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Adam opens the podcast discussing an observation he made while watching the UFC fight from the weekend. Greg Fitzsimmons then comes in studio, and talks with Adam and the gang about his weekend in Vegas and why he’s done with strip clubs. The guys also discuss problems with water parks, and Greg’s new gas station game show, ‘Pumped.’

In the news, the protestors at Occupy Wall Street have been given permission to demonstrate in the park, but are not allowed to sleep there over night. The guys also talk about the latest Herman Cain interview snafu, and Adam suggests that the political system is too tightly regulated for any president to get anything done. Later, they have a lengthy discussion about the Sandusky scandal, and why we need to be more active in supporting the victims.

In the last part of the show, the guys jump to the phones to hear your Tales From The Cheap. Stories include a guy whose mom kept the dirty Styrofoam meat trays, a guy whose brother got a very interesting gift in his stocking, and a guy who got a bunch of pens for his birthday. The guys also share their own cheap stories, and the show wraps with a discussion of their first porno experiences.


Watch the premiere of Pumped, November 17th at 9pm on SPEED Channel.

Cain Stumbles

Costas Interview with Sandusky

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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Sluggh

    I used to think Fitzsimmons merely tried to shock. Now he scares me.

    • joe blows
      joe blows11-16-2011

      Ace is so right on with Brown pride: the super righties have a version of this when they and their ilk imply they are part of ‘real America’ to the exclusion of ‘the other’ or those that don’t share their belief system. FitzDog awesome as always, he’s real. he get’s it. Oh yeah concerning the 50 something yenta giving history lessons on genocide, I think she starred in “Valley Girls” irc, might ask the Aborigines if there was ethnic cleansing in Australia.

  2. Nick Namenone
    Nick Namenone11-16-2011

    noticed Allison’s theme song has the c*nt beeped out. Is that for the sponsors benefit? Either way, love the show. Got the book. Saw the movie. How about getting Joe Jackson (musician not terrible dad) on the show? Aimee Mann was great. Perhaps an update on Teresa?

  3. Shad Burkiett
    Shad Burkiett11-16-2011

    Mopars did have Shaker hoods. 1970 and 1971 Plymouth Barracuda’s and Dodge Challenger’s had the Shaker hood as an option.

  4. toorude89

    This looks like it is going to be an awesome show. GET IT ON!

  5. Bobman

    So… the c-bomb is bleeped now?

  6. Kathy Shaidle
    Kathy Shaidle11-16-2011

    Know who lost “Star Search” to Sinbad? Dennis Miller.

  7. MrMind

    “You Can’t Throw a Crow” Greg Fitzsimmons

  8. Andres

    Greg Fitzsimmons must be one of the creepiest guys out there but damn if he isn’t always hilarious when him and Adam get together.

  9. Daniel

    Bald Bryan: genius on the sound board, but please take away his fucking mic!

    • JP

      Yes, less Bryan please!

  10. D Curry
    D Curry11-16-2011

    Simmons is funny, but so clueless, like most libs. BTW, Obama’s dad was a Harvard student, and Barry didn’t get there from his “street smarts”.

    Also, Cain was correct on his answer. He just took time to process the question to give a real answer.

    • D Curry
      D Curry11-16-2011

      Fitzsimmons, sorry.

      • Kaman


    • Chad

      You are correct–but Obama’s dad wasn’t exactly present. There wasn’t the Ivy League Neptotism a massive group of our current politicians, democratic or republican, profited from.

  11. Dan

    They bleeped Alison’s theme song. What gives?

  12. The World Is
    The World Is11-16-2011

    Hilarious rant at beginning Adam gets riled up, remembers Robert Davi episode, dials it back.

  13. Shark

    What’s up with the bleep in Alison’s news intro? That’s bush league boys.

  14. Chris

    They bleeped the theme song for Allison? Very lame. Its a podcast, no need to bleep things out.

  15. bassboy

    Adam, it’s STRIATED, not STRIDATED. You sound like a friggin’ retard every time you say STRIDATED.

    • Fred_Sanford

      Every time? Just how often is Ace using the word ‘striated’?

      • Levelheadsteve

        Actually, I have heard him say it several times.

  16. Alexander

    Why was Alison’s news intro censored? I’m not a massive fan of the C word but come on. The lack of censorship on the Internet should be taken advantage of.

  17. Geez Louise
    Geez Louise11-16-2011

    Three heavyweight political commentators digging into the issues: Ace, Fitzdog and AR. Whew, I have now seen the light. Keep it up, people!!

  18. cow12

    the thing about brown pride or whatever, is that the person had nothing to do to earn it. one should be proud of accomplishments, not things that you had nothing to do with.

  19. Adam

    I always root for the guy with no tatoos too. Sick of tatoos and beards on 22 year old d-bags going to the “man” look.

  20. mdb

    not sure if the bleep was a political statement. today, Nov 16, is american censorship day, and people are censoring certain stuff (mostly stuff that should not be censored) accordingly. We will see tomorrow, as this is the first time I have heard the news “brought to you by” someone, but it could also be the first time I noticed..


  21. joegagan

    i would rather hear the mild squeaking of snookie’s hemorrhoids being dragged across a glass coffee table than hear fitzsimmons talk about politics.

  22. Matt

    love when Fitzsimmons is on! Always hilarious – GET IT ON!!

  23. telly

    And when its time to wrap it up, she’ll sign it off with zip it BLEEP? Very disappointed. Other than that, great show.

  24. Zip It Bleep
    Zip It Bleep11-16-2011

    The bleep was annoying but I truly think that it had to do with the fact that Alison’s news was sponsored by an advertiser

  25. Dr. Doctor
    Dr. Doctor11-16-2011

    You don’t like any American cars!? You are your grandma’s grandson.

    • Phlogiston

      I have two grandmas, so you’d have to specify which one. I think Adam has two, also but maybe not.

      American cars are general motors, nothing special.

  26. Mick Swagger
    Mick Swagger11-16-2011

    Awesome show again…but I second that Bald Bryan needs to stick to the soundboard…leave the jokes to ACEMAN….and AR has some pretty intelligent humour, not to mention being a great postitive foil for Adam and his ranting

  27. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco11-16-2011

    Several guys in my unit in the Marines got “Brown Pride” tattooed on their arms. A white guy got “White Pride” tattooed on his arm to prove a point. He was kicked out on a general discharge.

  28. Derrick

    Love the Fitzdog! Always brings it!

  29. Maccaguy

    As pedantic as Adam is about details, he blew the winningest father/son NASCAR question. The winningest father/son combo would be Lee and Richard Petty with 254. Dale Sr and Dale Jr only have 99 wins.

    • Zane

      Yeah, even Richard and Kyle are at 208 combined

  30. Clip

    Fitz is a little kid. You’re good enough Zitz don’t worry.

  31. HotBlackDesoto

    Did Adam not learn his lesson when he dissed the pride of the Filipines, Pacquiao?

    I have “Brown Pride” with every morning constitution.

    Believe me….I have pictures…

  32. G-man

    The C-Bomb was bleeped out because she had a paid sponser this time….

  33. G-man

    Why has no one really talked about Herman Cain having that creepy meltdown during the press conference where he started singing….That scared the shit out of me. I can see him doing that at a press conference right after he announced he just pressed the button down….


  34. SteveP

    I always thought Cain’s tattoo said BRONX PRIDE. I’m from Australia so I don’t know what the bronx is.

  35. Blake

    I think Greg is funny but when he starts talking his liberal BS I get really pissed off. If Nobama is such a great president why is unemployment so high? Nobama will go down in history as one of the worst presidents in US history. Thank god he only has one year left to screw up the country.

  36. j

    Sorry Greg but Barak Obama’s father went to Havard.

  37. vah jai nah
    vah jai nah11-16-2011

    fitz is pretty lucky he can come on this show. otherwise noone would know who he is.

  38. Jared

    “The Camping Dump”. “Legs trembling like a chihuahua.” Everyone take a sec and visualize. Best Show in months.

    • jd

      I agree. The Camping Dump comment was money.

  39. nathan

    Will someone please just let us know why c*** was bleeped?


    I thought this was a “Pirate Ship”?

  40. TS

    Teresa has been working on a script for a project based on her book, “Exploiting My Baby.” There was interest in making it a TV series.

    FYI she was on a recent episode of TPE, now “For Crying out Loud”: http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheParentExperiment

  41. Dave

    I think Richard Petty and Kyle Petty had more combined NASCAR wins than Dale and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

    • Dave

      I stand corrected Maccaguy is correct Lee and Richard 1st – Richard and Kyle 2nd.

      • FunctionallyReTodded

        dave is the correctest. everyone else is slightly retarded. including me.

        p.s. Hey adam, don’t call it a “nascar.” That’s the name of the series. It’s a stock car. Although, as Harry Hyde told us in days of thunder “There ain’t nuthin’ stock about a stock car.”

    • FunctionallyReTodded

      Dale sr. had 85 ish wins. junior has under 20. Kyle Petty had about 2 wins and Richard had 200.

      • Maccaguy

        Richard Petty had 200 wins. His father, Lee had 54 wins. Son, Kyle had 8 wins.

        Dale Earnhardt, Sr. had 76 wins. Dale, Jr has 23 wins.

  42. Nolan

    This was a great episode with Adam in top form from start to finish. Who really cares about one bleep in the news intro as long as Adam says what he wants without any censorship?

  43. Jay

    Yeah what was with the BLEEPING of Alison’s “zip it cvnt” segment?!

  44. shmeckle

    You need to change the Alison song if you’re going to bleep it, Adam clearly thinks it’s too long anyway. I love Alison’s perspective, seems like she reads more of the news than just headlines. Adam probably doesn’t like the styling of American cars which is different than his weirdo granma who hated them as just another way to hate America. I think he would agree that the American cars are doing much better in the looks department as far as the low and midprice cars go.

  45. Dave

    Fitz Dawg makes a good name for a WWF jobber

  46. snake

    What’s that annoying strip club song they play?

  47. Miguel Cruz
    Miguel Cruz11-17-2011

    A couple of weeks ago Adam was about the launch into a story about some shitty production company but said he’d hold it until Fitzsimmons was on. Fitzsimmons was on and the story didn’t get told. I feel cheated.

  48. Nathan

    Of all the minor things Adam rants about, he really let Cain slide on his idiocy and lack of knowledge. Wierd, but not suprising. Love the Fitzdog, never a dull moment.

  49. Johnny Dilznik
    Johnny Dilznik11-18-2011

    Wow Fitz had a hard time controlling his leftyness today. He sort of covered it with his “Obama hasn’t lived up to his promise” bullshit but was able to make excuses anyway. Fuck off you lefty shitbags. Baldy, C. Rosen and every lefty guest is so transparent. Get the liberal cock out of you mouth. Start calling all these shitbags on the carpet. I am so sick of the pass the Hollywood left gives their lefty asshole buddies. Then they pretend to have big balls as they mother fuck all the middle and righties . PUSSIES. Hey Ace! Your becoming the Bill Maher of radio. Fitz: “Why wasn’t the catholic church 9/11?” Wow way to narrow your argument to one thing you fucking douche bag.

    • JP

      Besides your attack on grammar, I’ll bet you are one of those republitards who have nothing but keep rooting for those who have everything because you think someday you will have something. You won’t, and the righties you love so much woud’nt even give you the time of day if given a chance. Sad. You can have your opinions, but leave all the “tough talk” in the trunk. Screaming and calling people pussies just shows you do not really understand what is being talked about. Leave the serious talk to the grown ups. P.S. Adam does NOT read these posts so stop kissing his ass so much.

  50. Rocketman

    Does anyone know the name of the song that Bryan plays for the modern strip club? It’s vital to me annoying my roommate as much as possible.

    Also, I love “Cherry Pie” for the more traditional stripper song, but why not throw in “Pour Some Sugar on Me” or “The Stroke”. Those three are the holy trinity of stripper songs in this perverts opinion.

    • Sean

      The song is “I like it” by Enrique Iglesias. Torture away!!!!

  51. Mr_SKIA

    What IS the difference between a tennis shoe and a loafer?

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