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Joe Rogan sits down with Adam and the gang right from the top of the show. Adam talks with him about the big UFC fight coming up this weekend, and the guys joke about whether or not it’s racist to think black guys have big dicks. The guys also talk about why the government won’t legalize weed, and discuss having an ‘attitude mirror’ when you need it.

At the top of the news, Alison reads through the winners of the Maxim Hot 100. They also discuss the least and most religious cities in the US, and Joe shares some first-hand stories about Scientology and Mormonism. Next up, the guys play a round of Weed Walking, where they try to guess whether or not a stoner can get Dawson’s questions right. In the last part of the show, Joe talks about how different strands of weed affect your mind, and has an in-depth conversation about the psychedelic power of sensory deprivation tanks.


Visit http://UFC.com to get all the info on this weekend’s big fight. You can also listen to The Joe Rogan Experience on iTunes, and follow Joe on Twitter @JoeRogan.

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Jorm_Val

    My word! What happened to Joe? He looks terrible, was it the weed?

    • Zach

      He’s in his mid-40s. People age. He’s still in ridiculous shape though.

    • mystady.com

      The photos they take for this blog are almost never flattering so I wouldn’t sweat it if I were you.

    • Tom

      That’s fucked up cause when I saw his picture I thought dam we look alike! and then I read your comment,,shit,,

    • lauro

      well like they sure got the face’s for pod casting .fuck mam I pictured both of them looking sooooo much younger.. i want a eskimo pie . or just the witty,funny and sexy sounding side kick whats her face rosenberg

    • lauro

      JOE ROGAN is THE FUCKEN MAN. and he is the prince of pod casting and adam is the KING ……

  2. RMS

    Anyone else sick of Adam denying that subjectivity exists and that his eye for (insert anything, it doesn’t matter because he’s the expert on EVERYTHING) it the official benchmark/ final judge? In this regard he can just fuck off.

    • Adam's Hypocrisy
      Adam's Hypocrisy05-26-2012


    • nicandro


    • chris

      No, I am sick of people saying “In my opinion” or “IMHO” all the time. YOU said it, we know that is what YOU think, stop telling us that it is your opinion. Everyone knows that everything is subjective somehow… Don’t make another persons opinion your own until you’ve researched it anyways.

      It is his show. He can say whatever the hell he wants. That is the lovely life we have in America.

    • mystady.com

      You can stop listening at any time.

      • Robert

        I always wonder if the same person or couple of people post the negative comments. If you are that dissatisfied, don’t listen. However, my guess is that you don’t like Adam and are trying to convert others to your point of view. We understand: Adam has opinions and thinks they are right, which they are most of the time. He was making an argument to Joe that did not discount subjective appreciation of beauty. Rather, he was arguing that these alleged goddesses are basically just “cute” in real life because they are tiny whereas Mendoza will turn every head in the room. It’s like a jaguar versus a housecat: not everyone will turn for the housecat, but they will for the jaguar even if the colors and faces on the two cats are equal.

    • rusH1023

      Isn’t that why you tune in? To hear what Adam thinks about random topics?

      People are nuts.

    • lauro


  3. ted

    My grandpa was alsobuilt like a butt plug

  4. Connard

    In keeping with the theme of the Maxim list, this podcast must rank as one of the 10 ten Carolla podcasts. Allison was hilarious, Rogan was engaged and focused and the Aceman kept it fresh.

    • fanbla72

      haven’t listened, looking forward to it.

      some of the best pods are when they have a guest who has a massive ego and an unfettered conversation style i.e. could talk under wet cement.

      I quit listening to Rogan’s pod cause he dribbles way too much bollocks and makes inaccurate statements on simple matters without any suggestion that he is joking. good guy, smart in some ways, but a little dim in many other ways.

      Carolla? well, Carolla’s Carolla, y’know?

      • fanbla72

        alright, i take back some of what i said above about Rogan. he handled Carolla’s limited understanding and wilful ignorance about weed laws and general Gov’t/big business cronyism pretty well.

        i would like to hear Rogan on Alison’s podcast, think there would be a nice amount of tension and juxtaposition between their two characters.

        in summary: great guest, great show.

  5. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol05-25-2012

    Nice to see some eye candy on these pages, and whats with the cigarette in the smoking stone.

  6. Ledgewood

    I love Joe Rogan.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-29-2012

      Me too.

  7. JessMan

    love rogan. he’s blazed as hell

  8. Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson05-25-2012

    Good Times!! The 2 PodFathers on the same episode!

  9. Tom O
    Tom O05-25-2012

    Alison Rosen has been kicking ass lately. She’s was up on it on these last couple of episodes and totally picked up the slack when Ralphie Mae didn’t show up. Great work Rosen.

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore05-26-2012

      A couple days later on his own podcast Rogan called her “hilarious”.


  10. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town05-25-2012

    Man, love me some Joe Rogan!!! NO HOMO!!!
    GET IT ON !!!! +_+

  11. Boston George
    Boston George05-25-2012

    Great podcast, These dudes have the best podcast on the planet

  12. Eskimo Pie
    Eskimo Pie05-25-2012

    So when the subject turns to marijuana, Joe Rogan suddenly becomes Stephen Hawking?

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore05-26-2012

      Sort of. It’s more like someone who can regurgitate things he’s read on various websites of questionable veracity. He tends to do this quite a lot, often quoting facts about wildlife and such. It was hilarious when he had a true hunter and outdoorsman on his podcast one time. Rogan got schooled about all his “facts”.

      • mystady.com

        What episode was this?

      • vanquila

        Agree. Rogan strikes me as one of those Hollywood ‘mile wide and an inch deep’ types. And his inch is basically driveled talking points regurgitated from the headlines of High Times magazine or atheists are us.

      • K-Man Pilkers
        K-Man Pilkers05-29-2012

        The same thing happened when he “debated” astronomer Phil Plait about the moon landing hoax.

      • gg3

        Rogan was just playing devils advocate when he had the hunter on.

  13. max

    Great podcast! Please have Joe more often!

  14. paddym

    Ugh Joe and his ridiculous “It’s the pharmaceutical companies”, followed by anecdotes but zero evidence of all the shit pot ‘cures’.. He’d be a decent guy to listen to if he wasn’t so paranoid.

    • sativabelieva

      Google it, cannabis cures alot.

      • Lara

        Name 1 thing pot “cures”

        • David


    • Marv

      He doesn’t claim pot “cures” anything. But it fills the shoes of hundreds of pharmaceuticals with a fraction of the side effects.

    • Steve

      You and every naysayer out there need to do your research and by that, I mean going beyond asking some poster on a webpage to give you his assessment/opinion. Most of the anti-pot clowns are so up their own ass and seem to usually be the type of people who think everyone else around them is dumber, sadder, lazier, less cool, less able for success and enjoy life. Get over it, morons.

      I have smoked pot (not as much smoke anymore as I use a vaporizer) for over 10 years now and have had ZERO decline in health (doctors facts, not my opinion) zero decline in thought process/memory (unless I’ve literally just smoked a huge bowl of strong stuff) but ask someone drinking whiskey to automatically drive safe or walk a straight line), zero lack of interest in things or creativity. In fact, it HEIGHTENS those things for me and many others.

      I earn good money (as do those of my friends who smoke). Funnily enough, 3 of my best buddies are jobless and do nothing all day but surf the internet and they’ve never smoked even half a joint in their life.

      I’m not even going to start with the benefits and health reasons for marijuana, as the same idiotic skeptics will disagree even if it’s THEM who has zero proof on ANYTHING to do with weed, other than the fact that they know it’s illegal (not everywhere) and that Snoop Dogg raps about it a lot.
      Put it this way, 99% of LEGAL medicines/pills/injections and basically any chemically/man made substance that claim to make you all better in every way, you can overdose on it and depending on your body/brain, it may not take much more than the recommended dosage. Only in theory, could you die from Marijuana and even then, the cause of death would not be from the weed itself, but the sheer amount of smoke being inhaled. There’s all kinds of different stats on it but basically you’d have to smoke more than Godzilla would be able to handle, all in one bong hit, which is physically impossible.

      I’ve yet to come across one intelligent and open minded person who happens to be anti-pot or puts down people calling them “dumb stoners”. You guys/gals can NEVER come up with good enough answers to support your annoyance. Even though it’s not an argument, the only non pot advocates I’ve ever met are the ones who just say “It’s just not my thing, i’d smoke it if it was”. At least they aren’t completely running down the plant or the millions of people who enjoy it/benefit from it, without any REAL reason. Most of you though, are just looking for something to bitch about and somehow try to make yourself come off cooler/smarter than the others by doing it.

      One more point (in case anyone brings up negative effects or Dr Drew’s patients from the past), If someone is sitting in rehab or even in some psych ward, it wasn’t the weed that damaged them. They were damaged in the brain! and weed obviously didn’t help that at all. Same goes for the dumbass who sits on his couch all day long as a 30 year old, laughing at spongebob squarepants and not being able to string a sentence together. I’ll bet anyone, any amount of money, anytime that the guy was a moron, lazy, unmotivated and easily amused BEFORE he ever smoked weed. The guy is destined to be a stupid bum. If you’re mind and body are active, it doesn’t matter how much you like weed. You’ll make a comedy movies and get paid millions, you’ll travel the world constantly and making music/money like Willie Nelson (who’s now old and STILL going) and many others. You’lls till work for a big business or anything else you put all your effort into.

      It just seems there’s this ‘anti-pot for the sake of it’ bandwagon and all you elitist, whining bitches on your ‘high’ horses will always make me laugh because weed will always be on this earth (has always been here naturally by the way, for any of you believers in God and the creation of the earth BS).

      I said my piece and won’t be going into 50 different side topics if people reply. Just my 2 cents. Do plenty of research or else why bother arguing with people about things? If you look longer than 2 mins on a laptop, on Google’s first page, you’ll find plenty of scientific evidence and doctor’s opinions all over the world on the subject of Cannabis.


      • Marv

        One of the more well-put arguments I’ve heard against prohibition. I got into it today with a guy who started that his reason was the cost to society. After explaining the cost of prescription drugs on society and the cost of a generation of kids being encarcerated their entire adult life and coming out criminals has a much higher cost to society he reverted to… “you’re just a criminal, lazy dope head”… We bring science and facts, they bring character assassination and uinformed opinion.

  15. goatfucker

    what about the norwegions above the arctic circle who have the tallest population?

  16. Patrick

    Joe Rogan discussions:

    Fight, Fight, Fight, Pot, Pot, Pot, Fight, Pot… Conspiracy Theory…. Pot, Fight, Fight, Pot.

  17. David

    I haven’t heard a good heliotropism joke in a while, thanks Alison!! …. I believe Groucho Marx and WC Fields had great heliotropism bits … harkens back to the early Vaudeville years …

  18. Scott

    Good pod. Dawson is wrong, FDR is on the dime.

  19. bill

    Can’t wait, Rogan’s always a good podcast.

  20. Irony Bob
    Irony Bob05-25-2012

    Hilarious bit today: “Those religious retards.”
    “Yea, those morons.”
    “They’re so tribal, those idiots.”
    “Yea, probably from Kansas. Bunch of cultists.”
    “Yea, why aren’t they smart? We’re atheists, we’re smart.”
    “Yea, those stupid people who pick sides.”

    • Balky

      Let me guess, Bob, you’re religious? Wondering why those lines appear in quotes when the words inside them are just what you heard and not what was said.

    • JFactroy

      Post of the Month:
      Hilarious bit today: “Those religious retards.”
      “Yea, those morons.”
      “They’re so tribal, those idiots.”
      “Yea, probably from Kansas. Bunch of cultists.”
      “Yea, why aren’t they smart? We’re atheists, we’re smart.”
      “Yea, those stupid people who pick sides.”

      Was it Joe guffawing about how the religious zombies are so unenlightened when he brings up The Dead Sea Scrolls and ‘before that they just told stories’?
      I have no more official education on these subjects than Joe and every bit the layman and IF he wants to discuss them then I’m willing to go on his show layman-to-layman and I will even explain, with sound logic, why he is contradicting his own angles, is being irrational and what else he wants me to teach him about these subjects?

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle05-29-2012

        Is this Kirk Cameron?

  21. Boring, Oregon
    Boring, Oregon05-25-2012

    weed makes sense if you are on weed. Problem is if you are on weed many other things do not make sense or make sense only very slowly. Programming the buttons on your car radio shouldnt take 30 minutes to an hour Joe.

  22. Caveman73

    Real good show today. Joe is a good guest and his podcast is bad ass as well

  23. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks05-25-2012

    I think lump charcoal is on the rise. I grill with it and it’s only gotten easier to find over the years in my little town.

  24. LCon

    Adam Carolla keeps trying to get me fired. We’re not meant to be listening to podcasts at work, but I have to cos my job is so miserable.

    When he described Katy Perry looking like she’s thinking something stupid…someone needs to tell her eyes to think something smart… I totally laughed out loud, could not hold it in.

    It’s happened a number of times before… notable examples are Molly with the pig ears, and pausing Tivo for subtitiles.

  25. claudio

    Before I even listened to the show I just checked out the Image Gallery and it made me laugh. You can definitely tell Joe Rogan is the guest.

  26. Shefty

    Get it on by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night, all day
    looking forward to this one, love the show Ace man.

  27. Dotsquad

    OH, SNAP — Aceman and Rogan — It’s like a Reese’s peanut butter cup. …No choice but to GET IT ON BITCHES

  28. Lara

    “There are bunch of different things that marijuana can cure …” –Joe Rogan.

    Adam, it’s irresponsible to have something like this spouting off without having one of your MDs on standby to rebut this ignoramus. Pot is medicine to potheads the way alcohol is medicine to alcoholics.

    Using your argument that it should be legal because it’s is up to the individual to make good choices about it, do you feel the same way about meth? What about cocaine or LSD. People are still going to do it…why not make it legal? This is a terrible argument Adam, and you of all people know that people generally do not make good choices about these things. And while making it illegal will certainly not stop anyone, it will be a message that it is dangerous and can have terrible consequences which effect the individual as well as society at large. AND YES, I know this is true about alcohol and cigarettes, but trying to UNDO the fact they are legal is an impossible task….it is a slippery slope to start making more and more drugs legal, and you should think about what type of “society you want to craft” to use your words.

    • DrunktankDan

      Settle down. Have you ever tried the stuff? Relatively harmless in the hands of a sane person, and insane people are dangerous no matter what society allows. The 9/11 hijackers managed just fine. Do you think that if they legalized flying planes into buildings more people would do it? Of course not.

      Pot is really not a big deal. What is a big deal is the fact that mexican drug cartels operating on BLM land can make enough money to justify violence in the protection of their inventory, because legally owned and operated businesses can’t sell the stuff under the supervision and taxation of the state.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running05-25-2012

      Here we have the statist argument.

      Approaching the problem from the direction you’ve chosen reveals a slavish mentality. Call me crazy, but I think government should actually be serving the people rather than vice versa. I have no desire to live in a country where I have to justify myself to the government; rather, the government should be justifying its choices to the people. And it’s going to have one hell of a time proving that cannabis is more dangerous than any of the other drugs you listed. Ibuprofen is more dangerous.

      Cannabis (and LSD and cocaine, for that matter) will never, ever be legalized because there’s money in prohibition, and the infrastructure is already in place. It’s not complicated, and it’s certainly not about right and wrong. You’ve already admitted as much when you brought up alcohol and tobacco.

      Settle down indeed.

    • AJ

      Lara please shut the fuck up. People like you and alot of the retards that run the government need to understand something; your not everyones fucking nanny. For a country that is supposed to be the land of the free we have a very puritanical regarding drugs and substance abuse. When you have people doing more time in jail for drug offenses than people who have commited murder and rape, I think it should be clear that theres a serious miscarriage of justice going on here.

      Maybe the fact that its impossible to make alcohol and cigerettes illegal should tell you a little something about human nature, that is a lot of us like mood altering substances. If you would have tried to tell the founding fathers you wanted to make alcohol and tobacco illegal they would have beat you down with their walking canes. So let us have them. As someone else said government is meant to serve the people, and this country has gotten so far away from that. We are locking up our citizens for drug related crimes at an alarming rate, and notice I say citizens and not criminals, because thats what they are. I know many wont agree, but I say all drugs should be legal. If you want to go out and shoot up heroin, you should legally be able to do it. If you get addicted and it ruins your life, thats on you. Ive never tried herion in my life. Not because its illegal, because it doesnt take a genius to figure out that its highly addictive and dangerous. Ive never tried bath salts before either and as far as I know those are still legal in most places.

  29. Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton05-25-2012

    FDR is on the Dime currently.

  30. Ben

    I have gone round and round with people on the Maxim top 100. What has been established is Maxim has to put celebrities on there so you know who they are and can relate. But we all know they are not the hottest. Adam brings up the Ms. Universe. Yeah: all the other contestants that lost to her are worthy of the Maxim top 100. Its like if you came up with the top 100 bad asses there wouldnt be 1 actor on there. The list would be full of nameless special forces guys maybe 10 to 15 UFC guys and maybe the baddest football player and the baddest rugby player and nobody would know who most of these people were. Just like if you wanted a real top 100 hottest it would all be swimsuit models, ms universe, and maybe 10 to 20 actresses.

  31. JessMan

    lol nice zooey deschanel impression, alison. she’s too cute for her own good

  32. Charles Assad
    Charles Assad05-25-2012

    Anybody else listen to Alex Jones ?

    • ciga-Rhett

      That was a depressing period of my life. Nothing but paranoia and conspiracy theories. No sane human can live on a steady diet of that shit. Get out while you can still function in normal society. I’ve seen the effects of long term exposure on a fried.
      By the way, don’t forget to buy gold, silver, a water purifier, our new dvd, and survivalist supplies from all of our sponsors!

  33. Eddie Marrio
    Eddie Marrio05-25-2012

    Adam is right, Nicole Richie is NOT hot. She looks like a half mexican born from drug addicts, plus her boobs look like mosquito bites.

    Down with nicole richie!

  34. GQtaste

    Adam has a little Stern in him w/ the big cock thoughts.

  35. Chad

    Uh wow. That was one of the best podcasts I’ve heard in a long while.

  36. Howard

    Roosevelt is on the dime; Eisenhower is on old dollar coins.

  37. Shingey

    random question: Has Bald Bryan ever said the exact name of his brain tumor? Just curious.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running05-25-2012

      I think it’s Sharon. That’s what I would name mine, at least.

  38. Lor

    OMG best joke ever was when Alison made a joke that Joe Rogan obviously did NOT understand at all!!!!! BAH!! Adam got it though! Awe Joe…you’re so pretty…..

  39. GuyDudeBro

    Train By Day JOE ROGAN PODCAST By Night, ALL DAY!

    finally something worth listing to here, normally just stop by to see if we have a good guest and 9 out of 10 times I take a pass.

    Get It the Fuck On COCKSUCKAS!

  40. jpmoneypants

    Dawson is a fucking moron. FDR is on the dime. Simple google search Dawson.

  41. mitchw

    Come on Allison, you’re supposed to be the adult; “…strand of weed…?” Just which strain of the Cholulu is your spell checker smoking over there?

  42. dubplate

    Incredilble! This is a fab pod. A+++++

  43. Ben S.
    Ben S.05-25-2012

    The best part: 1 hr, 18 min
    Talking about joints
    Rogan: It’s the only time you can share something you are sucking on
    Rosen: mmm

    • dmb

      that was an audio drop by brian

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle05-29-2012

        Way to ruin the visual for us.

  44. Shea

    The papers with the wire in them are called “Randy’s”

  45. DrunktankDan

    Joe is consistently one of the best guests on this show. Always nice to have him back. Smart people are few and far between and he makes a good counterpoint to Adam’s ‘everyman’ style humor. (Don’t get me wrong, Adam is a fuckin genius too, but definitely a little more populist than Mr. Rogan)

  46. Magic

    Joe Rogan is a nutjob. He’s a good guest when he doesn’t start ranting about his weird nonsense.

  47. dubplate

    and some improv 1/2 thru. system crashed. sorry for the dupes.

    You cats were blazin 1/2 thru. Love u guys.

  48. Rachel

    Adam is too easily influenced by his guests. It’s great when Drew and other EDUCATED people are around, it’s awful when there are guests like this.

    Got irritated with this a few minutes in and turned it off.

    • Paul

      I find that most times when snotty blowhards talk about EDUCATED people they really mean “people I agree with”. You cheat yourself. I dont agree much of what Rogan says but it was still a great podcast.

  49. ThunderGod

    It was Libya’s Col Kadafi’s son that played on the soccer team. Google his name, Al-Saadi Gaddafi, and read the wiki on his dumb ass.

  50. Meh

    I have a serious man crush on Joe Rogan.

  51. Si*MAN

    I can’t believe that you guys are advertising for the DUI guy. He has an awful message and way of looking at drunk driving. Have some standards man! I guess even cat shit can be edible for the right price.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-29-2012

      I can’t believe that we have been listening to this podcast for FREE for over three years.

  52. Sway

    Joe is generaly enjoyable to listen to but to say that kids with autism become “normal” after eating cannibas is insanity. Please, don’t spout crap like out.

  53. TS

    Immediately rolled my eyes at Rogan’s stupid weed conspiracy theory talk, but I have to say I still like him as a guest.

    • Paul

      Not sure about the conspiracy but no one can ever tell me whyit makes sense that pot is illegal but liquor is fine. Its an anachronism based in illogic at this point.

  54. Just Me
    Just Me05-25-2012

    Rogan is an unfunny flake. Weed is such a depressing topic anyway.

    • Steve

      Wow, I guess in that case, the topic of death, rape, murder, homeless people and child abuse would send you into a spiral not seen since the holocaust. Lighten up.

  55. Rrrrr

    This is one of the Best podcast to date.

  56. Tony b
    Tony b05-26-2012

    Seems like the joe roman episode didn’t turn up on the ace app…hmmm wonder why. Anyway, like joe roman but he knows a little about a lot, which is nice but often never gives you any substleasance,unless its weed

  57. Avery

    So Dr. Drew thinks that there’s physical differences between the races due to what region of the planet they come from? Interesting theory. I wonder if there’s also differences in intelligence and behavior between races as well? Makes you wonder… Maybe Dr. Drew could elaborate some time.

    • Meh

      Intelligence and behavior are social adherences. I’m genetically predisposed to have a bigger dick than you but my intelligence and behavior will vary depending on my socioeconomic cachet in life……..I’m sure that’s how Dr. Drew would have elaborated.

      • Avery

        LMAO!!! “socioeconomic cachet ” is solely responsible for all human behavior and intelligence!!! Did you come up with that one on your own, or did your local libtarded community college professor help you out. Can you supply some proof of this theory?

    • AJ

      I have heard that there are differences in intelligence between races but its not a popular topic. I can see why to, anyone who brings it up would instantly be labeled a racist. But basically whites on average have a higher IQ than blacks. Very shocking I know. IQ has nothing to do with education or upbringing either for the people who where going to use that as an excuse. Notice I said on average. There are some black geniuses. There are also some white guys with huge dicks, and insane athletic ability.

      • Human Guise
        Human Guise06-03-2012

        Dr. Drew’s again proves he has good frames – bad lenses. His “Equator” dick theory is disproved by about 100 Million Indonesian men.

  58. chris T
    chris T05-26-2012

    Joe Rogan treats spiritual enlightenment like an X Game. Lay off the Red Bull, dude.

  59. Maui

    that was hot as fuck…

  60. RoyalDryness

    Adam needed to call Joe Rogan on some of the BS he was spouting about marijuana and it’s “curative” effects. If I was the panacea that Joe claims it is the pharmaceutical companies would not be in favor of it remaining illegal. They would however be using their massive profits and enormous lobbying reach to corner the market on medical marijuana and change the law. The truth is marijuana doesn’t really cure anything, it can alleviate many symptoms and discomforts of disease sometimes better than many commercially available medications but it’s definitely not pharmaceutical companies that are blocking legalization.

    One of the biggest obstacles toward legalization that no one ever mentions is that in order to make that switch it would involve essentially legitimizing the cartels that currently control the market. It’s not as if there is infrastructure to start growing and meeting demand immediately that would render the cartels useless. They would still have to be the suppliers, are you comfortable with that? It’s not the same as after prohibition (of alcohol) when there was an existing infrastructure for legitimate distribution that could be renewed. The market for marijuana is completely illegitimate, with only a handful of small exceptions. Plus building an infrastructure for distribution and control would cost a ton of money, some of which would be offset by tax revenue but how much and over what period of time are we as a society willing to remain in the red? If you don’t legitimize the cartels what are the potential consequences? Will the use their already existing black market to undermine the legitimate one? If that happens, are you essentially fight the same battle as before? Maybe if Rogan quit eating pot brownies and floating around like a piece of driftwood he realize the complexity of legalization and the fact that it could in fact cost MORE than it remaining illegal despite taxation.

  61. Saturdayadam

    I loved how Joe Rogan grouped the whole religion of Mormons, and based all of their fundamental background knowledge on the conversation he had during one dinner with a mormon couple that was obviously half-assing it themselves.

    If he did half the research on religions as he did on the subject of Pot, he might actually be able to speak somewhat intelligently about it.

    Time to ratchet up the guest list Ace man. The last few weeks have had quite a few duds.

  62. dean yellowbear
    dean yellowbear05-26-2012

    from this podcast, i recall joe rogan saying his dad was an architect. why didn’t alison bring up her nonsense argument about architects being evil. the show would’ve been over the top if alison called joe’s father an evil architect.

  63. Fancypants

    An over 40 bald guy obsessed with weed. What a catch.

  64. Jon bischel
    Jon bischel05-27-2012

    The best episode ever! I love Joe Rogan! The old video store I used to work at turned into a curves/subway and when those goofy fat chicks work out at curves, the people working at subway are gonna think their tuna salad is going bad!

  65. B-Real

    Anyone else notice that Katy Perry is doing the “Shocker” sign?

  66. Craig

    There isn’t any profit in keeping pot illegal. There isn’t much overlap between phamacuticals and pot regarding use. It’s illegal because the people against it are much more zealous than the people who think it should be illegal. And the latter out numbers the former 60/40.

    • AJ

      Unfortunatly there is a shit load of profit in keeping it illegal. Putting people in jail, fines, probation, drug classes. All of this makes money for either the government or privately owned bussinesses in the case of drug classes.

  67. Peggy

    Is Joe Rogan slowly morphing into Howie Mandel?

  68. Craig

    I don’t think Joe knows what Sativa means. Crap Mexican outdoor weed is Sativa. Cheap weed with seed is usually Sativa, Good sensemilia is usally indica which is usally much stronger.

    • hypervigilante

      Yes, the shitty mex brick weed we had to smoke 20 years ago was sativa grown wrong. Now, most of the good club strains are different sativas grown right. You need to come to california sonn. Wait don’t, keep smoking your couch lock.

    • Marv

      You obviously have not been to CA…

  69. Jared

    “I love it when the weed talks” me too.

  70. JM

    Eisenhower is on a silver dollar, pothead. FDR is on the dime.

  71. Shew

    Joe Mutha Effin’ Rogan. Jammin podcast. ACE kept it poppin. By the way, the last time ACE went on Rogan, they hit the vaporiser and got stoned as hell. It was one of the top five best pods ever.

  72. Mark

    Tampa, FL is a huge swinger city. That’s why it isn’t religious.

  73. sloozen1

    Put a fucking SHARE button on this motherfunker so I can share it!!!! Joe Rogan is an example of an evolved humanoid. As far as we’ve come enlightened wise anyway. You too Adam. I would like to be an witness a taping. I will give money to a charity in your name.

  74. Jonny

    Best episode to date! Aceman

  75. c'mon

    for those saying joes argument for legalization of weed just have trouble taking in the truth….people are locked in caged away from thier loved ones for years at a time for a victimless crime that 50 to 60% of the people in the united states think it should be legal……………..the problem with legalizing weed is the cops, the prison guards, the lawyers, the detectives, the judges, most of them are dedicated to drug enforcement…. ALOT of those jobs would be lost.. as soon as they can figure out how to balance the revenew lost they will legalize it… but all the anit marijuana arguments are tired and meritless and are evidence of a conservative propaganda age.. and the old ppl have problems shedding the bullshit….UNTILL then ppl that use marijuana will be used as scapegoats and discriminated agaisnt…. and the person who said legalizing weed would legitimize the cartels is the dumbest most uneducated person ive ever seen make a comment do some actual research…. joe just had a reporter from the vice guide to travel on his show that gave him a full rundown of mexico and just how dangerous it s BECAUSE OF THE UNITED STATES drug policies…. one of the most dangerous in the place inthe world is 5 miles from our border……its ppl like the negative commentors that need to die in order for society to move along

  76. c'mon

    royal dryness i will bet you are over 40 , white, uneducated and republican

  77. pgut

    Olive Garden

  78. Mr. Honkington
    Mr. Honkington05-29-2012

    Uneducated Holly wood trash looking down on the widwest.

  79. StrictlyKev

    Joe Rogan! What a phenomenal guest. Please invite him back!! Brian even ended the cast with a Rogan drop….appreciation validated.

  80. Jenn

    I don’t even recognize the old Rogue! Good pod though.

  81. GuitArtist

    Joe, any chance we could see a comeback episode of Fear Factor, Celebrity Edition? You could make Adam ride along with a meter maid with 50 dying smoke alarms in the back seat…

  82. Riggz

    Joe Rogan is the duchiest douche whoever douched!

  83. Dick Douche
    Dick Douche06-03-2012

    Dr. Drew again shows he got good frames, bad lenses. His “equator” dick theory is disproven by 100 million Indonesians.

  84. b

    Wow! Half (if not more) of you motherfuckers are SO ignorant re: reality and cannabis. Goddamn. Scaaaaary.

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