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As the show opens up, Adam recalls his Loveline days, and the times that Hoobastank guested on the show. He then talks about a hilarious incident involving Gary Full Tard, and is reminded of the classic Kevin Nealon wine spill story. The guys also speak about the first round of presidential debates, and Adam makes an argument for why the candidates need to focus on different issues.

Next up, Hoobastank enters the studio, and Adam talks with them about the new business model of selling music. The guys also discuss their roots in Agoura Hills, and play a new song live. Later they talk about performing totally drunk at an event for Jose Cuervo tequila. Alison then opens the news with more commentary on the presidential debates, and an investigation into the TSA regarding theft. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about answering your phone during sex, LEB light bulbs, and Ellen DeGeneres being honored for her contributions to comedy.


Click through our Amazon link to pick up a copy of Hoobastank’s new album, ‘Fight or Flight’.

You can also visit http://Hoobastank.com, and follow them on Twitter @Hoobastank.


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Romney Big Bird

Huell Howser

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  1. Diarrhea Dreams
    Diarrhea Dreams10-04-2012

    I LOLed at that picture of the ladder. Leave it to full tard!

    Get it on!

    • mnoswad1

      Please have Retarded Gary on the show and try to figure out what his thinking is.

      Still shake my head thinking about that ridge beam cut to the wrong size.

    • Hugh Gashol
      Hugh Gashol10-05-2012

      GET IT ON !

  2. Jay

    Hoobastank: proving you’re never too old to be a hipster.

    They’re not bad, but that has got to be one of the stupidest band names ever. Anyone got any worse ones?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-04-2012

      Limp Bizkit
      Butthole Surfers
      Mr. Mister
      Insane Clown Posse
      Hootie and the Blowfish
      Oingo Boingo
      The Goo Goo Dolls
      Frankie Goes to Hollywood

      • Dolphin Shorts
        Dolphin Shorts10-04-2012

        Insane Clown Posse is fucking legend m8

      • JD

        At least U2 named themselves after the US spy plane, which is pretty cool actually.

      • Ben

        Men Without Hats.

    • Tim

      As the story goes, the original band name was, “Who’s butt stinks?” I don’t know – or care – if it’s true, but it at least somewhat explains how they would come up with what ended up as Hoobastank.

    • Joe

      They’re not bad? They are objectively horrible.

    • R

      They look like hipsters to you?? You should move to my town; their look is preppy compared to Portland hipsters.

  3. Sloover

    is this some silly frat band or something?

  4. Ivan


  5. TS

    I remember once like 7 years ago these guys were guests on Loveline (the Stryker era), and some girl called up about having been raped, or something else that was terrible.

    It was memorable because one of the guys (Dan?)…he takes a moment and he talks to the girl, and he says something like: “Listen, I know things are hard right now, and I know it seems like there’s not bright spot. But what you should do to make yourself feel better, is to buy our new album.”


  6. Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton10-04-2012

    I just ordered a couple of LED bulbs from Maxxima Lighting – used the coupon code ADAM and got a nice discount.

    • artielange

      you forgot toad the wet sprocket…LOL

    • artielange

      light bulb talk……really?

  7. J

    The ladder… hilarious.

  8. elvino_ray

    Holy crap. For all of the bitching Adam does about horrible music…

    • B-Real

      No Kidding. My thoughts exactly. Last week the guitarist from Def Leppard, this week Hoobastank

    • pdog

      how many manes did they sing the word “pain”. It sounded like an eighth grader wrote the lyrics

  9. Shelby

    I dig the ladder bash, looks like something one of my Tards would do.

  10. jpmoneypants

    Whats with the closet so close to the counter?

    • Charles

      That is not a closet. Its the access to where the Telcom lines enter the building from behind the wall to the left. the wall where the counter top is mounted is a false wall allowing utilities to be run and the termination wound up behind that part. The previous owners of the building had it set up like that and it was easier to do it that way than to rip it all out and start over. The actual storage closet is not shown in these pictures. I have worked next to Gary B quite a bit. This is NOT unusual for him to do something like this. Gary S is actually quite smart. Almost a little too smart…. As a matter of fact, they are all smart. Let me give credit to Gary, Chris, Lynch, Dawson, and Jeff. They all really keep this ship running true and deserve way more credit than they get.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-04-2012

      the proximity to the bathrooms that appear to be down the hall on the left side and close to the kitchen sink and the fact that it is a narrow door with a vent indicates to me that it is the water heater closet which would not need to be opened often, just saying…

    • Doug

      I’m sure that’s just a little storage room for a water heater or something.

      Oh, and Hoobastank not only sucks, they have the single worst band name ever.

  11. Mo

    The one thing I remember about Hoobastank back in the day was that the lead singer sounded terrible live. Still the case.

  12. LouE

    Oh Gary! You moron.

  13. reece

    full on lol at the picture of the ladder

  14. Kevin

    Remember to click though the banner when buying something on amazon, just a few more clicks and Adam will be able to afford a new shirt.

  15. Gabriel

    A U2 is a military spy plane that can fly into the stratosphere, not a letter-number combination joke.

    • idiotMan

      I want to agree but from the U2 wiki:

      “Steve Averill, a punk rock musician (with The Radiators) and family friend of Clayton’s, had suggested six potential names from which the band chose “U2″ for its ambiguity and open-ended interpretations, and because it was the name that they disliked the least.”

  16. Stache

    cool the website works now! great job guys and nice pod. love it. i also remember that call! ive never heard a guest say that before and it was a little refreshing!

  17. Ras

    I guess you either have to be cartoonishly critical of the shows (hence, not be taken seriously) or be a typical sycophant to be allowed to have your comments go through the carolla filter on this website. Otherwise, if you make good, objective, critical suggestions and observations for improvement, your comments will not be allowed on this site

    • Late Night North
      Late Night North10-04-2012

      Somebody forgot to douche their mangina with Massengill this week.

  18. Fieldengineer

    Boss Man Adam:
    Labor laws do not allow you to ask an hourly employee to work for free – even if it is to correct a mistake made while on the clock.
    Labor laws do not allow you to make hourly employees give free time for training either.
    Salary people are a little different and would probably count as repairing your wall after normal working hours. This being if they were Salary Exempt. Salary Non-exempt would require payment if the repair went into several hours.

    Solution: But a Black Border around the hall opening that matches the door frame around the closet and the door into your studio.

    Thank your employee for not hitting your cars in the back.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Ccgrendel

      Is Gary an hourly employee or a contract worker? If he is paid by the contract/job not by the hour then it’s appropriate to ask him to bring things back to zero.

      For example if I paid someone to install a dishwasher and in the process they dropped the dishwasher and cracked a tile in my kitchen the expectation would be for them to pay for or replace the broken tile. Or if they didn’t connect the supply lines properly and my kitchen flooded the expectation would be to repair the damages at no cost to me. Or I would sue and make sure everyone on the planet knew not to hire this guy to put in a dishwasher. Unlikely that Adam would sue over a piece of corner bead, but why not expect your home or studio to be left in the condition it was found?

      • Fieldengineer

        To Ccgrendel – good point.

        But I doubt he is a contract employee.

        My point to Adam is that you compensate hourly employees for their time. The payment (wage) covers the good deeds and the not so good deeds during the time on the clock.

        Corporations like Adam’s are not allowed to have hourly people “work for free” due to workman’s comp and insurance issues. If the employee inures himself while working off the clock (ie on his own time to correct his mistake) workman’s comp may not cover.

        This prevents abuses by the employer and by the employee. It is a business relationship.

        I was trying to point out the fact that people go to work to produce something, get compensated and get home to there personal lives. The business (ie Adam) tries to take the product produced by his employees, market the product, get compensated and then get home to his personal life.

        Ergo : Adam is in the same position (in a way) as Gary, Bryan, or Allison. The amount of responsibility and also money is the only differentiation.

        Funny how life works.

    • Cool Hwip
      Cool Hwip10-07-2012

      @Fieldengineer: Shut the fuck up.

  19. Hugh

    That’s why he’s a full tard

  20. SpaceDanSpliff

    nice ladder…oh and go Dawson with the mix!

  21. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis10-04-2012

    Adam’s missing out on coining a new phrase, what with his recent preoccupation with latchkey kids, in combination with his longer term thoughts about chaotic families creating indifferent students and juvenile delinquents: Sprinklerkey Kids.

    Also, a great indie band name. Watch your back at the ATM, it’s the Sprinklerkey Kids!

  22. Justin

    This was a big get. THE Hoobastank? Wow.


  23. me

    you know you’ve listened to a lot of the podcast when you do the self-satisfied sniff on cue – I did it in sync with Ace right after “you’re just one BIC away from anonymity (sniff)” oh lol

  24. Ninja

    The lyrics to that Hoobastank song took 10 minutes to write. What a joke.

  25. Hialeah Gringo
    Hialeah Gringo10-05-2012

    at least they didn’t call themselves The Hoobastank. that would be too much.

  26. Why Why Why
    Why Why Why10-05-2012

    Wheres Fridays podcast? How are we supposed to get in on?

  27. T's V
    T's V10-05-2012


    I am so sorry to have to tell you this but the guilt is getting to me. I have been breaking into your building and taking the ice tray out of the freezer and throwing all the ice in the sink then putting the empty tray back in the freezer. I also bring in some coffee from home and leave about an 1./8th of an inch at the bottom of the cup then leaving it next to the sink.

    • tajitj

      Crazy, you must be the ahole breaking into my house doing the same. Thought it was my fucking wife.

  28. ALRUI

    I cant believe anyone would smash the ladder into the wall like that and not fess up about it! He had to hit it hard to, not like he was simply pushing it along in a normal manner being its inside a building. Gary needs to fix the damage PROPERLY and on his own time/dime. I also vote for having him on the show for an interview:-)

  29. MikeW

    I literally watched someone do the ladder thing with a forklift and a roll up door. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing yet it was hilarious watching a tard with no common sense F something so simple up!

  30. who-bastinks

    pound for pound the ugliest band in America…unintentionally

  31. copperflash

    I haven’t listened to Loveline in years, but my ears still perk up at the sound of a good pot-laugh. These guys love to smoke.

  32. Brett

    ACE keeps ranting about giving money to schools is “throwing money down the drain until you fix broken families”. I see his point but how are we going to “fix” these broken families? I can only imagine getting some kind of social program that identifies and provides counseling and followup for these families. Can you imagine trying to get money for a program like that – even though ACE is probably right that this is closer to the real problem.

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