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Adam opens the show discussing his Oscar viewing party at Phil Rosenthal’s house. He also talks about the frustration of trying to coach his kids at baseball and having to get ‘Live Scanned’ before he could get on the field. Later, he complains about the Oscar gifting suite he went to, and discusses the success of this weekend’s performances with Dennis Prager.

Grant Cardone joins the show next, and talks with Adam about the death of the middle class. The guys talk about the importance of working your hardest, and focusing on making money as opposed to saving it. Adam also explains the slippery slope of envy to shame to hostility, and explains why he’s glad his parents were ‘losers’. Grant also reveals three important steps to get your finances in order.

Matt Atchity of Rotten Tomatoes sits in on the last part of the show. He’s come straight from the Oscars, and talks with Adam and the gang about how the show compared to last years. The guys also talk about the amount of Botox in the crowd, and Adam comments on the nominees even though he didn’t see most of the films. The show wraps up with Alison’s news, including stories about J. Lo’s nip slip, the Razzies, and Bill Maher’s big donation.

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  1. Dotsquad

    The ACE MAN —————-> “Internet Trailblazer” Get IT ON!!!!

  2. OhhJohnny

    Disgusting stuff. Talk about blame America first. Americans actually aren’t lazy, look at productivity numbers and how much time we get off compared to the world. This is the type of simplistic ideology that sounds so good but doesn’t actually work. In many way, it’s just the opposite of communism but just as flawed and foolish.

    • burga

      this is how people like AC rationalize, they bring our very complex society down into simple ‘mericans are lazy and entitled’

    • Bill Fulginiti
      Bill Fulginiti03-01-2012

      I agree. Do we need a former coke head tell us that it’s better to be rich than middle-class?

  3. OhhJohnny

    Also, there has to be a middle class you idiot. Not everyone can be the 1 percent.

  4. dimeforscale

    Fun shirt!

  5. Simmo

    OH man..Everytime this guy starts waxing on about soceoeconomic theory I seriously think about never listening again which is a shame because I love so many other things i.e. made up movies and the rest.
    But guy…seriously, you DIDN’T go to college, never gone to a SINGLE economics class on a micro or macro level…you have NO IDEA what you are talking about. I have two degrees and still watch my mouth when it comes to socioeconomics because of its complexity.
    Comparing creating a base level of healthcare and social assistance to communism is completely insane. Please stop or fans will leave in droves I swear I can’t be the only person who feels this way.
    The majority of your political stances are archaic at best and are almost invariably built on logical fallacies. It is offensive and repulsive, please keep your misinformed concepts to yourself and stick with the comedy.

    • Reality Check
      Reality Check02-27-2012

      You’re not the only one. It’s going to catch up with him financially.

    • Snausages

      Dont leave bro..you big brained bastard!

    • sockpuppet

      yes, I love Adam since the Loveline days, but whenever he starts in on politics or the economy or the many other subjects of which he knows nothing about (he himself admits he doesn’t read, so he isn’t even “self-educated”) it just drives me nuts and I have to stop listening to him for awhile.

    • Mike

      I totally agree with you. Ive been ranting about this for a while. Adam’s grasp of economy and finances, etc is basically non existent. I drives me fucking mad every time he starts with these topics, he has no idea what he’s talking about. Its all based on his own misinformed so called logic and then he invites people who are just as misinformed and support his ignorant “arguments”.

      Ive been listening to adam for years, I think he’s hilarious. But seriously, he needs to stick to comedy. He’s gone on these long rants about how people who don’t know comedy should shut the fuck up about it. Well Adam, Im here to say… people who don’t know about economics should shut the fuck up about it.

      • burga

        not only it’s based on ignorance, but it is based on him applying his own inferiority complex brought about by bad parents, on the entire world.

      • JCR

        Actually, being a Ph.D in Economics from a top university, I would say Adam’s observations are a lot more coherent than most. While they are somewhat populist in nature (it is radio, after all) and not presented in a way that I am used to, his premises and conclusions resonate with what about 95% of economists believe. Close to 95% of modern economists accept free enterprise (at least a system based predominantly on free enterprise) as the only viable system of economic organization, and this is essentially what Adam is discussing, only in a more simplistic manner.

    • CB

      He never claimed to be an expert. Gtfo over yourself and move tf on. Stop hanging on every word the guy says…it’s fucking entertainment.

      • Marv

        “Talking philosophy, in one way or another, is what intelligent people do. Get over it.”

        I believe this is your post from the Maher podcast. Please allow us to discuss the philosophy of economics and politics.

    • Jeff

      Amen brother! I love the Aceman, but he’s so far off base on economics and taxation. His heart’s in the right place, but his brain is not. Fans will leave if he keeps this up.

    • JeKnee

      No Shit- if you don’t want to pay your taxes how about go live in a country where they don’t pay taxes…like say MEXICO. You’re always talking about what a lovely place that is. Otherwise shut the fuck up and don’t have guests on that insult most of your fan base (that have helped your rise above the middle class)!

    • val

      Sorry to say, but I agree with Simmo.

    • Anne

      Two degrees yet you can’t even construct a simple paragraph with consistent spelling, proper grammar, and correct punctuation? Maybe you should stop listening – it will give you more time to go back to Pioneer Pacific for that Ph.D in English. Then you’ll have three degrees and no money!

      • Simmo

        I’m a dentist bitch, so nice try with the lots-of-degrees-no-money snipe. With both degrees from one of top 40 universities worldwide. I love how you in no way actually referred to the point I was trying to make and nitpicked at grammar b.s. (which would of course be my primary concern when hammering out a quick comment on an internet message board). Thanks for bringing nothing to the table.

    • Arnie

      @ Simmo
      Could not have said it better myself!!!

  6. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol02-27-2012

    Adam you’ve done it again Viola Davis wore her hair natural at the Oscars, it was’nt a big afro but she did do as you said.

  7. Legendary Burro
    Legendary Burro02-27-2012

    Ace man looks a little tired in thise one.

  8. rich

    Funny, no gets lucky, busts it to get successful, and everyone else is lazy…..20 mins later…..except actors, because acting is really easy. and maybe when ace is complaining about Tyler perry he should remember how much he busted it to get there…awesome irony

    • Buck

      I thought the very same thing, the irony of this podcast was just unbearable.

      Up and down about how everyone who is rich earned it from hard work and busting their ass. I agree with the idea that you have to make it on your own, but lets be honest, with money comes more opportunity, as he so blatantly preaches about when he talks of Tyler Perry, Adam Sandler, and countless other actors/actresses/musicians.

      I feel bad for Bryan and Allison sometimes, having to sit there and just not say anything when the Aceman gets a full head of steam going. Never heard of a genius that makes less than 6 figures? I guess you can say the same for never heard of a funny comedian not having his own sitcom.

      Aceman changes face with every new guest, just have to get used to it.

  9. Brownman

    Retard Scientologist. You should know better, Adam, than to give these idiots a soapbox.

    • JeKnee

      No kidding! I can’t believe that guys makes more than $100k a year! Who would be stupid enough to buy his books?

  10. marky mark
    marky mark02-27-2012

    Although perhaps inspired by a Japanese cookie, the modern forune cookie is an American invention. Go wikipedia it.

    • Joe

      But developed by Chinese immigrants. Not like whitey came up with it and demanded it from Chinese restaurants.

  11. Joel M
    Joel M02-27-2012

    Stupid middle-class Americans. YouI can’t be happy making between 50k and 100k a year. If you make that, and are happy… You’re fooling yourself. And if you want to be smart, you have to read a lot of books every year. Only books count. What do you call an economist that has written 5 books about the same topic in 3 years? Snake oil salesman. He should be selling psychic books, since he knows specifically how much money its gonna take for me to live a “good” life. Fuckin blow-hard.

    You all got your 30 months of wages saved up? You should be worried if you dont Grant Cardone will change your pathetic life, just buy his 5 books.

    Here’s a free pro-tip: Write a book, make the title a catch phrase from a popular comedy movie. Example: If You’re Not First, You’re Last. <–Gold

    • JeKnee

      I couldn’t believe that guy! I know he is totally full of shit and a complete crook! That is one reason why more people don’t make over $100k a year. Some people have too much respect for themselves to be crooks who write books with vague advice like don’t be part of the middle class and its not that hard to have multiple streams of income (in a horrible economy?!) and then pimp them on some unsuspecting uneducated rube’s podcast!

  12. Rick Rottman
    Rick Rottman02-27-2012

    How can you interview Grant Cardone and not ask him about Scientology?

    • Marv

      Same thing with Maher, a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Adam had NOTHING to say about his disgust for Occupy Wall Street… couldn’t shut him up about it a few weeks ago.

    • slappy

      I was thinking the same exact thing. he’s telling us how to live and he’s some freak scientologist? at least bring it up adam. very disappointing. why are you helping this mofo sell his book

    • Keith

      Those crazy cultists would have their lawyers go after Adam if he said anything negative about them.

  13. John

    Adam misses the boat on this one. He is a lottery winner. We’ve all seen the lottery winner show. They think they deserved to win. That they worked hard to get there. Adam thinks he worked hard and that he is smarter. Adam happens to be in an industry that has the potential to make a lot of money by simply taking into a mic. He’s good at it, but… plenty of people are great at their jobs. And, they are way more intelligent than Adam. Doctors, Engineers, Professors, the list goes on and on. Intelligence doesn’t equal wealth. It never did. He likes to only look at the success stories. Oprah works hard, sure. But, so does a doctor. So does the garbage man. Well, Oprah is more intelligent. Are you saying that there isn’t a doctor that worked harder than Oprah his whole life that isn’t more intelligent than Oprah?
    He is focusing on the lottery winners and then going on to say that they deserved it. He should take a look at the other side. The vast, overwhelming majority of people… who no matter how hard they work or how intelligent they are could never, not in a millions year, be as wealthy as Oprah. Does Adam think that those folks on America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, etc… work harder than him? Are more intelligent than him? How did they get that gig? Is that repeatable? He really likes to focus on Celebrities and only successful, hardworking Celebrities. He leaves out everyone else, which is everyone.
    If it is not repeatable, than it is a lottery win. That doesn’t mean you can’t make your way in this great country. But, he thinks he worked harder than you. And, he thinks he is more intelligent that you. And, he thinks wealth tells the story on how hard you worked, your focus, and your intelligence. A guy, that did carpentry, took some classes about “Yes, and?”, and trained a radio personality to box.
    He’s hung up on this celebrity and his celebrity friends and how hard they work. Why don’t you go visit a contractor, a small business owner, a doctor, a lawyer, the vast majority of hard working, intelligent people. The shrinking middle class. The growing gap.
    You talk for a living, dude. Enjoy it. But, stop pretending like you deserve it because your a harder worker, or more intelligent.

    • Simmo

      You hit the nail on the head. Just perfect.

    • sockpuppet

      100% agree! There are many people who work their tail off their entire lives, have above-average intelligence, that will never be wealthy, through no fault of their own. He really believes he worked hi way into his wealth. Yeah, he has ‘worked” for it, but he doesn’t get that there are many people smarter and more talented, and even harder workers than he is that will never get as lucky as he did. Right place, right time, right people to know. So much of that has come into play in his life and he refuses to acknowledge that fact.

    • donewithidiots

      I love the show, but you’re right John. I have to agree on the little world that Adams grown up in and is surrounded by now. Another strange nemesis he seems to have now is the police. I’ve listened for a while and have heard him rehash the 911 drunk guy, hits his house story. The cops and their tickets grievances. It’s absolutely crazy to lump the cops in with the TSA, most of which have probably never done 1/100th the duty related heroics of a small town cop. Let alone a larger city cop, detective. Larry Miller did a show recently and spoke about tipping a guy $20 for putting a replacement battery in his car. Because he felt bad for the 60 yr old guy being screwed so bad, so late in life. One of the calls I had to answer as a 4 yr patrolman, was to a 911 call for a choking baby. When I got there, it took me about 90 seconds to get 2 miles. After responding and helping get the baby breathing again, and calming the crying, screaming mother, I was filled with a great sense of well being. After years of doing the job, it sickens me to hear people run down cops habitually because of some couple of incidents that are not representative of how most carry out their duties everyday.

    • burga

      You said it all, it is cringeworthy to listen. the latest examples of his double standards and hypocrisy are the kevin smith thing, but also firing donny who the podcast would not have existed without. then he acts like he is the one who thought of it. Carolla is douchbag of the year so far

    • Rhino

      Wow!! Alot of nasty comments here. People really hate rich people. And they hate rich people even more when the rich people are proud of being rich. Crazy!

  14. Bubba


    • dimeforscale

      Nice work, buddy!

  15. Nate

    I have to say, Grant Cardone comes off as a colossal blowhard, completely detached from society. I’m not greedy, and I do not want all the money I can stuff into my pockets. Not to mention he basically blamed the middle class for not having enough put away, despite the fact that middle class wages have been stagnant while management and upper class wages have skyrocketed in the past 40 years. Middle class people work extremely hard, and have not been rewarded for that. The other thing is, most retirement plans for middle class workers in the private sector are mutual funds and stock portfolios through companies like TD Ameritrade, TIAA CREF, and other investment firms. So, you either take your money for retirement and stuff it into a low-interest-rate CD or savings account, or you put it into a retirement plan that, as we all learned in 2008, can burn to the ground and leave you holding worthless slips of paper instead of guarantees of cash. Who made the decisions that destroyed Lehman Brothers? It certainly wasn’t the people holding stock and mutual fund options that they purchased through their employer. So, to say that the Middle Class have themselves to blame for not having enough saved away when someone else burned down the house after jumping ship with a golden parachute made from the money earned from stock dividends is completely a falsification of the facts of the financial collapse, and of the middle class attitude. We were sold a bill of goods, and continue to wager our retirement on the stock market. There aren’t other options out there for most private company retirement plans.

    I realize I sound like an occupier, and a left wing propagandist. To an extent, I am, because I am left-of-center. But, the Middle Class is not bullshit, and the idea that Americans are money hungry, and should only blame themselves for the current predicament of the country is absolute crap.

    Yes, Adam, you worked extremely hard to get where you are and to deserve your Lambos and houses. No one is trying to dispute that. But to say that the 50-60 hours a week I put in for $41,000 dollars a year, AFTER going to Undergrad and Grad School is not me not working hard enough. I’m doing what I love, and I am not complaining about my salary level. I’m complaining that someone else is blaming me for being forced into a system that controls my financial security, a system over which I have no control, and telling me I should be saving more. My net worth is still far in the red from student loans, but I’m taking no bailouts, and I’ve got no parachute. I just work hard and save what I can.

    You may all begin calling me a prick, asshole, blowhard, and douchebag, as well as a communist or socialist beginning now.

    • Unbald Brian
      Unbald Brian02-27-2012

      I stopped reading half way though the first sentence. I decided to go sell something before i got sold. Just kidding I’m not going to listen to that douche guest. Serious about the stopped reading part.

    • sockpuppet

      yep, my man worked for 23 years for the same company and get laid off due to the economy only 5 years away from retirement. He has worked 60+ hours a week for 30 years with split days off, and for nothing, because now he is middle aged and still looking for work at starting wages since there are no jobs, when he should be relaxing and enjoying the benefits of sacrificing his life for his job all of those years. Adam hasn’t worked “hard” since he cleaned carpets for a living. Give me a break.

    • DtDan

      Jesus christ. . .I consider myself right of center and I have no argument to make against your perfectly written diatribe. Ace is really embarrassing himself with all of this peabrained socioeconomic stuff. The guy needs to stick with what he knows: making people laugh. By alienating the vast majority of his potential listeners (I am pretty sure the 1% couldn’t be bothered with his podcast, and he seems to exclusively lick their boots as opposed to showing any sympathy for the typical hard working American) he is only going to see his numbers drop. When his pocket book starts suffering, maybe he will take notice. The free market he espouses so frequently may very well be his undoing.

      Pull your head out of your ass and read a fucking book, Adam.

  16. Zimbo the Pet Monkey
    Zimbo the Pet Monkey02-27-2012

    I can’t listen to anything a guy wearing a sweater like that says.

  17. Goldy

    I would very happily make Adam & the gang a big Pyrex tray of homemade lasagna. And not a bullshit one with ground beef and store bought sauce either. That good sauce that simmers for hours on the stove with the pork neckbones wrapped in cheesecloth in it. And Adam is right, that crusty outer edge is the best part.

  18. Brett

    Uggg… Ace podcast is becoming a destination for blowhards defending rich people. “I don’t want to be in the middle class” great so teachers, nurses, firefighters, etc. are just losers because they take jobs that have no hope to get rich. Then to her the same very stale ACE rant about how rich people aren’t evil. Please stop booking these people – leads to an uninteresting and unfunny show.

  19. mia

    the apprentice is not the same without you. this weeks episode was a bummer with no adam!

    • JeKnee

      I agree

  20. vah jai nah
    vah jai nah02-27-2012

    too political

  21. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll02-27-2012

    “…Whatever the percentage is, that ain’t you. So why [are] you focusing on it….Is that anyone you know? No, then shut up.” – Adam Carolla

    Love this show and Adam’s work. But whenever he goes on a rich people already pay a lot in taxes rant, even if the topic is increasing the tax rate up from 15% for investment income to the 35% like any other kind of income and which would only significantly affects a few thousand people and would be a return to a higher tax rate was applied with no ill effects during the boom years of the late 90’s, someone should bring up this quote.

  22. The Hoss
    The Hoss02-27-2012

    What the &%$# Adam…I go out of my way to watch celebrity apprentice and you’re not even ON IT!!! So frustrating!!

  23. paddym

    Christ what a fucking blowhard that book guy is.

  24. Andrew

    What is Alison talking about? Megan McCarthy? Oscar? She played a really bad Ace Ventura in Bridesmaids. The movie was awful. Her acting was predictable and not funny. Maybe she could eat less and poop in the sink less.

  25. tom

    The cardone guy is a moron. The problem the middle class is facing is the lack of opportunity. Ita easy to say, start your business and wprk hard. Yet do you know how hard it is to get that opportunity? It takes an average of 20% down to start a business or on a mortgage. That means you need to save 40k before you can even have a chance at a 200k home! if you are not rich, it doesnt mean you are lazy or are on food stamps and welfare. Majority of americans have an honest job and they work to provide for their family

  26. shannon

    I have to agree with Byran, 2 movies that I felt should’ve been in the run for the oscars: 50/50 & Shame (not nominated because of NC-17 rating, yeah I know but great movie).

  27. Alex

    What’s the point of talking about the oscars if Adam hasn’t seen even a single movie?

    • BPiddy

      Sounds like Maron’s rant if you listened to WTF last week. – He went on and on about a couple his personal favorites, but admitted to not seeing most of the nominees. What a joke!

  28. donewithidiots

    Good show.

  29. Joe

    So this Guydudebro clone is selling a book telling the middle class that theyre losers who don’t work hard enough. Good luck with that

  30. Fozman

    So Grant Cardone’s answer to Allison’s question of how do you amass 30 months of saving, which if you make $75k is about $187k, is to know that there is no conspiracy against the poor.

    Nice answer, tuned out, have no reason to buy a book with wisdom like that.

    Otherwise great episode.

  31. McNutsack

    Libertarian is more right than republican. It supports a limited government that has less control than if it were under republican control. Left is more government, right is less. The extremes are from Anarchy (extreme right) to a dictatorship, communism, or other form of complete government control (extreme left).

    Just saying, because Libertarian is not between left and right.

    • Marv

      Thanks for the explaination. The got to me a little bit because everybody I hear talk on Ron Paul is so ignorant of what Libertarianism is.

  32. Lou Bro
    Lou Bro02-27-2012

    This Cardone guy…..mouth is writing checks the American public can’t cash. Super out of touch with people who are actually IN or below middle class. I decided when I was 10 that I wanted to make some money so we made a fuckin lemonade stand. Biggest sale we had was a guy throwing some quarters out the window as he drove by…..

    Point is, I’m a college graduate making 25k a year at 24 years old….not because I haven’t “decided” to make it out of the poor ass tax bracket, but because NOBODY IS BUYING WHAT I’M SELLING

    50 bucks for your crap opinion of “lazy” people who aren’t rich? F that

  33. Ka pow
    Ka pow02-27-2012

    Alison’s whiny, stupid comment about ‘some people get a high paying job, like TV executives…” How does that affect her? What difference does that possibly make on her life or her ability to make money with hard work and a good idea? NONE. Whole stupid occupy envious crybaby attitude collapses under 13 seconds of logical thought.

  34. dre08

    i wish adam would stick to los angeles, dont talk about national economy, or worse, issues around the world… it becomes very apparent that he never really left california.

    just because you did well, doesnt mean you’re an authority on how to make it, and what everyone else in the world is doing wrong.

  35. RN12

    For Adam not being a blow hard he sure does love to wax on about how poor people are lazy and stupid, just because you’re not a millionaire doesn’t mean you’re lazy, if all that mattered is how “hard” you work than Mexicans would be ruling the world. I like it when Adam is funny not when he’s yelling at me to stop being lazy and get to work when all i do is work, this podcast made me fell like my dad was yelling at to get a job. We need more funny less preaching.

  36. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper02-27-2012

    Sonny’s definitely gonna be gay.

    • The Devil
      The Devil02-28-2012

      Adam better buy Sonny a yearly supply of k-y..

  37. PB

    For someone who loves to point out the blowhards, there was some major blowhardy rants today. The first one to skip over was during the Grant Cardone interview, where Ace predictably yells at everybody who doesn’t have money is just lazy and or stupid. At least Grant had an interesting point, which is that the “middle class” as a stable, destination doesn’t exist anymore, so don’t count on it. Ace’s contribution was the usual rant that has no basis in anything other than pop psychology. And then the second rant was near the very end, where Adam started complaining about taxes. You are a funny as hell dude, but you don’t know shiite about econ or politics, so when you blather on about your right wing points, you sound as stupid as Ed Asner blathering about his left wing causes. I have to say, Alison and Bryan show great maturity by not chiming in and pointing out the absurdity of Ace’s arguments

    • Logic

      I think that since Alison and Bryan rely on Adam for income, so they don’t want to cause trouble by piping up. Both seem like they are smart, rationale people that could give articulate counterpoints, but they probably don’t want to be kicked off the island. Sometimes Alison seems like she wants to, and will chime in with an “well, don’t you think that…” comment, but she never presses very hard. People have even told Adam straight out that his viewpoints sound libertarian, but he refuses to listen them.

  38. burga

    carolla didnt appear on the apprentice because he was ‘hosting a wedding’ way to bust your ass AC, yet another hypocrisy of how he is all talk

  39. Jens Pulver
    Jens Pulver02-27-2012

    This guy is a fucking retard. I’m not sure he has any concept of economics on a scale greater than his own finances

  40. Lord Xenu
    Lord Xenu02-27-2012

    Not only is Cardone a blowhard but a batshit crazy Scientologist

  41. cg

    Anyone know why Celebrity Apprentice last night was Ace-less?

    50% of the funny people on that show gone for an episode, and unless I missed something, no one attempted to explain it.

    • Cody

      Trump said when they were deciding project managers that he was hosting a wedding at his house.

  42. Decent Guy
    Decent Guy02-27-2012

    Wow. I can’t think of any scenario in which I’d like to be in the same room as this Grant Cardone fellow. Such an asshole, I never would have guessed that he had a cocaine problem at some point in his life.

    Come on Adam.

  43. Chief Bullshagger
    Chief Bullshagger02-27-2012

    “Oprah busts her ass”? Who cares, she’s a fat fucking mess with serious issues. You’re trying to tell your own audience that they’re all lazy bastards who deserve not to have as much as those in the entertainment or bullshit industry, like this weird prick you had on today, because they don’t work hard enough.

    How many years were you a carpenter? Seven? Nine? That’s fucking NOTHING. You should be thankful you still have a podcast, because this past several months your rhetoric has deteriorated along with some of your guests.

    A couple of rich twats complaining about all the people envious of them, and SO disgusted at the majority of hard-working people in the US because they don’t work hard enough. Fucking garbage.

  44. Joe

    I just caught Phil Rosenthal’s documentary, Exporting Raymond, over the weekend. Fascinating stuff. What a grim place.

  45. JC

    Bill Maher was a libertarian but is now at home, ironically, among the “PC” crowd – And surely his donation was an advertisement for the show/HBO and simply funnelled through Maher – If not, can you think of a more worthy cause – 1M to the most visible, powerful and well-funded campaign the world will ever know

  46. Sterling W.
    Sterling W.02-27-2012

    A Scientologist, huh? And you don’t get in to that with him? What???!!!

    Xenu and all that craziness and no discussion? You, Mr. Hardcore-religion-is-crazy?

    And regarding Cardone’s and your economic opinions, the Occupy Wall St. movement is primarily about the LACK OF LAW AND ORDER. That is, there have been no prosecutions of the fraud that is, in fact, responsible for our economic mess. Yes, Obama has been wrong — particularly his claim that no laws were broken (on Wall St.).

    The people (the majority, the 99%, whatever you want to call us) are mad not at wealth but at the rigged system and the corrupt government that has accelerated the wealth of fraudsters and reduced the wealth of the rest of us.

    Busting your ass to make money won’t change any of that. Only protesting and demanding change will.

  47. Jizzlobber

    whenever Ace talks politics it really shows how dumb he is. “Communism doesnt exist, its a failure”……ever heard of China? One out of every 5 people on this planet is a communist.these are things dumb people say, thats why Ace cant talk politics with Bill Maher or Michael Moore. Please dont treat the viewers like dipshits by having a snake oil saleman like this dude on again. Come on, this guy was a grifter…..you are too smart for this Ace, hoping tomorrow will be better……GET IT OFF!!!!!

    • No Duh
      No Duh02-29-2012

      YES! When Adam said the thing about Communism being a massive failure, I was waiting for Bryan to pip up and say “What about China?” Jesus Christ.

      Also, Grant Cardone is a huge douche. He charges $500 per ticket to go to one of his awesome seminars. Fucking crook.

  48. gmac

    I’ve been listening to Carolla forever. I can stick with him through most of his ranting, but when he starts spewing this backwards hypocritical bullshit about how everyone not in the topmost tax brackets must be lazy and stupid I cringe and skip forward in the podcast. I’m tired of rich guys telling me I’m not rich because I just don’t work hard enough, and I’m not happy because I’m so jealous of what they have. Fuck you! I’ve been middle class my entire life, and will probably live out the rest of my life middle class. Yet, I am happy. How is that possible? I’m not a millionaire, how could I be happy? Because I live comfortably and have filled my life with people I love, I don’t need a collection of vintage cars to affirm my existence. But you try to level the playing field by saying, “Hey man, Oprah works just as hard as you, Oprah works even harder!” O.k. If all things are equal, and Oprah’s working just as hard as me she’s also probably making 1000 times what I make in a year. Is Oprah working 1000 times harder than me? No, she’s lucky enough that millions of housewives are willing to listen to her talk about shitty books and her struggles all afternoon. Just like you Carolla. You talk about how the amount of taxes you pay is equivalent to 100 school teachers. Do you really think what you do is worth to society the work of 100 teachers? Or even 1 really good teacher, who gets paid a fraction of what you make? No, we’ve crafted this ridiculous society where a dude who bitches and moans for 2 hours over the internet somehow makes more than a teacher, or a doctor! So count yourself fucking lucky, and when society asks you to contribute a little more you cough up and tell us another joke funny man.

    • Morgan

      Hizzah Brother!!! I agree whole heartedly.

  49. paul stanley
    paul stanley02-27-2012

    adam is a comedian. most of the time. the rest of the time, he’s an extremely opinionated, ignorant blowhard. on most things.

    he ‘throws money at the problem’ ie. he raises his kids, but detects resentment at emplyees who are trying to raise their kids on their own ie. not by someone adam barely knows.

    so lighten up people. adam’s just a jock with a podcast and an opinion. usually uninformed, but stil, an opinion.

  50. E

    Gotta love the classic Ace move where he complains constantly about how ppl can’t spell his name or how hack morning DJ’s don’t know the name of his new book, then proceeds to not only do ZERO research on his guests but often doesn’t even know who they are going to be before they walk in the room.

    His interviews are so unprepared and shitty sometimes it’s embarrassing. How do you not ask Cardone about Scientology AT ALL?

  51. Richie

    Adam, you’re totally wrong on the Libertarian description. I consider myself a Libertarian, and can’t ever see a future where I will agree with Republicans and their ridiculous religious-based ideas. And I can’t ever see myself agreeing with the nanny-state concepts of Democrats.

    In all cases, I want the government to stay out of my life as much as possible. There are a handful of things that the government is good for (military, police, some regulations, etc.), but basically government should be like a referee – at its best when we don’t know it’s even there.

  52. miguel jacksun
    miguel jacksun02-27-2012

    this first guest blows hard and makes adam suck consequently

  53. james

    I just listened to Jimmy Kimmel on the Marc Maron podcast and even Jimmy, arguable much more wealthy and successful than Adam, gave a significant amount of credit to his success to sheer luck.

    Yes, luck is a factor to success. Especially in creative endeavors. It’s not the only factor to be sure, but to not acknowledge it is absurd and ungracious.

  54. james

    Grant Cardone obviously doesn’t factor being an ethical person in his formula for success. Maybe I can get rich quick by peddling pablum to retards too? Just look at The Secret.

    • JeKnee

      no kidding- I couldn’t agree more!!!!

  55. Reality Check
    Reality Check02-27-2012

    Adam got lucky with a big radio contract and now he’s speaking as if he’s some kind of economics expert. I’ve listened since his first day on Loveline at KROQ and I’ve never had this sort of disgust towards him until lately.

    First the white supremacist-like rhetoric ramping up and now this bullcrap pseudo-theory Fox News talking points ridiculousness.

    Will never patron a sponsor of the show.

  56. Ace

    I don’t watch the Oscars cause it’s a bunch of douchebag actors blowing smoke up each others asses. This show is becomming rich white guys blowing smoke up each others asses.
    Grant Cordone is jusy another shyster hawking his bullshit “How to be successful!” book. Anybody with Scientology in their background should be considered certifiable and you probably shouldn’t listen to any of their advice.
    Please Aceman, shut your fucking pie hole about the economics of this country. You’re a self proclaimed dummy so why would I listen to you?
    I wish Bald Bryan would just spam the fuck out of the ‘next story, next!’ drop whenever Adam goes down this path. You make too much money we fucking get it!!
    Stick to the humor, avoid the politics. Thank you.

  57. HotBlackDesoto

    Concerning last night’s Apprentice absence of the Ace Man, I’m willing to bet he gets fired the next episode and, for some reason, this episode aired first.

    • Cody

      Not at all. Watch the first 10 minutes of the episode again. He was hosting a wedding at his house and was not there for the week.

  58. Dryness

    Towards the end of the episode they gave off that half truth of a statistic that only 48% of Americans pay income tax, which is misleading at best. About 8-10% of Americans are unemployed…no income equals no taxes. So that’s a fifth of those people right there. Add in the 12% or so living below the poverty line that’s another quarter so that’s about half of them in just those two categories. Add in the teenagers and elderly who have little income to being with and who’s taxes are negligible and were probably talking about 10-15%.

    Also Ace, the reason why that number had gone up…lower tax rates across the board. You want lower taxes that means there is going to be a larger group at the bottom who’s deductions and income allow them to get back all of their output of federal tax withholdings.

    Finally, that number is misleading because it only includes federal income tax. It doesn’t include, state taxes, sales tax, gas taxes, excise taxes on things like alcohol and tobacco, social security withholdings, unemployment withholdings, and all of the money they spend on goods a percentage theoretically goes towards paying corporate taxes.

    Ace I love your show but every time you discuss taxes and economics you sound like a completely uneducated moron, not the thoughtful, usually informed person you are on many other subjects.

    • Marv

      Not to mention employment tax. Anything above $106,800 isn’t subject to Social Security tax. I understand the concept of capping the Social Security tax but it does not negate the fact that the anyone who makes less than $106,800 gets 4-6% garnished off their entire wages. $106,800 is a small percentage of the top 20% income. So they essentially get a 4-6% break on 50-90% of their wages/income where everyone else is paying 4-6% on all of their wages.

      The Republican party likes to reminisce and get nostalgaic on the good ol’ days. When there was less regulation, stronger religious convictions, and a healthy middle class that could send their kids to college on middle class wages. What the idiots on the Religious Right fail to see is that those times had the highest effective tax rates in our history. 90% and up at the highest brackets, and that is a fact. If you wanted to be extremely wealthy then there was an expectation that you invest in the stability of the country you are profiting so greatly from and it was the middle class who got the tax breaks. That is the format of the system that helped us prosper and become what we WERE and can be again.

    • phil landers
      phil landers02-27-2012

      Wow, love the comments on this one. I guess I was wrong to think that most people who wrote in were sycophants who always praised ACE. Yes, economics are fricken near impossible to understand and to weigh in with all encompassing answers is crazy. Same thing with his choices in music and certain douchebag guests (Cardone) he occasionally panders to…but as Adam mentions from time to time we do not have to be sympatico on everything

    • phil landers
      phil landers02-27-2012

      Dryness….good reply

  59. HotBlackDesoto

    After wiping the illustrious, opulent piss from my lowly working class eyes I am pleased to see Penn Jillette will be on the show to settle Adam’s hash concerning his many discrepencies of logic.

    I was excited to learn Adam would be appearing in a town close to where I live, but, because of his meaningless rants against the “idiot” working class, I will NOT be spending money to attend.

    I will NOT spend money to purchase itunes recordings

    I will NOT click on any links thru your website to purchase items online.

    I will continue to listen to the show because it is amussing and free.

    Adam, you’re bitting the hand that feeds you. Get a clue.

    • Jake

      I feel the same way. I will not be contributing any more of my money to help Adam amass any more of his “hard earned” money. He talks shit about how we, the ones who click through his website, buy his books, tickets to his shows ect., are all lazy and that is why we are not rich like him, yet he counts on us to make him money?! I find Adam to be funny (usually) that’s why I listen, but I feel he is so out of touch with his base audience and alienates us with his moronic rants on the economy that I’m begging to lose my interest in him.

  60. BPiddy

    I gotta agree with everyone here – I have a good job as an engineer and feel really blessed to make what I do. I live within my means, and am in that $50-100k range that this Cordone fella speaks of. I kinda agree with him in that if I did make $100k+, I probably could live with zero worries, and I mean zero. BUT not everyone can possibly get there. Sure I could go back and get a PhD or MBA, but I have a busy enough life and I’m pretty happy. I went back to school for a little while, it was miserable! Not everyone has a bullshit talent that can be a “factory” for making money.

  61. Bob

    Guest was a Tony Robbins wannabe, but without the smarts of charisma (and that’s not saying much).

  62. Ron

    Love the show! But, Adam, really? You don’t know what a real libertarian is? You can’t be that retarded. Libertarian ideals are what the US was founded upon; so very long ago it seems. Also, your view of American social classes is quite distorted. The banks have corrupted political systems worldwide (in America thanks in large part to Reagan). It’s not only current attitudes towards working hard that are keeping people “down”, the system is working against the poor from the moment they’re born poor. Also, don’t forget, the US is a very young country, and if you’re not a Native American you too are an immigrant and always will be.

    • Ron

      Having said all that, I agree wholeheartedly with you that making “rich” people pay a higher percentage in taxes is wrong.

  63. Jay

    more parasites on the show, this is why I hardly listen anymore. thanks to my fellow Ace fans I just give the comments a quick scan and if they say it’s good I give it a listen… I’m gonna run from this one GET IT OFF

  64. dholl

    the reason adam is so great on this format is because he doesn’t give a shit about what his audience thinks. he says what’s on his mind. whereas the biggest thing i’ve noticed about his tv work is that he alters his persona to play to the audience–and you can tell it’s fake, i.e. like on Too Late. If he is just his usual ornery self, and has the kind of attitude he’s showing on celebrity apprentice, it works so much better and is really watchable.

  65. mnoswad1

    First clue this guy is a scammer is that he starts off by over complimenting the host…….huge tell that he cant afford nor could defend any criticism.

    Used car salesman or motivational speaker?……was the coin toss this guy flipped years ago.

    Dig Matt Achedgetttyyyegdyy though, good “regular”.

    • JeKnee

      No kidding- I always love Matt Atchity. It is just too bad it seems like he was completely overshadowed by that ignorant creep.

  66. TS

    A lot of sandy vaginas here.

    It’s interesting to read comments from people claiming to be Carolla fans who are upset with things he’s never actually said or professed to believe.

  67. Tony

    Ha, laziest podcast ever. Didn’t talk to Cardone about Scientology at all and just goes on a rant with no intelligent facts or figures to back it up. Then, rips into all the actors and movies that he never saw. Adam your acting is terrible in The Hammer. Less blowhearty stuff and more funny. Funny mixed with quick thinking it what you do best. By the way, I’ve never seen the Hammer.

  68. curtis

    I guess I’ve been a lazy middle class Firefighter for the past 10 years. I love my job and I’m happy with my pay. I must be delusional because I’m happy!

    As a general rule I don’t pay attention to people who put their own sayings on t-shirts.

  69. Guy McG
    Guy McG02-27-2012

    Just remember…Adam makes millions because he works harder than the 99%. The medical resident working 80 hours per week and making $50K? Lazy. Shameful. Jealous. Didn’t you hear Adam had to do two shows back-to-back last weekend? That’s like 3 whole hours of work! And then he had to dictate his picture book to Lynch and then rub his Lambo with a diaper! I hope he took an extend-o “ME” day after to recover. The millionaires who have gotten lucky breaks in life whether through genetics (LeBron James, Tom Cruise, etc), inherited wealth (Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, etc), or solid connections (Adam Carolla) should not have to feel bad about their station in life. However, they have an obligation to stop being pure narcissists and trying to convince the other 350 million people in this country that there is a linear relationship between hard work, intelligence, and monetary reward. There isn’t. And Carolla should be glad there isn’t. Because if the world did work that way, you can be sure the joke tellers/professional complainers would not be in the 1%.

    • Riggz

      100% right on! Tons of people in this country bust their asses for little pay. Tons of people want to catch a break (like Adam) and never do. Doing two back to back little comedy routines with Denis Pragaer isn’t hard work…. I thought anyone who believed in religion was a total idiot? No Prager is smart?

    • Yak

      Agreed. Becoming wealthy is pretty much boiled down to being lucky – like winning the lottery. Yes you need to work hard in most cases and you have to be smarter and more talented than the average bear, but there are millions upon millions of people who are smart, talented, work their asses off and never get to that elite 1%.

      Why? Their number didn’t come up. To believe otherwise is delusional. Had Kimmel not agreed to have Adam train him for a promotional boxing match decades ago, he might still be cleaning carpets or doing construction.

  70. Sig

    C’mon guys, if Adam was born in the middle of the Sahara, he still would have made it, because he would have busted his ass…his success can’t have anything to do with luck. If his dad would have stayed in Philly, Adam would have the exact same life. Exact same. Hand ta God…..hand ta God.

    Adam has been converting over the past few years, to that other side. Any day now he’ll become a Christian or…a Scientologist.

  71. SubDude

    Well, not going to be downloading this episode. I really hope that Acedouche is reading these comments (although, it is highly unlikely with his borderline retarded substandard highschool level education). Stop with the narcissistic uber rich dick bullshit and stick with comedy OR ELSE you are going to sink your little “pirate ship” dipshit. Duh, these people you are pissing on in the disgusting middle class that you apparently hate so fucking bad just happen to be your fucking fans, asshole.

    • Riggz

      SubDude, I’m getting to feel the same way. I now fast forward through every boring live read and will never click through Amazon link on his site (even though I order from them every 2-3 weeks). The economy SUCKS right now! People who have masters degress can’t even find work. Companies are downsizing, laying off people and hiring people for much less money… and this lucky lottery winner is going to tell us that’s we’re lazy?

  72. drb123

    Ace Man talks about the Blowhard awards. Adam and the author are two nominees for sure after this podcase

  73. Sig

    btw, the J Lo thing, that’s not a nipple, any retard can see that’s just a shadow from the dress, on both sides

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-28-2012

      Thanks for ruining it for me. How am I supposed to jerk-off to that picture now?

  74. Jobe77

    Adam, I love you but you blew not pressing this guy about Scientology. Bunch of fucking weirdos. Should got DAG to come in.

  75. Matt

    Reading the other comments, there seems to be alot of ill will toward Grant Cardone. Perhaps you didn’t hear his very specific advice to bring you out of your skid row 100k job. Let me be the riffle in the sloosh box that catches this nugget of wisdom that passed you by, and return it to you undeserving lazies as the rich call them. He said the secret to being wealthy is multiple streams of income. So instead of 1 paycheck every 2 weeks, have many paychecks. It’s very simple, yet I would never have thought of it. That’s why he can wear SUCCESS hoodies and is on the Corrola podcast.

  76. CB

    A lot of you folks seem to have AIDS. How unfortunate.

  77. Mobey

    That first guy was nothing but a poor mans Tony Robbins. Complete charlatan in modern times, although I’ve never heard of the clown. Don’t get too upset w/ his hogwash b/c even he doesn’t believe it. He’s just selling his bullshit.

    Yes, his idea’s are completely and utterly nonsense. He attempted to say acquired wealth is 2/3 and 1/3 is inherited? Give me a fucking break.

  78. Katie

    I do believe this is my best work yet

    Enjoy your daily podcast illustration!



    • dbtoppers

      These are freakin awesome keep it up. I look forward to these!

    • TS

      Katie- that is awesome.

  79. mason jar
    mason jar02-28-2012

    Adam, things are getting better during this administration’s watch. Yes, there is a long way to go but at the VERY MINIMUM would have to agree that things are ‘different’ (contrary to what you stated).

    I’ve been listening for 15+ years and you usually have great and humorous insight.

    Tonight you were completely full of shit.


    Also, Grant Cardone (super genius)…Fuck right off. Your book sounds like a crime against trees.

  80. mason jar
    mason jar02-28-2012

    Gotta add that I’m impressed by the listener comments I just read. Smart/funny group with well written posts. I wondered if I was alone in space after that podcast. Appears not.

    • Reality Check
      Reality Check02-28-2012

      Yeah same here. Makes me feel better about the world. Slightly.

  81. Riggz

    I love the podcast, except when Adam acts like an expert on the economy and taxes. His guest with those fake, inflated numbers about how many self made millionaires there are were totally false and unproven. Most millionaires in this country inherited a substantial proportion of the wealth… it’s a fact.

    Adam also contradicted himself (as usual) – first it’s all, “work hard and you’ll make millions… Tom Cruise works hard… Oprah works hard…” then during the Oscar report it’s all, “anyone can do that. Brad Pitt isn’t talented, anyone can read these scripts. If they script is good, the actor is good.”… I thought they ALL worked hard, that’s why they all made it?

    It’s bullshit. Hollywood has always been/is now: who you know. It’s not real work, it is the equivilant of winning the lotto… just ask all the hard working bands, musicians, actors who never make a dime… it’s not because they are all not working hard… stick to comedy.

    • Reality Check
      Reality Check02-28-2012

      Or just ask the wisecracking carpenter who just happened to be in the right place and right time in the KROQ lobby to meet and befriend a pre-fame Jimmy Kimmel. Talk about hitting the lotto.

      He sure busted his ass to make that twist of fate happen! No way he’d just be a middle managing construction guy with a sharp sense of humor if that hadn’t happened. No way.

    • Joe

      I agree with your general point, but Adam didn’t contradict himself. He said that acting is not as hard as actors often make it seem. What’s not easy is the job of being an actor–staying in shape, auditioning/reading scripts, and all the hustling that goes into it.

  82. EatatJoes

    I had to laugh when you, Adam, questioned where you fit best on the spectrum of Left to Right. You are very much a Libertarian (Penn Jillette is also). Libertarianism, although it can appear to be a middle ground of Right and Left, it’s actually a fairly well defined economic/political philosophy which fits more on the outside of our two party system.. At its core is the belief that people shouldn’t be forced to do anything (like pay taxes). Of course, many differ on the details but that’s the heart of Libertarianism. It’s a philosophy that is poorly understood by the masses, which is why you have pot-smoking hippies voting for Ron Paul while also insisting that The Rich pay 90% in taxes. Penn would be more than happy to discuss this topic if you wish.
    Anyway, love the show!

  83. Tony

    Wow, Adam is really starting to lose me here. This has been my favorite podcast for a long time but I don’t know how much more of this I can take.


    1. stop booking guests who are completely full of shit, and then agreeing with virtually everything they say (e.g., Tim Farriss, Grant Cardone)

    2. Quit acting like you know what it takes for anyone to succeed. The entertainment world is not the real world. If you make it big in entertainment, great, but that is a very tiny minority and is not always linked to talent and hard work. I am a tax attorney and CPA, and I have an MBA, and I have busted my ass my whole life. I was the first person in my family to go to college and I paid for every penny of it. I have a Juris Doctor, cum laude, from a top law school, where I was managing editor of law review.

    I thought I was doing things right, and was sure I’d be a millionaire by now, but things didn’t turn out that way. I was in M&A and got sucked into the two biggest recessions in history, which have stalled and backtracked my career by years. My fault for going into M&A? Maybe. What if I got into real estate or tech? Today’s feast is tomorrow’s famine. I am tired of hearing that I am just too lazy and don’t work hard enough. Especially from this group.

  84. Juiceman3000

    I’d like both of the success brothers on this podcast to read Malcom Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’ and then smash each other across the side of the head with it (hardcopy of course) and then read it again. Gladwell got it right.
    See, what happens is something of an illusion with these guys. They bust their ass and work hard and try many new ideas and THEY got a hit or two. Whether it was meeting up with an Uncle with investment cash at the right time or Jimmy Kimmel. It was preparation meeting opportunity. So what happens is they (having only their own experience) naturally think “AHA! See.. the hard work got me here!”.
    The problem with this theory is that we know it’s not true. Not by following lazy people. We know it’s not true because we have thousands of examples of absolutely ass-busting hardworking bastards who also grinded day and night and who also put big effort into smart purchases, business ideas or who also came up with a profitable business idea. I would suggest plenty who (dare i say it?) actually worked harder than Adam in worse conditions and did it for longer AND took chances, volunteered, and dare I saw were smarter than Adam Carolla. However, the ‘opportunity’ part was never met. That part THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU OR YOUR WILL POWER OR SMARTS never appeared for them. And that may because they were born 8 years later than Adam so when they were age 30 and volunteered to work in a radio station (working their fucking asses off AND coming up with really good smart ideas) radio essentially died. And their job working help-desk was outsourced.

    Holy shlt.. I am NOT any kind of expert on economics but that makes the point here – even I can see what a complete fail is going on here with these two.

  85. DTaters

    Cardone is an asshole scientologist and scumbag. He’s full of shit and preys on people who are desperate and looking for answers. Poor booking choice for Adam on this one.

  86. Evan

    I am amazed you all were able to enunciate your words so well with each others cocks shoved down your throats.

  87. Dionne

    I really enjoy this show but who is this Grant Cardone guy? What a slick, slimy, salesman douche. The better quality guest make a much better show. Stick with interesting people as guests, please!!!

  88. yeah

    Jumping off of Juiceman’s point, look at Bill Simmons – talented in the sense he is relatively funny and pop-culture savy and I’m sure he is a hard worker but imagine if he came along 20 years earlier sans internet. He has a snowballs chance in hell of being successful in the newspaper industry. I just saw George Clooney on Charlie Rose the other day and I like what he said; “I’m lucky”
    He is super talented, super handsome and charismatic, and yes, lucky.

  89. Douglas

    Yes, Cardone: after I spend my 20s as a cocaine addict, I’ll trade that in to be a workaholic (also an addict) and then write books and walk around wearing giant sweatshirts that really demonstrate what a success I am — because successful people walk around looking like the homeless, don’t they? And, yes, “sell” is a dirty word in this country. Look at “salesforce.com” and how people hate that. What? They’re making money hand over fist? And Adam: you’ve been fortunate to have people help you along the way. Yes, you and Donnie had a falling out, but if it wasn’t for him, you could never have figured out how to create a podcast on your own… I think you’re great, but sometimes your blow too hard…

  90. TS

    Seriously, someone check the IP addresses of these posters and make sure they’re not all the same dude.

  91. Sam

    Well, it appears Adam has finally managed to insult the hand that feeds him. Since most people aren’t lazy, stupid OR successful, especially given the definition of success Adam and his Cardone were endorsing, it appears we take umbrage to the remarks made today. I very much enjoy Adam’s sense of humor, but lately I feel like he has taken it upon himself to attack everyone who has not risen to his level of success as lazy and/or stupid.

    An armchair psychological diagnosis of Adam’s world view might include a man who rages because luck has been a large component in his rise to success- luck, wedded with hard work and talent. Getting lucky, I believe, is an absolutely essential component to success, especially if luck is defined as a favorable outcome based on non-self-generated factors.

  92. Joe

    I pity the fools who spend a dime on whatever Grant Cardone is selling. Decide not to be poor! Thanks, buddy.

  93. WildlyUnnfunny

    Geez, way to completely miss the point, all of you. 

    Since when did “work hard” mean physical labor? Some of you who’ve never read a book may be excused from this terminology which has been more or less mainstream since the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series came all those decades ago. Nevertheless, as one commenter has at least pointed out, the author’s point appeared to center around creating a life where you have multiple streams of income. Anytime, you work a job where are physically required to be somewhere in order to get paid, you are limiting yourself to a very limited range of opportunities. Like the lawyer who commented here, you can only charge so much per hour and only have so many hours in a day. 

    What Adam and others do, is work hard to understand how to set up systems that don’t require him to be present in order to get paid: iTunes downloads, online merchandising, owning real estate/housing, etc. which free him up to make personal appearances at premium prices at his leisure so you douches can envy and hate him for being wealthy and living the good life. 

    In conclusion, fuck you for taking it personally and getting your panties in a bunch due to your own ignorance. 

  94. Medicinedog

    Insult your audience by calling them lazy and stupid and then solicit them to click through to Amazon and by this douchebag’s book? Great business model. Keep driving down that road. A little further…. jusssst a little further…. jusssst a little…. oops! Too far.

  95. brumski

    this guy made Adam even dumber

  96. wubbawubba

    did Grant Cardone bring some extra Body Theatans to share-

    next time you have him on your show ,ask.Cardone when he thinks L Ron Hubbard is going to return. thats entertainment!

    and next time Have a couch for him to jump on..Scientologist love that kind of stuff.

  97. wubbawubba

    I cant believe Adam didn’t ask Grant about Milton Katselas!

    pro-tip for Real radio hosts: google Grant Cardone + Milton Katselas

  98. Riggz

    Bottom line is this, Adam is NOT educated and has a very narrow view of the world.

    – He comes from a dumb, lazy, uninpired family, who were also poor, so there for his view of the world is ‘anyone who is poor is also dumb, lazy and uninspired’.

    – Since he got some lucky breaks in life, it just feels natural (not like a lucky break), he feels anyone can be a millionaire.

    – He doesn’t realize a true Libertarian is extreme right wing. It is essentially what the true Republicans once were. It’s not middle of the road between Republican and Democrat.

  99. Morgan

    Adam really embarrasses himself when he discusses economics. I’m a big fan, but its getting more difficult to suffer through these uninformed simplistic diatribes against working class people.

    At least when Teresa was onboard she could balance out the conversation with some intelligent count-points, but Allison isn’t up to the task and Brian just checks out on this topic.

    I just hope August (or whoever books this show) is paying attention to the comment section. More Dameshek and entertainers, fewer political blowhards and pseudo self help hucksters!

  100. Mr_SKIA

    Adam, I will remain a loyal listener, but no more click-throughs or promo codes entered. You know why? Too lazy.

  101. Miguel Cruz
    Miguel Cruz03-01-2012

    The math all the get rich self help douchbags seem to not calculate is that for the economy to function, there has to be someone running a cash register and scrubbing shit splattered toilets. Not everyone can take advantage of the multiple income theory because someone has to do the actual work.

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