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The show opens with Adam discussing his viewing of the new film ‘Sleepwalk with Me.’ He also goes on a rant about batteries, and tells a story about Dr. Drew from over the weekend. Later he chats with his assistant about missing work for family, and talks about his own dad asking him to pay for his upcoming flight.

Ira Glass and Mike Birbiglia both enter the studio next, and talk more about the process of filming and editing their movie ‘Sleepwalk with Me.’ Adam also talks with Ira about the This American Life archives. Alison then reads news stories about Snooki giving birth, a javelin death, and National Go Topless Day in Venice Beach. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss the increase of nudity on TV, and the highest paid police chief in San Francisco.


For more on Mike and Ira’s movie, visit http://SleepwalkMovie.com

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. hipsterdoofus

    Nice to see Adam cater to the hipster crowd for once!

  2. TS

    Great ep.

  3. Connard

    The show would have been much better if Ira was more chill. He gets so aggro and so often loses his shit it makes for very uncomfortable listening.

    • Matt G
      Matt G08-29-2012

      Ira Glass once charged into my son’s baptism screaming like a crazed warrior. Because of all the war paint on his face, I wouldn’t have known it was him if it weren’t for his trademark glasses. Nobody was the least bit surprised when he shoved the Priest who was holding my son out of the way, climbed on top of the baptismal font, squatted and dropped a granola-filled dump into the holy water. He scrambled back down the aisle with the posture of a golum, grunting a series of satisfied grunts. He then burst back out the front doors of the church. You could hear glass breaking, screams and car alarms sounding while he tore a path back to his cave. Everyone in the church turned to look at one another, wry smiles growing on all of our faces as we let out a collective, “Ohhhhhhh, Ira!” We laughed and laughed and laughed.

    • TS

      I can’t believe he challenged Joe Rogan to that cage match, and said he’d choke Rogan out with his dick. This dude is a MANIAC.

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running08-29-2012

        I look forward to the day when I can read a newspaper without seeing “GLASS SLASHES FOUR IN COCAINE BRAWL” scrawled across the top.

  4. brian

    Adam missed this one: C batteries are often used in vibrators….

    • Alex

      I figured I wasn’t the only one to notice that.

  5. Kolak

    Another day, another great show. That’s expected. Another month, and no update about your friend and fellow podcaster Larry Miller. That’s unexpected and perhaps uncaring.

    • Ace

      Have you listened to Larry’s podcast? There are weekly updates on his condition and he’s even spoken himself about how he’s doing. It sounds like he may have suffered some brain damage and I think his family wants to keep the news to themselves. Very sad.

  6. big jim
    big jim08-29-2012

    Boobies censored on the Aceman’s photo page??? Shame!!!

  7. big jim
    big jim08-29-2012

    Boobies censored on the Aceman’s photo page??? Go ahead and fire up the Han Solo edition blaster, blaster girl!

  8. nAAter

    A retarded 9 yr old could have shit out the latest Rich Banks offering.

  9. Michael

    My two favorite radio personalities, Adam Carolla and Ira Glass!

  10. setlasmon

    Ira… that dude is YOKED.

  11. PhilPhil

    I could tolerate listening to Ira Glass if he would learn to pronounce the letter “L”.

    • Deo Vacuus
      Deo Vacuus08-29-2012

      That drives me nuts too.

  12. Van Hammersely
    Van Hammersely08-29-2012

    Ira Glass. All Balls.

  13. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent08-29-2012

    Adam, we don’t think you’re blowing hot air up Prager’s ass…We think you’re blowing Prager.

  14. capricorn one
    capricorn one08-29-2012

    Adam needs to fix his teeth.He has a smile like the guy from the movie fletch who pulls a shotgun on chevy chase and say’s Im gonna call cops gonna call cops

  15. yako

    awesome podacst. bribiglia & glass have been fantastic guests every time they’ve been on the show.

  16. Aaron

    Aceman, I hate to tell you what else the C cell is used for frequently – vibrators!! Perhaps that’s why they are in such great supply.

  17. Sacto Aaron
    Sacto Aaron08-29-2012

    Funny, Birbiglia must have come straight from Attack of the Show because he’s wearing the same thing as he was on ATOS.

  18. AllBalls420

    This American Life is ALL BALLS!!!!!

  19. BrockEmerson

    I thought it was great. I don’t understand where you’re coming from on Ira, I thought he fit in just fine. Solid episode.

  20. TheMidsizeLebowski

    Great episode. I agree with Adam, the “don’t know” responses of survey questions should just be re-percentaged out of the data…which is absurdly easy to do, USA Today.

  21. alex

    kudos to Alison for the funniest comment of the whole episode

  22. Thiago

    Ira has to get mad… That`s his name!

  23. DonnySac

    Adam wonders where this society is heading yet he can’t turn on a TV without a remote in his hand – look in the mirror Ace.

    • Lisa

      TV’s don’t have ON switches anymore!!!! you have to turn them on with remotes.

  24. Cesar Bernal
    Cesar Bernal08-29-2012

    Adam can’t stop wearing the same thing. lol Still love you, Get it on Ace Man!!!!

  25. Venice Beach Bum
    Venice Beach Bum08-29-2012

    I got no qualms about the babes going topless at the beach as long as they don’t shut me down for sex that night because their ta-tas got sunburnt.

  26. JMD

    Ace Man + Ira Glass. What more can you ask for?

  27. allison

    New Yorkers don’t drive.

  28. Richie

    Could Adam have named a Supreme Court justice before he literally became a millionaire?

  29. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent08-29-2012

    Adam’s description of a rough-cut screening, “It’ll be dry and there’s no music,” sounds a lot like the night I lost my virginity. But she still enjoyed it…Did so!

  30. MikeA

    Throwing spears “ironically by white people.” aaaaaahahhaha that was classic! Good one Ace Man!

    • ross

      Notice how it got uncomfortably quiet after he made that joke, cuz Ira and Mike are NOT racist?

  31. Rosen's Renegades
    Rosen's Renegades08-29-2012

    “Like a surprise birthday party and you haven’t done your hair.”

    HA! Alison you funny…..um hmmm…you funny!

  32. daddy_monkey

    Why is it that the two people who mentioned that vibrators use C batteries are (presumably) men? (Aaron/Brian)

  33. one smart billionario mang
    one smart billionario mang08-29-2012

    Make these guys regulars. Absolutely hilarious. Both Ira and Adam bring it and recognize comedic talent (counterpoint pragers a boring genius). Good day sir….. I said good DAY!!!!

  34. malcolm

    I just started listening to the episode, wondering if Adam will mention that he thought Ira was a bit of a dick when talking about Ira’s last appearance on the podcast. Based on the summary, doesn’t sound like he did.

    • malcolm

      actually, maybe he was talking about someone else

      • JAK

        No, it was Ira. I believe the “let’s drink some beer and rape!” his him talking on the next show about how he thinks Ira sees him as the dumb Man Show guy

  35. TS

    (for people unfamiliar with a previous episode of this podcast featuring the Deaf Frat Guy and confused by some of the comments posted here: “all balls” is a compliment.)

  36. joegagan

    wouldn’t lift a finger to see a movie ira glass was involved with. i vividly recall his podcast appearance last year, what a fool. he trumpets the leftie talking points like a good soldier, proves he has not an original thought in his brain. sorry mike b got caught up in this , he might be an Ok guy.

    • Justin

      Have you listened to a single episode of This American Life? Ira Glass is a goddamned American hero, and you’re shitting on him because he was bad at a live podcast? You don’t like his politics? You can’t be serious.

      This American Life is the first, and still the best, long-form audio program for people younger than your grandparents which took normal, English-speaking human beings, and told their stories in an entertaining, vivid way. It’s on public radio stations, sure, but it resonates with so many 25- to 45-year-olds because it matters, it’s funny, and it never lets its standards down.

      Without TAL, there’s a good case to be made that there would be no “podcasts,” as you know them. You certainly wouldn’t have books and shows and albums from Dave Hill or Mike Birbiglia or any of a few dozen other entertainers whose material you probably consume weekly without even knowing it.

      Also, there were those economic and financial and housing collapses in 2008. Do you remember those? Literally half of the good reporting on them grew out of TAL.

      Please, take a few hours sometime soon and educate yourself before spouting off like a jackass.

  37. Speedster

    Great episode. Those guys compliment each other quite well. The combination of my 2 favorite podcasts.

  38. Jeremy

    I think any job that gets a defined benefit pension (in regards to the police chiefs who get most of their income when in “retirement”) need to be phased out. It’s writing a check with money that isn’t yet earned. Public employees should have to plan ahead with a 401(k) or 403(b) like the rest of us. If they were still making $2.50 an hour like the 1950’s, a defined benefit pension was affordable, but nowadays its unrealistic.

    It’s not hard to do either–give them a ten percent one-time raise (who would pass that up) and inform them they can put it into their retirement plan or spend it on beer right now, but the taxpayer isn’t going to be paying for their spongebaths 20 years after they stopped writing tickets.

  39. mike

    ok, i love the matt fondiler song, but damn stop playing it. every time i hear it, that’s all i have in my head the whole day. knock it the hell off!

  40. Lauren

    So funny hoping the guy who got hit by the javelin landed forward! Too funny, coudnt explain to my so why I was laughing so hard. I love this show!

  41. Claudia

    Nice save Birbigs! The guy who leaves early and has a TA to grade their papers (UNHEARD OF) is about as real as the tooth fairy.

  42. Josh

    Yes, let’s make life worse for public servants. They surely won’t respond in kind.

    • JAK

      They seem to interact negatively with people now, even with large increases over the last few decades. So what’s the difference?

  43. Josh

    C batteries go in vibes, not sure if a bunch of them is an indictment of ACE or an endorsement.

  44. El Guapo
    El Guapo08-30-2012

    Clearly a Cayenne key, based on the VW fob.

  45. Mister Lister
    Mister Lister08-31-2012

    i heard that ira shanked bald bryan after the recording

    and adam saw it happen, but just shugged and said “eh, what can ya do?”

  46. Mister Lister
    Mister Lister08-31-2012

    Just saw Ira and Mike talk at the IFC theater in NYC.

    They were so delightfully mean and abusive of the audience

    it made for a great show of course, but i can’t believe these two polite gentlemen are the same guys who were visibly buzzed and shouting at their screening

  47. Mike

    So, how much damage did Ira do to the studio? Too bad it was just remodeled. Next time when Ira wants a Coke, don’t shrug and hand him a Pepsi.

  48. protester

    you’re complaining that women are protesting to be topless? you’re whining about flavored tea. bring on the titties and shut the fuck up and don’t order tea

  49. liberalsRstupid

    Mac’s are for people with more money than brains. Macs ARE PC’s, with a lousy outdated Operating System that LOCKS you into the Apple ecosystem like Kunta Kinte in Roots. And to you Apple fan-boys, yes you do have viruses, and yes OSX has an option called “Force Close”…

    Beyond that, you can’t run the Racing Simulator called iRacing on any Mac (unless you boot into Windows on your Mac). If you are a Racer and you dont use iRacing youre an IDIOT…, Yea Adam, YOU. Their is a reason Pilots spend more time in simulators today. They work. You can improve your race-craft considerably. Ask JUnior and any of the hundreds of pro racers that use iRacing daily.

    I just built a 3-42” screen racing rig and 3 screens makes all the difference.

  50. Chase

    I accidentally cut Ira off on the Dan Ryan on my way back to Madison, needless to say he followed me the whole way back nearly three hours. He got out of his Lexus LFA and drew down on me with what looked to be a Glock .40
    I said ” Are you going to shoot me?”
    Ira hissed “That depends. Do you see me?”

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