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As the show opens up, Adam reveals that Howie Mandel’s son is actually his neighbor. Adam and Howie talk about a rap music video that his son arranged to be shot there, and the guys watch a clip from it. They also talk about bizarre circumcision rituals, and a story about what happened at Howie’s son’s briss. Later, Howie recalls his early days of stand-up, opening for Diana Ross without an act in mind. As the show wraps up, Adam jokes about trying to train his wife to help him remember people’s names, and the guys discuss Howie’s germaphobia.


Visit http://HowieMandel.com for more info on today’s guest, and be sure to catch him on both ‘Americas Got Talent’ on NBC, and ‘Mobbed’ on FOX.


Skee-lo video

Howie’s son high

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Silent Running
    Silent Running08-02-2012

    I just can’t respect the soul patch. Sorry, Howie.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-03-2012

      It’s a flavor saver. (insert fake Tom Leykis laugh)

    • Carrie

      I thought it might suck, too, but I was pleasantly surprised!

      • Rick

        WTF with the audio? How about lapel mics?…..think about it.

  2. Evan

    I have not listened to todays episode yet.

    I will not enjoy this episode, as Howie Mandel is a douche

    Thank you

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee08-03-2012

      Thank you Evan for sharing with the group, who wants to go next?

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana08-03-2012

        Me. I feel I’m a douche for thinking everyone else is a douche, but that makes me a douche. And what about the douche gods who judge douches?

        Very confusing.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-03-2012

      I have not read this comment yet.

      I will not enjoy this comment, as Evan is a douche.

      Thank you.

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana08-03-2012

        Oh, you already said what I said. (Douche nozzle meet Douche bag). I thought I was being original.

        I will say this before I actually listen. Howie put in a lot of time as a guest host on Regis & Whats-her-face, and now they’re having try-outs? That’s got to piss him off royally. Even if he doesn’t want it, they should have offered it to him. That’s my 2 cents.

        Maybe I should listen to the show?

    • DonnySac

      Good Day Sir!!!

    • Steve

      howie was hilarious. solid pod.

  3. SmarterThanYou

    Adam needs to get informed and stop talking out his ass with all the Faux News talking points. Like most conservatives he doesnt have a clue what he is talking about and cant seem to comprehend how our government works. With all the whining Adam does over the current, pitiful state of LA perhaps he should consider paying his fair share in order to help improve thing. Incessant whining never solved anything.

    • Brett

      What. A. Douche.

    • Mam

      Fair share…you’re an idiot

    • Asher

      Fair share? The top 10% of earners pay 70% of federal taxes. The bottom 50% pay zero.

    • NoYourDumb

      His fair share? That is the problem with liberals. He pays more than his fair share. Get a job.

    • Patrick

      funny, I was thinking the exact same thing about what you are saying. Except that you hate every Fox News talking point, you don’t know how our government works and YOU don’t pay enough in taxes.

      How much is enough? Do you want 25% of Adam’s income? is 40% enough? 80%? At what point will you say “ok,we’ve taken enough and we can’t spend any more of rich people’s money” ?

      The reality is that no amount of money is enough for people like you. If you take 90% of rich people’s money, you will complain about the things you could fix if you could just make it 95%.

    • T Money (no hyphen)
      T Money (no hyphen)08-03-2012

      Is this a joke?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-03-2012

      “What in God’s holy name are you blathering about?”

    • daddy_monkey

      So you make sweeping statements about conservatives. Please tell me more about how you advance the discourse of political conversation in this country.

    • ken

      >Like most conservatives

      c’mon now, you’re playing the same game, just on the other side of the fence. Why are you listening to Carolla if you don’t like him?

    • liberalsRstupid

      1st, Govt equals force. PERIOD.

      2nd, Govt doesnt work. Govt takes.

      3rd. Govt never solves ANYTHING. it creates problems out of thin air to give itself power.

      4th, what constitutes fair share? to a Liberal 100% is not enough.

      5th, see my moniker for a description of you.

      6th, Go fuck yourself you stinking selfish bitch. The time is quickly approaching you and I will meet on the battlefield.

      • right wing fruad
        right wing fruad08-03-2012

        if you ain’t making over $250,000, then you are the sucker and idiot !

        Looks like you are another KEYBOARD WARRIOR! Time and place pussie!

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana08-04-2012

        #6 was incongruous, although #1 thru #4 have fomented a violent revolution before (this place), so maybe #6 was a meant as a rally cry? (Polemic punctuation?) Good points but not all of them, because for me, #6 was weird.

    • liberalsRstupid

      Just looking at that picture of your family tells more about them than all of your stories Ive heard combined. Words cant convey the depth of this image very well, lol. Maybe a poet could do it justice?

      Strange that Lance just figured it out. Most everyone else already knew. Whats next, water is wet?

    • Mike

      I love it that your screen name is followed by the one phrase (“paying his fair share”) that marks any person that uses it as either an idiot who does not understand who pays taxes or a liar who intentionally misrepresents the truth. The final nail in your mental midget coffin is this sentence: “in order to help improve thing.” Classic. Not only is it the sentence of a 3rd grader but it presents the idiotic notion that giving more of your money to the government will “Improve thing.” I love people who proclaim to be smart then open their traps and prove the exact opposite. Stuck on stupid. Thank you though. The world needs laughter.

    • John

      You are an idiot

    • right wing fruad
      right wing fruad08-03-2012

      An especially important fact from PA voter ID trial: state finally admits there is no voter fraud in PA or nationally http://tnat.in/cIMgx

    • PipeDown

      With a name like ‘SmarterThanYou’ you know it’s gonna be douchey.

      Assuming you’re even slightly serious, I’d suggest you look at your own talking points. People distracted by whether or not we’re paying our individual ‘Fair Share’ have bitten down hard on the hook of misdirection.

      The State of California is broke because government officials can’t seem to manage the money they are provided. Getting people to pony up more, no matter what their financial status, is the definition of insanity!

      Once our elected officials show they can manage the billions of dollars in tax revenue they currently oversee, then come to me about my ‘Fare Share’. Otherwise, pipe down!

      • Steve

        agreed. thus the reason i will never move to california

    • Eric Cotter
      Eric Cotter08-03-2012

      Wow SmarterThanYou..lmao

      nuff said

    • Eric Cotter
      Eric Cotter08-03-2012

      @smarterthanyou – Good day sir.

      I said good day!

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana08-03-2012

      He comprehends how our government doesn’t work.

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana08-04-2012

        Replies aren’t inline. When there was no form of dialogue on this BBS, it wasn’t an issue, but now it’s a problem.

        Isn’t it weird that the first public form of Hacker-speak was Journey’s 35c4P3 album? The art was probably spec in 1980 — way too early for a co-incidence.

        ’83 or ’84 it would have been, not 80/81.

    • Back sack& Ass crack
      Back sack& Ass crack08-03-2012

      Get a job,so we won’t have to carry your lazy ass!

    • tajitj

      You, are what is wrong with America.

    • Steve

      adam is not a conservative nor a libertarian. he shares some of these qualities but both of these political stances are very strict and don’t deviate from their view points. The more left you are the more compromises you make on your stance.

  4. Bradley

    I used to love watching Bobby’s World. Go Howie you germaphobic genius.

  5. ncgirl05

    Awesome pod – very entertaining!

  6. sCUM

    FUCK IT! I’m done with these live podcasts. I’m tired of straining to hear something; turning up the volume; and then having my ear drums blown out seconds later when the audio level goes through the roof.

    • ChicagoCarrollaFan

      Wow life is rough isn’t it.

    • Marc

      So tru….manage the volume…try some post production.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee08-03-2012

      If you have a smart phone w/internet access and a “one good earbud” available on Amazon through the website you can listen, laugh and share sCUM

    • Adam's a Racist
      Adam's a Racist08-03-2012

      You’re so fucking right! I haven’t listened to this episode yet, and was debating wither I wanted to or not because of that exact same problem yesterday. I also feel bad for the live audience too. They expect to go to a comedy show, and sometimes it is, but some times they just sit there listening to some people one stage playing a verbal game of pictionary.

    • azsure

      I hate the live podcasts too. I rarely, if ever even listen to them anymore.

      • joe baker
        joe baker08-03-2012


    • eddie

      yes, can you please run it through a limiter or some compression to level the audio?

  7. Just Me
    Just Me08-03-2012

    Howie raised a schmuck

  8. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    Adam should do a TV pilot about growing up in a hippie dippy family in the 70s.

  9. Brian in New Orleans
    Brian in New Orleans08-03-2012

    In 1991 Howie played a college deep in South Louisiana (Nichols St. Univ, not far from where Swamp People is filmed). It was in the gym/auditorium – overflow crowd, as not many name acts traveled the Thibodaux circuit. He comes on stage with two props: a crab trap and hip waders and proceeded to riff on them, make fun of all of us and adlib for what seemed like three hours. To this day I’ve never seen or heard anything like it. Truly gifted.

  10. Howard

    Wow, the Howie Mandel show featuring Adam Carolla asking questions… Damn, this show was hijacked.

  11. RJ

    Great podcast! I enjoyed Howie and Adam and their ability to play off of one another. … I agree about the audio part though. It does take away from the podcast. Normalizing the audio in post-production might help solve the problem.

  12. Jb8044

    You people are idiots talking about fair share. Over half of Americans don’t pay a single penny. With the earned income credit a lot of people get paid money back they didnt even pay in. Fair share would be the poor quit taking a hand out and contribute. Adam just needs to move and quit giving California a dime. Even if you taxed the rich 100% we would still have a huge national deficit. The key is budget reform. Get off food stamps and welfare and wic and public housing and Medicaid and get a job. Contribute. There is your fair share.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana08-03-2012

      No reasonable amount of taxes will settle our future liabilities (estimated at 211 trillion — http://www.thepurpletaxplan.org/).

      Our collateral on the debt (I’m talking about the real debt, not just our bonds) is our military might. It has to be something undeniable. I can’t understand why foreigners still buy our bonds, otherwise.

  13. Dustin

    Good show, I would have never thought I’d like Howie Mandel but he was cool. One of the better live shows!

  14. paddym

    weird. i find howie unfunny and he is pretty good on here. Conversely , comedy geniuses Colin Mochrie and Greg Proops were fucking terrible.

  15. Alex

    New drinking game: take a drink every time Adam says “I know I’ve said this before” or “notion”

    • j

      “at a certain point” or “at some point” also gets you prretty drrunk

    BALLS ON CHIN08-03-2012

    balls on chin

    • Gregers

      Ooh, tell me more.

  17. Jessica

    I really thought I’d hate the Howie Mandel interview, but it was really good. Howie was real and funny and not as annoying as I thought he would be. Very cool. Great show!

  18. thedecade

    audio , but it’s weird.

  19. TonyMonterey

    Well, I thought this episode was fine… I would rather listen to this than any of the crap on FM/XM. And Alan Funt’s son Peter is such a much bigger d-bag than Howie’s son.

  20. joe baker
    joe baker08-03-2012

    I want more guests like Howie he brings out the best Adam

    • Eric Cotter
      Eric Cotter08-03-2012

      Howie is extremely quick. The both of them were riffing of each other.
      I really enjoyed this…

      Great stuff keep it up Adam.

  21. Steve

    Are you people complaining about the sound listening through studio headphones or 20 foot tall speakers or something? What difference does it make when it’s just a spoken word podcast?

  22. Eric Cotter
    Eric Cotter08-03-2012

    What is happening with Larry Miller……
    We have not heard anything about him and how he is doing for quite some time now.

    We miss Larry and his right answers!

    We love you Larry and miss you hope everything is going well.


  23. JTrain

    Live shows are unbearable…key to rollerskate reference 30 seconds in?? Total crap Aceman. Too much showing off, too much ass shaking for the audience…live pods are a miss 8 out of 10 times. Give me AOTH casual banter, live shows are a bucket of shouted recycled Carolla vomit. We love you Ace, just give us you in front of a microphone.

  24. Anniepatra

    Howie seemed cool, but can you imagine having to live next door to his douchey, entitled man-child of a son? I would be supremely pissed if I lived in that neighborhood and had that kid as a neighbor. Not really his fault. I’d take advantage of that situation too, I suppose. But c’mon, Howie! It’s your perogative to think that your couch surfing son shits gold, but why unleash him on your poor neighbors?

    I was surprised Adam didn’t call him out on it.

  25. pedj

    Love the Ace man, but we need at least one pod a week where he just does his one on one with a guest like he did during the first year of the cast. Bring on Seth MacFarlane with both of them drinking Johnny Walker for an hour.

  26. dori

    Howie brings it! Great show!

  27. Deaf dumb and full o' cum
    Deaf dumb and full o' cum08-03-2012

    The audio is shit. The live show audio is always unbearable. Adam yelling into the mic and out of the speaker comes the distorted blast. I turn it down, oh I hear howies whispering voice – let me turn it up. PoP! Adam is yelling again – turn it down. Fucking BUSH LEAGUE. Alison was so much louder than the rest of the mics yesterday. Please, work on this.

  28. JackM

    Howie was one of my favorite guests so far

  29. Dolphin Shorts
    Dolphin Shorts08-04-2012

    I think this in the most a guess has ever got to talk on this podcast.

  30. liberalsRstupid

    When someone uses the term “N word” what do you think the N stands for? Somehow the PC crowd (like adam) thinks saying “N word” makes it ok… Quit being a fucking PUSSY Adam, if youre going to say “N word” then at least be man enough to say the actual word instead of using some PC bullshit that proves youre a pussy.

  31. liberalsRstupid

    Howie, basically what I got from your talking about your son is that he is basically a scumbag liar and cheat that “gets by” which makes you proud. I’d hazard a guess if his daddy wasnt rich/famous and he didnt have the name Mandell he wouldnt “get by” quite so easily. Ive worked my entire life to be a loser, its not nearly as easy as people think, lol.

  32. Expire bush tax CUTs for 1%
    Expire bush tax CUTs for 1%08-04-2012

    Bush tax cuts didn’t work; Romney’s won’t either. http://ow.ly/cJIKw

  33. yuk yuks
    yuk yuks08-04-2012

    Two guys who can’t stop talking. Howie won this battle. haha

  34. Cody

    I hate people who complain about the audio of live shows. The audio for most live shows is good. The audio for this one was bad, but it wasn’t something that would deter me from listening. I think some of you need to turn the volume down and stop complaining.

  35. uv

    I don’t understand what happened at the end of the podcast. Did Adam give Howie the brush-off at the end of the show? And what was the reference about having to “go commit a hate crime?”

  36. 7hardway

    Howie, that’s a great story about your big house in Malibu, and your rich lazy man child. All us fans really relate. Hilarious!

    Get back to America’s Got Talent and the rest of us will go back to struggling to make our bills.

  37. Oscar

    Bald Bryan – way too long since a Schlinder’s List drop. Hope the studios aren’t running after you – let’s make it happen. #nerdypoint

  38. william cohan
    william cohan08-06-2012

    This show with howie is the worst I have ever heard since I started listening to show years ago. Howie is not an intersting guest, no content, justy excruciatingly boring stories, I hate him, and I just wish he would die. What would be cool is if someone kidnapped him and burried him up to his neck and then poured honey over his head and left him there.

  39. JPat

    Howie Mandel has never had an act or put any time into being funny? Shocking.

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