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Adam opens the show discussing the extremely hot valley weather, and how ridiculous it is that luxury cars don’t have a way to cool themselves off in the parking lot. Adam then takes a call from Jeff Ross, and the guys talk about the controversy surrounding his comments during the upcoming Roseanne Barr Roast. Adam also talks with his assistant about his ex-girlfriend, and how the Carolla name can get you out of traffic tickets.

Comedian Tom Rhodes enters the studio next, and talks with Adam about touring in Australia. Tom also talks about visiting the graves of people he admires, and Alison explains that graveyards creep her out. Later Tom discusses touring the world with his photographer wife, and the guys talk about a little known Disneyland secret.

Today’s news begins with an update on the Wisconsin shooting. The gang also discusses the first color photo released from the Mars Rover, and why we should just save our money and take pictures in the desert. Other news stories include a teenager who collapsed after playing videogames for 4 days straight, and Joan Rivers’ protest against Costco by handcuffing herself to a shopping cart. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss the tax policy for Olympic athletes.


Watch the Roast of Roseanne Barr this Sunday, August 12th at 10pm on Comedy Central. Also watch ‘The Burn,’ August 14th at 10:30pm on Comedy Central. Visit http://RoastMasterGeneral.com for more info.

Click through our Amazon site and pickup a copy of Tom Rhodes’ ‘Colossus of Me’. You can also follow him on Twitter @_TomRhodes, and visit his website: http://TomRhodes.net

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Liberal Elite
    Liberal Elite08-08-2012

    Adam’s incessant ranting over class warfare and how Mayor V want to take his “hard earned” money is quite humorous. For Adam to pretend as if he works hard is absurd. Once a day Adam sits around his studio for an hour or two and complains about the same 3 things (Mayor V, class warfare, and absent black fathers). That is the extent of Adam’s “hard work”.

    • Steve

      His rants make sense and are generally entertaining. You strike me as some low paid, but not underpaid, bitter 20 year old who hasn’t found a way to make money off whining about Bush or Romney online yet.

    • Hypocrisy 101
      Hypocrisy 10108-09-2012

      Ace man believes parents should be jailed for producing children that commit crimes. Ace man also believes not only should he run Los Angeles but also the world.

      Yet said genius can not teach his lovely boy which way to run during a basketball game? How hard would it be to teach your child which direction to run? Not very.

      Maybe Ace man should cut down on his hot rod time and start being a father to his boy. That means swallowing some pride/ego and get fingerprinted. It also means teaching his son the fundamentals of basketball and it might take longer than an hour of his precious time.

      Hypocrisy 101

      • Nik Weinstein
        Nik Weinstein08-09-2012

        Hypocrisy 101 would at least start out with an objective definition of hypocrisy.

        101, 101.

      • Bobman

        You realize he’s an entertainer, and is never going to run or have any influence on LA or world politics right?

        “How is he going to run the world if he can’t even run his kids?!!” Um, he’s not. He’s going to run a podcast that people laugh at. End of story.

      • Sunny

        ” It’s just a waste of my time “

    • tonymonterey

      Then your mom called you to dinner. Bet you can’t/don’t pay anything into the system and you live in your mom’s house waiting for her to die.

    • Jane Goodall
      Jane Goodall08-09-2012

      You can’t imagine how wrong you are

    • John

      You idiot. He has numerous podcasts and appearances every week. He runs his own studio. He travels the country doing standup. But youre right, i guess he just sits around all but an hour a day. Way to think that one through you fucking moron.

    • R

      Haha your a dumb liberal.

      • Sean

        I hope this is sarcasm, because the irony of calling someone dumb while using “your” instead of “you’re” is awesome.

      • chuckie gorman
        chuckie gorman08-10-2012


      • Yarms Bakersontonmantino
        Yarms Bakersontonmantino08-10-2012

        Hey R, if you’re going to call someone dumb, you probably should use correct English. You should have used “you’re” (which is a contraction of “you are”) instead of “your.”

      • GOD

        Man, if “you’re” (not your) going to call someone dumb, please use the correct wording… otherwise you look like you’ve been chowing box, man.

        • William Shatner
          William Shatner08-13-2012

          I think you guys should correct him one more time for good measure

      • Jen A
        Jen A08-17-2012

        Classic moron to have spelling mistakes when you are making fun of someone being dumb…. wow

    • Vegas

      It sounds good to say that the top percent pays all the taxes, except that the very top pay no taxes at all. First they hide most of their money in foreign banks just incase they might have to pay any, but they never do. I thought they use all those tax cuts to hire more workers and pay them more…hahaha!

      The facebook guys…no taxes paid, Romney…little to no taxes. Taxes pay for the military among other things, so very patriotic Mitt. Maybe Mitt’s tax money would have bought some more armored vehicles to protect our troops. The problem for Adam is that he makes a lot, so you pay a lot. But once you pass a certain amount, you pay nothing.

      • Big E
        Big E08-10-2012

        Hey Vegas, Ever notice the commercial for Obama knocking Mitt for only paying 14%? 14% of $20,000,000.00 is 2,800,000.00. Any one one here pay $2,800,000.00 in federal income tax last year? Anyone on here realize that the bottom 30% or so pay $0.00?

      • BenInSeattle

        This is bullshit. No one legally pays nothing. You are talking out of your ass.

      • William Shatner
        William Shatner08-13-2012

        Where do you get your facts about the very rich not paying taxes. Some super liberal tells you this when they are complaining about the rich, and you believe them?

    • Miguel

      Wrong. Adam is quite insightful on all of these issues. That’s why people listen to him. He busted his butt to get where he is. You’re where?

    • Craig

      It’s actually refreshing hearing Adam’s rants, after hearing the bitter envy coming from people these days.
      It’s also tiring hear the president pander to those feelings. How much do they really want to help the unfortunant, and how much is their envy just petty greed?
      The Wisconsin Gov. made it harder for public employees to make 100k but he expanded medicaid.

    • Brian M.
      Brian M.08-22-2012

      If you think that is all he does, you don’t listen to the show.

  2. Leblanc and Carr
    Leblanc and Carr08-08-2012

    I’m falling… Oh I’m falling…

  3. Sal

    You look like you’ve been chowing box, man!

  4. Connard

    That Jeff Ross segment reminds me a bit of reverse ass-kiss rodeo. Ace was much more agreeable with Ross than a couple days ago.

  5. Juicefest020

    Why are comics getting picked on? And what about all the crazy extreme porn and so why not pick on someone else?
    Lets take a look at some angles on this:
    – First thing we better get straight is the ‘take it but can’t dish it’ high sensitivity of MOST comics and blogs. Get something straight:
    Comedians get to stand on a stage with mics and lights and then some men who can beat us up. We are told to be quiet and we cannot win. If the Comic decides to tell us what a piece of shlt Jesus is and why our wives ‘shlt out babies’ WE must stand and take it.
    Okay guess what comedians?
    Now, bloggers and anyone else gets to go home and (just like you) make a little stage and have a little audience. They get to say you were a piece of shlt and ask who shat you out? Or say your world view is piece of shlt.
    Well WHY PICK ON US!? Heyyyyy… dont get us in trouble!
    Well look comics. Your just telling jokes. Yes. Bloggers are just writing opinions. ITS JUST THEIR OPINIONS OKAYYYYY Comedians???
    So why you condemn and judge bloggers?

    Here is the next problem. You bet, people are walking around with skull-face tattoos, squealing as they sucker-punch women in Vancouver riots, porn is now women eating feces out a man’s anus (while someone spits in her face),
    here is what is actually MORE of the same… Comedians smashing Jesus on stage, ‘spitting’ in the face of Catholics, shitting on Palin’s face while they make her ‘eat shit’.
    So what are you confused about? Exactly right Adam. Comedians are also going extreeeeeeme with no holds barred. It is now ‘normal’ to make jokes about raping kids. 10 years ago that was ‘off-limits’. Now you use raped kids as part of jokes. O&A is a bunch of middle-aged jizz-comics talking jizz and how they jizz and what gays must jizz on and then how pedophiles jizz and what kids they jizz on.

    And now here is the next big answer as to why comedians are getting it. Because just about all of them are ‘Atheists’ (not the Adam kind) but god-haters who have a vicious pissing contest with Jesus and want to say their fave comics are who? Bill Hack Hicks a vicious hate-filled Christ-hater. George Carlin another vicious Christ-hater andddd.. Sam Kinison.
    And Penn Jillette. And I don’t know.. Jim Norton and Joe DeRosa, knowing the audience cannot fight back say ‘Fuck Christianity’. Christopher Titus wants to shoot that Palin bitch in the fuckin face, ever other comedian is an absolute full-on left-wing anti-Christian anti-conservative hate-filled a-hole who says “Hey..I’m not left or right .. Im not for either side” and YET would EASILY score a full-on liberal progressive anti-conservative on any chart given.

    And here’s the next problem: The vast majority of comics can’t quite figure out how they ought not over-compensate by going after the left-wing Christ-hating liberals pet concerns. Hey.. I will give the pseudo-intellectual Bill Maher credit on something… he eventually stopped pretending he ‘offends everyone equally’ and fell to the obvious liberal agenda side.

    So now what? Where are comedians going to go? You know you actually COULD count on the 70% of conservative, religious, traditional, ‘tea party’ types to actually back you up BIG on the freedom of speech and smash the PC crowd,
    You then went on stage, where I can’t talk, looked at me and heeeyy.. just makin a JOKE… said ‘you’re such an ignorant little turd you probably believe the earth is 6000 years old and jack off to the dumb fucking bitch Palin right?’
    So fuck you. And when I write ‘fuck you’ on my blog then suck it up princess. You hypocritical little coward. YOU liked it when YOU got a stage and now you are crying foul when Joe Blogger gets the same thing?

    So there you go.

    *For the record: I am actually 100% opposed to anyone recording any comedian in a performance. I could have done that and did not. (without anyone telling me) and I don’t let my friends do that. That is a completely different issue.
    Bloggers, as a general rule, do allow comedians to read, link and even copy and paste their content on their blogs. Thats fine if they allow it then so be it.

    • UnBald Brian
      UnBald Brian08-09-2012

      I didn’t read more than 5 sentences into this. This guy needs to take his nerd rage blog somewhere else. Go sit on your throne of you blog kingdom and pretend to have a life.

      • Juicefest020

        I wrote that as a favour to you. If you are too lazy to read more than 5 sentences in or are like the other ones who get angry over reading then here is my suggestion:
        You need to get a life. A life where you can read and write half as fast as I can.
        heap: go home and get your shinebox.
        may: i have a good job
        unbald: It has zero to do with nerd rage. Its anti-nerd rage if anything else. My life is fuller and more varied than yours.

        • UnBald Brian
          UnBald Brian08-10-2012

          I wasnt lazy, it was just too retarded of a rant to continue. It wasn’t worth the time.

      • Scott Goodrich
        Scott Goodrich08-10-2012

        Actually i think its clear that long winded comment was a women, who else has that much time? Men work.

        • William Shatner
          William Shatner08-13-2012

          good point Scott. I didnt realize that at first. Only that the rant had no coherence and was painstaking to try to read. I should have known.

    • heapoftears

      im not reading all that
      shut the fuck up, already

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee08-09-2012

      Too Juicy (Read Long) for a 90 minute podcast, you need a job!

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle08-10-2012

        He needs a girlfriend.

    • blindnil

      get a job moron. a blow-job.

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein08-09-2012

      I have to say, I read a handful of sentences and then scrolled down. Wow, you’re a sad person.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running08-09-2012

      This reminds me of that scene in Permanent Midnight where Jerry Stahl is sitting at the typewriter, shirtless, covered in sweat, puffing mercilessly on a cigarette…

    • ChicagoCarrollaFan

      Thanks Juicy my head just exploded.

    • Scott Goodrich
      Scott Goodrich08-10-2012

      Well a couple things wrong with what you have to say.

      A) you don’t have to see or listen to the comic. If you don’t like them don’t support them.
      B) Comics could careless about your blog or others blog, but they have to care because, you (bloggers in general) asshats have to go describing inaccuracies due to hypersensitive on blogs which the TMZ’s and People magazines of the world love to read and eat up to spit back in Comics faces who are not forced to listen to your stupid blog all because you paid to see the comic in hopes to be offended so you have something to write on your blog
      C) Calm the fu*k down there are bigger fish to fry in the world.

  6. Tim

    in middle school a friend spit a long range loogie loaded up with oreo at me and it hit me in the mouth

    really good show by alison today

  7. Sluggh

    Jeff Ross gets the marquee treatment and yet is unlistenable. Love the show, but please list only the guests in studio.

  8. Silent Running
    Silent Running08-09-2012

    Actually, Breivik targeted a socialist youth league, not white Christians. The youth league is affiliated with the senior political party in Norway, which I would imagine has a large hand in immigration policy.

    I remember the reaction from the left as being strangely muted after this massacre. Maybe because it demonstrated just how helpless a disarmed group truly is before a single determined attacker. .

    Some of Breivik’s victims actually approached him and tried to convince him to lay his weapons down. He shot them dead.

    • Juicefest020

      Yes and most of the victims were white and from Christian homes (if not actually practicing Christians themselves).
      “Actually they were from a…”.
      Yes actually many of them were college students. Which is a college where kids go to learn.
      Uh actually a lot of them were not kids but adults so…
      Actually a lot of them were Norwegian citizens cough correct correct.

      I have no idea why you think the reaction from the left was ‘muted’? They almost went into a 24/7 orgasm instantly declaring him a ‘Christian Fundamentalist’ and ‘Right-Wing Christian’ and then pummeled us with that for 2 days,
      …everyone found Brievik’s ‘manifesto’ online and discovered a ‘social liberal’, an atheist, who was inspired by and quoted nearly every conceivable angle or spectrum from Ghandi to modern authors you would consider quite moderate or even ‘liberal’ or left-leaning.
      I suppose he didn’t quote the NT much since he hadn’t been to church in his entire life. Wasn’t a member of any ‘right-wing’ organizations etc.
      But for weeks we still heard about the ‘Christian Fundamentalist Brievik’

      • Juicefest020

        *Hadn’t been to church in his entire adult life. He was actually baptized and raised nominally in church membership.

        • Noctophrenia

          Who still believes in that Christian stuff, I thought we all grew out of that?

  9. Sluggh

    On the call-back, did Jeff actually say, “Whatever happens (in Somalia) happens here a couple years later”? Yes, he did!

  10. rosemary

    way to cut off bald brian adam. ruuuuude.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-10-2012

      It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.

  11. legendary burro
    legendary burro08-09-2012

    Did Bald Brian go postal and do some shooting?

  12. Mike

    Best podcast yet!

  13. Yarms Bakersontonmantino
    Yarms Bakersontonmantino08-09-2012

    Adam is wrong about Ted out grossing The Dark Knight Rises internationally. Check out http://www.boxofficemojo.com for the numbers.

  14. germanyvsflorida

    another great ad for LA…for the biggest fan of electronic music…greetings from Germany…LEDERHOSEN


  15. smart james
    smart james08-09-2012


  16. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III08-09-2012

    Jeff Ross….wow….what a whiner.

  17. Dave

    Adam should get a remote car starter installed and preset his vehicles A/C before he gets out. 5 minutes before he departs just remote start and that thing will cool down.

  18. Adam's Hypocrisy
    Adam's Hypocrisy08-09-2012

    Holy shit! We’ve almost made it through the week with no David Wild! (fingers crossed)

  19. Uncle Spooge
    Uncle Spooge08-09-2012

    Ted is doing awesome but Dark Knight rises is beating it by about half a billion dollars and by 300 mil in the foreign market alone. If Marky Mark and peter griffin’s voice on a bear beat Batman Seth Mcfarlane would rule Hollywood.

  20. LEE

    adam, its just FAMILY GUY…not THE family guy its driving me crazy! lol

    please stop putting the “THE” infront the way you make fun of older people for mis-pronouncing stuff

    Stay classy!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-10-2012

      I think that’s why he does it.
      …the Google, the internets, the Facebook, etc.

  21. Justin

    Bryan is correct about taxing the medals. It says “Maximum Taxes Due” right on that picture. You would be taxed based on your tax bracket. If the medal was your only income for the year, (For example: If you are a high school student) then you would be taxed at a fairly low rate.

    That one high school broad that won a bunch of swimming medals could end up with a huge tax bill as an amateur. Her family would have to pay the tax, or she could maybe sell a medal to help cover the cost. This could endanger her amateur status.

    Good on Obama for not making them pay. If it’s an athlete like Phelps making millions in endorsements, he’s already paying a ton in taxes.

    • RoyalDryness

      There’s no reason to sell her medal. She’s not being tax on the medal, she and every other medal winner are paying taxes on the money that you recieve in addition to the physical medal. You would just set aside some of that money, or better yet it’s just deducted from the check you recieve like you’re employer does with a paycheck. I don’t get why any of this is a big deal. It’s fucking income, it’s money they earned, why would you not pay taxes on it?

  22. TL

    Wow, Aceman shaved. What’s up?

  23. Thuh Hammah
    Thuh Hammah08-09-2012

    Hey, it looks like Adam may have taken his shower this month!

  24. Dick Face
    Dick Face08-09-2012

    ROFL! that explains why Matt’s the porcelain punisher…all that “real” south of border Mexican food!!!

  25. chuckie gorman
    chuckie gorman08-09-2012


  26. Graham Wellington
    Graham Wellington08-09-2012

    This need to be offended by everything comedians say and to announce how offended we are to the world all goes back to the self-entitled atmosphere that this generation was raised in. It ties into Carolla’s rant about Operation Wall Street.

    • Joe

      Oh yeah, Operation Wall Street. Takes a steady hand!

  27. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol08-09-2012

    GET IT ON !

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee08-09-2012

      Riley Martin gave you a shout out yesterday Hugh

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle08-10-2012

        See you on the mother-ship.

  28. MikeD

    Bald Bryan is right about the taxes. Yes they get those amounts removed for their honorarium when it is paid. But then at the end of the year you get most of it back on your tax refund if you are not in the highest tax bracket.

  29. Tony

    Matt Fondiler in Mexico – Poopa-cabre

    Could you imagine being in the stall next to him after some street vendor mystery meat and a warm glass of tap water.

  30. Les

    “Opinions are like assholes.
    Everyone has one and no one wants to hear yours.”

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee08-09-2012

      I have a colostomy and an Iliostomy, want to hear mine?

  31. heapoftears

    LOL Bryan can go as the shooter, this halloween

  32. Deanna

    Peel away film. Ok there is a product called graffitti film and it is literally what you are referencing in this podcast. I buy it from a company called Eco Tint. We use itin the elevators because people like to carve their names in the walls. I also use it on the walkways that go over the strip on the glasss. Google it!

  33. Tommy

    Just discovered the Mike O`Meara show .. im off the ship!

    • Tracy

      Too bad your learning disability only allows you to listen to one show per day. See ya!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee08-09-2012

      Bye Bye

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-10-2012


  34. guy

    I understand free speech is for all comedians, so what does this have to do with jeff ross?

  35. Beyonces Fiance
    Beyonces Fiance08-09-2012

    if lung cancer could talk it would sound just like Tom Rhodes. He had a 90 year old womans smoker voice……gross

  36. sloozen1

    ANOTHER GOOD SHOW ADAM. (Sorry) Can they not spray some kind of clear on bridges and signs that can be washed off?? What about shooting grafitti ppl with a traquilizer dart like animals?? Then fine them $15000 or go to jail until family or freinds can pay it?….Good idea…Bye Bud.

  37. Jack Silver
    Jack Silver08-09-2012

    Year’s ago Tom Rhodes was the new comedian golden boy and was projected to be the next big thing and then after a failed sit-com his career just torpedoed.
    Long time fan and nice to hear he is back.

  38. Mary

    Jeff Ross lost all credibility with me when he made such a big deal out of Jimmy Kimmel’s cousin pranking him on Dancing with the Stars. He can dish it out all day long but can’t take it.

  39. Damon

    Poor poor Jeffrey Ross. Why do people criticize him? Can’t people understand he is a victim? It must be so hard for him…all that he has to endure with people saying and writing words about him. He is so fearless and brave to go on stage with Paterno and Aurora humor. Why has everyone gotten so sensitive? Back in the day Bob Hope could roll off timely pedophilia humor in his act and no one batted an eye. Rickles and Hackett were on national TV all the time with mass murder humor. People are just way too sensitive suddenly. Jeff Ross, keep that chin up little buddy. You are a true hero. People just don’t understand.

  40. Alex C
    Alex C08-10-2012

    Tom Rhodes is a really funny guy… too bad he didn’t get much of a chance to speak.

  41. dumbass

    jeff ross looks just like carolla in that picture…weird

  42. Edna's Edibles
    Edna's Edibles08-10-2012

    @Adam’s Hypocrisy “Holy shit! We’ve almost made it through the week with no David Wild! (fingers crossed)”

    Yes, THIS^!

  43. YoussefChristian

    Seeing the photo of Brian with the shooter, I did a legitimate spit-take.

  44. BW

    I love Ross on the roasts but today he came across like a scared little douche

  45. Craig

    The liberal pussies would argue that caining only produces more graffiti artists.

  46. Zack

    Adam seems ok with caning graffiti artists. I mean what does he care… he doesn’t graffiti, so good, cane them! But when laws come on the books that limit smoking in public… then he starts to question where our country is heading. But lets bring on the caning… right.

  47. JeffD

    One of the best Adam quotes:

    “One day, I am going to sit down and figure out the rhythm of life.”

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