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As the show opens up, Adam complains about hospital gowns and other frustrating hospital experiences. He then gives an update on his latest visit with his dad, and talks about why unemployed people should not be allowed to buy lottery tickets. Later, guys then take your calls for Tales From The Cheap, and Adam tells a couple stories of his own.

Next up, Adam and the gang welcome Inbetweeners creator Iain Morris to the show. The guys talk about the age of knowing too much, and what the transition from Britain to America has been like. Alison then kicks off the news discussing a platform change at the DNC, followed up by a list of various secret service code names. The show wraps up with the sad news of Michael Clarke Duncan’s death.


Follow today’s guest on Twitter @IainKevanMorris, and be sure to check out The Inbetweeners movie, in theaters tomorrow.


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  1. Sink Slash Urinal
    Sink Slash Urinal09-05-2012

    How Long you gonna keep us on the Line about LIFE/DEATH Update on YOUR FATHER?!

    You Start the SHOW with a QUICK UPDATE OLD MAN CAROLLA!@#

    we care more than you do.

  2. SamuelJH

    Thank you.

  3. Brian in New Orleans
    Brian in New Orleans09-06-2012

    Where’s DamesheK? What the fuck?

  4. dumperdilly

    Some unemployed people buy lottery tickets and some people buy collector cars, let someone else trash them and leave them busted in their garage. What would look more stupid on that dollar scale…

    • heapoftears

      isn’t it “dumpadilly”?

  5. Spooge McDuck
    Spooge McDuck09-06-2012

    Hey I will be listening to this episode, just wanted everyone to know since its always important for douches to tell us they are skipping it yet still making a comment.

    Oh and I heard this episode was free so even if I don’t like it the laws of nature prevent me from complaining.

  6. yuk yuks
    yuk yuks09-06-2012

    Who is this Morris guy???
    What’s the next guest? Owner of the convenience store across from the studio?


    That hat’s gotta be smelling like Bob Dole’s pen at this point.

  8. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol09-06-2012

    GET IT ON !

    • liberalsRstupid

      That is the dumbest line ever and makes me want to shut of the PC every time I hear it.

  9. Braying Sports Aficionado
    Braying Sports Aficionado09-06-2012

    I miss Ian Morris … and Michelle Darcy!

    You can call me Blaster Girl (Blaster Girl)
    But I’ll need a drink
    You can call me Jacuzzi Pete (Jacuzzi Pete)
    Gimme that meat!

  10. tyler

    How about an update on Larry Miller??

    • jo ke
      jo ke09-06-2012

      I agree LMDS

  11. Jamie

    The British Inbetweeners is the best comedy in the last 5 years.

  12. TS

    Inbetweeners (UK version) is great, and it’s streaming on Netflix for anyone who wants to give it a shot.

  13. Jeff

    There hasn’t been a familiar celebrity guest on this show in 3 weeks.

    I don’t give a shit about Dave Damashek or this guy.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana09-06-2012

      Familiar celebrity guest — I like that. Our lives are episodes of Love Boat, with special guest star “Uncle Donald”. Toot-toot.

  14. RJ

    I enjoy Adam’s rants but I would have liked to have heard more from his guest along with some details about the movie.

  15. SubDude

    Wow, another Rich Douche rant from The Aceman again. Seems that he thinks that unemployment insurance money is HIS money now too? Looks like flunking out of Junior College is the fastest way to being a know-it-all in life?

    Adam, here is how unemployment insurance works: People work for an employer and part of their wages pay into a states unemployment insurance fund. When that employee is laid off, surplused or otherwise loses their job due to no fault of their own, they are ENTITLED to collect unemployment insurance payments. Sorry Adam but, it is not YOUR money that is paying them. It’s something that is called a benefit, much like a medical insurance benefit that employees pay for with their wages as well. Getting all high and mighty and self important about anyone collecting unemployment benefits that they are legally entitled to receive (nobody can collect if they were terminated for cause like misconduct theft, etc) just makes you look like a Rich Douche,,, again. It would be like getting pissy about someone paying for medical insurance and then, having the audacity to use it when they get sick (like your dad?).

    Here is another shocking fact about unemployment insurance. It doesn’t last for more than about 6 months! Something else to consider also is that there are many people remaining unemployed beyond the duration of their unemployment benefits these days that are living off their savings because they don’t qualify for welfare. You might want to crack open a newspaper some time or look at the internets. You might be able to figure out that companies still aren’t hiring and there has been an ongoing problem with employment that is beyond the control of the unemployed people in this country. It’s not like there are gravy jobs everywhere and yet, millions of people are simply choosing to not work and spend all of their savings instead? Only a self righteous idiot living in a delusional world could convince themselves of something so stupid.

    So, this money is not YOURS and what they do with it isn’t any of your business either. Yes, the lottery is stupid but, so is buying dozens of cars worth millions of dollars that you never drive. A lottery ticket typically costs a dollar or two. But then, that’s the typical Acedouche ranting style to bitch about petty, insignificant bullshit that doesn’t “make you happy or make you money? if it doesn’t, don’t bother”

    Take your own advice for a change, Aceman. You are constantly directing your ire at insignificant things that do neither for you.

    • T Money (no hyphen)
      T Money (no hyphen)09-06-2012

      Hey shitbag, check out this study on unemployment


    • Brother P-Touch
      Brother P-Touch09-06-2012

      A little more exposition than was probably necessary, but thanks for making this point. The “my money” rant was driving me crazy. Unfortunately, no one working there knows enough to make the correction. Im totally fine with rants from either the left or the right – but a rant based on ignorance is a waste of everyone’s time…

      • steve-o

        Yeah Aceman surrounds himself with the spineless

        I just heard Allison on the Parent Experiment (allison Part 2) say she heard Adam going off on an Obama comment that she disagreed with his opinion but bit her tongue because she was sure he did not want a debate… Give me a break ! she was worried about making Ace mad by calling bullshit on one of his fuge state political rants he has been doing too much of since hanging with his new Mentor Prager.

        She and bald Bryan are literally afraid of his bombast (it is not humorous when he is dead wrong) and afraid of losing a cinchy job. I guess bald likes his trips to SF and Allison is thinking about her new apt w her man (who by the way said she does not let her man rant about stuff at home because she deals with it at work) than standing up to el hefe when he goes waayy off track

        • TonyMonterey

          It’s the Adam Carrolla show, Brian is the sound effects guy and Allison is the news person. I don’t think this is a debate show about how awsome Barrak Obama is. It’s funny Adam Carrolla has said stuff that I would have told him to fuck off about but I would never call the people that work for him spineless and take the time to find anyone I think is a moron’s webpage and write a comment.

          I don’t know Allison Rosen but I have seen her on interview shows and she is sharp, funny, and has a spine, but smart enough to know that 99.9% of the people listening to the Adam Carrolla Podcast are listening to hear AC not hear the same PC garbage.

          I am a member and have been listing to the archives, I am up to right before they did the Bald Brian Fundraiser and he is still going through Chemo and his speech is slurred. I don’t know but after going through that and keeping motivated and positive like he did he has a stainless steel backbone.

        • liberalsRstupid

          Liberalism is a dangerous Mental Disorder and you’re obviously infected…

      • UnBald Brian
        UnBald Brian09-07-2012

        Said perfectly P-touch. “Im totally fine with rants from either the left or the right – but a rant based on ignorance is a waste of everyone’s time…”

    • SillyDude

      Feel better now? Something tells me this is the most you’ve ever written. I guess you have a lot of free time being unemployed

    • nAAter

      Subdude, I don’t have time to teach you the birds and the bees, but how long into 99 weeks of unemployment (call them Obama extensions if you like) do you suppose said recipiant stops collecting what he and his employer paid in and starts receiving Adam’s money?

      Entitled my ass.

      • Brian in New Orleans
        Brian in New Orleans09-07-2012

        None. I’m currently drawing unemployment. It lasts for 6 months and is only $220/wk (the max amount for anyone in LA is $247 – I elected to have them withhold 10% for taxes).

        • liberalsRstupid

          How is someone unemployed… If you really want to work their are jobs.. I can name a hundred available jobs right now. Most people are lazy and dont want to work and would prefer to sit around collecting money for nothing.

    • Rob

      Honestly, SubDude, have you ever known anyone on unemployment? It’s like insurance in that the whole thing “works” because the vast majority of those who contribute don’t get into accidents or draw unemployment. The big difference is that I have never met anyone who really wanted to get in an accident and tap insurance. I know A LOT of people who are perfectly content to live off of unemployment. They may not be happy about it…but the contentedness is paralyzing.

      Also, where you live, do they have video poker machines? They do in my state, and 90% of the people playing them on any given day are senor citizen women and Hispanics. I am not sure why this is, but it is an empirical truth…at least where I live. I wonder how much of what gets pumped into our state’s lottery system is passed through from tax revenues from the government through seniors and Hispanics? It is a fair question…. I bet it’s WAY higher than the proportional average should be….

      • J Rock 1970
        J Rock 197009-07-2012

        I lived off unemployment for 6 months, as did a lot of my fellow co-workers who were laid off in ’08 because greedy wall street fucks couldn’t manage their money right. It ain’t all unicorns and rainbows as you seem to make it out to be. If you’ve never had this experience I suggest to do the noble thing and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!! Being in that state of limbo, not knowing how your are going to provide for your family, put food into your children’s mouth or keep the heat on during the winter time is probably some of the scariest shit I’ve ever had to deal with. Because of unemployment insurance, which essentially provides you with a fraction of what you are used to making, I was able to keep my family afloat until the next job came along. The reason people stay on unemployment is because the only jobs available right now are shitty service jobs with no benefits most of which offer pay that would be LOWER than what you are making on UI.

        • liberalsRstupid

          Youre really stupid or completely indoctrinated by the leftist morons.

          The 08 collapse was caused by Govt interference in the Home Loan market. PERIOD… It actually started in 1977 by the Peanut Brain Jimmah Carter when he signed the original Community Reinvestment Act then put on steroid by Billy Boy (cant keep his dick in his pants) Clinton in 1996. Who was in th efront row clapping her little Marxist hands together? Frances Fox-Piven, the cu-nt who wants America to collapse to they can rebuild America in the Communist tradition.

          When youre as dumb as you Id suggest keeping my mouth shut so the rest of the world doesnt know how utterly stupid you are..

          • dan

            Why do some people blur reality so drastically? So they can create a concise little story they can rage at like this fellow above. Many factors played into the collapse from both sides in cooperation with powerful interests. It was not just your boogey man the Gub’mint. It’s too cute by half to blame the concept of helping renters just out of reach of home ownership buy their first homes solely just because it’s fun to blame poor people.

            You totally ignore vast, criminal behavior by lenders who broke laws to qualify borrowers below their underwriting standards, motivated by huge oceans of money provided by megabanks who colluded with the formerly respected ratings agencies to package this toxic waste as “AAA rated,” and sell it off to anyone willing to buy, including pension funds, foreign countries, and their own customers where it would go on to explode, and decimate the economy.

            You neatly lay all the blame on Democrats, when it was largely the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (3 Republicans) deregulation act that acted as force multiplier in our economic disaster not even 10 years later. Yes Clinton signed it, and people from both parties couldn’t wait to pass this abortion, but I acknowledge that, rather than shamefully skewing the facts to fit some angry and fallacious world view.

    • ShekRepublic

      Actually it’s his money. Get this, as an employer, I have to pay the gub’ment unemployment insurance for every employee. True, they pay into it too, but some of it does come from us employers. Given that Adam has at least a dozen people on his payroll, some of the revenue he generates goes to unemployment insurance instead of paying for more/better cars, beer, pizza or more employees.

    • Gregory mccallister
      Gregory mccallister09-07-2012

      Adam is the uncomfortable conversation you don’t want to have with the person you owe money. The rich pay 50% of the taxes and the rest are by evil corporate America. Shot in the dark, looser, you have never had to write a check on or before April 15th. I’m an 18 year military man and have never once payed taxes, because i dont make enough. Of course you think its your money, thats what lazy soul suckers do. It is his money. Do you think all the UI offices and people employed by the government are paid by your burger flipping contributition? No. That’s because you don’t pay taxes you middle class entitled piece of shit. Get a fucking job.

      • liberalsRstupid

        Never paid taxes huh… This is really the height of stupidity. Do you REALLY think you dont pay taxes? Can I assume you never purchase anything? Never buy gas??? That 55% Death Tax is a real kicker too…

        Adam you attract really dumb people.

    • Erik

      Reminds me a little bit of a few years ago when AIG employees with legal contracts guaranteeing them a certain bonus had them honored.

      A lot of fucking losers were yelling that is their money and it’s unfair.
      Drove me nuts. They negotiated a pay package that guaranteed a bonus. They deserve it.

      In any case nobody can disagree with the main point here. If you are on public assistance or unemployed what the fuck are you doing wasting your money on lottery tickets?

      No wonder they are poor.

  16. Grendel Jones
    Grendel Jones09-06-2012

    Can’t wait for the Alison Rosen guitar riff ringtone!

    Adam I’m all for your dignity tunic in hospitals. Although a strangers cock and balls are horrifying on their own, it’s an image your mind may eventually suppress. Pay no attention to the strange horrible balls. Genitals of a parent or grandparent will be permanently etched into ones cornea, especially with repeated exposure.

  17. A2theK

    Adam’s dad:
    “You know son, the one thing that is getting me through all of this hell, the one thing I focus on to live another day, the light at the end of this dark tunnel, is knowing I have my podcast to come back to. That’s it. Otherwise, I would have let go, I swear I would have. But knowing I could one day again play the trumpet for my mass of fans, that is really lifting my spirits. And for that, I thank you son, from the bottom of my heart.”

    • iggylistener

      A2theK, you reap what you sow. A child’s love isn’t owed to you. His father ignored Adam’s life and paid the price for it later. It should be a “life lesson” for all you parents out there.

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana09-06-2012

        You must be under 40. Otherwise, you’d realize that’s totally out of bounds and such a terrible thing to say.

        He also has kids, which I imagine compounds the idea: “my opinion doesn’t matter.”

        That’s a crazy idea, right?

        Me, I don’t love my dad, but I will mourn him.

        • chipper

          who says Adam wouldn’t mourn his dad. He mourned his step-grandfather, plenty I’m sure, just because his father is doing better and he’s joking around about it doesn’t mean he could care less that his dad was near death. It seemed he was pretty willing to go and see his father on his deathbed to “say goodbye” than have fun with what he may describe as his “true family” as I’m sure Kimmel and his family was around for Labor Day. I have no doubts that when Jim eventually dies he will have a period of mourning, even if its for an episode or two, and in his private life of course

    • MC White
      MC White09-08-2012

      Agree with iggylistener, we’ve been listening for years, what a douchebag Adam’s dad is, how he’s ignored him all of his life, confirmed by 10’s if not 100’s of Adam’s growing up buddies, and even of late, getting real life examples of how he is completely oblivious and ignorant of Adam’s massive accomplishments. It’s sad his dad is dying, doesn’t erase the history he’s created for Adam. Fuck Adam’s dad. ’nuff said.

  18. Guitarzan

    I live in Texas (DFW) and it seems there are low budget insurance and/or check cashing places that do photo ID service on every corner. Even if you don’t drive, it’s not too hard here to get a photo ID. But I have worked with my share of immigrants that simple refuse I guess out of pride, I don’t know, to even attempt to learn English. Which just creates a total meltdown communication wise and also production wise. Especially with the ones that have been doing there job many years and pretend not to understand just to “fuck with the gringo. ” Like when Ozzy fucks something up and then forgets how to speak english (The Adam Corolla Project).

    • RW

      Sometimes it is that hard. Say you’re an older person who was adopted before they did adequate paperwork on adoptions so you don’t have your birth certificate. Or even just someone who lives far away from where they were born. You need a photo ID to get it sent to you so that you can go get a photo ID. See the problem? And all this to fight the menace of voter fraud which makes up .00001% of all votes cast.

      • ShekRepublic

        In order to vote in this country, you’ve got to be 18. Why do we have that rule? Because we don’t want 6 year olds that don’t understand what they’re doing to vote. Well, if you can’t figure out how to get a photo ID, then chances are your vote isn’t all that well informed. The reverse is not true of course, just because you’ve figured out how to get a photo ID doesn’t mean you’ve though deeply about your choice. I think dubya is a testament to that one.

  19. Lyman DYKE
    Lyman DYKE09-06-2012

    M Clark not that gigantic
    the commentary on the green mile says the other actors were walking in a lower level platform when shot next to MCD

    RIP-Big Man!

  20. liberalsRstupid

    Adam, I would not trust a Pilot that doesnt use a Simulator and as a Racer you are seriously hindering your ability to hone your race-craft. I know of many pro racers that use Simulators (all F1 teams). This disconnect you have with racing simulators must be due to your inability to use a PC.

    If you need any help setting up a system to run iRacing please dont hesitate to ask. I’m an expert in the field of racing/driving simulators.

    What is the single most likely cause of your kids death? Car accidents. Yet we spend almost no time actually teaching kids how to drive. A simulator can teach about Mass and Energy and co efficiencies of grip, aerodynamics and NOT die…

    Every school should have Driving Simulators.

    Will you help me save your kids lives, I will help you save other kids lives.

    • liberalsRstupid

      Like all of life, if you don’t teach children the Limits they will find the Limits themselves. Often times with disastrous results.

    • J Rock 1970
      J Rock 197009-06-2012

      You getting some kick back money from the driving simulator people?

      • liberalsRstupid

        No, its a tool like any other. Pilots use it like a tool and so should Racers and children learning to drive.

  21. Sean D
    Sean D09-06-2012

    RE: Gown.
    Unless the doctor or nurse need access you you ass, why not wear the gown as a robe and have to opening in the front. If they need access you your back, it’s easy enough to lower.

    • MC White
      MC White09-08-2012

      I think the way the arms are positioned, makes it hard to put on backwards, but I have to check next time I’m in my doctor’s office.

  22. Another Another Adam
    Another Another Adam09-06-2012

    Oh dear, I couldn’t listen to the last half hour of this podcast. As a Brit I come here to escape the all pervasive leftism of British comedy. Ian’s self-loathing and reverse snobbery about Chertsey was incredibly annoying and depressing.
    Then Ian moves on to saying of Lord March/ Goodwood house “He gets to keep that!” Of course he effing does Ian, you tit. It was an interesting experiment to go straight from Adam celebrating two events in the UK that bring money & prestige to the UK to Ian’s default leftist f**kwittery.
    I’m so glad you’ve moved to the US Ian, maybe you could get the Democrats to dress you up as a dancing c**t. You’d be a novel but slightly disappointing Russian Doll.

    • Mark

      Brit fight!! I love hearing someone being called a tit.

      • MC White
        MC White09-08-2012

        My money is on Ian.

  23. Paul

    How’s Larry Miller doing?

  24. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-06-2012

    Of course we Americans dig the British accent…how do you think our homes became so filled with shit from infomercials?

    • Admiral Kent looks like a guy I would punch directly in the face for no good reason
      Admiral Kent looks like a guy I would punch directly in the face for no good reason09-06-2012

      Please leave the joking to Adam.

      • Admiral Kent
        Admiral Kent09-06-2012

        Oh yeah…You can’t hang a fuckin’ oak door, fAAAAAg!

      • MC White
        MC White09-08-2012


  25. Allison Rosen Is My New Best Friend
    Allison Rosen Is My New Best Friend09-06-2012

    That dude kicked off before marriage to Amorosa…
    bullet dodged.

    • MC White
      MC White09-08-2012

      Excuse me, it’s Omarosa, you douche Nozzel!

  26. Oregon Jake
    Oregon Jake09-06-2012

    Fuck Dameshek, i’m glad he isn’t on today, what a douche.

    • UnBald Brian
      UnBald Brian09-07-2012

      Well put!

  27. Steve


  28. J Rock 1970
    J Rock 197009-06-2012

    Okay, I get your rant about people not having ID, like what’s the big deal? However, if you are going to go off about that, then how’s about you spend a little of that frustration and energy on the fact that this is a DELIBERATE REPUBLICAN PLOY to try and disenfranchise voters! You whine and complain all day about how your tax money is wasted, yet when state governments want to waste millions of dollars to make up some bullshit voting rule because of the voter fraud “myth” you’re somehow ok with that? Same thing with the occupy movement, sure rant away about the dreadlocks and patchouli oil all you want, but nary a word about the fuck stains who mismanaged wall street, pissed away retirement funds and essentially crippled our economy for the last 4 years.

    • Josh

      It’s an attempt to prevent double voting or voting by people that aren’t by law allowed to vote.

      • steve-o

        Has that ever really been a problem?

        Do you know anyone who has ever been convicted of “double voting” ?

        • Murphy

          To those of you who think requiring ID to vote is unnecessary….are you kidding me? What planet do you live on? I am not sure in my adult lifetime that I have ever even KNOWN anyone who didn’t have a driver license or ID. Some no license, but no ID?? Voting is a legal right for a citizen, but, really, it’s a privilege. If you actually care enough to vote, taking the easy steps to procure a valid identification is but a small, small price to pay.

          And the “double voting” rhetorical question is stupid. That said, the risk is not “double voting,” per se, but rather felons voting and illegals voting, and to a lesser extent, non-voting citizens having their identities mis-appropriated. Those two things happen ALL of the time, and they shouldn’t. If felons and illegals mostly voted Democrat, you can bet left-wingers would be all fired up about the issue. Wouldn’t be talking about “disenfranchisement”!!! Really, the whole point is that you can’t disenfranchise a voter who doesn’t have the legal right to vote in the first place!

          It’s actually pretty scary to read that so many ill-informed American adults are walking among us.

          • Murphy

            * mostly voted Republican….

          • Brother P-Touch
            Brother P-Touch09-07-2012

            You’re arguing in favor of a law that is being created to protect us against a crime that statistically doesn’t exist. Since 2000 there have been about 2000 cases of alleged voter fraud, and a whopping 10 cases of voter impersonation. Meanwhile, 10-11% of Americans do not have some form of ID that would meet the requirements of many of the voter ID laws that are being passed/pushed. So you tell me – is it worth it to disenfranchise 10% of the electorate (probably 15 million people) to protect against a crime that occurs, on average, once a year? No clear thinking individual would think that that was valid reasoning.

            The bottom line is that it is a discriminatory law, and any attempt to argue that it isn’t is absurdly futile and ignorant.

          • JRock 1970
            JRock 197009-07-2012

            Murphy it has been acknowledged by both parties that voter fraud is such a rare occurrence that it is statistically insignificant. And if these states were so concerned about voter fraud why weren’t they doing anything about 2 years ago? I agree with what you say about how easy and necessary it is to get an ID but when you look at the backers of these bills, and the timing of it, it is pretty obvious what the intent of these laws were created for. Resorting to technicalities and disenfranchising American citizen’s shouldn’t be what America is about, certainly not the honorable way to do things, nor is it the American way, at least not the America I know.

          • Murph

            Brother P and J-Rock: Think about how specious your arguments are. You act as though there are DROVES of people who would like to vote, but don’t have any ID, and would, therefore, be “disenfranchised.” This hypothetical person is a fucking unicorn! This person does not exist.

            The type of person who would actually WANT to vote, would take the TIME to get in line and vote on election night, is DEFINITELY the kind of person who would ALREADY have taken the time to get an ID!!! How can you not understand that?

            If someone doesn’t have an ID — there is usually a reason. Either they are too lazy, in which case their is virtually a 0% chance they would take the time to go vote, or they don’t have one intentionally, in which case they are probably an illegal or trying to hide their identity/location from authorities.

            Show me the fucking person who is desperately motivated to vote, desperately cares about his/her right to vote…but somehow cannot or has not found the motivation to get an ID. No such fucking thing.

            Quit parroting left-wing political rhetoric simply for the sake of parroting.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana09-06-2012

      Back up a bit.. We’d be disenfranchising people without an ID, who obviously are very thoughtful people, but perhaps a little preoccupied because it doesn’t seem too much of a chore to get an ID, especially if you’re impelled to vote.

  29. Blue Maverick
    Blue Maverick09-06-2012

    I agree. What’s the deal with Larry Miller?

  30. Brother P-Touch
    Brother P-Touch09-06-2012

    I usually deem Adam’s little race-based jokes as harmless, because I’m pretty sure they are meant to be. But he really seems to have a hair up his ass about black people the past month or so. Lot’s of little digs that are supposed to be funny, but there are just so many it’s a weird trend. “The lottery is for schwarzas” was an especially odd comment.

    I know alot of people call it racist, but let’s not go that far. I’d say, more of a preoccupation. Anyone else sense that?

    • nAAter

      Yes Brother, I’ve sensed it also.

      • Late Night North
        Late Night North09-06-2012

        Oh my God! Oh my God! He’s a racist! he’s a racist! Just more dog whistle racism bullshit from another self hating white leftist extolling the virtues of the soft bigotry of low expectations.

        • Brother P-Touch
          Brother P-Touch09-07-2012

          “I know alot of people call it racist, but let’s not go that far. I’d say, more of a preoccupation”

          Im afraid to inform you, but you have failed reading comprehension. It looks like summer school for you…

          • liberalsRstupid

            Go back into your leftist bubble. Obviously its all you know and understand.

      • Late Night North
        Late Night North09-06-2012

        Do you “sense” the same racism against white people in Chris Rock and or ANY OTHER BLACK COMEDIANS routines?

    • Edna's Edibles
      Edna's Edibles09-06-2012

      I agree wholeheartedly.

    • steve-o

      Yeah I always thought is was Adam being cute
      making obvious the racial joke to feed the false rumors he is a racist
      i get that…

      but I hope he also understands that some folk do not get it and if they are not regular listeners or worse yet actual racists they are taken aback or worst yet get glee from his comments

      It becomes hard to defend when they are showing up so regularly and casually

      like the other day he let out a “FAG”
      terms like that can be too pejorative like “N*GGER” and lose the comic slant

      C’mon Aceman let’s keep it classy

      • liberalsRstupid

        OMFG you fn do-gooder PC police can kiss my arse… You dont like it dont fn listen you fn Nazi…

  31. Meh

    Carolla put on a clinic today……..Kind of like an old Pedro Martinez mustering up one last gem where he goes 8 and 2/3, and K’s 11 batters.

  32. Patrick Dobrinen
    Patrick Dobrinen09-06-2012

    If you can’t get Edie McClurg, Margo Martindale (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0553269/) would make an excellent Lady Bird Johnson.

  33. Dan

    more Carolla / Damashek!

  34. mitch

    Remember when you canceled your dad’s show last month? good times.

  35. Lymon DYKE
    Lymon DYKE09-06-2012

    Micheal Clark Duncan
    is NOT Ving Rhames

    MCD was a sweetheart

    RIP Big MAN

  36. Murph

    “He’d be a hit in prison…” Alison — very subtle and very funny. I think it slipped by the Aceman….

  37. iver23

    Bring back Shek.

  38. ETM

    Response to the response: thelookingspoon.com/tlsimages/blog/2012/obama_chair_clown.jpg

  39. setlasmon

    SHEK NATION! stand up! those other guests don’t cut the mustard.. be it yellowwww… spicy browwwwn..

  40. Terri

    I don’t understand why Adam even has guests anymore. He barely interviews them at all and when they try to talk he talks over them. I often wonder if it was even worth the trip for them to make it to the studio. What is going on with Adam? Enough complaining, enough of the bulls@#! news and let’s get some funny, intelligent folks in to banter with. On a side note…positive thoughts for Pops Corolla.

  41. Gregory mccallister
    Gregory mccallister09-07-2012

    By the way, if you want a job stop voting for socialist. FYI

  42. jossh

    AUGHHHHHHHH…WITH THE FUCKING REPITITION………Stop telling the same fucking stories over and over again….sit down and come up with some new shit…come up with some new topics to riff on because you seriously sound like a fucking broken record…maybe you aren’t as funny as everyone thinks.

  43. Bobbo

    So to be clear, this reply space was made for everyone to bitch, argue, and parrot back whatever political views your party assigned to you? Good thing! Because I was about to say that this is a comedy show and you fucking losers should find something better to do with your time.

    To the cast and crew: Keep up the good work!

    • pete

      Using the hatefilled board to name call then claim you’re so far above it, wow, just wow.

    • ross

      In case you haven’t noticed, that’s pretty much what the whole internet is about nowadays

    • Bobby

      That sounds blurry to me. I think this forum reads like a lot of free people expressing their opinions (not being dictated to, or parroting a party line). Pisses you off doesn’t it. Ain’t individual liberty and freedom messy. Those damn people that just keep popping off at the mouth about what they think, often at odds with the Left’s superior wisdom, and annoyingly refusing to acknowledge their “betters” in government. I know! I know! Let’s start calling what these people say (that we smarter people know is stupid, ignorant, & improper) & that we just don’t like….hate speech. Yes, If we don’t like it, let’s call it hate speech and criminalize what these morons think is their free speech. Yes, let’s do that. That will shut them up.

  44. Matt Cortese
    Matt Cortese09-10-2012

    I’m not going to bother reading all the comments, it looks like a bunch of complaining and long winded speeches. I just wanted to say that I loved this guest. Never heard of him before, but I really enjoyed the appearance. Anytime a comedian comes on and can go with the flow and doesn’t get lost in whatever improv they do is good for me.

    • Jenn

      Agreed. This guest was a breath of fresh air.

  45. Larry

    Its pretty clear in the DNC clip there is not 2/3 yea its 50/50 at best.

    That was horible they should have taken it to a vote instead of saying it passed.

  46. doucheiestdoucheofalltime

    steve-o: shut your C-um Dumpster douche. Go back to Kevin Smiths gaywad Comic book podcast.

  47. An Onny
    An Onny09-20-2012

    Urgh! Usually I couldn’t care less about the guests and don’t mind if Adam barely acts if they are there or not. This one I really wanted to hear from and was looking forward to his segment! I love the UK “Inbetweeners” and would’ve loved to hear about the story behind it, etc. Not one WORD about the show except to promote the upcoming movie!

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