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Adam opens today’s show with lots of tales from the road. He talks about hanging backstage in North Carolina with Clay Aiken and Beth Ringwald, and also discusses the overly manly flight attendant who wouldn’t give him a beer.

Dr. Bruce comes in next, but Adam tells another story from the road about his opener, Josh Gardner. Dr. Bruce then talks about the ‘Disorder of the Week:’ constipation. Later the guys take listener calls about weird hangover symptoms, and how antidepressants can affect your libido.

JB Smoove then joins the podcast, and talks with Adam about the difficulty of Fantasy Football. Adam also chats with him about his role on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and JB talks about hanging out with Larry David. Alison starts out the news, and stories include the death of Joe Paterno and the latest primary results. The show wraps with the group discussing the TMZing of the world, Occupy Wall Street protesters, and the Klum-Seal split.



Gingrich Video

To see other videos of Adam’s tour in NC, Boston and DC, check out:

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Nolan

    Should be a good one. I’d like to see Adam have Simmons back on the podcast as the Pats gear up for another Super Bowl game.

  2. Victory4all

    Is Beth Ringwag the sister that Adam had a crush on in High School? Didn’t this girl ask him to the prom or sadie hawing dance or something like that.?

    • big jim
      big jim01-23-2012

      Nah, Beth is the sister of Molly Ringwald (the hot chick from the Breakfast Club) and Molly had a crush on Donny. I remember Ace telling a story of how Molly gave Donny the script for the Breakfast Club before they made it and Donny saying it looked boring, just a bunch of kids sitting around a library all day.
      Ha! Once again, Donny was out of his element.

      • dick manclaw
        dick manclaw01-23-2012

        actually yes, that is the sister. pretty sure he and her had a relationship of sorts.

    • Chris

      Beth was the one Adam lost his virginity to…

  3. Mitchell Chavez
    Mitchell Chavez01-23-2012

    Hmmm….. Adam walking in front of the White House. He’ll be having his mail forwarded there in about eight to twelve years.

    • Jeff714

      They forward mail to the White House gardener?

  4. Nodz

    Dude, you guys are hitting it out of the park lately! Awesome ‘casts…

  5. rik

    JB Smoove! Black man, doing his thing, baby! Barrack Obama!

    Can’t wait to hear this.

  6. Moe

    I remember that government cheese being good.

  7. R

    Wow, that was a rough one.

  8. ted

    such an annoying voice tone

    • Wikiwikiwha

      Who? JB?
      If so, I agree…he speaks a little too fast and unfortunately sounds like he has something in his mouth when he speaks.

      • HotBlackDesoto

        JB sounds like a cross between Chris Rock and Dennis Rodman, but looks like a cross between MC Hammer and Scatman Crothers. (Chris Rock in his interview voice, not stage voice)

  9. GQ Burberiliscious
    GQ Burberiliscious01-23-2012

    I can’t wait to auditoriolize this most vocaliscious conversatorializationalist.

  10. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town01-23-2012

    HUT OHH…Starts right off with an ASS CHEWING for the Bruce man…
    Hey, Bruce, wouldn’t it just be cheaper on your soul to pay the man his 50G’s and be done with this stuff??
    ENJOY!! HAHA GET IT ON !!!! +_+

    • iGG

      Is that why he keeps coming on? I enjoy hearing Bruce but couldn’t understand why he tolerates constantly being cut off or insulted every time he comes on the show. I’m guessing he’s paying Adam back on podcast appearances.

  11. Nobody

    My god….can Adam sound any more like a spoiled rich white kid? WAAAAAAHHH things aren’t the way I want them and I have all the money WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Fucking stop bitching and join reality, nothing is perfect! This is getting harder and harder to listen to, and I have been here since the before the first podcast. What a whiny bitch. I think Adam is just getting his ass kissed too much by people who are not as “perfect” as Adam!!!!

    • ledgewood

      Umm… complaining is like, sorta his thing. Are you new?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-23-2012

      So Adam should stop complaining?

  12. Bill Crow
    Bill Crow01-23-2012

    Has Alison decided to adopt an anti-Republican stance for the podcast? Newt never said he wanted an open marriage. His bitter ex-wife simply said she “interpreted” his desire to dump her as a request for an open marriage. Big difference. Alison kept coming back to her anti-Newt and anti-Mitt rants, slamming their personal lives, even after Adam ranted about it being time to stop slamming people based on their personal lives.

    • Danny Boy
      Danny Boy01-23-2012

      Dude, have you listened to the podcast??? She adopted this stance many many moons ago.

      Love her but damn, try to be impartial!! It’s the news!!

      • Red Menace
        Red Menace01-23-2012

        But this is an ENTERTAINMENT podcast. Alison is not a journalist. She’s an entertainer. She was employed because of her comedic talents. She’s under no obligation to present her news in a fair manner. Her only obligation is to be funny.

        That said, I do cringe whenever Alison attempts to make a point that is counter to Adam’s political leanings. No matter the strength or validity of her point, Adam drowns her with anger & volume or at worst, indifference. It’s like a mouse shaking her fist at a lion. This makes Adam look like an arrogant asshole and Alison, irrelevant. Which is not entertaining. I sympathize with Alison, but from an entertainment perspective, the show is at its best when she goes with the flow and bites her tongue.

        • Greg

          God bless her but Alison and ‘comedic talent’ don’t belong in the same sentence.

    • Chad

      She should if she feels that way. The balance Teresa used to bring to the show is missed, it would be nice if Alison could take on that role.

      • Bobby

        Agreed. I like Allison and she’s been a great addition to the show but her ham handed left wing liberal progressive views seriously get on my nerves. She ALWAYS emphasizes the negative when delivering “news” about any Republican, let alone conservative. I’m trying to cut her some slack because when I was her age I was also lost in liberal dreamland. Reminds me of one of my favorite Churchill quotes: “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”….On a different subject, did anyone else think Adam was a little harsh with Dr. Bruce. Damn, that was uncomfortable.

        • An Onny
          An Onny02-02-2012

          What the…? When Teresa was on it was people bitching about HER being way over-the-top liberal! Alison from what I hear, pokes fun of anyone who deserves a poking. I’m not sure why you can’t laugh at a politician without being accused of attacking a whole political viewpoint. Honestly, I tend toward a fiscally conservative viewpoint but these republican candidates are embarrassing and deserve to be made fun of.

    • Wes Kanaloa
      Wes Kanaloa01-23-2012

      Where have you been?

      You seem to have a keen grasp on the intricacies of Newt’s version of his dalliance (whatever Gingrich #2 interpreted, I believe Newt was still f’ing someone else whilst married) but you’ve never noticed Alison tilts to the left?

      I agree, by the way, now that it is damaging for Newt’s character to be called into question, the subject should be of limits.

      JB Smoove disappointed; so many comedians have very little capacity for real-time sense of humor.

  13. rushbaby

    love the new Dr. Spaz theme song…I almost drove off the road I was laughing so hard

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-23-2012

      …he’ll put a finger up your ass…

  14. Dario

    Companies are only forced to accept cash if you’re repaying money. That’s the whole ‘legal tender for all debts’ bit. If you’re making the initial transaction, the other guy can dictate how he’ll get paid.

  15. jamfu

    great show. love me some jb smoove

  16. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee01-23-2012

    Love me some “Curb” even if Adam hates when we call it “Curb”…

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee01-23-2012

      Guy Dude Bro,
      The only reason you’re allowed to listen or post messages on here is because of your cool name so don’t threaten me little boy…

  17. david

    Great pod. And holy hell Gingritch has a crazy pair of balls on him.

  18. Mike

    Ok, Dr Bruce segment is not like the news segment where you will hear the same story multiple times that same day from other sources, it would be nice if he begins to talk about something if he could at least finish his sentence in case some listener is interested, frustrating….if your not gonna let him speak just don’t have him on the show!

    • John

      I agree, I am often frustrated when Bruce gets cut off. Let him finish his sentence !!!

    • Wikiwikiwha

      I agree Adam needs to STFU when Bruce is speaking. Don’t have him on the show if you’re not going to let him talk!
      And the whole yelling at Dr. Bruce is getting very old. Chill out ACE. Are you on the rag today or something? Geez

      • ScrewedPooch

        I agree. I’ve been listening to Adam since the first podcast too, but it is getting a little tough. First problem is how he shits on his friends relentlessly. Poor Dr. Bruce is a nice guy and a doctor, and Adam craps on him constantly, and talks about him worse than I’d talk about my worst enemy. Real dick move.

        Second, his complaints used to be about annoying issues that most listeners agreed with and could relate to. More and more it’s getting to be listening to him bitch about how his army of assistants are all fuckups, the guy delivering parts for one of his racecars was a douche, the maid screwed up, there’s some noise that’s never audible on the podcast that he’s bitching about, and calling everyone else a clueless fuckup for not being able to hear it, etc, etc. The first class service sucked on my last flight…

        Get back to ripping the TSA or our worthless politicians, and lay off your “servants” for a while.

        Maybe Ace just needs a break, but it seems like he now spends a lot of time shitting on everyone around him. Go back and listen to some of the first episodes, and compare them to now.

  19. Sloozen

    Smoove gets on my friggin’ nerves. Writer for SNL? Wow… Good Show Adam!

  20. Jon P
    Jon P01-23-2012

    That poor guy at the Filmore who saw both shows were probably telling people “Adam was doing all his best stuff tonight” and telling people around him Adam will do this bit and that bit, but looks like an idiot by the end of the show when Adam never got to the stuff he covered in the first show.
    Speaking of Shows Adam seems a bit grumpy and short today. Great show though.

  21. EMUEagle

    The coach that Threw a punch on the sideline was my coach in college

  22. Brand Hauser
    Brand Hauser01-23-2012

    This guy was the second worse guest ever.

    • Danny Boy
      Danny Boy01-23-2012

      After DAG, right?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-23-2012

      “Who is number one?”

    • KS

      The Shaman, right?

  23. 2nd Mijo
    2nd Mijo01-23-2012

    He looks like an incognito John Salley

  24. Aaron

    Jesus Christ Carolla, you know what started all the “game on” shit with the politicians? Let me give you a hint, it’s not reality TV. Newt Gingrich going after Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky scandal. That’s the irony of the situation, that he was cheating on his wife during that exact same time. And now the same guy is running for president and bitching about people going after his personal life. Way to completely miss the fucking point.

  25. Political correctness
    Political correctness01-23-2012

    I believe Food Stamp People is referring to poor people, not just African-Americans. This referring to the fact that the US economy is in the trash, and nobody has jobs. See Occupy Wallstreet and all the foreclosures. Nothing to do with the color of skin, but the weight of the man’s wallet.

  26. Dick Face
    Dick Face01-23-2012

    LOL, They look like pussies!…I’d be munching on those all day long!

  27. robert_r

    that guy sucks on Crub. and he sucks on this show too

  28. Davis

    Aceman, the founding fathers were vicious to each other, they would make our politicians look like chior boys

  29. Brittney

    Can Bryan please stop using the SAME Doc Bruce drop! Mix it up or dont use it! I almost turned it off. It’s not even that funny.. has anyone told him that? Any Adam- please let the people on your show finish there sentence… or don’t have them on. Why doesnt anyone say this to Adam! C’mon guys–speak up!

    • Stretcher

      chicks obviously don’t know funny…

      also, chiropractors are not real doctors. it’d be nice to hear dr. spaz actually call them out on it.

  30. Jadestage4

    It really is getting hard to listen to the Dr. Bruce shows. It seems like Adam is just looking for a reason to yell at him. I’m not a huge fan of Bruce, but just don’t have him on. It’s giving me the stress of a kid who just got a weak step dad who gets yelled at all the time.

  31. PintoPony

    Uh Great story Adam. You have NO idea how Beth Ringwald got back together with her old highschool boyfriend after so many years? You didn’t bother to ask?? Shhhhhhocking.

  32. Real Intresting
    Real Intresting01-23-2012

    Adam has been getting progressively dickier and dickier to Dr. Bruce. Bruce, you should put your medical knowledge to work and slip the most interesting thing you can think of into Adam’s coffee sometime.

  33. andy

    PHHT More pussy for me

  34. Mike

    Poor Dr. Spaz Adam was really taking out some agression and bullying him extra hard on this one. I’m surprised he keeps coming back for the abuse.

  35. Flatulator

    How many people in Boston would have truly understood what Josh was trying to do if he came out as Deaf Frat Guy? 30? Imagine what a great show that would have been for those 30 people.

  36. gina marie
    gina marie01-23-2012

    “Time to circle the Escalades”…good stuff Ace Man.

  37. donewithidiots

    Totally true about the tabloid culture letting scum bags run their sucks about anyone harming everything. I remember back in the day as a young guy, calling out somebody, having a fist fight. Win or lose, it ended there. Even if the jerk won, he usually quit fuking with the guy he used to mess with because he suddenly respected the beaten guy for fighting back. Now, guns, lawyers, settlements are making everyone either more crazy or pussified. Less honor in violence these days. JB is the first black guy I’ve heard anywhere talking about shit getting equally real bad everywhere like a survivalist. Certainly not impossible looking at the world today. Liked the Curb show when he was on it. Self loathing got to me after a while though. HBO sux.

  38. Jim

    Is JB Smoov John Salley’s mini-me? Great show, thanks again Ace Broadcasting!

  39. eric-the-ded

    I’m guessing “Generic” was actually “Jan-Erik,” which is a popular Scandinavian name.

  40. a

    Bryan: the “uuuuhhh resveratrol” drop is fucking hysterical, especially when you insert it during Bruce’s normal “uuuumms” and “uuuuhhh”s. I can’t tell what’s live Bruce and what’s the drop!

    JB is the worst, least funny, most lecturingist guest ever. “Let me tell you in unfunny detail how the word WORKS motherfucker!” Alison, Adam and Bryan did great this podcast with what they had to work with, and JB gave them shit.

  41. Mnoswad1

    JB Smoove was great. Never seen him before, but dug it. Adam should get those same glasses.

  42. TheMidsizeLebowski

    Adam, I love this show and listen every day, but you’ve got to take it easy on Dr. Bruce. You were a huge douchebag this time, and it made you look bad. Either don’t have him on or treat him with a little decency.

  43. Scott S
    Scott S01-23-2012

    I’m white, and my great grandma used to get government cheese, which she’d share with us. It was pretty tasty, American cheese that was pretty close to cheddar or colby, not like the soft sliced stuff. It was about 3X3, and at least a foot long.

  44. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac01-23-2012

    Am I missing something? Does Adam think it is funny to interrupt Dr. Bruce, mid-word, and then go off on a dick head rant; like Foghorn Leghorn (only not funny)? I rarely fast forward any of the podcasts but this whole “be an absolute jerk” to Dr. Bruce is too stressful to listen too.
    When Howard would go off like lunatic on Gary for some minutia I had to turn it off. Why do you think abject vitriol is compelling radio (or pod as the case may be)? Most of us have enough stress in our work place, our commute, and possibly at our homes; we don’t need it in our entertainment too!
    Stick with the funny Ace, 9 pods out of ten you have me in stitches and people at the gym look at me like I am some sort of idiot because I cannot suppress my laughter. When you really assess things; life is pretty sweet.

  45. JesusJFunk

    This episode was hard to listen to, what with Adam riding Bruce’s ass and Jb contributing nothing to the show.

  46. george

    carolla and prager together on one stage? please tell me that they’ll come to Phoenix together. i might have to plan a trip out to LA next month

  47. James

    Sorry if I’m late to the conversation, but WTF is up with the USTREAM channel? No live shows or vids for 2012, and the archive is all jacked up. They’ve (Adam, Dawson, etc.) never said anything about things being shut down or contract being worked out — just gone.

    Anyone have any info?

  48. Christopher

    Alison never seems to cover how Obama is screwing this country up. Shocker.

    • donewithidiots

      She’s so uber liberal it’s hard to put up with.

      • Tardie

        Awww you can’t handle a little liberal on your Adam podcast? Whaaaaa! boo Hoo

    • Dr. Thang
      Dr. Thang01-26-2012

      Yeah, Obama is so good at screwing up countries, he ruined our economy and sent us into a recession several years before he even entered office! Allison must be extremely bias if she uses news sources that aren’t Fox News and won’t cover the mysterious and unspecified ways Obama is ruining everything.

  49. Red Menace
    Red Menace01-23-2012

    Agreed with everyone above. Adam bullying Dr. Bruce is hard to listen to. Bruce is a DOCTOR, he heals people, he improves his patients quality of life. But for the sin of being inarticulate & awkward, Adam treats Bruce like a demented moron. Bashing Dr. Bruce is not entertaining, and it’s not funny. I’m not listening to any further Dr. Bruce episodes.

    • Craig in Seattle
      Craig in Seattle01-24-2012

      Just because doctors are well schooled doesn’t mean they are well spoken. I believe Adam is trying to level the playing field between the doctor patient relationship for everyone by humanizing his relationship with his pediatrician.

      • WikiWikiWHAT?

        No Adam is just being a major D*ck. He’s not smart enough to think about leveling any ‘playing field’

  50. Sig

    JB doesn’t speak all that smoovely. Was kind of hard to listen to.

    I guess Heidi got enough of her own money and realized her husband’s face is chewed the fuck up.

  51. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town01-24-2012

    Well, Ace staff, sounds like the people have spoken!!!
    1. Tell Adam to get off Bruce’s ASS
    2. Let Bruce finish a sentence!!!
    3. Maybe we should have a fund raiser for fans to pay Adam his 50G’s so he can treat Bruce like a human being!!!
    4. Alrighty then…Get it on!!! +_+

  52. Syd

    In flight currency…This was something I wondered as well… http://bit.ly/wiMVjL

  53. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle01-24-2012

    He should change his name to JB Marble Mouth.

  54. Geoffrey Matthews
    Geoffrey Matthews01-24-2012

    Smooth? Has nothing to say but interrupts to say it over and over. Enough.

  55. Yossarian

    Man, this guy was a foul-mouthed, boring, MORON! I had to fast forward – too painful to listen to.

    • Yossarian

      And Adam cut Dr. Bruce off for more of this idiot?? He’s really been treating Bruce like crap, not for humor, but genuinely mean-spirited.

  56. Craig in Seattle
    Craig in Seattle01-24-2012

    JB was the MAN!!! Have him back anytime. I’m tired of you inviting people to stay and comment on the news only to hear them stay and listen to the news. JB was insightful and fun, a top 5 guest for sure!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-25-2012

      Top 5? He’s not even in the top 5 black guys that have been on the show.

  57. MC White
    MC White01-24-2012

    I have a theory. I’ve been reading everyone’s comments. Since Adam fired Donny, I think he’s transferred the yelling at him, on and off the pod, to Dr. Spaz. I suspect Adam needs this bullying, yelling bit to relieve stress. Just a thought. I know he yelled at Dr. S before, a lot, but since Donny left, it has increased 4 fold.

    • Yossarian

      That’s not bad! He could be kicking Bruce instead of Donnie.

    • WikiWikiWHAT?

      I agree wholeheartedly

  58. Hollie P.
    Hollie P.01-26-2012

    I find it funny that Adam refers to Dr. Bruce as a fuckup even though Bruce has the word DOCTOR in front of his name. The guy who autographs posters to Gen E. Ric should think a bit more carefully about what a fuckup really is. Bruce made it through medical school while our beloved Aceman was on academic probation at a junior college. I realize Adam admits being an idiot, but he needs to dial back the dumping on Dr. Bruce.

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