Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/17/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 297

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/17/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 297

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 12-15-2015 – Release Date 12-17-2015

Production Number #297 – LAUSD

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Adam has the standard intro, he talks about liking the cold weather and he talks about how excessive heat is not good for productivity.

Drew is now asking if the human migration from northern Africa forced people to use higher thinking and evolve further, Adam jokes about Drew saying whitey is superior to other races and he even works Chris and his people into the mix.

Adam is crushing it and joking about “throw the Jew down the well” and Gary confirms that bar is very real and he has been there, Adam jokes about the 2nd line of the song “so my people can be free” and how inappropriate/inaccurate it is when it comes to the Jewish people or their history.


Adam is talking about his sprint toward the end of life and trying to figure out humans, he talks about the cultures that feel the most shame, he is talking about internalization vs. externalizing and blaming others for your victimhood.

Adam hates the poison of the politicians telling people racism and sexism will never be stomped out.

Adam mocks the notion of racism and how it’s only targeted at two skin colors/ethnicities.


Adam is talking about the blaming people do, he is talking about the big picture hypocrisy of the way people talk about racism on the public stage vs. the actual things that can be done to change it.

Drew is talking about having a motor in life, Adam is recalling the type of motor he had and Drew has an anecdote, Adam is talking about the president of Cal State Northridge/Sea sun being like the plant manager of a factory that makes wind up beanies.

Adam is trying to dispel Drew’s notion that he knows a guy/went to school with him and how these stories always lead to a reality of them being 2-5 yrs. apart and not knowing each other.


Adam talks about his lack of options, no blog, no jobs, smoke pot all day and do nothing was the only option, can’t afford pot.

Adam talks about going into the home saving and loan and the interest rates in 1983, he said he couldn’t get a job at a super market across the entire city.

Adam talks about showing up at construction sites with his own gear ready to dig and being turned away, shovel in hand.


Drew is now doing a live read for a show on PodcastOne


Adam is now talking about sitting around and asking how you do something vs. getting up and doing it, Adam is asking why the politicians and people in the public eye are dwelling on the various “isms” and now Adam is setting up the speech from the super blowhard rabbi at the White house.

Adam explains that Dennis Prager used to be the rabbi chosen for this annual tradition and he jokes about Obama having to suffer through this speech.

Adam is on fire, he’s telling Drew how bad this speech is and how off topic it goes.


Drew is taking it back to shame and repetition compulsion and how childhood victimization leads to adulthood repetition and attraction to abusers who elicit the same patterns/habits.

Adam talks about Dr. Bruce and his claims of being terrified of Adam compared top his behavior and almost obvious attempts to get abused on air.

Adam says his anger isn’t that he’s doing the thing that’s annoying but that he’s engaging in a repetition compulsion and unaware of his own behaviors and choices that he has done solely to solicit the response he claims to fear and never want to experience.


Adam is talking about the fake arguments he sometimes gets in with his wife and Drew tattles on Bruce sharing his personal history regarding yelling and verbal abuse and how he feels about it.

Drew talks about the childhood terror leading to adult attractions element of life and Adam brings up men who can hit women and the cycles at play with those scenarios oftentimes.

Drew talks about ritualizing in place of memory and how it may be done to offload memory and recreate a trauma, as to never forget it.


Adam is bringing up ritualized slogans and Drew talks about the mantra like element of that.


Drew is doing a Live Read

Adam would rather not leave the house due to active shooters edition


1st Caller Chris, he lived in the Czech Republic and wants to know about cultural heritage and identity, Adam is talking about Huffington Post and their claims that he oversimplifies the issues.

Adam is now talking about people not being able to identify as anything other than American and how he’s personally ignorant of his own familial lineage, Adam couldn’t find Italy on a map and doesn’t care.

Drew brings up the time he had food poisoning in the back of a town car in Philadelphia, hilarious story, Adam comments on it and moves past.


Adam talks about his grandmother’s attempt to connect herself to people in history and his mother’s refusal to allow her to believe in her own fantasy about her heritage.

They wrap up the call.


2nd Caller Edgar, he’s calling about Adam’s “Don’t Do Your Best, Do My Best Saying” and Adam jokes about Matt Fondiler screwing the pooch, literally caught fucking a dog.

Adam is joking about it and explains how the saying came about, he cracked himself up with the dog fucking joke.

Adam is now giving an analogy of eating pussy and the chick falls asleep, don’t say you were doing your best, blame your mouth hygiene or your job making you tired.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam, asks Drew if he’s ever said he did his best in the face of failure, Adam says he’s made excuses but he thinks “I’ve done my best” is the country jumping the shark, this generation and this vernacular is the sign of the end times.

Drew is back to the saying and gives an “I’ll try my best” variant.

Adam talks about Chris and his music, he shares why he’s cool with Chris opening the show with some kicking tunes, nice.


Adam is now sharing how he has another couple slogan ideas, he says he likes the idea of “If it Doesn’t make you money and it doesn’t make you happy, then don’t do it” and how that originates with the 21006 KLSX morning show and a conversation off air with Teresa Strasser.

Adam is now bringing up the time a guy tried to heckle him in the Canter’s deli parking lot about a month into said morning show, Adam shares the “fuck off, suck my dick” he gave him and kept walking as he protested and tried to explain he was a producer.

Drew is now recalling the Best Buy Calendar signing from circa 1997 where Adam told a young lady to “beat it” after she asked if he was as big of an asshole in real life as he is on the radio.


Adam is now doing a Live Read for American Giant


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.