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At the top of the show, the guys jump right into the news. Alison mentions that Los Angeles came second to last in terms of which cities are most desirable to live in. They also talk about a potential baby boom after last year’s Carmageddon, and the problems with everything needing to taste yummy for adults.

Joe Walsh and David Wild then come into the studio. Adam asks Joe about where it all began, and Joe explains the journey from high school all the way to joining The Eagles. They also talk about the days playing in The James Gang, and Adam asks Joe to share some of his wildest stories.

In the second part of the news, Alison brings up an awkward corporate email that was accidentally sent to an entire company, firing them all. They also talk about a bizarre new cheeseburger crust pizza that is available in the Middle East, and Joe talks about performing with The Eagles in Dubai. Later, they talk about Sarah Silverman’s upcoming full frontal nude scene, sunglasses named after Helen Keller, and a publicist who was killed by a deli sample. As the show wraps up, Joe talks about his wife and kids, and also recalls the time he ran for president.


Joe’s new album, ‘Analog Man’, is available June 5th. Pre-Order it on Amazon.

Also be sure to follow Joe on Twitter @JoeWalsh, and David @WildAboutMusic.


Cheese Burger Crust Pizza

Helen Kellers

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Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Ima Furst
    Ima Furst04-25-2012

    Who woke Bryan up?!! New drops, immediately! It CAN be done!

    “Bob Dylan is the best!”

    “Weren’t we doing the news?”

    Keep going, brother!

  2. Devbo

    Sarah Silverman full frontal nude? This is excellent beat off material.

  3. B Rock
    B Rock04-25-2012

    when he said i started counting but lost track i lost it hilarious!! joe walsh is the best!

  4. TC

    Was it just me or did that one rank as one of the most uncomfortable interviews ever?

    • Scott

      Uncomfortable and awkward. I’m sure Joe had no clue who Adam was and Adam’s questions (or lack thereof for Joe) made for bad pod.

      • defrost

        Yeah, I think it was a mixture. It seems the gang had to try hard to extract any additional info from Walsh. On top of that, it really was one of Adam’s lower ranking interviews. It was interesting to hear Wild jump in from time to time to push discussion back to Joe’s album (Adam seemed more content to talk about how much he didn’t like Witchy woman and to push his own merch).

        All in all, it was fairly entertaining, but a little more prep on Adam’s part would have helped the interview tremendously.

      • dave

        joe definitely got the irreverent way adam was asking questions–that’s what adam does and he does it with enough humor that it isn’t insulting or offputting. I thought joe had a fantastic sense of humor and was giving it right back to adam–not something you get from most guests. great pod, one of the best this year

        • Jenn

          Have to agree with Dave. Listeners that thought it was awkward just didn’t get Joe’s self-deprecating sense of humor. I thought there was a nice rapport in the studio. Great pod.

    • zero1media

      I don’t think it was so much uncomfortable as it was underwhelming; due to Joe’s one-word answers. It felt like Adam and Alison had to nudge him to follow-up every single question they asked him.

    • Stan

      I enjoyed the show today, but yeah it did seem off. Walsh is usually really good on radio, he use to be on Steve Dahl’s show out here in Chicago for years and years and was very good.

      Some of it is I’m sure Walsh is usually use to people kissing his ass and Adam slams Witchy Woman and starts to diss “Dirty Laundry” which Joe played on. Also, the Eagles is run like a corporation and Joe is an employee. Henley, Glen Fry (sp?) and another founding member who is no longer in the group (name escapes me) own “shares” in the Eagles… Joe is an employee of the Eagles and it really is run like a business. The other member has been on Stern before and mentioned how Walsh has to be careful about how he speaks about the band.

      With all that said, it’s why I love Adam. Honestly, one of his best guests he has had is Davis Cross because both of them kind of give it to each other and make it a little uncomfortable. It’s not the usual kiss ass liberal fest with Cross when he’s on with Adam and Cross gives it back to Adam too.

      • Tyrone Washington
        Tyrone Washington04-27-2012

        I believe you’re referring to Don Felder.

  5. Bobby

    Great pod. Love Joe Walsh. As great as Keith Moon was, John Bonham remains the greatest rock drummer that ever lived. Bald Bryan caught Adam’s slight gaffe and gently corrected him.

    • Wes Kanaloa
      Wes Kanaloa04-25-2012

      Moon and Entwistle were incredible together though.

      • Bobby

        Yes they were awesome together. I’ve always loved The Who. I saw them live but it was during the Kenney Jones era. In all of rock history only one band had a rhythm section to match The Who’s, and that was Led Zeppelin with Bonham and John Paul Jones. Zep remain the ultimate rock band in my book but still enjoy several others.

  6. Mike D
    Mike D04-25-2012

    Finally, Walsh! Schweet!

  7. Tootzilla

    You can call Detroit a piece of shit, but leave our hotdogs out of this!

  8. Jim

    The guest on this show just get better and better.

    Been a fan of Joe’s since the “Got Any Gum” tour back in the late 80s, when he opened for Steve and Garry in Chicago back in ’87. During the concert you would feel the rumble of the jets flying over to nearby O’Hare. Pink Floyd-like.


  9. Fresneck Freddy
    Fresneck Freddy04-25-2012

    Nice job aceman…no easy task trying to get Walsh to get beyond yes/no answers

  10. Leonardo

    Regarding family disintegration and irresponsible fatherhood in minority communities. (Commenting from previous show, sorry.)

    Thank you, Adam for talking about this issue. However, I feel there is one step further you can take in advancing a solution.

    You say more people have to denounce the problem: Yes. But we must establish clearly who must understand the message.

    In the absence of loving guidance at home or education anywhere, 2 million years of evolution are very difficult to fight against, meaning; kids may not understand the world around them, but they want to reproduce.

    Biologically, it’s in the male’s interest is to inseminate as many females as possible; this gives the best chances to the passing on of his DNA. He can do so daily without detriment to his ability going forward. Females have the burden of pregnancy so they cannot pass on their DNA as frequently.

    Hopefully, we can agree that females have to choose more carefully who their partner is. Without education, they will choose an alpha male who most likely comes from their same background.

    Here is where you must advance the cause: A Guide for Minority Women on Giving Up the Pussy.

    Suggested guidelines:
    1- Don’t fuck a man without a job
    2- Don’t fuck a man with children by other women
    3- Discuss the possibility of pregnancy with your partner (hoodlum of choice)
    4- If you’re not comfortable with points 1-3, use contraception
    5- If you’re not comfortable with point 4 either, ask for strictly anal, or swallow.

    Richard Banks…. take it away!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-26-2012

      Cum on the tits is a better idea.

  11. The Hoss
    The Hoss04-25-2012

    Note to self, if self was Adam: David Wild is light years more entertaining than David Alan Grier. Glad to see him on his fourth show in seven or so episodes!

  12. Nick P.
    Nick P.04-25-2012

    I really hate when the ace-man brings in musicians. They always sound 80% retarded. This guy was 100%. I get that Ace loves their music, but it is so obvious his mind works about 100 times faster. I can’t even listen to more than 5 minutes of this musically attuned drooling cavement idiot. I love the show ace, but drop the musicians, their terrible.

    • Tyrone Washington
      Tyrone Washington04-27-2012

      Nick, “this guy” is Joe Walsh, one of the greatest rock guitarists, musicians, and showmen of the past 35 years. Pull your head out of your butt and whatever bullshit music you listen to and learn something before you posion the world with your idiotic “take” on what is entertaining or interesting to those of us who know better. Case in point, “their terrible.” The verdict is in, you are dumb.

      • BW

        Tyrone’s right. Chris Isaak was great on the show too.

  13. Tim

    So Joe Walsh did some drugs back in the day? You couldn’t tell by listening to him!

  14. Rrrrr

    Holy shit …Joe Walsh!

  15. jd

    Ugh. That was pretty painful.

  16. Dan Burke
    Dan Burke04-25-2012

    Adam it sounds crazy but you should consider quitting drinking. It’s not helping you. It might be “cool” to drink but it’s not smart. I know you won’t stop (today). You are addicted. But life would be even better if you did not drink. I know you can’t believe it, but if you ever live a for a few years sober, I think you will discover what I am talking about. All people stuggle with addictions. You are not alone. If there is even 1% of you that agrees with this, you should give being sober a try. A smart guy like you won’t be able to deny the truth.

    • nAAter

      Right on Capt. I’ve long thought this, but my obvious bias prevented me from saying so.
      You get tired of being tired.

    • Ledgewood


    • Wes Kanaloa
      Wes Kanaloa04-25-2012

      Yeah Ace, be a sober pirate!

      I’d rather drink Arrrrr-senic.

    • cg

      Yeah, it’s really sinking him … he’s barely getting by. Always has 3 or so successful ventures going at once, takes care of his family and friends, universally loved by anyone he cares about, adores and dotes upon his wife and children … it’s a mess.

      I know it’s impossible for some of you 12-steppers to believe, but there are some people out there who can drink on a regular basis and hold it together. Some people have the “disease” and some don’t.

      By the way, mind me asking where you got your M.D.? I keep reading that a glass or two of red wine per day can be good for you. Apparently you’re privy to some studies disproving this?

      Get off your high horse and stop telling people more successful than you how to change their lives.

    • Dr. Thang
      Dr. Thang04-26-2012

      You know you’re a raging alcoholic when you need to justify it by trying to convince everyone to stop enjoying things that taste good, instead they need to force horrible tasting shit down their mouth until the addictive qualities kick in to make up for it.
      He acts like ingesting something that was produced for the sole purpose of having an addictive effect on your brain makes you the pinnacle of sophistication, that you have to be super smart and mature to get drunk and stumble around like a retard. Yeah dude, that’s why only the classiest high school seniors smoke and drink.
      For someone who makes as many great points as Adam does, that was easily one of the dumbest arguments and the lamest attempt at peer pressure I have ever heard. By his logic, drinking this Dr Pepper means I am not an adult, but if I instead filled the bottle with piss and dropped some crack rocks in there, suddenly I would become Mr. Monopoly.

  17. Cameron

    Joe Walsh’s new album should be called: P-Whipped

    What’s Wild’s stake in promoting Walsh? What a hack.

  18. Alex C
    Alex C04-25-2012

    Joe Walsh is kind of reminding me of the interview with Isaak Hayes. Mmmmmm sometimes.

  19. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks04-25-2012

    I would go to a certain fancy restaurant in my town on a special occasion and 2 of their martinis would leave me totally shit-faced even after a big meal.

    • cg

      Grreat story.

  20. Mike

    Wow, interviewing Joe Walsh is like pulling teeth.
    Adam: How long did it go on?
    Joe: Ahhhh, I don’t know…
    Adam: How was the James Gang received?
    Joe: Oh, pretty good.

    B.B. could have answered with Isaac Hayes drops for most of the interview.

    Weren’t we doing the news? Hard to listen to at first, but the longer it went on it just became funny. Weren’t we doing the news?

  21. Olliesdog

    Holy cow! Adam had to carry Joe on this one. Joe’s brief one and two word answers were brutal, he would not expound with any stories. We were all looking forward to this one, but turns out a bit let down.

    Adam, you did the best you could with King-Brevity-Joe.

  22. Kristen

    Holy crap! Listening to that interview was like listening to Adam and the gang pull teeth!! Jez, Joe Walsh made that interview tough.

  23. Ashland

    Adam should run for mayor of L.A. Imagine the cleaning house that would ensue… Drinking beer in front of a bonfire on the beach again. Electric graffiti deterrent systems (think Demolition Man). Cops that start helping people instead of reading tweets during podcasts. Utopia.

  24. Casey Man
    Casey Man04-25-2012

    What’s with pulling the punches on another right-wing nut? The Family Research Council was served up on a tee, and Ace went ahead and pulled a Sonny. Same thing with Zimmerman yesterday; dude shoots a teenager and gets released on bail, Ace rants for 20 minutes about Spike Lee. What happened to the equal opportunity offender who used to dice up ‘tards on the left and right side of the aisle? Guy does one (or fifty) OWS rant and all of the sudden he can’t rip into right wingers for fear of jeopardizing another O’Reilly interview.

    • Masey Can
      Masey Can04-25-2012

      You’re so right. Some moron complaining that a two-male C-grade candy brand breaking up harms marriage is as ripe rant material as a well-known, race-obsessed liberal New York filmmaker attempting to incite revenge murder. Really missed comedy gold, Aceman.

  25. doug

    “Weren’t we doing the news?” lol Nice job, Bald Bryan.

  26. Don Henley
    Don Henley04-25-2012

    Pretty funny when Adam was trying to get Joe to bad mouth Dirty Laundry.

    Keep your filthy hands off my opus.

  27. McNutsack

    WTF is PooPoo City?

    • Wes Kanaloa
      Wes Kanaloa04-25-2012

      It’s not a platter of appetizers.

      Unless you’re German or Danny Kaye.

  28. JessMan

    i can think of nothing but billy west impersonating joe walsh during this pod. seems to meeeeeee…

  29. robert_r

    Joe didn’t seem to get too into it towards the end.

  30. dimeforscale

    Thanks, but no thanks!

  31. toorude89

    Joe was rude to the Aceman. David suggested listening to a song – “he’s (Adam) just gonna talk through the whole thing” Yea, thats what he does. He talks and we tune in to listen. No one is here today to listen to you, Joe. You were something, now you’re nothing. Nice try, Ace, you carried the show as you always do. Alison and BB were on point too (as always).

    • Wes Kanaloa
      Wes Kanaloa04-25-2012

      Ah, yeah.

      That was my best Joe Walsh impersonation.

  32. Neil

    Love that the Aceman, aside from being generally awesome, is into the Pennywise, Bad Religion, Offspring, Bosstones music. When I heard him drop Flogging Molly, I smugly nodded and thought to myself: “Yes, you are one of us.”

    Dunno why I’m posting this. It’s just a waste of my time.

    • fuckoff

      oh, so you listen to insanely shitty bands too?

  33. Jeff

    73, Joe!

  34. Johnfromseattle

    Im confused… is that Detroit or downtown Seattle??

  35. KenoReno

    Seemed like Joe got offended by Adam’s take on some of the Eagle’s songs and that’s when the “Yes” and “no…” answers started coming. Pretty uncomfortable. You could hear Joe’s annoyance when he told David Wild “This guy is just going to talk right through it anyway.”

  36. the point man
    the point man04-25-2012

    so many awkward moments…

  37. legendary burro
    legendary burro04-25-2012

    lol ace’s can’t multiply.

  38. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian04-25-2012

    “We dont need to listen to it you’ll just talk through it.” Joe did not seem amused by the crew. To him it was probably just another shitty radio show. I’m pretty sure analog man has no idea what a podcast is.

  39. Jeremy

    That was painful. Note to self…..No more washed up drugged out former rockers

  40. Joe Welsh
    Joe Welsh04-25-2012

    this was one of the funniest podcasts ever. Jow Walsh is absolutley hillarious. BTW do you ever notice when Ace tries to get musicians to rip on other musicians they wont do it? Its innappropriate for him to keep doing this, and ripping on the songs that Joes band wrote.Come on Ace, its a hacky premise to begin with. It would be like if The Foo Fighters night after night railed about crappy comedy is……next story,,,,,,NEXT!!!

  41. JAS

    I listened to most of today’s podcast and when I see Joe Walsh is coming for today, I was so stoked. Then, I cranked up the Adam Carolla app this morning, and come to find you ran your format with David Wild and Joe Walsh. ACEMAN!!!! Joe Walsh SHOULD have been a one on one interview for 90 minutes. You barely scratch the surface with his life.
    I get it, you don’t like some songs, but to use up the time with Joe Walsh to make it known to Joe that you don’t like Witchy Woman and Dirty Laundry. I’m sure you could do that in a one on one format, but to do it with your format. Don’t get me wrong, I like your format, but not when you have someone so golden for an interview. Joe Walsh is incredible, and thank you David Wild for getting him on…. David Wild, talk some sense into Adam and do the One on One’s with musician guests…

    • toorude89

      Uhhhh Joe couldn’t stand Adam for 20 minutes much less 90. What were you listening to?

  42. Mike September
    Mike September04-25-2012

    I love the show and I love Adam

    But in the course of a 30+ minute interview, he has to start asking the guest at very least ONE QUESTION about their current show/album/project…all he does is go back to his 3 to 4 pet peeve topics again and again and again.

    It happens over and over and I feel bad for the guests.

    It took David Wild to bring it back to the reason a rock legend like Walsh showed up to the show.

    Good Job Wild….Adam’s got to do a better hosting job and not piss off the guests by solely talking about things 30 years old or minutia his hyper-viligant mind can’t let go of.

    • amen

      amen to that! And BTW, why is Adam so incredibly rude to Dr Spaz???

    • amen

      but to play devil’s advocate… Adam is captaining a pirate ship, not the PC sugar-coated zero calorie interviews that are all over the net.

  43. Dave's dog eats veggies
    Dave's dog eats veggies04-25-2012

    I think Joe Walsh should come back again, but also have Jesse Ventura on at the same time. That would be a treat.

  44. Anthony

    Hey you guys should use more pictures and less video. Like Sonny says, “it’s just a waste of my time”!

  45. Fancypants

    Did this guy come in drunk, or did he have a stroke or… what? So uncomfortable, can’t finish listening to it. Uncomfortable. Would much rather hear Adam and Alison talk about news for 9 hours straight than 10 minutes of this.

  46. mcmurrin

    Fuck – that was disappointing. When it comes to music Adam Carolla is the douchiest douche that ever douched.

  47. Fancypants

    Yeah, I said uncomfortable twice. It warranted it.

  48. dimeforscale

    this episode “it’s just a waste of my time.”

  49. halo909

    Adam if you the world looked like what you wanted, the population would look like Sweden and be in the 1970S in the USA.

  50. BigMonya

    looks like Bill Maher with long hair

  51. dingo

    Did anyone else notice that this was probably Alison’s best show? She was relaxed and quick and her one liners with Adam during the first part of the news were peer to peer almost. Rather than her usual vaguely scared of the boss, I’m not good enough for this job demeanor. All the more surprising since T was in yeserday. Keep up the good work Alison.

  52. Ollie

    Wow Bald Bryan with the Jolly Rancher mention, I don’t want to remember that!

  53. shanebell618

    Excellent guest! would love to see him on again.

  54. the point man
    the point man04-25-2012

    This one is a keeper. It required a second listen to absorb all the mayhem in the studio. I laughed so hard I cried. Weren’t we doing the news? Walsh you clueless washed up rocker.

  55. Haywood Jablowmie
    Haywood Jablowmie04-25-2012

    Really one of the worst podcasts I’ve ever heard. I blame it on David Wild, who is utterly uninteresting to start with and kisses Adam’s ass like crazy every time he’s on. He said a couple of weeks ago that Joe Walsh would be great – he’s the one who got him on the show.

    Those one word answers were classic. “How was touring in Europe with The Who?” “Good.”

    Great story, Joe.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-26-2012

      …and then he went on to tell the story of partying with Keith Moon.

  56. Derek

    Oh, man. Joe Walsh was a tree stump. I’m not sure why David Wild came back with this uninteresting musician. They both sucked out all the comedy from this podcast.

  57. R.J.

    In my opinion, things went downhill when Adam started on Bob Dylan. Joe appeared to be upset from that point on (plus he didn’t seem to get, or want to get, Adam’s humor). From that point on Joe’s answers were brief… followed by “you’ll only talk over it” comment. That sounded like it threw Adam because Adam backed off. a bit after the comment was made. Joe’s days on the Stern show were classic (I guess the drugs and booze helped). Howard had the ability to get Joe to say some revealing things that didn’t go over too well with the other band members…. so much so that Joe was put on a tight leash (no more Stern show). Perhaps that’s why he clammed up when Adam was pushing for some dirt.
    I was also waiting for a “How ya doin? from Bald Brian’s list of inserts.
    You could tell David sensed the uneasiness. He tried to inject points of interest but his attempts just amplified the uncomfortable sounding atmosphere.
    Hey, they can’t all be home runs.
    BTW, I’m a fan of DAG’s appearances. They remind me of Gilbert’s appearances on the Stern show. You never know what you’ll get but it’s usually funny!

  58. Greg

    the link to pre-order Walsh’s album does not look to include the Adam Carolla cookie …

    In past things I’ve listened to, dating back to the late 80’s, I found Joe to be exceptionally thoughtful and a talented speaker. If could be that Adam knocked him off his game with the critique of his songs … book him again – this time perhaps with a few people that make Joe feel a bit more at ease.

  59. Monk Friar
    Monk Friar04-26-2012

    I was just thinking that I’d like to find some audio of a pathetic suck-up who wishes he was a musician and admits out loud that he was in love with the musician’s wife who rejected him. Joe Walsh doesn’t want to hear a fucking word that David Wild says after that day.

  60. the_crc

    Joe is a great guitarist and a very underrated songwriter. Glad he sounds like he’s in a good place. Not sure why the negativity here. The guys is just trying to sell a few records. Looking forward to picking it up. I dig Wild too. Cool guy

  61. phil theejoo
    phil theejoo04-26-2012

    Are Joe Walsh and Steven Adler sharing the same brain. Howard stern thought joe walsh was one can short of a six pack when he interviewed him.

  62. monky

    Good Try!

  63. M

    He may be a boring dude but man did he sound great with The Eagles in Vegas….

  64. Matt

    I don’t post a lot, but listen to the podcast daily. Hopefully someone from the show will take notice, as I just want to say that David Wild’s addition to the show is BY FAR the best added segment to the podcast in it’s admittedly short history. He may end up getting some flack for bringing in clueless drugged out old musicians who can’t keep up with Adam’s shtick, but his weekly presence is unquestionably an excellent asset. In the end, maybe he’ll be brought in for his stories and not the guests he can bring, but I’m sure there’s a lot of other musicians out there who will do better. I personally had no problem with the Joe Walsh interview other than being rather stunned at how burnt out he SOUNDS. Thanks as always.

  65. Ivan

    Great show Adam. It’s nice to hear you engage your guest more and rant less.

  66. Jenn

    Bryan–please get the drop of Adam yelling “hey ya mother-effing, effin FRUIT DOUCHE!!” Funniest thing I’ve heard in awhile. I was expecting it to be the sound off but you used Alison’s instead.

  67. Pasadena Fats
    Pasadena Fats04-26-2012

    “19 years sober”? Umm…. Riiiiight. Drain Brammage perhaps? Lol

  68. CertifiedBA

    Black licorice sucks…..

    Alison great as usual and great unzip drop early in the show…. pretty much perfectly synced with the convo

  69. george

    not sure if it was adam being a bit starstruck or the star being just super mellow or a combination of the two, but ace was a little “tame” in his criticism of henley/frye/dillon/etc. i felt like he was worried about pissing off a legend. allison asking about his kids was pretty awkward too, so i’m laying it on Joe not being in tune with the aceman show style

  70. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle04-27-2012

    Why all the Joe Walsh haters?

  71. RobK

    I never do this, but for some reason I read the comments on this episode before listening to it and saw all the comments about it being awkward, uncomfortable or just a poor interview. Now that I’ve listened to it I would say that it wasn’t nearly as bad as some commenters made it out to be. On the other hand it wasn’t as good as it could have been, either.

    I wasn’t too familiar with Joe before this but I get why David Wild was singing his praises. He seems super cool and quick-witted with a great rock ‘n’ roll resume and probably a zillion great stories. Adam just wasn’t quite able to bring a whole lot out of him. Maybe he didn’t like Adam very much, or maybe he was having an off day, I couldn’t say. But there were some good moments to be sure.

    One thing that stuck with me was how much Walsh reminded me of Tom Waits. Those guys are kindred spirits. Speaking of great guest ideas, any chance we could get Tom in the studio? Paging David Wild…

  72. Cameron Poe
    Cameron Poe04-27-2012

    An entire podcast of the Aceman talking about music….Delete DELETE

    • acousticbob

      How god damn uncomfortable was that! I love you ACE, but when it comes to music you should just shut the fuck up. How dare you shun Eagles right in front of Joe Walsh, was so rediculous! Adam, you know nothing about music, shut the fuck up.

  73. andy

    lifes been good has always been my favorite song. it was a great podcast except whenever they asked him something he would answer with a loud one word answer and it would be a lil awkward until adam or david wild said something. “YEAH” ‘GREAT”

  74. T's V
    T's V04-29-2012

    Sickening to hear Adam criticize a legend to his face. Joe was trying to explain his history and Adam jumped to stupid unfunny Dylan schtick. Joe mentioned Hotel California, and Adam ignored it. How can you not talk about one of the best albums in history? Adam didn’t push the new album. He made the same mistake with Francis Coppola. Get your egotistical head out of your ass and learn the basics of interviewing.

  75. The bank
    The bank04-30-2012

    Joe new song sounds like one of his old one s. “pretty maids”

  76. George

    Joe just seemed like a deush. He whined that Adam would talk over his new song. David kept pushing his new record, I guess, to placate him. “Do you have kids?” “Yes..” Geez, sorry we don’t all know that. VERY uncomfortable..

  77. Elle

    does Joe Walsh not look like Bill Maher?

  78. Tom Keller
    Tom Keller05-07-2012

    My take is Walsh takes a while to get going and is not familiar with Adam so he was a little taken aback at Adam’s views so he said the hell with it and clammed up. Adam had a few openings to drag some Keith Moon and John Bonham stories out of Walsh but Adam instead decided to get on his “Witchy Woman” and Bob Dylan rant and drove this podcast in the ground. The podcast would often be more entertaining if Adam did a little more listening and asking questions but that is what made Adam rich so it cannot be expected.

    Also, Kevin Smith & Adam were both jags in their dispute.

  79. Pants

    Ace Rockolla fan here in Dubai! Hilarious to hear the team talking about this place, bringing Joe out does sound like something the Royal family would do. Eagles played a great show!

  80. Teejay

    Jeez, could David Wild kiss Walsh’s ass any more?
    My God, the dude just couldn’t stop kissing for 5 seconds.
    This would have been a great podcast if david was left out of it.

  81. EddyT

    Not that I’m a huge fan of Bob Dylan but it’s unlikely that Adam ever saw Bob Dylan in his prime. When Bob Dylan was really huge on the seen Adam was just popping out of his Mom and the environment in the country was entirely different. To understand Dylan and his impact one had to be there and have lived through it. Sorry Adam you were in diapers at the time.

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