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As the show opens, Adam talks about a unique way to get out of work when you first start a new job. Alison then starts the news discussing the list of Top Fail Moments of 2011. The guys talk about Anthony Weiner, Lindsay Lohan, and Casey Anthony; then Adam talks about a bad sports bar he visited while on the road with August. Later, Adam rants about the song ‘Simply Irresistible,’ and plays a round of What Can’t Adam Complain About: Holiday Edition.

Jill Zarin joins the podcast next, and she and Adam recall their first interaction on Andy Cohen’s show. Jill tells the story of how she wound up on Real Housewives, and she and Adam joke about the differences between Italians and Jews. Adam and Jill then attempt another round of What Can’t Adam Complain About, and discuss how real reality TV actually is.

In the last part of the show, Adam and Jill plan what their new Daytime TV show would be like, and Adam complains about Tyra Banks. Alison then wraps the show with news stories about naughty/nice brands, Jennifer Anniston, and whether or not there are too many Best Of lists online.


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Tyra Banks


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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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  1. Parkerjones

    Jill’s old man looks like James Lipton from the Actor’s Studio…except gay.

    • r

      You don’t have to say “from the Actor’s Studio”. We all know who the fuck he is by now. He’s as ubiquitous in comedy as Chuck Norris (from Walker Texas Ranger) and rapist vans (form Ford and Chrysler).

      • The King
        The King12-16-2011

        No we don’t!! Who the fuck is James Lipton?

        • Beyoncca

          Who is James Limton!
          While you’ve really dated yourself. {age wise}

      • Courtney

        dude, your comment cracked me the f up!

        • dutchpig

          He looks like Ronnie the limo drive from the Stern show. Petcock!!

          • May Kadoodee
            May Kadoodee12-19-2011

            Whoa Whoa Whoa stop the clock

      • Gib

        Good Job r… BTW Parkerjones, the people that know who Lipton is are likely familiar with Inside the Actors Studio and will therefore find the reference redundant. The other dummies wouldn’t get it either way… Also all the mindless Dbag cubicle quarterback drones who are bitching about the guest on a free podcast have completely overlooked the excellent job Carolla did.

    • jjthejetplane

      I don’t care who ya are, that’s funny right there!

    • Phil

      Who is this horrible woman?!?!? My God, she was on TV?!?!? Why would any one watch any show she was on? And the worst part is that you can tell that she thinks she is interesting. NOT A DAMN THING interesting about this woman.

      I am dumber for listening to her in this podcast.

      • Cam

        Totally agree. Jill Zarin was a huge bore. I loved how Adam and Bryan were pretty much making fun of her the whole time and she just didn’t get it.

      • Nana

        I could not agree with you more! Could i have some brain cells back please Ace?

      • Gib

        I’ll wager you were dumber before

      • Yossarian

        Yep, this broad was boring and brain dead! Gave me a new appreciation of Larry Miller. HEH!

      • Kyle

        That accent is brutal to listen to. Feel like I my ears were kicked in the balls.

  2. chu

    painful to listen… very bad guest…constantly stepping on adam

    • ol' hat
      ol' hat12-16-2011

      The ol’l jew schtick. the ol’ “new” envy thing. awesome.

    • Caveman73

      Big time.

    • Pop Warner
      Pop Warner12-16-2011

      I didn’t make it 5 minutes into this one. Once I heard who the guest was I checked out of the yammering monologue. If Ace were a listener to this podcast since it’s inception he’d be outraged. This thing has taken a dump bigger than that glutton form “Man Versus Food” after wolfing down an eighteen pound hamburger. Real it back in Ace, the world needs your brand. What would your Pop Warner coaches say about your efforts as of late!?
      This is me grabbing Ace’s face mask in the middle of July in “The Valley” during a two-a-day.

      • Brian

        Didn’t make it 5 minutes into the podcast? So what exactly are you disappointed with? The first 5 minutes of every episode?

  3. Danielle Lehner
    Danielle Lehner12-15-2011

    Wow. This Jill Zarin is AMAZINGLY dim witted and completely unfunny. I was expecting so much more from this reality housewife.

    • Aaron

      Agreed. Every joke she made was stressed. Not the worst guest ever, but certainly in the running.

  4. Joshua

    It sounds like talking face to face with Jill is like trying to have a phone conversation with a very distracted person who’s busy driving in traffic. Wow, that was hilarious. I’d write more but I have to call someone and ask them to put Jill and Ace on TV right now.

  5. Jezza

    I can’t decide if this show was funny or just sad….(Whoopi Goldberg drop…ehhhhhhhhh!)

    OK, its funny. Jill had no idea that she was being subtely mocked that whole time with the Hot Cup of Jill. Some of those quotes were gold. You can’t write stuff like that.

    “Wait, who’s Richard? Is he here? Are we just making him up right now?”
    “Is Newt coming on the show on Friday?”
    “That store is going to get sued and have to pay millions of dollars”
    “What guy would want to complain about drunk women at a party? (after being told the premise) I don’t get it”
    “Did everybody laugh at that? I was so funny”

    Comedic gold.

    • Cal

      This was not “subtle” mockery. Very overt. Very painful to listen to. How do people like this function?

    • attack_crows

      “i laughed on the inside.”

    • L'huomo d'Ace
      L'huomo d'Ace01-14-2012

      Masterpiece! Bowing to the talent of the Champ! With Norm, Dana Gould or Seth McFarlane as guests OF COURSE the show is gonna be good.
      But with this one? Champ & the crew made this layperson entertaining. This piece needs to be on curriculum at every Broadcasting school: how to make a duck fly elegantly…

  6. Syn'

    Yikes, does this woman realize that Adam is just crapping all over her show idea? It was painful and wonderful to listen to at the same time. All mixed up.

  7. t-bag

    Its McCain and Cain. I hope she forgets to vote. She frightens me.

    • jam-kidd

      lmao i second that statement

  8. SteveP

    “That’s called anti semitism in case you didn’t know”.

    Lol what a retard.

  9. Chris Middlebrook
    Chris Middlebrook12-15-2011

    Whoa Nelly, is that chick mentally evacuate or what? Adam presented her with the fountain of wisdom and all she did was stand there and gargle…

  10. Ras

    Wow – was this a joke? Was Jill playing a character? What an annoying, pushy, obnoxious Jew!!!!!! She is such a typical egotistical Jew that thinks she is such a genius

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle12-16-2011

      Rep. Richard Martin would have been a better guest.

      • Yossarian

        Now THAT might be a toss up… I put Rep. Rich Martin and the idiot comedian who makes bird sounds…Harland Williams, down as THE worst guests.

  11. Ras

    Bobby looks like an orange gay pedophile

  12. Ras

    OMG – Jill is dumb as a brick!!!!!!! She could not even understand the entire wedgie conversation. SHE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jim


    • Todd

      Hey now, that is not a nice thing to say about bricks. They hold up many a building and actually do something good for society. I’m not sure I can say the same about Jill.

  13. Andy

    Leaving the pen with a recorder was taken from Seinfeld, where George left his briefcase in the room with a recorder in it.

    • Sam

      I bet it seeped into Adam’s subconscious unintentionally like Elaine’s Ziggy/ New Yorker cartoon idea, though.

    • ol' hat
      ol' hat12-16-2011

      A reason i continue to listen is because at least he’s self-depracating and admits he doesn’t give a fuck. Seems to be staying away from ripping off Bill Hicks’ material lately though. Mencia must’ve gotten into his head. Glad this podcast was a troll.

  14. SteveP

    This has to be a contender of worst guest of the year. Completely brain dead with no sense of humour. No wonder she didn’t understand why Tyra is a blow hard, it’s because she’s exactly the same.

    • Jo ke
      Jo ke12-16-2011

      i agree completly

  15. e40

    Adam nearly vomits, Alison loses composure, Bald Bryan earned his entire years salary, and Jill Zarin…well Jill’s Jill.

    • Sacto Aaron
      Sacto Aaron12-16-2011


  16. Backdoor Nugget
    Backdoor Nugget12-15-2011

    where the hell is the Norm 1 on 1?

    is that tomorrow?

    maybe i’m confusing it with some other podcast!?!

    looks like i picked the wrong day to quit huffing paint fumes.

    • Chris

      Yeah, where the heck is Norm. This podcast went up late last night so I thought for sure Norm would be on today. booo

    • ciga-Rhett

      It will be aired next Thursday, 12/22

  17. david

    Awful guest. Thanks for not letting her off the hook Bryan.

    • Melo

      I can’t figure out if this was some social experiment or a legitimate guest.

  18. Mason

    Having no guest would be 1000X better than some housewife.

    • The King
      The King12-16-2011


  19. Heartsonthehouse

    Yep. Painfullllllllllllll

  20. Terrence London
    Terrence London12-16-2011

    I thought Jill was a good guest. I don’t know what the haters are complaining about (usually the same bunch that complains about every female guest). I would’nt mind hearing Jill every once in a while. She has a great personality and she’s certainly alot more smart and interesting than some of the other guests I’ve heard. If she’s not a busy person, maybe Adam can have her on once a week. They do have good chemistry.

    • Dan

      I hate (annoying, self-righteous) women, that’s why.

    • Ohio

      You have to be fucking kidding. Right?

    • The King
      The King12-16-2011


    • Sig

      Nice stealth troll Terrence!

    • Jill...er I mean Terrence London...
      Jill...er I mean Terrence London...12-16-2011

      Ummmm…really Jill, this is hilarious…Stop stiffing glue.

    • Jim Kelly
      Jim Kelly12-16-2011

      What Podcast were you listening to? Either you are part of Jill’s family or the aspiring producer of the Ace and Jill show. Ace: “What’s your husband into?” Jill: “Me, me, me, me, me, and clothes.” This chick never needs to ever be heard by anyone ever again. She has nothing good to say and doesn’t even have the common sense to let anyone else who is interesting talk.

    • Caveman73


    • DefinitelyNOTaJEW

      LOL!!! For a second I almost thought you were serious. Great satire good sir. People are probably thinking “wow is this guy freaking brain dead?! What a freakin moron!” WHOOOSH! Your joke went right over their head!!

    • Jeff H
      Jeff H12-16-2011

      I call BS on your comment. You can’t possibly think that.

    • Joe

      Yeah her “Herman McCain” revelation was riveting!

    • Nancy

      Hi Jill!

    • Terrence London
      Terrence London12-16-2011

      Haha I love the fact that people are astonished that I actually enjoyed this show. Some people are calling me a troll (which I feel is quite ironic). Other people think I’m Jill herself. None of that is true. I have a Facebook account. Anyone can directly look me up (I’m the guy in the blue shirt with his hand over his chest).

      It’s funny that some of you are calling me a troll. But I feel that you are projecting….meaning that you guys are actually the trolls. Let’s think about it: Jill Zarin (and a few others) got fired from the Housewives show. Now, if I was a boss in the industry and I fired someone, what would be my next move afterward? To conduct a smear campaign against the fired person so that he or she doesn’t end up working for one of my competitors on another TV channel or radio station. I know that some of u may find this a hard concept to grasp but i don’t care. …..Jill Zarin has a lot of potential. This is my honest assesment.

    • jcar747

      Terrence London…..aka. Jill’s dad.

  21. ted

    the jap of japs

  22. walkersimm

    wow she is stupid

  23. Ledgewood

    So nice to have Joan Rivers on the show.

    • DrClown


  24. Dan

    I’m less than 2 minutes in, haven’t heard the guest, and KNOW this show is going to suck dick.

  25. andy

    Jill’s humor is as good as the Countess’ music career.

  26. Jarviswabi

    Jill really is clueless and not intentionally funny, but I thought it made for a great show to hear the gang mocking her without her realizing it. Didn’t make me the least bit uncomfortable.

  27. Jll M.
    Jll M.12-16-2011

    What is wrong with you? Jill Zarin? Really? Barf.

  28. rushbaby

    good show…not your best…bad guest…not her fault…she just couldn’t keep up with you guys…see you monday.

  29. Big Man
    Big Man12-16-2011

    Horrible – in agony listening to this woman… ‘Real Housewife’ – ‘Real Blowhard’…

  30. Julie

    Than you Ace man! I am now the proud owner of a special need child!

  31. Dario

    LOL, you could hear Aceman getting irritated with and disinterested in her a few minutes into the interview. Talking about nonsense like 60% discounts on crap only LI housewives find interesting… had to turn it off.

  32. Dean Harvey
    Dean Harvey12-16-2011

    Dude, I thought you’d get something good out of even bad guests but this woman was painful.

  33. Jo ke
    Jo ke12-16-2011

    Jill here’s a tip if anyone says their funny their not. She has no personality and wow every topic is way over her head.Awsome show BB had some sweet drops.Now i know if I see anyhting will Jill in it ,to run.

  34. Peanut

    That woman is hard to listen to. Please……Never Again……

  35. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks12-16-2011

    She did have a nice necklace though, I can see why Adam was actually looking in her direction in the video.

  36. CarpaccioFreak


    ooo shit, ooo shit Whooooooooo!

  37. WakiPaki

    What a horrible guest!!. Isn’t this guest exactly the type of vermin that the host always complains of? Didn’t they also just complain about those who go past their allotted 15 minutes? The show in whole loses what little credibility it had for booking this guest…

    • audrey

      by “the host” you mean Adam Carolla?

  38. Ohio

    The irony of Adam complaining about people’s 15 minutes lasting too long these days and then having a guest from some stupid “reality” show is awesome.

  39. The King
    The King12-16-2011

    Please stop advertising the idea that those House wife bitches are entertaining!!! You are a huge fucking hypocrite!!! You just complained that we have run out of shows to make. Why the fuck are you bringing one of these personality-less “reality” show whores on. She was not entertaining, and quite frankly is using up all the good oxygen. Adam, you are sounding more and more like a spoiled rich white douche bag. Stop complaining about rich white people shit, not entertaining!! And no I will not support any of your advertising. It is getting harder and harder to listen to this show.

  40. The King
    The King12-16-2011

    Horrible show!!!

  41. GuyDudeBro

    This broad sucks, @terrence london go fall on a sword, don’t encourage this boring shit asswipe.

  42. The King
    The King12-16-2011

    Wow, sure do love the boring rich white people conversation……….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!
    Stopped listening half way through.

  43. eric

    what an awful guest

  44. The King
    The King12-16-2011

    If she is on more…I guess you will just loose another listener!! Not that Adam or any of his minions give a shit about a long time listeners opinion. It is awfully interesting that he says he “loves” his listeners but you know he doesn’t give a shit about this message board, where the listeners actually voice their opinion. Fucking sad!

    • stnuntrnd

      when did “lose” become “loose”??

  45. The King
    The King12-16-2011

    Might as well have a fucking Kardashian on or Lady Ga Ga, or some other non entertaining, untalented rich white person.

  46. Courtney

    Bald Bryan was on fire early on in the show, cuing up the music for the fake conversation over the retarded son. I was dying!
    Jill is fine looking!
    Strong show, guys!

  47. Maureen Dameshek
    Maureen Dameshek12-16-2011

    Typical trolls – yeah she wasn’t witty or a comedic genius, but this was a hilarious show. She let/didn’t realize Adam and Alison were messing with her and it came out great. She’s welcome to come back on anytime she wants in my book.

  48. T-Money

    If everyone in New York is like this, I never want to go! This is the self entitled bitch Adam is bagging on all the time.

  49. Jared

    God damn this woman is ear cancer.

  50. jamfu

    wow that chick is dumb

  51. Howard

    Can we start a list of guests who shouldn’t EVER be invited back and have the first name on it be Jill Zarin?

  52. william

    sheesh…Jill Zarin, Lady Gaga, Rebecca Black, Robert Palmer…should have thrown in some nails on a chalkboard.

  53. Jesusgarza31

    Funny!!! Best Week Aceman and Alison good work!! Its Friday Friday

  54. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town12-16-2011

    Hey, I hav’nt heard Donny’s name for a long time!!! I like that… +_+

  55. Bill

    HOLY FUCK she is annoying!!!

  56. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett12-16-2011

    This was awesome. Best guest in a while. So hot AND classy!!

  57. Caveman73

    How bout a warm cup of shut the F*ck up Jill. There’s an idea.

  58. YeahYaAre

    Holy $hit. Worst guest ever.

  59. Ingo B
    Ingo B12-16-2011

    The last minute or so is the best part.

  60. Elliot

    No more housewives please, that was painful.

  61. Paul in NYC
    Paul in NYC12-16-2011

    I can’t listen to this episode without skipping ahead every few seconds…but Jill Zarin makes me appreciate my wife.

  62. gary

    not about this podcast, but here’s a link to an lvrj column today about ‘blue collar’ adam carolla

  63. Boston Greg
    Boston Greg12-16-2011

    Her voice is like listening to paint being scraped.

  64. JessMan

    wasn’t the recording pen trick first used by george costanza with a briefcase?

  65. C Winner
    C Winner12-16-2011

    horrible guest.. no guest is way better then this.

  66. Rob

    BOOOOOOOOOOOO!! to the guest. Adam is 50 times more interesting by himself. ” i thought they took adams head and put it on someone else”. what a complete moron. Please dont have this squeeling sea donkey back on the show again

  67. Michael

    That shit was hilarious. Jill has just the right amount of loud cluelessness for a great morning show with Ace. Please make Hot Cup of Jill with Ace Over Easy! The world needs it.

  68. Me


  69. Wayne

    This one was pretty painful once the guest came on. Totally unfunny.

  70. jpmoneypants

    I love when stereotypes live up to the billing. And when Adam pointed it out, and she was clueless to it.

  71. Bobby

    Classic fame whore – stick to blowing old gay guys for money, you belong nowhere near the entertainment industry.

  72. Erina

    Wow, this chick is dumb!

  73. hmm

    I like how she says she’s funny but she’s never funny.

  74. c_fiddy

    Thanks Ace, This episode is like a PSA for not watching any of the Housewives shows. You’re saving the children! Storage Wars is more interesting.

  75. Manny

    What a horribly unfunny, uninteresting guest. This bitch was annoying from the moment she opened her pie hole

  76. jpmoneypants

    The fact that Jill doesn’t get the jokes is hilarious in my opinion. Also, the fact that she could not be more of a stereotypical New Yorker in also hilarious. She’s like a cartoon.

  77. MCimdingo

    Terrence London, are you kidding?

    She was the worst. Way to ruin a podcast Jill. Boring and grating. Please dont ever have her on again. She is just as awful a guest as Bai Ling

  78. Jewder

    Is “Terrence London” the fake name the whipped husband uses? Got nothing against interesting guests, male or female, but she was jus so blah

  79. Alex

    Sometimes a guest is good because they are interesting, insightful or can tell a joke. Sometimes a guest is good because they are funny. Jill is right, she IS funny. But probably not in the way she wants.

    • Jenn

      Exactly. Haters on the message board need to relax. Intentional or not, Jill’s particular brand of humor made for an entertaining show nonetheless.

  80. michael

    this show sucked whenever Jill who cares was talking. FAIL top 10

  81. Holly

    I like the Real Housewives and was excited to see Jill was the guest but MAN was she bad.

  82. andy

    This chick is face-meltingly bad.

  83. Spike

    Terrance you must me the demographic for these reality shows where talentless morons drone on about crap and people show up to watch it for some reason. Jill Zarin is an idiot. She did not get a single lead in Adam gave her even after he did it for 20 minutes. He finally just gave up because she was so stupid. How do these people get on television? I haven’t seen the show she was on and now I am so glad I never wasted the time. I was actually hoping for her to say something interesting or entertaining that would help me understand why people might want to see her or people like her on TV but not a single interesting thing came out of her mouth. I have to agree with Mason, no guest would be so much better than that moron. At least the show would flow and Adam, Bryan and Allison wouldn’t have to stop every minute and explain what was going on to the stupid guest.

    • Terrence London
      Terrence London12-17-2011

      I’m not saying that Jill Zarin is the best thing since bread and butter. But I do think she’s an interesting speaker and is definitely likeable. I think the point in which Adam turned on her is when she asserted that she was funnier than him. But I don’t think she meant that seriously. But if Adam wanted to prove her wrong he should have just gave her the “What Can’t Adam Complain About” challenge. After she failed that, he should have just said something like “see? Not nearly as funny as me” and just moved on. But he didn’t and kept on picking on her because…….well Adam is a self-proclaimed asshole. But I think that if the show had gone slighlty differently, we would have seen a great chemistry between Jill and Adam. Also, being on this show isn’t all about being funny (if that were the case, Alison and Brian would have been gone a long time ago). Instead, being on the show is about being likeable and interesting. I think Jill has both qualities.

      One more thing; I think Jill kind of knew that Adam was kidding around with the morning show idea and was just playing along. However, she might have actually thought Newt Gingrich was actually going to make an appearnance. To be fair, she’s not familiar with the usual content of the show. …Oh and I’ve never seen the Houswives show.

  84. AceFan!

    I would tune into Hot Cup of Jill With Ace Over Easy.

  85. Matt M
    Matt M12-16-2011

    I would rather chew on tin foil than listen to this chick again.

  86. Boutross Boutross
    Boutross Boutross12-16-2011

    Aceman – do this exact show. With Alison instead!
    Zarin is horrible.

  87. Tanner M
    Tanner M12-16-2011

    Haha one of my favourite episodes. To anyone wondering why such a self-entitled, boring and annoying woman was the guest, it was just so that Adam could prove his point.

    He met her when he did the Andy Cohen show and she suggested they do a show together because he was funny and she was not. That was her angle for the show.

    Adam has been saying for MONTHS that she was not funny in the slightest / had no sense of humor and finally had her on the show to prove it. And boy did he prove it.

    That was awesome, they were just mocking her the whole time. And she didn’t notice. Ever. Nice Trolling by all.

  88. Casey Man
    Casey Man12-16-2011

    Forget about a PSA AGAINST watching Real Housewives. This was more like a PSA FOR sterilization.

  89. dutchpig

    Dear sweet baby Jesus and Santa Claus!!!! Please never let Jill back on this podcast. Worst Friday I’ve had all year. Can’t get her annoying voice out of my head.

    • dutchpig

      If I had the cash….I’d be willing to foot the bill for a rigid sigmoidoscopy exam to all the mouth breathers that thought this was “good pod”. I’m a #1 Ace Man fan and will chalk this one up as a “bad” or “last minute” get. You gotta dance with the “one” or the “many” that brought you to the dance Ace!

  90. A Real G
    A Real G12-16-2011

    Di anyone else feel That when Alison signed off for the news with her usual closing, she really meant it? hahahahahah…

    Jill just wouldn’t shut up.

    ZIP IT C**T!

    • jjthejetplane

      I could hear Allison thinking, “man, this chick is stupid.”

    • Bradbin

      That was my favorite moment of this podcast. As she is signing off the news, Alison realizes the dual meaning of her catch phrase and tries to contain her laughter.

      • Shinster

        That was the moment I laughed the hardest.
        This whole podcast is the definition of unintentional comedy.

  91. Just Ed
    Just Ed12-16-2011

    I just came up with a name for her recurring segments, “Definitely a Jew!”

    • Josh

      This show gave me blue balls. I kept waiting for Adam to steamroll this vapid, conceited piece of shit but it never happened. All we got were a few stealthy jabs that she didn’t even notice because she was too busy thinking about shoes and money.

      This is exactly the kind of trash you complain about on a daily basis, Adam. Why did you give her a pass? YOU COULD HAVE EVISCERATED THAT BITCH WITH YOUR WIT.

  92. Ryan

    This episode was great. Jill is so atrocious that it’s comedy gold. Hot Cup of Jill with Ace Over Easy needs to be its own podcast. It would be such a bad chat show it would transcend the entire genre. The woman actually thought that the scenarios Adam thought up were happening.

  93. Butthole Windsurfer
    Butthole Windsurfer12-16-2011

    even the dude from Entourage thinks this chick was the worst guest ever

  94. GargantuJuan

    Jill’s almost as funny as Phil Spector’s wife.

  95. Therese

    The whole idea is how fun it is to make fun of her, while in front of her.
    Made me laugh, she was genuinely completely guileless and clueless, and Adam, Alison and Bryan took it and ran.

  96. Bobby

    We now have a new undisputed champ of terrible guests. This was the first Ace podcast in many many moons with which I couldn’t go the distance. Massive ego yet unfunny equals grating & annoying. Please no mas.

  97. paddym

    absolutely awful. At least it was fun to laugh at Phil Spector’s old lady. This woman is as funny as ass cancer

  98. BIRDY

    Ehhhhh. Think I’ll skip this one today. Thanks anyway, Ace

  99. LynnnChicago

    I love Jill Zarin. She is so authentic!

  100. Martin

    Loved Alison’s sign off aimed at Jill …

  101. drb123

    This was a horrible podcast, she is an appalling guest. Please let it be a one-off

  102. Sleepy

    Jill Zarin is an oxygen thief.

  103. Brian

    What a stupid yapping yenta.

  104. That Guy
    That Guy12-16-2011

    This was hilarious for all the same reasons as the Big 3 Podcast. The last 15 minutes almost had me in tears.

  105. Beyoncca

    I love Jill. Hope to see you more. Jill Zarin and NeNe Leakes are my favorites.

    • Kevin

      This has to be your first time here. Or are you carrying on with the sarcasm of the show?

  106. Baldy&Alison in the morning
    Baldy&Alison in the morning12-16-2011

    I have heard funnier things out of the Sandusky case than Jill’s mouth. She made the Andrew Brietbart podcast sound like Katie Upton making love to me. Adam, Alison, and Bald Bryan, thanks for doing Gods work. GET IT ON!

  107. vah jai nah
    vah jai nah12-17-2011

    best guest since harlen williams.

  108. What's up Brogan
    What's up Brogan12-17-2011

    Listen to every podcast, and never have commented, but am compelled to. Jill Zarin is the worst guest imaginable. The only potential is if Adam shits all over her as often as possible in future episodes. Brian better get some drops out of this mess, which was, as Adam would put it, a fucking abortion. It’s nearly impossible to figure out any other way that this was a good idea, if not to just get this fucking idiot into a room so she could be mocked.

  109. Jim

    This woman reminds me of Jimmy Pardo. Constantly talking about being funny and knowing funny but not producing. Housewives should stay on reality TV and stay off the pirate ship. Sorry Lynette, I know you’re a fan.

  110. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco12-17-2011

    Never has the follow up phrase been uttered :What do you need the nutmeg for?”

  111. MC White
    MC White12-17-2011

    OMG!!!!! So wrong on so many levels, Adam’s shows always make me laugh, but I found myself stifling my uncontrolled laughing at my desk, about 50 times during this podcast. I could not believe how on target, Adam’s evaluation of this “stereotype” he loves to discuss, was. She must be going through some terrible times, just fired from her job, can’t even stay on this podcast, with undivided attention? I can’t believe some of the quotes from her? She really seemed to believe Adam was enacting a real show, and Newt was about to walk out. OMG, and the denseness about wedgies, and “the look.” I think Adam was getting incredibly annoyed.

    Bald Bryan, you have to save the best 5 or 6 drops from this show, and reuse them over the next 20 years, PLEASE!!!! Also, BB was on fire with his sound cues and drops throughout the show! Good times!!!

  112. Brad

    After reading the comments about the guest I’m glad I bailed when the Adam-complains-yet-again-about-80s-music bit started to run painfully long.

  113. AR Fan
    AR Fan12-17-2011

    Adam… Jill Zarin is a disaster! Please never let her on again!! She is the worst!!

  114. Melvin AM
    Melvin AM12-17-2011

    That song Bryan likes sounds like it belongs in the “The Garbage Pail Kids Movie”‘s soundtrack.

  115. Bob

    Awful Guest!

  116. juji

    This forum is a hotbed of jealousy-fueled antisemitism.

    • dutchpig

      Awe for cryin’ out loud!!!!!!…go have a glass of “WHINE” and quit living your life as a victim. Life is tough….wear a helmet you big boob!!

    • big Marges gunt
      big Marges gunt12-18-2011

      Eat fuck and die. Thanks.

    • Kevin

      You can’t blame boring on anti-semitism. Doesn’t matter what religion you are.

    • Longdays

      Zip it c*nt!

  117. Ryan II
    Ryan II12-17-2011

    One of the best episodes ever! Worth another listen. I don’t remember laughing that much in a long time. So clueless, an education is portable, she should remember to bring it next time.

  118. Matt Valentine
    Matt Valentine12-17-2011

    That was excruciating to listen to. Jill is a humorless retard. Terrible guest.

  119. zackdog

    Painfully funny.

  120. Glen

    This dumb bitch just turned me into an anti semite … Sory dameshek

  121. Derrick Gregory
    Derrick Gregory12-18-2011

    I’m giving you the look dammit, get over here and adjust…

  122. Matt Smith
    Matt Smith12-18-2011

    I made an extension for google chrome that reminds you to go through adam’s amazon link if you had instead typed in amazon.com directly. That’s all it does. No spying. I made this because I kept forgetting to do it. Email me for source if you want to check or if you want to help me make it better. I’ve tried contacting Adam’s people but I’m not getting any interested responses so let’s make this popular on our own and help Adam out!

  123. ran

    herman mccain, lolllllllllllllll!!!!!!!

  124. mason jar
    mason jar12-18-2011

    Aceman, wtf? Absolutely awful guest.

    Jill, how can one woman possibly be so annoying?

  125. Clipper

    This podcast seemed like Ace was working in radio and had to have this dud on. She sucked.

  126. MeX I CAn AMer I CAn
    MeX I CAn AMer I CAn12-18-2011

    I’d rather listen to Banda Music then to have to listen to this lady again… She was as Charles Barkley would say “Tarrible”…. An unfunny no talent hack douche!

  127. Ron Blumpkin
    Ron Blumpkin12-18-2011

    The woman was more annoying than and UFC fighter to date.

  128. J

    “You get these flowers in a box… now what?”
    “I feel the same way about macaroni. What now? What do we do now?”

  129. dawn drat
    dawn drat12-19-2011

    while the chemistry was off, and the guest was obv. not prepped on the show’s content or flow — it might be decent to hear a little softball with the FCOL troupe.
    just saying.
    nice job not murdering her with your wit at the first 1 yards, alison.

  130. Justice

    I didn’t care for this person. She only seemed interested in material goods, and money. Very shallow and boring. Exactly what is her talent, and why is she famous?

  131. Lisa

    Wow! Herman McCain?!? I watch RHONY so I was kind of interested in hearing her on the podcast. But that was just painful. She’s like an annoying caricature of a stereotype. And she seemed completely desperate to hold on to her “15 minutes.” I was almost a little sad and embarrassed for her.

  132. Heather

    I saw WWHL w/ Jill and Adam live and never imagined this ep coming and I hate to say it– this was a funny Ep. Adam is a professional and can talk to anyone about anything but Jill was willing and capable of taking Adam’s little jabs and running w/ it. She was a great sport.

  133. Mandrake

    Worst ever. Combine annoying, humorless woman with Ace opening the show mocking parents who have kids with disabilities. Hilarious.

  134. george

    quote of the episode- during eggnog- “what was i talking about?”

  135. Ted

    She likes talking to her iPhone 4s. This may be the first iPhone suicide.

  136. george

    wow. adam is friends with this gal? what a complete tool. not very quick on the improv.

  137. Steve

    Look, this woman is a zero. Why is Adam not calling out her bullshit? Not disrespectfully, just call her out on the fact that she doesn’t have anything to say and talk about. And she’s incredibly dumb. There is not an ounce of understanding what improv is, and she has not one brain cell for her to fall back on. “I got the new iPhone 4 and I like talking to it” Fuck her, call her out. She’s stupid and does not need to be encouraged. I am starting to think that Adam is an awesome interviewer, when the person is not sitting next to him. Because when they do, he’s not really living up to the rants where he calls these fuckers out. Jill Zarin, Bai Ling. Fuck that, do us all a favor and destroy them, they deserve it and you can do it for all of us and live up to the pirate ship idea you like to talk so much about.

  138. Gina

    So bad it was good.

  139. Rob

    Adam and Alison should have a show where they make jokes that all float over Jill Zarin’s head. Jill fits the reality star mold, and would surely score high on Drew’s narcissism test.

  140. George

    Oh god… please… for the love of god never allow that woman to speak ever again.

  141. Stan

    Worst guest in a long time, ended up skipping last 20 or 30 minutes. Please guys, either don’t have a guest or grab a local comedian that’s been on before and Adam likes instead of having guests like this.

  142. Rob in Africa
    Rob in Africa12-19-2011

    Funny show… horrible guest. The fact that Jill was totally clueless made it all the better. This episode is proof that Adam is the #1 Improvisor in the world! Let’s bring Bobby out… no, let’s not.

  143. Sandusky's alibi
    Sandusky's alibi12-19-2011

    I would hit that shit like it owed me money

  144. eric

    great show, horrible guest. jill probably blew ace at that party they were drunk at.

  145. memo

    wow, this is damn exciting stuff…..jill zaren, great story…..i was barely able to live through that. adam i hope you, alison, and brian were able to live through that too. i’m gonna go drink now.

  146. veriverte

    Wow. Please never have this boring blow hard on again.

    I almost thought that she was doing a bit, but no, I think she’s just really that dumb.

  147. Andy R
    Andy R12-19-2011

    Though this was one of the best shows ever, even with the worst guest ever. I thought Adam and Bryan handled that crazy bitch so well. It was hilarious.

  148. Peggy


  149. Kevin

    I’ve only turned off one podcast ever – the Shaman. Let’s see if I can make it through ten more minutes of her.

  150. Willis

    Had to turn it off after a few minutes of the interview. I won’t even bother if I see that she’s a guest again.

  151. Steve

    I would watch “Hot Cup of Jill w/ Ace Over-Easy” Show sounds awesome… I’d love to see the constant look of surprise on Jill’s face while Ace ran the show.


  152. marco

    For the love of Christ where’s the ear bleach?!?!!

  153. nektar

    haha yea you were right ace man. all rich people bust their ass and are super smart. yea we need more people like her to run everything.

  154. Ash

    Wow Jill really tried hard to rebuff that stereotype that Jews are smart. Jesus, was she not listening to anything Adam was sayin? In the words of the Ace man “try to keep up sweetheart.” It was perfect that she was such a Tyra Banks fan right after Carolla clearly indicated he didn’t care for her. Read the room babydoll.

  155. Jesse

    wow. awful. of course she wants to move to L.A. she’s the reason Adam talks about leaving L.A.

  156. Robin

    I like people who say “I swear to God I’m funny”, then they’re on radio for half an hour and not only are they not funny, but they don’t even understand the real jokes that are told in that time period.

  157. Kookookeedoo

    LOL terrriibbbllllle guest but still a funny podcast. It shocks me that people that have achieved some level of wealth and fame can be so clueless. Ooh- and you can follow her on Twitter! YAAYYYYY!! Those must be some brilliant tweets…

  158. Rich Manzetti
    Rich Manzetti12-22-2011

    Well, she was right about one thing–when she told Adam in their earlier encounter that she had zero sense of humor! She’s also a moron… .

  159. Riggz

    Almost didn’t make it through this one. I have no idea who this ugly, annoying hag is? I suppose Adam is just desperate for guests… made me actually want to hear one of Allison’s boring news segments. The only good thing was towards the end when the goofing was painfully obvious to everyone… except this broad. By the way, Bald Brian has been getting funnier and funnier over the past few months. Never realized how funny this guy is.

  160. Bobby

    I was disappointed in this podcast. I’m catching up from a few months back but come on ACE…why did you agree to this?? He smart though so maybe i should just trust the guy…. Horrible guest. I like how Jill called herself a celebrity lol. Please disappear…

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