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At the top of the show, Dameshek talks about the experience of watching football games with Adam. The guys then talk about Lucy Liu’s latest career choice, and Adam discusses another road rage incident. Adam also rants about the height of the NFL goal posts, and talks with Shek about which football franchise is most likely to come to LA. Before Shek leaves, he reveals the Creep of the Week.

Adam starts the next segment out of breath after hitting focus pads with Jay Glazer. Adam compliments Jay for his ‘motor,’ and the guys talk about pushing yourself during training. Alison then starts up the news discussing an Obama bear-hug photo being passed around the internet, and the guys chat about which president they’d most like to drink with. Other news stories include a study of dangerous celebrities to research, a lawsuit between Steve Wynn and Joe Francis, and a make-up free episode of The Talk. The show wraps up with a discussion of the NFL Sunday taping schedule.


Watch Fox NFL Sunday to see more of Jay, and get his MMA workout video at http://Punching.com. You can also follow him on Twitter @JayGlazer.

Hear more from Shek on The Dave Dameshek Football Program… subscribe on iTunes. You can also visit http://NFL.com/Shek, and follow him on Twitter @Dameshek.


Rich Karlis Kick

Handshake Meltdown

Deacon Jones

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  1. Late Night North
    Late Night North09-11-2012

    Ged Id Ohn!

    • Hugh Gashol
      Hugh Gashol09-14-2012

      GET IT ON !

  2. Cody

    Complaints about Dameshek will be coming soon, even though they won’t listen to the episode before complaining.

    • TS

      It’s the Internet; why wait until you know what you’re talking about to talk about it?

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee09-12-2012

        too funny TS Garp Tailgunner

    • Right Wing Nut
      Right Wing Nut09-11-2012

      He’s OK

    • ALC

      I like Dameshek on the show, so I won’t be complaining about him. But it’s okay for someone to complain about a guest on the show before listening to it, if they already know they don’t like that guest. They don’t need to hear that guest another time in order to make up their mind if they’ve already heard them 20 plus times before.

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee09-12-2012

        Nice Explanation “Torn ACL”

    • daniel gallie
      daniel gallie09-12-2012

      Listening now. He’s probably very nice in person.

    • Nick

      I find it hard to listen to the podcasts with Dameshek long enough to find anything to complain about.

    • Dustin

      Exactly… Every single show, there are bullshit complaints from “fans”.

      Its like clockwork.

    • Me

      People complain about Dameshek because he sucks and is not funny. All of his shticks are lame.

    • Guy LeDouche
      Guy LeDouche09-12-2012

      Forget about hating Shek for a secong , who the fuck decided to let that fat fraud of an MMA wannabe Jay Glazer on the show? I cannot stand the sight or sound of that moron or his stupid infomercials. Like I’m really gonna buy a fitness product from his chubby ass.

      • adamsunibrow

        Here here… Guy!! Not only that but……what’s with that homophobic stance on hugging another male. Obviously not a dad. Maybe with age he’ll gain perspective. And he is way too chubby to be talking about intense workouts……they must be followed by intense eat outs….teehee….

    • Justin


      So brave. Pre-emptive! How courageous of you to get out in front of the anti-Shektards.

      So, tell me, Cody: What did Shek say that was funny in this podcast? I listened to the episode and … couldn’t find a single thing. Or do you think it’s funny to do a Bill Simmons impersonation?

    • Tony

      Double D broke his record for enraging me, straight out of the gates, the show wasn’t going for 10 seconds before I was thinking “ok, he needs to STFU”

  3. WalterWhite

    Almost to hours! This is like Rogan-long! Awesome!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee09-12-2012

      to too & two, I get them confused to, too, ALSO! NICE!

  4. Sink Slash Urinal
    Sink Slash Urinal09-12-2012

    How Many Minutes In Do we get a Random Update on Father in Hospital UPDATE OLD MAN CAROLLA?

    Start the show with a update on your pops like eveyone else does in life/death family member situation

    • reb

      because that’s why we listen to this podcast, to see/listen to people do what everyone else does

    • jrock 1970
      jrock 197009-12-2012

      No news is good news?

  5. Mason Jar
    Mason Jar09-12-2012

    Whew, I was starting to fear the possibility of Dameshek withdrawals there for a second.

  6. S4Adam

    Another Dameshek podcast, another podcast not listened to.

  7. Tim

    Do it, Dave

    • adamsunibrow

      DOT……we miss the ED….Skyler……sweet talk of deli mustart vs yellow….who wore the number best……and lets not forget David Feeney

  8. Sasso's calves
    Sasso's calves09-12-2012

    I listened. he sucks

  9. Back sack& Ass crack
    Back sack& Ass crack09-12-2012

    Shek,go get your own Pod cast…Oh wait,you did and FAILED!

    • David

      Shek is paid by the NFL to host his own podcast.

      • andrew

        haha thats funny how wrong that guy was.

    • Dick Manclaw
      Dick Manclaw09-12-2012

      it didnt fail. it was the second most popular ‘cast on the network, it is perserved by many sites built solely for peoplet to re-listen to the magic of the THUNDER. It was the best podcast there ever was, unfortunately Donnie didnt get along with Shek, that’s all there is to it. thats why, when donnie was fired, shek came back.

      • RG II
        RG II09-13-2012

        Speaking of Donnie, that guy was/is such a loser. Every time I ever heard him talk during the Daves of Thunder podcast (or on Adam’s show, etc.), his voice and attitude were nigh impossible to listen to. He clearly was a Debbie Downer who just wanted to shit on people’s points at every turn. No wonder the guy got fired. He was the equivalent of an athlete who’s a cancer in the locker room.

  10. Connard

    Those who hate Dameshek hate this country.

    • Steve Hatchett
      Steve Hatchett09-12-2012

      Damn right! USA!USA!USA!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee09-12-2012

      Damesheck and the USA, you go Connie!

  11. JP

    The Clippers began play in the NBA as the Buffalo Braves in 1970. The Braves moved to San Diego in 1978. Sometimes when teams move to a new city they change their name. In this case, the team changed their name from the Braves to the Clippers to represent the boating and sailing that can be done off the coast of San Diego in the Pacific Ocean. The Clippers then moved to Los Angeles in 1984. Instead of changing their name, they kept Clippers as the nickname. [wiki answers]
    Clipper is a kind of boat

    • elvinoray

      no shit

    • adamsunibrow

      the fasterst ships powered by sail….know for their steamlined looks…..

  12. jay

    Crazy Ray was the name of the black cowboy at Texas Stadium.

  13. toorude89

    I used to hate Shek now I love him. Just listen, Ace always brings it.

  14. Mr. O
    Mr. O09-12-2012

    i want Dave everyday.

  15. Oregon Jake
    Oregon Jake09-12-2012

    CRAP, more Dave Douchmesheck. I guess i’m not listening today.

  16. The MelonPunisher
    The MelonPunisher09-12-2012

    Isn’t “RG2” actually Robert Griffin Jr. making “RG1” Robert Griffin Sr. So Robert Griffin III would be RG2’s son, not his brother?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-12-2012

      Robert Griffin named all of his sons Robert. RG4 is a tail-back at SoCal.

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee09-12-2012

        At least there not all named George as in Forman…

    • Bill

      Yes you are correct. Why would the guys think II and III were brothers? I wish Alison corrected them on that!

      • adamsunibrow

        Ace was probably was making a pun…brothers as in “soul brothers”

  17. JWilt

    Dameshek stepped all over the intro…

  18. setlasmon


    let me be the first to complain (pre-listen) about the Deacon Jones headslap again…. OKAY! WE GET IT! “..OR A WOMAN!” jeeeeez, Aceman, it was funny the first 317 times… now you’re pushing it.

  19. setlasmon

    I meant SHEK REPUBLIC! SHEK FAIL! to attone I will do 100 SHEK-ups and 100 jumping SHEKs.

  20. Stache

    i have come to love dameshek week by week. at least once a week is awesome. he is one of those few guys that complements adams comedy perfectly. so stop hating haters

    • reb


      • Just Me
        Just Me09-12-2012

        double agree

  21. David

    Shek, you handsome devil.

  22. Mark

    More like Jay GAY-zer

    • jrock 1970
      jrock 197009-12-2012

      yeah, instead he doesn’t like breast to breast but I bet he is down for some sweet ATM!

  23. Andy90

    DD is comedy gold! (I haven’t listened to the show yet, but I thought I’d put that out there)

  24. Dervorbote

    Yes, lets make fun of nerds and pretend Fantasy Football isn’t Dungeons and Dragons for douchebags.

  25. Mike

    He tried to laugh it off but i don’t think Adam really understood that RG II is RG III’s father.

    Also, didn’t ADAM get mad when someone waved him to go at an intersection, so why does he blame others for getting mad.

  26. TipCT

    Great episode – Dameshek & Glazer are the best.

    Alison – all you have to do is follow RGIII for the next 15 weeks or so and you will gain the Aceman’s respect.

  27. Fred

    Dave brought the THUNDER!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-12-2012

      …and the Aceman canceled it.

  28. ShekRepublic

    Harbaugh will put a serious beatdown on pretty much any coach in the NFL today. Schwartz should pick a beef with someone a bit more out of shape.

    The Minister of Defense quote never gets old. It’s not as if he says “or a woman” and then does a half second pause thinking to himself “did I just say that?” he just goes right on as if that was nothing. You can’t write comedy like that, political correctness is funnier than shit.

    • ShekRepublic

      Forgot to add, Alex Smith has not become a better quarterback. But, a long line of high first round picks, a defensively minded coach, excellent special teams that don’t let a game get out of hand and a system that doesn’t ask Alex to win games have come together at the right time. Not knocking it, it’s a good formula, but he’s not an elite QB by any stretch.

      • RoyalDryness

        I agree with all those things, but Alex Smith was terrible in his first few seasons. Granted he was surrounded by a bad team. He has improved though. He was very young when he came into the league and needed to mature. It’s unfair to compare him to Aaron Rodgers and how they started because Rodgers got to spend 4 years learning and working under Brett Favre, Alex Smith was thrown into the lions den for day one. While I still think that Alex Smith is not an elite quarterback he has come a long way and the fact that his team around him is better only made that easier.

  29. DFGRulz

    Dameshek rules!!
    F Strasser

    • setlasmon

      wow… I dig the SHEK too but you are kicking it old school republic, son! I think him and T’s V buried the hatchet…

      “Tell Danny to move on..”

  30. MW

    I dont complain about Dameshek, I just pass.

  31. Eric

    The Bronco’s Barrel man died in 2009. (I think)

    • Jim

      He did. Confirmed.

  32. Molly the Dog
    Molly the Dog09-12-2012

    No more Shek- please- stop punishing your audience

  33. GOB

    Ah, Jay Glazer. He hates the gays sooooo much…….that he wants to kiss them.

  34. Dick Face
    Dick Face09-12-2012

    I luv Jamplay, that with Guitar Pro and some tabs from Ultimate Guitar and you are set to learn licks from your favorite artist, I prefer myself a little Kris Norris of Darkest Hour and few others shredders, definitely worth the subscription…oh yeah good show Ace Man.

  35. goatfucker

    great show & guests, love the sports, need more of that.

  36. Jorge

    Aceman, the Barrel Man is dead. He died in 2009….http://www.denverpost.com/broncos/ci_13936876

  37. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper09-12-2012

    Rather than extending the goalposts, you could just ban football & the problem would be solved.

  38. JessMan

    the fanman is another non-creative name. also, shek sucks up an awful lot…but ace likes it that way

  39. KeithTalent

    R.I.P. Feenster’s Union.

  40. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    Is that Dameshek’s real voice or just what he uses to annoy people with. I don’t mind listening to what he has to say but no one sounds like that in real life, he sounds like a reject from SpongeBob SquarePants.

  41. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-12-2012

    Dame Sheck shucks!

  42. Paul

    Love the shek!

  43. WishitwasLovelineearly2000

    Is there really going to be more discussion of that fucking Deacon Jones video? Guess I shouldn’t be surprised the way Ace has been rehashing shit more than Sid & Marty Krofft.

  44. ChuckG

    Kidnapper’s had to pay a Ransom Tax… Remember: The IRS always gets their cut.

  45. Oregon Jake
    Oregon Jake09-12-2012

    Shek is such a fucking tool.

  46. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco09-12-2012

    Nothing on the Oakland Raider’s long-snapper?

  47. paddym

    i hate Glazer. Please never have this guy on again.

  48. Oregon Jake
    Oregon Jake09-12-2012

    We all hate the gays GOB

  49. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee09-12-2012

    Now for a real complaint:
    This show is free, thank you ABN. I paid for two life time scripts to Sirius for Howard Stern and not only did he just take two weeks off he only did two days this week, sheeeeeeesh! Don’t even get me started on the 80’s channel or any other music channel that if you listen long enough eventually becomes a loop! did I get my to’s too’s two’s right?

  50. KEIFFer

    Gotta love Dameshek. He’s by far the best regular guest ACS has. Brings comedy and some sports who doesn’t love that? Also creep of the week cracks me up everytime… Get rid of David Wild then I will agree with you.

  51. SD Sher
    SD Sher09-12-2012

    I would listen to Dameshek 100 times over than listen to David Wild once!

  52. Jim

    YEAH!! FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!

  53. Robert

    Dave Dameshek? Big fan.

    • Justin

      Yeah. Me, too. Just kept saying to myself, through the entire first half of the episode, “Please shut the fuck up, Dave. Please shut the fuck up…” Literally, from the moment he shit on the greetings of Alison and BB.

  54. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee09-12-2012

    5″ O.D. x 3/16 wall Tubing weighs 14.70 lb per ft. if anybody wants to know…

  55. Yeah

    Dameshek is not supposed to be viewed as a focal point or a main character. He is a side character to the show and a damn good one at that. He is not the AlphaMale of the group, nor should he be. He brings a personality to the show that fits in nicely. MORE SHEK!!

    • Justin

      What personality? What is it about his personality you like? The fawning, desperate humorlessness? Or the stupid-ass ol’ timey voice? Do you consider the Berman impersonation a “personality”?

  56. Sean

    Dameshek!!! Don’t give a crap what anyone says…he and Ace are pure gold together. Listening to Rosen laughing in the background makes my day. Good times abound. Thanks guys!!!

  57. Jim

    Jay was great! I fast forwarded thru that creep of the week bullshit as usual. At least it wasn’t as bad as Donnie’s burping contest on the new Brian (of mark and brian) and Jill podcast. Fing pathetic. Get it on!!

  58. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana09-12-2012

    Andrew Jackson, by far. Rape and pillage. Yee hah! (Google it). Bigger DB than Custer.

  59. Robert McAbee
    Robert McAbee09-12-2012

    Problem with Damasheck is he knows a lot more about sports then Adam and cares a lot more about sports then Adam. If they talked about anything other then sports Adam would talk 90% of the time and its a good show. But with Dave he talks 50%+ of the time when it is sports and that is where the show starts to go down hill.

    Talking about sports is pretty boring. Adam thinks of things that are interesting or funny in sports and talks about them. Damasheck just goes on and on and on without breaking up the monotony of his sports talk with anything funny.

  60. Lew Mack
    Lew Mack09-12-2012

    Everyone knows, anytime you go “upside” a man’s head (or woman) they blink. Come on Ace Man, that’s common knowledge! 🙂

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-13-2012

      The more you know.

  61. beechcraftstarang

    It Never sat well with me how The Shek changed The Jerk Report to The Jerk List on the account of Kimmel.

    I am a long time listener and it has gotten to the point that I only download shows with The Shek.

    The Shek cuts out the noise and should be on the show at the very least Mondays and Fridays.

    I would love to hear The Shek and Beanie on the show together.

  62. Justin

    Shektards, please just admit that the man has nothing funny to say. Please. Look inside yourselves. Acknowledge: he’s a parasite. He’s a hack. He repeats the same limp cliches and dumbass Berman impersonations because his sense of humor is a giant, gaping black hole of zero.

    Also, HE SHITS ON THE INTRO. This isn’t the first time.

  63. Justin

    Final argument that Shek is a hack parasite who’d be nowhere without Carolla: Please go visit his Dave Dameshek Football Podcast page. (The one that he pitifully plugged as the hook was pulling him out of the studio on this episode.) Count the number of comments on each episode. It’ll just take a second, unless you can’t count to two.

    You know why nobody comments? Because nobody listens to his shitty show. And you know why nobody listens? Because he’s not funny.

  64. SamuelJH

    Thank you.

  65. Doug

    Really? Dameshek yet again? Jesus, why doesn’t Ace just have him on every episode? He pretty much already is. Ugh.

  66. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III09-13-2012

    Broncos rule!

  67. Seth

    I’m a pretty hardcore Ace fan but, if the show is going to be a sports show during football season, I’m done listening for a while.

  68. phil landers
    phil landers09-13-2012

    Love me some D.D.! SHEK REPUBLIC

  69. Martin

    Shek Rules

  70. Riggz

    Dameshek is a whiney hack, but that’s his gimmick. He’s good at this persona.

    Fat little Jay Gayzer is way more annoying. Him and Uber Douche Joe Rogan and way lamer than Dameshek.

    But let’s all agree that David Wylde is the lamest guest ever. I’d rather listen to a “Go To My PC” live read on a loop for 5 minutes than any of the music Wylde and Carolla think is good.

  71. Jim

    Love the Shek and Ace together, Pod Gold. My favorite podcasts.

  72. Ed

    Actually, I think Allison+Dave’s laugh is so cute. from Nantong Jiangsu Province mid 20s Aceman fan -Eddie

  73. RG II
    RG II09-13-2012

    Lol, love Shek’s idea about Jim Schwartz doing the high five, up top, down low, too slow to Jim Harbaugh. The best part of the whole idea is imagining that Jim Harbaugh would actually innocently go along with it, all the way up until the point where he is duped into swinging his hand at empty air, and then slowly realizes “Hey! What gives? I never saw it coming!”, and then they both look at each other and smile and laugh with a “There he goes again” / “What are ya gonna do?” shrug and look on their face.

    On a similar note, is it possible Schwartz was already heated because he saw another Jim trying to ascend to the “Best coach named Jim in the NFL” chart?

  74. Elle

    ok I don’t like the 49ers, but the coach was excited…. what was the Lions’ coach’s deal?!

  75. Linus

    Shek def shits on the intro, but he’s cool. At least he’s smart and comes prepared with his own segments, which Ace probably likes cuz it make his job easier. David Wild needs to go. At least hearing about football is interesting. We don’t want to hear about shitty music from the 70’s.

  76. sloozen1

    The Go Ahead Thing can be solved by acting. Yes, acting. Act like you are looking for something in your lap or dashboard. Ppl understand that you are involved in something…. Sports geeks like you and Dave crack me the fuck up. Even following these players private lives… Fantasy football is like Dungeons and Dragons for sports geeks…

  77. elranito

    Dameshek is brutal. I hate having to skip an episode every week. I listen to every other episode. I never comment, but just had to come here and beg… please rid us of Dameshek.

  78. ross

    I’m not usually a Dameshek hater. His old timey shtick pisses me off sometimes, but I could take him or leave him. But that Chris Berman impersonation sounds nothing like Berman and isn’t even slightly funny.

  79. A2theK

    I’m a structural engineer. I’m pretty sure we can figure out how to design taller goal posts without presenting any danger to the public. Probably have to beef up the footings slightly and maybe upsize the rest of the goal.

    We figured out how to design and build a 2700ft tall building…. And like ACE said, look at the new Dallas Stadium, which is an engineering marvel. We can handle extending the goal posts.

    However, not sure this is such a big problem. But I get Adam’s point, its an easy fix, so why not?

  80. matt

    another painfully unfunny “shek” appearance

  81. Col. Duke LaCrosse
    Col. Duke LaCrosse09-14-2012

    Love me some Dameshek. He’s a great compliment to Adam and he’s absolutely hysterical. He has one of the quickest wits in the podcasting game. Everyone who’s saying “Dameshek has nothing funny about him” are the same people who complain about how Adam always talks about LA, his wife and how he used to be a carpenter. It’s obvious you don’t like the show, just go listen to something else!

    All I know is I need more Dameshek. I hate football but I listen to his NFL podcast every episode just because he’s awesome.

  82. Doug

    Yeah, Barrel Man died. But I agree with Adam, these colorful super-fans are really a great part of the game, especially when they are weird old dudes. This podcast had an inordinately high Denver Broncos content, which, as a lifelong Broncos fan, I really liked. As others have said above, Dameshek’s football commentary is a great complement to the podcast. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrel_Man_%28Denver_Broncos%29

  83. DukeSteel

    Love the show!
    The solution to waving someone else to go first is to wave then switch on your emergency lights briefly.
    Easy as. Of course, certain assholes will always be assholes, that is LA. But it works for me all the time!

  84. Rick

    More Alison please. Thanks.

  85. liberalsRstupid

    The JournOlists set the Narrative and the Handshake has all the drama these idiot hacks crave. We could talk about the Niners being a deep team that has a great shot at making a SB run or Alex Smiths losing the bs “game mgr” moniker. No, lets talk about the fucking idiot handshake again and again and again…

    You so called modern journOlists are an embarrassment to yourselves and America.

  86. King Nuggie
    King Nuggie09-20-2012

    I wish Def Frat Guy was on more – he is so funny!

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