Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/18/2013 – Bret Easton Ellis and David Wild

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Guest Bret Easton Ellis and David Wild

Recorded 12-17-2013 – Release Date 12-18-2013

Production Number #1229

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Adam is opening the show with David Wild in studio once again, probably the most visits to the show out of any “guest” though he’s become a regular member of the gang now.

Adam and David are talking about the Kiss and Nirvana induction into the rock and roll hall of fame, Adam remarks that Kurt wouldn’t have been happy but David sets him straight about Kurt’s fandom.

David is mocking Adam about the induction of “Hall and Oates”, Adam is mocking “Lick it up” and the idea that adults wrote those lyrics, a classic Carolla complaint.


Adam is commenting on the hall of fame for rock and roll vs. the NFL, David and Adam are remarking on the idea of Nirvana being a 25yr old band.

Alison has a Natalia inquiry and Adam is explaining that she’s now claiming that the worst Hall and Oates songs are her favorites, just to fuck with Adam.

Adam has a great OJ Simpson analogy and BB tries to make it worse but Adam likes it about the same, Adam is now reacting to the damage caused by Hall and Oates 4 worst songs.


David brags that he voted for them and Adam is now doing some real time commentary over “Family Man” and Alison has a nice reaction to Adam’s ranting over the synth.

David tells Adam to stop blaming them for the 1980’s and Adam has a great incredulous reply.

David has a great bit of trivia about the songwriter for the track, Adam has a hilarious “Zero entendre” one liner to sum them up.


David is telling the gang about when they appeared on his VH1 show and how tried to let them off the hook of playing “Maneater”.

Adam is now mocking “Adult Education” and David is the only one defending it, Alison is in the mix.

Adam has a great threat for what he plans to do when Hall and Oates accept their award, comedy gold.


David is now throwing Huey Lewis under the bus, Adam is agreeing about the batting average contrast between Huey and H&O.

Alison is wise to bring up Jimmy and his love for Huey, Adam is standing up for “Working for a Living” but cannot stand “Stuck with You”, hilarious riff about his kids writing the song post frying pan head trauma.

Dawson is now on mic with a nice dig at “Angie” and Adam is explaining the truly amount of horrid songs performed by “The Rolling Stones”.


Adam is bringing up how everything Adam says will come to be eventually does and how he can sniff out bullshit much like his cancer sniffing dogs.

BB is confirming Adam’s batting average and Adam is getting to the topic of “secondhand smoke” and how he’s been ranting about it since the mid to late 90’s PSA’s.

Adam has a great 1996 pull, someone has been taking note of his comedy origins from that year as we’ve been discovering on Classic Loveline.


Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam is explaining his efforts to get Tom Cruise for his upcoming “Paul Newman” documentary, he’s explaining his only source of interest for the interview, and Alison and David have good points supporting Adam’s claims.

Adam is explaining Tom’s history with Bob Sharp, Nissan and Paul Newman.

Adam is now playing the sizzle reel of the doc that is now circulating online, he says you don’t need the video to get it and I agree, this sounds amazing!


David is complimenting the look of the doc and Adam is bringing up what a maniac the man was about driving after starting the sport at age 47.

Adam is explaining how Paul was able to skate past his fame while hanging with racing guys, BB gives the sizzle reel a B+.

Alison wants to know how Adam got that footage and he’s explaining the underground racing geek videos much like the Carolla stuff us fans archive and collect.


Adam is going in depth on Paul traveling across the country in the heights of his fame, David wants to know if Adam has actually approached Tom’s people.

David is making a great point about the change in paparazzi tactics and celebrity culture in the modern era.

Adam is now explaining how Bob Sharp would give the media time and tip the off not to bring up anything but racing if they wanted time with the man.


Adam is now doing another live read.

Adam is asking David about the induction ceremony and what his role will in it, David is lamenting LL Cool J not getting in, Adam has a killer joke about him inducting himself.

Adam is asking David about Cat Stevens (Yousef Islam) odds of showing up in the states, David is explaining that he regularly visits and Adam has a great “yeah but still”.


David is sharing how he first met Cat and the types of jokes he was attempting at the ceremony, Adam is right in step and has a killer one liner.

Alison is giving her take on Cat Steven’s music and how she finds it overwhelmingly emotional.

Adam is now on his riff about misguided name changes, his Cassius Clay vs. Dick Trickle theory, David has a Neil Diamond anecdote and now Adam is on a funny neckerchief riff.


David is telling the gang about where Cat grew up and the experience interviewing him after his couple of decades sequestered in religious dogma.

Adam is bringing up the pantheon of songs that will bring you to tears, citing “Father and Son”, “Long Long Time” and BB is now pumping it into the studio.

David is commenting on Linda Ronstadt and her beauty, he’s even citing a Steve Martin anecdote about how hot she was.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Jessica, she’s a Superfan and wants Adam’s take on the affluenza syndrome controversy, Adam is bringing up the dual ends of the economic and familial unit failures in society.

No dad, no boundaries, no firm hand – Adam on the lacking role of a father in disciplining children.

Adam is sharing his experience growing up next to Molly Ringwald and witnessing her explosion from mousy redhead to superstar on TIME magazine.


Adam is explaining how the Ringwald’s moved out from Placerville for Beth Ringwald, David has a great observation about the John Hughes nature of Molly’s story.

Adam is bringing up how Molly reacted to her explosion of fame and how some people experienced her afterwards.

BB has a nice defense for her and Adam does too, Adam is explaining that everyone could have been ruined by too much affluence.


Adam is reacting to David’s assignment to write about his kid to help get him into a school, Adam is now telling Matt to prepare himself to type one of these up in a decade.

Adam is commenting on crimes he could have committed and couldn’t have, the close calls where he got away with the same foolish behavior that others end up ruining their lives with.

Adam says he’s circled the globe in the boot of a 2 seats sports car, sitting on the sheet metal behind the seats sans seat belt.


Adam is telling them about riding in cars with boys and the dangers of pickup truck races.


2nd Caller Tom seems to open the call with a bong rip noise of some kind, or maybe just static or a bad line, odd.

Tom works on a golf course and has earned 70 vacation days, Adam is mocking the daily grind of his schedule.

Tom is telling them that he must take the 70 days or he will lose them, Adam wants to know if his job will be waiting for him when he returns, hilarious fix the windmill joke from Ace and a nice reaction from Alison.


Adam says you should be able to sell your vacation days at work at 50 cents to the dollar, he’ got a good point.

Adam is doing a live read for “The Spoils of Babylon” on IFC and giving the plugs for David Wild.

They’re returning from break to a great Rich Banks tune about Matt Fondiler with a Christmas pooping theme, comedy gold!


Bret is making his ACS debut, he now hosts his own podcast on Podcastone, a sister program to Carolla Digital and Classic Loveline.

Adam is bringing up “American Psycho” and BB is stepping to explain how the movie came up during the “American Hustle” review.

Bret is commenting on Christian Bale and his acting chops, BB and Bret are discussing Christian’s work in depth.


Adam has a point about Joe Pesci in “Goodfellas” as a counterpoint to Christian Bale’s character in “The Fighter”.

Alison wants to know what the reaction would be to “American Psycho” was released today instead of when it came out, Bret is explaining the role of a novel in that era compared to today.

Bret and Adam are going in depth on content in the modern era, Bret is explaining how disposable everything now feels and seems to be treated by the masses.


Adam is asking Bret about his origins on Valley Vista, Adam says he was almost arrested there, Bret too. Adam is mixing up Valley Heart with Valley Vista, Dam is telling him about growing up in North Hollywood.

Bret is sharing his private school past, his own trip to the “Little Lord Fauntleroy School for Albino Hemophiliacs” Buckley, the one school BB was certain the private school kids he coached could beat at football.

Adam is asking Bret about his goals as a youth and experience at college, BB is setting him up with some great music beds.


Bret is telling them about his tiny Vermont College he used to get away from southern California, he’s telling them about his writing passion and Alison is aware of his school’s pedigree.

They’re discussing parental involvement and the encouragement of the arts, Adam is using the Arquette’s as his prime example and he’s right.

Adam is now joking about the idea of David Arquette’s father trying to tell him that acting wasn’t a viable profession.


Bret is sharing the role his dad and grandfather played in his upbringing, Adam is asking him about his parents and getting into the journey.

Bret is telling them about his parents’ divorce when he was 17, Adam is telling him that everyone he knew was divorced.

Bret is bringing up the coddled internet generation who will kill themselves based on internet bullying, Adam is explaining the role of building callouses up over time to get past adversity.


Adam and Bret seem to be Sympatico and Adam is explaining that physical harm is a no go but you don’t want kids growing up in a zero gravity environment.

Alison has an interesting comment about the feeling of betrayal that one experiences and Adam is bringing up the corrective helmet prescribed to his son.

Adam is mocking the idea of humans now requiring helmets all of a sudden.


Bret is bringing up the Adderall epidemic and he’s quoting a New York Times article tracing a decade long process of how they marketed the drug.

Adam has a great analogy about young boys trapped in a classroom dying to get to recess, Adam is explaining why kids can’t sit still and how they don’t necessarily need pharmaceutical speed.

Bret is sharing how his early interest in punk rock was viewed by adults and Bret is getting to the harmful aspect of coddling and infantilizing a generation.


Adam is now launching into a live read.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the Forbes article that finally proves Adam has been right for his almost 20yrs of combatting these bogus statistics about lung cancer and secondhand smoke.

Adam is getting to the finite amount of time and problems we can address while were alive, Adam is mocking the commercials showing the effects of secondhand smoke.

Adam has a funny if you don’t do your homework you’re going to get a brain tumor analogy that explains how lying to people only leads to distrust.


Adam is asking for the truth, he’s sick of invented causes and ideas and has a smart theory on proper tire inflation PSA’s actually benefiting people over this secondhand smoke bullshit.

BB is bringing up the concept of telling someone to show up an hour early just to wait and Bret jumps in to explain this just happened to him tonight, haha.

Adam is now citing the NRA and their ability to resist any legislation, he’s contrasting the smokers who acquiesced and were eventually run outside and the banned from smoking outside and treated like pariahs.


Alison wants to know how bad 3lbs of pressure over is for driving, Adam is explaining that how much fuel, rubber and resources that are wasted by not monitoring tire pressure properly.


2nd Story is on the new FDA news release about antibacterial soaps not being effective against germs and long-term exposure may actually pose health risks.

Adam says you should know this intuitively as a human, explaining that nature knows what its doing.

Adam is explaining he doesn’t use soap, shampoo or anything and is called gross by others, Bret’s having a nice chuckle to Adam’s riff about “Big Pantene/Big Poo”.


Alison is asking Adam about his “hot rinse” and bottle of Dr. Bronner’s all-purpose soap and will use a spritz of that for his eyelids and makeup removal, with some occasional back sack action.

Alison is amazed that Adam doesn’t regularly wash his junk, he’s telling her how a bottle of shampoo lasts him 11 years.

Adam is remarking on how unfair the pre-shampoo era is to all the humans before us, if ti’s truly required.


Bret is now defending Adam’s ball cleaning choice in response to Alison coming at him with such a sack attack.

Bret is explaining that “American Psycho” was written in response to the spearhead of the money making marketing scheme to lure men into the never ending beauty supply industry.

Adam is sharing his hand moisturizer and Chap Stick theories, how the use of both products only results in you needing more.


Bret is telling Adam about his dry skin and need for moisturizer, BB has another callback to his music bed mocking Bret’s upbringing.


3rd Story is on the upcoming guest at the San Diego show “Free the Nipple” and Miley Cyrus support for the film and filmmaker.

Alison is explaining the premise of the film and how it addresses nudity vs. violence, Adam has a hilarious male counterpoint to this, Adam wants to let his sack fly, “Back the Sack”.

Bret is telling the gang about the guys in his neighborhood who walk their dogs scantily clad late at night.


Adam is now asking about the level of attraction for Miley Cyrus among men and Bret is giving his take, Adam is now pondering the sexual pressure she must experience in the bedroom after laying it on so thick in the public eye.

Bret is commenting on Miley’s breakup with Liam and Alison has a funny response to how much Bret knows about her, Bret’s proclaiming her the performer of 2013 and thinks she’s cool.

Adam is doing a live read.


4th Story is on a local news fuck up out of Kansas.

They’re playing the clip of the reported dropping an F bomb into a hot mic and Adam is saying that nobody is offended anymore but it’s on him to know when the mic is on as a professional.

Adam is saying they should allow 30 seconds of silence to pick up the “room tone” and Adam is joking about how difficult that is for the sound guy to get.

Alison is sharing the mic thing that makes her uncomfortable, using the bathroom while on a hot mic.


Bret is sharing how he was told to turn off his mic when using the restroom after being heard taking a piss, Adam is saying the sound guy is supposed to pot you down but you can’t count on that.

Adam is sharing the story of the “shop teacher Adam” bit from the Man Show and how he was critiquing the director on a hot mic and wasn’t aware.

Adam is sharing how truly harsh he was and her response after hearing him talking shit in the edit bay, Adam is commenting on her compulsion to tell Adam about hearing him critiquing her work.


Bret is sharing a similar problem he had on the “Today Show” with Katie Couric who wasn’t interested in doing the segment and thought he was too dark to be on the show.

Bret is sharing how Katie stretched out the segments prior to his to try to squeeze him out of the show schedule.

Bret was banned from the “Today Show” and Adam is now glad he was talking shit about her last week, he’s explaining that her name carried her a long way.


Alison says she doesn’t think that is an offense worth banning, Bret is quoting his use of bitch and Adam is explaining the two kinds of banning, the quiet variety and the declared one.

Alison is wrapping the news, Adam has a funny Couric callback and he’s jumping into a live read.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, Bret was a great guest!