Adam and Greg Fitzsimmons

Adam and Greg Fitzsimmons

  1. chucker

    adam is a self entitled un-educated liar. It is impossible to listen to this lazy self entitled prick, literally.
    I feel bad for the lackys who work for him who can’t speak their minds for fear of retribution.
    I could go on and on, but I am done listening to this drunk, mean fuck.
    how sick do you have to be to abuse your wife for spending 31.00 on champagne in Tahoe on New Years Eve. Just another sign of abuse. i will forever regret the time I spent listening on this.
    I am sure we only heard 1/10 of the story on Donny.
    bye forever.

    • Zcott

      Agreed. He’s awfully fucking whiny for a dude that has the world by the ass. I check in sometimes to see who’s on the show, hoping that he’ll just be funny and do a great interview. He’s good at those things. Sometimes I agree with his political views, but there’s no need to be such a shit-heel about it.

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