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As the show opens up, Adam rants about getting a bunch of free shaving equipment, but only after using a gift card to purchase a bunch of shaving equipment. The guys then welcome Ice-T to the studio and talk with him about his directorial debut, ‘The Art of Rap’. The guys also discuss Ice-T’s early life in Compton, and his experiences in the army. Later they chat about robbing banks, and some of the music that Ice-T likes.

Today’s news opens with more trouble for John Travolta, and a scandal within the Miss America community. The guys also discuss the importance of honesty, Law & Order, and why Donald Trump is so theatrical. Later they talk about a Japanese man who removed his own genitals and auctioned off a chance to eat them.

As Ice-T leaves the studio, Teresa Strasser enters with stories of terrible parents for Parents of the Week. Stories include abandoned kids, kids being handed live rounds, and a woman who completely misunderstood the purpose of a car-seat. Adam also discusses his $10/gallon gas utopia, and rants about fuel gauges. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss Teresa’s date with David Alan Grier, and how cars can reveal your political stance.


Visit http://TheArtofRap.com for more info on Ice-T’s directorial debut. You can also follow him on Twitter @FinalLevel.

Also be sure to visit http://ExploitingMyBaby.com, and follow Teresa on Twitter @TeresaStrasser.


The Art of Rap, Ice-T trailer

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. goatfucker

    you & artie together are terrible. he’s not very quick & i could tell you wanted to move along. can’t beleive stern didn’t promote your online carolines webinar

    • Miles L. Berman
      Miles L. Berman06-13-2012

      Artie’s very quick, you haven’t listened to him enough. Goatfucker isn’t funny at all. Try a more obscure animal. I don’t like you.

      • Hegro

        Artie’s WAY past his prime. The drugs, guilt, and depression have ruined him. He’s all out of talent. There’s a reason he’s not on Stern anymore.

  2. Justin

    Aceman: Your book ads are plastered all over deadspin.com this morning. Looking good! Congrats on the book.

  3. Ryno

    Adam: “What? No lei? How do you get off the plane?? I don’t get it!”

    Alison: “I know, they have to airlift you out.”

    …Yet another joke right over Alison’s head. I really think Adam should pay for her to go to improv class or something. I used to think Teresa didn’t have much to add to the show, little did I know Alison was on the horizon.

    • Hey, Go Fuck Yourself
      Hey, Go Fuck Yourself06-16-2012

      I’m sure you would add so much more to the show — you seem to have a really good mind for comedy and I’m sure you have a wonderful way with people. Oh wait, you’re a twat who doesn’t understand Alison’s jokes. Hey, go fuck yourself.

  4. Trevor

    I love that Ice-T nonchalantly drops the fact that he has robbed banks.

    • lodstudios

      I am a new fan of his, he was great on the show…pretty good improv chops too.

  5. Dean

    I do indeed recall back in the day having confusion with Pia Zadora and asking..”is it P Izadora?” and there was no internet to just turn to to answer that. I also had that same issue with Kareem Abdul Jabaar’s real name Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr, I always wondered “is it Lou Al Cindor or Loual Cinder” and now I wonder is it Lou or Lew?

  6. admiral kent
    admiral kent06-13-2012

    Ironically, Ice-T is known as Passion Fruit Ice-T in the bedroom….so I hear.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-14-2012

      Good stuff.

  7. AceFan!

    Aceman and Ice T! This podcast is so good my dick is hard. New Jack City! PREACH!

  8. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol06-13-2012

    Check out Adam on the front page of Wikipedia, dressed in his LA Kings outfit from the Jimmy Kimmel appearance.

  9. Mark

    The Art of Shaving sells a $10 Mach 3 Razor for $80.

  10. Dale

    Adam, Great show today. I work at Fox 5 in NY and saw the guest list email for GoodDay NY this week and that you would be in on thursday, but they spelled your name wrong.

    Adam Corolla (9:30am…promoting his book “Not Taco Bell Material”)

  11. Elle

    Adam, if things keep changing after you complain about them, what ever will you have to complain about?!

    • marco

      All the stuff that doesn’t change even after he complains about it, which of course he never notices.

  12. SpaceCowboy

    Hey TS – Ambrosia Salad (aka Country Caviar) is a delightful side dish. The coconut adds an international flare to any pig roast.

  13. .

    Teresa Strasser . . . I’d hit it. Just sayin.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-14-2012

      Nothing better that T’s V.

  14. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode06-13-2012

    Carrrmel Machiotttttaaaaahhhh! R.I.P. Henry Hill

  15. Dick Face
    Dick Face06-13-2012

    Hmm…The Ace man working on his street cred…good place to start.

  16. Jessie

    Ice-T is a super cool cat. I like him a lot.

  17. Lor

    Love Ice T! 🙂

  18. Shea

    Hey Adam, did it occur to you that possibly it wasn’t a coincidence. Maybe they found out who your maid was and approached her with a gift certicate. Just a thought

  19. Chung Salamanca
    Chung Salamanca06-13-2012

    Ice-T — good name for T’s V.

  20. Reyna

    oh yeah! Ice-T…..I haven’t listened yet but am sure this will be a good listen.

  21. goatfucker

    another great show, loved the don magic juan stories, damn funny.

  22. bewbz

    Dawson: …through the June 16th.

    cracked the me up.

  23. Dan

    Great pod. Ice-T totally shits on Ace trying to pretend he’s in NYC.

    • jeff

      yea. i was a little confused about that. Adam said he was in ny, but Ice was talkin about all the cars in there?? huh

      • Micah

        He was saying that he was in NYC as we were hearing it. They weren’t trying to pretend the show was from NYC.

  24. juan Arroyo
    juan Arroyo06-13-2012

    Ice-T was great. Cool guy!

  25. Employee7

    I wonder if we could get Ice-T t weigh in on the passion fruit debate.

  26. bb

    Ice T was a great guest, he is really good about knowing when to add something and when to lay back. Awesome pod, Carolla.

  27. David

    Yes, but I’m sure the safety was set on the gun found on the toddler …

  28. Dustin

    Wow, good f-ing Pod, Ice T rocks

  29. Deo Vacuus
    Deo Vacuus06-13-2012

    I’m getting tired of Ace complaining about his spoiled kids. Who the hell is spoiling them if not you?? It’s your fault if they are being spoiled!!

  30. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode06-13-2012

    George Zimmerman “shot the kid in the hoodie” is wearing Adam’s plaid shirt today, just saying…

    • Hegro

      Skittleboy got what he deserved you uninformed twit

      • marco

        Hegro was there.

    • Hegro

      Be quiet goofy idiot

  31. Shayna

    Teresa is the best. This was a good podcast. Ice T seemed excited to be there and has a relatively good sense of humor.

  32. Blake

    Adam blames other people and his wife for spoiling his kids. But it is up to him to prevent his kids from being spoiled brats. It is time to man up!

  33. Josh

    Why the fuck didn’t ice t’s sidekick “passion fruit” come out first? Jesus I can’t believ nobody picked up on that. You just went from the ace man to the 2 7 off suit.

    • DrAwkward

      Maybe they did pick up on that, but realized it would be totally corny.

  34. Fred

    Ice-T was an awesome guest! Wish he’d stayed the whole show!

  35. Glen

    Ice T was a great guest, keep the hits coming!

  36. Lauren

    @Dan – Adam wasn’t trying to pretend that he was in NYC. He was just saying that the airing of the show, He’ll be in New York making appearances. Why the fuck would he “Pretend “that he’s in NYC When he is not. Makes no sense, weirdo.

    • Dan

      Listen again, Lauren. Please. Listen again. I understand the promoting portion…so let’s dial it back just a hair.

  37. TS

    Great ep.

  38. Craig

    I had a 69 mustang with a 390 which got 12mpg with a sticking gas gauge.
    I think the technology has improved much since that with built.

  39. Fresneck Freddy
    Fresneck Freddy06-13-2012

    Is it just me, or is Ice T a black nerd…………

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-14-2012

      He has a speech impediment too.

      • Craig

        His accent seems to contain about 15% Barney Frank. I don’t mean to imply he’s gay, because he’s not.

  40. Bib

    Just watched the CBS spot. Charlie Rose is a useless elitist douchebag…

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein06-17-2012

      And you’re a brilliant commentator, obviously!

      • Nik Weinstein
        Nik Weinstein06-17-2012

        I’m not sure how people get offended by the word douche or asshole or any other word that is un-thought-provoking.

  41. Alison Rosen is my new best Friend
    Alison Rosen is my new best Friend06-13-2012

    Ice-T; Straight out of Compton, livin’ in New York City, and sportin’ a LA Ralph Lauren Polo shirt. Yeah, you gangsta alright. Country club middle America…represent!!

  42. Hugh

    Great show

    Just bought NTBM on Amazon thru your link

  43. Juiceman4020

    I want to share the ‘morbid inside secret’ that Canadian bean-counters, insurance people already know. Its time America is in on this:
    Universal health care (as in Canada) and cigarette smokers DO NOT cost anyone any extra money overall.
    Neither do morbidly obese people. Huh whatt?

    The BEST scenario is that our 2-pack smoker pays massive taxes on the smokes he buys for 45 years AND his insurance. Then dies of lung cancer/emphysema at age 64.
    This is approximately 20 years of old age pension saved. Money (in a sense) divided back to you.

    But wait! What about the hospital costs of the smoker, surgery or whatever lung cancer therapy, medicine?
    You still WIN with the smoker. Yes, it will cost (lets say for argument sake) $100, 000 to care for him the year he dies.
    Then he will NOT be alive for another 20 years… 20 years (age 65-85) where even the healthiest start requiring constant ongoing medical costs, illnesses, arthritis, dementia etc etc.
    Keep something in mind too.. the person who never smoked and therefore lives to 85 STILL eventually dies of the last disease which requires all kinds of treatments. Even if that is just eventual heart decline, etc.

    So the cigarette smoker is our greatest money-saving asset. he or she pays the maximum taxes and collects the LEAST money out of the insurance system overall.

    And now you know the disturbing truth behind this whole thing. If you are selfish you would actually CHEER as many to die off before you. Then YOU can be said to ‘get their share’ of the money, hospital time etc while you collect till 95 years old. You are the actual biggest cost there is!

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana06-15-2012

      Yes, and the most dirty little secret is black people die before they can collect more than they contributed, despite how little that is. (The good black people, that is. The other ones, those in prison but not because of financial engineering crimes, who cares?)

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein06-17-2012

      What do you mean IF I am selfish? Do you think the comment readers are inanimate objects? (Love the comment by the way – we just need to do away with this word “selfish” – we already have the words dumb and smart, so I think they cover all aspects of behavior, long and short-term)

  44. Clem

    Teresa is great. I wish Adam would quit forcing everyone to tell the same old tired stories, though. He already does enough of that himself, there’s no need to encourage others to do it.

  45. Allen

    Loved hearing Ice-T on the show. Also, no slam to Alison but, I LOVE hearing Teresa back on the show, even if it’s just for the one parent of the week segments. Any plans on her own podcast on the Ace network?? “This week with T’s V”

  46. Wendy

    Just worth it to hear “Sprinkles-lung” and Parents of the Week (or Weak?)

  47. John

    ICE-T and Adam were AMAZING! Great guest! PUT A RING ON DAT PLAYA….

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein06-17-2012

      IceT is pretty darn hard to NOT like. He seems like a genuine friend to Carolla – so he’s an ace in my book! 🙂

  48. Brian

    Strange to hear clips from the coddling moms show during Adam’s. Most fat people made bad choices. How about you just teach your kids the truth.

  49. Jessiey

    Great show with Ice T. If ever there were a guest with whom Ace could have a frank and open discussion about backhanding it’d be Ice T but there are still a few candidates out there I guess.

  50. Alan 'Lucite Housecoat' Corolla
    Alan 'Lucite Housecoat' Corolla06-15-2012

    Ice T was a good guest, you should try and get him back for a bit longer sometime.

  51. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana06-15-2012

    I have not listened to this show, but here are my comments:

    Ice T is a good actor; I learned that watching SCU on TNT. A good show, but it makes me want to move to New Zealand — some place far away, some 19’th century cult w/ the Internet.

    And even scarier is “Criminal Minds,” a good show also, but not quite as good as SCU. It’s the disappointment — is this what we are? really?. It’s too raw, and it’s too antiseptic. The series w/ the guy in an SUV murdering during blackouts was hard to watch. But very well acted.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana06-15-2012


    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein06-17-2012

      Your comments are irrelevant. Please log off the internet.

  52. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana06-15-2012

    Posing on the front of People magazine and proclaiming “I’m gay” seems redundant.

  53. Peggy

    Ice T is an AWESOME guest. Great pod.

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