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The show opens up with the gang discussing the pros and cons of leftovers. Adam also tells more stories from the road, and tries to figure out if he was being a dick for correcting the people he was talking to. Later he rants about the new wave radio station and terrible cab conditions, and the guys listen to a sample of the new Showgirls commentary Adam taped with Dana Gould’s Huell Howser.

Adam welcomes Jakob Dylan and David Wild to the studio next, and the guys talk about the history of The Wallflowers. Adam also asks Jakob about the experience of being raised by his dad Bob, and Jakob talks about raising his own four sons. After choosing the songs of the week, Alison rolls through news stories about James Holmes, Jonah Lehrer, and the craziness surrounding Chick-Fil-A. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss the latest Westboro protest, reality TV shows, and an upcoming Pixar sequel.


Hear the return of the Wallflowers by pre-ordering ‘Glad All Over’ after clicking through our Amazon link. You can also visit http://JakobDylan.com, and follow the band on Twitter @TheWallflowers.

And don’t forget to help David Wild by following him on Twitter @WildAboutMusic.

This Week’s Songs

DAVID WILD: E – Shine It All On

JAKOB DYLAN: ZZ Top – My Mind Is Gone

ACEMAN: Lynyrd Skynyrd – You Got That Right

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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    VIVA LA RAZA07-30-2012

    So how many podcats now is this been with only white guests? 100?

    Why wont Adam have on any latinos, blacks, asens? Oh thats right he is a RACEST. This is why I listen to SModcast cuz it is more funny and not racest like the Adam Corolla racesm hour.

    • Brad

      I totally agree VIVA LA RAZA, he needs white people all the time. I bet most of the “asens” are working on his computers and we don’t want to hear from them. Just interesting people and less Hispanics are what we want.

    • Paul

      Dameshek, is that you?

      • DDameshek

        No, I’m right here.

      • Brother P-Touch
        Brother P-Touch07-31-2012

        Holy crap, that’s David Wild? He looks like Leguizamo from Spawn. He should change his name on Twitter to @WildAboutDonuts

    • Ian T
      Ian T07-31-2012

      ?Douche Extraordinaire?

    • Sergio

      Learn to spell before you complain you tard. Why do some people always have to bring race into everything .

      • misspell cuz u can
        misspell cuz u can07-31-2012

        some just don’t get it, you are one of the many here.

    • Choking Surfer
      Choking Surfer07-31-2012

      Does it also allow for horrible spelling and punctuation?

    • Yarms Bakersontonmantino
      Yarms Bakersontonmantino07-31-2012

      David Allen Grier, Alonzo Bodden and Mike Tyson have been on the podcast. Adam would have DAG on often if he were available. What about Ozzy? He’s one of Adam’s closest friends. Adam even gave him a leading role in his movie! What racist does that?

    • Boone

      Alonzo Bodden, DAG, LeVar Burton, Ice-T……Looks like somebody doesn’t really listen, hasn’t done the research or maybe they’re the RAC”I”ST. SModcast blows! GET IT ON!

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle08-01-2012

        Don’t forget JB Smoove.

        …I guess we all are trying to forget that episode.

    • Andrew King
      Andrew King07-31-2012

      Lavar Burton says hi

    • Not racist if it's true
      Not racist if it's true07-31-2012

      This show is not racest! I would never listen faithfully to a racest show. It is, however, very racist.

    • david

      In recent memory, David Allen Grier, Alonzo Bodin, Arsenio Hall. Now go troll somewhere else.

    • Steph

      I shouldn’t reply to your pathetic attempt to call out “racism” but I couldn’t help myself. Look at the past guests, learn how to spell, and get a life. Now, I’m going to listen to the PODCAT while eating some ASEN food, yum!

    • hash

      Yet, you leave a comment on the “adamcarolla” website? I like to think he’s an equal opportunity racist though. Good Stuff..

    • c

      because alonzo bowden, levar burton, DAG, wyatt cenac, ice-t, steve byrne, and nahnatchka khan aren’t minorities? and if you’re going to call someone a ‘racist’, at least spell it correctly.

    • Benjo

      12 podcasts ago he had Steve Byrne (asian). 18 ago was Alonzo Bodden (black). 21 ago Levar Burton (black). Shortly before that he had Wyatt Cenac and Ice-T (though not at once).

      He might still be racist but I don’t think you can say it’s because he has only white guests.

      Also, spelling is a thing.

      • Robert

        Now that you mention it, has anyone ever seen Wyatt Cenac and Ice-T in the same room? Say, you don’t think?…..nahhhh

    • PR

      you gonna post the same comment every day Mayor Vilar? Don’t you have a city to mismanage?

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running07-31-2012


    • adamsurewould


    • whitey

      Dude, before you submit a comment, especially a stupid one, you should really try spell-checking what you wrote.

    • Dustin

      Why are you on this message board? If you dont like the show, please stop listening. The word is spelled racist, not racest. Idiot.

    • Rrrrr

      Why don’t you go listen to a latino podcast. then you would be happy.

    • Scott

      Racist, you fucking idiot. If I was retarded and didn’t know how to spell I would google the word “racist” before I wrote it on a message board…..but then you wouldn’t be a retard.

    • GOD

      No ASENS!!!! Now that IS racist…. err RACEST!

      Someone didn’t take advantage of affirmative action when they were in “skool”.

      • Fab

        Funny sh!t God.

      • AnneCann

        NO…it’s a dumb white comment

    • Hugh G Rection
      Hugh G Rection07-31-2012

      ONE podcast in a row with white folks only. That’s fucking insane. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • donny obvious
      donny obvious07-31-2012

      You misspelled racist. Isn’t it kind of racist to have to try and make sure that there is an even amount of each race on a show? That means you are picking people because of their race. Smodcast doesn’t really have guests on it so that is a poor choice for comparison, and furthermore, Smodcast has never had any black guests on, so why are you not calling Kevin Smith “racest”? Oh, you also misspelled Asians.

    • Bitter_One

      Really? Wasn’t DAG on while they were in New York? Lavar Burton isn’t black enough?

    • Hugh G Rection
      Hugh G Rection07-31-2012

      I do have to admit that Adam has NEVER had a single Asen to the show. So he is actually anti-asen…

    • Evildead

      he does, david allen grier and levar burton were on a while ago

    • Piss

      You’re hip with the spelling and grammar, genius.

    • Sacto Aaron
      Sacto Aaron07-31-2012

      Remember…don’t feed the trolls.

    • liberalsRstupid

      Because WAY too many of them act exactly like you La idiot. What is it about Mexicans, you destroy your own country then come here and destroy ours… Nobody ever calls me a “dumb Englishman” now do they. Dont you wonder why La Idiot?

      • Adam's Hypocrisy
        Adam's Hypocrisy07-31-2012

        “liberalsRstupid”, you really need to stop saying that. Myself and at least one other person just called you a Dumb Englishman only 5 days ago.

        One more time…YOU ARE A DUMB ENGLISHMAN!!!!!!!

        Now STOP saying no one has ever called you that. They have, multiple times.

      • Dumb Englishman
        Dumb Englishman07-31-2012

        Hey, Dumb Englishman.

        Put me down! I’m down! Got to get it down!

    • wiley

      there’s always DAG… Adam’s token black friend

    • Dave

      He’s right. Adam is much faster than the dudes on SModcast.

    • what?!

      First, I suggest if you want to be taken seriously on a comment board, learn to spell, i.e. racist*…Asians*…racism*

      Second, isn’t actually more racist that you notice that kind of crap? Why don’t you grow up and move on?

    • milk was a bad choice
      milk was a bad choice07-31-2012

      is this post for real? if so, its very funny.

    • Ike Vandergraaf
      Ike Vandergraaf07-31-2012

      Nice spelling, lol. Way to prove your point.

    • donny obvious
      donny obvious07-31-2012

      Oh, and Ice-T was on the show in June, you dumb-ass.

    • Tony

      @VIVA LA RAZA Alonzo and DAG not too long ago. Also to notice that he has had mainly white people is racist within itself, I have never noticed what ethnicity the majority of guests are because I don’t look at the world that way.

    • Jesusgarza31

      I’m a Mexican American and I don’t consider Adam a racist! He is a comedian genius that has great points on life.

      You’re the racist Sir your part of a group that excludes other individuals that aren’t your race. I also believe that you’re silly to try to promote your lame podcast on Adams Website.

      Good Day Sir!!

      Good Day!

    • John

      Steve Byrne is Asian. He was on a week or two ago. Alonzo Bodden and LeVar Burton were also on at the beginning of the month. I’m pretty sure they are black. I’m not sure if you are a troll or an idiot…regardless, please learn how to spell.

    • ButSeriously

      * Racist *Asians *Racism *Carolla.
      If you actually listened to the podcast, you would know Dom Irrera, Wyatt Cenac, Lavar Burton, Ice-T and Steve Bryne have been on in just the last month. On top of the fact that David Allen Grier is a podcast regular….not that any of this means anything to you because you can’t fight stupid.

      • DonnySac

        Dom Irrera isn’t asian – he only looks asian.

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode07-31-2012

      Just tried to check out the SModcast but LA RAZ ASS spelled it incorrectly, “oh sweet irony!”

    • ramon

      amigo, you’re embarrassing me. You’re the racist for looking at peoples race as a qualifier for them being an interesting guest rather than their own merrits. That alone makes you more racist than the ace man. Also please, as a 1st generation mexican american, stop pushing forward a latino agenda, there’s bigger problems facing the community.

    • Graham Wellington
      Graham Wellington07-31-2012

      I agree. This show continues to be racest until it has someone like Dale Earnhardt Jr., Carl Edwards or Elliot Sadler on. Until then, racest show on the planet

    • Ryan

      Cleary this ‘Viva La Raza’ guy is a spoof of some kind. Pay his comments no mind….

    • Yak

      How did you figure out how to turn on your computer, you ignorant troll? I’m speechless, (which is why I had to type this).

    • Racest Asen
      Racest Asen07-31-2012

      This guy liked Cop Out and Jersey Girl I’m sure. The only show on Smodcast that’s entertaining is HBO and that’s because Ralph Garmin (Adam’s former roommate and still his friend) is funny. Too bad his humor never rubbed off on Kevin Smith…

      • Lauren

        Clerks was good and I saw another movie by that dude, but I don’t recall seeing any minorities in leads in any of those flicks…

        I don’t think it’s racist to believe that people should be encouraged to integrate and better themselves. In the US, no one is prevented from getting off their butts and working to make a good life for themselves.

        The anger comes from the shame of someone who realizes that they are the only ones that are holding themselves back.

        LA RAZA is an offensive and racist organization.

    • Indian

      I find it racist that the Ace-man does not make enough fun of my race

    • UnBald Brian
      UnBald Brian07-31-2012

      This tard is just trying to get a rise out of everyone as a ploy to get them to listen to his crappy pod. If he really doesn’t like the show and believes this he’d stop listening. So for that La Raza, go fuck yourself!

    • Devbo

      This MUST be Kev Smith…

      • Robert

        I’m fairly certain it’s Jakob Dylan. He was trying to hijack the discussion so everyone would forget what a turd he was on the show.

    • Kelsey

      Learn to spell “racist,” and we might take your complaints more seriously.

    • mushroom-destroyer

      he has had black asian and latino guests, you are a idiot

    • derrick

      Wanna talk about unfunny, Kevin Smith very unfunny, He brings nothing to the table.

    • Fab

      Maybe you listen to SModcast because your IQ is barely above room temperature.
      Learn how to spell idiot!

      BTW, I am a Brasilian… he cracks me up. GET IT ON!

    • cg

      This is an obvious goof. He does this for fun or to make some silly point, but it’s a goof. Ignore it suckers.

      • byhymen

        ding ding ding…..hook and bait….some of you tards get hooked to easily ….. when some of you tards where posting did you get the auto-correct???? Viva la raza was trolling and he hook some suckers.

    • john

      Alonzo Bodden, David Allen Greer, Steve Byrne…non-whites

    • Gary

      Yes, but shouldn’t people who don’t like latins, blacks, and asians have a podcast to listen to?

    • jpg

      Don’t be a sucker! “la raza” is obviously a troll and you all are quicker to react than a N.O.W. member at a GOP convention…

    • Noah Pology
      Noah Pology07-31-2012

      Adam is a proud RACEST. He RACEST his Datsuns all over California and talks about it often. Its no secret, we all know it and that’s why we listen.

    • Matt

      you can’t spell

    • Jesse

      As a self-appointed representative for marginalized groups, your inaccurate point could at least APPEAR a bit more legitimate if not riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. Aren’t browsers equipped with spell-check these days?

    • greg p
      greg p07-31-2012

      get a fuckin’ life kid

    • Darren Mcgrath
      Darren Mcgrath07-31-2012

      Don’t listen, and stay off the site to boot!

    • damien

      and what color is dag and alonzo bodden?

      and thats just the african americans.

      adam has a variety of guests.

      you sound like the one with race issues.

    • Sig

      Looks like none of you have a clue about what a troll is. Viva is so obviously trolling. You must all be mid 40’s soccer moms.

    • My 2 cents
      My 2 cents07-31-2012

      Yeah, that’s why this is the number one podcast. Eat it.

    • acer

      i like turtles

      • Quiet Monk
        Quiet Monk08-02-2012


    • Chris Cholak
      Chris Cholak07-31-2012

      You have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. Alonzo Bodden and DAG are practically regulars on this program. Not to mention that some of the past guests include Ice T,, Carlos Mencia, Natasha Leggerio, Gabriel Iglesias, John Leguizamo and Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele ..just to name a few. What you closed minded fools don’t understand is that Adam is so un-racist and un-biased that he doesn’t even consider factoring in booking his guests based on race. Only talent and RESPECT for them as an artist. Something neither of you gentlemen have ..nor I have for you. ….and on that note.. I say good day. to you…………………I SAID GOOD DAY!

      • elizabeth

        Thank GOD! Chris Cholak! MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: WHY……….. do these BOZO’s say crap that is sooo wrong and WHY the FLIP are they here!?? DOUCHES like these are the ONLY THING Adam is Racist against! What dumb fuckers! WIsh Podcast wasn’t r free the we could CUT LOSE the dead weight!

    • Bill

      I believe DAG is black…He takes over the show, you cant get rid of him….

    • weskanaloa

      Worst trolling attempt of the day.

    • Voiceover

      Not even close to true. He has Alonzo Bodden, David Allen Grier, Lavar Burton, Ice T, Arsenio Hall, etc…..al black the last time I checked. There are Latino and Asian guests as well. Yes most of his crowd and material appeals and happens to be more common with whites but that doesn’t mean anything. It certainly doesn’t mean he is racist. In comparison, Chris rock appeals to more black than white, George Lopez appeals to more Latino than black or white. I don’t think there is anything wrong with tailoring your material to the majority of the people that listen to you. You have to find a niche and stick to it to be successful. Adam is among the most genuine and honest people alive and we can all learn from it. Try to take an objective approach. Cheers!

    • kevin reed
      kevin reed08-01-2012

      good spelling viva smodcast moron.. i can understand that, kevin smith is hilarious! not.

    • June Igger
      June Igger08-02-2012

      He’s had a few, I guess he grew tired of sacrificing talent for political correctness.. he’res to another 100 white only guests

    • zaitz

      la raza isn’t racist in the least

  2. Dan

    Can someone post the timestamps when Wild enters / exits?

    • ALC

      Yeah, that would be so nice…

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode07-31-2012

      David Wild Enters Now and Exits Now, gow away David Wild Haters!

  3. vah jai nah
    vah jai nah07-30-2012

    david wild (thumbs down) and now i know how that buttplug looks like.

    one word. yuck.

    more alison please.

    i love her body so much, i actually think about it and stuff.


    • Caliber Winfield
      Caliber Winfield07-31-2012

      “I take it you’re a virgin”

    • Ledgewood

      OK you’re weird.

    • Andrew King
      Andrew King07-31-2012

      Creepy Post Award

    • zyzz

      zip it kunt

    • UnBald Brian
      UnBald Brian07-31-2012

      Creep of the week?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-31-2012

      Creep…creep..creep…of the week…of the week.

  4. 80s music
    80s music07-31-2012

    Stop putting your damn car on the 80’s shitty station already. You’re causing your own problem about an idiot programmer that’s not going to change for you. And they probably just play more duran duran to piss you off.

    Actually the let the bank vault come to me isn’t the perfect scam, playing duran duran and let assholes that tune into it every night knowing it bothers them.

  5. Paul

    This is by far the most boring episode I have ever listened to.

  6. Yeah

    The showgirls basic cable classic download is a bad file, dead air after 1:16:08. Please reload because it’s fucking hilarious. Dana Gould is a god damn genius. Ace, how could you not laugh throughout the entire show?? Well done, it’s already the best BBC and I haven’t even heard the whole thing!!

    Get it on!!

    • garysmith

      Where did you download it from? Was it off of our site or iTunes? Thanks for letting us know, this information will hopefully help us identify and solve the problem.

    • Yeah

      I downloaded it from itunes.

      • MC White
        MC White08-01-2012

        I hate iTunes, I did not use iTunes, used your site directly, Gary.

      • Yeah

        got the updated version. dana gould is awesome. “slut mouth, hooker with slutty lips!”

        “LAUNDRY RULES!” [philosophy of Mama Howser]

    • MC White
      MC White08-01-2012

      No, I listened the whole time yesterday and heard no dead air, Gary Smith. Showgirls commentary was fine for me.

      • Sam L Jackson
        Sam L Jackson08-06-2012


  7. Clarabell

    If you don’t like Adam and think he is a *racist (check your spelling) then why do you come to the site and bother either listening or commenting?

  8. Jake

    David wild is just a waste of my time

    • aarob

      lmfao so true

  9. The Hoss
    The Hoss07-31-2012

    An error occurred while playing this podcast. David Wild.

  10. Russ (Yea, Russ)
    Russ (Yea, Russ)07-31-2012

    Can we hear “Rio” by Duran Duran?

    • MC White
      MC White08-01-2012

      I have the entire album with Rio on my PSP.

  11. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent07-31-2012

    I see Adam loaned Jakob one of his shirts.

  12. john

    David Wilde seems like the greatest guy and is a great listen, but he has such an aggressively shitty taste in music.

  13. jeff

    whenever i used to take a cab with my friend, he would get in and say to the driver; “whatever it is that you are eating, put it away, it stinks.” funny every single time

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-31-2012

      Good stuff.

  14. Dan Carrol
    Dan Carrol07-31-2012

    Less David Wild, Less Sheck and WAY MORE DAG, Joel McHale and, here’s an idea, more ALISON ROSEN! She’s funny …why not let he talk a little more and tell Sheck to piss off. Where’s Kimmel? I know the guy is busy, but I’m sure he can take a hour out of every month to swing by.

    I can’t keep telling people about this podcast unless you give me a reason too. I love ya, Ace Man, but Sheck and Wild are not what I find interesting …at all…

    That’s just my feedback. Take it or leave it.

    • Kestrell


  15. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent07-31-2012

    Jesus…Jakob got just a tad defensive when Adam asked if his dad was affectionate: “Of course. Why would anyone think otherwise!” And speaking of rotten mouth breath: Bob Dylan! When a joke was made during the podcast, Jakob’s response: “Hmph.” This guy must be a thrill at parties.

    • MC White
      MC White08-01-2012

      No, I didn’t take it like he got defensive, I took it, like he couldn’t understand why the question would be asked. Maybe he never heard Adam rant about his Dad who is never affectionate, and the main reason why Adam was asking, not because Adam was very interested in Jakob’s father.

    • elizabeth

      ADAM!!!!!!!!!!! Jakob was a podcast GAFF! He is one fucked up b0ring fuck! EGO!! Hello?? I would screen these wanna be’s – before hand. BooHoo He almost Black night when asked about his daddy! What a VAGINA!

  16. James Beall
    James Beall07-31-2012

    yeah, not a fan of David Wild…I didnt realize he was so big!

    NOTE TO THE SHOW – less David Wild…you can still have him on the show just limit his time to the duration of his segment…his name dropping is the absolute worst!! I couldnt care less who he knows or who he has hung out with back in the 80s.

  17. sadpodcastlistener

    Slowly falling out of love with Adam. Seriously becoming too right-wing. I find myself having to read the summary prior to decide if I want to listen. More and more I find myself fast-forwarding through his podcast to bypass all of the right-wing nonsense.

    • Chad

      Adam isn’t all right wing–and I get what you mean. But I have to say, if this is where the right wing currently exists as a political party, look forward to the left being in control for a long time.

    • Dustin

      Nobody cares if you don’t like the podcast. What are you people expecting while posting your negative comments? Do you think you are going to listen to every second of every podcast, and agree with Adam on every topic? If so, you are insane. Please go listen to something else or maybe just eat rat poison. Your choice.

      • elizabeth

        DUSTIN! WHy why why are they here?? Are their churches closed during the week… Really!!
        This WHOLE ADAM boo-boo is this or that is … WHO the fuck cares! Go away. Turn the channel! Bye bye! And stop bringing your water guns to a shooting match!

    • Boohoo

      Wahh!!! Heaven forbid you risk exposure to common sense and reason. You’re as bad as Ace’s dad. Angry at the slightest intrusion of reality. Live in your dream world.

    • Steve

      now you know what the rest of us have to deal with when we turn on CNN, ABC, NBC or CBS. I sit there and think people couldn’t possibly be this retarded to believe this half of a news story.

  18. VIVA LA RAZA can suck a Chupacabra
    VIVA LA RAZA can suck a Chupacabra07-31-2012

    Viva La Raza, STFU and GTFO …. Alonzo Burton and Levar Burton were on the show not even 20 episodes ago.

    The only thing more appalling than your exhibited lack of intelligence (ie: Podcats .. is that like a lolcat?) is your non sequitur arguments.

    Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

    …. Yes, more Alison, she’s been too quiet the past 2 shows! She’s perfect in her looks and her humour!

    • byhymen

      you are a momo

  19. polkajunior

    Jakob dylan,…. not much of a talker huh

  20. Mister Lister
    Mister Lister07-31-2012

    “when the dignitary takes the tour of the meat processing plant”

  21. Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton07-31-2012

    Adam…you live in LA. You should listen to KCRW 89.9. The perfect music radio station.

  22. James Beall
    James Beall07-31-2012

    Ahhh Hell!!! Antonio Villaraigosa is gonna run for president!!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-31-2012

      Don’t worry, America would never elect a Hispanic president. That would be like Americans voting for a black president.

      …oh, crap.

    VIVA LA RAZA BLANCA07-31-2012

    Anyone wonder why the only music stars worth caring about appear when being chaperoned by Wild? Whats the deal with that? They’re just hanging out with Wild, but wouldn’t appear themselves?
    I do get the urge not to appear, Adam asks stupid questions for like 5 minutes then hits the freaking news. Really squanders and insults his guests, sometimes they hang out for 2+ hours to get 5 minutes worth of interviewing.
    David Wild looks like a fatter, uglier Parry F Karamello. Long live the Big 3!

    • Mean Dean
      Mean Dean07-31-2012

      I wonder why for a person that says they hate the show they listen all the time

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle07-31-2012

        “The average Stern hater listens for two and a half hours a day.”

        • May Kadoode
          May Kadoode08-01-2012

          Poochie Vomit?

          • Poochie's Uncle
            Poochie's Uncle08-01-2012

            “I want to hear what he’ll say next.”

    • andrew

      why do you listen to this podcast if you have so many complaints about it? and you think anyone is going to listen to any of them with a name like VIVA LA RAZA? …viva la dumbass. And a few posts up you are talking about the show being racist, and your name means ‘long live the RACE’-dude go away.

  24. failing

    really on a roll here with uninteresting D-list guests. and dameshak/david wild coming on the show every other episode its clear they are desperate for people to fill the show. PICK IT UP HERE or you’ll lose listeners

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-31-2012

      I’d like to see you be entertaining for 90 minutes a day.

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running07-31-2012

        I’ve heard the same thing said about Lady Gaga, i.e. A doesn’t like Gaga, then B tells A that A couldn’t do what Gaga does.

        B is missing the point. What Lady Gaga does is make shitty music. The fact that millions of drones will buy said music doesn’t make it less shitty, regardless of the effort.

        Personally, I don’t think Adam necessarily needs a guest every day. No guest is certainly better than Dameshek.

  25. paddym

    The pics were better when a description would appear in the larger viewing window. and man Dylan looks jewy in that pic.

  26. Mean Dean
    Mean Dean07-31-2012

    Here’s the link to the site for the STYX show


  27. Heady Money
    Heady Money07-31-2012

    Asen’s……. Hahahahahahaha. He’s obviously Ivy leauge.

  28. RJ

    I always get a kick out of hearing Adams road stories. Funny stuff. You would think the airline’s rep could provide him with logical (creative) alternatives. Flying to Toronto from Montreal (1 hour) then driving to Buffalo (aprox. 1.5 hours) would have saved Adam & company several hours compared to driving all the way (and it’s all within the eastern time zone). At least present the option. Then again, you’re dealing with an airline that puts white sauce on a chicken parm.

  29. Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh07-31-2012

    Say what you will about David Salvaje (name dropper, ass-kisser, etc), he follows through on his word. Hes said he could bring in “X” and he has. Hes brought in Chris Isaak, Joe Walsh, Michelle Branch, and now Jakob Dylan. Big name people who have moved the needle in the past.
    Still, he is a giant kiss-ass and name dropper.

  30. benyens

    Why is this butterball on the podcast all the time? so boring..

  31. Robey

    You’ve never been to a “Robert Evans”? That place is great! Next time you’re in the midwest (where there is like 1.7M of them) got to get the Biscuits-n-gravy; then wash it down with a loaf of their Banana nut bread (yes, the whole thing), followed by one of their whole delicious pies for desert (a jug of whole milk to accompany is in order, per “Not Taco Bell Material”). Be aware that they do not serve beer (to go with the flapjacks when hungover at 11:00am) – so, you will have to be equipped with pre or post diner brewski.

    While us midwesterners know how to eat to become fat, BobEvans is one of the more clean, respectable diner type joints in the midwest. Founded in Ohio; their tag line used to be “down on the farm….”

    • tajitj

      I am surprised everyone has not heard of Bob Evans. Apparently it is a midwest thing and they are damn good.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle08-01-2012

        “Bob Evans…down on the farm.”

        …that jingle still rattles around in my head.

    • elizabeth

      BOB EVANS is the shit hole of the MID WEST! NASTY! Unless……. there isn’t a Dennys near 🙁 gag!

  32. GOD

    Seems like Jakob got interview lessons from Michael Madsen’s son Christian. Children of privilege tend to have no sense of humor or have the ability to be interesting. I wish Adam would call them out like he used to. At least David Wild was there to salvage the interview.

    ZZ top… really?

  33. rosemary

    allison, you must discuss this news story tomorrow i just saw it on yahoo “Is Antonio Villaraigosa poised to be America’s first Latino president?” bahahahaha. ohh nooooo.

  34. Andrew

    The gambit on colonel Sanders had me in tears! Allison…WTF you could hear her seething from the start of her chick-fil-a reporting.

  35. noko

    More Dameshek, less Wild. In fact,, no Wild would be best.

  36. Jessica

    Jakob Dylan was super defensive and seemed to make Adam uncomfortable. No one would know Jakob Dylan if not for his Father, so yes, people are going to ask you about your Dad. Deal with it.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-31-2012

      I have a feeling David Wild told Jakob that “Adam won’t ask you any questions about your father.”

  37. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis07-31-2012

    I want a count on how many times this item has been tweeted and sent to Adam: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/antonio-villaraigosa-poised-america-first-latino-president-142427177.html

    I foresee Mr Carolla heading up a Dirty Dozen-like team in the near future. Time to replace the unfortunately named, old time, Hollywood badass Lee Marvin with an eye patched and brillo headed man simply called Colonel Duke LaCrosse.

    • Chad

      I’m a liberal, and I’d vote for anyone instead of Villaragosa.

  38. 7hardway

    Been listening since the day Adam took over for Stern on 97.1 in L.A….podcasts have gotten really flat and boring lately.

  39. derrick

    Alison should be picking songs instead of Adam.

  40. liberalsRstupid

    The reason why Cabs are so disgusting isn’t due to a LACK of Govt involvement. Why does the Govt even license Cabs? Thats the real problem. More Govt regulations will just make Cabs more expensive for the USERS. Adam, as always immediately jumps to the conclusion that MORE Govt regulation is always the correct answer. It’s ALWAYS the wrong answer.

    Please Adam pull ur head out of ur butt. I really want to like your show and do at times, but dang, youre really dumb/ignorant about anything outside of your extremely narrow view point. The “because I dont like it sucks” mentality belongs at recess at any 3rd grade class not in adult conversation.

    • Chad

      Yeah!! Pesky government keeping chemicals out of food! And what business do they have locking up murderers!!?!?! Or licensing drivers!?!?! Or keeping out illegal immigrants??!??!?

      Wait, what?

      (if you believe it is always the wrong answer, you might want to reassess your political ideology, because the idea that anything is ALWAYS wrong is inherently flawed)

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-31-2012

      “What in God’s holy name are you blathering about?”

    • RoyalDryness

      The idea that more government regulation is always the wrong answer is one of my biggest problems with modern Republican/conservative politics. Black and white thinking is wrong. The world is one big gray area. Despite what you claim to espouse, I’m certain that there are plenty of areas in which you agree that government regulation is a good thing. Like say, food and drug safety. We can argue about the effectiveness of the FDA, what they should or shouldn’t do, but I can’t believe any intelligent person believes that there should be no regulation on the producers of foods and medication. The financial and business sector is one of the place that we need regulation the most. Again, how to go about doing that is a matter of debate, but left completely deregulated business will by their very nature do whatever is necessary to maximize profits. It’s the job of the government to make sure that businesses don’t engage in behavior that is detrimental to society. Will that impede growth to some extent? Probably, but if done correctly and in a balanced way, government can regulate business to protect citizens, and ensure that growth is stable and sustainable. The less regulated the financial sector is the more it becomes a cycle of boom and bust with extreme highs and lows. With proper regulation those wild swings can be minimized which I’m sure you’d agree is a positive for our economy.

      Lastly, (most) conservatives need to abandon their mantra of “smaller” government. They don’t want government have any less power or be less intrusive in the lives of citizens (in fact I’d argue they want a MORE powerful and intrusive government) they just disagree over what issues the government can dictate behavior. The best way to eliminate spending and waste from government is to eliminate redundancy and make power and control more centralized, which would actually shrink government. Ironically though more centralized control goes against conservative thought, making it just one more hypocritical and nonsensical conservative tenet. True liberals aren’t stupid, they recognize the nuance and uncertainty of government and constantly strive to find solutions, and understand the purpose of government is look out for what’s best for the largest possible group of citizens. Unfortunately, many Americans can’t look past platitudes and sound bites to look for real solutions.

      As for your argument that lack of government regulation not being the issue with stinky cabs, it’s a little of both. Cabs are licensed to ensure having a licensed driver and are in good working order and are safe (i.e. have seat belts and other safety features). The government as far as I know says nothing about the “funk” of cabs, so in that way the lack of government regulation in the atmosphere of a cab does contribute to them having an unpleasant atmosphere. However, as unpleasant as body odor and remnants of ethnic foods are, they pose no real risk to passengers so there is an argument that the government shouldn’t be regulating it. But, if they did say randomly check the stench of cabs and fined operators or cab companies you’d probably see them being a lot less funky. Therefore, government regulation and enforcement could change the situation for cab riders. Again, there is definitely an argument that regulation of cab funk is not the job of the government but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t make a difference. And if such a program were instituted properly, fines would offset much of the cost.

  41. Jon

    New drinking game: take a shot every time Bald Bryan shoe-horns USC into the conversation.

  42. Devbo

    If Viva la raza isn’t Kevin Smith or one of his minions, it must be Jay Mohr, the ultimate Troll-beast.

  43. DionRidesBikes

    David Wilde hypes up these musicians and is all excited to bring them in, and they are incredibly boring. Nearly all of the musical guests Wilde has brought in have been wet towels, and I feel like it drags the whole podcast down, leaving Adam to try and pick up the slack.

    David Wilde: Give some thought about who you bring in. Just because they may be decent musicians doesn’t make them interesting guests.

  44. liberalsRstupid

    Can you give me ANY example of why you say Sarah Palin is “Nuts”? Anything not twisted by the morons you surround yourself with that is. You say the Aurora shooter is nuts, though I firmly disagree with that assessment but at least you can supply an example to back up your statement. With Sarah Palin its crickets on examples based on reality.

    • RoyalDryness

      How about instead of “nuts” we say Sarah Palin is incompetent, lacks an understanding of even basic foreign policy issues and despite her national profile was (and appears still is) woefully ill-informed about the machinations of government. Either way, is that someone you want leading a group any more powerful than a PTA bake sale subcommittee?

  45. JB

    Jakob Dylan …… booooooring guest !!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-01-2012

      Apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  46. jorm_valadez

    You guys are getting trolled by a d-grade troll. Speaking of getting trolled, every time I see David’s mugshot I cringe, it sends chills down my spine.

  47. Gottagetiton

    Common you bickering giblet heads, lets give some credit to David Wild coming through with Jakob Dylan for the show!!! Sheeeze…. Hard to please yall….

  48. Terri

    Yeah…Ace you got that right. First time we agreed on music.

  49. Jesse Quemada
    Jesse Quemada07-31-2012

    I’m assuming if Adam was really a bigot, he’d hate Jews too, right? Is ignorance truly bliss?

  50. Mr. Rightboto
    Mr. Rightboto07-31-2012

    Jakob Dylan has absolutely no personality whatsoever. Terrible guest.

  51. Vance

    It’s always a red flag when a guy keeps telling you what ‘regular guy’ he is. What they don’t know is, regular guys don’t do that.
    I always loathed The Wallflowers and Jacob’s pouty wittle face – I was worried he would turn out to be down to earth and genuinely likeable guy and then I’d feel guilty. Phew! Crises averted…. Just as douchey as I imagined.

  52. BIRDY

    I Like David Wild! Give him his own music podcast on the ACE network!!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-01-2012

      There is an opening now that Adam pulled the plug on Life Lessons w/ Jim.

  53. guy

    Bob Dylan sucks. Jacob Dylan sucks. Wallflowers suck. At least carolla has a new shirt.

    • byhymen

      i agree hole heartily

      • frank


  54. HotBlackDesoto

    Serious question:

    Is Taco Bell really extremely cheap in California? Adam keeps bringing up 39 cent tacos and here in the midwest they’re like a buck for one measley, nearly meatless taco. The double deckers are $1.49 and I ate four of them Mo-Fos tonight.

    Anyway, am I paying too much???

    • MC White
      MC White08-01-2012

      I already posted on this a while back HotBlackDesoto, Adam is “stuck in the 80’s.” I think he is secretly fascinated with what he has been denied as a kid (job at Taco Bell). Here in California…tacos run about $1.09 each. Burritos, easily $1.49 each and more. Whenever he says $.99 sodas at Marie Calendar, try $2.99 for free refills (not exactly free). He under exagerates prices in cheap restaurants, to make his points, but he’s usually WAY under. I heard him say a load of tacos and burritos for under $20 for his work crew. BULLSHIT!!!! Easily $40 and up for so much food from Taco Bell for his work crew. Trust me..I DID get the job at Taco Bell, when I was his age.

      It may be WAY under Buckhorn Grill, for instance, but Taco Bell adds up, and 20 of shit is still shit!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-01-2012

      Adam still lives in 1982.

    • Adam's Hypocrisy
      Adam's Hypocrisy08-01-2012

      No, they are the same price here. I think what has happened with Adam is what happens to many people who become successful or wealthy, and become disassociated from the reality of the average person. This is probably the price as he remember it when he last actually had to be concerned about the price of Taco Bell tacos. Even if he has gone to a Taco Bell in recent months and has seen the prices as you have stated them, to him it still has the feel of free because he has millions of dollars. So what he is noticing when he looks at the price on the menu is how cheap everything is, and seemingly free, but he doesn’t actually pay attention to the dollar sign. Then when he gets in the studio and talks about them and how cheap and almost free they are, he is speaking from his perspective, not from the average person’s who whould dissagre with him on that. And when he says an actual price, as he did not note the actual price on the current menu, he defaults back to the only Taco Bell prices he still has in his head, from years ago.

      I almost never go to Taco Bell when getting fast food for the very reason that it is too expensive. It’s very easy to pay around $5 for next to no food, and not great food at that. It’s not that $5 is expensive, but if I’m going to get fast food any way I would sooner spend that on Carl’s Jr and get something with substance to it for my money.

      I wish Taco Bell was as cheap as he says. I would go there all the time if that were the case, but it’s not. Adam needs to drop that bit from his repertoire. It’s not funny, because it’s not true and none of his listeners can relate, and it just goes to show how out of touch with average, none rich people Adam really is.

    • RoyalDryness

      Like a few others said, Adam way under-exaggerates how much many things that he sees as “practically free” thus undermining his own argument. The truth is Taco Bell is fairly cheap, but when you start taking about getting 10 tacos for 4 bucks it becomes unbelievable and people just tune it out because it’s ridiculous,

  55. Melinda Bourn
    Melinda Bourn07-31-2012

    Who cares about racism, how about what a horrible guest Jakob Dylan was? Painful..

  56. Brandon

    Moar black people please.

  57. same'ol

    Will just skip any future David Wild Podcast. This was worst guest, JESUS

  58. Duane

    I don’t mind Wild. He drops names because those names are part of his life. He brings on good musical guests. And for the tard that thinks that Adam is too rightwing, you probably think Castro is just misunderstood. Loser.

    • Bosh Spice
      Bosh Spice08-02-2012

      Castro is actually misunderstood.

  59. The Anal Intruder
    The Anal Intruder07-31-2012

    Oh God not David Wild again..

  60. DonnySac

    A few pods back Adam gave props to Proops, now he gives a thumbs up to Skynyrd – who is this reasonable man and what has he done to Ace?

  61. Debris

    What’s the deal with recent guests wearing stupid hats?
    Is this some new fad on the left coast… see who can wear the goofiest hat?

  62. Dave

    I have a new policy of skipping over parts of the podcast were Adam complains about 80s music.

    It takes me about 10 mins to listen to each podcast.

  63. JonnyK

    Can’t stand David Wild.

  64. Emilio

    Love the Wallflowers and anything Jakob does. Fuck you hating nothings!

  65. MC White
    MC White08-01-2012

    Gotta say, I really don’t get why Adam even listens to satellite radio, so much? Why not just listen to your 10 favorite CD’s in your car, douche nozzle? I can listen to: audio cassette, CD, Radio, (notice no satellite, cuz it sucks!!!); I always have a variety to listen to, and change immediately, when I get bored. Less complaining, more enjoying, beyatche!!!!

  66. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    I don’t like “fill in the blank”…

    That “fill in the blank” sucks…

    Adam is a bigot…

    These are my who gives a shit political views…

    Adam is boring…

    Make the show exactly like I want or I won’t download the podcast…

    Listen to me whine like a five year old…

    • RobK

      You forgot, “And yet I listen to the show everyday…”

  67. Dolphin Short
    Dolphin Short08-01-2012

    only thing good about david Wild is him intro music “If you hear a loud thud, he’s dropping names.”

  68. Uncle Spooge
    Uncle Spooge08-01-2012

    bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch I’m a pussy bitch bitch I don’t like… bitch bitch bitch free podcast bitch bitch bitch racist bitch bitch bitch not a fan of bitch bitch smodcast bitch bitch mexicans bitch bitch asians bitch bitch bitch don’t listen bitch bitch bitch haven’t listened but skipping bitch bitch Alisons boots bitch bitch bitch dameshak sucks bitch bitch bitch…

    This place every day.

  69. Kate Thompson
    Kate Thompson08-01-2012

    Enough with the “equality’. It is such a boring way to look at life. Adam has many types of guests on. People that are constantly looking through the prism of “equality” are racist in my opinion. They are thinking way too much about race. Equality freaks….you are BORING.

  70. Dustin

    Some of you people are so dumb. Do you think they give guests personality tests before booking them?? No they dont. Also, is Jakob Dylan supposed to totally change the way he is because he was invited on a podcast to plug his new album. No he doesnt. He probably wont be invited back, but there is no way for them to know how he is going to act. Idiots.

  71. Speed-man!

    The reason that there haven’t been any Latino guests lately is mostly because very few Latinos do anything noteworthy. He did showcase George Lopez’s special, which had “Lowrider” playing as the intro music. You know, because there is no better song for Latinos than Lowrider.

    • Bosh Spice
      Bosh Spice08-02-2012

      Wow, not all latinos are mexican idiot

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle08-03-2012

        What’s the difference.

  72. Hwy 101
    Hwy 10108-01-2012

    Hey “Viva la Raza”… chinga su madre. And learn to spell or shut up.

  73. Jeremy

    Adam–totally agree with cabbies (I’ve taken the airport cab from MSP to Saint Paul, so I can sympathize) lacking respect for their passengers. I’ve been in clean ones and town cars which is such a torture to end up in poorly maintained cab. Unfortunately I’ve also been in a cab (a few months ago) where the driver was smoking through an open window–in Minnesota during February.

    If there were a minimum sense of pride by the cab company owners to sell their business as advertising: ‘before our drivers start their shift, they will be dressed in a clean polo or oxford shirt with our logo, with no body odor or cologne, and in a clean cab equipped with audio & climate controls installed in the back seat.” they would be the busiest taxi operation on the planet.

    Even companies that use words like courtesy cab, star taxi, comfort ride, or other great catch phrases always seem to fall short. And I think taxi companies need to be a bit more selective in who can drive–some verbal, on-the-road, and ol factory testing is a good start.

    I have attended municipal meetings for taxi licensure as well and the cab companies are contstantly begging the city for more taxi permits–so you can feel free to blame local government for setting the bar pretty low and flooding the streets with idling taxis to shake down taxi drivers for thousands per year in fees.

  74. Takeda

    What a stick in the mud! Jakob really IS a wallflower.

  75. Phil

    Jakob Dylan looks like the guy from Weeds.

    • Chris

      LOL I thought they were the same person. I had to look it up on IMDB. Justin Kirk is Andy from Weeds.

  76. atticus finch
    atticus finch08-02-2012

    jakob isnt very engaging

  77. Rick

    Great podcast Adam, as always.

    That Jakob Dylan is off the fookin hook! Somebody reel him in!
    Mr personality is in tha house yo!

  78. RobK


    Something tells me you’re the kind of guy who checks out these comments. If so, you’ve probably seen a lot of hater types complaining about you.

    Ignore ’em. You’re alright.

  79. June Igger
    June Igger08-02-2012

    I knew jim henson, and he hated gays. But he fisted burt and ernie several times.

  80. Tracy500

    Jakob Dylan reminds me of what Adam always says about hot girls on talk shows. They put absolutely no effort into it. All I could think of was how boring he’d be on a date. Good god! What a bore. I got so pissed off at his laziness that I had to skip his part. I used to be a Wildflowers fan but now I don’t much care.

    Adam, listen to Alt Nation or SiriusXM U next time you turn on the satellite. That’s where you’ll find music you like!

    I agree, too much David Wild. I like him and find him interesting, but just not as often as he’s on now.

    • Dr. Venkman
      Dr. Venkman08-03-2012

      @Tracy500 I completely agree! If JD doesn’t want to be on the podcast THEN WHY AGREE TO IT! Is he arrogant, stupid, or just not interested in answering questions???

  81. Whitney

    Oh Hey it’s Danny Devito and the guy that plays Andy on Weeds!

  82. stnuntrnd

    Adam, this place in Hollywood serves real iced tea:


  83. RobInAfrica

    Jakob is a hoot. What a boring fuck.

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