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Jimmy Kimmel and Adam talk about animatronic ponies, VHS porn and analyze “Where the Wild Things Are”. Original airdate 3-20-09. For more classic Carolla check out adamcarolla.com/archive

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

  1. Jonathan

    Pre pirate ship days. Tell me about that grandpa carolla.

  2. porkensfromeurope

    “My son has the wrenching gene”, spoke too soon there aceman.

    • Dzjhon

      Can’t blame him for wishful thinking. Wonder when Ace learned that cars were just a waste of Sonny’s time.

  3. Cdam Aarolla
    Cdam Aarolla08-14-2012

    Great show. So nice to hear Adam in non-blowhard mode. Not a single rant about how the world needs to wake up and realize that his political views are correct. I wish he’d go back to this (of course, it helps that he has Kimmel there with him, but still…).

    • Jen

      Dont be a hater. Its Adam’s show and he can talk about whatever he wants. You dont like..dont listen.

    • Phil

      So don’t listen douche.

  4. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol08-14-2012

    GET IT ON!

  5. amitiel

    Idea for Adam’s next digital book: Since he complains about children’s books so much, Adam should write one of his own. Grab Micahel Narren to do the illustrations and he could go one of two ways. He could try and prove his point about them all being poorly written by writing a “good” one. Or, and this gets my vote, write a spoof of children’s books making fun of every cliche he can think of. Enjoy!

    • Susie

      Great IDEA!!!!!

  6. rosemary

    these two are like teenagers together. very cute & silly.

  7. jj

    Hey Carolla Crew – It would be cool if the website had some sort of “guest request” tool. With this tool, the podcast listeners could submit guests they would like to hear. The tool could show the top 10 most requested guests at the moment.

    I would like to hear Carolla sit down with writer/lecturer Sam Harris. I’m sure they would have a fascinating discussion about atheism and religion.

    • JP

      Great Idea JJ. I would love to see this too.

      I would actually like to see him interview 1-1 Dan Carlin. A journalist and political podcast host that has a show named Common sense.

    • allison

      That would be really cool.

    • bob

      Harris is one of the most intelligent people I have ever listed to. He defiantly gets my vote

  8. Arlo

    Another one of the better, and more natural shows from before the all the adverts. Refreshing to here. GOtta get Kimmel on the show asap. He said he has some facts to dispute form NTBM.

  9. Rrrrr

    This is a good one!

  10. sloozen1

    The lady that got ripped apart by the chimp is still alive and is now trying to sue the state for allowing ppl to own wild animals….—Pants for chimps.lol.. BTW, that chimp pulled her hands off! OMG I didn’t know that until yesterday.

  11. Andy90

    Damn, how did Donnie last at ACE so long? The indications of his incompetence – not just the speakerphone-quality audio, but also the continual typing on the same surface that held a mic – are all over this episode.

  12. Patrick

    I like this format better than the current, over produced, version he does with the whole cast.

  13. Paul

    The golden time for the podcast. The podcast really took a downward turn after Donny left. Adam used to let his guests get a few words in. Not anymore.

    • marco

      lol – like Donny would have had anything to do with that, even if it were true which of course it is not – yeah the golden time when Adam’s radio paycheck was still keeping the lights on

  14. Tom

    Fucking stoner Donny seems to have recorded this with his laptop’s mic.

  15. Tucker

    Get a guest request tool up on the website. I agree with jj. Lets get sam harris on the podcast. I heard him on joe rogans podcast and he was great.

  16. Dave

    Bring Back Donnie!

  17. Shawn

    Got pulled over yesterday on my bike on Oahu. 90 in a 55. now I gotta go to court in Sept. Min fine 500. Max 1000. Loss of licence 15-30 days and driver ‘re-education’ course. Anybody been in this situation in Hawaii or other state with similar law and situation? I have to ‘explain’ myself in court. Any ideas for excuses? Thanks! GET IT ON…. Slowly. ;-P

    • tony

      Serves you right , you bastard !!!

  18. vegas_matt

    Good stuff. Makes me miss Donnie.

  19. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    Who the heck was making those weird noises while typing in the background, other then that it was great listening to these to guys talk.

  20. JP

    Adam should make either a different podcast or have 1 show a week with a 1 on 1 interview. He can be a great interviewer and we could see more interesting guests.

  21. Swayz

    The chimp attack happened the next town over from me. I’m po folk living in one of the wealthiest towns in the world. Love my chimp attacks and LeBron Decisions.

  22. Cesar

    “Wrencher gene…” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  23. Me

    Thank god Donnie is gone.

  24. George

    Awesome show with Jimmy. Jimmy “makes up a gay experience, just to get the women to open up..” SURE.. Jimmy.. LOL some really good stuff in this episode. Screw you haters, I love me some Alison and BB as well, and Donnie was a hack..

    • Dan

      Did Carolla ever address the Donnie being fired incident? I never got the explanation

      • KF

        Yes Donnie left on his own accord.. said he didn’t like having Mike August around to make decisions and Adam did.

      • zero1media

        Donny and Mike August got into it, and couldn’t work it out. Adam tried mediating, telling Donny to bury the hatchett, but the Weez was too proud, and Adam gave him his walking papers. Donny started being resentful of Adam and Mike, because he thought Mike’s handling of the ACE money (formerly Donny’s job for some F’ing reason), meant that they were trying to push him out completely.

      • Dzjhon

        It was a conflict of interest. Ace said that Donnie hated Mike August and quit when Mike was made producer.

      • Guy LeDouche
        Guy LeDouche08-16-2012

        Yes, Adam explained Donnie’s departure/firing from the show a long time ago. Adam became too frustrated with Donnie’s constant attacking of Mike August. Sounded as though Donnie was constantly questioning Mikes August’s purpose, and usefulness as a member of Adam’s show. Adam asked Donnie to stop doing it several times, until he finnally just told him it was time to leave. Sounded as though Donnie was possibly upset at Mike for taking over some of his responsibilities on the show. Donnie wanted to handle more of the behind the scenes work, and Adam wanted him focusing on just certain aspects as the show got bigger.

  25. Dan

    what exactly happened with Donnie? I was wondering where he went, did I miss something???

    • englishlaundry

      Read the above comment.

    • Chris

      donnie didnt trust one of the mikes and wouldnt let it go so adam let him go. so now he’s washing dairy cattle udders at some dairy farm by his own minnie bikes, hahahaha

      • andrej

        good one, chris. you’re pathetic.

  26. fenom

    those look like 10 dollar mics, haha

  27. Brian in New Orleans
    Brian in New Orleans08-14-2012

    As much as Adam derides charity cases it’s interesting to note how successful he would be without the charitable givings of Jimmy Kimmel and Seth MacFarlane.

    • chuckie gorman
      chuckie gorman08-16-2012

      in ace’s mind, that’s “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.”

  28. guh

    He could have gotten a guest host. Like he did with Kevin Nealon that one time.

  29. Chet

    exactly. back in these days adam cared about being funny, not repetitive, political, and thusly…STALE.

  30. Crash

    Good episode but the constant typing and paper shuffling drove me nuts.

  31. Thia

    Good oldies show but I like the new format much better!

  32. JP

    Miss the Weez.

  33. Gary

    OMG the typing drove crazy!!!! I had to turn it off.

  34. DougInLV

    In the picture, they’re wearing headset mics, but it sounds like Donnie recorded the audio from the laptop’s mic, not from the headsets.
    Ha! Vintage Donnie.

  35. Dzjhon

    So awesome to hear Donnie again. Too bad he and Ace had that falling out. Just like the Man Show Ace and Jimmy are gold. Wach enough Jimmy Kimmel live, and you start to forget how awesomely vulgar and funny he is in that regard. Great to hear them together. Their strip club idea is puregenius too.

  36. Seattleite

    Pretty sure I heard Donnie take a bong rip in the middle of that…

  37. Dr. By Name Only
    Dr. By Name Only08-16-2012

    Nice carpet.

  38. Daniel Blazek
    Daniel Blazek08-21-2012

    Funny, but still wrong about Dr. Seuss.

  39. notblastergirl

    Aaaah. I still miss Donnie. I really like the “family” interaction the Ace Broadcasting company has, and I really enjoyed Adam yelling at the Wheeze. I do agree though, I do feel like when Donnie was on board Adam far more grounded and less “turned on”. Before hand he actually used to interview guests and he led me to like and gain interest in some guests I didn’t even like, now its just all rants. Either way I support the Aceman and will continue on keeping the ship afloat.

  40. Doug

    Great show, even though it sounds like it was recorded with a Yak Back.

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