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At the top of the show, Alison talks with Adam about bumping into one of his old assistants at a party. Adam also talks about hanging out at Jay Leno’s garage, and brings up the old Man Show sketch that upset LeVar Burton. Dr. Bruce then begins this week’s Healthwatch discussing an important safety tip for people using their grills this summer. Later, the guys take a couple listener calls, and Adam rants about bringing dogs onto airplanes.

Today’s next guest is comedian Jeff Dye, who talks with Adam about growing up south of Seattle. The guys then watch some hilarious parody videos about why the valley is such a dump, and Adam rants about rechargeable batteries. News stories include the death of Ernest Borgnine, the future of the California high-speed rail line, and a salon that offers waxing to girls under 15. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about weird homeless people in Portland, the fascination of 4D movies, and why kids need to stop getting so many toys.


Watch full episodes of Money From Strangers on http://MTV.com. You can also follow today’s guest on Twitter @JeffDye, and get more info at http://JeffDye.com


Van Nuys Parody

Pacoima Parody

Canoga Park Parody

Jay Leno’s Garage

*Also, you can see ‘Movies Men Don’t Want To See’ and all the classic Man Show bits on DVD.

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. ryanc

    YES! got the Monday upload super-early

    • Hugh Gashol
      Hugh Gashol07-10-2012

      Nice, here it is Tuesday afternoon guess I was a little late.

  2. daniel gallie
    daniel gallie07-08-2012

    How much pot does Allison smoke before each show?

    • ShutUpTool

      Not more than me.

    • Miles L. Berman
      Miles L. Berman07-09-2012

      You’re terrible at assessing things, so you just decided to say that totally at random hoping you’d hit on something. Alison is usually more with it than about 99 percent of the population, so your comment is just plain dumb.

    • Ben Ciotti
      Ben Ciotti07-09-2012

      she doesnt do drugs listen to her talk she knows nothing about them

  3. WILDly dissapointed
    WILDly dissapointed07-08-2012

    No, No, Yes

  4. Chris

    I think Alison is really a blonde under the brunette hair. But she is hot and still sweet.

  5. Ricotastic

    That guy was a comedian?

  6. guh

    Did you find the one idiot from Seattle? This guy doesn’t even know what happened with the monorail. Maybe because he’s from KENT and not Seattle. “The black schools” beat them at basketball? What is this, the 1940s? The guy sounds like a moron. Did he get loads of positive reinforcement from people who liked him for things other than his sense of humor? Must have. (because Alison is funnier than he is). Who screens these guests??

    • Eric Blair
      Eric Blair07-09-2012

      Yeah!!!! And we all know that people from KENT couldn’t know anything about the great metropolis of Seattle!!!! Did you say he moved to Seattle when he was 17? Or do you have to be born within the city limits to truly one of the Pure Seattlites. I live there for awhile. Not all that. A little Big Town at best. Get over yourself, Seattle. Seen it and are no longer impressed (too many people who argue against prejudice with prejudice…. ) guh, you’re an idiot

  7. andygirlll

    OMG 😀 The travel videos are hilarious, especially the overdubs.

  8. Jane Moore
    Jane Moore07-09-2012

    Another rant about airline peanuts…Adam should work this into his stand-up act. He can be the first stand-up comedian to talk about airline peanuts.

  9. Ronda

    Honda elements are good functional cars. Super ugly but the interior is fantastic and comfortable.

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode07-09-2012

      You can whip a Honda CRF450R easier then a Honda Element Ronda, Ive tried on/in both, just saying…

  10. HMSBeagle

    Adam – your memory is working in your favor. You didn’t predict cancer sniffing dogs. You riffed off of early reports of cancer sniffing dogs to envision STD sniffing dogs. If those come around, feel free to yell to the gods about your clairvoyance.

  11. Dave

    So Adam uses his assistant to do dry cleaning?

    Judging from the photos of Adam’s wardrobe on the podcast, the amount of dry cleaning going on is negligible.

    On a side note, Dr. Bruce should not have his photo taken anywhere near good looking young men.

  12. sloozen1

    Cheap Chinese grill brushes are the problem…Dog son airplanes? I gotta get out more. Adam YOU are doing something about it! (we have to appreciate their differences)…lol. I think poor people have no money in which to fine them into line…Who saw that coming? Earnest B, a big steak eating fucker lives to 96…Deep Asian Hair Removers Inc.. lol

  13. Daan

    Adam, you spend a lot of time complaining about how your kids have far too many toys and games distracting them. You realize that as a parent, you get to decide what your kids play with right?

  14. Aaron

    “I don’t want to smell Precious.” Best line in a while.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-10-2012

      I was beginning to question that guy’s title as a “comedian” until he said that.

  15. Dick Face
    Dick Face07-09-2012

    Yeah, I hate those little wire bristles, I’m always getting fuck up by them when using a wire wheel or brush and I don’t know how spinach is processed but I found an inch long bristle in a salad I made from a bag of fresh spinach once and almost ate it.

  16. Andrew

    Lavar Arrington was named after Lavar Burton, at least that’s what Wikipedia says.

    • Micah

      Except someone screwed up, being it’s LaVar Arrington and LeVar Burton.

  17. West

    Adam, you need to try the new low-discharge rechargeable batteries, Sanyo Eneloop, or Sony Cycle Energy. They don’t go dead just sitting around in a draw (or remote) like the old ones did. Both are good batteries, Eneloops are cheaper but the Sony’s come bundled with a better charger.

    • Social Bobcat
      Social Bobcat07-09-2012

      man I came here just to make that same suggestion – all the Energizer rechargeables we have bought have no battery life at all, but the Eneloops I read up on and bought are great.

  18. Tom

    Love how Brian (or whoever) always starts Dr. Spaz’s intro later and later into his conversation.

  19. Macaroni and Cheese
    Macaroni and Cheese07-09-2012

    Have to agree with some of the other posters. Not the best guest today. The bit about the old dude interviewing for the waxing job had me cracking up. Classic Adam.

    • Si

      The Bit about the Waxing Job was Adam at his best… Allison was doing a good job setting him up But Jesus Christ was he driving it home…

  20. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode07-09-2012

    On “This Old House” they had a printer similar the one on “Jays Garage” and they were able to model the existing house plus the additions and actually put different colors into the 3D model, neat. In the video I kept getting distracted by the Yamaha TZ250 or was it a TZ750 gas tank? I suppose Jay has a perfect pristine TZ750, oh the humanity!!!!!!!! And he probably rides it, Whimper…

  21. Reed Rothchild
    Reed Rothchild07-09-2012

    First of all, and as a preface, Get it On, Aceman! Huge fan. That said…

    It seems to me that Ace may be going through a rough patch. Most of his podcasts — live and studio — are mostly filled with vitriolic rants. And not the rants of old, where Adam seemed to be feigning some degree of outrage or anger, even if he meant what he said. Today’s rants, more and more, seem to find Adam FILLED with actual rage. Moreover, he just always seems to be angry. And making angry statements about society in general, and his family — including Lynette — in particular. Plus, it seems to me that he is really pushing the envelope on a lot of what he’s saying, more and more each day.

    To be clear, it’s not that I don’t agree with virtually 100% of Adam’s takes on things…it’s just that it seems like his podcasts are more ragecasts these days, rather than mostly funny and conversational with a few rants thrown in. Also, more than ever, he seems like he’s not really interviewing his guests as much as they are just sitting there listening to him rant. Same goes with Alison and BB.

    The thing is, I don’t know why this is. Adam is not really the same way on his other podcasts. Compare his good mood and fun, conversational tone in Ace on the House with Ray to what is on TACS. AotH seems more like the Adam of old, the Loveline Adam, rather than constantly angry, bitter Adam.

    Still a huge fan, but hope Ace relaxes a bit and figures out what is making him seemingly SO angry all the time, and fixes it. Funny, lighthearted, American Genius Adam is much preferable to angry-bitter Adam.

    Just my 2c.

    • Adam's a Racist
      Adam's a Racist07-09-2012

      Oh my god! I so agree with what you just said. Sometimes you want to make a point, but the point is stated so succinctly by someone else, how do you improve upon it. He is ruining his own show. That might be a bit hyperbolic, but there is truth to it. I am a big fan, despite my username. But that is it…that is what I’ve felt. I just feel like we are missing the old Adam. I want that Adam back.

      Maybe he needed studioheads wrangling him in. Despite their moronic (as Adam explains it so well) in the last few months I’ve felt like maybe it’s what he’s needed to balance himself out. Unfettered Adam is just…well, let’s put it this way. It’s like Adam says, sweet and sincere is not funny. Angry can be funny for sure, but effing moderation. Unfettered anger, and it’s death to comedy. I definitely think Adam is a person who thinks he is MUCH funnier than he is. And don’t get me wrong, I think he is great, but he seems to feel he has a can do no wrong attitude when it comes to comedy. But he can, and he has.

      Now, I don’t think this was a bad episode, and I enjoyed it, and the guessed. I was listening at work, so I may have been distracted at parts you ^ had mentioned, unless you were just speaking in general about the show. But in general I agree.

      One last thing. I have been noticing for some time, the guess have been of lesser and lesser quality. Though I do like learning of new people, like todays guest. I think that’s a good thing. But still, where are the quality guest of old. I understand not getting the same guest from the radio days, but he used to get better guess earlier on in the podcast. I think I know why. If I were (just to use a recent guest as an example only) Lavar Burton, why would I want to go on to just be bitched at briefly (though for Adam he was reserved, in many respects that episode) and then have no conversation about yourself your what you are up to, and just be there for scenery. I’m sure if I were a celebrity of any worth and I got a call, I would pass. Unless I was friends with him, and doing it to hang out and have fun, I would pass. And it seems like that’s all he’s getting anymore, are just the people he knows or a few desperate or unknowing people. I mess good guest. I feel this is Adam’s fault. And he better start caring or else he is going to lose what he’s got here, and so far it is still pretty great, and it would be sad to see it go.

      • Adam's a Racist
        Adam's a Racist07-09-2012

        Third to last line, *miss.

        If there are more I missed, eff it. I’m drinking Mangarita. (not really, just being lazy on typing)

      • Adam's a Racist
        Adam's a Racist07-10-2012

        And then his very next guest was David Wild. Effing A! Adam just made my point.

        • YoussefChristian

          Go outside.

  22. Derrick

    Adam never interviews the guest. I have no idea what this guys show is about.

  23. jo ke
    jo ke07-09-2012

    Love the spaz intro, BB always cuts off Bruce at the perfect spot fucken hilarious.Thats good pod btw.

  24. Blake

    Please stop putting Dr. Bruce’s picture on the website!!!! We all know why Adam says “good frames, bad lenses.”

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode07-11-2012

      or vice a versa

  25. Rick

    Hey Ace man,

    I think the guy who did the Van Nuys parody is your old dump guy Ryan Wong aka Rhino, aka Randy Wang. I heard them talking about it on the radio a couple months ago.

  26. paddym

    jesus christ that waxing bit went on 10 minutes too long. we get it, dude.

    • Si

      I politely disagree,,, that Waxing bit was great! One of the best parts of a solid episode.

    • poolboy

      It was painful after 5 mins

  27. Juicenation2020

    It’s like wondering how some countries are struck by the most meteors. Yes, they are the biggest countries in the world. So yes, it would be sheer size. So more meteors can land there.

    It might be the quote of the night. Bald Brian can be an obnoxious naysayer sometimes but give him full credit when he does nail it – bang on.

  28. Spoodeni

    Great seeing my middle school in the Pacoima tourism video.

  29. JoeMoeTokyo

    I agree with some of what was said about Adam of late…

    BUT this episode was great.

    Adam was relaxed and playful. He needled Bruce, but kept it good-natured and Jeff Dye was a good sport and had a few good lines. Adam made Alison laugh out loud several times (real laugh, not fake chuckles). The re-enactment of the old dude applying for a job as a waxer was hilarious. The riff on Chumbawumba was great. Jeff had good lines about Chumbawumba:

    “At first we got knocked down, then we got up again.” (Alison loved that, like she does all musical references)

    and about 4D movies: “you don’t want to smell Precious” (raaaaaacist!)

  30. DanofSac

    Reed, your thoughtful insights are appreciated, and I hope someone affiliated with the show can read your post to Adam. I also think the “Adam’s a Racist” poster is on to something regarding the guests. What celebrity wants to take time out of their busy lives only to spend an evening with “Angry Adam” for a few plugs?
    On a positive note when they were discussing 4-D movies and I believe it was Bryan who said, “I don’t want to smell Precious”, I spit out my coffee with an embarrassing snort! Just a small example of the lightening quick wit that has drawn me to this show since the radio days.

  31. Big Daddy Don Garlits
    Big Daddy Don Garlits07-10-2012

    Good show, but that “comedian” was a grade A turd.

  32. Lindsay

    “I’d pick a winter month.”

  33. Bib

    Regarding being raised in the shithole valley…From How The Mind Works by Dr. Steven Pinker…Mood depends on surroundings: think of being in a bus terminal waiting room or a lakeside cottage…Adam’s right again…

  34. Ivan

    “Adam is funny. Getting arrested isn’t”……top notch writing Mr Berman.

  35. RoyalDryness

    Bryan and others, individuals don’t buy municipal bonds but many investors do. If you have a 401k or any other kind of mutual fund you probably own some bonds. They are generally a very low risk (though low reward) investment.

  36. Jen

    Diss’ing the Monorail?! How dare you!

  37. Landon

    Jeff Dye was hilarious. “I don’t want to smell Precious.” I had to pause the podcast because i couldn’t stop laughing.

  38. Adam Rebensdorf @ShorTStackT
    Adam Rebensdorf @ShorTStackT07-26-2012

    Dude! My Uncle sold that Dimension Machine to Jay Leno. (The plastic 3-D printer) It’s through a company called Stratasys, Inc. (http://www.stratasys.com) Also, Jeff Dunham bought one and makes his ventriloquist dummies on these machines too. They’re out in Rancho Cucamonga… anyway, Carolla, I’m sure you can use one of these for your car part needs

  39. China Brooks
    China Brooks08-25-2012

    YES! DrJedly gets the appreciation and respect he deserves!!! Thank you for featuring him!

  40. DrJedly

    Glad to hear you playing my tourism spoofs!

  41. pixelbot2000

    DrJedly’s love songs to the Valley are delightful. And of course it’s great to get Adam’s take on our own little slice of Mexico! Great show.

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