Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/18/2012 – Wayne Federman Live From the Hollywood Improv

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 12-14-2012 – Release Date 12-18-2012


Adam is starting the who with Wayne on stage, he’s asking him how long he’s been a standup. Adam is now asking if Wayne is one of the annoying guys who always knew what he wanted to do since he was a kid.

Adam and Wayne are now discussing being funny in school. Wayne was supported and encouraged to pursue comedy by his teachers, Adam is describing almost the exact opposite.

Wayne is now telling the gang about growing up in Plantation Florida, Adam’s reply his amazing, just pure gold and now Alison just topped it with a great one liner.

Adam just broke a reference nobody seemed to get and now he’s telling Wayne how he follows his own rules when it comes to references.

Wayne has an anecdote about not getting on the basketball team, Adam’s reply is great.

Bald Bryan is now sharing his own story, a teacher left a hilarious message about him for his mother, and Alison is stunned Bryan wasn’t a nerd/bookworm in school.

Adam is now being a one upper and telling everyone how he was the only person that had the teachers tell the parents of other kids to keep them away from him.


Audience Questions

1st Question from Laurie and Braden

They want to know what the final straw will be for Adam to finally move from Los Angeles

Adam is explaining the 50% hit and run rate for motor vehicle accidents in the state, he and Bryan are clarifying how things like that can be indicators. Adam has a great serial killer analogy and now he’s doing a funny riff about roofing.

He’s explaining with technology as it exists today he could do his work from anywhere, now they’re all goofing on Adam’s roofer analogy coming full circle, Adam’s got some great quotes about them seeing the inner workings of his brain.

Adam is now going off on the graffiti, particularly the stuff done to nature and rocks. Alison has a funny question and now Wayne is jumping in.

Adam is now telling the gang about the only bit of tagging he’s ever approved of, Wayne is now making the case it’s not quote graffiti and Adam agrees.

Adam is now riffing on the battle he witnessed between the city and what he hopes was a lone tagger, hilarious comments from Adam and Alison.

Adam is now calling for other cities to starting wooing him, he’s telling them all what he wants in order to consider moving to their town. Adam is now riffing about his new “woo” idea and Alison has an amazing and very accurate quote about Adam’s nature.

Adam is even willing to go to Laos, Bryan is now getting in the mix with some funny reactions and they’re all riffing on Adam moving overseas.

Bryan is sharing a great anecdote about seeing a vandalized “Black Angus” sign and Adam loves it, now Adam is riffing on getting him together with the gent who worked over the “Do Not Pass” sign near Adam’s house. He’s now doing an in character improv as the two guys at some kind of taggers meeting, comedy gold!


2nd Question from Ryan

He wants to know why drivers honk so much in Los Angeles, Adam doesn’t think they honk enough and now Ryan is describing an almost textbook scenario from an analogy Adam gave a few episodes ago.

Adam is now telling Ryan that means he’s a shitty driver and his experience is a unique reaction to his lack of skills behind the wheel.

Adam is now explaining how he will honk through other cars; he’s describing the ultimate puss move of the person in between throwing their hands up in the air, hilarious quotes about what they should do to themselves.

Adam is now riffing on being flipped the bird while driving, Alison is jumping in and its rapid fire quotes of gold, great timing.

Wayne is now describing the slow middle finger and Bryan is asking about the one given through the sunroof. Adam is now telling the gang what he does, Adam gives people the fist and is describing how it’s much more imposing, hilarious twist.

Bryan has now brought up the “slow shaming headshake” Adam is now complaining about the guys who’s keep doing the headshake well down the road, Adam is now replying to the hypothetical guy shaming him, Alison is fully engaged and seems to have her own experience with all of this.

Adam is now telling an anecdote about driving home with August from Irvine last week; Adam is now citing the road flair idea covered in his book “In 50 Years We’ll all be Chicks”.

Adam is finishing the story and he just invented “Flare Coasters” and is using that to further up his value to cities looking to woo him.

Wayne is now telling the gang he likes flair pens, Adam is now mocking him for attempting to pull it out of his pocket, hilarious riff from Adam about what would inspire him to want to see the contents of Wayne’s pocket.


3rd Question from Kayla

She wants to know where “Get It On” and “Mahalo” came from

Adam is explaining how Mahalo entered his lexicon in 1987 or 88; he was living with his stripper girlfriend at the time and wanted the trip to be a boy’s trip.

Adam is explaining how he attempted to cheer her up with a hilariously lame keepsake and the results said deception had on the relationship.

Alison wasn’t aware that Adam’s stripper ex had a close relationship with his grandparents, perhaps even closer than his own. Alison has a funny mock question about his grandparents.

Adam is explaining how telling it was of his grandparents to offer her a home to be away from him, he’s now drawing the direct parallel of them offering the same deal to his father after his parents split.

Lynch has now fired up a picture of Adam’s dad looking like Brad Delp from the band “Boston” and he’s mocking the 15k dollar house he bought in “modern times” and Bryan has a very funny callback.

Adam is now sharing the story of how his grandma took Rikki’s side when Adam would complain about him intentionally sabotaging the show to make Adam look bad. Adam might be going the most in depth on this I’ve ever heard; even I didn’t know it was quite the bad.

Alison has a killer comment about his grandparents, gold Alison!


Adam is now getting back to his first trip to Hawaii in the late 80’s; he’s giving all the details.

Alison has a funny question about him trying any other sign offs besides “Mahalo” and his reply is epic, nice work Alison, this is magical.

Bryan reminded Adam he never covered the “Get It On” explanation, Bryan was mixing up the origins with an old bit where Adam mocked “The Greaseman” and would quote his catchphrase.

Adam is now explaining he liked the song by “Chase” and one of the guys fired up the “Get It On” song featured in “Taboo II” which Adam also likes.

Wayne just revealed he doesn’t watch porn and Adam’s reaction is one of the all-time funniest I’ve ever heard from him, amazing delivery.

Wayne is now referencing “Two Girls One Cup” Adam and Alison are trying to explain to Wayne the nature of pornography and that it’s not all poo themed.

Wayne can’t seem to move past the idea of that video, Adam is stopping him like he does with a difficult caller, and Alison seems to be loving it. Adam is revealing he did see “Two Girls One Cup” but it was because he was duped by the late great Robert Schimmel, who was a classic ACS and Loveline guest.

Adam is now giving his most detailed version of this story; Alison is asking him about his reaction.

Adam is giving some great analogies for Wayne’s resistance to porn, hilarious replies from both guys. Adam just proclaimed that Wayne may be gay; Adam is now mocking him and explaining he’s so straight he would “suck the right cock”. Alison is backing him up, almost like his hype man.

Adam just suggested they wrap the show early and break off into discussion groups about Wayne and his hang ups, oh man this is great!

Adam is now cutting Wayne off, hilarious quotes about him digging a grave, Alison comes in and tops it, and this show is great.

Adam has an amazing reply about using the Taboo series as parables for his children, Bryan has a telling and hilarious reaction to the idea of POV porn, Alison seems to love it.

Adam is now mocking Wayne’s use of the work “discovered” and Alison is joining in. Adam is now sweating Wayne and telling him how he’s not going to turn the argument around on him.

Adam is now doing an improv analogy of him trying to tell Wayne to buy a car, great quotes.

Bryan just jumped in to explain they have a brand new Mike Lynch/Richard Banks Christmas song, this one is for Matt Fondiler.


Alison’s News, Her top story is on how 73% of employees would prefer a bonus instead of a holiday party. Adam has a killer reply and is now breaking down the psychology of throwing a holiday party.

Adam is now sharing how his old manager used to give him a donation given in his name each year, he’s explaining the bizarre twist of whose charity it was and Alison seems to pick up on it and says what we’re all thinking, awesome.

Adam is now explaining how finds gift cards to be a cop out, he’s explaining the Amazon ones are great but the rest not so much, Alison is now sharing an anecdote about losing a gift certificate and the strange thinking having one can cause.

Adam is now sharing the story of when he first went to use the MTV loveline holiday gift card at Barney’s of New York, the 3500$ bomber jacket story.

He’s now telling the gang how he wised up and went to the outlet Barney’s the following year and had a standoff with an employee over requesting the change off of a gift card.

Adam is now going in depth on how lame this type of standoff is, Alison and Adam have a quick bonding moment over reversible men’s belts.


Alison’s 2nd story is on a poll done by Vanity Fair asking who people thought were funnier on average, men or women. Alison is reading the results and now Adam is explaining how he’s always bothered by the “don’t know” answer done in USA today polls.

Adam is now riffing as one of the people who answers “I don’t know” or refuses to answer; he’s now reiterating his plan for Ray to tag along and force these people to answer honestly.

Adam is now doing a live read and once again he’s mocking Wayne and implying he’s gay, hilarious. Adam is now floating the idea if anyone has ever wanted to smuggle backyard fruit, he’s killing this live read.

Alison has the follow up question from the poll, she want’s Adam and Wayne’s take on comedic ability and if you have to be born that way or if it can be learned over time.

Alison has some more follow questions and Adam is acknowledging he won’t let his hilarious Wayne is Gay jag go, great stuff!

Adam and Alison are now explaining to Wayne how they sometimes have comedians guest who can’t roll with comedy on a podcast.

Alison wraps the news, Adam is joking about using a teleprompter to make gay jokes about Wayne.

Adam just spotted an image of Drew Carey on the wall and now he’s spinning his earlier commentary and segueing into a live read, he just stumped the audience with that one, great!

Adam is telling Wayne he doesn’t really think he’s gay; Wayne lets him know he gets it. Alison jumps in with a great line and now Adam is being very gracious and letting him get a long form plug in before he wraps the show.