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Adam opens the show recounting a conversation he had with his dad earlier in the day about love and loss. He also talks about the awesome new car he’s driving, and how his dad managed to walk right by it. Teresa Strasser is also in studio, who makes an important announcement about her future, and reads through the Parents of the Week.

Greg Proops comes into the studio next, and talks with Adam and the gang about the benefits of napping. The guys also talk about hot magazine models, how Americans pamper their pets, and offensive cartoon characters. Alison then rolls through news stories about the death of Andy Griffith, Dr. Drew’s lawsuit, and Villaraigosa’s love life. As the show wraps up, Adam takes a couple listener calls.


Watch the series premiere of ‘Trust Us With Your Life,’ Tuesday July 10th on ABC. Also visit http://GregProops.com and follow him on Twitter @GregProops.

Also keep your eyes out for ‘The List’, debuting this September. You can also visit http://ExploitingMyBaby.com and follow Teresa on Twitter @TeresaStrasser.


Bad Dad of the Week

Ant and the Aardvark

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Jane Moore
    Jane Moore07-03-2012

    That’s a lot of nasal drones in one room.

    • Qwertypoo

      Proops isn’t so nasally as he is a flamboyantly gay version of keanu Reeves

      • Jeff714

        Is Greg Proops’s wife a dude who dresses up to look like Madonna?

      • reb

        he kind of toned down the weird. straight-guy-talking-like-a-flamer; no “oh, kittens!” or sizing guys up as “doable”. it would work a lot better if it were in contrast to a strongly masculine presence. but for being married and an avowed heterosexual, though, proops seems pretty gay even before he speaks. he’s a superb guest and has a distinctive, first-rate podcast; but this is his least essential affectation and, above all. it’s kind of baffling

  2. Nick

    DUDE!!! I should’ve been a caller. I argued on Facebook about several incidents when I was behind bike rider taking up the whole fucking lane, and all my “friend” kept typing was “it’s against the law to (mess) with those bikers” and other crap supporting it because he’s a puss.

  3. DonnySac

    Love Proops.

  4. Ken

    Dr. Drew was paid $275K for two months to name drop a Drug?

    Wow – amazing! Follow the money!

    Lesson: once you sell out your name – then you have nothing left.

    Loved Adam’s take on Dr. Drew as doing anything for money.

    This is why medical care is so expensive – it is a profit center.

    Keep up the good work!


    • reb

      Exactly; that $275,000 really adds up over millions of prescriptions.

      • tiny tyrant
        tiny tyrant07-11-2012

        say what you want about ‘Big Pharma’, but they spend more on marketing than R&D on new drugs.

        how can you blame them?

        it’s a business, their number one priority is not to help mankind.

    • An Onny
      An Onny07-26-2012

      Yeah, I remember Dr. Drew ALWAYS talking about how Wellbutrin was the best drug for avoiding sexual side-effects. Wonder if that was all just hype?

  5. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana07-04-2012

    No help, but I want a rational argument explaining to me that there is no help.

    For an up-and-coming comedian, there’s your opening — and that thought. Make it funny.

  6. Mike

    Love the Proopster! I hope I can get to your show in Vegas this month.

  7. gendo1

    BB is the Aceman’s “Ace” in the hole! Great job partner!

  8. Can't count to four
    Can't count to four07-04-2012

    Uh, yeah, so about that Dr. Drew live show you said was going to air on the 4th of July…

  9. Herb from OZ
    Herb from OZ07-04-2012

    Cant believe T is leaving….. again! Best of luck T, hope youll be back someday soon.

    • Chrispmeat

      agreed. We will miss you even more T!!

    • JP Fitz
      JP Fitz07-05-2012

      Indeed, it was great to hear T on the Aceman’s podwaves, she will be missed

    • Chris

      Good luck T Bone. I always enjoy your appearances. I hope you can continue to drop(or call) in from time to time.

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode07-05-2012

      Spoiler Alert, thanks Herb!

      • Micah

        I’ll never get why people read/comment on this shit before listening anyway. Lesson should be learned.

  10. Joe Jackson
    Joe Jackson07-04-2012

    Best part of this episode is that David Wild doesn’t show up to NAMEDROP every 12 seconds, and declare everything the BEST (if Adam likes it) or the WORST (if Adam doesn’t like it).

    • will

      agree david wild gets annoying

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode07-05-2012

      Yeah but my moneys on David for the upcoming “Ass Kiss Rodeo” contest. Go David!

    • MC White
      MC White07-06-2012

      Yeah, the whole “trying to please the boss” bs is getting old isn’t it? I hate Adam’s narcissistic taste in music, he doesn’t seem to get, music is very subjective, and we don’t all like the same thing, necessarily. The whole rant about ethnic music (Ranchero, reggae) and pretty much any other type, except for the 3 groups he listened to in high school. Amazingly narcissistic he is. My first experience of this narcissism was when he was ranting about Reggae, and I remember thinking: hmm, he really doesn’t like reggae too much. Then he did it for 99% of all other music, including the Beatles, one time, and I pretty much stopped listening to his “music rants.” What a douche.

      However, I don’t want this to be seen as a put down to David Wild. I respect him and his music tastes. Sorry, there’s a reason, he gets all the interviews, and he knows how to network. I honestly don’t think Adam knows how to network at the super AAA celebrity level.

      • marco

        If Adam knew how to network, he wouldn’t be doing this podcast, and you and I wouldn’t exist – put that in your pipe and smoke it. I find if I fast forward 10 minutes when he starts talking music, it usually does the trick.

  11. paddym

    wow Proops is unbelievably unfunny.

  12. Hacksaw

    haha, love joe’s comment….david wild is the worst

  13. Random Dude
    Random Dude07-04-2012

    Ken, completely agree with your whole comment and appreciate you taking the time to voice that.

    Dr. Drew couldn’t have asked for a better friend and colleague in a comedian. Adam was the consummate gentleman learning the news of this debacle “on-air” and is seemingly reserving judgement until Dr. Drew gets his fair shake at the mic. He may do anything for money, but I don’t think he would actively try to harm people either, as Adam purports.

    Maybe the good doctor did, maybe he didn’t get paid as a spokesman for a drug company, though if Can’t count four is correct, ‘the doctor is out’ today to discuss it. In his defense, it is a holiday.

    This is a major issue as people’s health and financial livelihoods are at stake (some people mortgage their homes to get these [perhaps wrongfully prescribed] drugs), but the only interview on this issue worth its weight in my opinion will be between these two hetero life-mate, pepper and salt shakers – the physical doctor to the stars (offering them rekindled fame and a deeper complex) and the comedian who attempts to psychologically re-humanize them.

  14. Hegro

    Now that Wild is gone my headache is going away. Can’t abide that insufferable little celebrity underwear-sniffer. Alison needs to be replaced as well.

  15. Just Me
    Just Me07-04-2012

    All the best to T! Hope the new gig, home and bambino are great.

  16. nAAter

    BB: Great drops today bud, but darn near passed out holding my breath for “The good, The Bad, and The Ugly”

  17. KD

    Teresa looks hot and doe eyed in that picture. So sexy.

    • Ninja

      Bet you just loved when she talked about eating out of the trash.

  18. Horus

    Best of luck to T! She will totally rock this new job!

  19. Rudy Eugene
    Rudy Eugene07-04-2012

    Hey, I called into Dr Drew’s show last month when I was having some issues and he prescribed bath salts. Wonder if the Bath Salt industry is paying Dr Drew

  20. Anonymous Dude
    Anonymous Dude07-04-2012

    Why was what I posted last so obtuse?

    Is it guilt by association with Dr. Drew?

    Wondering in Wisconsin

  21. Cyclist

    Why you so insecure Adam? BMX and road biking are different things. BMX plays on gravity and momentum, road biking is all about speed and how much power you can transfer to the pedals. When you clip in with cleats you exert force on the crank not only pushing down on the pedal, but pulling up, and if you’re in shape and have good form you can pedal on flat level ground up to 30mph. The only way you’d be able to go that fast on a BMX is on a sharp downhill.

    • Idiot Retard
      Idiot Retard07-06-2012

      I agree. As a mountain biker, I do my best to stay OFF the roads and ride the trails instead. What you are dealing with Adam are “Roadies”…a totally different breed in the cycling world.

      Clip pedals do help you pedal downwards as well as upwards, and when bailing down a gnarly single-track trail in the woods at 30mph, it’s a secure feeling to know your feet aint bouncing off the pedals.

  22. ras

    I can not believe every time Adam mentions a peach chee folder, Matt Fondilier does not have a photo of it in the show summary – even after Alison mentions not all people will know what a peach chee folder is. Wake up Matt – you keep phoning in these show summaries. Remember, a company website might be the first gateway NEW LISTENERs will stumble upon this podcast.

    • Brother P-Touch
      Brother P-Touch07-09-2012

      Yeah. It’s “Pee-Chee”.

  23. Peter North
    Peter North07-04-2012

    Hey Adam, how much is that Audi R8 worth? I missed the first twelve times you mentioned how much it costs.

  24. Mark J
    Mark J07-04-2012

    come back soon T, we’ll miss you. Bring your V too!

  25. AWM

    Proops may be the perfect type of guest for this show. Assertive enough to keep up with Ace but doesn’t overpower it. Great pod today!

  26. Sluggh

    Love how Aceman leaves Drew out to dry: “He’ll do anything for money.”

  27. david

    Love the pool-float-box model talk. When I was just a lad, I hammered more than a few out to those.

  28. D

    I’d nail T even if she’s prego.

  29. Rrrrr

    Alright…the good stuff!

  30. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle07-05-2012

    The Cherry Pie bit never gets old for me. I laugh every time.

  31. dave

    love me some proops. fantastic job on improv “taco-combination…platter” “rosen! stop playing grabass and get in here!” good stuff

  32. HandsAcrossMyAsshole

    So I was listening to “The Smartest man in the World” this week and wondering when will Proopheim be on ACS? “Great minds think a lot” – Rich Vos.

  33. smeghed

    “the skinnier the tyre, the bigger the douche”
    time to ride the fat bike

  34. Alan Celica
    Alan Celica07-05-2012

    man t is troubled. i mean wow fooding herself up when she got dumped story was just… and then she says she has one thousand of these stories.

    cant turn out well for her i dont believe.

    Alison on the other hand is HOT

  35. Raymond

    Damn T is looking beat. Get better!!

  36. Matt

    Other than Herb, everyone who posted a comment is fucking retarded. Keep drinking that mountain dew you degenerate waste of resource jerk offs.

    • MC White
      MC White07-08-2012

      So that would put you in the “fucking retarded” category, Matt?

  37. Patrick Dobrinen
    Patrick Dobrinen07-05-2012

    Rite Aid acquired the Thrifty drug store chain in 1996, not CVS. CVS took over Longs Drugs in 2008. Rite Aid stores still continue to offer the ice cream counters that Thrifty stores made famous.

  38. MC White
    MC White07-06-2012

    When you were talking about the paid to name drop it made me think: I heard “several” radio stations I listen to always talking about “The Sopranos.” and this was during a time when nobody gave a crap about the Sopranos. I swear, I remember thinking, it seems like they are being paid to talk about the Sopranos, like, who gives a shit about that show? It happened on several radio stations I was listening to, and it was just a bit too frequent. I think it was either the same radio station, and several different time slots, or it was a couple different radio stations, can’t quite remember. Or maybe the same radio show, but they discussed a couple of different HBO shows.

    One was Murph and Mac, on 680 KNBR in San Francisco. They would talk about that show incessantly, like the plot was so important. I can’t remember the other one. Anyone know what I’m talking about? When Ace talked about Drew discussing a certain drug, within his radio show (or was it Allison) it reminded me of that concept, and I remember thinking: I bet this is some new “marketing campaign” attempt, due to everyone switching channels, and avoiding commercials.

  39. Mason Jar
    Mason Jar07-06-2012

    Adam, your show is sucking more and more.

  40. Kevin

    The podcast doesn’t seem to be working. Others days will play but not this one. Anyone else having a problem?

  41. 185,000

    Did you know the Audi R8 cost 185,000?Did you know the Audi R8 cost 185,000?Did you know the Audi R8 cost 185,000?Did you know the Audi R8 cost 185,000?Did you know the Audi R8 cost 185,000?

  42. Idiot Retard
    Idiot Retard07-06-2012

    Next time Proops is back on, let’s hear some more adventures of PieBald The Pussy Eagle. That was some funny sh!t!

  43. B dyah
    B dyah07-07-2012

    Talk, talk, talk…SHE’S MY CHERRY PIE! Yea…heh..heh…talk talk talk…SHE’S MY CHERRY PIE! Ha ha ha!
    That drop just gets funnier every time he plays it. DOESN’T IT??
    So funny…so damn funny…ahhh…yea…really….funny.
    Please play it more than a dozen times every show….please? It would only make the show funnier.

  44. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town07-08-2012

    HAHAHA…Wait, how much is the R8 worth?

    • Rick

      Yea, tell us more about the Audi….like how much it’s worth.

      ONE TIME FOOL!!!

  45. tom williams
    tom williams07-08-2012

    I guess ill stop listening to the podcast again now that TERESA STRASSER is gone.

  46. Rene

    B dyah, stage 4 stage 4.

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