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As the show begins, Adam talks about the success of the Rich Man Poor Man ebook, even though there was a technical glitch on iTunes. Adam also complains about the camera glitches on his Laguna Seca racing footage, and rants about people leaving their tools at home. Later he talks about his experience on Glenn Beck’s show, and takes calls about his Birchum animated project, and hangover remedies.

Before bringing the guest in, Alison starts up the news with the anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake. Adam recalls bottoming out during that time period, and also goes on a rant about internet censorship and entitlement. Comedian Ian Edwards then joins the show, and Adam talks to him about his upcoming comedy benefit. They also talk about being born in England and raised in Jamaica, and Adam tells a story about a visit to Bishop Don ‘Magic’ Juan’s house.

In the last part of the show, Alison talks about the war vet accused of stabbing homeless people. Adam goes on a rant about Tex Watson, and the guys joke about a ‘Prison Publicist’ TV show. The show wraps up with a discussion of the Pinkberry owner who allegedly beat up a homeless man, and Adam opens up about his racism.



Adam Cadabra

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Mitchell Chavez
    Mitchell Chavez01-18-2012

    Aceman…. as of 1:38am PST Wednesday (4:38pm Bangkok time), “RICH MAN, POOR MAN” is NOT seen on the USA iTunes book section. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that there are several other books with the exact same title? Can not be found by searching your name either. What shit! My bet it that it is Crown’s fuck-up, not Apple’s.

  2. BPiddy

    That song was terrible. What kind of guy writes a song as omage to another male? Just weird.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee01-18-2012

      Sal and Richard?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-18-2012

      Billy Joel wrote an homage to a whole lot of males with Goodnight Saigon.

    • claudio

      A fan!

  3. AceFan!

    Cheers to whoever made the Adam Carolla Abacadabra jam.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-18-2012

      It’s stuck in my head…Adam Lakers Carolla…

  4. Kevin

    I am an architect and Alison is right….most are egotistical a*holes

  5. mel

    adult chicken pox. boom. Adam, did you have chicken pox as a kid?

  6. mel

    (A strain of the herpes virus)

  7. Mark

    No one is saying that pirate content is okay. The problem with SOPA is that it basically gives the RIAA and MPAA carte blanche to shut down ANY website they want with basically no proof of any violations.

    For example, if I posted a link to this blog where you could download Defending Your Life, the MPAA could have this entire site shut down along with pulling your podcasts offline.

    • John

      This is correct. SOPA is going to go far and beyond pirated content. It’s going to shut down any legitimate sites they want.

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana01-18-2012

        Yes, and it’s terrible, but really it’s just a formalization of the current power structure, a means to make corporate hegemony more efficient. It’s good for us Worker Bees, more honey to trickle down, their largess.

  8. Devon

    Just so you know, the book is still not available via itunes. “Your request could not be completed” The items you’ve requested is not currently available in the U.S. store.

  9. Abraham

    The ultimate “I didnt bring it” moment happened at my wedding. Dj shows up with a laptop and 1 speaker. I ask him, “where are your turntables and the rest of your equipment?” He says, “I didnt bring it”

  10. moeman99

    For the most part the Adam Carolla app is great. Problem is that if you’re listening to a podcast, pause it, and then come back later and play, it sometimes loses it place place. The podcast will restart back a few minutes from you left off. Please fix!! Thanks

    • vivamolina

      I have the same issue, such a pain in the ass.

  11. DavesFan

    I’ll pass on this episode – too many rants according to the summary.

    • Sy

      What!?! That’s like going to Dominoes & complaining there’s too much pizza.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-18-2012

      Why do you listen then?

    • Clarence Thomas
      Clarence Thomas01-18-2012


  12. Shoshana

    Regarding the old man shoes…my dad was a lifetime cowboy boot wearer. I think it was to add an extra inch to his 5’5” height… he entered his 60’s and suddenly was rocking the old man velcro shoes. I think you reach a certain age and you become morally opposed to shoe laces.

  13. Brad

    What ever happened to Donny ? I noticed he is no longer getting producer credits? Did you guys have a falling out?

    • Yarms Bakersontonmantino
      Yarms Bakersontonmantino01-18-2012

      Adam explained this on a previous podcast but I don’t remember which one.

      • Chris

        it was the State of the union podcast.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-18-2012

      He told the story in the State of the Union episode (1/3/2012) at the 20:30 mark.

      • Brad

        how do I get there ? past episodes only goes to Sept 2011?

    • Brad

      anyone??? Donny update??

    • JD

      He explained what happened to Donny in the State of the Union podcast around the beginning of the year. There was a fight and Donny left.

  14. Dick Face
    Dick Face01-18-2012

    LOL, Rich man-Poor man…the ten thousand dollar bet, for one it’s purely a figment of ones imagination and for the other it’s simply pocket change!

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana01-18-2012

      No, rich men don’t bet, they win — the game is fixed. You’re thinking of “Rich man newly rich man”. Newly stupid rich man.

  15. Ernesto

    wow. carolla is either really dumb or he’s already taking his talking notes from prospective boss mr. murdoch.

    first off, SOPA and PIPA were not initiated by the government, i know he enjoys ranting against it, but his rants are misdirected in this case; they are actually initiated by the same people he complains constantly about for rehashing old shit like “land of the lost”, the same people that have driven him to the fringes of podcasting and off network TV and radio, the same people that will have no problem of accusing his podcast of infringing on their copyrights for playing and making fun of eagles’ shitty songs.

    this brings me to my second point; SOPA and PIPA, like Mark said above is not directed specifically at pirated content as you understand pirated content–being bought and sold in the seedy back-alleys of third-world countries, or traded freely by people who understand ownership of content as the right to share said content–but it really is so vague in its scope that ANY use of ANY copyright material (like 99% of Bryan’s drops) will be considered grounds for shutting down this and any other like-minded podcast.

    Again, I want to believe that his stance on SOPA and PIPA just stems from his own lovable dumb douchebaggy self, but it is quite interesting that now that he is trying to get his animated show off the ground at fox, he takes a very similar stance to the entire thing that that of his future boss.

    if interested here’s somewhere to start learnign a bit more about it:

    • Bro

      Cool story bro.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-18-2012


    • Dillon

      @Ernesto Lol you think he’s on the phone getting orders from Rupert Murdoch or something?

    • Rocketman

      I don’t think it’s a matter of him being dumb or getting talking points from someone else. This is Adam Carolla we’re dealing with here. Do you honestly believe that he’s following SOPA and PIPA? Of course they are terrible, but there is no way you could explain how DNS works to a carpenter. It’s just not on his radar.

      That being said, great show Ace Man!

    • John

      when has Adam ever ranted about anything he actually knows about? Of course he doesn’t know shit about SOPA, he never knows shit about anything. SOPA doesn’t specifically engage pirating at all. Why doesn’t Adam ever TRY TO FIND OUT about anything he yells about????!!!!

      • The King
        The King01-19-2012

        It’s called Rich White people problems. Whether Adam thinks so or not he has been compromised by his money and ass kissing employees. His type of problem is figuring out what ridiculously expensive parts for his silly ass cars he can find or finding someone to pay to watch his kids while his wife doesn’t work!!!
        Those are his issues….he no longer lives in reality….he lives in rich man reality.

    • formerjackman


    • David

      He said like a dozen times how he didn’t know the particulars on it and really, his only point was that big whitey is always gonna get his hand in on anything profitable, hasn’t been able to yet on the internet, but will at some point.

  16. Jorm Valadez
    Jorm Valadez01-18-2012

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, amazing how uninformed Adam is when it comes to the SOPA/PIPA bills.

    • Clarence Thomas
      Clarence Thomas01-18-2012

      Say it ONE MORE TIME

  17. eric

    Alison is so right, architects are complete bitches…male and female!

  18. Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown01-18-2012

    Can we all agree that Chocolate News was NOT funny? It was horrifically bad. It was just another Comedy Central funded ad for Obama in the 2 months leading to the election, (along with Colbert Report, Daily Show, etc). Ironic that of those 3 big Dem cheerleaders, the black one lost his job right after the election.

  19. Dan

    Wow! Who moderates this thing.?.let me guess…every once in awhile Adam should threaten to fire bald idiot and alison idiot and send them away for a few shows and then bring ’em back…it’d change their snarky tunes pretty quick! LOL If this doesn’t make it on the site, I guess I’ll have my answer!

  20. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee01-18-2012

    The driving save at the begining of the show is called by motocrossers and road racers, car and bike alike, a “Tank Slapper”. Bikes are you Slapping into the Tank and Cars are the gas Slapping back and forth in the Tank – The More You Know…

  21. Ras

    Alison totally screwed up the news regarding SOPA.

    BTW Alison, it is pronounced “SOAP-A” not “SIP-A”

    Ace, the way she informed SOPA in the podcast totally misrepresented the cons of SOPA. For example, your entire website could be tagged and BLOCKED because someone might say the Steve Miller “Abracadabra” parody break copyright. Of course you would be able to prove it is fair use satire but only AFTER you go through the trouble of proving that. Your entire pirate ship depends on the internet being free from idiotic legislature like SOPA.

    SOPA is like a piece of legislature trying to prevent child molestation by imposing kiddie chastity belts welded onto their small ass.

    • Clarence Thomas
      Clarence Thomas01-18-2012


  22. George

    I can’t believe adam has never had snoop dog on the podcast

    • Brad

      He’s already filled his quota for the month.

  23. Dustin

    I agree with Corolla on everything, except the pirating. He is looking at this the way it was looked at 10 15 years ago. A lot has changed since then. The solution to piracy is FAIR PRICE and EASY AVAILABILITY! Something publishers and studio’s haven’t and most likely will never figure out till they are dead and gone.

  24. Jose Maldonado
    Jose Maldonado01-18-2012

    Abracadabra parody/tribute was AWESOME! Is there a Twitter or e-mail for the author? Loved it! Even worked in “Let’s drink some beers and rape!” Great job, dude.

  25. donewithidiots

    Good show. I can just see an ice cream truck pulling up front of the house of Snoops house after a a big fatty.lol Too bad Allyson has such a negative attitude about the brave men and women in our VOLUNTEER forces. Funny how Adam is spot on about different stereotypes and she’s definitely the stereotypical libtard. Way to demonize the youth that are actually doing something besides occupying wallstreet and eating their boogers in their moms basements. Really starting to not like that woman. Represents so much wrong with this culture.

  26. Stacey E
    Stacey E01-18-2012

    You know Tex Watson makes visits to the prisons in Arizona as a “religious” leader? He probably visits prisons in other states as well. Nice that a guy who murders 7 or so people gets to walk around loose in the world.
    And black guys, stop with the stupid hand signs whenever there’s a camera around. You’re either in a gang, which makes you a twat, or else you aspire to look like it, which makes you a twat. (OOH……Racist!)

  27. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-18-2012

    Black men have the ability to stare at two places at once without seeming cross-eyed. That’s bad ass.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-19-2012

      The more you know.

  28. David Beals
    David Beals01-18-2012

    Great show! Loved that architect conversation. Bryan, keep up the great drops!

  29. Doug'y McFadden
    Doug'y McFadden01-18-2012

    Thanks Alison for the Ayn Rand reference. I don’t know if anyone else caught it but it was appreciated by this guy. Literary allusions are sorely lacking in the pod, I think if Adam weren’t functionally illiterate he would appreciate Rand.

  30. Chad

    Of course Carolla is wrong about SOPA. Glenn Beck still sucks, I don’t know about dangerous, but he is a moron.

  31. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-18-2012

    Any philosophy that starts with “I have no interest” is sophistry. The compelling thing about religion is duty, which should appeal to most on this board.

    Of course I have an interest in religion; because I think, and let’s hear the argument. Maybe it’s relevant. Probably it doesn’t agree with my ideas, but maybe I can bend them (my ideas)? Or use them (my doubts)? I dunno.

  32. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-18-2012

    I had a tremendous sense of existence, and it made me shiver.

    Adam’s father is ok. He’s being a pussy. Then again, we don’t know. Some times the “dish best served cold” stuff is worse. Aprobation, cynicism, disgust.

    This is the thing. Parents bring children to the US, and the family dynamic is not always compatible with culture.

    That’s not a little thing, when you’re a little thing.

    Adam still has a chip on his shoulder.

  33. Dan Gulberies
    Dan Gulberies01-18-2012

    Bought a ticket. Probably a waste of money, but let’s hope for the best.

  34. outinthewoods

    Hey guys I can’t register at carollaboards.com is that something you control? I get access denied when I try to click any link, it just won’t let me go anywhere. If I had a username and password it is asking me for one but I don’t think I ever registered. It won’t let me go to password recovery to check either.


  35. outinthewoods

    As far as the Donny issue, it’s simple. Adam’s the boss. If Donny couldn’t figure that out and listen to what he wanted him to do he needed to leave. Adam’s the general Donny’s the soldier.

    I have a small business and had a very similar situation as Adam and Donny’s just happen to me. I feel for Adam!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-19-2012

      Donny always had an issue with Adam’s success. Bottom line, jealousy.

  36. Seth

    Looooong sniffffffff

  37. The King
    The King01-19-2012

    Sweet, another not funny and not entertaining guest!!! Come on Adam!!! And the GOD DAMN COMMERCIALS….I fast forward through them all!!! I do like that, but I inevitably miss part of the show because of those stupid ass commercials. And no dude, I will not click through your website…..I am a little tired of hearing the pissing and moaning of rich white people problems. I promise you his attitude would be different when he was poor……he would have pirated every song he could have…….SO SHUT THE FUCK UP rich white man!! Your Rants are becoming stale.

  38. The King
    The King01-19-2012

    Oh yeah…..BORING!!!!!!

  39. Dean Harvey
    Dean Harvey01-19-2012

    I remember that after the earthquack the illness they said was going around was something like “Valley Fever”, which sounds like a terrible 80’s movie and / or the theme song from same movie done by Oingo Boingo. ( I like them but it fits )

  40. Joe

    Heyyy Old Mannnnn,
    It is too bad that you have an opinion on SOPA and Piracy, because it is antiquated.
    People who typically pirate will pay for quality. Pirates are actually more likely to purchase items than non-pirates.

    I suggest taking a lesson from Louis CK if you want to know how to get your base to support you and prevent piracy.

    Your new E-Book could EASILY be pirated, but most will purchase it because they believe that your name is synonymous with a quality product.
    Also it may be in your best interest to become familiar with SOPA and PIPA, because it may have an affect on your freedom to play songs in the background, link and use youtube clips and utilize other media resources without having to pay the copyright owners.
    Make yourself aware ollddd mannnnn, because if either of the bills pass under the way they are currently written you will not be “grandfather” into previous ways of doing business and it will greatly effect you too.

    Good luck with e-book, I will probably wait for the paper back version.

  41. jost

    SOPA is a bad bill but there does need to be a better written bill to stop websites from distributing pirated work. And just because you think the song/software/etc…is over priced or any other excuse doesn’t make it ok for you to steal.

  42. Uhhhh

    Adam showing up to host a podcast where he talks about current events and knowing nothing about SOPA or PIPA is kind of like a hairstylist showing up without hair goo, or a carpenter showing up without tool bags.

  43. Stretcher

    Was the “no homo” really necessary, Ian? You can say a man is good looking without everyone assuming you’re gay. Would you be okay with me saying, “I love fried chicken. No negro…”?

  44. Miguel Cruz
    Miguel Cruz01-20-2012

    What are the chances that within the same show, Glenn Beck and all his bullshit gets a pass because he pays his taxes, but “Abracadabra” is a sign of the end times? The only thing that would have made the inconsistency any more stark is if there had been the occasion to rant about Syd and Marty Croft.


    great show as per usual, thank you ace and crew.

  46. JimR

    Adam has an issue with Ed Asner and his conspiracy theories, but has no problem with Glen Beck? Beck is the king of crazy conspiracy theories and religious dogma. He’s a nutbag right wing Mormon, that spreads hateful memes on his stupid chalkboard and airwaves. Fox “News” of all places, actually thought he was too over the top and dropped him. Beck is the perfect example of someone who Adam would rant against. Now he goes on his show and thinks he is harmless. Beck is one of the most egregious contributes to the dividing of this country with the fear mongering to the mouth breathing stupid. Either Adam never watched / listened his show, or is easily turned by a simple compliment on a National radio show. So I would ask Adam one of his favorite questions: Are you stupid or a liar?

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