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At the top of the show, Adam discusses how his kids have switched on him. Now Natalia is lovey-dovey, and Sonny is being pouty. He also talks about reading a crappy kids book the other night, and decides to improvise his own children’s story based on random objects.

In the news with Alison, a new study has confirmed that homophobia is felt more by people who actually harbor those same type of feelings about the same sex. They also talk about a British sperm bank founder who’s used his own sperm to father over 600 kids. Later they chat about not being able to tell the difference between bottles of wine, and Adam recalls his wine tasting experience with Mike August.

The group then throws to a pre-recorded interview with Adam and Jim Gaffigan. Adam talks to Jim about his stand-up career, and how he grew up. The guys emphasize the importance of nurturing your kids’ interests, and Jim also talks about his new stand-up special for charity. Later, Adam asks Jim about writing comedy with his wife, and the joys of coming up with new jokes. As the show wraps up, the guys chat about passion fruit iced tea, and the dangers of the treadmill.


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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. ksleep

    Yes! Jim Gaffigan is one of the funniest comedians. Thanks a lot!

  2. greg

    Alison is shit

    • Dan Carrol
      Dan Carrol04-11-2012

      That is very constructive criticism. Perhaps your dumbass could do better. I would think not. Alison is “the” shit.

      Much love Alison!

    • rosemary

      quit hating

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-11-2012

      Alison is the shit.

    • Gregasaurus Rex
      Gregasaurus Rex04-11-2012

      I bet you would suck her farts

    • Anthony L from Oakland
      Anthony L from Oakland04-11-2012

      Alison is THE BEST! SO funny and quick, too! and a joy to listen to every work day! No need for that negative comment!

    • slibinz

      Alison is beautiful and brilliant and has a very sexy voice.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee04-11-2012

      “The Shiznit!”

    • JessMan

      you forgot the the

    • Jack

      What is with the negativity?? And if you think she’s shit then you have no sense of humour

    • Miguel

      Dont listen then douche…

    • Jonathan

      Are you sure it’s not you? She’s funny and seems sweet……..easy on the eyes, too.

    • Snausages

      yeah..shes not as cool as you bro

    • Sarah's smoke detector
      Sarah's smoke detector04-11-2012

      I think you mean alison is the shit.

    • Sowhat

      Agreed. Terrible. Steps all over the funny people.

    • Leo

      I LOL’d

  3. Juicefest2000

    I have read up on the ‘homophobia’ study done by someone with their college students and while I understand these studies are nearly ‘junk science’ I might agree with Adam and Alison that homosexuals are responsible for most of the ‘homophobia’ and generally speaking gay bashing (tho very rare) or discrimination is usually done by homosexuals. Rarely heterosexuals. So yes, Alison is right – its mostly homosexuals who are to blame.

    • a

      You sound cute.

    • swingset

      You’re gay for saying that.

    • Hegro

      They’re certainly not junk science. Evidently you don’t understand the concept or reliability of peer reviewed research. Maybe you didn’t go to college? Goofy moron. And you know what that says about you, you silly goose!

      • Juicefest2000

        Hi Hegro; Yes, I did got to college, took Biology, spent a lot of time with a Professor of Biology – who, interestingly enough, was gay, and this is why I called the ‘study’ something close to ‘junk science’. This would NOT be taken seriously or more than a kind of ‘fun project’. The fact you are taking it this seriously and trying to jam the words ‘peer-reviewed research’ into your post tells me I am the expert and you are a noob with no real understanding of these subjects. [keep in mind MOST everything found in peer-reviewed journals is now discredited, mostly wrong, bogus.. if you don’t believe me, go collect journals from 1970 to now and start marking off the research now entirely abandoned and even ‘laughable’) BTW: What was the journal?

  4. Molly Minks
    Molly Minks04-11-2012

    Love Jim! Can’t wait to listen. Get it On!

  5. Katie


    good to be back 🙂 love yall

    fav quip of the show:


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-11-2012


    • Raymond

      Very cool picture.

    • Danny Boy
      Danny Boy04-11-2012

      FINALLY… Geez, been feening for some Katie Daily Drawings.

  6. griff323

    Allison reminds me of my high school girlfriend

  7. Bartenational

    Adam, here is a link to my childrens book, I was inspired by your self publishing rant and finished it after 15 plus years of it sitting on my computer, I have other ideas I am going to do , but this was about finishing something vs. waiting for it to come to me

    let me know what you think


  8. Jesusgarza31

    Awesome Job Alison!!

  9. Boring, Oregon
    Boring, Oregon04-11-2012

    Jim Gaffigan isn’t funny. Listening for him to say even one funny thing. I want him to be funny. I expected him to be funny. Oh well at least he aint Dave Wild. That guy sucks balls every time. I know he’s just filler but cant they get somebody else? Guest list needs work.

    • comedia

      Yep. Not funny. Never funny in interviews. Be more funny.

  10. Mr. Squirmies
    Mr. Squirmies04-11-2012

    B.Bryan- you’ve been knocking the improv bits w/ Adam out of the park.

  11. Mœ

    The audio still sounds a little “rough” and “hollow” (I’m not sure of the technical radio terms). Especially when Adam speaks. It’s less noticeable when Alison and Bryan are talking.

  12. tom

    Children’s books are repetitive so that kids can use them to learn how to read – they look at the page while being read to and recognize that the first three lines look the same and correspond to the three lines repeated out loud. By ad-libbing over Cat in the Hat you are going to make it harder for your kids to make those connections and learn how to read.

    • MC White
      MC White04-12-2012

      Adam is a narcicist and can’t read. Thus his approach to reading.

  13. T-bone

    Alison, once again you are stepping all over Adam with unnecessary crap. Gee, I wonder why Adam did not have you sit in with Gaffigan…..

  14. Whitney

    Wait, it’s not Jim Gaffigan and David Wild?

  15. Dick Face
    Dick Face04-11-2012

    Musicians Friend now your talking Ace! , just wish they were your sponsor earlier
    because I spent about 6k in the last two years there, I luvs to shred death metal \m/,
    and they are really good guys and I have never had any problems with shipments
    or returns along with having everything that I’ve needed that is why they are always
    my first choice for online musical purchases.

  16. lANCE

    Wrong, Bald Brian, it is not a story about sharing, it is an allegory about globalization and outsourcing.

  17. Nick

    Hey Aceman! This digital download thing is legit. I just watched the Aziz Ansari one. It was $5 and now I downloaded it and own it. No packaging, none of that crap. You have the equipment to do one, so you should!

  18. Mark

    “THing One and Thing Two! What’re you gonna do?!” Stuff of Legends!

  19. Ras

    Aceman – your back must be really bothering you and you must be OD’g on Vicodin a lot – you sound like you have been slowed down and like you really don’t want to be talking on the podcast. Stop mailing it in and suck it up and be a man like you lecture about all the time. Your fans have come to expect much more from you.

  20. mark

    ALISON, STOP READING THESE COMMENTS!!! #onlytryingtohelp

  21. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee04-11-2012

    “In the news with Alison, a new study has confirmed that homophobia is felt more by people who actually harbor those same type of feelings about the same sex.” Huh! This is not new! Tard Talk Guys!

  22. Beaver

    Great show as always, I ran into some Westboro Baptist Churh picketing at the Superbolw in Indianapolis, bunch of angry ugly pussies with nothing to do.


    • TS

      …? TFV is still around. Search Google for AndersonAndBryan.

    • Hot Nikks
      Hot Nikks04-12-2012

      It is back. go to andersonandbryan.com.

    • RoyalDryness

      The Film Vault has been back for months now. They are doing it independent of Ace Broadcasting, you can find it on iTunes and at andersonandbryan.com

  23. Stacey E
    Stacey E04-11-2012

    Interesting that they had to do a “study” about the closeted types (Republican politicians, mainly) that rally against gays while constantly getting caught soliciting other males. It’s common knowledge that the guys beating up “queers” in high school were really trying to hide their orientation. Didn’t need research to find that out.

  24. nAAter

    Without irony, Jim wonders who put cranberry in his coconut water. Wow.
    Like homophobia, liberals project onto conservatives because of their jealousy.
    Without deviation is three fingers pointing back at the finger pointer…
    civil rights “champions” are the only people who want to remove your civil rights.

    • Zapoli

      No idea what you’re trying to say. But it was pomegranate, not cranberry. Does that help at all?

  25. Jeff

    Alison is delightful.

  26. Brian

    When you are writing books for kids you are supposed to use repetition so that when they are learning to read they keep repeating the same phrases and connecting the words. Then when you turn the page the same phrase is there to reiterate it before starting the next section. Then having all the animals there are to help children learn animals. I’m not sure the authors are writing these to paint a narrative picture. Also, for publishing houses, there are departments with staff writers who write lots of books every year. I’m not sure these writers are the type who took a stab at writing the Great American Novel and failed.

  27. Ricky

    I’m sorry, but that was painfully boring. Aren’t comedians supposed to be funny (referring to Gaffigan)?

  28. Dr. By Name Only
    Dr. By Name Only04-11-2012

    What the fuck with podcasts not being by date on my device anymore? Now I have to search each 3rd rate actor by name while driving. Bullshit.

  29. rushbaby

    That improvised book stuff was pretty bad.

    • Holland

      Kidding?! The kids’ book improv was sublime!

      Gaffigan not nearly as entertaining.

    • Jenn

      Agreed. Adam, don’t quit the pod to become a children’s book writer.

  30. stnuntrnd

    So Alison is not attracted to Grape-Nuts ?
    To that I say,
    ” More Grape-Nuts for ME !! “

  31. Aaron

    f— off, greg.

    Katie, awesome pic.

  32. Dustin

    There are only 5 comments approved as I write this, which is good because I have been spared the avalanche of “30 min of children’s stories!” rants waiting in the queue I’m sure.

  33. Mr. Pulitzer
    Mr. Pulitzer04-11-2012

    mahogany: androgyny

  34. ColoradoRockiesAJ

    Wow to be honest I have not heard this podcast yet,but supposedly Alison and Adam have blamed gay people for homophobia in our society,now I know Adam has started to swing very much to the right-wing in his commentaries in recent months and with doing shows with Andrew “I must will take down the institutional left by deceptively editing videotape”Breitbart and Dennis”if I speak in a calm reasonable tone people will think I am a moderate,instead of the cowardly warmongering chickenhawk,homophobic and vaguely racist bigot that I really am”Prager,and appearing on the shows of Glenn”Crying little bitch,progressives and liberals are evil”Beck and Bill”sexually harrasing pervert and it was American troops who commited atrocities at Malmedy” O’Reilly,you have taken to propping up fox news and right wing talking points and beating up and demonizing liberals,unlike in past years where you would be up on both the left and right equally,and that is okay your show is entertaining and is still very enjoyable to listen to,but saying that gays are responsible for homophobia and gaybashing and trying to rationalize that by saying that it does not happen that often(this is true compared to other countries and cultures,but that fact that it still happens even in a supposed free country is still a problem),is nothing but disgusting,what are you going to start spitting out the right wing meme of the day,that it is conservaties and particuarly white conservative males that are discriminated against and not those freeloading blacks,hispanics and gays etc,if so that is your right,but don’t do the typical right wing tactic if someone critisizes you for those comments and say you are the victim of discrimination and censorship,and by the way I am not gay,as some of you may try to imply,I am a heterosexual,liberal progressive(Ooooh Evil!!!) and also a veteran of the United States Marine corps from 1999-2004 and served in the initial stages of operation Iraqi,so don’t go with the angle that I hate America( I served my country unlike a lot of you chest beating warmongering chickenhawks),but I am still a fan Adam and still love your podcast!!!

    • Melmel

      Maybe you should listen to the podcast before commenting, nitwit.

    • TS

      You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, because you decided to be judgmental instead of actually listening to what Carolla said.

      Smarten up.

    • FM Bradley
      FM Bradley04-12-2012

      You wrote all that and you havn’t even listened to the podcast?
      How can anyone take you and your agenda seriously?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-12-2012

      “What in God’s holy name are you blathering about?”

    • GOD

      Ever hear of a period (.)?
      Me thinks someone’s angry. Try getting a job and you won’t have so much time to think about how angry you are.

    • RoyalDryness

      Perhaps you should listen to podcast before making such a long-winded post. The news story is about much of homophobia and gay-bashing being rooted in the sexual conflict of the homophobe. This is pretty well worn territory and is not the same as “blaming gays for homophobia.”

      That being said, I pretty much agree with your points about Adam swing way too far to the right.

    • Ryan II
      Ryan II04-12-2012

      That was a beautiful pre rant based on a really poor assumption.

  35. mark80



    • Duck Manson
      Duck Manson04-12-2012

      Yeah, you’re definitely not a virgin.

  36. James

    Sounds like you need to adjust your compressor or, put a limiter at the end of your chain. Everyone keeps slammin the levels and distorting when they laugh hard or yell. Did you change mics? Something needs adjusting.

  37. DES

    gawd damn Ace is railing against stupid ass things lately. to waste energy complaining about some pre-school video… just shut it off Ace.

    end of discussion

    what the hell has happened to this show? it’s entertaining maybe 1x a week now.

  38. TS

    Good interview with Gaffigan. And did Rosen get proposed to, or something? She was so sunny this episode. It was very pleasant to listen to.

  39. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III04-11-2012

    Good interview.

  40. raiderswt

    I love Adam and Jim Gaffigan, but that interview was a bore.

    • comedia

      Gaffigan is a total bore.

  41. Alan

    Wow, new material. Adam talked about how life is about busting your ass and working hard, haven’t heard that one before (or was it every show for the last 6 months?). Ace, you’re not funny anymore. Work on finding the humor in things and stop pointing out how “society” (he uses that word A LOT) is working against you. You’re going to lose listeners if you keep on single minded path.

    • Ross

      Dont waste your time writing on here if you dont have something funny to say. You are whats wrong with society, always complaining, why dont you work harder so you can have your own pod cast that we can all bitch about.


    • donewithidiots

      Wow, how about using your keyboard for more important things than being a dick.

  42. Ivan

    Adam’s rants are becoming predictable and boring. It seems like he’s loosing interest in his guests too. He doesn’t interview them. He just uses them as spring boards for more ranting. Maybe he’s over extending himself between all the podcasts, shows, book writing, and building a new studio. He should take a vacation, and only do five events (podcasts and shows combined) per week.

  43. Mike

    These past two podcasts have been so boring and drawn out!
    Ace you might have peaked!

  44. Dane

    Alison Rosen is your new best newsgal. Love me some Alison.

  45. Sam

    2 general questions by a new fan: what does “Dr. Drew in the hizay” mean? Also what do they mean by saying “Later Hosen” every now and then?

  46. MIke

    Alison, the most beautiful woman in the world. The smile, and eyes, unbelievable.

  47. Ross

    I just got the ‘GO TO A’s V’ app… it is fantastic.

  48. Erik

    Alison is always a highlight of the podcast with her beautiful laugh and quick wit. Keep it up girlfriend!

  49. ILLWiLL

    “I use a truffle pig”, “remarkable snouts” laughing hard, real hard.

  50. donewithidiots

    Now that’s some great POD. Miller status for Mr. Gaffigan. How about some more Miller while we’re at it.

  51. kirk

    Jims video is awesome!well worth the five bucks. Alison is really coming in to her own, love her!

  52. Marc

    Jim Gaffigan did not “bring it”

  53. Kim

    I thought I was going to bust a gut, when I heard “Are you fucking nuts Wa Wa Wubbzy Producers?” How funny does that question sound?!

  54. Pat

    That coolest song is so bad, it would poison kids brains. I love when Adam talks about it! Just do nothing and everyone knows you’re the coolest!

  55. gregor

    All of you people repeating “I thought he was supposed to be funny!?” are feeble-minded. His stand-up is obviously crafted and honed, and he is not an off-the-cuff type of comic. I’m glad he doesn’t try to be one, either. Those are the most annoying types, always pressuring themselves to be “on,” and usually come off as the dolt at the corner of the bar who won’t shut up. Much like you people.

    OH and count me as another listener in love with Alison, so of course I thought she was great, as always.

    • Wonk

      Thanks, Jim Gaffigan’s wife.

  56. Craig

    I’ve always been struck by guys who are obviously gay, but who make a point of saying that they’re straight. They’re only fooling dim or older people with absolutely no gaydar.

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