So another Adam rant that basically amounts to “it’s not a real problem if it doesn’t effect me”? Pass.

  38. jpmoneypants

    Love all the liberals saying Adam knows nothing and that Joel is so smart. Yes, Adam got schooling in the discussion, but that doesn’t make Joels point of view correct.

    Hey Cali, stay the course, all you smart guys will see how that works out. Going good so far, lets not learn from history AT ALL EVER liberals. Real smart. I bow to your intelligence.

    BTW: live in Oregon and we enjoy the productive people from Cali moving up here. We welcome you.

  39. Monica Taylor
    Monica Taylor05-15-2012

    Hi ace! Big fan. My husband is a military veteran and employee at the race track in Napa. He called me while i was working/ listening to today’s show and told me that he got me tickets to the race. I have never been to a ca race, but I am soooo excited to see you in action.

    Get it on!!!!
    Super excited, middle size women of color, mangrate owner x3, and super fan!!!

    Monica T.

  40. Huck

    Don’t like me some Joel Stein.

    LOVE me some ACE!

  41. hJ

    I thought it was extremely ironic when Adam started complaining about the ease of entry into the entertainment market (mentioning books and CDs) when that very factor is what has allowed him to self-produce and distribute the very podcast in which he used to say it. But that just speaks in general to Adam’s rants – he’s quick witted, but as a result not very thoughtful about what he says. We can laugh at the surface intent of the joke, but sort of need to turn your brain off while doing it.

    With respect to school lunches and general government involvement in public health (ie. smoking legislation), it really comes down to big picture, long-term statistics. Adam may feel he has some insight into this topic based on his own anecdotal evidence, but the reality is that small amounts of spending or enacted legislation can act as cost saving measures long term as it results in fewer kids with health problems growing up relating to obesity, diabetes, etc. Again, rather ironic, that he can complain about government taxation and expenditure in the same breath while chastising them for trying to curb that expenditure through preventative means.

    And ya, his comments regarding gay rights/marriage.. just pretty dumb. He essentially was saying that because blacks and gays will always be complaining about something, that discussing it or trying to make it better is somehow a waste of [his] time. I can realize being indifferent to a cause that you don’t have a stake in, but to exhibit resistance by shaming the idea of vocal protesting by those who *are* directly affected? Which again leads back to my original point… I’m sure Adam just didn’t fully think through his rant before he got started.

  42. ash

    I too enjoyed Joel Stein pushing back on Adam’s economic/political opinions. I really enjoy Adam’s humor and realize that much of it is directly related to his myopic, uninformed opionatedness. But sometimes his uninformedness drives me up the wall and I was glad to see Joel Stein push back gently. I’d suggest that Allison and Bryan, who are both seemingly well-informed people, push back more when Adam next says something that is contradicted by facts.

  43. Jack Silver
    Jack Silver05-15-2012

    when ACE let loose w/ his sexual scenario regarding his daughter in driving school i cringed… as a father…right then and there I had to turn off the podcast.

  44. mike

    I have that brown shirt. It’s a Gap shirt.

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore05-16-2012

      I have a Brown Shirt. It’s by Hugo Boss.

  45. Peter North
    Peter North05-15-2012

    I don’t think Adam was expecting someone to disagree with him on his podcast. It threw him off.

  46. Why is disagreeing with adam admirable
    Why is disagreeing with adam admirable05-15-2012

    in itself. I liked what Adam was saying a lot more.

  47. Phineas

    Adam,you cannot be serious! Having that insufferable Leftist smartass – with-delusions-of-grandeur,delusions-of-know-it-all,delusions-of-hipster ,and typically racist against Whites – Joel Stein?!

  48. dylan

    santa monica is finally listening to adam, oh wait….


  49. gabe

    AC confounded by Joel Stein’s logic!

  50. con

    Holy Christ! Adam said STEVE Jobs!

  51. Joe

    YA ADAM! PROUD TIBURON NATIVE!! Be jealous of my life… thats actually crazy though, good shit Adam Tiburon always welcomes you!

  52. RoyalDryness

    The “Mike Lynch Memorial GoToMeeting Read” was some of the best stuff in a long time.

    Thanks to Joel Stein for allowing Adam to dig himself a hole and just asking simple questions to show that Adam has no clue what he’s talking about when it comes to the economy. Adam’s simplistic analyses are the same ones that allow conservatives to continue to peddle failed supply-side economics. There are many nations in Europe that are doing very well and have much higher taxes, perhaps the strongest economic in Europe is Germany where tax rates are much much higher than here.

  53. phil landers
    phil landers05-16-2012

    Joel Stein, thank-you for not giving Ace the RIGHT of way on all his simplistic, uneducated opinions on an array of topics… especially the economy. What a breath of fresh air!

  54. phil landers
    phil landers05-16-2012

    As a guest, Joel was able to give a little push back. Great for the show! Alison and B.B. are wicked smart but know their roles as “Yes and…” knowing ful well not to get the blow (hard)back from the ACE man. Contradicting views make some good pod!

  55. Scott

    I liked the guest because he actually was listening to and rebutting what Adam said instead of the other guests who typically are thinking of the next mediocre line they can think of and just saying, “yeah and (insert shitty line from guest)”.

  56. Andy90

    Oh man, the strident ignorance.

    Stick with the funny Ace. We don’t need a cut-price, less-fat Rushbo in the podcast world.

  57. Russ

    Re: Celebrity Apprentice. I guess they could use the first few seconds where Magic addresses the camera head on, then use the audio as different topic related scenes appear on the screen. Perhaps the producers arranged for this to happen for added drama however I’m sure Adam would mention this… perhaps. Maybe when it’s all over and done with.

  58. Jll M.
    Jll M.05-16-2012

    Adam really needs to learn how to listen to people who are obviously more intelligent than he is.

  59. chickenandwaffles

    Obama should spend more time talking about gays and other nonsense rather than trying to fix the economy…

    And yes, all we’ve done over the past 3+ years is talk race… b/c of mr… “if i had a son he’d look like Trayvon…”

  60. chickenandwaffles

    In 1996 Odumbo was for gays. In 2008 he was against gays… In 2012 he’s for gays…. Interesting…

  61. Joseph Ringger
    Joseph Ringger05-17-2012

    Because Joel Stein is smart and went to Stanford…then i will never believe again that Bill Clinton deserves credit for a decent economy and Bush deserves scorn for a bad economy if POTUS has no direct influence on the economy.

  62. Cheap Seats
    Cheap Seats05-17-2012

    Illiterate huh?

    Why is he leaving notes for people? Is he drawing pictures of a stick figure rubbing a car? How does he know which polish he is leaving with the note?

    And yet he was able to make a Phish joke correctly referencing the “PH” spelling for Phlounder.

    I’m calling bullshit.

  63. sluggh

    I don’t know what pod you people were listening to. Stein got rolled. Yeah, fix that 49-cent school-lunch problem and we’ll be in tall cotton, Joel.

  64. da.awful.truth

    This guest was annoying,I didn’t agree with ANY of his views. Hope he doesn’t come back.

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