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Adam opens the show talking about his weekend performances in Tampa and Orlando. He complains about his first class experience and goes on an epic rant against goat cheese. Later he reviews the latest Zac Effron film, ‘The Lucky One,’ and talks about the incredibly narcissistic lady sitting behind him on his flight.

Jake Steinfeld enters the studio next, and talks with Adam and the gang about co-founding Major League Lacrosse. Jake also talks about his experiences body building and writing his book ‘Take a Shot.’ Alison then reads news stories about Neil Armstrong’s death and a sing-along banned at Penn State. The show wraps up with some talk of disgusting public bathroom etiquette.


Grab a copy of Take a Shot by clicking through our Amazon link.

Visit http://BodyByJake.com, and follow Jake on Twitter @BodyByJake.

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  1. Cody

    Wow the show was posted really early tonight.

    • screwjack

      what a fascinating comment, you must be a shut in.

      • Ribbit

        …..angry that he missed being first by……….THAT MUCH………

  2. Connard

    J’aime vraiment la chèvre (le fromage).

  3. Travis

    Is there gonna be a part two to this show? Show stopped abruptly and cut off Jake mid sentence… Do i need to upgrade to hear full show? wtf? Thanks

    • wiley

      what happened at the Civic Centa????

      • Jeff714

        Jake got it on with the gay dudes in the Village People. They groped him and sang, “Get it on! Got to get it on! No choice butt to get it …. on!”

    • Nate

      @Travis: Not sure a “wtf” was necessary. Remember, we are getting a free ~1.5 hours for free. How about a nice, “hey guys, there seems to be a problem with the download. It ends prematurely. Any news on an updated podcast download for us fans?”

      So much aggression on the interwebs…

      • Travis

        .WTF is agro? Huh? You’re an ACE fan? …really? Do you have any information or are you just interested in being a jerk. Does the show just run 90 min and stop? Is this normal…and schmuko i’m interested in hearing back from the thick skin of the ACE crew only. cheers

        • May Kadoodee
          May Kadoodee08-29-2012

          A serious response to Travis, you might get an answer to your question on twitter but not here. This message board is for fans to yuck it up and cyber douche bags to spew, it’s yuck and spew 25/10, Sniffffffffffffff!

        • Macaroni and Cheese
          Macaroni and Cheese08-30-2012

          Travis, I think you are the one being the jerk. The entitlement that Adam talks about is on display every time someone posts a comment like yours complaining about something they get for free. I said good day!

    • steve reaves
      steve reaves09-08-2012

      Yeah the Jake story..will never know the rest of it…..

  4. Nevada Jake
    Nevada Jake08-27-2012

    Neil Armstrong took that lie to the grave. Gotta appreciate his commitment

    • Freddu

      Yeah Nevada Jake, just your parents have been able to hold onto the lie that they’re not actually brother and sister.

    • capricorn one
      capricorn one08-28-2012

      I agree wholeheartedly!!! …Computer technology in 1969 was a joke…If we supposedly landed in 1969 why haven’t we gone again ?because we never did…you know for a fact if we landed on the moon we would have a research lab up there by now or condos.

      • wiley

        we have gone again… five more times… six times total

        • capricorn one
          capricorn one08-29-2012

          Six times….no way all they supposedly send now is a robotic little land rover that takes useless pictures. It was all faked in a blimp hanger at area 51 you can actually see wire cables lifting the astronauts and NASA conveniently lost all the original moon landing footage why ? because with today’s advanced computer technology it can be proven a fake

          • daddy_monkey

            We haven’t needed to land on the moon precisely because we have satellites/probes/rovers/telescopes that are giving us the information that we need to know. There hasn’t been a compelling reason to go back yet. In other words we originally did it because we could. Now we need a better reason such as an economic endeavor. Going to the moon is not commercially viable yet.

    • ChicagoCarrollaFan

      What is it with space aliens now living in Arizona that will not accept that man landed on the moon?

  5. Jack Bauer
    Jack Bauer08-27-2012

    Great guest,fun show.

    • allison

      I loved listening to Jake flirt with Alison. OMG is he smitten or what?

      • HakKat

        He obviously likes big a$$es.

  6. Joshua Harman
    Joshua Harman08-28-2012

    Childlike personal tastes strike again. His two beefs with “bad” pizza are–has vegetables and has goat cheese. That sounds like the opinion of a 3 year old. He might as well say that fish is “icky” (which is another thing a 3 year old would say), which he has practically said with reference to Jimmy’s preparing fish at cookouts. Adam has also stated that he prefers steamed hot dogs to grilled one (sacrilege)…and he has called brisket, “briscut”. He is also one of the people that don’t like spicy food. The spice pussy is just another version of the peanut allergy pussy that he rants about. The show is awesome, but I wouldn’t look to him for restaurant/food recommendations.

    • Dan

      your mom is icky.

    • ross

      I agree. Obviously people like these things if they’re being sold

  7. Kevin

    PROTIP: If you hear the phrase “I don’t think this went on (x) years ago” or “entitlement society” feel free to skip forward 20 minutes.

  8. Dave

    So really, are they gonna do Alison’s ringtone? I take it!!

    • j3

      I’d download “There’s something in my butt!”

  9. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol08-28-2012

    GET IT ON !

  10. Drew

    Wow that pizza looks somehow worse than Adam made it sound. It looks like one of those frozen individual pizzas that you find next to the frozen burritos. Then someone stripped the pepperoni and just dumped goat cheese and old cherries on top.

    Also was Jake serious in that little spat wih Bryan? This guy was nearly intolerable, I was somewhat happy the show cut off early. He’s basically like a Jewish Lou Ferigno. Nobody wants that.

    • daddy_monkey

      It looks like a gay party bottom went home and emptied himself on a tortilla.

  11. Ras

    If Bryan wants to speak he either needs a better microphone or needs to enunciation his words better

    • T Money (no hyphen)
      T Money (no hyphen)08-29-2012

      or have less of a brain tumor

  12. Nick Easter
    Nick Easter08-28-2012

    Swweeeet Dumperdilly bom bom bom….

  13. Klineman

    a great guest today

  14. Dan

    4-minute Catholic wedding? Nice try, Adam. Try 90 minutes.

    • John

      Nice try, Dan. Try 45

    • allison

      No kidding Adam’s obviously never been to a full mass wedding.

  15. another adam
    another adam08-28-2012

    Alison’s little napkin story almost made me retch. For some reason I was able to visualize the whole thing.

  16. Jack

    Dial it back their Jakey

  17. Gregers

    Kept playing “Great Story” drop in my head almost constantly for this guest.

  18. fast_dave

    Downloaded Episode/Show stopped/cut off at 56min 14 seconds – WTF?!?!?!

    25.8 MB File

  19. Brett

    Oh good god again with this country is spoiled and entitled rant again! At one time this was amusing but now it is so fucked out! Not funny not interesting. Why not go back to some of the bits like ‘who the F sells this S’ or ‘Gay Walking’ to bring some fresh air into this podcast.

  20. Oregon Jake
    Oregon Jake08-28-2012

    I’ve always wanted a Body by Jake shirt, how do i find one?

  21. slowtimer

    Adam stepped on Jake’s story and Allison’s joke, other than that good show.

  22. Jonah

    That MJ – Armstrong joke has been my go-to for the past 3 years! Love that Alison’s a fan of it too.

  23. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent08-28-2012

    We have a phantom shitter in my office building. Mr. Foul Bowels doesn’t just scar the toilet…he fucking desecrates the bowl, rendering it unusable for days. Seriously…it’s like a fucking crime scene. You come upon his handy work and are immediately gripped by shit shock. It looks like this guy consumed a full box of Raisin Bran, chased it with a pot of black coffee, shoved an M-80 up his ass, lit the fuse and copped a squat. I’m surprised there’s never shit on the ceiling. I’ve always wanted to catch this sick fuck leaving the scene of the crime so I could publicly call his rancid ass out.

    • Saint

      Sounds like Stern’s Program Director, Tim Sabian…

    • Wil C
      Wil C08-29-2012

      Hold on, Slow down,
      Now start over.

  24. Tooley


  25. Johnathan

    Bald Bryan brought his A-game:

    “The Borne Narcissism”

    the fast-pass — fast-piss.

  26. biermaster_fl

    Adam…we just flew from Seattle to Orlando first class and the flight attendant was chasing out the cattle from back when they come up to use the head. It was awesome. I have flown several times when they just let everybody up in first class. Makes me crazy, I paid 3 times the price for the ticket than those scrubs, they need to get back and use their own bathroom.

  27. Johnathan

    And, stuttering Sonny!

  28. Jeremy

    Get it on Ace!

    I’m part of the 99% and totally agree on your comments with air travel. I consider myself a balsy person (if a waitress forgets to get me silverware, I’ll go up and grab it) but I still respect the fact that other people have paid for certain luxuries and they’re entitled to those benefits–I’ve never walked into the first class cabin (even as a child) to use that lavatory–and furthermore, I don’t fill my bladder before boarding a plane, bus, or car.

    Furthermore, I’m pretty sick of the fact that “air waiters/waitresses” have this pathetic attitude of authority towards their job–instead of focusing on service. Of the 250 flights I’m likely to take during my life, the amount of emphasis placed on preparing for a crash (where the flight attendant opens the door) seems disproportinate to amount of warm sodas I’m going to be served with a glare on a filthy plane.

    I look forward to the day where planes are more like Amtrak–where you can get up and get a drink/snack when you want from the bar car, coach passengers aren’t allowed into the sleepers, and the conductors spend more time smiling and engaging people in conversation than teaching them how to use a seatbelt.

    • J Rock 1970
      J Rock 197008-29-2012

      I work on aircraft assembly, 737’s… you do realize that the only thing between you and the ground when you come upon it at terminal velocity is about a 4 – 8 inch thick piece of aluminum skin? Essentially there isn’t going to be any surviving of a plane crash, I think that spiel is for psyhological purposes

      • j3

        You must be employee of the month, J Rock.

        The skin of a 737 is like a sixteenth of an inch.

  29. Michael Pellegrini
    Michael Pellegrini08-28-2012

    What’s up with the show cutting off? This is the second time in the last week that the show has ended abruptly.

  30. Susie

    ALISON! TMI!!!! I threw up the spaghetti I was eating!

  31. Jackie

    Passion fruit is fed to the goats who make the cheese


  32. Paul T
    Paul T08-28-2012

    Great episode, Jake was hilarious!

  33. TonyL

    Sucks! I only got half a show today. Someone needs to be reprimanded.

  34. Encylopedia Brown
    Encylopedia Brown08-28-2012

    Wow, Jake, you’ve dialed in “blow hard” like a typhoon. Well bowled!

  35. screwjack

    what a great booking August. How’d you get such a big fish?

  36. skot

    I love it when Allison squeals when laughing

    • capricorn one
      capricorn one08-29-2012

      yea, I like her hah then she squeals when something really makes her laugh

  37. Caliber Winfield
    Caliber Winfield08-28-2012

    If I were Armstrong, I’d be a major asshole and demand my ashes be spread on the moon. You gotta respect a dying guy’s wish. Especially one who’s seen as a hero.

    Also, you know he jacked off once on the moon. That would have been on my mind the second they started this whole ‘going to the moon talk’.

  38. Tom Tompson
    Tom Tompson08-28-2012

    Aceman needs to get more comedians on the show. It’s A LOT more entertaining then.

  39. ChuckG

    Hey Adam, Your buddy Marc Maron needs some cabinets built at The Cat Ranch – How ’bout you tell Ray about it (rainy day sidejob).

  40. GreatCalves82

    Hey, tell Bald Brian Go Ducks! and we will see you guys in a bit. Gotta get that payback this year.

    Love the show from here in Portland. Thanks guys.

  41. zeppo

    Adam screams about food experimentation yet decries how mundane popular music choices are. Pick one.

  42. chantall

    Adam after you talk to the black about their “heros” please talk to the whites about Woody Allen and Roman Polanski.

    • gd1147

      Since when is Roman Polanski a white hero? The guy belongs in jail.

  43. KingTerp

    I guess by the same token, that homeless white guy who was beaten to death by the LAPD is a white hero. Ludicrous

    I don’t think anyone in school, not even in South Central, learns about the great Rodney King or has commemorative (or now memorial) celebrations about Rodney King. I doubt most kids in school even know who he is anymore and those that do think he’s punk ass b*tch for getting stomped out by the cops.

    • Delta Fu
      Delta Fu08-30-2012

      FYI, the homeless guy was not beaten to death by the LAPD. It was the Fullerton PD.

  44. gd1147

    Adam, was once on a flight from Newark to the Dominican Republic in first class and someone tried to sneak in to use the first class bathroom and the flight attendant stepped out and refused to let her in. She protested and he asked her if she would like to spend her vacation in a Dominican jail. God I miss Continental.

  45. JT

    BB was on FiRE today w/ the music drops! GREAT work as always, BB!!!! {SO quick!} 😀

  46. Yeah


    Stop going on tour! we don’t care about your travel “inconveniences”

  47. TraciX2

    Adam just did an interview here. The audio quality is AWFUL..


    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana08-28-2012

      Welker is pissed off. He’s made Brady look good so far, but he hasn’t got paid for it.

      On the other hand, Brady knows he’s dropped off in the last couple of seasons

      Brady does have some good targets this year. Let’s see if Lloyd step up.

  48. Maui Tom
    Maui Tom08-28-2012

    don’t complain about airline food for gods sake….first class or not….

  49. JimmyJamz

    This show was truly magic. A perfect example of what makes this podcast transcendent, everyone was on their A game. Dumpadillies for life.

  50. Hugh

    Awesoem guest. Jake Steinfeld is an inspiration

    • Encylopedia Brown
      Encylopedia Brown08-29-2012

      Really? K. I’ll bite. How is he an inspiration to you, Hugh?

  51. SamuelJH

    Thank you cast and crew.

  52. Paul James
    Paul James08-29-2012

    Great guest. Great banter. Deffo bring him back some time.

    Get it on.

  53. Rane

    I like the goat cheese pizzas.

  54. Delta Fu
    Delta Fu08-29-2012

    So Jewish weddings are endless and Catholic weddings are over in 20 minutes? I wish. I stopped going to my Catholic friends’ weddings. They are minimum 90 minutes of endless boredom.

  55. Malex

    What a funny episode. Jake made a decent straight faced guy, he took several comments seriously.

  56. Grendel Jones
    Grendel Jones08-30-2012

    Pizza costs 99 cents a slice and is available to commoners. A $700+ first-class ticket and you’re offered pizza? How is that first-class? This whole debacle with goat cheese stems from elite citizens turning their nose to commoner food. The goat cheese puts on airs. Adam should learn to like the pretentious food of the elite, then he can belittle the commoners for their poor taste. That would make flying more fun for him.

    Am I mistaken or did Adam fly on a plane and NOT return with a rant about being denied access to the first-class lounge? So did he make it in or just not try?

  57. ross

    Why all the bitching about the stewardess’s non smoking lecture? It’s not like she’s wasting your time. You’re on the plane regardless. If it bothers you that much just ignore her and read a fucking magazine for 30 seconds.

  58. Jah

    sounded like big brother jake wanted to beat aces ass a few times there…couldn’t quite tell if he was down or annoyed..but good episode perhaps because of that 😀

  59. Dzjzon

    What’s the deal with airplabe food? Seriously what is up with that stuff?

  60. Rrrrr

    Was Jake’s story cut short because of the Gay story he was telling, and that would lead to a gay backlash?

  61. Robin

    I found Jake to be a very likable dude. Good show.

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