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At the top of the show, Adam talks about his recent hospital visit to see his dad. He then addresses some of the website issues we’ve been having and goes through some of his favorited tweets. After listening to a CNN story involving smart crows, Adam talks to a caller about whether or not they should let their sister-in-law move in.

Jay Mohr enters the studio next and talks with Adam about David Mamet and ridiculous driving rules. Adam and Jay also talk about the weird world of book publishing and trying to seek approval from your parents. Later, Jay recalls Adam’s amazing ability to complain and also jumps into some hilarious impressions. The last part of the show is dedicated to the first round of presidential debates and who really won the first round. As the show wraps up, the guys have a laugh about Kevin Nealon trying to talk to the city council about protecting an elephant.


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Kevin Nealon

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  1. Wayne1069

    WoW! Two of my favorite Pod-Show hosts, on one Podcast! I’m in Pod Heaven.

    • Seattleite

      My fav is Adam and Benson, or Adam and Aisha Tyler… but Mohr rocks too!

    • Rick

      Excellent show! Bravo! Let’s make Jay a regular guest.

    • Rick

      I like the way Allison’s balls were all up in Jay’s face.

    • Hugh Gashol
      Hugh Gashol10-05-2012

      GET IT ON !

  2. stack

    The US military does use crows and there’s several articles on the use of crows to hunt Osama.

  3. Big Frank
    Big Frank10-05-2012

    Few things in life are as funny and insightful as a Carolla / Mohr riff. Awesome show!

    • bubbles

      Agreed! Alas, he has his own ‘cast. It would be thrilling if they would join forces.

      “Our” gv’t has run amock….the “Catholic” Church will pale in comparison to the TSA and DHS [the department of arming itself to the teeth with hundreds of millions of hollow-point bullets, which are prohibited by the Geneva Conventions, which means “we” can’t use this ammo overseas.

      Empires rise, empires fall. Get ready, brothers and sisters

  4. Ryan

    Thank you for the Giada photo. It went straight to the spank bank.

    • John

      much better ones online dude

      • Keith

        Really? Where? That’s about the most revealing one I’ve seen.

  5. Nick Brown
    Nick Brown10-05-2012

    I hope this gets attention from some of ACS staff. Thanks for reading this if you have time:


    • Hegro

      Correlation is not causation. Get a GED and learn to think critically.

      • Steve Hatchett
        Steve Hatchett10-08-2012

        The internet blowhards favorite phrase.

  6. Bobby T
    Bobby T10-05-2012

    Love Jay Mohr – him and Adam are good together – everyone should go listen to GIO’s Loveline episode of Jay Mohr back in the day, was a total dick – he’s changed and is a great guy now

  7. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle10-05-2012

    “Jade stage four.”
    Cracks me up every time.

  8. matt

    The silence (from Alison) was deafening when Jay was making fun of Obama.
    Nice to see her not pipe up about the millions of “suppressed” voters blah blah blah

  9. alex

    Wow… one of the best episodes ever. Jay is obviously an avid listener and HUGE fan which is an awesome endorsement by itself.. had to pull off my truck when Jay said he had to pull off his a few weeks ago, which if you think about it almost makes your head explode.

    The self loathing or lack of and how it makes other “comedians” “jealous” was priceless.

  10. Blue Maverick
    Blue Maverick10-05-2012

    Great impressions…!

  11. Andy90

    Jay Mohr is one of the best.

    MORE MOHR10-05-2012

    Lovin’ me some Jay Mohr and the AceMan. Agree with Booby T, never got Mohr in the past but he needs to be a reoccuring in guest.

  13. BrockEmerson

    Fantastic episode. Jay Mohr was great.

  14. Paul

    One of the best episodes I’ve heard. Jay Mohr needs to become a weekly regular. His impressions were awesome.

    • Brendon

      Just subscribe to his podcast. He does them all the time.

  15. Brad

    If anyone wants to see Jay Mohr’s dog, watch the newest Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (the one with Michael Richards.)

  16. Ccgrendel

    Crows are assholes

  17. Michael P
    Michael P10-05-2012

    Possibly the best show of the year. Jay Mohr is amazing!

  18. zeppo

    Adam…Stop complaining about how lack of cohesive family is ruining the black community UNLESS YOU HAVE IDEAS FOR HOW TO FIX IT. That’s the reason no one talks about it. It’s like saying “why isn’t anyone talking about stopping snow in the winter because of all the harm it’s doing. Look how many accidents snow causes, and yet no one but me talks about the fact that preventing snow from falling would solve everything.”

    • Bill

      He has a solution – cum on the tits

    • Malcolm X-Lax
      Malcolm X-Lax10-07-2012

      I have a solution…A FINAL solution! dum-dum-DUM!

    • Apollo

      Sooo what you’re saying is the disintegration of black families is as unpreventable as snow fall?

    • Slibinz

      He has offered ways of fixing it. Maybe not in *this* podcast, but what does that matter? His main point, especially in this podcast, is that people dance around the problem of black children failing in school/society, instead of addressing the real harms. If everyone was as honest and brave as Adam, instead of cowering behind political correctness, everyone’s (not just black’s) problems would be much more likely to be fixed.

  19. Hoss

    Nominee for podcast of the year.

  20. Mr Rosen
    Mr Rosen10-05-2012

    Jay Mohr is one funny Anti Semite.

  21. Sluggh

    “You’re boxing out and you get a box on your forehead.” Classic.

  22. Andrew Clay Silverstein
    Andrew Clay Silverstein10-05-2012

    wow…Mohr is real funny for an anti semite. go figure. Dice (Hymie) Clay sez hi Jay. Feh to Mohr….

  23. ShekRepublic

    That was all balls. Also, does it matter who “wins” a debate when deciding the best candidate to be president? Shouldn’t it be based on whether their policies are more inline with what will make your life better. I don’t think either of these guys will make a difference so I don’t have a dog in the fight.

    • Ashland

      Couldn’t agree more. Don’t understand why people are getting all crazy about who won an argument on TV. Most people just vote for the same party every time no matter how much in common they have with their ethics…

  24. Graham Wellington
    Graham Wellington10-06-2012

    Jah Mohr is amazing as norm mcdonald…….. A FUCKING MAZING.

    best podcast in a long time, i was hysterically laughing for a long time

  25. bubbles

    What did he say that was anti-semitic, exactly? If I’m missing that kind of thing, I gotta know.
    Not counting on ever seeing a reply, though…you’re probably an ignorant pussy.

    It’s a big time dick move to accuse people of racism and the like without elaborating. Just throwing it out there is commonplace, and cowardly. See the comments after the Grier episode for gleaming examples of this phenomenon.

    An aside: “everything they do is *character* building.” More like *wealth* building, Ace. The two aren’t synonymous.

    • L Fisch
      L Fisch10-07-2012

      Really, going on missions trips and tithing to your church build wealth? News to me. Funny that there are plenty of poor/middling Mormons, too.

  26. matt s
    matt s10-06-2012

    zeppo,, are you serious? how to fix it? we can’t fix the problem. they have to do it themselves and stop acting like animals and start behaving like responsible human beings. how are we supposed to force them to do that? the issue can’t even be brought up without being accused of racism and the so-called black leaders don’t do anything about it. it’s 2012 and they still can’t even cross the street quickly. it’s still a big f u to the white man. they are animals and there’s no way around it.

  27. EDDIE NG
    EDDIE NG10-06-2012

    ‘Day of the Dolphin’ ? It’s no ‘Incredible Mr. Limpet’ !

  28. edge323

    i really wish they got a pic of the “do you dip” guy haha

  29. Josh

    So, Jay Mohr can eschew the ACE network for his own, but The Machine isn’t worth having on the show?

  30. Higgs

    Great stuff, but I’d like to hear Adam go on Jay’s Podcast sometime.

  31. Lono of Denver
    Lono of Denver10-07-2012

    Great show! Mohr is a wicked fast wit, and was generous with praise in encouragement of Alison. Best show in months!

    It’s nice when a rare guest can not get railraoded by Ace. Mohr held is own

  32. liberalsRstupid

    Jay is a funny guy and finally lets me forget the disaster that was Lampinelli…

  33. David

    Spank du Jour: Giada

  34. Balky

    When did Jay Mohr become my favorite person? Just now, I guess.

  35. JV bro
    JV bro10-08-2012

    They recognized adam walking down the street with sunglasses and a cap and facial hair because they noticed the stick up his ass.

  36. Sofia Palha
    Sofia Palha10-08-2012

    FYI: girl from Ipanema is the English version from “garota de Ipanema”, which is a famous Brazilian song, and Ipanema is a famous beach in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), so that is why it is Ipanema, and not something easier to rhyme…

  37. Eggie Weggies
    Eggie Weggies10-08-2012

    If you guys don’t listen to Mohr Stories then you don’t know. Adam offered Jay a couple million to join the podcast full time and become an Artie Lange to his Howard Stern. Jay declined.

    It’s a shame but Mohr Stories is great too, maybe they’ll do it on a part-time level.

    • Why Why Why
      Why Why Why10-09-2012

      a couple million what?

  38. Mark

    Mohr: Alison! Language.
    Alison: Sorry….platter.

    Fucking genius.

    • Ryan

      Agree. That went totally underappreciated, but was pretty fantastic.

  39. Burro


    Redban > Jay mohr

  40. Darren

    Loooove me some Jay Mohr! Just last week I was thinking of throwing out a request to have him on. Imagine my delight. He’s awesome! The impressions had me rolling! Bring him back regularly Adam. Please!!!

  41. 2x2

    The audio seemed sped up…as though Adam couldn’t wait to get Jay out of there. Also, Jay is much better on his own podcast.

  42. MC White
    MC White10-09-2012

    Could not find this on your regular board. What’s up?

  43. Heath

    Great episode!!! Jay Mohr’s impressions are hilarious.

  44. a2mfk

    Not to be too serious on a comedy podcast message board- but thanks to Adam, Jay and Alison for sharing and elaborating on their own familial relationships.

    It caused me to do some introspection and realize that my own frustration with a segment of my family was pointless, because as they pointed out, this is how people are wired. Its a shame I am 37 and just figuring this out, people usually will not change. So take what you can from a relationship and leave it at that, many times people are giving you the best of what they have inside of them, it just may not satisfy your own personal designs.

    And loved the chemistry of Mohr and Adam, wasn’t a big fan before but I will check out his podcast now. Adam about Alison making a good point, “You were boxing out and then you got box in your face!” I was on a run at the time laughing my ass off like a crazy homeless person.

  45. Why Why Why
    Why Why Why10-09-2012

    Mohr is awesome man!! love it

  46. Active Sodomy
    Active Sodomy10-09-2012

    If you Yahoo search for Adam C, the mispelled name comes up first! Get on it Yahoo. Get it on Adam.

  47. ETM

    I love Adam for telling it as he sees it so it was disappointing to hear him tip-toeing around and making excuses rather than saying that Romney owned Obama in the debate. Jay was excellent.

  48. Dzjhon

    Other than kissing Ace’s ass and hitting on Allison Jay was a good guest.

  49. jojo

    Mohr’s impressions were amazing.

  50. Put your name on it!
    Put your name on it!10-10-2012

    I’d like to hear about it potheads.

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