Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/20/2013 – 2013 ACE Awards

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Guest 2013 ACE Awards

Recorded 12-19-2013 – Release Date 12-20-2013

Production Number #1232

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Adam is opening the 7th Ace Awards with a thank you for Gary, Dawson and Lynch. BB says it’s his favorite show of the year.

Adam is trying to plug an upcoming live show, he’s saying why not take the fuck ups into the New Year and beyond, Gary is on mic clearing things up.

Adam is now citing the drive to San Diego with Alison and Mike August, Adam and August were having a disagreement, this was either right before or right after my phoner with Adam for my own podcast.


Alison is sharing her “my god maybe Adam is right all the time” mantra haunting her after the argument, Adam is citing the multiple spats they had extending into the green room at the comedy club.

Adam and BB are doing a reenactment, BB is playing August and Adam is breaking down how these conversations go, Adam says his problem in life is respecting other individuals and citing August’s multiple degrees as why he doesn’t doubt him.

Alison and Adam are bringing up his imperial certainty and jokes about getting him to go after other things that don’t exist like mythical cryptozoic beasts.


Adam has some plugs and updates, he’s telling the gang and audience about the “book Tom” campaign targeted at getting him to participate in the documentary.


The 7th Ace awards (not annual, it was on “hold” for 2009)


Best Reenactment Nominees: “Gay Henchman” from ACS #988, “Throwing Stars” from ACS #1028 and “Butt Plug Connoisseur” from ACS #1176

They’re reacting to the nominees and the shocking winner, BB is remarking on Alison trying to hold it together in response to the upset win.


Most Uncomfortable Moment Nominees: “Sonny and The Money” from ACS #1042, “Elliot Gould Interview” from ACS #1024, “Biracial couple kicked out of the Ventura Comedy Club” from ACS #1172, “Adam introduces Rachel Uchitel” from ACS #1020 and “Adam VS. Gavin Newsom” from ACS #1025.

They’re reacting to how these things don’t sound as bad in the moment but are terrible when you hear them back, BB is bringing up Gavin and Adam has a great “EBay” analogy, Alison is offering her take

Adam is now doing a live read.


Caller of the Year Nominees: “Alex” from ACS #1224, “Brody” from ACS #1040 and “Efasio/Uphasio” from ACS #1046

Sonny has stepped into the control booth and Dawson is announcing the winner, Adam is mocking Sonny’s bracelet and he’s asking to join the show.

Adam is further mocking him and Alison is trying to tell Adam that he asked if he could join, Adam knows and approved of it.

Sonny and Natalia are now joining them.


Best Impression Nominees: “Dana Gould as Chris Matthews” from ACS #1078  , “Frank Caliendo as Morgan Freeman” from ACS #1052 “Holmberg as Adam, Gilbert Gottfried and a Scottish Guy” from ACS #1054, “Grant Lee Phillips ad Michael McDonald” from ACS #1022   and “Jay Mohr as Adam Sandler” from ACS #985

Adam is having Sonny deliver multiple takes of his infamous “That’s just a waste of my time”.

BB is complimenting his “rock on bro!” move and now critiquing his petulant read on the final delivery.

Dawson is now announcing the winner and Adam is having the kids clear out, Natalia gets a cut closing comment in.


Best Interview Nominees: “Artie Lange” from ACS #1200, “Jimmy Kimmel” from ACS #996, “Eli Roth” from ACS #1068, “Nick Pileggi” from ACS #1017  and “Mike Tyson” From the ACS Bonus Episode.

Adam is commenting on Jimmy Kimmel and the way people can’t perceive of talent because of bad taste, he’s citing the 1997 lunches with Kimmel and Carson Daly.

Adam says that you don’t feel the “someday, something is going to happen” when living life, much like Kevin Costner’s “rearview mirror of life” idea from a few episodes ago.


Alison wants to know why Kimmel was let go in that story, Adam is explaining that people with bad taste can’t perceive of talent and why Jimmy would be seen as a liability to someone who is fit for hiring and producing a show for Danny Bonaduce.

Bad taste = I hate good – Adam, BB is pitching an interview series with the people who once fired Jimmy Kimmel.

Dawson is announcing the winner.


The Daytime Ace Awards:

Best Insult – Adam and Dr. Bruce (spaz) “train of thought” from ACS #1011

Best Morning Show – Adam, Alison and Dana Gould “killed a guy with my car” from ACS #1040

Best Fight We Never Need To Hear Again – Adam and Bald Bryan “iPhone argument rehash” from ACS #1098

Best Canadian: – Harley Morenstein from ACS #993

Best shitting on a Story – Adam’s construction buddy Jeff from ACS #1185

Best Dude – Dawson and Diamond Dallas Page from ACS #1167


Adam is now doing another live read, this time for Shari’s berries, complete with abundant saliva sound effects.

They’re taking a break.


Amazing Definitely Not a Jew Year End Wrap UpExtra slick production on this one!


Most inebriated guest Nominees: ACS #1017 Nick Santora, ACS #1071 with Howie Mandel and ACS #1205 with Gabriel Iglesias.

Adam is waxing poetic on his dad “tapping that shit” and how it wouldn’t have gone down without booze, holy shit. He says the world would be less fun without booze.

Adam is telling them about the Cinco De Mangria event they missed out on yet somehow I was able to fly from IL to attend, great function everyone was there and missed BB and A-Rose.


Best PSA Nominees: Stone Cold Steve Austin “Knives at the Airport” from ACS #1035, Adam Carolla on DUI’s from ACS#1170 and Steve Austin “Gum on the Sidewalk” from ACS #1103.


Song of the Year Nominees: “Rock Me Maxipada” by Rich Banks which premiered on ACS #1156, “Constant Grazing” by Mike Lynch and Rich Banks which premiered on ACS #1146, “Bye Bye Lynch” by Rich Banks, Bald Bryan from ACS #1032, “Fartin up the Change room” by Rich Banks which premiered on ACS #1211 and “Atchity” by Rich Banks and Mike Lynch from ACS #1207.

Adam is saying that you can find out where you’re at when someone yells at you in traffic, he’s saying that someone writing a parody song about you does the same thing.

Adam is binging up the interaction with assistant Jay/JayJo backstage in San Diego, hot wings for Adam while he proclaimed how much Adam enjoys them.


Adam is now wondering about that, saying it’s a weird thing for a guy’s assistant to do when hot wings have never been discussed.

Adam has a nice proper use of stalagmite example trying to prove he’s never ordered hot wings at a restaurant.

Adam is bringing up how they were battered in bread crumbs and how they had a follow up discussion about hot wings not being drumsticks rolled in kitty litter then deep fried.


Adam is now asking Gary how this went down, he’s saying he loves Jay but can’t understand where this is coming from.

Alison is bringing up the fan component and Adam is remarking on Alison witnessing August dig into the wings.

Gary is sharing his own anecdote about his and Caelan’s food being sent to the green room where Mike August tackled them both, nice use of “balls deep”.


Best Live Performance: Plain White T’s “I Should’ve Gone To Bed” from ACS #1065, The White Buffalo “Don’t You Want It” From ACS #1147, Toad The Wet Sprocket “Walk on the Ocean” from ACS #1116, John Popper for “Look Around” from ACS #1071, Jonathan McEuen for “Devil Cry” from ACS #1194, Kelley James and Barry Zito from ACS #995 and Hanson for “Mmmbop” from ACS #1106.

Adam is sharing how he was admiring the Plain White T’s track while at the live shows in San Diego last night.

Adam is remarking on the cool perk of getting these live performances at your job.


Technical and Creative Arts ACE’s:

Best Interruption – “Audience Member Rachel” from ACS #1052

Best TiVo Answer – Pete with “Splash” from ACS #1128

Best Pedophile Reference – The Billy Ocean recording session from ACS #1109

Best Ad Jingle – Dwight Yoakum for “Lanky Links” from ACS #1156

Best Interview that Never Actually Happened – Elliot Gould “Yes, and” from ACS #1062


Best Drop from a Guest Nominees: Paul Scheer with “Eating’s Not Cheating” from ACS #1130, Monica Mehta “that’s a dud of a story from ACS #1137, Jo Koy “What The Fuck!?” from ACS #1136, Mick Foley “I absolutely love to suck cock” from ACS #1169, Artie Lange “Fucking Jews” from ACS #1200, Penn Jillette “he got his head bit off by a fucking tiger” from ACS #1193 and Pat O’Brien “If you fuck me your dead” from ACS #1206


Best Drop by a Female Staff Member: Alison Rosen with “My Fiancé Daniel” From ACS #1100, Alison Rosen with “Just tell me the truth do I give lousy hand jobs” from ACS #?, Alison Rosen with “Ooh Sick Burn” from ACS #1211, Alison Rosen “I would’ve blown someone for a diet coke” from ACS #1211 and Alison Rosen “Hrrhmph” from ACS #1211


Best Drop by a Male Staff Member: Adam Carolla “I Don’t Know” from ACS #1170, Matt Fondiler “Bewm!” from ACS #1063, Adam Carolla “Pussy Lips” from ACS #1166, Mike Dawson “I love to ingest Marijuana laced food” from ACS #1191 and Adam Carolla “weeeeaaaayaalllllllaagh” from ACS #1178

Adam is now doing another live read.


Best Friend of the Show: DAG, Jay Mohr and Jo Koy


Rant of the Year: Adam Carolla for “Huffington Post” from ACS #1030, “Tagging” from ACS #1028 and “Gavin Newsom” from ACS #1092

They’re announcing the winner and wrapping up what might be the best Ace Awards yet.

Adam is giving out thanks once again.


Adam is thanking Stone Brewery and Saint Archer for their IPA’s provided to the holiday party, sound like fun!

Adam is thanking the fans and every one of us who keeps the show running, BB and Alison are offering up their takes on meeting the fans and their friends and families they’ve hooked on the show.


Adam is thanking Dawson, Gary and Lynch, BB just tossed my name out to thank me, how odd, thanks BB!

For the record I didn’t help with any clips or production for this or any Ace Awards but at least we now have an early contender for “Most Uncomfortable Moment” for the 2014 Ace Awards.

Adam’s got a nice save and they’re wrapping perhaps the best Ace Awards ever done, it’s hard to top 2012 but this is at least equal if not even better.


Superfan Giovanni saying mahalo till next year, be safe and have some happy holidays and a Merry Christmas Everybody!