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Adam opens the show discussing the charity event he participated in this weekend, and the cranky couple sitting in the front row. He also chats about seeing his kids’ baseball game over the weekend, and trying to get them and their muddy sports equipment into the super expensive car he’s driving. Later, the gang checks out their Megan’s Law statistics to see which staff member has the most sex offenders living nearby.

Adam then jumps to the phones and talks to a caller about whether or not he’d ever use his family for a Reality TV show. After the break, Adam hears an original Dick Banks song about his Passion Fruit Allergy campaign, and welcomes Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller to the studio. The guys chat about his training regiment, getting in trouble with PETA, and the new documentary about a day in the life of an MMA fighter.

In the news, more details were released about the contents of Whitney Houston’s system at the time of her death. The gang also talks about March Madness, and Jimmy Kimmel hosting the upcoming Emmys. Also in the news, Twitter is celebrating its sixth birthday, and Adam recalls some of the great Kimmel pranks from throughout the years. The show wraps up with a discussion of ultraviolent PG-13 movies, and kids camped out for The Hunger Games.


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Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Katie


    Love you all! Can’t wait to see you at the show April 28th!


    • Raymond

      Wow! Pretty cool pictures Katie.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-28-2012

      Keep ’em coming.

  2. Silent Running
    Silent Running03-27-2012

    Ugh, this motor-mouthed douchenozzle again?

  3. ran

    was he in the airborne?

    • John

      No. He grew up in Fayetteville, NC right next to Ft. Bragg, home of the airborne.

    • matt

      You can buy that shirt at Target. I have one myself.


  4. Micah

    Mayhem’s a funny dude. Good mix with the gang. Oh, and Tiffany’s call was fantastic, also.

  5. AngelAdamFan

    can’t download get a pop-up error message, guess I have to listen to older podcast to get my Adam fix.

  6. TS

    Looking forward to this one, Mayhem Miller usually brings it pretty hard.

    Speaking of which, Same Name game- Mayhem Miller and Larry Miller.

    • Max

      Larry miller, Larry the Cable guy. beat that one.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle03-28-2012

        Larry the Cable Guy, Larry the Lobster.

  7. Dan Carrol
    Dan Carrol03-27-2012

    The caller that asked the question about you being on a reality show was a good question. I agree that I don’t like the kids being involved, but I think this is a great chance for another Adam Carolla Project!!

  8. mia

    hi adam- i have a suggestion for your sleep temperature problem with your wife. Get an electric mattress pad. It is just like an electric blanket but the heat comes from bellow (it sits under your bottom sheet). The big plus is that you an individually control the temps on each side of the bed so if Lynette wants to roast you can keep your side cool. Best of luck!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-28-2012

      Adam doesn’t read.

  9. Marv

    Love Mayhem. A bit over the top but a humble fighter and a nice guy.

  10. Dervorbote

    I love that Adam essentially called everyone who’s eats Subway a retard and still gets them as a sponsor.

    • Listener

      Maybe a defensive move on their part?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-28-2012

      Haven’t we gone over this ad nauseam.

  11. Dan

    enough with the bro-homo UFC stuff… It’s for the energy drink chugging, robot sex music listening tards.

    • Aaron

      You got your ass kicked a ton in high school, didn’t you?

      • Marc

        Yeah but still

  12. Marv

    “Elbow up” is the worst possible thing you can teach a kid and it’s the number one thing I hear from know-nothing parents. And by the way, it’s damn near impossible to swing level with your elbow up.

  13. Scott

    Jason Miller is doing his best DAG impression.

  14. Coolio

    Mayhem Miller – you have a lot of nerve calling out Dalloway when you turned in one of the worst UFC performances every against Bisping. You looked like a bullied and beaten child. You embarrassed yourself that night and you continue to do so with your “doesn’t belong in there with me” comments.

    • Avery

      My thoughts exactly. I hope Dolloway fucking retires Miller.

  15. red from pdx
    red from pdx03-27-2012

    I remember Mayhem being a good guest, but this was amazing. Between the black lady fan’s call and Mayhem, i was laughing so I hard i was crying. Mayhem is a bright guy with a great sense of humor, i figured to do the PSA’s immediately w/ no direction. Well done, again!

    • red from pdx
      red from pdx03-27-2012

      excuse me, *he figured…

  16. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee03-27-2012

    Sweep his leg…

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-28-2012

      Get him a body bag!

  17. Alex

    That caller was awesome you should have her fill in for Allison if she needs a break or something.

  18. Ryan

    Oh god, this guy? Mayem has the worst voice I’ve ever heard, it sounds like he’s got a tennis ball size of spit just splashing around in his mouth.

  19. Ross

    Mayhem Miller looks like a jacked retarded Daryl Sabara, haha.

  20. OvieTheGr8

    Adam goading Alison into saying “Fuck me bro” so Bald Bryan could get the drop was spectacular. Even though I knew it was coming, I still almost spit my coffee out laughing. Great work Ace!

    • Nick

      Is it just me, or was anybody else kinda turned on by that? /weirdboner

      • Dano

        Big time

      • Ed

        I masturbated.

      • buckets

        I came buckets.

  21. kid_ugly

    Miller’s versions of “The More You Know” were fucking awesome

  22. Janet

    Oh Tiffany, Great Idea, maybe just a 2 hour special. I would love to see Lynette’s expressions as Adam rants!

  23. Roy

    harbor freight is the greatest place on earth

  24. Brian Doe
    Brian Doe03-27-2012

    Please pass along a big thank you to Adam for his efforts Sunday night. if I had known he was headlining, I would have flown in from Atlanta to take that front row seat. My niece has TSC and is alive today because of recent breakthroughs in treatment.

  25. MPG

    The whole “it’s a white comic, so let’s ignore him” thing goes on in the L.A. open mic scene every night. Th whites usually stick around for the black comics, but the black comics do a mass exodus when a white comic walks onto the stage– unless she is a blonde female. Sometimes when there is a blonde female I’ve seen them just sit there with their mouths agape and in a paralytic state.


  26. andy


    <3 Alison has been my best friend for a long time!

  27. Logic

    Meat head laughs at own jokes, hates women.

  28. Wilson King of Prussia
    Wilson King of Prussia03-27-2012

    How could Lynette get cold in bed next to a guy who blows hot air all the time? show of hands who want to nail Alison while Bald watches and does drops during it?

    • GOD

      * reluctantly raises hand *

  29. thedecade

    I wonder if a ‘stocker’ at Ralphs ever became a ‘stalker’ of Ralph’s.

  30. OC

    With all of Adam’s hatred toward LA he should consider moving up north (where his buddy Bruce Canepa lives)!

  31. joe

    mayhem reminds me bonaduce

  32. Ras

    Good job Dawson – I thought you were starting to sound flat and bored with some of the live reads but you did a good job with the Megan’s law bit.

  33. Ras

    Jason, was an awesome guest – I love that a guy can actual string together a sentence!!!!!

  34. BlahBlahBlog

    Remember when Adam used to be funny? Now he is just a bitter, foul mouthed blowhard. When did you start working blue? F this, F that, F, F, F. Lighten up, Francis. You are starting to sound like the stupid people that you used to rail against.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-28-2012

      Then stop listening.

  35. shmeckle

    10 days ago, Adam joked about a pilot going berzerk with his 747 and doing barrel rolls trying to evade mig fighter jets. Today, Jet Blue pilot loses his shit and goes bananas on the flight to Vegas. Adam is our eras Nostradamus. Fucking impressive.

  36. mnoswad1

    I get a kick outta Mayhem and Bully Beat Down, but in that picture he looks like a retarded human version of “Tickle Me Elmo”.

  37. Ilovealison

    Ugh MMA, rest of the show was good though.

  38. Jim

    More Mayhem!! Great episode.

  39. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana03-27-2012

    I have no respect for MMA because the most obvious defense is tickling.

  40. music

    what are the songs playing in the background during the Megan’s Law bit?

    I love it!

  41. Wil

    If you don’t know why Adam is a hypocrite for promoting Subway, you’re a fag.

  42. Sig

    Just going to note that most of you people here are complete bitches. Thank you.

  43. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III03-28-2012

    Black lady caller needs to have a job with ACE. She was asking for drops from Bryan…..I mean she was a great caller and director (producer I don’t know the term) at the same time!

  44. Matt H
    Matt H03-28-2012

    While Mayhem’s voice isn’t that easy to listen to (neither is Adam’s for that matter though) I have to give it to him for enthusiasm. The guy is a major fan just like us who if I remember correctly used to listen to Loveline to get to sleep when he lived in his car as a youth. For that reason alone I just can’t drink the Haterade when it comes to him.

  45. Riggz

    These UFC guys are all a bunch of idiots. Who cares what they have to say? Had to shut this off when this moron started talking. Would rather hear a podcast with Alison Rosen and Terresa talking over eachother and trying to be funny than another UFC guy.

    • Marv

      What a broad and overreaching ignorant statement. I care.

  46. Tracy

    More Mayhem, less DAG.

  47. Alex

    Mayhem is hilarious.

    • motoman

      1 more for mayhem! your funny as hell bud.couldnt get the podcast playing fast enough when i seen you were on it.ace you were funny as hell as always

  48. Later Rosen
    Later Rosen03-29-2012

    For Adam’s info, the reason new cars have air pressure “buffering” is because they have eliminated “flow through ventilation” at some point in the last 5-10 years. This is done in the interest of saving money and/or to make the car more air tight. This is one of those things that have been eliminated since most people don’t drive with the windows down anymore. However, those of us who live in climates where day time temps are between say 60-75 with lots of sun, we sure miss being able to run around with the windows down at highway speeds without a beating. Actually, buffering is a perfect example of RICH MAN, POOR MAN. Poor people have REALLY old cars with this problem, while new cars now have this again too.

  49. Mitch

    Jason & Adam were hilarious! I was laughing out loud in the car. Thanks for the great podcast.

  50. Marty

    I kept wondering if it was the host of bully beat down…he was funny and I enjoyed this show good job.

  51. Davey

    You know after watching him on TV I thought this guy was a douche but after hearing him here with Adam I realize he is actually a phenominal douche.

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