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At the top of the show, Adam takes a call from Keith McCants, who talks with Adam about his NFL career, and the upcoming episode of 30 For 30 that tells his story. Adam also talks about his weekend in Coronado, and getting Sonny’s help on the tracks. Adam then discusses writing jokes with Jimmy Kimmel and his staff backstage at the Emmys, as well as some stories from the after parties. Lastly, Adam rants about a controversial call in this weekend’s Patriots game.

Jeff Timmons enters the studio next, complimenting the delicious Mangria being served in the back. Adam also talks with Jeff about his football days, and how 98 Degrees first formed. Alison opens the news with some Emmy results and notable moments. The guys also chat about the iPhone 5’s record breaking first weekend, and the show wraps up with a discussion about celebrities who smoke only after drinking.


Watch Keith McCant’s 30 for 30 special on ESPN, October 2nd at 8pm. Follow him on twitter @KeithMcCants.

Also visit http://JeffTimmons.com for more on today’s guest, and follow him on Twitter @JeffTimmons98.


Coronado Race

Patriots Game

Patriots Game Reverse Angle

Seth MacFarlane Emmy Mic

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  1. Weston

    Good episode.

  2. Connard

    Who’s this guest? Pete McPants? Never heard of him. Should be interesting though.

    • Tracy

      If you aren’t aware of who Keith McCants is, you’re either under 25 or you’re not a football fans and therefore gay.

      • Pedro

        I’m 27 and a football fan and I had only heard of him when I saw him on Dan Lebatard is Highly Questionable the other day

        • Sean

          Welp, I’ve heard of him. Not going to say you don’t know football, but he was one of those linemen peopledon’t pay enough attention to.


          • ross

            First of all, he was a linebacker, not a lineman. Secondly, the dude only played 6 seasons and had a grand total of 184 tackles and 13.5 sacks. That’s hardly memorable

  3. Travis

    OBAMA CARE rant 3 min into show? huh….? That brain tumor may have left you a bit damaged sweetie….you’re not thinkin clearly here. In your case you’d be dead and buried IF OBAMACARE was your provider i guarantee it. Just wait. I pray you stay in remission cuz its gonna get real bad for doctors and anyone that requires quality medical care in the USA. How f’ing ironic that you of all people should take up the banner of Socialized medicine. Talk to your doctors that saved your life BB. Sure we need to pay the medical bills for idiots that dont save their money and are stupid enough to enter into a sport that will certainly cripple them. Right. Perfect. Another Victim that needs Mama Obama’s protection. Left wing loon. Allow Adam to make the political statements please kids.

    • Susan

      Travis, did you catch Adam’s little dig while the football player was complaining about all the taxes taken out of the big paycheck (Adam: sure gotta pay for that Obamacare!) It scares me how clueless people are.

      • Scott

        Susan, give Adam a break. I’m sure Adam knows that obamacare wasn’t around when those taxes were taken out. Yeah, Adam says some clueless stuff, but I’m sure he was just making a joke… at least I hope he’s not that clueless.

    • Caliber Winfield
      Caliber Winfield09-25-2012

      Man, you couldn’t be more right.

      I mean, Canada, Europe, all those places with socialized medicine, they’re dropping like flies. There’s like, 2 people left alive in Canada, and maybe 3 in all of Europe, right?

      People without money or healthcare need to fuck off, and quit complaining about wanting healthcare, like being able to live without the fear of something happening to them or one of their family members is a basic human right. Losers. Just like those whiney bastards from 9/11 who got sick with cancer & such aliments, then lost their jobs because they couldn’t work, and then had the NERVE to ask for free healthcare! Well, Mr Mister’s, no one asked you to save people on 9/11! No one asked you to be a first responder!

      • Tracy

        Funny, people from Canada come to Michigan to have surgeries, we see it all the time. Don’t be so naive. Socialize medicine and I promise that there will be a shortage of qualified Doctors.

        • Douchebagel

          That’s bullshit. I’m Canadian and had a very major thoracic surgery in Vancouver- which is filled with specialist doctors- with no problems whatsoever. The hospital was state of the art and the staff were wonderful as well.

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running09-25-2012

        The statist known as Winfield wrote:

        “People without money or healthcare need to fuck off, and quit complaining about wanting healthcare, like being able to live without the fear of something happening to them or one of their family members is a basic human right.”

        A service provided by a third party, which is what healthcare is, cannot be a “basic human right.” What’s going to happen when Obamacare goes into effect and we see healthcare workers (including physicians) fleeing the field like rats from a sinking ship? What happens when the best workers go to work for private hospitals serving those hated elites (don’t worry, there will be plenty of those; some animals are more equal than others, even under Obamacare), leaving public hospitals with the chaff? If healthcare is a basic human right as you assert, you’re going to need people to provide it to you, and if they can’t or won’t, you’re left with two choices:

        1) Admit that only little children would consider a good or service to be a “right,” or
        2) Force people to work in the healthcare industry.

        It’s funny how quickly those “basic human rights” turn into the principle behind slavery.

      • Travis

        Right on Sister! Mediocre care for all.

    • C'mon

      After our taxes increase, private insurers are bankrupted, and medical innovation stops because profits dry up, we can all equally share in misery as gov’t rations our medical care with DMV-style service, Postal Service-style money loss, and building permit-style corruption.
      But that’s what you must support if you have compassion, or care about the little people.
      People around the world come here for surgeries if they can afford to. Nurses and doctors also flee here because the ability to freely practice medicine is so much better, too.
      The English medical system is a disaster. They let old people die, waiting lists for routine screenings are months-long, hospital rooms are small and have too many people in beds, and the nurses are rude and unresponsive. Kinda like every other gov’t employee you deal with.

    • Why Why Why
      Why Why Why09-25-2012

      I think you need to order up a case of Mangria, drink a glass, relax, and listen to the podcast. Keep calm and carry on….

  4. zero1media

    Word of advice: no more ex-football players guests that can’t hear when Adam is trying to chime in. I guess concussions affect hearing the most!

    • ebony lobster
      ebony lobster09-25-2012

      That’s what happens when you’re on a half duplex speakerphone. The louder party prevails.

  5. Nevada Jake
    Nevada Jake09-24-2012

    I’ve said for years that the Miami Heat’s nickname for ESPN should be 98*, which would be much better than the big 3, which is what they already call the Boston Celtics. It’s good because it works on two different levels. First there’s the whole 98* is hot and they’re the Heat thing and then 98* was a three man group, so LeBron is Leshay, Wade is Leshay’s brother and Bosh is the other guy…this guy. Never caught on though.

    • Jason Martynowski
      Jason Martynowski09-25-2012

      I hope LeBron James dies.

    • Zach

      As every straight man should know, 98 Degrees was a four-man group.
      (Grizzly Adams did have a beard.)

  6. Sink Slash Urinal
    Sink Slash Urinal09-25-2012






  7. Steve

    McCants….or McWonts? That’s the real question.

  8. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III09-25-2012

    The ex NFL players story broke my heart; 1.2 mill after taxes – how can you get by on that. Bald Bryan’s argument for ObamaCare was excellent also – I feel so much better that now this epedemic of of ex millionaires will now have coverage will finally be addressed.

    Veterans from Iraq and Afganistan that don’t have limbs or have had their lives changed forever need to man up and wait at the back while we deal with a few hundred tragic souls who blew their signing bonus.

    • Roger Murdock
      Roger Murdock09-25-2012

      I was moved to tears. I hope that there is a telethon for these NFL players so that we can donate morny to pay their bills in retirement. He doesn’t get to keep all $3.5 mil of his signing bonus…. The travesty. Seriously… how can the man afford gas for his Bently.

  9. craig

    Timmons didn’t know much about insurance. Under hippa if you have a group plan for 18 months you are required to be able to buy insurance in every state.
    All he had to do is keep buying insurance.

  10. L Fisch
    L Fisch09-25-2012

    ACA is a terrible law that’s not going to fix anything, just make things worse for most people and better for a very few.

  11. jack

    wake me up when he stops babbling about that AD crap. i bet that was a delight for the modern family cast. jesus christ

    • thedecade

      Yep, I’m sure the Modern Family cast didn’t make fun of the insane rant about AD when they showed up on the set the next day. I think its more than a dusting…

  12. Thomas

    Who’s the hot chick in the red dress in the Emmy photos? Smoking!

    • Chauncy Woo
      Chauncy Woo09-25-2012

      That’s Jimmy’s fiance Molly McNearney

    • JessMan


  13. roger

    Great pass on the race video!

  14. Sarah

    The pictures of Adam and Sonny are absolutely precious! Print those suckers up, frame them and hang um in the studio!

    *teared up a bit– so sweet*

  15. Jaws

    Give me a break.

    Whining over the plight of the poor, pathetic pro football players with no common sense, cheerleading over taxpayer-funded healthcare, followed by bitching over how much money Uncle Sam takes off the top – cognitive dissonance, anyone?

  16. dave

    where’s the fucking ABC – ADD clip?

    The Hyper vigilant award goes to………. Adam dildo carolla. Happy now? Shut the F up!

  17. Motley in SLOtown
    Motley in SLOtown09-25-2012

    You boys best lay off the giggle juice or you’ll be appearing on Celebrity Rehab.

  18. Patrick

    Had to fast forward past the first 15 minutes. Football talk is un-listenable whether it’s a recap of games (boring) or listening to a brain damaged ex-player talk incoherently.

  19. stnuntrnd

    Adam would not say, ” I would have ate …(some food).
    Then why, when talking about Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, does Adam say, “If that was in the script,
    I would have went …”, instead of ” I would have gone”?

    • reb

      Or even “I would have said.”

  20. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee09-25-2012

    Jealous much of the Adam & Sonny pics, wait till he gets older and hates you… heavy sigh!

  21. princessbuttercup

    I believe this was a case of scraping the bottom of the barrel for a guest. It’s clear this guy would appear at a Walmart opening if asked.

    Also, it’s obvious that Adam is totally jealous of Jon Stewart…yet he pretty much stands for everything Adam dislikes.

    • Kristina W.
      Kristina W.09-26-2012

      Yup. Great get, August, grabbing one of the 5 guys from 98o that no one has heard of or cares about. Not that we care about the one guy from the band that we know. Those guys aren’t in your demo!

    • raysbuckteeth

      I think PrincessBC is right about ACE and John Stew, being polar opposites politically. Let me yes and..

      Did it ever occur to anyone on here that ACE made up his political social right wing mind when he became aware that his Mom never loved him and she loved John Stewart more.? He’s told that story a few times before, and I just made the connection today. ACE has major Mommy Issues. Take that, mouth breathing Republican clones who hang on his every word like it’s gospel brilliance. More funny less Prager bullshite please.

  22. Robert

    What’s the AD he was speaking of?

  23. Architect

    If you are going to complain about football can you please complain about the god damn robot that fox insists on using during broadcasts of football games. All I know is that every guy I know that watches football LOVES THE HELL OUT OF SOME TOUGH ROBOTS! And what about all of the explosion noises when they jump from game to game on the redzone chanel. How can all of this be stopped? I just want to watch football without being nauseated by all of the stuff added in for retards. Please help be the voice to end all of this.

    • David

      You’re talking about Cleatus. Yes, the robot has a name. You’ll burn your brain out if try to consider how much money Fox has spent animating and producing him over the years, and I can’t think of one reason. He’s not even Cleatus the Samsung robot or something. God forbid they just show some shots of cheerleaders.

    • Neil L. Pearson
      Neil L. Pearson09-25-2012

      Absolutely, us football fans are happy enough to watch football. We don’t need BS sound & visual effects to entertain us. By the way, the morons at FOX thought it would be a good idea to have a contest to naming the robot. The result…….Cleatis.

      Point proven that FOX executives, and all other network executives, should all be fired.

  24. mia

    haha – a photo of adam carolla asking for probably the 10th time what was up with the ADD issue on Modern Family at the Emmy’s after party http://blog.sfgate.com/dailydish/2012/09/24/emmys-2012-the-afterparties/#7503101-25

    great rant… can totally empathize with the hyper vigilance… or maybe a mild dusting of Aspergers….

  25. JessMan

    heeey, don’t ryp on mark rypien!

  26. Jack

    I’m glad that Simmons, Cousin Sal, and Kimmel have called out Carolla on the BS report for becoming a right wing blowhard

    • Chad

      Yeah–Kimmel just questioned his new odd behavior–Sal and Simmon did though.

  27. dave

    Gertrude Stinkysnatch….

  28. Dave

    Could all the people pro and con obamacare shut the fuck up healthcare will never stop helping people no matter what happens. I work for a hospital I see this every day so shut the fuck up please

  29. Drew

    Adam really is the real life Larry David from Curb, grilling everyone from Modern Family about the ADD thing.

  30. Rolando

    Great pic of you and Sonny together. Treasure the days!

  31. Þór

    Andre Rison was actually renting that house, that Lisa Lopez burned down, from a doctor my Mom worked with át the time.

  32. VDM

    “Obamacare is great. They need to take care of us athletes.”
    “I made millions of dollars but the government took half of it away and now I’m broke.”

    It’s amazing how the irony doesn’t reach this guy.

  33. Grendel Jones
    Grendel Jones09-25-2012

    I know it was partly the phone connection but Keith McCants was unintelligible. At least he could romanticize Obamacare for the tax-payers. Now I completely understand why we need socialized medicine. Athletes elect to put life and limb in danger, mismanage their funds and the taxpayers get to pay the bills for these former heroes. It’s such a beautiful system I could just cry.

  34. SamuelJH

    Thank you Adam Carolla,Jeff Timmons,Keith McCants,supporting cast and crew.

    -Karma means Action. All actions have inertia. Plant an apple seed and with the correct conditions an apple tree will grow producing many apples with many more apple seeds. Everything is Action.

  35. phil landers
    phil landers09-25-2012

    Yeah, I like that Aceman’s posse of Sal, Simmons and Jimmy are starting to question Carolla’s veering into the Right Wing lane.

  36. Polichinello

    Shockingly, the ex-football player didn’t have a nuanced, sophisticated view of taxes and social spending, and BB wasn’t using the strongest example citing these guys as insurance hard cases.

    However, he has a point all the same. People like him are nearly impossible to insure, and Obamacare does address that issue, which is more than the GOP did (I generally vote GOP, BTW). It had power for almost six years and did nothing about this problem. So give the Democrats credit for at least addressing the issue.

    The problem with Obamacare is that it will probably make the problem worse. To ensure coverage to all, we need to the mandate, but the mandate involves a ridiculously low penalty (or should I say tax, Chief Justice?). It’s $695. So, if you’re healthy and uninsured you have no incentive to sign up for insurance. You pay the penalty, pocket the difference, and if you get sick, no prob. You then sign up for health insurance, because you can’t be denied. This will (and already has) drive up the cost of premiums, making an already bad situation worse. This will also affect government subsidies, and to contain their costs (or bend the cost curve), the government will have to put off or deny treatments.

    But I’m sure millionaire ex-football players will still be covered by some sort of Costa Rican insurance.

    • phil landers
      phil landers09-27-2012

      good comment

    • raysbuckteeth


      the problem I have with “already made premiums rise” is that you have no way of knowing what the costs would have been had nothing changed. Except that they would certainly have gone up.

      what it sounds like your saying is we need a tougher mandate or a fully socialized system like social security is for our retirement years. Now your talking.. BTW all the political ads you’ll ever see about canadians or britts complaining about the healthcare over there can be tripled by the horror stories in US hospitals TODAY, before ACA takes effect.

  37. Just Me
    Just Me09-26-2012

    Could Sonny be any more adorable?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-27-2012

      Only if he had a normal shaped head.

      • raysbuckteeth

        he can blame natalia for that, for squashing his head for nine long months. And if he’s his pappa’s son, he will for the rest of his days. ha

  38. Cindy C
    Cindy C09-26-2012

    You say you want the corporations who made money off the football players to pay for their permanent injuries after retirement. But we cannot count on the corporations to care about the human being. They have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders, plain and simple. Nothing stands in the way of dividends. They will do nothing unless they are forced. When it comes to human beings and their health, we cannot leave it to boards of directors, actuaries and accountants to give proper treatment. We need the government to do for us what we cannot do alone. Health care is the definition of that.
    Thanks for considering this before you jump off the Ace network and over to Fox. I see it coming. Glen Beck, geez louise.

    • Joker

      Well said Cindy.

    • phil landers
      phil landers09-27-2012

      Oh Cindy, great comment. I sure as hell hope you can’t see the future. I pray to the podcast Gods that he does not jump his pirate ship.

  39. Seattleite

    I saw the same thing on an episode of Bob’s Burgers, and it was followed by HD… so it was ADHD. I totally thought it was a joke by the writers of the show to just mess with FOX and displaying the HD logo all the time.

    Either way… good times, glad I’m not the only one reading far too much into stupid things.

  40. Adam Fans Are Idiots
    Adam Fans Are Idiots09-26-2012

    Obamacare will solve all of your issues without costing you a DIME. Choke on that one some more you conservative faggots

    • Polichinello

      LOL. Okay, I hope you’re right. I’d love for there to be a free lunch.

  41. Warren

    Adam, I’m guessing there are passing restrictions in your event because I think you mentioned it was “vintage”. Probably refers to clean passing on straight-aways and not in the corners. Well, quit being the douche who always has to show he’s the faster guy by going into every corner and annoyingly disappearing into the guys blind spot. If your not going to pass,stay behind and let the guy do the corner without him thinking you “out-braked yourself” and are about to crash into his door. You Jerk…just giving friendly advice. Love your podcasts.

    • Warren

      @ :32 seconds

  42. Mister Lister
    Mister Lister09-27-2012

    “how’s it going convincing the world you don’t have aspergers?”

    BB, you are so much funnier you get credit for!

    • phil landers
      phil landers09-27-2012

      Absolutely, when BB is not there for his comments and drops the podcast feels kinda empty

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