Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/20/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 298

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/20/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 298

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 12-15-2015 – Release Date 12-20-2015

Production Number #298 – Reinforced Stereotypes

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Adam has the standard intro and he thanks the fans for being themselves, Adam brings up the blowhard rabbi lady and her speech and the death of Scott Weiland.

Adam talks about the LAUSD lockdown and how they are sending everyone home, Adam says there is no better time to be a kid.

Adam talks about the “nutrition” label used for 10:10 snack time, Adam is talking about the various running times of classes in high school.


Adam thinks they used artificial start and stop times to make themselves seem important or more official so you don’t ask questions, all the plumber charging 836.97 and not 800$.

Drew’s phone goes off and Adam is now asking him what he could possibly do, they’re arguing back and forth and Drew makes Adam’s point.

Adam says they need more pads for Drew and his phone and his mugs and his everything that makes noise.

Adam is back to the analogy he was working on before their phone fight.


Adam is talking about the time he saw the play ‘RACE’ and how the couple who arrived late were of the most hilarious possible ethnicity to reinforce a stereotype in a play all about said stereotypes.

Adam is back to the notion of “parental suppression” bringing up the requirement for parents to have an ID to pick up their kids, Adam is now making a counter argument to the voter suppression nonsense used to help ensure voter fraud.

Adam is talking about the play and the after show speakeasy he was going to be visiting with DAG after the show was over.


Adam is doing an Onnit Live Read

Drew says the MZT oil has the same nutrients as “mommy’s milk” and they joke about that for a moment.


Adam is talking about the play and how he invited his buddy John and then had to buy another ticket as he only got one comp.

Adam is talking about the Showtime and how the curtain rolled right on time.

Adam is giving over the rest of the story and wraps it up.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam is now sharing the speech from the Rabbi at the White House, Adam is having Gary take a pass at it to clip it down.

Adam is talking about loving Christmas and not being of any faith, Drew is now talking about this being an American Commercial holiday, it’s fun and about celebration.

Drew and Adam are talking about the use of holiday over Christmas and Adam jokes about the ways he would tell someone to go fuck themselves if they complained about the party title.


1st Caller Matt, he’s telling them about taking a blood and urine test for the insurance policy for him and his wife.

Matt talks about his coverage being declined due to an abundance of an enzyme in his liver, Drew asks him if this will finally get through to him.

Matt throws it at Adam asking if Adam would pass, victim placing blame!


Adam is now talking about him asking for more insurance, Adam has no stake in this and he gets to drink as much as he wants, Matt needs to adjust his behavior as he is asking for something, for more money.

Matt is now sharing how he could commit insurance fraud if he wanted to, wow!

Adam is now asking him about his family history of addiction and he says he now has measurable medical consequence from his disease, he may not have lost control and he needs treatment.


Adam is asking him if he can limit himself to two glasses of wine per night, he is honest about his limited ability to control the use.


Adam is now asking Drew about Scott Weiland and Adam talks about bands coming in to the show and he knows when the guys aren’t; sober and can tell in the reactions from their bandmates.

Adam asks who is responsible for the lies at that point, Drew is giving over the toxicology of Scott and what was found in his tour bus.

Drew is talking about cholesterol vs. certain drug combos and the relative danger of people dying.


Drew is doing a Live Read for


They are now listening to Rabbi Susan Blowhard, Adam stops the ranting to mock it and Drew is peppering his own take.

Adam is asking about the endless burning nuclear fires she referenced, they are back to he clip and Adam jokes about Muslim extremists and what they wish for her.

Drew says he appreciates the spirit of what she’s saying and Adam is worried about these nuclear fires nobody is talking about.


Adam is now being very honest and they mock the time Jackie Mason guested on Loveline in 1996, what no bagels?

Adam is back to her speech and compares her working these political issues into her holiday speech to him bringing work shit on vacation.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Life Lock

Adam is asking Drew what he’s doing for the holidays, Drew is telling him about the pipe that broke and the full house remodeling going on now.

Drew is talking about the moisture meter guys and the insurance scams that are probably going on.

Adam is talking about a Christmas party he went to, a prominent lawyer (Matt’s Dad?) and he says on an easel there was a giant foam core check from the Ed McMahon black mold lawsuit he worked.


Adam talks about eating mac and cheese off the ground, he doesn’t know about black mold!

Drew is begging people to study basic biology.

Adam is mocking his favorite imbecile who works some grander topic into humans, toxins etc.


Adam is talking about how everything turns into a racket and he mocks the dept. of building sand safety and he talks about the outsourced guys they now employee to come and check, deputy inspectors paid for by the job and not the city.

Adam is talking about signing off on the deputy inspector weld checks, paying for the guy to sit in his truck while the ultrasound technician is checking the welds in the beams.

Adam is wrapping up the show and giving out the final plugs for 2015!