Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/20/2012 – Todd Glass Live From the Hollywood Improv

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 12-14-2012 – Release Date 12-20-2012


Adam is opening the show right as a dish breaks; Adam is explaining his take on how people should aspire not to be the type of person who wants to shame a waitress for a very common occurrence.

Todd is now thanking someone for lowering the lights, Alison is telling Todd that he might not be aware that Adam is perhaps more hyper aware than him.

Todd is telling Adam is he right and citing the time he visited his house with Sarah Silverman, Adam is now remembering it and he’s explaining how it all adds up, hilarious padre one liner.

Adam has a funny follow up after the padre line about what the guy in the audience actually does; he’s now switching gears to how Jeff Ross claims he saved Todd’s life.

Todd is now telling them the story of his heart attack in vivid detail, Adam is now jumping in and Todd is lamenting not taking Lipitor before the heart attack.

Adam is now telling an anecdote about Lynette returning from New York with airport souvenirs for the kids, He’s explaining sonny’s negative reaction and hilarious reply to Adam’s attempts to explain how lucky in life he is.

Adam and Todd are now discussing smoking, Adam is trying to explain how he doesn’t really smoke but nobody believes, it particular when explaining it to a doctor.

Adam and Todd are now riffing on people sending cards with pictures of their kids; Alison is now sharing an anecdote about her parents actually doing it.

Adam has a hilarious way of asking Todd about his sexuality, Todd is admitting how he uncomfortable he with this and Adam is trying to alleviate his concern, Adam tops it with a behind the back joke that Todd does not seem to appreciate, though the audience does!

Adam and Todd are riffing on the future where guys will be bullied for not being gay, hilarious!

Adam is now sharing an anecdote about Natalia asking him to marry Katy Perry; Adam is exploring how common it is for her peers to have two parents of the same gender.


Audience Questions

1st Question from Sarah, she wants to know if Adam could say one thing to the star maps people what would it be.

Adam has a funny self-deprecating reply to the idea of the star maps tour going past his house, hilarious analogy for what it’s like for them to stop at his house.

Adam is now further going off on star maps and now as he wraps it up Todd wants to ask Adam why he continues to use the word retard, Adam is now willing to get into and is explaining why he keeps the retard flame alive.

Adam has a good analogy for how Todd is actually right, Adam is now explaining another angle on this using his dog Molly as an example.

Todd is doing his famous prefacing; Adam is once again explaining how he never tries to hurt anyone’s feelings and has no act or prepared material.

Adam has a funny threat to Todd in jest after Todd asks if Adam doesn’t want to keep talking about this, Adam is now further explaining his take on using any language he wants.

They’re now going even further into this; Todd is now refusing to stop and wants to know why Adam is calling him sensitive.

Todd brought up The Smothers Brothers and now Adam is doing an improv song called “Jew the Man Down” and it’s amazing, it’s almost like a defensive reaction.


2nd question from Wes, he wants to know Adam’s best interaction with a cop. Adam is now explaining how cops aren’t racists as much as they are assholes.

Adam and Todd are now riffing on cops being younger than them now and telling them what to do, Todd has an anecdote of an interaction with a cop.

Adam is now telling the gang about eating at PF changs in Burbank, which is right where Adam got one of his many jaywalking tickets.

Adam is now telling the audience about his most infamous jay walking ticket story and Todd’s sharing his theory on accepting parking tickets, Adam is back to the story and how he told the cop he was going to fight it.

Adam is now going off on a great rant about cops; he’s riffing about J-Lo’s security staff and making a funny analogy.

Adam is now sharing a story of dealing with private security at a Man Show wrap party; he’s telling the audience about his legendary rendition of “Hell is for Children” and the guy they hired who refused to let him take his beer outside.

Adam is now doing a Score big live read and has now been sidetracked by an audience member and he’s ranting about adults not accepting you knowing things at face value, it’s heavily squash focused and Adam is riffing in and out of character, this is hilarious!

They’re now playing the Christmas song dedicated to Adam, nice work by Richard Banks and Mike Lynch. Adam is now forced to yell as the song reminded him about watching the mayoral debate before coming in.

Adam is ranting about how he could get Los Angeles moving for free with some simple initiatives, I actually believe he could, this is great.

Adam is doing another live read and including the “exotic” audience member in this one too, he’s actually giving the guy the Mangrate as a cast iron olive branch.


Alison’s News, Her top story is on a recent survey that found more than half of all Americans are willing to skip the holidays if given the option as they’re too stressful.

Adam wants to know when everyone decided everything was too stressful; he’s using the Donner party to make his point, awesome!

Todd is agreeing with Adam and explaining his parents are always stressed around the holidays, he’s now telling the gang about how his brothers all stopped buying birthday gifts for each other.

Adam has his own anecdote about Daniel Kellison suggested the very same thing among their group of friends, Adam is now telling the gang about Jimmy’s reaction, Adam wants to take it to an even further step, hilarious!

Adam has an anecdote about buying his dad a sweater and his immediate request for a receipt to return it, Adam is once again bringing the guy in the audience back into the mix.


Alison’s 2nd story is on Bill Clinton claiming to have only sent two emails while he was president.

Adam is now explaining how he will get CC’d into email conversations with Bill Simmons and Jimmy Kimmel but he doesn’t feel like including himself and how it makes him feel like a dick for not joining in.

Adam is now doing a go to meeting live read and he’s riffing on the webcam, Alison is joining him and they’re discussing the possibility of hackers gaining access to them.


Alison’s 3rd story is on Apple announcing they’ll be making a line of macs in the united states; Todd Glass is interrupting to say he has to do a live read for this food, Adam is letting him go.

Alison’s 4th story is on North Carolina having “choose life” license plates and how they’ve been ruled unconstitutional. Adam is no riffing on Wham! And George Michael, Adam is now explaining how when you tour the south you’ll see anti-abortion advertisements.

Adam is now riffing on the advertisements and Alison is filling him on more details as to why it was ruled unconstitutional, Adam’s reply about what would make it fair is off the charts hilarious!

Adam is now telling the gang about driving his M3 that had been garaged for 3yrs; he actually pulled himself over in advance as he noticed a motorcycle cop. Adam and Alison are now riffing on Adam giving himself the “cop talk”.

Adam is now telling the rest of the story and he’s riffing on dynamically changing hats for getting out of tickets with Alison.

Todd is sharing an anecdote about how he tries to get out of tickets and now Adam is wrapping the show.