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Show Summary

At the top of the show, Adam and the gang are joined by Dave Dameshek. Adam explains the ‘emotional conundrum’ he’s having with his dad, and explains all the off-mic drama surrounding his dad’s podcast. The gang also recalls the radio show competition between Adam and Dave’s moms to see who knew more about the show. Shek then jumps into #1 Sports, and follows it up with the Creep of the Week.

Jim Norton enters the studio next, and Adam jokes with him about getting a prostitute for Sonny. Adam also talks about meeting Jim’s parents backstage at a show, and asks Jim about whether or not he adjusts his raunchy act when the folks are in the crowd. Alison’s news stories include the SCOTUS’ decision on health care, Rodney King’s upcoming funeral, and the banning of foie gras in California.


Check out http://EatABullet.com, and follow Jim on Twitter @JimNorton.

You can also follow Dave @Dameshek, and visit http://DaveDameshek.NFL.com for more info.

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. J Rock
    J Rock06-28-2012

    Love me some SHEK!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-29-2012

      We are over-saturating the Dameshek thing. I think once a month is plenty.

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode06-29-2012

      ahemmmmm! life simplified, do listen to however’s on or don’t, do listen to the live shows or don’t, do listen or don’t…

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle07-03-2012

        The problem is, I have to listen. Adam is my crack, I need a daily dose of his nasally drone. Otherwise I may go American Tourister gorilla in this sea of cubicles.

  2. Silent Running
    Silent Running06-28-2012

    You don’t have to have this cackling goblin on every week. FYI.

    • Ledgewood

      Yes you do.

      • May Kadoode
        May Kadoode06-29-2012

        Welcome back Ledgewood

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-29-2012

      I would rather have Jim Norton on once a week instead of Dameshek, or something.

    • TheArchduke

      Love that cackling goblin. Dameshek is the man!

  3. JoeyDetroit37

    Adam. Lay off your Pops. He’s a cool guy.

    • wiley

      Hey Adam – I love your dad’s show… but I can’t donate to it because I’m cheap.

  4. Fred

    Love Shek.

    Dave’s of Thunder… not a fashion statement, a life choice, a moral obligation, and a magnet that pulls us into a better future.

    • Dan

      big fan.

  5. Raquel Darrian
    Raquel Darrian06-28-2012

    Got’s to get it on…I love getting it on…mandate I get it on!!!

  6. Juicefest3400

    I rarely miss an Aceman podcast but gonna pass on this. Loud obnoxious guy and then jizz-comic. No thanks.

    • jmszczerba

      jim norton didn’t say one funny or explicit thing the entire podcast. it was pointless having him on and probably cost him ticket sales if anything.

  7. Timmy Ryan
    Timmy Ryan06-29-2012

    WOW-Corolla, I’ve heard you go on for an hour about pizza-but the government just took over our lives like the space aliens from “Independence day” and your dumb as an ant hill side chick and you pass this off like there was an accident that blocked the 405 and made you 3 minutes late. UN-BELIEVEVABLE.

    And “by the way”-( the crutch/cliché’ that you and your crew say 5000 times a podcast) I get a vote in this, because I bought all your books and even paid extra to get “NTBM” delivered the day it came out;. I read it in ONE sitting ( three hours) and REALLY liked it. But I’m realllly disappointed in your lack of outrage with Obamacare. I’m sure I’ll be lampooned in posts on here-which is okay, but just for the record, I used to work in the radio biz and we’ve met (Rockfest, KUFO, Portland, 2008- we had a beer and talked golden gloves). Is it that you have to sell books that has made you into a pussy all of the sudden?

    The second you try to profit from your “art”- you are subject to criticism, and rightfully so.

    • Clem

      Similarly, I am outraged over Adam’s lack of outrage over the growing obesity problem plaguing America.

    • RomneyCare!

      I love my RomneyCare!!!!!!!

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running06-30-2012

      Keep in mind that Adam always, always issued apologies to all the various grievance lobbies he ever insulted on the air. For all his supposed outrage, his default position is to put ambition first. I look to Adam for entertainment, not courage.

    • Stacey E
      Stacey E06-30-2012

      guess what? Adam gets to have any political thoughts or feelings he wants without your permission. He probably isn’t against health care or you would have heard about it. Typical woman hating repugnant “loudmouth”. I bet you’re one of the inbreds that spends a bunch of time talking about how much you hate Alyson or Teresa or any other woman Adam works with, because you’re a sad little hate-filled coward. Interesting that anytime he doesn’t cater to your demands it makes him a “pussy”. It speaks volumes about your character that he has to have your exact feelings and thoughts in order to make your approval list. Because he’s so desperate for you to like him that he has your picture emblazoned across most of his t-shirts.

      • GOD

        Me thinks Stacey E needs a dick and some weed to calm her the fuck down. Don’t take shit so seriously bitch.

      • reb

        I don’t hear anyone saying he can’t have an opinion; they’re just disagreeing. And it’s entirely possible to, for instance, simply find Alison annoying or prefer Teresa or whatever without it being motivate by the dark psychology you claim to diagnose. What’s the big deal if someone posts a comment you don’t agree with? Relax. Someone else will make the novel observation that, since the podcast is free, those who dislike any part of it must refrain from “hating on” it.

  8. tate

    never heard the story about your dad trying to get donations from his podcast listeners….good idea using 20 mins to explain that in great detail.

  9. JK

    Great episode, love Dave!!

  10. Clem

    More Jacuzzi Thoughts!

  11. Michael

    A study done at Harvard University indicates that this is the biggest cause of bankruptcy, representing 62% of all personal bankruptcies. One of the interesting caveats of this study shows that 78% of filers had some form of health insurance, thus bucking the myth that medical bills affect only the uninsured.


  12. Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson06-29-2012

    Dave, You handsome devil!!!!!

  13. mike

    Damn it…I really wish Dave Dameshek would stop ruining my favorite podcast. Can’t stand him.

  14. Jefferson Fetters
    Jefferson Fetters06-29-2012

    “Hurricane Fernando? One of Abba’s better songs…”

  15. setlasmon

    Dameshek & Norton… power couple! I smell cop show! and pee…

  16. Tim

    Cancel Life Lessons!!! Bring back Dave’s of Thunder!!!!!

    • Clem

      If anyone at this podcasting “network” had half a brain in their head this would have been done months and months ago.

  17. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle06-29-2012

    Chip Chipperson, or something.

  18. Gary Lee Grah
    Gary Lee Grah06-29-2012

    Adam, let your Dad keep his podcast.

  19. DrDermixGirl

    Where’s Teresa??? I miss Miss Strasser and the Parent of the Week.

  20. Andrew

    Hey you were the one who gave him a show in the first place. Don’t blame him for your bad idea. Like everyone would be kicking the doors down to hear a guy that you make fun of all the time. Now you’re expecting him to bring in revenue. Nice.

  21. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent06-29-2012

    Jesus Christ, Adam…we have damn-near identical parents! I was raised under a simple philosophy that endures to this day: “Ask not what your parents can do for you….but what YOU can do for your (lazy, emotionally stunted) parents!”

    And I’m an only goddamn child!!!!!! Why, yes, I am in therapy. How’d you know?

    P.S. Keep Jim Norton the hell away from your children.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-29-2012

      Norton’s not a pedophile. He likes trannys and women with big meaty p***y lips.

  22. dholl


  23. Steve

    Hurricane Ditka…

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-29-2012

      Da Coach.

  24. Jeff

    Let your Dad record his show and don’t post it. He’ll never know the difference.

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode06-29-2012

      now that’s funny

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-29-2012

      Line of the day. 🙂

  25. JJ@jjsworld.net

    Shek AND Jim Norton…brutal.
    I’d rather listen to 60 minutes of Adam watching himself race.

    Love the show otherwise.

  26. johnny

    Please bring back Daves of Thunder….pretty please??????

  27. Dan

    Less Damashek, more Norton.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-29-2012


  28. reb

    What a tiresome point. . . he handed his father a podcast, but his father didn’t inquire as to the specific costs, losses apparently, incurred by the podcast. And what are those costs? Are the costs, on the margin, any greater than the paltry amounts of money he’s raised? Presumably a worldly business mind like Ace’s understands what marginal cost is, and that if there’s opportunity cost in “Life Lessons” blocking some other, profitable podcast, then he should make the financially sound executive decision and put that other, more profitable podcast on. Otherwise, it’s basically a non-event, apart from weird, unresolved parent issues, and the pretty-standard tendency of people who make a lot of money to advertise the fact, and attribute it to some set of deep, enduring personal virtues.

    Similarly, what’s with all the laments about people not springing to expected behaviors: useless “feet wiping,” praising movies they don’t like, absolute deference to “the boss”? All the boss figures Ace confronted in radio and TV were of course misguided dolts, obviously entitled to no deference. But he sees no parallel between them and his own desire/need to be treated like an infallible, imperial presence.

    • Dustin

      You is dumb.

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein06-29-2012

      What a tiresome comment.

      • reb

        You look kind of fat

    • Spoodeni

      It is interesting how just the day before he was was talking about “knowing” everything and being able to make accurate judgements and predictions about everybody he comes across, but is surprised at his own father’s disinterest in learning about the business aspect of the podcast world at 80 something years old. The guy who couldn’t even be bothered to make a few Pop Warner football games 40 years ago. Not that Adam would ever recall that or bring it up on a regular basis…

    • dave

      hey tard, adam is pissed because he’s doing his dad 1 of many favors by bringing him into his environment and spending money in providing him a forum to reach out to people. Normal people, much less parents, would take note of this kindness, and when not displaying their gratitude for the opportunity, would at least express some concern over what that kindness costs or if there is any way they could help defray it. Not only does Jim not care about asking about the cost (and it doesn’t sound like he’s that grateful to Adam for the show) but when Adam asks him to help out by generating some kind of revenue, he essentially tells Adam to fuck off. I have people in my life who do the same thing and it pisses the fuck out of me and Adam has every right to eviscerate ungrateful people like that on the air.

      Hey Jim, if you really don’t like Adam doing that on the air, how about acting like you give a fuck about making the show cost-effective and Adam would shut the fuck up? Tired of people saying Adam should just give him a pass and let him do it.

      • reb

        He seems to be “pissed” that he didn’t spontaneously ask “how much money am I losing you?” If this annoys you so much, as well, why don’t you just supply the answer to all the questions that people aren’t asking you?

  29. Carlos


    your father has acted like a lazy asshole for 48 years, and now you expect him to change? You give him a podcast for free and now you’re surprised that he isn’t thankful and doesn’t give a shit that it costs you money? Did you think he would miraculously change now and be a normal supportive dad?

    You’re deluding yourself. You gave him the podcast because you wanted to give him something to do and you’re probably a bit thankful to him for raising you, even though he didn’t burn much calories, but at least you weren’t starving and living on the street. And now you don’t want to take it from him because when old people have nothing purposeful to do, they degenerate much more quickly, and you would feel guilty if you took it from him.

    Don’t expect him to change, he’ll always be a lazy, unthankful asshole who lives in his own world. Don’t expect him to raise any money, he just doesn’t get it and never will. Just pay for the bandwidth and never talk about it again.

    And please stop complaining about how he’s spending money from your children’s college fund. I hate this “rich guy pretends he’s poor” bullshit. We all know you’re rich and if you don’t have cash for your children’s college, just sell a couple of your cars.

    • Big Daddy Don Garlits
      Big Daddy Don Garlits06-29-2012

      Well said.

    • dog balls
      dog balls06-29-2012

      From what Adam says he pays for them, he could just sell one or two of them and pay for both kids entire tuition. Or not sell any, and just stop buying new cars to destroy in races. You don’t really have problems, Adam.

  30. GuyDudeBro

    Funny how Ace and Shek are hunching over so they don’t appear to tower over Little Jimmy.

    Lets see if Little Jimmy talks about his love for piss, shit and horse fucking.


  31. Cody

    Can’t leave off Omar Epps!

    Boxer in “Against the Ropes”
    Basketball player in “Love and Basketball”
    Baseball player in “Major League II”
    Football player in “The Program”

    • Zyzz

      Track star in “Higher Learning”

  32. John

    God Damn it if i’m not attracted to Myles L. Berman. Great lawyer. Better mustache

  33. Bill


    Why would a listener or advertiser be interested in your Dad’s show when you continually call him an imbecile on your show? I have no desire to – I know that much.

  34. Dave

    Sweet dreams Rodney the real hero is the WHITE guy who took the video

  35. Gottagetiton

    I know Adam says he doesnt read these comments but he may have brought it up on his show to get some feedback from his listeners so here goes…

    First, I think you should let pops Carolla keep his show, even if youre running it at a loss. He’s in his 80s right. You really want to cancel his show and then when he’s dead and gone contemplate the last years of enjoyment he could have had on this earth ripped out from under him by his own son…

    Second, I think the “Ace Broadcasting Network” should bear some responsibilty for promoting and marketing the show in such a way that it could turn a profit. You must have thought the show had some potential or you wouldn’t have let him do the show unless you just wanted to sit back and watch it fail with an evil grin on your face… More fodder for the show right..

    Anyway, you’ll do what you do….

    • gigamatic

      Are you nuts?

      IF half of what Adam has shouted in his years in radio/podcast/books/books on cassette are correct, not only will Jim not give a shit and move on to something else, but I bet Adam would hardly think twice about pulling the plug because he knows A) he has a better fatherly relationship with his Guatemalan nanny than he does Jim Carolla and B) he knows that Jim will move on to something else and obviously is too apathetic to fight to keep his show in which case, why should he care either.

      This is Adam Carolla we are talking about here. If it won’t bother him he will never think about it again.

      I do agree that if Ace wants his dad’s show to succeed he’ll pimp it out like he does Rosen’s and Pen Jillette’s shows, of which I am continually annoyed to skip over. I listen to his podcast every day, and rarely do I hear about “Life Lessons” in the midst of all Ace of Broadcastings “starting lineup”

  36. JT Evans
    JT Evans06-29-2012

    Dameshek isn’t interesting or funny. I don’t know what favors he’s willing to perform that Lynette isn’t, but find some other way to compensate him that doesn’t involve annoying your audience.

  37. Gabriel

    Shame that Jim Norton was given such a short interview. I’m a Dameshek fan, but this is one show that should’ve been focused on Jim Norton from the start of the show.

    • Jenn

      Listen to Alison’s pod for a thorough and insightful interview with Jim.

  38. Martin

    Dr. Funny Dave Dameshek !

  39. zero1media

    Epic freaking podcast! ‘Shek totally crushed it (and Swayze for that matter: “he got his”). I nearly choked on laughter when I heard that line, and Norton was great as well. This is easily the best episode Adam has done in a while. I’m starting to notice that when the ACE Man has Teresa, and Dameshek on they always brings out his comedic best. Playing off Alison is like playing handball off a wall, and Bald Bryan is only good to play off Adam. Great episode nonetheless! I even listened to it again, just to savour the comedic flavor that was jumping off!

  40. Joan

    Air Bud

    Pretty sure there were 5 or 6 movies.

  41. Carrie

    Can’t get enough Shek!!!!!!!!!

  42. Chad

    Please continue to have Dameshek on the show even if it’s for no other reason than to hear his laugh.

  43. Me

    Maybe I’m missing something but nothing about Dameshek is even semi funny. Wendy Williams has more talent.

  44. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode06-29-2012

    The guy was from Emergency (Rampard 5) not Adam 12… just saying

  45. matt

    Dave Dameshek is painful to listen to- is he supposed to be funny?

  46. T's V
    T's V06-29-2012

    Adam is having a B+ life and his dad is having a C- life. If the radio show makes him happy, suck it up. Once he’s gone all Adam will have are memories.

  47. The Hoss
    The Hoss06-29-2012

    Less Shek. Please.

  48. 49 cent
    49 cent06-29-2012

    his dads show sucks, its unlistenable. I say just let him host a music show where he jams with other musicians…….

  49. Sean

    Love me some Shek!! He does seems to be somewhat polarizing though……

  50. Ryan II
    Ryan II06-29-2012

    Maybe Adam should rename his dad’s show, it’s working for his wife’s show.

  51. jr

    i usually make 10-15 purchases per year from amazon.com, but since i’ve started listening to the AC podcast i haven’t made a single purchase… it’s just a coincidence, but it kind of makes me feel like i’m not doing my part…. but i did buy a mangrate in feb and i’ve told like over 10 people about the podcast so i hope that balances out…. it’s just weird i haven’t bought anything from amazon since like last oct or so…

  52. Balky

    I like Dameshek, but that hurricane talk was one of the most boring things I’ve heard on the podcast. I couldn’t believe how long they let it go on for…usually they sniff out those boring bits and cut them off quickly when they’re not getting traction.

  53. Miles L. Berman
    Miles L. Berman06-29-2012

    ALISON: I know you read these, so tell Ace that his audience is large enough now that he could make a video game and turn a profit. Picture it: Adam finally snaps (like Michael Douglas in Falling Down), then he goes around kicking the shit out of everything and everyone that pisses him off (which is so many things, the opportunities are endless).

  54. Joey


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-02-2012

      He’s worse than Dameshek.

  55. back sack& Ass crack
    back sack& Ass crack06-29-2012

    Ace.You bought your old mans house for $900,000…You left the nest,now let him regret all the missed football,TV and milestones you’ve accomplished.Stay focused on your children.

  56. john henry
    john henry06-29-2012

    i take issue with a rosen’s comment re: health care bill. she said (i’m paraphrasing) that anyone who complains about the bill is, from a certain point of view, full of it, so to speak. b / c no one knows exactly what’s in the bill, nor what its effects will be.

    rosen, the fact that no one knows what’s in the bill, and the fact that even the people responsbile for writing the bill, and enforcing the bill, are either unable or unwilling to explain what’s in the bill.

    let me ask a rosen and a carolla this: would they sign contracts, without knowing the contents of the contract? would rosen get married to some guy who said, “here’s the marriage contract, but it’s 1000 pages long, and i can’t explain to you what’s in it, but don’t worry.”

    as rosen said , “because no one’s read the fucking thing,” and because no one can explain to anyone else what’s in it, nor how it will affect the situation, the bill IS DEEPLY OBJECTIONABLE.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running06-30-2012

      It’s not complicated: the SC has just given Uncle Sugar the ability to force Americans to buy whatever corporate product it likes. The act must be passed read or otherwise because its objective is to destroy what’s left of American liberty; it may as well be 10,000 pages. Anyone who supports it is wildly misguided or demonstrably evil.

    • MarketAndChurch

      We now know a lot of what is in the bill. What we don’t know is how it’ll work in real life. It is stage1 thinking, sounds great, but no one knows or cares about the potential fallout of it. No one but the left was complaining that we need universal health care.

      Only 15% of Americans are without insurance. They needed to make a case to the 85% that we need this just like the anti-smoking campaigns tell you that though you may not smoke, being in the presence of someone who is will give you cancer, or, you drink and breath the same air and water that we all do so don’t pollute because it affects people other then you. They’ll use this reasoning to advance anything under the umbrella of the topic, be it womens rights, or the environment, the purpose is simple: Get You To Drop Your Free Associations, And Involved & Focused On Our Social War.

      Those who don’t have insurance , for the most part, are employed often 2 or more jobs, but their employer does not provide them health care, and they stay without healthcare for periods of 3 years at a time. They do need help, and we have to find ways to help them, but now the qualifications for Obamacare is available to anyone up to 4 times the federal poverty limit, or 90,000 a year.

      There are two approaches, one is to tackle costs so that insurance is affordable to everyone, and those who are uninsured can enter the market and thus increase coverage along the process. The other is Obama’s approach, which is the leftist approach, which is to increase coverage, and the thinking is that if we can get everyone into the market, we can pool resources and ultimately lower cost. The Coverage crowd are not concerned as much with cost, but think they’ll lower it as a biproduct of pursuing coverage for all. I hope they are right, and are able to put politics of coverage aside to deal with costs, which affects the rest of us in the 85% who can afford insurence, but it is very costly.

  57. Jim

    Sorry, ff-ing thru Damashek. The humor is iffy and appears to be way too thought up. The sports news strays way too far off track Not off the cuff humor like the show usually produces. If he just did top sports updates and throw a joke or 2 in at the end or let Ace intervene once in a while, it’d be stomachable. I know he’s a friend so I can handle a sit in once every couple months but not weekly. I’d rather hear that slurry asian roof climbing chick from Dr. Drew’s show. No that’s below the belt, sorry Shek. Maybe if we just changed the format a bit.

  58. Adam


    I have been listening to your show for over a year and I want to say thank you for daily entertainment. It really helps me get through my work day (BTW, I have a job doing database work. I love it, but sometimes it does get dry). I love how you talk about personal responsibility and how you mock those who demand that you take care of them. If we all took care of our own business, then the world would be a much better place.

    I know that your relationship with your parents is contentious at best, but if his show only costs $5000/year, and you make far more coin, then screw it, let him keep his program so long as he doesn’t demand anything else from ACE enterprises. Sounds to me like its not worth burning the calories worrying about what his show does/doesn’t do as long as it does no great harm.

    BTW, I never served in the military let alone was a POW, but did anyone else notice Jim Norton’s hand in the photo? Funny.

  59. Zaheen

    Remember over 500,000 downloads when Shek came back. I think the tribe has spoken Shek should be permanent and the whiney ass bitches complaining can go F themselves

  60. Dante

    Shek’s Da Bomb! Bring back Daves of Thunder!

  61. DrAwkward

    This podcast should cost less and be much better.

  62. Chubby knees and calves
    Chubby knees and calves06-30-2012

    Dameshek should be on more than once a week.

  63. pandera

    Publicly humiliating your 80 year old father. Priceless. Great pod man. Give him the gift of the podcast which he clearly loves or don’t. But do it in private. And get back into therapy, that was some sick shit.

  64. John

    Adam is clearly el douchero uno. The super passive aggressive, heres a podcast old man. Hows the numbers? Not quite keeping up with the ace man? Same for you Linette. Want to know why he doesn’t drive the car you leased him? Who wants to say this is the car my millionaire son leased me? Buy or give the guy a car and I bet he’d always drive it, Look what my son bought me! But he didn’t go to some football games, so for that he must pay for eternity. I agree with you 99% of the time Adam but its wrong what your doing to your dad. He won’t be around much longer at least be nice to him.

  65. DanofSac

    My take on Adam lamenting his father’s podcast and it’s lack of success for 20 minutes, was a clever bit to throw his Dad an “advertising bone” without seeming like he cared for his father’s success. Sure he came off as a bitter prick, but his Dad got 20 minutes of quality airtime that might parlay into some money.
    As for the rest of the show, pure comic gold. I should know better than to listen to my Ipod in public when you have 52% of DOT on the show! The four of you play off so well; it’s like you are all seasoned improvisational veterans (I know Adam had some classes at ACME). Bryan’s drops during the Dave’s Number One Sports, something to the affect “where’s the sports”, and Dave’s reaction were super funny!
    You are one Dave away from perfection; I can only imagine how Feeney would simultaneously drool over Alison, and then mock her for her boots. I mean he called Blaster Girl “Coyote Feet”, and Sheck’s hands are “shrimp forks”; so dumb yet so funny and it stuck.

  66. blackhawk12151

    Dameshek is just awful.

  67. Mark

    I’d love to hear more of Bald Bryan’s thoughts on healthcare since he took his medical care fundraiser money and went to Italy for vacation.

  68. J. Batingan
    J. Batingan07-02-2012

    Dave Dameshek > Dana Gould

  69. Big Daddy Don Garlits
    Big Daddy Don Garlits07-02-2012

    Not a fan of that Jim Norton fella…creepy, you know?

  70. Big Daddy Don Garlits
    Big Daddy Don Garlits07-02-2012

    Why are you picking on an 80 year old man? Grow up Adam.

  71. Aaron

    So Adam, how much money is your wife’s podcast making?

  72. mildly amused
    mildly amused07-02-2012

    More Shek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. B-Real

    I was dissapointed with this podcast. Jim Norton is, in my opinion, an awesome guest. He has GREAT stories and is very funny, but for some reason Adam barely interviewed him. Instead, we get an earfull of Dave Dameshek, who we can hear from anytime. I would have liked about 10 more minutes with Jim and about 15 minutes less of Dave.

  74. David

    Brian, this is NOT like car insurance. You don’t HAVE to buy a car. You don’t have to drive. There still is a choice for us. This Obamacare tax is NOT optional. And nowhere in the constitution does it say the government can force someone to buy a product/service, or be TAXED otherwise. And there’s no reason why we taxpayers should have to pay for the uninsured either. So that’s a completely separate issue that is not an assumed position we HAVE to be in.

    Plus, insurance companies are a business like any other. if you have a pre-existing condition, then you are a greater risk in terms of being a financial drain on their services. just the same as if you are a professional skydiver, you’d have higher rates for life insurance because you have a higher risk of dying.

    • reb

      What exactly does “or taxed otherwise” mean? And you’re aware that something doesn’t have to be expressly permitted by the constitution to be a legitimate power of government?

      You don’t like the health care bill. You memorized, to some extent, a bunch of talking points about it. The other side had five votes, yours had four. Get over it.

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running07-03-2012

        The great mistake the Founders made was not being explicit enough. They couldn’t comprehend that one day evil/stupid people would willfully misinterpret what they created. The end result of this oversight is the evil/stupid actually making the argument that, since the power to tax is mentioned in the Constitution, the Founders intended unlimited taxation. It takes real balls to actually argue that even though the Founders specifically restricted federal power, they really meant that government should be unrestricted. And that’s exactly what this travesty of a “healthcare” bill is: it establishes a tax based on an arbitrary state of being, in this case, without insurance.

        Uncle Sugar can now mandate a pen– tax on you for anything it likes. Obesity is an epidemic in this country, so you can expect to feel Uncle gently guiding your food choices. Eat your broccoli, or pay a tax. A tax that may nor may not be limited in any way. We’ll have to wait for our masters in DC to figure it out, if they can.

        Oh, and it’s manifestly unwise to spout garbage like “The other side had five votes, yours had four. Get over it.” If your side had lost, you wouldn’t be telling anyone to get over it. You’d be saying that the fight has only begun. Remember this the next time your precious side suffers a setback. Remember me telling you to MoveOn.

    • Brother P-Touch
      Brother P-Touch07-02-2012

      That’s right! The Constitution doesn’t say a single word about the government’s right to tax the people! Well, except for that part that says,

      “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States”

      But other than that, Im with you! Preach on you brilliant bastard.

      • MarketAndChurch

        It is not about whether the government has the right to levy a tax. It is about the governments ability to use the commerce clause to advance any policy it so pleases, with no limiting principle. The justification of the liberal justices was that this is a rare exception, but recall social security, and income tax, and the “exception” argument that was used to advance those policies… it didn’t end with them. That, thank god, was addressed by SCOTUS. Because with no limiting principle of what the commerce clause can be applied to, imagine if it was a patriot act pt2, people would have a totally different opinion.

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running07-03-2012

        Yes, I’m sure by “general Welfare” they meant “taxation must be unlimited to provide for unlimited free goodies/services to all, even if they don’t want it.”

        Honestly, if they’d meant the Constitution to be flexible enough to make a pretzel, they could have just written “Do What Thou Wilt Will Be The Whole of the Law” and taken an early lunch. 🙂

        This is all academic, of course. The US is bankrupt and you jokers think we have money for a monolithic healthcare apparatus, a conservative estimate for which is into the trillions of dollars. Ain’t gonna happen. More likely this will just bring the looming economic collapse that much closer. Enjoy the illusion of Obamacare while the glow lasts.

    • MarketAndChurch

      Well you don’t have to worry, because essentially what SCOTUS said is that we will not be the hand maiden of either political movement, and if you hate Obamacare, we won’t do anything about it, but you, the concerned voter, can sustain or remove it this fall by voting in Romney or keeping in Obama. If you hate Obamacare, the voting booth will be the place for you to voice that this fall and only the president and congress ruled by the presidents party can do that. I am happy they sent it back to congress, and Justice Roberts made the right move.

  75. Brother P-Touch
    Brother P-Touch07-02-2012

    Did anyone else notice that Adam told a story about doing a live show and he mentioned the size of the theater and the fact that he “sold out two shows”……..but neither fact was even 0.01% part of the point he was trying to make? I feel like he drops those tidbits, as well as several names (“Alec Baldwin told me Howard Stern should do my show! Now here’s a riff about sex with a mason jar that he loved!”), just so that he can get some validation from the guest. Clearly his message to Jim Norton was, “See, Im a working comic too. Just like you.”

  76. Brian F
    Brian F07-02-2012

    I have to agree with a few of the other commenters that said Dave Dameshek is not funny. Jim Norton is very funny and should have gotten more time.

  77. Sara Jay
    Sara Jay07-03-2012

    Dameshek is awesome, please more of him!!!!!!!!

    Norton is great also

  78. Tom


    The mystery over why none of your movies or shows ever get approved is pretty easy to decipher. You have extremely bad judgement and taste if you think the current Batman trilogy is unoriginal and not that good. You do realize that Nolan’s movies are a trilogy, right? It’s not hard to decipher that Dark Knight Rises going to be dark and moody considering the first two movies followed this theme.

    Also, an hour of Shek and barely 30 minutes with Jim Norton??? Someone needs to supervise Adam on this stuff.

  79. Craig

    The tax payers, or other hospital/insurance users, only pay for an emergency room visit if the patient doesn’t pay their bills. Adam Carolla probably just paid the bills.

    The people who do that are the dirt poor, and migrant workers. That is, people who couldn’t afford to pay.

  80. Justin

    What I wouldn’t give to see (or even just hear about) Dave Dameshek’s public humiliation. Is there any other entertainer who’s as tedious and unclever and full of himself?

  81. Claudia

    MORE, MORE, MORE Dameshek!

  82. MarketAndChurch

    Alison, I have to disagree with you –

    The system is not broken. It is inefficient, needs to be evolved to fit our modern times, and can stand adopting some of the things in Obama’s Affordable Health Care act such as providing additional federal coverage for poor children, keeping children on their parents’ policies until they are 26, and establishing a insurance exchange in states to lower their premiums for small businesses so the uninsured can have access to insurance. But to simply say that the system is broken, and maybe this can help without knowing what is in it is not very an excuse to justify the passing of anything.

    There are reasons why it works in France, reasons that are not so easily replicated without some cultural and economic preconditions first being met. Not every first-world country who has universal health care has is an exemplary case like France. It is very difficult to deal with health care without addressing our food culture that champions the four consumption values of the American consumer: Fast, Easy, Fun, and Cheap.

    We cannot address health care without first addressing the farm subsidies that give our farmers an unfair advantage, and thus, propels the “coyote capitalism” that brings immigrants (who have been out-competed by our policies) north in search of opportunity. They do end up being a burden on state health care systems.

    It is a mixed bag, Liberals will make the case that it is the tackling of coverage that’ll bring down costs, (they honestly are only serious about and emotionally animated by the coverage aspect in the name of equality) and there are those of us who think that tackling costs will lower the entry to allow even more uninsured people into the healthcare market. You are absolutely right that about all the reasons you cite about the system being broken, those are issues we can deal with like pre-existing conditions, but cost has to be at the centerpiece in place of coverage if we are going to increase access for the 15% who don’t have insurance, and lower costs for the 85% who do.

  83. cristo

    michelle rodriguez was a boxer in girl fight, surfer in blue crush, street drag racer in furious series and maybe some other stuff, as well as being a champ at inducing bonerage in all her movies. there must be some women in the movie athlete category.

  84. cristo

    about the mandate: there are sliding scale clinics and chains of ambulatory clinics everywhere and uninsured people who show up at the ER actually do have to pay their bills if they have any attachable wages at all. you can’t get blood from a stone so some wind up not paying, especially the illegals who are never going to buy insurance or pay the fine for not having it, but the claim that there are no options for uninsured other than going to the ER without paying is a lie. also, not having insurance doesn’t cost taxpayers anything 99.999% of the time, so they are not the freeloaders. the people who want to force people to buy insurance in order to subsidize illegals and old people and pre-existing condition people freeloaders. there are so many ways we could make insurance cheaper and more accessible without mandates (tort reform, interstate competition of catestrophic policies that only covers what insurance is supposed to be for, mandating e-verify and safe communities nationwide and hard labor for getting caught back here illegally after being deported to clear out ER’s of all these illegals, etc). government is the reason why insurance is so expensive and unaccessable in the first place. does mandating all policies cover $10 birth control pills for law students really lower the cost? all these people know how to do is wreck things, and most of the time they are doing it on purpose, and this is one of those times

  85. riggz

    People should just take care of their own medical bills…. right Adam? What about the Benefit for Bald Bryan? I think Bald Bryan is awesome, but where would he be without a generous handout? Would free clinics pay for his procedures? … didn’t think so. So shut the fuck up and rant about stuff you know about like Passion Fruit Ice Tea. It’s so obvious you never went to college. What a dummy!

  86. Dan

    Folks, Adam and Allison are not economists or constitutional experts. This should come as a surprise to no one who listens to the podcast regularly. Adam knows people, that’s his thing. I’d be shocked to find out whether Adam and Allison even knew what the constitutional issues were SCOTUS was considering. I’d be shocked if they knew that that’s what SCOTUS does!

    Adam is a super smart dude, and he reads people unbelievably well, don’t freak out that he doesn’t engage in the philosophical nuance of a constitutionally limited republic.

  87. Farpin

    Do the mic’s have to be hot when “recording” Jim Carolla’s show?

    Send the staff home, and hit a fake record button and let him think he’s doing his show.

  88. Michae1

    OMG can somebody tell Dameshek that he’s not funny!? That sports thing was terrible. It was like a parody of a bad stand-up act. Hurricane names? Superheros? Whats next, airplane food?? Seriously it’s like he’s reading off some bad script and when he realizes it doesn’t sound funny HE DECIDES THAT SCREAMING MUST MAKE IT FUNNIER!!! Well, it doesn’t. I could practically hear Adam & Alician squirming uncomfortably in their seats. Thank God for BB’s “where’s the sports” drop, which kept me from smashing my iPod. Please, please…I try to skip all the Dameshek episodes anyway….don’t give him some retarded “sports” segment where he can practice his terrible standup act.

  89. Mark in Austin
    Mark in Austin07-08-2012

    Sheck sucks. He is horribly untalented and annoying to boot. How is it that he gets on two of the biggest podcasts in the world in Adam’s and Bill Simmon’s? Do they feel sorry for him? Are there people who like this guy? Considering the fact that he’s had two podcasts cancelled, I’d say no.

    Please Adam, I guess you must like the guy, but he’s a super-annoying untalented loser.

  90. Josh

    Dennis Quaid
    Quarterback in “Any Given Sunday”
    Cyclist in “Breaking Away”
    Running back in “Everybody’s All-American”
    Pitcher in Disney’s “The Rookie
    College football coach in “The Express”
    Boxer in “Tough Enough”
    Surfer in “Soul Surfer”

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