Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/21/2012 – Dave Dameshek and Brad Williams Live From the Hollywood Improv

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 12-14-2012 – Release Date 12-21-2012


Adam is opening the show with Dave Dameshek and Brad Williams on stage, Adam and Brad are riffing on how Brad came to be a last minute addition to the lineup, good stuff!

Adam is sharing an anecdote that made him think of Shek earlier in the day, he’s telling the gang about searching for a parking spot in a crowded underground parking lot.

Adam and Brad are now riffing on handicapped vans, Adam wants to know who’s safer, the short guys driving the giant van or Adam after several drinks, Brad just admitted he drives a mini cooper; Alison has a great one liner.

Adam is now riffing on how he wants to sit behind Brad while he drives; Brad just shared a story of a car accident he was in after his brake pedal extender fell off while on the freeway.

Adam is back to the parking lot story; he’s going in depth and getting ranty. Adam is describing all the possible scenarios that could have been going down in the car including “mob hit” and he’s telling the gang about how he honked to alert them, he’s got a great observation about Japanese car horns vs. German ones.

Shek is now sharing an anecdote about trying to park at the gym and how a guy jumped past him in line and stole his space. Shek is now telling the gang about confronting the guy after he stole it.

Adam is now explaining it’s collectively all our faults for not kicking the shit out of the first guy who used “you snooze you lose” as a defense for his shitty behavior.


Shek is finishing his story and Alison just inspired Adam to question how “this little piggy” and “Jingle Bells Batman Smells” were passed down from generation to generation.

Adam is now riffing on “This Little Piggy” and how it has a bizarre side to it, hilarious!

Adam and Shek have a couple quick riffs about two 80’s songs, including “Man-eater” now Adam is back to the “This Little Piggy” game and he’s trying to figure out its origins.

Adam and Brad are now riffing on the pre-interview process for talk shows, Adam is now telling Brad his idea about “little people” being on women’s “Fuck it List”.

Brad is sharing details about his sex life, the audience seems to really enjoy it, Adam is sharing his “that person only talked to you because you were on MTV” response and Brad has a funny line involving a hacksaw that seems to get missed by everyone.

Brad is joining Adam for the live read, Adam is joking about Brad’s power lifting the Mangrate and has a hilarious riff about Brad “Scampering”.



Adam is explaining the premise to Brad and inquiring about where Bill recorded this volume.

1st question “The sprint cup series is a competition in which sport?”

Adam is now playing for someone in the audience and is on a half live read/half riff about Sheri’s Berries, he’s bringing Brad into the mix and he’s rolling with all the jokes, gold!

2nd question “Who are the Bash Brothers?”

3rd question “Who is Chris Berman?” Adam is now on an epic riff about gay guys using being gay as an excuse not to know things, hilarious quotes. Adam has a great use “of these people” that Bryan picks up on it and now Adam is lamenting the lack of crossover effort on their part.

Adam is sharing an anecdote about a book his mom read when he was a kid and his response that shut her down as a parent. Adam and Brad are now on an epic “Fantasy fuhrer league” riff using the idea from said book as the premise.

4th question “Bill Belichick coaches what NFL team?”

5th question “Bill Simmons is a blogger for which organization?”

Adam is now pondering why people choose to give guess answers and also spend time mulling a question over while making noise, Alison has a funny “Jem and the Holograms” reference.

Bryan just set up the final staff Christmas song, this one is about Mike Lynch and its gold!


Adam is now sharing an anecdote about his kids, he’s giving examples of how Sonny refuses to wear Dora the Explorer pull ups and the time he was going nuts while riding in a pink car seat.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote about Natalia and how he takes her to the bathroom at night, he’s explaining how he came home at midnight and found his wife luxuriating.

Adam was reminded to take Natalia to the bathroom, very funny twist from Lynette!

Adam is now sharing the infamous story involving Mike Lynch and his ride home, Mike is now on mic and explaining his side of it a bit, a woman in the audience is weighing in and disagreeing.

Dave is now giving some dating advice and Adam is calling him crazy, Alison also has no idea what “The wheel” is that Dave is describing, Adam is now doing his Dameshek impression, hilarious!


Alison’s News, Adam is doing some plugs for Dave and Brad, Adam is requesting that Adam guest on his “Sheky Awards” episode this year.

Alison’s top story, travel and leisure have ranked the most attractive cities in the U.S.

Adam and Brad have hilarious and immediate reactions to Honolulu appearing on the list; Dave is asking Brad if there is a little people themed dating website.

Brad is now filling them in that there is such a service, Alison has a hilarious potential name for it and now they’re asking Brad more questions about life in his shoes.

Dave is now sharing an anecdote about seeing a little person with his daughter for the first time and her reaction to it, he uses the term “it” and now Adam, Alison and Brad are laying into him, this is great!

Adam is now riffing about Austin being similar to Radiohead in that people say it’s great just to seem cool even if they don’t like the city or the band.

Adam is on an epic riff about how Austin gets people to praise it so emphatically, hilarious series of quotes, just gold.


Alison’s 2nd story is about how researchers are trying to uncover who was truly behind the “Mona Lisa” she’s reading the details of how they’re going to try to reconstruct her face.

Adam has a hilarious reaction to scientists spending time on this instead of cancer research, he’s got a hilarious way he refers to exhuming the body, Alison agrees and it’s gold.

Adam now has a funny tangential idea about guys having never beat off to the painting, very funny speculation.

Adam is now riffing on how he doesn’t want a “Jurassic Park” of Mona Lisa, he’s now calling for scientists to find Amelia Earhart’s plane first.

Adam is interrupting to ask the guys to pull up the picture of her statue at the Burbank airport, Adam wants to know how many people go through the airport and mistake the statue for that of a dude.


Alison’s 3rd story is on the rise of “sex coaches”, she’s explaining the details to Adam from the article she got the story from. She wants to know if Adam would ever do it and what the coach would say if they we’re watching him.

Adam, Alison and Brad are all now riffing on the idea of this and Adam is speculating how he would behave, much like how drives when a cop is following him.

Adam is now riffing on the prefacing he would do with the sex coach to make sure he wasn’t being judged for his dong or his ass hair, Dameshek is now bringing up HBO’s “Real Sex” anthology.

Dameshek is now once again messing up the timeline of “Dream On” and “Real Sex” this happened on one of his early ACP visits, I was a caller on the follow up visit and he was admonishing me for saying he got the dates wrong, Cioffi actually looked it up and Dave was off by 10yrs.

Adam is now citing “Benny Hill” and “I Claudius” as the two programs you could sit through in order to catch a peek at some boobies.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote about watching “Flesh Gordon” at his buddy Tom’s house that was actually a ruse for a surprise party, Adam is riffing on his hilarious reaction.

Adam is now doing a stamps.com live read.


Alison’s 4th story is how the Netherlands will have glow in the dark highways next year. Alison is now explaining how this technology has been around for years and her reaction to the story and the highways if she were to drive on them.

Adam is now on the bullet train from L.A. to Las Vegas that never seems to get built, Adam is explaining he has a “bullet car” and is arguing he should be allowed to drive at higher speeds instead of everyone wasting their time on this fake train to nowhere.

Adam is explaining how he inadvertently is made to drive unsafe because he has to monitor his rear view mirror and radar detector to avoid chicken shit tickets.

Adams is doing a godaddy.com live read and now he’s plugging for the guys and wrapping the show.