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At the top of the show, Adam talks with Ray about their visit to Nick Offerman’s woodshop. Adam then goes on a rant about high school graduation rates, and why the black family unit is suffering. Adam and Ray also chat about torturing Ray’s little brother, and Adam recalls a S’Mores incident with Ray when they were younger. Later, the guys answer your home improvement questions.

Next up, Jay Chandrasekhar enters the studio, and Adam talks with him about the success of Super Troopers, and whether or not there will be a sequel. Jay talks about meeting one of the Zucker brothers, and the path to making his first movie with the Broken Lizard gang. Gina Grad then chimes in with today’s news, opening with Paris Hilton’s controversial comments about homosexuality. The gang also chats about a Knott’s Berry Farm roller coaster incident, new driver’s license rules in New Jersey, and why eating rice can be bad for your health. As the show wraps up, Jay talks about getting tested for Chlamydia, and Gina tells a story about father-daughter school dances.


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  1. tdogg

    I’m reading the recap…Gina Grad on the news? Anyways love me some Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • zero1media

      Gina is the sexiest, greatest podcast news-girl out there, and has such a contagious laugh! She shoulda been the Jewish chick to originally get the news-girl job after Teresa left the first time!

  2. Not again...
    Not again...09-20-2012

    I’ve seen a video of that chick screwing so I’m not sure why her plates have to be blanked out. Not a whole ton of privacy left to protect.

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore09-21-2012

      I guess someone somewhere is afraid a stalker might get the PO box # of the trust fund LLC to which the car is registered.

      The sad thing is she doesn’t own this car. It’s a loaner car. A Lexus dealership gives her a car to drive around because they know the car is going to show up in a billion pap photographs. This is standard operating procedure with many celebrities in Hollywood. That’s why you will often see dealer plates on the cars they’re driving around or getting in/out of. Sucks for them when some photo service blurs out the plates.

  3. BP

    I think I’m starting to think like Adam, and I dig it.

    • Dr Awesome
      Dr Awesome09-21-2012

      And Adam repeating his views for the 1000th time to his listeners will also solve no problems. Even if you agree with that he is saying, isn’t it time that he stop recycling the same stupid political UNFUNNY shit and move on?

      • Dr Awesome
        Dr Awesome09-21-2012

        OOps that was meant for the one below this.

      • Chris

        shut up jackass. If adam repeats his views every week, somehow it changes whatever he bitches about, if you dont like it, who cares

  4. Chet

    If ever there was a qualified expert to speak eloquently on the state of the black family unit in America, surely it would be Adam “I Barely Know How To Read And At This Point Am Hardly Even Bothering To Conceal My Creeping Bigotry” Carolla, right?

    • DukeLacrosse

      More denial from the black community will not solve its problems

      • Chad

        Yes, the problem entirely rests upon them, and blaming them is the only way to fix it. You must be an expert.

        • .

          Top 10 douchebag names of all time:
          1.) – Chad
          2.) – . . .
          3.) – . . .

          • cow12

            2) chez
            3) chip

    • Noah


      Not sure you understand what bigot means. It doesn’t mean racist. It means not tolerating an opinion other than your own. Aren’t you the one being bigoted? Frankly, I love the argument that Adam isn’t capable of commentary because he can barely read. Nothing about the merits of his argument, of which there are many. If you have a contrary opinion, that’s awesome, but go ahead and express it rather just arbitrarily express displeasure. No one gives a shit, by the way, if you don’t like it. Nor does anyone care what I think. Free country. Move on.

    • Sean

      Unsurprisingly, you left out the part where Adam was wrong and went straight to the ad hominem attack. Well done!

    • Hemorrhoids

      You don’t have to be well-read to know about the problem of absentee fathers in the black community or to see a link between broken homes / high illegitimate childbirth rates and failure in school.

    • Ken

      RAY (100% White)
      Missed 112 out of 176 school days (absences) his senior year AND Graduated.

      Adam (100% White)
      Had a GPA at D level AND Graduated.

      Both ended up at the Carpet Cleaning Academy.

      Interesting why Adam keeps talking about RACE and the Black community and the Black Family.

      Adam’s White Trash Family seems to not be part of his conversation or his Philosophy.

      Life is interesting.

      Keep up the good work everyone.

      Take careful.

      • Steve J
        Steve J09-21-2012

        Adam constantly talks about his white trash family and how shitty it was you must not be listening.

      • Roger

        I always laugh to beat hell when Ace and Ray talk about their High School GPA’s. I can’t believe that there is a school district on the planet that allowed them to graduate in the normal amount of time. The L.A. school system must really suck!

      • MC White
        MC White09-24-2012

        Not to mention, his father was present. Adam’s big argument about black families, contains the fact that the father is often absent. That’s part of the equation, muffin top.

    • skeet

      So you’re just going to ignore the valid point he makes about the status of the black family unit in our society and attack him on his character then? Just making sure

      • Ken

        If Adam commented on how children from Poor Single Parent Families have lower Graduation rates than the Well-Off Two Parent Families – than Adam’s point would not be so polarizing.

        I don’t think anyone is attacking Adam’s character – unless you count his character flaw of using inappropriate racial slurs in a public podcast as bad character.

        • MC White
          MC White09-24-2012

          But the percentage of failure in the black community is overwhelming. The facts speak for themselves, jagoff. (the link is not working right, so if this “reply” goes to the wrong place, it was not my fault.)

    • L Fisch
      L Fisch09-21-2012

      You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make common sense observations. That’s part of Adam’s charm.

    • JP

      You clearly have never listened to Adam Carolla before.

      His whole deal is that even if you grew up in poverty like he did you can still be successful with hard work.
      Blaming the government, conspiracies against the black man and “hunger” is not going to solve anything.

      • Lyman DYKE
        Lyman DYKE09-21-2012

        That and Jimmy Kimmel

        • Nik Weinstein
          Nik Weinstein09-21-2012

          Like knowing Jimmy Kimmel means a damn thing if you don’t have value to offer yourself.

      • legendaryburro

        If you can show me how crack was created and who did it? because there’s no scientist in hood with a lab coat. You’d be correct…. but you cant so you’re incorrect sir.

    • HakKat

      We have to be honest….on this subject, Adam makes more sense than anyone else.

    • cd

      Talking about another ethnicity doesn’t make you a bigot. Did you even listen to what he said?

    • snooch

      Adam may be a good source to at least get some perspective on the issue. And by the way: Adam doesn’t read, he just writes best-sellers. Smart people read books, smarter people write books. Still proud of yourself for being a good little reader? What an accomplishment.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee09-21-2012

      “Thanks a Pantload Chet!” – Wayne Campbell

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle09-21-2012

        Hey Chet, a sphincter says, “what?”

    • .

      How would Adam’s reading incompetence affect his ability to have an intelligent, meaningful verbal discussion? Having the balls to bring up an uncomfortable truth is not bigotry.

    • Tyler

      Chet, whats more bigoted: Pretending that the problem with only half of black men graduating has to deal with hunger, poverty, and the lack of social workers or telling like it is? The simple FACT of the matter is that in MANY instances black men aren’t known for sticking around and helping raise their kids. There are also STATISTICS that say that black people are having more kids than white people (percentage wise). You highlight WHY politicians can’t discuss this issue. Anyone who discusses it gets called a bigot by some idiot who obviously isn’t interested in the simple statistics and facts.

    • daddy_monkey

      Why does somebody have to be of a certain race if they want to talk about a problem that is prevalent within that race. Why is it bigotry if you are of a different race (especially white)? Aknowledging problems and talking about them are the first steps in resolving those problems. Ignoring them and saying there’s nothing that can be done is not a solution. In fact, I find that especially racist to essentially say “they can’t help it because they are black (or hispanic or anything else)”. Expect the best of people. Don’t settle for anyone’s victim mentality as an excuse.

    • Rowsdower

      And here we have an example of why the problem wont be solved and is never addressed. Anyone with the gall to bring it up can just be conveniently labeled a racist.

    • Guy LeDouche
      Guy LeDouche09-21-2012

      CHet, go eat a penis!

    • Chris

      prove him wrong. black families are poor cuz they’re lazy. And since they’re lazy they have no intention of going anywhere to be apart of their kids lives especially school. Prove him wrong if you accuse him of not knowing. He, like me, grew up poorer than the average black family in todays society.

    • Slibinz

      His background matters not when he’s right. If the dumbest person in the world got on the show, and said “The black graduation rates will go up when the black family stays together”….well guess what….THEY’D STILL BE CORRECT, no matter how dumb they were.

  5. Sam

    Ray’s ‘leave the comedy to Adam’ comment reminded what a secret comedy genius Bald Bryan is. I starting to listen for his side line brilliance as much as Ace’s hilarious bitching, great work gents and I’m doing what i can to help keep the pirate ship afloat!

    • Fanucci says Eeeeh
      Fanucci says Eeeeh09-23-2012

      Agreed, Bryan is great.

  6. TS

    Carolla is correct. The ignoring of massive cultural problems which affect something so important to society as education is ultimately as harmful as people using those problems as an excuse to look down upon others, which is what people fear. Mainstream society views it as “their” problem and not “our” problem, which is a failure to recognize that they are actually us. It’s a huge American problem, it has just affected some parts of the country before spreading to others.

    Also, good episode. And not to be a perv or nothin’, but…we could use some pictures of Gina Grad. I’m just saying.

  7. yuk yuks
    yuk yuks09-21-2012

    Wwwoow… that, that sounds awesome.

  8. Fourpetes Ake
    Fourpetes Ake09-21-2012

    Carolla: as dumb as he is ignorant.

  9. Mikki

    Whites looove to feel superior. It’s their favorite sport.

    • Cool Hwip
      Cool Hwip09-21-2012

      (SOME) blacks love to point fingers in every direction but toward themselves. It’s not just their sport, it’s their duty, so if anyone disagrees, they can label it racism.

    • Sean

      Whites loooove to feel superior…to other whites. Moral status mongering should be ahead of Jon Stewart and Coffee on that Stuff-White-People-Like website. It’s the white lefty’s favorite sport. And, yes, they are hypocrites.

    • Slibinz

      It doesn’t matter what color the person’s skin who’s saying it, the truth is that EVERY community, no matter what race, benefits from fathers who don’t bail on their children. If you can’t accept that simple fact, then you need to do some serious self-analysis.

  10. Ian T
    Ian T09-21-2012

    It seems as though the reporter was only quoting a statement by the teachers union. Maybe he should be yelling at them…

    • Chris

      if that was the case, she would have said “and I quote…” but she didn’t. she gave her view of why the teachers are failing and the kids arent learning. I was grew up poorer than most black families on welfare, I was able to learn in a shitty school. But I was also lazy, so I didnt go too far in the millionaire realm.

      • Ian T
        Ian T09-23-2012

        She actually said she was reading a statement from the teachers union. Listen closely.

  11. Boutross Boutross
    Boutross Boutross09-21-2012

    Just keepin it real

  12. WOOO


    trixie ain’t cute, secret internet fattie

  13. Jim

    Love Gina Grad!

  14. Silent Running
    Silent Running09-21-2012

    Always love it when Jay makes his way onto the show. The Danny Thomas-Coffee Table bit he did last time was hilarious.

  15. AA

    The upside down outlets are a new code. so that the ground plug is on the top, if a plug is not all the way in and something falls onto it contact is made with the ground not the power.

  16. curtis bird
    curtis bird09-21-2012

    “He will end up a fur seal not Navy. An Eskimo will be betting the shit out of him with a Fungo bat.”

    Spit coffee on my dash on the way to work!

    Love Ray too. good shit.

  17. Ninja

    Ray seems so cool. I would love to go to a party and get wild with him. He’s so down to earth considering Adam rides his a** 25/10

  18. Big WIll
    Big WIll09-21-2012

    I pre ordered my 6 pack of Mangria

  19. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-21-2012

    So Adam complains endlessly that his father did nothing for him and he had to pull himself by his own boot straps, yet the key problem within the black community is fathers doing nothing to help their children…huh?!

    Also, I love it when Ray comes in the studio and royally fucks with Adam.

    • Slibinz

      There’s no contradiction there. Adam’s father didn’t help him, and thus Adam was forced to help himself. When black fathers don’t help their children, their children have to help themselves. Adam himself has said that if he’d never have met and become friends with Jimmy Kimmel, he’d probably still be working construction.

  20. Steve

    The black men are going to write this wrong. Because they are illiterate apparently.

    • Chris

      the black men write it wrong because they are hungry and their $200 Nikes have holes in them

  21. "Rhetorical Cocoon"
    "Rhetorical Cocoon"09-21-2012

    They need to come up with an intro theme song for the “What’s wrong with other races, and why whites are so much better then them” segment.

    • .

      Stats don’t lie. Whites, Asians, Indians, Jews etc. have a higher graduation rate and commit less crimes. U mad bro?

    • Sean

      Don’t shoot the messenger.

  22. Robert

    Who does the Ace on the House theme?

  23. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-21-2012

    Once went into a local health food store with the wife; she inquired about acidophilus only to have the short-haired middle-aged lady with bedazzled bifocals at the end of her nose exclaim, “You gotta YEAST INFECTION, HONEY?!!”

  24. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle09-21-2012


  25. JJ

    You should put a PAYPAL option on the Mangria site. Id love to order some.

    Great show as always.

  26. Danger Donkey
    Danger Donkey09-21-2012

    This was a funny, funny episode.

  27. mw

    Gina blows!

    • .

      …my cock.

      • mw

        You must be black, since she only does the Brothas

  28. goatfucker

    ray is an awesome sidekick to ace

  29. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle09-21-2012

    Trixie Tuzzini…good name for A’s V.

  30. Brian Livesay
    Brian Livesay09-21-2012

    Thanks for scratching at the truth Adam.

  31. Alan

    Does anyone else miss the days when Adam was funny? He spent 20 minutes screaming about how to cure the ills of the black community. Is he doing a political show or a comedy show? I don’t totally disagree with him, but it is ironic that an illiterate who made his money doing comedy in Hollywood thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room.

    Guess what Adam, people that make far less than you work just as hard as you because we unfortunately can’t all go into the entertainment industry. We need other professions too and, while a nurse clearly doesn’t provide a service as important as a rich narcissicistic illiterate comedian, they do work as many hours as you do and will never earn $2 million a year.

    • Straight Cash
      Straight Cash09-21-2012

      Uhh, is this a serious post? You know the jobs Adam had before hitting it big?

      • Alan

        Yes I do, and Adam frequently says jobs that make 50k a year are crappy jobs, but last time I checked we can’t all have the jobs of the 1%.

        In fact, I can’t believe you’re statement, if anything Adam should be the one respecting low paying hard jobs, but he doesn’t because he got his and now he’s the judge. It’s amazing he has the guts to call anyone but himself a narcissist.

        • Dr Awesome
          Dr Awesome09-21-2012

          Alan ^^^ 100% correct.

          The “$8 asshole in a windbreaker” that won’t make an exception for millionaire Ace is the narcissist. The guy DOING HIS JOB as his boss tells him is the narcissist. Not the guy that expects special treatment because he is rich. Yeah. Great logic, Ace.

    • ABM

      Nice to hear I not the one TIRED of the ace man tired his act it was funny for a while but these tirades are tiresome and there not funny and there NOT enlightening to anyone with above a high school diploma

  32. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III09-21-2012

    Only been listening for 6 or so months so never heard this newsgirl but she did a good job.

  33. biermaster_fl

    Aceman, my mother in law is a retired teacher from the inner city of Flint, Michigan and she has been saying this for years. I could not agree more with you. The problem all started when Grandma starting raising the boys. The Congressional Black Caucus is nothing more than the mouth piece for the modern plantation party (Democratic Party). I sure hope this stuff gets addressed as this is a tragedy and doesn’t need to happen.

  34. Grendel Jones
    Grendel Jones09-21-2012

    LOVED the rant on education. My mother was a teacher and parents not being involved with their child’s education was her number one complaint. Teachers can tell when a child has absentee parents. Teachers CANNOT do it on their own. Any parent who cares a lick about their child’s education would realize that in a class of 20-30 students there is no way a teacher can give each child the one-on-one attention that a parent can give. (In a six hour day that’s less than 20 minutes per day per student IF the teacher spent the entire day one-on-one with students and we all know they’re not doing that).

    Teachers teach to the group, so if a child can’t keep up with the group, it should be the parent’s role to get the child up to speed. If we make it the teachers responsibility to teach to the stragglers then ALL of the children end up being remedial and in my opinion that is a disservice to society. Throw non-English speaking children, children with emotional, learning and attention disorders into the mix and you start to get an idea why of schools are failing. Modern teachers are forced to spend the majority of their day tending to the stragglers while average and advanced students just kinda hang out and stagnate. Regardless of a child’s ability they need their parents involved. If parents spent just 15-30 minutes a day with their child they would more than double the attention a child gets and they would see a dramatic increase in their child’s abilities.

    Here’s what I found frightening. If only 52-53% of minorities graduate from high school and minorities are now the majority, then in just a few short years only half of our society will be educated. Scary. Good luck everyone.

    I’m also assuming there is a correlation between gainful employment and the ability to graduate from high school so how much longer until people on welfare outnumber people paying into welfare? Anyone else get the feeling we’re teetering on some kind of economic precipice?

    Adam I think we need to get a bloated government grant to research graduation rates of children from “whole” families vs. children from “broken” families. I found endless data on graduation rates of all of the different races, both pure and mixed races; graduation rates of males and females; graduation rates of gifted and talented children and zero data on graduation rates of children from single and two parent homes. Let’s put your theory to the test. I bet teachers would like to see that data as well- that’s why it’s not available- it would take the blame off of the teachers and put it on the parents.

    • Ken

      Good comments.

      The point ADAM misses is that POVERTY and SINGLE PARENT HOMES are the leading indicator for High School Graduation Rates.



      Also the Obama’s do not have their children in public school.

      RICH people have more options and POORER people have less options.

      Thank you

      • Grendel Jones
        Grendel Jones09-24-2012

        Poverty is correlated to single parent/ single income homes. I do not believe poverty ON IT’S OWN indicates a child’s ability to graduate high school. Yes, wealth affords benefits especially if we want to consider collegiate enterprises; but let’s keep the discussion to publc (aka average) schools since public schools are what feed our workforce and where the statistics came from. The Obamas with their imense wealth, private schools, intact family structure and clearly invested in their children can sit on the sideline for this one. They are not part of the 48% that are failing in the public.

        We live in a society that PROVIDES educational opportunity to underprivileged children. They may have to work at it a little harder at it but the opportunity is there. Our society does not however enforce family structure and therein lies the problem. I believe that was Adams main point (once you look past the racist element that was provided in the form of a “racist” statistic/fact about black graduation rates. Was it Adam who was racist or was it the facts that were racist? And can facts be racist? Do facts have opinions?)

        Case in point, my mother taught at the most affluent school in her district. The equation of parents investing or not investing time in their children applied regardless of race and wealth. I find it interesting that the non-whites in her school actually out-performed the whites in graduation rates. The flunkies were white and they came from disinterested families. The Black, Latino and Asian children had parents that invested in their children and therefore CREATED and EXPECTED success from their children. And the children rose to the occassion. That goes back to the other point Adam harks on endlessly- we need to set higher expectations of ourselves. To me a society where only half if it’s children will complete their education is a weak society. A society without goals and without ambitions and that’s where we appear to be heading.

  35. chuckie gorman
    chuckie gorman09-21-2012

    it’s really creepy hearing him talk about black people in such derogatory terms.

    • .

      It creeps you out that somebody actually has the balls to discuss the elephant in the room? What’s wrong? White people are forbidden to discuss black problems?

      • chuckie gorman
        chuckie gorman09-21-2012

        it starts to get a little tiresome is all. this is not exactly the first time he’s said this exact same speech about black fathers.
        i don’t think adam’s a racist, but i could certainly see a lot of racists listening to this rant and nodding their heads in approval.

      • Ken

        Hiding behind “Humor” as an excuse for using racial “slurs” does not cut it anymore.

        Ask the comedian from Seinfield Michael Richards how his “comedy career” is doing after his creepy “humor” got caught on tape at a comedy show.

        It was offensive and disgusting and it cleared the room of Black People.

        Offensive is as Offensive does.

        That is the point that Chuckie is making.

        GOOD DAY SIR!

      • Joseph Anton
        Joseph Anton09-22-2012

        Actually they’re not because the last time white people had any right to opinions about black people, they called them animals undeserving of sharing the same space as white folk.

    • Matt

      It’s not derogatory. He’s not saying that black people are inherently less than anyone else, but that there are obvious issues in the black communities that need to addressed. Instead, leaders of the black community tell us to focus on gov’t “solutions”.

  36. pragmaticone

    “White non-Latino” exists because thet are… (hold on to your hats)… such people as “White Latinos”. I know this rocks the world of navel-gazing, provincial, ignorant Anglo Americans. Latin America also got its share of immigration from Europe. Look it up!!

    • zero1media

      I always found those questionnaire options creepy. I am a brown Mexican, or I guess the closest would be: Native Indian or something like that. Apparently, I am supposed to answer that I am a White (non-American). How much sense does that make? Even though there are white people from South America, I’m guessing the brown ones outnumber the whiteys. When was the last time you met two white Mexicans at the same time?

  37. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    WTF… Enough with the political BS ranting on every freakn’ show!

    I don’t care if it is right or left its a big downer.

  38. Les

    Ace is always funny, but BB is stepping his game up. “One movie ticket, please.” Good times.

  39. Robert McAbee
    Robert McAbee09-21-2012

    Dear Adam,
    Collect the last dot in the blacks aren’t graduating. The parents need jobs. Better yet you need one job for one parent that pays enough and the second parent is at home.

    Can you dig it? Getting rid of import Tariffs was not smart. Pre Reagan average import Tariff 22% after Reagan lowers them average of 1.5%. Now our jobs are in China and we wonder what is wrong with the graduation rate. Connect the dots!

    • .

      That doesn’t explain why whites have a higher graduation rate than blacks. Are you implying that whites have some sort of unfair advantage?

  40. marty

    Ray cracks me up every time. The rants about the Black man abandoning his family is getting old….lots of really poor white people live in your country that make the poor black look good.

    • .

      Ray is awesome. However . . .
      The US Census declared that in 2010 15.1% of the general population lived in poverty:
      9.9% of all non-Hispanic white persons
      12.1% of all Asian persons
      26.6% of all Hispanic persons
      27.4% of all black persons
      Surely there must be more minorities in poverty because the white man is keeping them down, right? Maybe the government isn’t doing enough to help them? Pull your head out of your politically correct ass, retard. They need to focus on creating and maintaining a family unit. Without a father figure to instill discipline and guidance in the formative years, young black males will continue to fill up prisons across the country.

  41. chris

    that twitter chick is ugly.

    It is ok to be ugly but do not go around calling yourself hot lol

  42. Devbo

    Whoo hoo! Yeah! Love me some RAY!!!!

  43. Deckard 54
    Deckard 5409-21-2012

    Really Chet? Not one grain of truth or anything at all in Adam’s carefully reasoned argument? Backed by fact, listing other racial groups who just got here, not even speaking the language and yet they thrive.
    I guess if nobody outside the black community can even discuss it you have got your work cut out for you. Get busy. Start fixing.

  44. Fan

    Ace you bitching at Ray is way worse than anything he does, let him be. I love Ace’s friends but he gets super chippy. Thanks for the pod

  45. illy

    Adam should read “The New Jim Crow.” He is against the war on drugs. The book shows how the war on drugs targets the cities and therefore minorities. This has led to mass incarceration: thus creating a huge group of people that are felons or in jail. This then makes these people unable to get a job, get government assistance (something Adam had as a kid – and who is now literally a millionaire), and has therefore broken up minority families.

    Adam prefers to take the racist route and thinks that blacks are just inherently inferior and that is their problem. That is racism in it finest in america. Rather than use facts or empirical data to support his points, he takes an article and thinks with his gut.

    • Joe

      You’re so wrong. 72% of black kids come from fatherless families.

      * 63 percent of youth suicides are from fatherless homes
      * 90 percent of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes
      * 85 percent of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes
      * 80 percent of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes
      * 71 percent of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes
      * 75 percent of all adolescent patients in chemical-abuse centers come from fatherless homes
      * 85 percent of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes

      • illy

        Typical. I never said black kids dont come fatherless families. I was stating the reason why this occurs. Adam’s arguement is basically that black people just cant get their s. together enough to raise a family right and stick around. This is racist and not true. Im sure your figures are correct, but they dont explain why african americans have so many fatherless families.

        My arguement is backed with facts: the war on drugs have targeted the inner cities -> this leads to an emphasis on jailing and arresting minorities. Specifically, black and latino males. Once you’re in jail – your family is now fatherless. Once you cant get access to government programs because you’re a felon – you have no access to public housing, and therefore you cannot live in government subsidized housing (if your family was living there). Once youre a felon, you cannot get a job, thus continuing the poverty cycle. These are clear examples of how and why urban minority families have been broken up.

        So, how am i so wrong?

        • JoeMoeTokyo

          Make your argument but don’t misrepresent the stance of others. That’s the cheapest and lowest form of debate. You say:

          “Adam prefers to take the racist route and thinks that blacks are just inherently inferior and that is their problem.”

          He never said anything even remotely resembling this and accusing him of it shows a lack of intellectual integrity.

          I agree with you on the drug war and its effects. But that’s not what Adam is talking about. Are the guys in prison for drugs (black, white, and other) all just frustrated dads who would be helping to raise and educate the kids if they weren’t locked up? No. Millions are splitting on their kids and the mothers and then repeating it with others (the mothers should share the blame for such choices).

          You might be right about the historical roots of the problem, but Adam is correct that politicians, reporters (Ms. Maudlin), and regular citizens are afraid to say it. And the first step to solving it is correctly diagnose the problem. Attributing it to a lack of social workers as the news reporter did is perpetuating the problem.

        • Grendel Jones
          Grendel Jones09-24-2012

          How does the war on drugs target minorities when drug use and distribution is a choice? If you don’t want to go to jail and throw your family into the spiraling abyss of unemployment and lack of government housing don’t commit the crimes. These are self-imposed hurdles.

          Give meth another 20 years and I’m sure whites will have a better showing in prisons. Meth is consumed primarily by whites. Same rules apply. Do drugs, commit crimes, go to prison.

      • Chris

        And 71% of teen pregnancies come from fatherless homes. And that translates into the tax payers covering the bill for birth, for food and for a home for these women and kids. That, however, does not explain the high teen pregnancy rate in the mexican population, that’s a whole different dynamic

    • .

      ~ “The war on drugs targets the cities and therefore minorities. This has led to mass incarceration: thus creating a huge group of people that are felons or in jail.” ~
      If you’re looking to bust people for drugs, why wouldn’t you go to the cities where more people in general are? It’s not like the D.E.A. has it out for blacks and Mexicans. If minorities (or anyone) don’t want to get busted for drugs, then don’t use them. Nobody is forced to use drugs.
      ~ “Adam prefers to take the racist route and thinks that blacks are just inherently inferior and that is their problem. That is racism in it finest in america. Rather than use facts or empirical data to support his points, he takes an article and thinks with his gut.” ~
      Certain problems are way more prevalent in the black community and addressing that does not imply that they are inferior as a whole. Stating the truth is not racist. There’s plenty of data to support that blacks have a lower graduation rate and commit more crimes. Now go on and put your head back in the sand, retard…

      • illy

        Second time around. I am not arguing that more crime doesnt occur in the african american community. Im not arguing that community doesnt have a problem with fathers not being around. I am also not arguing that we shouldnt address these problems. Im not arguing that their graduation rates arent lower than other racial groups in america. The question is: why does this occur?

        Im arguing why this occurs. Which you did not address. Why do you think it occurs? Because black people just have a society of people who dont care about family? Theyre just inferior to other races when it comes to raising a family?

        Your correct in stating that no one is forced to use drugs. However, mandatory pat downs occur in african american ubran communities. Poor schools in the city have police officers in them. The poor do not get good legal council and therefore get longer and harsher sentencing.

        Your also right that the DEA doesnt have it out for them. They go for the low hanging fruit. The poor. The uneduated. The areas they know have the problems. They target these areas because it gives mayors and police departments easy numbers on arrests made.

        Im a retard? Your’e arguing against a point I never made. You’re also not offering any ways to solve the problem. Do you think the war on drugs is a good thing? Do you think privately ran prisons are a good thing?

        • Ken

          Good Comments Illy.

          Well said.

          Adam will not concede that poverty is more of a factor when discussing he High School Graduation rate versus race.

          If Adam looked at household income and graduation rates – I believe that it would correlate that lower income children have a tougher time graduating – regardless of race.

          Adam’s WHITEY GPA is shocking and Ray’s attendance record would not fly today.

          Take Careful everybody.

        • Sean

          This problem existed before the “war on drugs”. And the harsh penalties related to crack cocaine resulted from the insane levels of violence in the black communities associated with crack, which is why the loudest voices calling for tougher penalties were black politicians. They sounded something like this, “This wouldn’t be tolerated in WHITE communities. Do something!”

          • illy

            It indeed did exist before the war on drugs: because of slavery, Jim Crow laws, and allowing employers to discriminate and not hire minorities. The war on drugs started in 1971. You’re correct about the rediculous legislation in the 80s, but it started in the 70s – right after the civil rights movement and the repeal of Jim Crow.

  46. Lyman DYKE
    Lyman DYKE09-21-2012

    DAMN Adam if you listen
    Maudlin is only reporting what the teachers told her.

    • DefNottaJew

      If you haven’t noticed, Adam rarely stops talking long enough to listen and when someone else does talk he often interrupts or tries to interrupt because he’s already moved on to his next coment. So listening maybe not the Ace Man’s strong suit…

  47. Edna's Edibles
    Edna's Edibles09-21-2012

    Although Adam, and alot of you here are correct about the importance of the father’s role in today’s black family, it’s a little insensitive to completely ignore the root cause. Slavery in the United States is what?, maybe 5 or 6 generations removed? Might take more than a couple hundred years to completely resolve the repercussions of our shared history. Black families were VIOLENTLY torn apart — unlike Adam’s cherished Asian and Jewish families, they did not move to this country intact, with savings, and a support system waiting to cheer them on. I do hear your points on moving forward today but can we at least recognize the narrative?

    • .

      How long will blacks keep using slavery as an excuse? Get over it! YOU WERE NEVER A SLAVE AND NO WHITE PERSON ALIVE TODAY OWNED SLAVES.

      • Edna's Edibles
        Edna's Edibles09-21-2012

        see “repercussions” above… look it up and try to wrap your head around it.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running09-22-2012

      Please. Virtually ever ethnic group has been enslaved at some point in history. Slavery doesn’t tend to retard those groups for century after century. Everyone bounces back according to their own abilities, and that has little to do with whether or not Daddy sticks around or not.

    • JoeMoeTokyo

      Good point. Would you say the same thing for the welfare state set up in the Great Society initiatives of the 60’s, which incentivized single parenthood?

      I never heard Adam disagree with your statement about slavery, except he often says that dwelling on the past as an excuse is destructive. The key is to not misdiagnose the disease (hunger, etc.) and prescribe fales cures (more social workers, etc.). I think what Adam feels is that there should be more societal pressure on poor men (of all races) to help raise the kids and more pressure on the women to stop selecting to have children with these men who are so unlikely to help raise the kids. That’s why he’s into naming and shaming. I think he’s right. That is how the world works. Having important people publicly stating the problem and putting pressure on the people themselves would not end the problem, but it would be a turning point.

      This is tough for liberals and conservatives. Conservatives don’t want to allow birth control and abortion. Liberals don’t want welfare reform and can’t tolerate any talk about cultural differences. Conservatives insist on fighting the war on drugs while liberals think they can solve the problems with bigger budgets for teachers unions and social workers. The result is that the black community is f&%# ed, but then so are the rest of us eventually since it’s our own society as a whole that suffers the consequences.

      • reb

        “except he often says that dwelling on the past as an excuse is destructive”

        and then segues into the standard talking points about his passive, mediocre family

  48. .

    Gotta say . . . This was one of my favorite shows in a LONG time. It’s always hilarious when Ray is on and the Super Troopers guy was pretty chill. GET IT ON
    I know they have the Ace on The House podcast, but Ray should make more appearances on the main show. Dameshek and Wild should get in a car and drive off a cliff.

  49. Jake Carleson
    Jake Carleson09-21-2012

    Ray is awesome. I love how he knows exactly how to push Adam’s buttons to get him totally flustered and losing his shit.

  50. Blah Blah Blog
    Blah Blah Blog09-21-2012

    Ace can read just fine. He read several times on the old radio show. He once read a fairly long review of The Man Show, the one where he was called the “braying sports guy”. The “I can barely read” stuff is just his comic schtick.

    • Ken

      ADAM is functionally illiterate.

      He has an assistant write for him. This was true at the Man Show.

      Mike Lynch was his co-author for his other books.

      It is not mean’t to be an insult but a statement of fact.

    • Sean

      One cannot be as quick and witty as Carolla and not also be highly intelligent. They just don’t agree with his opinions; therefore, he’s stupid. It’s a lefty thing.

  51. Bobafet

    Wow, Ray was an incredible douche bag this episode and completely annoying. Had to stop listening about half way through. Less Ray please.

    • Chris

      quit being a big fat pussy. Ray is an old german hard working shithead, and he’ll be on again, so shut the fuck up. He’s hilarious, and a crazy fucker

  52. Brian in New Orleans
    Brian in New Orleans09-21-2012

    Turned it off 11 mins in. Ray being a dick simply to be a dick isn’t funny, It’s annoying.

  53. dolantrack

    “God bless you for buying my wine”-coming from a diehard atheist?? Whatever it takes, huh adam? I’m just saying…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

    • .

      Really? He has to refrain from using that common expression just because he’s an atheist? Do you want him to stop saying bless you when people sneeze?

  54. Steve

    Bring back Alison!

  55. Big E
    Big E09-21-2012

    Seriously, Ray pissed on everyone he saw and no one cracked his skull open? What a pinhead. I grew up in the Valley the same time as Adam and Ray… my friends and I weren’t pissing on each other.

  56. swingset

    I know Adam is right about the black community, if for no other reason than reading the liberal white-apologists who come unglued when he speaks on this issue. There’s something inherently racist about the way liberals see the black community – incapable of doing for themselves or acting on their own behalf, or bettering themselves without handouts or free money. That paternalism is grossly more offensive than seeing blacks as perfectly capable of rising out of their malaise, yet unwilling to do so. Liberals are often exactly what they accuse others of being. Bigots, namely.

    • Alan

      You’re right of course. Because some liberals get upset that means Adam’s right. You’re point is well reasoned and takes into account hundreds of years of ideology, economics, and politics. You clearly graduated from an Ivy League College. Here here!!!

      • Joey

        When Adam compares Jewish-American and Asian-American cultures with the African-American culture, he ignores basic historical facts. Even if we ignore all the other biases and shit that the black community deals with to this day – They didn’t even have access to desegregated education until the 60’s. It takes at least a couple of generations to instill this value of education. What’s his solution again? Cum on the tits?

        Bottom line, this podcast is becoming unfunny very quickly.

        • Slibinz

          No fucktard, his solution is to have fathers be actual fathers, instead of “baby daddies”. It doesn’t matter what race you are or what your races’ past is, when families stay intact, children are more likely to succeed.

  57. ADH442

    Aceman- Leykis is calling you out again this afternoon. I think it would be podcast gold if he was a guest on your show or vice versa.

  58. Reyna

    I just realized why this podcast is starting grate my nerves. There is no joy in being listening to someone that is always complaining either about his life, his childhood or how jacked someone elses life might be. You gotta let that stuff go! I am going to find one that focuses on the positive, if I want to listen to someone complain, beeeach and moan (yes, I spelled it that way intentionally)….I will call my sister!

    • Roger

      Luckily you will not be out of pocket any money when you cease listening.

  59. bix

    Can Mangria be smuggled into Pennsylvania?

  60. slick

    Adam and white like him love to play the race card.They like to focus on “black problems” to take the focus off of pathologies among whites in this country. This is an OLD tactic

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running09-22-2012

      13% of the population accounts for 52% of all murders in this country. That defines pathology.

      Once you’re done absorbing that you can look into what Saint Mandela and his ANC is doing to white farmers in South Africa. According to Genocide Watch, Afrikaners are being ethnically cleansed from the very country they founded, and all with the tacit (and sometimes more than tacit) consent of the government there.

  61. JC

    Gina Grad was OK, but i realized today that Alison is a huge part of why I listen. And if Ray is on more often he’ll be a huge part of why I stop listening.

    • AJ

      Nailed it!

  62. Ivan

    Awesome show. Ray is classic. Love how he busts Adam’s balls.

  63. Fred

    So is Mangria ever going to be sold in stores? Every time someone brings that up, Adam changes the conversation.

  64. AMT

    Bald’s Cherry Pie drop during Trixie’s call was MONEY!!

  65. DrClown

    paying to shave another man’s ass is totally hetero.

  66. Norm Walker
    Norm Walker09-22-2012

    I could not agree more with Adam. I have two small kids that are now in school. The messed up trouble maker kids more often then not come from families that are not together . Adam is correct someone in the Black community needs to start talking about the importance of families and what it means for our society.

  67. ZipItTwat

    I seem to remember Dr. Bill Cosby making a speech about black men not raising their children and that is destroying the black community and he’s been treated like a pariah ever since.

    I also remember another famous black man, our president make a plea to the youngsters of America to get their parents engaged in their education. That it is the kids job to do well and the kids need to talk to their parents about what they are doing if the parents aren’t asking. It was a great speech, too bad most of the schools were not allowed to play it because bourgeoisie parents were appalled that the democratic black man dared to speak to their children and tell them what to do.

    I agree with the premise but I don’t agree that there is NOBODY talking about it. Romney sure won’t.

  68. Bobby

    Adam is dead right about the black family. Go look up the rate of intact black families BEFORE the nanny state kicked into high gear with LBJ’s “Great Society”. In 1950 only 9% of black families that had children were headed by a single parent. That’s right, 9%. In 1959 only 2% of black children were reared in households in which the mother never married. Today it is 60%. The relatively recent destruction of the black family was set in motion by the policies and teachings of the left, which for decades have encouraged blacks to view themselves as outcasts from a hostile American society; to identify themselves as perpetual victims who are entitled to compensatory privileges in a land where discrimination would otherwise run rampant. It’s part of the left’s overall hideous and destructive strategy to divide the American people, foment class warfare, in order to empower nanny state “benevolent” government at the direct expense of our individual liberty & freedom. Based on their profound understanding of history and human nature, our founders constructed a brilliant document designed (when followed as the supreme law of the land) to protect above all, our sacred individual liberty & freedom. I say again that Adam is precisely right.

  69. Bobby

    Can’t get enough of Ray & Adam going at it, but I think old Ray would take alot less crap off of his buddy if he (Ray) was sitting on a pile of money. I don’t hear Ray bringing the proceedings to a halt and then telling Adam to “shut the f*** up”. In my humble opinion Adam takes a little more verbal license with Ray because of his wealthy celebrity status. I still love listening to them.

  70. Permanent

    Here’s hoping the moving emergency takes about five years.

  71. SamuelJH

    -Without structure and discipline chaos reins supreme-
    Thank you.

  72. Brian

    Dr. Drew in the hizee!!

  73. Dick Face
    Dick Face09-24-2012

    That’s because every government form requires Latino’s to check the Hispanic ethnicity box and the white race box, so i guess they consider us white…eww!

  74. SE

    The shows with Ray are THE BEST!!

  75. Just Me
    Just Me09-24-2012

    Sure it’s incredibly low-brow of me, but Jay doing his Dad’s Indian accent lays me away the most.

    This pod fires on all cylinders.

  76. ross

    So Adam has a black guest on his live show, and does a decent job being generally civil and non-racist towards him (doesn’t constantly point out his race and make black guy jokes, which he does with most other “different” guests). Bravo.

    But how does he make up for it the next day? Why of course by spending the first 30 minutes of the podcast spewing thinly veiled racism! I’m not denying the black community certainly has a shitload of problems, but you can’t sit there and blame only them while completely ignoring the racist history of the U.S. and even current racism that still goes on in this country.

    Simmons was right, Carolla’s turning into Glen Beck, only less educated and more racist.

  77. Zach

    He’s way off base with “Family Affair” by Sly & the Family Stone. That song is a great, groovy song. Adam puts too much emphasis on how good the words are because of his gay love John Hiatt. Too bad Hiatt’s music isn’t very good.

  78. jah

    Ray seems like such a douchebag…but the dude from broken lizard is always a great podcast guest…great show

    as for adams seen as racist in the eyes of many rant….if you think what he said is untrue you’re living in lala land.

    The black community needs to get on the same page…there are those who are trying..but there are also those who LIVE the stereotype and gladly wait for government handouts while in turn blaming the government conspiracy against them. I think there’s some truth that the government likes the poor to continue to suckle at their teat…but people need to realize they CAN pull themselves past that….they don’t have to allow themselves to be victims..

    But anywho..great episode! Always great when the guest talks for more than 4 minutes and they get to talk about something…and when they add to the show rather than make us wonder…there was a guest why exactly?


  79. moviejunkie

    One of my favorite recent shows!

    Ray and Adam were hilarious! I LOVE Gina Grad, it was great to have her back (as much as I like Becky Honkington… love that drop). And Jay is always hilarious! He did one of my favorite bits of all time a couple of years ago when he did the “Glass Bottom Boat” bit with Adam. That was comic gold. And every time he imitates his dad, it always cracks me up.

  80. Brett

    ACE could just leave off the whole tired unfunny black dad thing and go right to Ray. Ray and ACE never get old.

  81. Elle

    Ok Adam, gotta agree/disagree with you on something you talked about this show. My dad passed away when I was 5 (I’m 34 now). No way to control that. I don’t remember any father/daughter events but I may have unknowingly been sheltered from that stuff. It sucked not having a dad, but I didn’t get it thrown in my face either, nor did I complain to others about it. I just didn’t participate, no big deal.
    I think point of this more so is the people with 2 dads or 2 moms, that’s the real issue.

  82. Adrian

    ( . )( . )

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