Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/17/2012 – Russell Peters Live From the Hollywood Improv

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Recorded 12-16-2012 – Release Date 12-17-2012


Russell or should I say “Doug the intern” is making his ACS podcast debut, Adam is opening the show explaining Russell’s success over the past several years and the types of venues he now plays.

Russell is chiming in and explaining all the continents where he does large ticket sales and why he doesn’t work in South America.

Adam has a funny observation about his own relationship and now Russell is sharing a great anecdote about his friend’s wife.

Now Russell is asking Adam about his marriage as he questions the new/old trend of people getting divorced after their children are in their late 20s.

Russell is sharing about his divorce and Alison has a hilarious observation about trying to console your 29yr old friend after the parents get a divorce.

Adam is sharing his secret tricks to figure out his wife’s birthday and other pertinent family information, he’s now telling the gang about browsing through their wedding album.

Adam is telling Russell about his kid’s original birthdate and now he’s riffing on salad bowls being too large, hilarious!

Adam and Alison are further exploring Russell’s relationship with his ex, Alison has a question and Adam is giving her crap for using the term “pumping” in reference to Russell’s daughter.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote about talking to his Maid’s son, who he affectionately refers to as Little Ricky, he was asking him about school and was made aware that it’s no longer Christmas, Xmas or even holiday break, that schools now call it “winter break” Adam is now riffing on this change.

Adam is asking Russell about his nationality and ethnicity and seems to remember Russell is Canadian has he tells him that.


What Can’t Adam Complain About Winter/Holiday Theme

Pumpkin Pie, Adam is now ranting about his sister and other nonprofessionals fucking up the Pumpkin Pie, he’s citing her pie with the plum sauce ribbon from last year.

Adam is now comparing the majesty of pumpkin pie to blowjobs; he’s got an amazing quote about using a breath mint during the latter activity. Russell is now jumping in with his own oral sex jokes and Adam tops it with a great quote.

Adam is now joking about homemade pies and how you can always spot them by the one burned edge, Alison is calling for runny/watery pies to be drained by whoever is making them.

Adam is now riffing on Indian Desserts with Russell; he’s got an amazing quote about what he imagines their desserts to consist of.


Craft Beer, Adam is telling Samuel Adams there is no need for seasonal beers or notes of other flavors in his beer, he’s explaining he doesn’t have a special holiday drunk and his taste buds are not sophisticated.

Adam is riffing on how microbrews have now overtaken the major brands and become the more common beverage.

Adam is now explaining how he can’t hang out with the guy who homebrews beer and proudly proclaims he doesn’t own a TV.

Adam is now explaining he was a roommate with a guy who brewed his own beer, Adam on how he had to lie to the guy about the taste.

Adam is now interacting with a person in the audience and actually just took a hit off their beer, hilarious one sided interaction.

Alison wants to know what the guy would have had to say to keep Adam from taking his beer, Adam is explaining how Ray would spit on food to lay claim to it.

Adam is now sharing a rare anecdote about Ray and trying to get a hit of his cigarette, hilarious description of what Ray would do.


Holiday themed Postage/Stamps

Adam is now riffing on beer, he’s got a Coor’s and he’s mocking the “when the mountains turn blue” can technology. He’s now citing the Miller vortex bottle and how ridiculous that was too.

Adam is now telling the gang and the audience about his tour of the Coors factory with the Mikes.

Adam is now riffing about preferring pictures of dead people on his stamps; he’s got some good names he’s throwing out. Adam is now riffing about mini stamps to make up for the increase in stamp cost.

Alison has a funny response to the audience member who asked about this, Adam is now riffing on Jews using the post office.

Adam is saying he’s never seen a holiday stamp and giving his explanation of why postage is still such a great deal, hilarious quote about why Adam skipped over the woman for the “Mancrate” prize, the audience and Russell all lose their shit.

Bryan just jumped in to explain they will be playing Christmas songs about each of the cast/crew of the network this holiday season and the first one they have is about Ray, courtesy of Mike Lynch and Rich Banks.

Adam just jumped in to explain Ray’s “Breathing Game” and how it may have played a role in him being let go from JKL, Adam is now telling the story about the limbless guy who was a human interest guest that Ray insisted upon wrestling.

Adam is doing a quick version of the poo on the ear story for the crowd.


Alison’s News, Her top story is on the massacre in Sandyhook. Alison is reading the story of what happened and all the new details that were revealed over the weekend.

Adam wants to know why they fuck up all the details when they report this stuff; Alison has a very interesting explanation.

Alison is giving even more details and Adam is sharing his “if you want to kill somebody, kill yourself first then kill them” policy.

Adam and Russell are joking about “Chumbawamba” and Adam has a quick and direct reaction, hilarious!

Adam is explaining that he’s for the banning of fully automatic weapons and banana clips, Alison is helping him clarify his stance, nice work.

Adam is asking what’s going on, why is it “Game On” with the mass shootings, he’s making an analogy to many other things including the 4 min mile and describing that once somebody sees something being done, it then gets matched and topped.

Video games have now come up and Alison is stepping in to help him clarify again, Adam is giving the example of driving up to “Laguna Seca” and how he was told about the course from a “Gran Turismo” veteran (I also had the same conversation with Adam in Denver).

Adam is now explaining that while he’s not a huge gun enthusiast he does like the idea of an air marshal, Russell just revealed that he sat next to one on a flight once but he wouldn’t talk. Adam is now explaining that the one he sat next to did spill the beans and should be fired, hilarious!

Adam is now explaining that a “School Marshal” might be a good idea, Alison is now jumping in and explaining her take and Adam is making an analogy about how Americans discuss control in the same way we discuss the idea of birth control in Africa.


Alison’s 2nd story is more of an addendum to the first, about another shooting at “Fashion Island” where Alison worked her first job.

Adam is now lamenting his point being shit on, Alison is clarifying and Adam just addressed the beer guy in the audience, gold!

Adam is also bummed about Oprah not being on air for this, he misses her take on senseless violence, he’s got a great series of quotes about what’s a legitimate reason to shoot somebody for, good stuff!

Adam is now on a riff about supernatural creatures like Bigfoot/Yeti and the Lochness monster.


Alison’s 3rd story is on Jon Stewart announcing the biggest asshole to ever guest on “The Daily Show” while he’s hosted and how the guest in question was banned.

Adam is glad to find out who the answer is because it doesn’t fit into “The Usual Douchebag Suspects” and one of the guys he just mentioned hit on Russell’s ex-wife just two weeks ago.

Alison is reading the details of what caused this guest to be banned and getting into the specifics, Adam is now explaining how clips that are provided for talk shows are often not the best.

Russell has a great audio commentary joke and now Alison is explaining how this wrecks her attraction for said guest, Adam is now riffing on what Alison could still do with the guy and Russell is chiming in too.

Alison has a great anecdote about her friend pertaining to Adam and Russell’s riffing; now Adam and Russell are on the “Bill Simmons” classic topic of jizz in pornography.

Russell has his own related anecdote and now Adam is telling the gang about advice he’s going to give Sonny about not being the first guy to get an apartment out of his buddies.

He’s describing what happened to him when he got the first apartment out of his buddy, he’s sharing a story about a former roommate got crabs and shared a bed with him.

Adam has a hilarious quote about what it would have been like if he had contracted the crabs from his buddy, he’s now telling the gang about crab shampoo and removing a crab from said former roommate.

Adam is now describing their attempts to kill the crab with ammonia, Adam is now riffing a jizz themed Christmas song.


Alison’s 4th story is on the “namesake motors” art piece featuring “Carolla driving a Corolla”, Adam has been tweeted the link en masse but does seem to appreciate it and Alison is filling in the details.

Adam is now explaining his “celebrity driving a celebrity” idea and Russell adds an awesome 3rd entry that Adam seems to appreciate.

Adam is now commenting on how it’s always disappointing to see yourself depicted, Russell is telling him it’s not far off and he looks like a douchebag Persian, Adam’s reply is amazing!


Alison’s 5th story is on Lays introducing a “Pepsi Chicken” flavor in Asian markets; Russell is chiming in to explain how he sees the strange flavors of chips when he tours internationally.

Alison got him on the subject of “ketchup” flavored chips in Canada, now he’s telling the gang about the majesty of ketchup chips and how Oreos and Chips ahoy taste different in Canada.

Adam is now riffing on Russell’s Oreo comments; Adam is telling the gang how he doesn’t need so many flavors of chips. Adam is now explaining how these flavors are acceptable for countries with lower overall obesity.

Russell is telling Adam about being in Thailand, Adam is joking about him being on a sex tour, now Russell actually has a story about it and Adam is busting his balls, hilarious quotes!

Adam is now riffing on guys miming the “beat off” motion and how they purposefully put their hand as far away from their groin as possible, Adam is now telling the gang about how to properly measure a penis.

Adam is doing a live read and wrapping the show with some plugs.