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As the show opens up, Adam talks about the wide media landscape, and how important it is for listeners of the podcast to spread the word about the show. He also rants about his morning radio tour, and discusses his recent appearance on The Talk. Later Adam takes a call from a listener looking for career advice, and goes on a tangent about autoerotic asphyxiation.

James Gunn enters the studio next, and talks with Adam about his new schoolgirl vs. zombie video game. Adam asks him about the process of writing the game, and James explains how hundreds of pages need to be written to cover every scenario. The guys then listen to a clip from Adam’s audiobook, and play a hilarious round of Made Up Movie.

Alison opens the news with the revelation that the Florida Face Eater was not on bath salts. The guys also talk about the upcoming Comedy Central Roast for Roseanne Barr, and Adam and James agree that Roseanne was in the right place at the right time for her career to take off. The gang then talks about an anti-cheating ring, which evolves into a larger conversation about how social media makes cheating nearly impossible. As the show wraps up, Adam rants about iced tea and gossipy restaurants.


Visit http://LollipopChainsaw.com for more info on James’ video game. Or you can get more info on the man at http://JamesGunn.com. His Twitter is @JamesGunn.

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Connard

    Absolutely love you Aceman but when you beak off about people not being prepared when interviewing you, there is a strong odor of hypocrisy given your track-record of how you handle many of your guests.

    • Melmel

      Yeah, I have a feeling Adam would probably agree with you if he thought about it.

    • Chris

      you’re retarded. they come his podcast knowing its bullshit time. theres no interview prep, no interview subject matter. If they have a book out Ace talks about it, or a movie out, Ace talks about it. Its not Larry King, it’s Adam Carolla. He treats his guests like a regular dude treats their guests, like a regular millionaire bullshitting a bullshitter

      • dog balls
        dog balls06-29-2012

        Yeah exactly! You can’t expect Adam to live by the same standards he sets for others! That’s why he set those standards…for OTHERS…not himself.

    • gendo1

      God. Stop trying to pull the inevitable wind out of our pirate ship sails.

    • Allison Sucks
      Allison Sucks06-28-2012

      Carolla is a d lister.

      • lodstudios

        what do you call a person who posts negative comments on a d list celeb’s page?

      • Matt

        I got no problem with that. He’s still entertaining.

    • setlasmon

      I don’t know what you’re talking about, Connard. the Aceman is ALWAYS prepared to talk about himself no matter who he has a a guest.

    • Ledgewood

      when youre right, you’re right.

    • tony

      True enough

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode06-28-2012

      “Proper Grammar?”, “Proper Dress?” and now “Proper Show Preparation?” I can’t wait to hear this one…

    • Dan Penny
      Dan Penny06-28-2012

      Love me some Aceman, but I gotta agree with you here.

    • Big T
      Big T06-28-2012

      He wasn’t really complaining about those not being prepared. He was complaining about those responsible for the logistics of setting up the interview not doing thier job correctly.

      • reb

        He was complaining about both

    • Dan

      You saved me a post. One suggestion: don’t invite beta male/female guests who are too p-whipped by Ace to comment. Reeks of hypocrisy, yet I can’t get enough.

    • Ben

      I agree.

    • Jason Belmonti
      Jason Belmonti06-28-2012

      I lyke videogames. ACE

    • thedecade

      Very true, much like the ‘I have no self esteem but get in a twist if my name is spelled wrong or someone at the front desk doesn’t recognize me to buzz me in’

    • Juliet Tyler
      Juliet Tyler06-29-2012


  2. Melmel

    Cool. James Gunn always has good energy when he’s on the show.

  3. Nick

    Your Zero Visibility idea sounds like it could be a video game.

  4. jw

    Alison: “I would’ve thought there was something left hanging in the air.” What a horrible beautiful remark–nicely done!!

  5. Buster Nuts
    Buster Nuts06-28-2012

    How do I find a podcast, I believe was from fall of 2011, where Adam does the bit where he’s the annoying strip club DJ but in this instance he keeps introducing Led Zeppelin songs but keeps getting the names wrong?

    God that was funny. Someone help me out please!

  6. Jorm_Valadez

    Already beat Chainsaw Lolipop, Suda51 did an excellent work once again. The writing was well done. Check out the game, it’s like nothing you’ve played before.

  7. Jorm_Valadez

    Lolipop Chainsaw* Ops!

  8. terrell

    Ace, Bryan, Allison- Another great show. I just had an idea that I think is great for you guys. You guys have been doing so well with your live shows and live podcast I think it may be time to make a movie. I mean if Larry the Cable Guy and Vince Vaughn can do tour movies, why not Ace Broadcasting?

    PS In know Adam doesn’t read so someone will have to read this to him.. I don’t really think Baby Doll is working hard for you. Every major money maker you’ve had over the last few years YOU came up with.

  9. Wally

    This was an inspiring podcast. If who ever your guest was has made a living being unfunny, untalented and pretty stupid. If this guy can make a living in hollywood, anyone can. I’m moving there tomorrow.

  10. Jeff

    I always enjoy hearing Ace’s life advice. In this episode, he talks about the benefits of getting out of the house, walking, and listening to audiobooks. It’s simple advice, but great advice. This sort of activity always makes me feel better when I’m down.

  11. Prawn Ornament
    Prawn Ornament06-28-2012

    Alison might be right about people tending to keep their hate to themselves. Adam may honestly harbor no ill will towards all the groups that he is said to offend…BUT as anyone in public relations knows – finding the untapped demographic gives you the opportunity to be crowned king and ride the wave of a movement. Does he really represent all the things his fans want him to? Not likely. Between Adam’s rants, riffs he is genuinely peeved and sometimes not at all. As much as Adam shits on “Where the Wild Things Are” he is kind of in the role of the main character(Max, who became leader of the wild things). A succinct and dark illustration of ‘be careful what you ask for’. I think Adam is fine leading an ‘angry(and arguably not-too-serious) parade’. I think there is a blurry line that is lost on people where it gets confused for the ‘hate parade’. I also think that if people can mistake what it is and fear it there are those that are also mistaken and love it.

  12. MC White
    MC White06-28-2012

    So glad you have this guy on. I love hearing from Videogame creators. I do smell a little hypocrisy, though, I bet you didn’t prepare for this interview (based on earlier comment.) Ruh Roh!!!

    PS, I really want to bang the lollipop girl in the videogame.

    • Miles L. Berman
      Miles L. Berman06-30-2012

      James has been on the show three times, he and Adam know each other, so your comment really doesn’t pertain to the situation. Secondly, he’s not a video game creator. He writes and directs movies. The video game thing is out of the ordinary for him.

  13. danaconda

    I was scrolling through the pictures of yesterdays podcast and literally EXACTLY as adam was saying “getting said unit into said hand of said DJ” I clicked on the picture of the dude turning the tower of Pisa into is cock. Pretty great magnet-y

  14. Cameron

    “Nicest guy in the World”. People would’ve said the same thing about Ted Bundy before he got found out. The guy died of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Clearly there was a certan level of douchebaggery present.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana06-28-2012

      Douchebaggery should be a dueling sport. Two men enter, one man leaves. Such is the nature of Douchebaggery.

    • reb

      “The guy died of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Clearly there was a certan level of douchebaggery present.”

      not so clear

  15. mark

    i lost some respect for ya ace. when you were talkin about the pick-up bball game and said the guy whipped the ball at you, and you brought up the, hey im your boss. wow!!!! you are a blowhard yourself. just realized it.

    • Matt

      I think he was being sarcastic.

    • RoyalDryness

      Actually the story was to illustrate how easygoing and not scary Adam was when he’s a person’s boss. It was more of a comment about him as the boss than the guy throwing the ball. Like, “how easy going a boss am I that this guy feels like he can get away with this behavior?” And the answer is, so easy going that he didn’t make a big deal of it or ever say anything.

  16. tom

    also funny to hear Adam rant about people always turning the conversation towards themselves. Pretty much every podcast the guests are under utilized while he dominates the conversation with experiences from his own life. FWIW, I love Adam and think he’s hilarious – and I can understand the need to fill airtime, but I would like to hear more from the guests.

    • Rachel

      Do you really listen to this podcast for the guests?

      Everyone knows the best Lovelines were episodes without guests.

      • dog balls
        dog balls06-29-2012

        I think he already said that he does. I might have to go back and re-read his post, but I’m pretty sure that’s what he said.

  17. ramon

    I’m a little disappointd the interview section of the show has been distilled to 7 minutes or so like you see on exactly every other type of traditional radio show.

  18. Ras

    It is funny that Adam is preaching not to lump people into a single group – but when he looks at a black. Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, etc it is ADAM that immediately lumps them into THEIR group. Which is it aceman? Also – since my comments have been censored a lot on this website -I wonder what my chances are this comment getting posted.

    • reb

      He makes jokes that play off stereotypes, which by their nature “lump” people into a specific set of traits. However, there’s every indication he doesn’t live his life that way. And he clearly doesn’t share your sensitivity to being “offended” when people merely say something, in jest, as opposed to actually doing something that embodies hate or truly believing in stereotypes.

      • dog balls
        dog balls06-29-2012

        Yeah exactly! You can’t expect Adam to live by the same standards he sets for others! That’s why he set those standards…for OTHERS…not himself.

    • RoyalDryness

      He lumps people for comedy. The joke is a lot less funny if you have to tag it with, “but that’s not all black people of course, a handful of black men stand by the mother of their children and are great fathers.”

  19. Fozman

    James Gunn is such a great guest. Engaged, funny and smart.

    But really, couldn’t take a better picture?

  20. Wang Wrangler
    Wang Wrangler06-28-2012

    So many of Adam’s problems would be solved if he didn’t live in L.A. In other cities people have REAL jobs and actually do them well.

  21. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode06-28-2012

    Now that you’re doing Bing commercials Bryan could pull the drop from the movie Groundhog Day where Ned, Ned Ryerson says BING! to Bill Murry, just saying…

  22. Jessica

    Great show. Great guest. Funny from beginning to end. I am surprised that the death of Rodney King hasn’t come up yet on the show. Especially since AC’s buddy Drew knew Rodney King well. Kinda wouldn’t mind knowing Adam’s thougts about that. Thanks Adam and crew. Keep up the good work.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana06-28-2012

      Rodney King was a symbol, powerful, like fast-food signage, red, yellow and greasy.

  23. medicinedog

    “Hard to breathe…” Fucking Bryan…

  24. Rachel

    To be fair, Dr. Drew said that he was only going off of the supposedly known facts. He wasn’t a doctor on the case.

  25. Kevin Rubio
    Kevin Rubio06-28-2012


    Am I the only one who sees the irony in you spending 20 min talking about how narcissistic Sarah Gilbert was for talking about herself on her show when you were there to plug your book, and 5 min into James Gunn’s visit to promote *his* project, you take time out to plug your book with an audio reading by you? Just say’n.

  26. John

    I love Myles L. Berman. He fought and won for me. Even more, his mustache is wonderful

  27. Brendon

    James Gunn. Surprise great guest. Jumps right into Made-Up Movie! Me Day, box-office gold!

    • reb

      yes; outstanding guest; quick and funny

  28. Berns

    What’s the name of the song you played for the Dave Chappelle made-up movie?

  29. zero1media

    Does anyone know who Adam is talking about, that bought it wanking off? For that matter, whatever happened to Adam’s assistant on the “Adam Carolla Project”? Because that’s who I thought of when the ACE Man said he attended the funeral of a former assistant.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana06-28-2012

      As a man, that’s not so terrifying to me.

      Yes, I could be reminiscing about all the good things I did, how I helped people, but I rather be wanking it (or actually doing it).

      You’ll understand this later.

    • TJ

      Ooohhhh, never thought about him. Very well could be.

  30. love@ilovealisonrosen.com

    this was the best in a lONG time.. me so funny…
    having creatives on during M>U>M is bery bery good!!


  31. Jasn

    WOW!! Just read all these posts, I listen to this podcast everday– You people take this shit way to seriously, just sayin–

  32. Felipe

    From BRAZIL.

    Hey Ace Man your podcast is the BEST you should have a TV SHOW like Jimmy Kimmel.

    Adam Stop beat of. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    Video record all your shows and put on youtube.

    Alison Rosen I LOVE YOU !!!

  33. Kyle X
    Kyle X06-28-2012

    Does anyone else agree James Gunn and Dave Dameshek sound EXACTLY ALIKE. Please play a clip of each of them to prove my point.

    • reb

      Damashek is far, far more affected and annoying

  34. Nick

    Oh come on! What is Adam doing?!

    First he goes off on a rant about how he’s going on The Talk, to talk about his book. And how it’s not about whats-her-name being a lesbian. Then he rants about morning DJs not being able to prep, in order to talk about his book. THEN, when Jame Gunn comes on the show, he proceeds to ask him a single question before moving on the a sound bit from his audio book. And what makes this even more egregious, is that the video game HAS interesting dialog. It would do his guest a service to play a clip from the game instead. Which can easily be obtained from it’s many trailers, and previews on youtube.

    I’m so disappointed. Adam’s behavior is far more narcissistic than anything he described in this episode.

  35. Min

    Really thought James Gunn ruined made up movie. He brought in a lot of negative kind of stuff. Really not a fan of James Gunn, I think everyone who is a guest on the shows knows what they are walking into. Big Fan of the show, adam, and the gang.

  36. Stan

    Please guys stop taking open phone line calls. It has screeched the show to a halt for 5-10 minute stretches again. They went away from it and it was great.

  37. Brian in New Orleans
    Brian in New Orleans06-28-2012

    Time for a hiatus. Had the day off and listened to 7:59 minutes of books-on-tape goodness. There was a story about the worst day of Aceman’s life, the worst two days of Aceman’s life and then worst week of Aceman’s life. All different, hours apart and totally unrelated. Oh, and did anyone know how rich the Aceman is? Then why keep reminding people that you aren’t really reading the book, yet you need 30,000 to 50,000 people to buy it and that they should go buy it for everything someone else wrote for you?

  38. Marco in England
    Marco in England06-29-2012

    Another annoying thing about the audio book is Adam says things like
    “you will read more about that later”
    It is an AUDIO book, so you will ‘hear’ things, not ‘read’ them.
    Surely he could have easily said ‘hear’ instead of ‘read’ when recording it.

  39. Matt

    This is a comedy podcast…reading 75% of these posts, freaking pathetic. Complain to your fucking therapist. You love Adam or you don’t, get off the high horse you think you rode in on and come down to earth. Get a fucking life and take your negativity elsewhere. When you make a million bucks then feel free to critique, until then keep to your fuckin self on your bug infested couch or floor you dumb retarded bums.

  40. Eggie Weggies
    Eggie Weggies06-30-2012

    Hey guys! New”s flash, Adam’s a hypocrite. Any one who takes him to task for the things he says would be pretty successful. But I can respect the fact that the guy does 90 minutes a day and 500k people listen to him so after a while you run out of things to say and say some pretty stupid shit.

  41. postalkim

    I kinda of getting tired of the same old stories from Adam.If I have to hear about airplanes, his childhood, his low self esteem, etc etc i am going to f in scream!!!!

  42. mj

    lens cleaner

  43. Matt


    Did the old “Matt” Die trying to suck himself off? Wassup with “Not a comfortable 2 hours”? Seems like a long time to prove the wonder years theory.


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